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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Spaces, Peter15 Aug 1904Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Spackman, Florence L16 Dec 19138 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Spackman, Robert C20 Sep 191712 May 1993Fort Wayne
Spade, Arthur5 Oct 1880Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Spade, Bernice P26 Apr 190010 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Spade, Dora22 May 1907Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Spade, Mary27 Jul 1905Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Spade, Maynard30 Nov 1908Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Spade, Wilma M17 Jul 193030 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Spaeth, Virginia A26 Aug 190812 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Spahiev, Marie L23 May 19253 May 2009Fort Wayne
Spahr, Dorothy A22 Feb 191228 Jan 2002Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Spahr, Elmer26 Feb 1911Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Spahr, H26 Dec 1907Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Spahr, Helen25 Aug 1895May 1981Fort Wayne
Spahr, Wilma28 Jan 1894Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Spake, Helen M2 Oct 19103 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Spalding, Colleen M26 Nov 193331 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Spalding, Frieda21 May 1897Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Spallone, Joseph U12 Sep 18901 Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Span, David5 Mar 193722 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Spangle, Marguerite23 Apr 1906Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Spangle, Philip27 Mar 1910Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Spangle, Rex Lynn1 Jun 193925 Sep 2009Huntertown
Spangle, Walter6 Jul 1909Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Spangle, Wilbur A19 Jul 191421 Aug 1993Huntertown
Spangler, Albert M20 Apr 19306 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Spangler, Arthur18 May 1911Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Spangler, Charles L5 Apr 192620 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Spangler, Clyde16 Apr 1905Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Spangler, Dorothy23 Mar 1919Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Spangler, Edith18 Aug 1910Mar 1983Huntertown
Spangler, Iva14 Feb 1898May 1986Fort Wayne
Spangler, Jay28 Apr 1895Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Spangler, Margaret14 May 1879Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Spangler, Mary27 Nov 1892Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Spangler, Ruth4 Jan 1898Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Spangler, Ruth M18 Dec 191429 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Spanley, Jack11 Nov 1887Jul 1969Churubusco
Spanley, Lucille23 Dec 1905Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Spanley, Walter13 Sep 1886Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Spann, Jacqueline L23 Nov 19537 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Spann, Lillie J4 Feb 189515 Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Spann, Nathaniel23 Oct 1932Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Spano, Maureen26 Aug 1948Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Sparger, Alva10 Jun 19025 May 1992Fort Wayne
Sparkman, Veronica1 May 1896Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Sparks, Agnes1 Jun 1908Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Sparks, Altie23 Dec 1897Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Sparks, Bertha25 Dec 1916May 1982Fort Wayne
Sparks, Bertha7 Jun 1899Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Sparks, Cynthia23 Mar 1959Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Sparks, Della M23 Jan 188115 Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Sparks, Donald L23 Feb 193629 May 2001Fort Wayne
Sparks, Ernest9 Feb 1904Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Sparks, George A22 Oct 192930 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Sparks, Georgia G15 Jan 19169 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Sparks, Hadley12 May 1906Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Sparks, Helen L13 Apr 191812 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Sparks, Joe11 Nov 19543 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Sparks, Joseph1 Sep 1914Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Sparks, Liddie V6 Jan 18972 Jun 1993Roanoke
Sparks, Lou27 Oct 1898Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Sparks, Martha18 Nov 190725 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Sparks, Mary L24 Apr 1916Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Sparks, Ruth J27 Jul 192629 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Sparks, Samantha F26 Jul 198417 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Sparks, Simon8 Sep 1924Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Sparrow, Raymond7 Aug 1899Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Sparta, Dolores P18 Sep 19221 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Spasoff, Vasil15 Jun 1900Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Spath, Arthur3 Apr 1905Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Spath, Eulalia M18 Sep 1907Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Spath, Harold29 May 1903Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Spatt, Louis A1 Jan 192314 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Spaulding, Claude E6 Apr 19221 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Spaulding, Doris15 Sep 1914Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Spaulding, Edna17 Jan 1890May 1974Fort Wayne
