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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Soberay, Cassie29 Aug 191230 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Sobieski, Rose11 Sep 1896Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Sobona, Nancy T5 Jul 193018 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Sobraske, Auldine4 May 1901Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Sobraske, William29 Apr 1906Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Socha, Betty J9 Jul 19283 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Socha, Ted A9 Sep 192624 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Sockrider, Ursula M11 Jun 191121 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Soderquist, Erick1 May 1897Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Soderquist, Hazel N9 Oct 192211 Aug 2000New Haven
Soderquist, Lillie25 Feb 1903Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Soderstrom, Lucille I30 Sep 191631 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Sodtman, Anna M22 Feb 191030 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Soens, Olga E9 Jun 191126 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Soens, Prosper C10 May 19155 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Soest, Christine11 Jun 1890Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Soest, Clarence F29 Apr 1900Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Soest, Raymond18 Feb 1902Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Soest, Robert W19 Jul 19074 May 1996Fort Wayne
Soest, Viola2 Dec 1918Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Sofio, Kathleen19 Sep 194822 Nov 2002Churubusco
Sohaski, Rose S1 Aug 190522 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Sohn, Anna19 Feb 1888Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Sohn, Henry18 Jul 19107 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Soil, Evester11 Sep 19227 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Soladean, Elbie18 Feb 1888Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Solaro, David R6 May 19649 May 2001Fort Wayne
Solberg, Barbara30 Dec 1903Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Soles, Ivan24 Jul 1901Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Solga, James V8 Jul 195124 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Solga, Marciel Jean2 Aug 192410 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Soliday, Clarence22 Mar 1897Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Soliday, Edith B12 Feb 1908Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Soliday, Mildred L2 Jul 193014 Apr 1992New Haven
Solimine, Evelyn Ann24 Jun 19224 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Solimine, Roger E6 May 191711 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Solis, William A9 Jan 19459 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Sollazzo, C J27 Aug 19154 Oct 1997Churubusco
Sollberger, Donald27 Feb 192028 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Sollberger, Paul C8 Aug 192327 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Sollberger, Roland J18 Dec 192616 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Sollberger, Walter16 Jul 1897Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Solloway, Josephine E13 Mar 191317 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Sollows, Donald15 Nov 1902Aug 1981Monroeville
Sollows, Ilo25 Jul 1903Mar 1981Monroeville
Soloff, Benjamin10 Nov 1914Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Solomon, Arthur J16 Mar 193426 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Solomon, Colin25 Jun 1892Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Solomon, Evelyn22 Aug 1932Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Solomon, Izler11 Jan 1910Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Solomon, James16 Oct 1929Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Solomon, Rosalie5 May 1899Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Solomon, Sliwoo1 Sep 1898Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Solomon, Susember1 Jul 1905Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Solomon, Wilbert27 Jul 1900Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Solon, Mary A4 Jan 191616 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Solt, Mary W5 Dec 191215 Nov 2000New Haven
Solt, Pearl19 Aug 1893Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Somberg, Arthur15 Apr 1899Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Somers, Agnes M18 Aug 191515 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Somers, Byron27 Jun 1912Aug 1975Yoder
Somers, Byron14 Jan 1881Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Somers, Dorothy A14 Jul 19088 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Somers, Earl16 Apr 1896Apr 1980Fort Wayne, Roanoke
Somers, Edith30 Aug 1896May 1978Fort Wayne
Somers, Elsie13 Jun 1880Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Somers, Ethel29 Oct 1890Jan 1981Hoagland
Somers, Etna19 Apr 1885Jan 1976Yoder
Somers, Everett7 Feb 1912Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Somers, Frank26 Jan 1891Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Somers, Gladys29 Jan 1893Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Somers, Gladys G6 Feb 19066 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Somers, Guy E18 Nov 192430 Aug 1999Huntertown
Somers, Harold30 Aug 1922Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Somers, Harrison17 Jan 1895Nov 1979Huntertown, Fort Wayne
Somers, Hazel30 Jan 1899Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Somers, Helen J15 Jun 191327 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Somers, Howard L20 Nov 19272 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Somers, Lloyd17 Sep 1901Nov 1985Roanoke
Somers, Lottie5 May 1906May 1982Fort Wayne
Somers, Lucius1 Aug 1885Apr 1975Hoagland
Somers, Margaret M17 Aug 192118 Sep 2007Roanoke
