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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Sibert, Betty R21 Jun 192129 May 2007Fort Wayne
Sibert, Corrine J26 May 19256 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Sibert, Ollie M11 Jun 189731 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Sibert, Russell10 Feb 1921Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Siberts, Cecil P13 Jan 19063 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Sible, Albert13 Jun 1920Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Sible, Blanche M24 Nov 19204 Mar 2003Churubusco
Sible, Dewey28 Sep 1898Jul 1982Churubusco
Sible, Elsie A4 Apr 189726 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Sible, Elsie M1 Apr 191620 Jun 1994Churubusco
Sible, Elva21 Jan 1875Jan 1971Churubusco
Sible, Helen1 Mar 1900Jun 1978Churubusco
Sible, Robert W4 Nov 191528 Jan 2004Churubusco
Sible, Venora10 Jan 1892Feb 1982Churubusco
Sible, Zellah20 May 1877Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Sibley, Arthur29 May 1897May 1966Fort Wayne
Sibley, Helen T12 Feb 19142 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Sibole, Lawrence C3 Aug 192217 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Sickafoose, Celestine C18 May 191713 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Sickafoose, Helen E27 Aug 191328 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Sickafoose, Herbert D11 Jan 191320 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Sickafoose, Walter R10 Aug 19155 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Sickafus, C J6 Mar 190821 Aug 1988Yoder
Sickafus, Cleora I13 Feb 190729 Oct 1993Yoder
Sickafus, Flossie29 Jun 190617 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Sickafus, Robert27 Dec 1917Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Sickafus, W Lee28 Aug 1937Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Sickler, Silverene19 Jan 1919Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Sickles, Barbara J13 Jun 193010 Jul 2002New Haven
Sickles, Wayne R19 Oct 192523 Sep 2001New Haven
Sickley, Mary P1 Apr 192627 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Sickmiller, Ramon R1 Aug 194123 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Sickmiller, Roberta E24 Jul 191615 Jan 2000Huntertown
Sicks, Edith P18 Feb 191113 Mar 2006New Haven
Sicks, Jean Elizabeth17 Sep 191930 Apr 2009Spencerville
Siddall, Janet28 Oct 1881Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Siddall, Pauline M25 May 191917 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Sidel, Gladys C14 Mar 190817 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Sidell, Lois10 Jan 1902Oct 1983Monroeville
Sidell, Paul M12 Dec 189918 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Sidener, Mildred M12 Aug 191113 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Siders Sr, Brice F29 Sep 19391 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Sides, Sarah P1 Jun 189931 Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Sides, Shelva J6 Jan 193813 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Sides, Will29 Aug 1897Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Sides, Winford S17 Dec 19391 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Sidle, Anne N23 Jun 192119 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Sidle, Charles7 Aug 1899Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Sidle, Itura13 Feb 1875Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Sidoti, Ann C5 Mar 19175 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Sieb, Christian27 Sep 1883Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Siebenaler, Marie6 May 1908Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Sieber, Agatha H31 Oct 191618 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Sieber, Dorothy19 Jun 1918Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Sieber, E F14 Aug 191227 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Sieber, Eric W5 Feb 191319 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Sieber, Hans B23 Jan 191622 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Sieber, Martha F12 Sep 191913 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Siebern, Lawrence F4 Aug 191212 Sep 1990Churubusco
Siebold, Adele1 Nov 1901Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Siebold, Beverly J2 Mar 19297 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Siebold, Charles28 Sep 1900Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Siebold, Charles R28 Aug 193020 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Siebold, Earl5 Jul 1893Jun 1965Fort Wayne
Siebold, Edward24 Nov 1888Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Siebold, Evelyn2 Jul 1904Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Siebold, Floyd12 Jan 1891Dec 1966New Haven
Siebold, Herbert5 Jul 1897May 1980Fort Wayne
Siebold, Homer19 May 1896Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Siebold, Mabel21 Nov 1890Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Siebold, Marjorie C21 Mar 192011 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Siebold, William E6 Sep 192311 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Siegel, David29 Apr 192326 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Siegel, Emanuel24 Feb 1898Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Siegel, Emil O13 Jan 190527 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Siegel, Gertrude E21 Jan 191223 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Siegel, Harry J22 Jul 192018 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Siegel, Linus17 Nov 1895Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Siegel, Sandra19 Dec 1941Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Siegelin, Roy5 Jun 190030 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Siegers, Helen E2 May 192318 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Siegers, Naomi26 Nov 1932Jul 1982New Haven