Spaulding, Floyd M11 May 19248 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Spaulding, Golda30 Sep 1888Sep 1972Roanoke
Spaulding, Grace26 Jun 1907Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Spaulding, Jeanette14 Oct 1925Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Spaulding, Lelia H12 Sep 19077 May 2003Fort Wayne
Spaulding, Marcia S19 Apr 19368 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Spaulding, Marguerite I5 Dec 192313 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Spaulding, Robert6 Aug 1897Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Spaulding, Russell V12 Dec 192928 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Spaw, Bertha21 Mar 1880Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Spaw, Inez M22 Apr 191912 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Spaw, Melvin Oliver7 Jun 19138 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Speaker, Edith13 Nov 1890May 1974Fort Wayne
Speaker, Freda6 Aug 19042 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Speaker, George17 Apr 1903Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Speaker, Wilbur9 Aug 1900Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Speakman, Rolla21 Apr 1898Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Speaks, Carl2 Sep 1911Oct 1977New Haven
Speaks, Helen B19 Nov 19111 Feb 2000New Haven
Spear, Bernice E4 Sep 1914Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Spear, Charles A13 May 191012 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Spear, Creasie M30 Nov 190526 May 1997Fort Wayne, New Haven
Spear, Emma A20 Feb 191510 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Spear, Houston5 Nov 1895Jun 1983New Haven
Spear, Jean W19 Apr 191628 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Spear, Judith A1 Apr 194029 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Spear, Mildred D9 Dec 19272 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Spear, Mina R10 May 191422 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Spear, Paul Hubbard10 May 19111 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Spear, Robert H28 Oct 193611 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Spear, Roy23 Oct 1885Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Spears, Bernice25 Aug 18996 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Spears, Dessie16 Jun 1899May 1967Fort Wayne
Spears, Grace23 Nov 1910Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Spears, Ruth11 Oct 1909Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Spears, Trudy K24 Dec 194520 Sep 1995New Haven
Specht, Arthur10 Jan 1913Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Specht, Karl4 Dec 1892Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Specht, Mary16 May 1914Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Speck, Irene27 Mar 1903Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Speck, Leslie L16 Mar 19168 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Speck, Marian M9 Oct 191619 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Speck, Vincent24 May 1893Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Speck, William29 Jun 1946Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Speckbaugh, Carolyn16 Jan 1891Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Speckman, Albert1 Oct 1923Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Speckman, Lorena30 Jul 1903Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Speckman, Nancy12 May 192616 May 2006Fort Wayne
Speckmann, Carl21 Jul 1888Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Speckmann, Frieda17 Dec 1901Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Speed, Florence P27 Jul 19168 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Speed, Linda E21 Oct 194921 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Speed, Oquinnie14 Feb 191414 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Speedy, Raymond M26 Jul 192424 May 1994Fort Wayne
Speelmon, Carl19 Jun 1906Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Speer, Rosa11 Jun 1897Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Speice, Aylene9 Mar 1914Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Speice, Bernice M16 Jun 19052 Jan 2003Leo
Speice, Jay15 Nov 1898May 1974Fort Wayne
Speicher, Otis W1 Oct 191425 May 2002Fort Wayne
Speith, John19 May 1896Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Speith, Rose27 Jun 1905Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Spellenberg, George22 Jun 1900Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Spence, Berlin4 Dec 1895Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Spence, Gary16 Jan 1949Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Spence, K2 Aug 1992Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Spence, Terence J1 Jul 193029 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Spence, William13 Sep 1919Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Spence, William L28 Dec 192823 Feb 2000New Haven
Spencer, Albert25 May 1897Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Spencer, Arnold P16 May 1904Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Spencer, Bernice3 Jan 192826 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Spencer, C7 Sep 1887Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Spencer, Cecil2 Sep 1921Jul 1977Woodburn
Spencer, Charleen K16 Dec 192529 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Spencer, Chester10 Oct 1906Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Spencer, Clarence19 May 1904Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Spencer, Donna B19 Dec 192924 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Spencer, Donna D9 Aug 19252 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Spencer, Doris E7 Nov 192423 May 1994Leo