Somers, Max8 Nov 1915Jul 1981Yoder
Somers, Merle A28 Sep 19195 Oct 1993Roanoke
Somers, Paul W27 Mar 19271 Apr 2001New Haven
Somers, Rose J12 Aug 192623 Jan 2010New Haven
Somers, Ruth A10 Feb 190614 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Somers, Sandra J28 Dec 193918 Jan 2001New Haven
Somerville, Thelma R18 Jun 190216 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Somerville, Thomas W2 Jan 192810 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Sommer, Alice P16 Sep 192919 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Sommer, Artina B27 Nov 192717 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Sommer, Ella3 May 1886Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Sommer, Emil24 Dec 1888Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Sommer, Flora17 May 1891Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Sommer, Glendon L18 Aug 193110 Dec 1994Monroeville
Sommer, Lester I7 Sep 190421 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Sommer, Lydia27 Sep 1894Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Sommer, Marjorie G9 May 191821 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Sommer, Paul E27 Jan 193029 Oct 1999Leo
Sommer, Scott S1 Aug 195323 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Sommer, Walter E11 Jul 19141 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Sommerfeldt, Bonnie J12 Jul 192910 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Sommerfeldt, Garnett10 Feb 1918Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Sommers, Amelia27 Jun 1894Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Sommers, Frederick O25 Mar 189125 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Sommers, Irene1 Mar 1909Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Sommers, Mabel G31 Mar 189914 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Sommers, Minnie3 Dec 1885Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Sommers, Ralph26 Jun 19209 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Sommers, Reba15 Jan 1896Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Sommers, Robert1 May 1892May 1981Fort Wayne
Sommers, Rudolph15 Sep 1893Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Sommers, Thelma J18 Oct 19099 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Sommers, William2 Oct 1900Mar 1981Grabill, Harlan
Sonday, Edward11 Nov 1896Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Sonday, Flora15 Feb 1899May 1978Fort Wayne
Sondles, Stanley9 May 1898Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Songer, Frank21 May 1886May 1978Fort Wayne
Songer, Laura4 Jan 1888Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Songer, Nancy L12 Jan 194216 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Sonier, Elizabeth6 Mar 191530 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Sonius, Marie15 Mar 1886Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Sonius, Ruth E30 Jan 19057 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Sonne, Frank18 Jun 1896Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Sonnek, Gerald E29 Aug 19287 Jan 2008Leo
Sonnek, Ronald J25 Aug 19075 Apr 1998Leo
Sonnenberg, Albert6 Jun 1896Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Sonnenberg, Donald L31 Mar 192121 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Sonnenberg, Dorothy L4 Aug 191621 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Sonnenberg, Grace28 Oct 1897Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Sonnenberg, Herbert9 Oct 1908Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Sonnenburg, Lilian G12 Feb 19053 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Sonner, Clifford11 Jul 1900Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Sonner, Florence8 Apr 1900Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Sonner, Fred20 Oct 1888Nov 1979Harlan, Roanoke
Sonner, Isaac22 Mar 1913May 1971Woodburn
Sonnigsen, John J2 Jul 192022 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Sonntag, Mildred A12 Jun 191215 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Sonntag, Theodore3 Nov 1903Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Sonoff, John18 Apr 1890May 1967Fort Wayne
Sontag, Wesley4 Mar 1908Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Sontchi, Catherine G11 Aug 191511 Nov 2002Yoder
Sontchi, George G14 Mar 191028 Dec 1995Yoder
Sooter, Carl16 Dec 1929Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Soots, Charles17 Jul 1904Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Soovik, Liis4 Nov 191311 May 2005Fort Wayne
Soovik, Mihkel28 Jan 191615 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Sooy, Charles A18 Sep 190930 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Soper, Judith Lynne30 Nov 194726 Nov 2009Huntertown
Sopkovich, Joseph W2 Aug 192430 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Sordeleat, Wayne4 Jul 1930Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Sordelet, Alica A4 Mar 19154 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Sordelet, Bertha16 Aug 1902Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Sordelet, Carmen21 Feb 1913Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Sordelet, Edward9 Apr 1911Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Sordelet, Elmer17 Feb 190719 Feb 1999Leo
Sordelet, Hilda7 Jan 1903Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Sordelet, Lavina M11 Feb 191128 May 2002Fort Wayne
Sordelet, Maurice10 Nov 1906Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Sordelet, Maxine R24 Jun 193231 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Sordelet, Norbert J1 Apr 191719 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Sordelet, Rosalind Jane5 Feb 19308 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Sordelet, Roy D18 Sep 19258 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Sorenson, Alma3 May 1891Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Sorenson, Clarence31 May 1893Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Sorenson, Gladys E2 Sep 19051 Dec 1995Leo