Siegfred, Josephine19 Jul 1901Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Siegle, Rosetta R18 Sep 19155 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Siegwarth, Mary J11 Mar 190815 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Siehrs, Ethel M28 Aug 18977 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Siela, Bettyann23 Sep 1937Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Sieler, Augusta9 Dec 1890Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Sieling, Albert24 Nov 1899Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Sieling, Violet8 Jul 1901Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Sieman, Ina27 Dec 1906Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Siemik, Juanita G13 Aug 19101 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Sieminski, Joyce10 Nov 1923Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Siemon, Charles29 Jun 1904Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Sienk, Chester17 Feb 1920Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Sienkiewic, Alex15 May 1879Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Sienkiewicz, Henry26 Nov 1916Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Sienkiewicz, Marion9 Jan 1922Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Sierra, Inez22 Apr 1901Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Sierra, Isabel5 Nov 1899Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Sierra, Phyllis A23 Nov 195021 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Sierra, Richard D6 Feb 195322 May 2004Fort Wayne
Sierra, Shirley6 Sep 1904Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Sievers, Clarence19 May 1891Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Sievers, Clyde29 Jan 1892Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Sievers, Delpha28 Mar 1895Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Sievers, Edward20 Sep 1917Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Sievers, Emma20 Sep 1892Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Sievers, Harriet Magdalene26 Aug 191928 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Sievers, Helen K17 Jun 191918 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Sievers, Larry C13 May 194120 May 2005Fort Wayne
Sievers, Luther H19 Mar 191919 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Sievers, May21 May 19078 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Sievers, Pearl27 Mar 1911Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Sievers, Robert H21 Mar 19143 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Sievers, Robert S17 Aug 19173 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Sievert, Emma13 Aug 1891Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Sievert, Fred25 Sep 1887Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Sigl, Josephine3 Apr 1906May 1975Fort Wayne
Sigl, M C21 Aug 19142 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Sigler, Lawrence L5 Jun 19182 Nov 1991Huntertown
Sigler, Lucille E29 Jul 191519 Mar 2006Huntertown
Sigman, Claud C25 Dec 19346 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Sigrist, Mary15 Aug 1881Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Sigurdson, Arthur G30 Apr 192121 Dec 1995New Haven
Sigurdson, Ivadell D22 Apr 192014 Dec 2006New Haven
Sikes, Florence M15 Sep 19435 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Sikes, Mary22 Apr 1881Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Sikes, William F9 May 193523 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Silberg, Vera22 Jun 1891Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Silcott, William9 Feb 1899Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Silcox, Tim E11 Oct 19485 May 1989Fort Wayne
Siler, Chester L25 Dec 194626 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Siler, Edward Ronald14 Dec 195230 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Siler, Elizabeth27 Oct 191221 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Siler, Ellen2 Jul 1888Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Siler, Flossie V17 Nov 191617 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Siler, George17 Sep 1923Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Siler, Grover22 Nov 1883May 1967Fort Wayne
Siler, Jerry6 Oct 1953Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Siler, Katherine25 Aug 1925Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Siler, Leonard10 May 1889Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Siler, Lloyd L30 Aug 190720 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Siler, Roger L31 Jan 194527 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Siler, William17 Feb 1909Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Silk, Allison Ann16 Apr 19648 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Silk, George13 Jan 1900Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Silk, Mary M22 Apr 19297 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Silkworth, Dennis D28 Sep 194622 Oct 2008New Haven
Silkworth, Earl6 Apr 1913Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Silkworth, Fred C5 Jan 19257 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Sill, James31 Dec 1915Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Sill, Viola25 Aug 1887Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Sillaway, Mary11 Apr 1890Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Sills, Charles R19 Mar 193522 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Sills, Delight17 Jun 19098 Dec 2007Spencerville
Sills, Ethel15 Feb 1905Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Sills, Ralph D17 Jul 19296 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Sills, Ross22 Dec 1897Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Sills, Ruth L11 Nov 191510 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Sills, Wayne W23 Feb 19239 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Silva, Pauline W6 Jun 19066 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Silva, Trinidad13 Mar 1904May 1974Fort Wayne
Silver, Ethel1 Aug 1927Oct 1987Huntertown