Spencer, Dorothy13 Mar 1902Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Spencer, Douglass A18 Dec 192431 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Spencer, Drayton H6 Apr 19227 Sep 1999Spencerville
Spencer, Ethel A30 Jan 190411 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Spencer, Frances18 Nov 1921Jan 1974Woodburn
Spencer, G Elaine26 Jan 192417 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Spencer, Harry2 Feb 1902Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Spencer, Ida19 Jan 1903Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Spencer, John6 Jan 1896Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Spencer, Joseph31 Dec 1897Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Spencer, Jossette15 Mar 196820 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Spencer, Katherine P10 Oct 1913Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Spencer, Lillie10 Dec 1904Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Spencer, Loreta21 Jun 1916Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Spencer, Margaret1 Oct 1890May 1981Fort Wayne
Spencer, Marie31 Aug 1929Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Spencer, Marjorie C15 Dec 189526 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Spencer, Mary4 Aug 1895Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Spencer, Mary Alice4 May 19223 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Spencer, Mary S6 Dec 194118 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Spencer, Noah28 Nov 1932Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Spencer, Perry24 May 1894May 1979New Haven, Fort Wayne
Spencer, Rachel16 May 19688 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Spencer, Richard F14 Aug 19215 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Spencer, Sara23 Mar 1911Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Spenn, Arthur W9 Jun 191117 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Spenn, Carl21 Aug 1916Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Spenn, Esther H4 Sep 191317 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Spenn, Ilo16 Jun 1920Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Spenn, Olga15 Aug 190814 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Spenn, William22 Apr 1882Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Sperr, Edward3 Mar 1894Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Sperstad, Carl4 May 1897Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Speyer, Tillie22 Jun 1893Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Sphar, Albert3 Jul 1885Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Spice, Anita G1 Nov 19454 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Spice, Beverly E28 Jul 1931Aug 1994Roanoke
Spice, Charles2 May 1881Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Spice, Charles14 Mar 191331 May 1995Fort Wayne
Spice, Eloise H25 Jan 191215 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Spice, Henry L7 Oct 192017 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Spice, Juanita14 May 1901May 1981Fort Wayne
Spice, Lucille2 Jun 1900Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Spice, Miriam M2 Jan 19203 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Spice, Nellie20 Jan 1889Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Spice, Robert21 Aug 1912Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Spice, Ruth V29 Aug 19094 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Spice, Selma15 Jan 1887Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Spice, Sydney G2 Nov 190923 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Spicer, A15 Jan 1932Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Spicer, Blanche24 Mar 1903Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Spicer, Dorothy M18 Dec 192617 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Spicer, Ida12 Oct 1890Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Spicer, James29 Mar 1892Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Spicer, Rachel11 Apr 1900Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Spicer, Raymond5 Aug 1917Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Spicer, William15 Apr 19098 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Spickelmier, Edra M27 Oct 191930 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Spicker, Anna11 Apr 1886Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Spiegel, Arno10 Nov 1894Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Spiegel, Christian22 Jul 1880Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Spiegel, Ernestine30 Dec 1877Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Spiegel, Herman18 Sep 1890Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Spiegel, Lillian28 May 1895Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Spiegel, Margaret E27 Apr 191217 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Spiegel, Marie10 May 1882Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Spielman, George H12 Mar 1926Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Spiess, Alma M17 Aug 1921Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Spiess, Arthur C28 Nov 19004 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Spiess, Roy7 Aug 1907Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Spieth, A17 Apr 1908Jun 1978Monroeville
Spieth, Angela F26 Sep 192714 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Spieth, Barbara J13 Jul 193024 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Spieth, Cletus D8 Aug 192728 Oct 2005Hoagland