Sorg, Albert28 May 1898Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Sorg, Alfred22 Aug 1898Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Sorg, Alice G22 Aug 190811 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Sorg, Aloysius17 Sep 1921Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Sorg, Aloysius6 Mar 1896Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Sorg, Alphonse6 Feb 1895Feb 1973Hoagland
Sorg, Arthur18 Jan 1905Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Sorg, Bernice I12 Jul 193114 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Sorg, Carl A23 Jun 192911 Sep 1994Roanoke
Sorg, Catherine21 Oct 1886May 1981Fort Wayne
Sorg, Catherine B16 Jul 191415 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Sorg, Charlene M22 Dec 192614 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Sorg, Charles A28 Oct 190413 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Sorg, David16 Dec 1887Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Sorg, Delbert L10 Apr 191916 Dec 1997Roanoke
Sorg, Devon8 Jul 1919May 1986Hoagland
Sorg, Donald12 Dec 1928Apr 1981Hoagland
Sorg, Donald A4 Mar 193531 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Sorg, Dora21 Apr 1890Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Sorg, Earl8 Jun 192430 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Sorg, Edward M6 Sep 19092 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Sorg, Elizabeth11 Apr 1901Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Sorg, Emmet16 May 1897Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Sorg, Ethel E16 Aug 189015 Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Sorg, Garnett17 Nov 1901Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Sorg, Garnett A12 Aug 191422 Nov 1994Yoder
Sorg, Gerald J27 Aug 192722 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Sorg, Geraldine F25 Jan 192725 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Sorg, Grace19 Sep 1909Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Sorg, Herman8 Jun 1905Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Sorg, Joseph26 Nov 1887Oct 1976Yoder
Sorg, Joseph12 Apr 1889Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Sorg, Joseph18 Aug 1883Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Sorg, Joseph A1 Jun 19285 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Sorg, Karen L26 Dec 194017 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Sorg, Karl J27 Aug 19234 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Sorg, Kenneth J22 Jan 191824 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Sorg, Leo18 Feb 1893Apr 1979Hoagland
Sorg, Lois E5 Feb 19142 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Sorg, Louis H12 Dec 192621 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Sorg, Martha A1 Apr 190617 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Sorg, Mary27 Aug 1886Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Sorg, Mary11 Dec 1881Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Sorg, Mary8 Apr 1905Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Sorg, Mary20 Jan 1895Sep 1985Hoagland
Sorg, Mary E2 Oct 19197 Jan 2008Yoder
Sorg, Mazel26 Sep 1886Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Sorg, Raymond17 Aug 1912Jul 1975New Haven
Sorg, Raymond P20 Mar 191522 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Sorg, Stephen17 Feb 1897Apr 1971Hoagland
Sorg, Sylvia7 Feb 1910Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Sorg, Therese A7 Dec 193618 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Sorg, Thomas H23 Jul 192030 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Sorg, Velma17 Mar 1903Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Sorg, Vincent25 Mar 1908Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Sorg, Virginia6 Apr 1901Jun 1984Hoagland
Sorg, Walter6 Jun 1903Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Sorg, Wilbert M22 Dec 190720 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Sorg, William J30 Sep 19138 Sep 2002Yoder
Sorg, Wilma L5 Sep 191715 May 2001Fort Wayne
Sorgel, Dola M26 Dec 191719 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Sorgen, Don D27 Aug 192627 Jan 2009Monroeville
Sorgen, Edwin C26 Sep 19094 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Sorgen, Kevin Duwayne25 May 195514 Oct 2009Monroeville
Sorgen, Manila10 Jun 189813 Mar 1993Monroeville
Sorgen, Mildred S19 Mar 191222 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Sorgen, Patricia C24 Aug 19292 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Sorgen, Stanley G10 Sep 19266 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Sorlie, Jack E25 May 193012 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Sorlie, Myra L20 Sep 193328 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Sorlie, Rose8 Aug 1903Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Sorlie, Vernon4 Nov 1901May 1973Fort Wayne
Sornberger, Gordon B6 Sep 190914 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Sornberger, Helen6 Aug 1911May 1994Fort Wayne
Sorrell, Cliffton R30 Aug 195629 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Sorrell, Clyde6 Apr 193430 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Sorrell, Frances A10 Jan 193522 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Sorrows, Laura2 May 192722 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Sosenheimer, Agnes H29 Apr 191418 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Sosenheimer, J M15 Sep 194810 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Sosenheimer, Mary Lee21 Dec 19234 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Sosenheimer, Robert F14 Sep 190913 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Soshea, Harry3 Feb 1896Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Sosinski, Elinore G28 Dec 191119 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Sotamba, Nadica L2 Oct 199919 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Sotka, Mary D13 May 192127 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Soto, Louis8 Jul 1908Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Soto, Narciso G18 Aug 195728 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Soucie, Anna B2 Oct 191617 Aug 2006Yoder