Silver, Jane31 Jul 1916Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Silverman, Margaret J24 Feb 192623 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Silvero, Josephine22 Feb 1892Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Silvers, Albert Luther18 Jan 193229 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Silvers, Angel D23 May 197218 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Silvers, Anthony25 Jan 1958Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Silvers, Ethel24 Oct 1897Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Silvers, Everett31 Aug 1891Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Silvers, Mary L31 Mar 192930 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Silvers, Oat11 May 1926Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Silvers, Richard9 Nov 192715 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Silvers, Rose A5 Jul 196430 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Silvers, Wilbur H22 Aug 192211 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Silveus, Joe G22 Jan 191827 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Silvey, Juanita L13 Jan 192214 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Silvis, Carolyn14 Jun 193924 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Silvius, Selma7 Nov 1915Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Simcoe, Clifford30 Jul 1894Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Simcoe, Elma24 Mar 1899Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Simcoe, Ervin B26 Oct 19197 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Simcoe, Lavon I23 Jan 192827 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Simcoe, Louise16 Dec 1915Jan 1977Harlan
Simcox, Linda L27 Jun 194315 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Simerman, Amy E21 Oct 192814 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Simerman, Fred14 Oct 1939Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Simerman, Garry23 Oct 192829 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Simerman, Laurance19 Jul 1913Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Simerman, Lorene M12 Nov 19135 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Simerman, Patricia29 Jul 1930Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Simerman, Ralph25 Dec 1915Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Simerman, Ruth V23 Jan 190912 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Simison, Alice13 May 1907May 1976Fort Wayne
Simler, George F3 Jul 193629 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Simmerman, Edgar V7 Jul 192915 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Simmers, Anna10 Aug 1891Jul 1968Roanoke
Simmers, Flossie8 Apr 1898Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Simmers, Joseph15 Jan 1894Dec 1986Yoder
Simmers, Vernon23 Feb 1891Apr 1967Monroeville
Simminger, Clara26 Feb 1916Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Simminger, George F2 Jul 19111 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Simminger, Hermine1 Apr 190318 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Simmon, Donald25 May 1905Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Simmon, Evelyn7 Jun 1915Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Simmon, M17 Jul 1958Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Simmons, Alice M30 May 192311 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Simmons, Allen F7 Mar 191311 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Simmons, Anna L7 Jul 19312 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Simmons, Barbara J12 Aug 193314 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Simmons, Bernard17 Apr 1907Sep 1987Roanoke
Simmons, Betty J9 Jan 19274 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Simmons, Beulah27 Jan 1907Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Simmons, Beulah M24 Nov 191723 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Simmons, Bonita1 Dec 195515 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Simmons, Brenda14 Jan 1947Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Simmons, Caroline J9 May 188515 May 1966Fort Wayne
Simmons, Catherine B16 Jun 19324 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Simmons, Chester29 Dec 1886Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Simmons, Clarence A11 Jan 19163 Jul 2000Roanoke
Simmons, Creisa M11 Apr 194220 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Simmons, Dorothy L23 Oct 19164 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Simmons, E Marie31 Oct 1931Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Simmons, Earl16 Nov 1912Aug 1973Churubusco
Simmons, Earl31 Oct 1909Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Simmons, Edna20 Mar 1910Apr 1985Roanoke
Simmons, Elizabeth V30 Aug 1912Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Simmons, Eston D29 Sep 19223 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Simmons, Faye13 Feb 191520 Feb 2010Roanoke
Simmons, Georgie H21 Feb 19185 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Simmons, Gertrude E1 May 19107 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Simmons, Grace7 Oct 1909Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Simmons, Helen M10 May 19274 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Simmons, Helen V20 Aug 191320 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Simmons, Jacob15 Apr 1905Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Simmons, James12 Sep 193014 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Simmons, James8 Jun 1934Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Simmons, James Sr18 Feb 1896Jul 1975Roanoke
Simmons, James E22 Jan 192427 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Simmons, John M25 Sep 195026 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Simmons, Leonard D6 Mar 194817 Jun 1996Roanoke
Simmons, Louis19 Feb 192513 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Simmons, Lucy27 Jul 1910Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Simmons, Marie H13 Mar 192321 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Simmons, Marilyn R13 Oct 19297 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Simmons, Mary1 Jan 1889Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Simmons, Mary29 May 1910Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Simmons, Mattie L22 Mar 191013 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Simmons, Nina10 Jan 1920Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Simmons, Paul23 Dec 1889Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Simmons, Paul E10 Sep 193115 May 2008Fort Wayne