Spieth, Darrell E3 Mar 19169 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Spieth, Elmer21 Apr 1900May 1978Woodburn, New Haven
Spieth, Ferdinand9 Sep 1902Feb 1981Woodburn
Spieth, Grace E17 Jun 19235 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Spieth, James H11 Jan 193412 Dec 2008Monroeville
Spieth, Joseph C16 Jun 193024 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Spieth, Marcella M14 Mar 19071 Jun 1999Woodburn
Spieth, Mary L11 Jun 193616 Mar 2006Monroeville
Spieth, Richard E1 Nov 193414 Oct 2006Monroeville
Spieth, Russell C28 May 190916 Jun 1996Monroeville
Spieth, Walter C22 Oct 193224 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Spieth, William11 Feb 1895Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Spiller, John8 Apr 1922Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Spillers, Bertha26 Apr 191028 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Spillers, Betty J6 Jun 193616 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Spillers, Donald28 May 19159 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Spillers, Elmer22 Dec 1922Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Spillers, Estella4 Jan 1894May 1976Fort Wayne
Spillers, Ethel11 Oct 1897Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Spillers, Jack P4 Nov 19346 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Spillers, John5 Jul 1896Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Spillers, Michael K7 Apr 195827 May 2004Fort Wayne
Spillers, Mickey L23 Feb 19283 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Spillers, Pauline24 Dec 192416 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Spillers, Phyllis M14 Oct 193011 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Spillers, Robert E9 Apr 193725 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Spillers, S D4 Nov 195415 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Spillers, Thomas20 Sep 1921Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Spillner, Edward8 Nov 1894Mar 1965Fort Wayne
Spillner, John14 Nov 1889Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Spillner, Mardel J1 Sep 19211 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Spillner, Maxine6 Jan 1922Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Spillner, Virginia Y20 Sep 1921Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Spillson, John13 Jun 1924Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Spillson, John N2 Mar 19217 May 1995Fort Wayne
Spindler, Albert21 May 1903Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Spindler, Douglass5 Jun 1906Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Spindler, Henry J13 Jul 191220 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Spindler, Josephine18 Mar 1927Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Spindler, Paul R2 Jul 193124 Jul 1996Hoagland
Spindler, Rose M2 May 19141 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Spindler, Roy11 Sep 1898May 1966New Haven
Spindler, Vivian25 Jun 191119 Jan 2002Harlan
Spinelli, Mary I19 Sep 192527 Aug 2001New Haven
Spinelli, Thomas Leroy13 Sep 192610 Nov 2008New Haven
Spires, Fawnee F17 Jun 1920Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Spiro, Vivian30 Sep 1912May 1983Fort Wayne
Spisak, Emery30 Jan 1911Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Spitler, Anna M25 Oct 19219 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Spitler, Irma2 Mar 1904Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Spitler, Keith R17 Oct 19365 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Spitler, Lois C17 Oct 193221 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Spitler, Marcia L12 Nov 193630 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Spitler, Richard A10 May 193015 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Spitler, Thelma8 Jan 1905Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Spittler, Esther5 Oct 1895Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Spittler, George7 Sep 1896Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Spitznaugle, Ivan L5 Aug 191015 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Spitznaugle, Lloyd L16 Jan 193211 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Spivey, John E12 Dec 19413 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Spivey, Lizzie M15 Jul 19134 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Splawn, Alma E1 Aug 190619 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Spocynski, Anna E1 Feb 190422 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Spoerhase, Archibald29 Jul 1892Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Spoerhase, Arthur R20 Nov 19222 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Spoerhase, Beatrice28 Aug 1924Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Spohn, Donald F20 Mar 191927 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Spohn, Janice L16 Jul 192919 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Spohn, John11 Nov 1892Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Spohn, Lucile B25 Dec 191825 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Spohn, Mabel24 Jun 1901Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Spohn, William2 Jul 1889Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Spohn, William10 Apr 1914Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Spohnhauer, William3 Nov 1896Jan 1972Roanoke
Spohr, Gladys19 Dec 1899Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Spohr, Mary Lou3 Aug 1930Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Spohr, Steven31 Mar 1953Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Spoltman, John F1 Nov 19194 May 2008Fort Wayne