Soucie, Harry N29 Dec 19112 Feb 1997Yoder
Soucie, Herbert23 Dec 1895Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Soucie, Louise M25 Jan 190017 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Souder, Elias20 Oct 1890Sep 1969Grabill
Souder, Eloise28 Jun 19104 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Souder, Henry29 Aug 1922Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Souder, Iley11 Nov 1889Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Souder, Joel11 May 1887May 1969Grabill
Souder, Lydia26 Mar 1901Dec 1976Grabill
Souder, Mary7 May 1899Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Souder, Ruth30 Aug 1906Aug 1984Woodburn
Souder, Samuel1 Jan 1907Sep 1984Woodburn
Souers, Marjorie E19 Aug 193610 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Souers, Mary Catherine14 Aug 193427 Mar 2009Harlan
Souers, Ruby L24 Aug 1907Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Soughan, Elaine K11 Mar 191229 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Soughan, Martha29 Oct 1874Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Soughan, Ray20 Apr 191116 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Soule, Beulah6 Feb 1895Feb 1984Leo
Soule, Frank R9 Oct 191917 May 2001Fort Wayne
Soule, George M12 Mar 191811 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Soule, Marcile F18 Dec 191618 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Soule, Raymond20 Jun 1894Mar 1975Leo
Soules, Jane29 May 190618 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Sours, Katherine E27 Jul 1905Sep 1989New Haven
Sousley, Elizabeth10 Mar 1923Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Sousley, Rebecca J6 Feb 191715 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
South, Kathryn B21 Jun 19177 May 2005New Haven
South, Lucille L4 Aug 191710 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
South, Russell L4 Dec 19148 Aug 1993New Haven
Southall, Javon Lawayne19 Mar 200516 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Southard, Edna18 Sep 1913Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Southard, Jean18 Mar 1901Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Southerland, Lynn12 Oct 1937Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Southern, Harold23 Dec 1905Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Southern, James29 Feb 1876Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Southern, Lois V25 Feb 190519 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Southern, Marjorie G25 Aug 19104 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Southern, Paul D26 Feb 190514 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Southworth, Ruby E13 Nov 191710 Nov 1981Spencerville
Sovers, Gladys12 Jul 1900Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Sovine, Carroll W5 Jul 192314 Jan 1999New Haven
Sovine, Della6 Mar 1890Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Sovine, Elfriede21 Dec 1889Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Sovine, Joseph19 Mar 1892Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Sovine, Lawrence F23 Jul 193522 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Sovine, Lena M24 Jun 190515 Dec 1987Woodburn
Sovine, Rosella P25 Mar 192417 Oct 2004New Haven
Sowards, Genevieve E29 Jun 190320 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Sowash, Lura12 Aug 1895Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Sowder, Rothal W6 Jul 19162 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Sowders, Betty J26 Jun 19407 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Sower, Helen17 Apr 1918Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Sower, Margie27 Apr 1935Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Sowers, Beulah5 Jun 1904Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Sowers, Cornelia S28 Sep 192327 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Sowers, Cynthia D12 Sep 19534 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Sowers, Darrel A17 Jun 193520 May 1998New Haven
Sowers, David15 Nov 1897Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Sowers, Enid N13 Dec 19262 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Sowers, Fern E5 Jan 19185 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Sowers, Hugh11 Jan 1897Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Sowers, John13 Jan 1908Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Sowers, John1 Nov 1890Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Sowers, Marvin V6 Apr 191922 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Sowers, Pearl17 Jun 1894Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Sowers, Ralph2 Jul 192429 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Sowers, Ralph23 Sep 1895Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Sowers, Richard D14 Jul 192814 Jun 2008Churubusco
Sowers, Roy18 Jan 1908Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Sowers, Ruth25 May 1895Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Sowers, Sidney18 Feb 1887May 1971Spencerville
Sowers, Velma27 Jan 1896Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Sowers, Violet V31 Oct 191121 May 2005Fort Wayne
Sowle, Max R25 Feb 191916 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Sowle, Nannie M15 Feb 191110 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Sowles, Annabelle24 Dec 1919Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Sowles, George11 Oct 1904Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Sowles, George25 Feb 1932Feb 1986New Haven, Woodburn
Sowles, Oscar17 Mar 1900Nov 1971Fort Wayne

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