Simmons, Pauline E27 Sep 191017 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Simmons, Perry14 Mar 19307 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Simmons, R J9 Mar 192123 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Simmons, Richard A29 Oct 195427 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Simmons, Roy15 Nov 1888Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Simmons, Ruby B10 Feb 192130 Aug 2004Roanoke
Simmons, Suzy29 Jan 19365 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Simmons, Thomas E31 May 193721 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Simmons, Willie D22 May 193830 May 2002Fort Wayne
Simmons, Wm F7 Aug 191427 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Simms, Nora21 Jun 1889Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Simon Sr, Don5 May 1897Jun 1976Churubusco
Simon, Betty J29 Jan 1923May 1992Huntertown
Simon, Chrystal24 Nov 1905Nov 1986Huntertown
Simon, Clifford26 Jul 1899Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Simon, Clyde A20 Nov 190624 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Simon, Eva31 Aug 1887Jan 1982Roanoke
Simon, George1 Mar 1899May 1982Fort Wayne
Simon, Georgianna2 Nov 1900Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Simon, Gladys26 Apr 1892Feb 1978Huntertown, Fort Wayne
Simon, Hilda24 Dec 1895Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Simon, Hulda16 Apr 1895Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Simon, Iva21 Aug 1889Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Simon, Joseph22 Oct 190823 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Simon, Joseph28 Apr 1885May 1969Fort Wayne
Simon, Josephine29 Jul 19066 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Simon, Julia4 Aug 189929 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Simon, Kathryn U23 Dec 188415 Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Simon, M Virginia26 Dec 19189 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Simon, Marguerite8 Sep 19157 Jul 2007Roanoke
Simon, Marie G7 Feb 192431 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Simon, Marjorie6 Sep 1913Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Simon, Mary15 Mar 1888Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Simon, Mary10 Nov 1887Sep 1967Roanoke
Simon, Mary C23 Jun 19289 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Simon, Oren20 May 1911Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Simon, Roy A9 Aug 192213 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Simon, Virginia M7 Jan 191922 May 2003Fort Wayne
Simon, William5 Jan 1901Jul 1980Huntertown
Simon, Wilma G1 Jun 19182 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Simonds, Maude22 Jun 1889Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Simone, Dominic J12 Aug 19292 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Simone, Lucia12 Apr 190723 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Simone, Samuel5 Dec 1893Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Simone, Teresa4 Aug 1913Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Simonis, Helen20 Apr 1922Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Simonis, Leonard25 Feb 1906Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Simonis, M Lorine15 Jan 192322 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Simonis, Richard26 Dec 1921May 1982Fort Wayne
Simonis, Ronald K18 Sep 19202 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Simon-lloyd, Nellie B17 Jun 191117 Jan 1998Huntertown
Simons, Claude15 Aug 1890May 1977Woodburn
Simons, Edward L27 Sep 19246 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Simons, Effie9 Oct 1897Aug 1986Roanoke
Simons, Elsie5 Mar 1910Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Simons, Evan D19 May 18988 Nov 1990Roanoke
Simons, Evelyn L22 Jul 19171 Oct 2005Fort Wayne, Woodburn
Simons, Garold R21 Mar 193512 Dec 1991Monroeville
Simons, Georgiana28 Mar 1901Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Simons, Merritt2 Sep 1900Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Simons, Norma C13 Feb 19342 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Simons, Raymond10 Sep 1888Apr 1974Roanoke
Simons, William25 Dec 1901Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Simonsen, Kenneth G27 Mar 192925 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Simonsen, Victoria C21 Dec 19578 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Simonton, Grace27 Jun 1884Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Simpson, Arthur10 Apr 193027 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Simpson, Arthur G22 Sep 192126 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Simpson, Barbara A13 Jul 193626 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Simpson, Beatrice M24 Jan 19054 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Simpson, Bernice3 Jun 19301 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Simpson, Blair S16 Mar 19184 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Simpson, Catherine W7 Jul 191023 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Simpson, Clara18 Sep 1889Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Simpson, Cleo14 Mar 1926Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Simpson, Donald J4 Oct 193212 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Simpson, Doris J13 Aug 192310 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Simpson, Eddie J14 Mar 194315 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Simpson, Ernestine11 May 19245 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Simpson, Gerald E24 Aug 194023 Nov 2004New Haven
Simpson, Gertrude17 Apr 1889Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Simpson, Glenna5 Oct 1909Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Simpson, Henry28 Jun 1888May 1984New Haven
Simpson, Howard L20 Jan 193020 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Simpson, Isabelle J4 Feb 19228 Sep 2006New Haven