Spoltman, Mary Ann13 Aug 192522 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Sponhauer, Elsie9 Aug 1890Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Sponhauer, Helen12 Aug 1890Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Sponhauer, R S8 Oct 19214 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Sponhauer, Ralph27 Sep 1892Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Spore, Lanah9 Nov 1889Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Spore, Milan G28 Aug 192627 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Sporny, V W22 Mar 191423 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Sporrer, Dorothy16 Nov 191023 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Sposeep, Abraham21 Mar 1885Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Spotts, Charles12 Sep 1882Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Spradlin, Arizona9 Jan 192118 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Spradlin, Ollie24 Jan 19243 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Spraggan, Frank15 Apr 1894Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Sprague, Christine E19 Sep 193711 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Sprague, Clara11 Oct 1893Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Sprague, Clyde6 Jun 1907Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Sprague, Doris D29 Apr 19391 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Sprague, Elizabeth S30 Sep 192724 May 2009Fort Wayne
Sprague, Helen O9 Oct 19052 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Sprague, J2 Oct 192222 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Sprague, Marion11 Sep 1897May 1981Fort Wayne
Sprague, Mildred L3 May 193127 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Sprague, Olive24 Feb 1906Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Sprague, Raymond16 Mar 1938Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Sprague, Ruby D12 Jun 192315 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Sprague, Shermie D9 Nov 19163 Oct 2008Monroeville
Sprague, Thomas L2 Jul 19275 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Sprague, Verna17 Apr 1893Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Spraker, Mary R19 Feb 19101 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Sprandel, Arthur25 Dec 190518 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Sprandel, Esther E15 Mar 19158 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Sprang, Helen I14 Sep 190216 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Sprang, James5 Feb 1922May 1979Fort Wayne
Sprang, William17 Dec 1900May 1981Fort Wayne
Spranger, Anna5 Jun 1892Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Spranger, Anthony20 Jul 1901Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Spranger, Barbara J22 May 193415 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Spranger, Frank5 May 1931Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Spranger, Genevieve24 Apr 1896Mar 1977New Haven
Spranger, Joseph19 Aug 1897Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Spranger, Patricia I7 Aug 193711 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Spranger, William2 Nov 1895Feb 1979New Haven
Spranger, William F6 Jul 191429 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Sprately, Margaret3 Sep 1902Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Spratt, Maria18 Jul 1942Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Sprau, Marvin L10 Jan 193413 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Spray, Evlyn10 Jul 1910Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Spreckelmeye, Mary A29 May 189912 Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Spreen, Aileen L27 Jun 1919Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Spreen, Alice I20 Jan 19277 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Spreen, Arnold27 Jun 1911Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Spreen, Arthur W25 Sep 191224 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Spreen, Elmer Henry5 Sep 192111 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Spreen, Harold22 Sep 1916Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Spreen, Louise25 Dec 1885Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Spreen, Richard J2 Nov 195315 Apr 1992Roanoke
Spreen, Vera P8 Feb 192310 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Spreen, Walter23 Mar 191523 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Spreer, Carl11 Oct 1889Aug 1969New Haven
Spreer, Curtis14 Jul 1893Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Sprenger, Walter5 Jun 1898Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Spreuer, Herbert25 Jul 1891Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Spridgeon, Carroll29 Oct 1908Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Spridgeon, Catherine M26 Apr 191618 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Spriggs, Virginia W9 Apr 191818 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Springel, Peter19 Oct 1878Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Springer, A J23 Jul 192515 Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Springer, Alberta E22 Mar 191720 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Springer, Alice1 Apr 1927Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Springer, Alma L17 Jul 194026 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Springer, Alva3 Nov 1900May 1974Yoder
Springer, Amos10 Apr 1888Dec 1975Yoder
Springer, Anna M25 Jul 192621 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Springer, Arnold W3 Aug 190813 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Springer, Bertha22 Sep 1905May 1980Fort Wayne
Springer, Charles26 Apr 191713 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Springer, Clara13 Dec 1892Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Springer, Clarissa7 Feb 1917Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Springer, Dale F21 Jan 191322 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Springer, Delbert7 Jun 1933Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Springer, Donald G3 Apr 19121 Sep 1997New Haven