Simpson, James19 Sep 192520 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Simpson, Jesse19 Jun 1935Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Simpson, Joan24 Jun 1929Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Simpson, Leo18 May 1899Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Simpson, Leo16 Dec 1885Oct 1965Fort Wayne
Simpson, Mabel3 Jan 1891Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Simpson, Mary K23 Jun 19275 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Simpson, Morris4 Jul 191315 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Simpson, Nellie D6 Sep 189521 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Simpson, Richard G29 Sep 19367 May 2005Fort Wayne
Simpson, Richard L18 Nov 191814 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Simpson, Sallie4 Sep 1922Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Simpson, Sarah L4 May 192510 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Simpson, Teresa S6 Sep 195329 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Simpson, Virginia8 Jun 1896Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Sims Jr, Joseph24 Dec 19434 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Sims Jr, Loveless11 Sep 1922Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Sims, Anthony20 Apr 196327 May 2001Fort Wayne
Sims, Bernell C25 Apr 191623 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Sims, Cecilia10 Jun 1913Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Sims, Ceola9 Aug 191619 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Sims, Charles20 Apr 1899Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Sims, Dale10 Dec 1914Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Sims, Dorothy10 Oct 191526 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Sims, Ella17 Jul 192928 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Sims, Elsie J8 Aug 1926Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Sims, Eugene24 Jan 192815 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Sims, Evelyn L28 Sep 192519 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Sims, Hattie D25 Jul 194913 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Sims, Hazel E24 Mar 191421 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Sims, Irwin19 May 1896Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Sims, Joann A31 Dec 193629 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Sims, Karthorner11 Aug 194213 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Sims, Kenneth B10 Nov 193416 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Sims, Leroy17 Sep 1915Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Sims, Lovelace15 Apr 1905Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Sims, Mabel10 May 1905Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Sims, Marie A27 Jun 192220 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Sims, Marion Wilson10 Apr 191630 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Sims, Mary J17 Jun 193010 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Sims, Melvin15 Apr 1915Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Sims, Melvin15 Apr 189915 Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Sims, Melvin15 Dec 1892Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Sims, N C7 Jan 193315 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Sims, Richard L26 Jul 19349 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Sims, Robert C14 Jan 191714 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Sims, Roger E4 Dec 194525 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Sims, Roland18 Oct 1912Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Sims, Ruby L15 Oct 1925Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Sims, Sharita3 Jun 1958Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Sims, Sherman T3 Jul 192214 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Sims, Sophia15 Jun 1900Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Sims, Ulices1 Oct 1920Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Simunek, Sophia A18 Feb 190219 May 1993Fort Wayne
Sinclair Cur, Andrea D27 Jan 196428 May 2001Fort Wayne
Sinclair, Morris1 Feb 1921Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Sinclair, Roberta D12 Oct 194523 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Sincler, Allen L30 Dec 193820 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Sindle, Roy1 Sep 1888Nov 1963Roanoke
Sines, Estella28 Aug 1896Jul 1972Spencerville
Sines, Kenneth10 Oct 1899Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Sines, Mabel28 May 1901Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Sines, Rose6 May 1879Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Sing, D29 Feb 1992Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Singer, Blanche12 Mar 1891Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Singer, Dorothy13 Dec 1916Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Singer, Elmer21 Mar 1889Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Singer, Mary5 Sep 1879Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Singer, Melvin1 Jan 1910Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Singer, Winifred M22 Aug 19277 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Singewald, Helen6 Jul 19129 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Singewald, Ray F29 Oct 191027 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Singleton, Elizabeth26 May 1883Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Singleton, Geneva22 Nov 193723 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Singleton, Maxine26 Mar 192229 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Singleton, Vivien13 Feb 1924Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Singrey, Alvina L4 Nov 190713 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Singrey, Raymond7 Apr 1901Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Siniard, Kathleen A1 Oct 19145 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Sinish, R Donald2 May 191912 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Sinish, Xercie26 Jul 1897Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Sink, Edwin D28 Apr 192929 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Sink, G16 Dec 1900Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Sink, Gary E11 Mar 190016 Mar 1995Roanoke