Springer, Doris E24 Feb 19361 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Springer, Doris W11 Jul 193119 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Springer, Earl W27 Jun 19024 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Springer, Edythe E15 Mar 190820 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Springer, Elsie W6 Jul 1912Apr 1994New Haven
Springer, Emil V7 Sep 190517 Apr 2004Yoder
Springer, Emmagean Harriett13 Apr 192422 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Springer, Ernst F20 Sep 192317 Nov 1992Yoder
Springer, Eugene30 Jan 1901Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Springer, Fitzroy13 Dec 1906Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Springer, Forrest13 Oct 1915May 1984Hoagland
Springer, Fred3 Feb 1900Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Springer, Frederick G10 Apr 19246 May 2005Fort Wayne
Springer, Freelon A22 Feb 192314 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Springer, Fremont8 Jul 1908May 1983Fort Wayne
Springer, George9 Sep 1886Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Springer, Gerald E11 Nov 191529 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Springer, Gotthold25 Jun 1910Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Springer, Grant19 Dec 1891Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Springer, Harold15 Jun 1908Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Springer, Harvey18 Mar 1892Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Springer, Hattie16 Nov 1891Jan 1969Grabill
Springer, Helen C1 Jul 19088 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Springer, Helen C23 Jan 19118 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Springer, Hilda R7 Jun 19163 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Springer, Homer C27 Nov 191312 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Springer, Ilo F22 Feb 191321 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Springer, Irma15 Jan 189714 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Springer, James A20 Nov 19406 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Springer, Juanita W27 May 192612 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Springer, Kenneth L10 Mar 19305 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Springer, Kenneth L6 Jan 195528 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Springer, L Kathryn9 Mar 192021 Jun 2009New Haven
Springer, Lawrence18 Jul 1897Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Springer, Lena28 Jul 1885Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Springer, Lois11 Apr 1900Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Springer, Lois M14 Mar 192417 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Springer, Lona M11 May 1909Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Springer, Louis18 Dec 1889Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Springer, Mabel25 Jun 1899Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Springer, Margaret E1 Jul 19141 Dec 1994Yoder
Springer, Margaret K26 Jun 190625 Apr 2005Yoder
Springer, Marvene B4 Jul 19171 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Springer, Mary18 Jun 1908May 1981Fort Wayne
Springer, Matilda S29 Jun 189521 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Springer, Mildred E9 Mar 190918 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Springer, Mildred L4 Jul 190623 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Springer, Noah J26 Mar 19019 Sep 1993Leo
Springer, Nona G21 Jul 190429 Jan 1995Grabill
Springer, Olive29 May 191012 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Springer, Oscar C24 Dec 191230 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Springer, Paul J13 Nov 191724 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Springer, Phillip P10 Jul 191522 May 1999Fort Wayne
Springer, Ralph24 Nov 1926Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Springer, Robert18 Oct 1920Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Springer, Robert F16 Apr 191315 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Springer, Roma Edgar2 May 192315 Nov 1993Grabill
Springer, Ruth M13 Nov 1916Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Springer, Ruth M2 Aug 19128 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Springer, Susie M25 Oct 191122 May 1992Fort Wayne
Springer, Theodore13 Feb 1904Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Springer, Velma30 Jan 1911Feb 1977Yoder
Springer, Vera7 May 1910Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Springer, Violet26 Aug 19191 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Springer, Walter25 Oct 1917Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Springer, Walter27 Feb 1906Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Springer, William5 Dec 1901Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Springer, William13 Sep 1881Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Sprinkle, Charles28 Oct 1886May 1972Fort Wayne
Sprinkle, Charlotte E29 Feb 19449 May 2007Fort Wayne
Sprinkle, Edward7 Aug 193417 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Sprinkle, Glenn20 Feb 191228 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Sprinkle, Irma9 Jul 1946Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Sprinkle, James E28 Nov 192917 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Sprinkle, Lyndal L5 Jun 194015 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Sprinkle, Mary A7 Mar 192521 May 2005Fort Wayne