Sink, Laverne8 Feb 1903Jul 1973Spencerville
Sink, Lorena25 Feb 1901Jul 1983Roanoke
Sink, Maude24 Sep 1903Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Sink, Robert E23 Jan 195817 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Sink, Russell19 Dec 1895Jan 1980Fort Wayne, Spencerville
Sinks, J R9 Sep 190027 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Sinks, Mary L17 Oct 19311 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Sinn, Anna17 May 1898May 1966New Haven
Sinn, Ida11 Oct 1903Dec 1968New Haven
Sinn, Louise28 Mar 1909Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Sinn, Sophia27 Jul 1899Apr 1981New Haven, Fort Wayne
Sinning, Edward19 Aug 1897Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Sinning, Lloyd27 Oct 1886Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Sinram, Charles16 Feb 1899Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Sipe, Charles E21 Jan 191722 Mar 2009Monroeville
Sipe, Elvin K16 Sep 193222 Apr 1997Woodburn
Sipe, Evelyn L27 Nov 19185 Nov 2003Monroeville
Sipe, Helen M27 Apr 19119 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Sipe, Joseph F12 Dec 192027 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Sipe, Marion9 Jun 1906Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Sipe, Nettie17 Oct 1877Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Sipe, Oren23 Jun 1899Nov 1978Woodburn, Monroeville
Sipe, Robert W31 Aug 19267 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Sipe, Thelma L12 Aug 19122 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Sipe, William F11 Apr 19338 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Sipe, Zylpha10 Dec 1902Nov 1972Woodburn
Sipes, Onnie3 Jul 1911May 1979Fort Wayne
Sipes, Rosemary27 Jun 193512 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Sipes, Ruth2 Oct 1912Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Siples, Donald20 Dec 1902Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Siples, John18 Sep 1881Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Siples, Josiah18 Feb 1887Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Siples, Maurice14 Dec 1922Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Siples, Ralph20 May 1908May 1978Fort Wayne
Siples, Theresa S22 May 1906Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Sircle, Martha21 Sep 1891Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Sirk, James W26 Feb 192521 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Sirlin, Edward M13 Oct 190512 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Sisk, Lorn21 Oct 1919Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Sisolak, Jennie E26 Jun 19197 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Sisolak, Martin F10 Nov 19147 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Sisson, Bert19 Jul 1878Nov 1967New Haven
Sisson, Ella30 Dec 1902Jun 1980Woodburn
Sistrunk, Clemmie14 Jul 192419 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Sitcler, Amy13 Sep 1891Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Sitcler, Elizabeth Evelyn30 Oct 19184 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Sitcler, Evelyn R16 Jun 192322 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Sitcler, Oliver10 Aug 192325 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Sitcler, Walter E6 Jan 192710 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Sites, Etta V29 Nov 19148 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Sites, Frank11 Feb 1889Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Sites, J20 May 1943Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Sites, James18 Dec 1906Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Sites, Leon F29 Jul 19131 Jan 1993Monroeville
Sites, Louise5 Jun 1890Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Sites, Lovvern16 Jun 1907Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Sites, Mary K24 Nov 195224 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Sites, Patricia A27 Jan 193722 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Sites, Venette M13 Jan 188911 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Sitianus, Ella25 Dec 191615 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Sitianus, Heinz G24 Nov 191915 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Sitko, Frank23 Jan 1919Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Sitko, Grace C21 Jan 193722 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Sitko, John21 Jun 1914Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Sitko, Louis J17 Apr 191620 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Sitko, Margaret P3 Nov 191313 May 1999Fort Wayne
Sittler, Dale M9 Dec 19219 Jul 1998New Haven
Sittler, Martha L6 Aug 192917 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Sittler, Phyllis M15 Jun 192311 Mar 2001New Haven
Sittloh, Richard L19 Apr 192724 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Sitton, Owen26 Jun 1907Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Sive, Charles24 Dec 1877Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Sive, Charles E31 Aug 190710 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Sivits Jr, William A7 Jul 1924Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Sivits, Arthur L18 Aug 194419 Sep 2009Spencerville
Sivits, Merle29 Nov 1907Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Sivits, Richard L27 Jan 193211 Oct 2009New Haven
Sivits, Wahneetah18 Apr 191217 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Sivits, William3 Sep 1896Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Sizemore, Alfred13 Jun 1926Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Sizemore, Cathy E13 Jan 19551 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Sizemore, Daily17 Jun 192923 Dec 1993Yoder
Sizemore, Ethelbert3 Feb 1919Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Sizemore, Flora F4 Jan 191124 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Sizemore, Kash8 Aug 192229 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Sizemore, Leroy28 Apr 191427 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Sizemore, Roselyn M31 Oct 192325 Dec 1989Fort Wayne

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