Sprinkle, Melba M24 Jan 191331 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Sprinkle, Morris H5 Jun 192321 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Sprinkle, Twyla K9 Jun 19613 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Sproat, Florence3 Dec 1905Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Sproat, James18 Jun 1903Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Sproat, James28 Apr 1927Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Sproat, Lola19 Jun 1902Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Sproat, Marguerit L4 Jul 191827 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Sproat, Richard E9 Jul 192927 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Sprott, Mabel22 Oct 1896May 1977Spencerville
Sprouls, Earl22 Apr 1898May 1982Churubusco
Sprouls, Helen A30 Nov 19094 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Sprouls, Hilda F15 Apr 19036 Apr 1992Churubusco
Sprouls, Irvin25 Nov 1900Feb 1965Fort Wayne
Sprouls, Leah L15 Oct 191830 Mar 1997New Haven
Sprouls, Norman2 Dec 1870Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Sprow, William N15 Jul 192321 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Sprowl, Minnie21 Jan 1890Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Aldo14 Dec 1896Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Alta F30 May 191418 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Anna10 Sep 1887May 1980Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Ardus G17 Sep 19248 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Babe15 Feb 1885Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Bernard10 Aug 1881Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Berwyn G4 Mar 19224 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Beverly J11 Aug 19256 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Carrie10 Mar 1893Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Claire J24 Sep 191818 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Sprunger, David20 Apr 1896Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Elaine F19 Jan 19132 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Fern21 May 1889Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Frieda19 Feb 1900Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Harriet15 Aug 191211 Sep 1999Roanoke
Sprunger, Irene25 May 1921Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Irene L5 Jul 191627 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Joann E29 Apr 19316 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Justine29 Dec 1904Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Keith Wayne28 Jun 195220 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Kim D18 Oct 19546 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Loren G6 Jul 19249 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Max L18 Aug 193019 Feb 2007New Haven
Sprunger, Norman29 May 1911Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Orel A1 Aug 191731 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Patricia Ann9 Oct 19515 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Robert31 Jan 1921Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Royle L16 Aug 191431 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Sarah6 Nov 1888Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Verena15 Oct 19169 Nov 2009Roanoke
Sprunger, Walter H2 Oct 192730 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Sprunger, Walter M14 Jan 19131 May 2004Fort Wayne
Spuhler, Esther22 May 1897Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Spuhler, Robert H10 Jul 192027 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Spuller, Carl21 Apr 1908Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Spuller, Edith16 Jan 190815 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Spuller, Ella E10 Sep 192528 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Spuller, Myrtle16 Aug 191415 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Spuller, Paul12 Aug 1908Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Spuller, Ruby21 Jan 19336 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Spurgeon, Curtis T31 Jul 19094 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Spurgeon, Kenneth10 Oct 1915Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Spurgeon, Linda21 Jan 1951May 1977Fort Wayne
Spurgeon, Richard J23 Feb 192523 Jun 1997Churubusco
Spurgeon, Thelma L10 Jun 190420 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Spurgeon, William H17 Feb 193523 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Spurlin, Bonnie J28 Mar 19361 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Spurling, Myrtle20 Jul 1898Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Spurlock, Catherine L3 Jun 19514 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Spurlock, Clarence E7 Jul 191322 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Spurlock, Hazel3 Dec 1899Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Spurlock, Larue20 Oct 1899May 1981New Haven
Spurlock, Mary E21 Jun 19199 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Spurr, Anna25 Dec 19044 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Spurr, Ilona E9 Oct 191515 May 1992Fort Wayne
Spurr, Linda A2 May 195415 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Spurr, William R1 Mar 191625 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Spurrier, Ivan L1 Oct 191924 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Spurrier, Ocie L5 May 191927 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Spurrier, Ruth30 Jun 1891Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Spyra, Agata5 Feb 1891Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Spyres, Donald H16 Mar 193119 Apr 1997Fort Wayne

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