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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
St Amond, August22 Sep 1901Oct 1965Leo
St Clair, John5 Apr 1903Dec 1985Fort Wayne
St Clair, Major26 Oct 192318 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
St Clair, Mary L8 Sep 192126 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
St George, John21 Aug 1900Jun 1974Churubusco
St George, John R18 Dec 191916 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
St John, Don R21 Oct 193529 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
St John, Doris A11 Sep 193810 Jun 2006New Haven
St John, E20 Mar 1913Apr 1985Fort Wayne
St John, Edgar21 Jan 1901Mar 1969Fort Wayne
St Myer, Marion R27 Jun 190429 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
St Myer, Ralph1 Nov 1905May 1985Fort Wayne
St Myer, Victor19 Oct 1881Sep 1968Fort Wayne
St Peters, Robert J15 Sep 191924 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Staak, Eileen J20 Jul 192515 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Staak, Fritz L27 Sep 19286 Dec 2006New Haven
Staak, Herbert2 Jul 1903Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Staak, Joan13 Jun 1931Jan 1977New Haven
Staak, Louis E13 Mar 192431 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Staak, Marie F2 Mar 190621 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Stabler, Albert19 May 1900Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Stabler, Bessie M1 Mar 193322 Nov 2001Leo
Stabler, Celia8 Oct 1895Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Stabler, Charles22 Mar 1901Apr 1984Roanoke
Stabler, Dale L18 Mar 191520 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Stabler, Donald R29 Oct 193328 Jan 1993Hoagland
Stabler, Harold16 Dec 192117 May 1993Fort Wayne
Stabler, Harold A24 Dec 193113 May 1998Leo
Stabler, Helen M21 Jul 19206 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Stabler, Iowa M11 May 191122 Mar 2001Roanoke
Stabler, Jason L13 Mar 192530 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Stabler, Leon13 Jul 1902Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Stabler, Lester14 Nov 1908Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Stabler, Mildred M10 Oct 1903Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Stabler, Ora L26 Dec 192025 May 2003Fort Wayne
Stabler, Samuel12 Dec 1921Apr 1977Roanoke
Stabler, William E19 Oct 193119 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Stacey, Lora M7 Mar 19106 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Stachowicz, Caroline28 Sep 19014 May 2001Fort Wayne
Stack, Angela L13 Sep 19092 May 2000Fort Wayne
Stack, Howard12 May 1907Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Stack, Severin J8 Jan 191423 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Stack, Velma7 Mar 1905Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Stackhouse, Albert20 Jul 1916Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Stackhouse, Helen4 Apr 19253 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Stackhouse, Lee Wayne29 Jun 194010 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Stackhouse, Prestone E30 Sep 19416 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Stacy, Emma7 Feb 1896Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Stacy, Florence T10 Jul 190819 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Stacy, George3 Nov 19629 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Stacy, Herman3 Sep 1921Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Stacy, William24 Sep 1905Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Stade, Robert29 Aug 1921Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Stadelman, Carl1 Dec 1892Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Stadelman, Lillian2 Nov 1894Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Stadelman, Margaret26 Mar 1886Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Stadelmayer, Jakob27 Sep 19285 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Staehle, Paul25 Nov 1889Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Stafford, A H5 Aug 190118 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Stafford, Audrey12 Aug 190622 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Stafford, Clarence5 Feb 19351 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Stafford, Helen27 Jan 1915Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Stafford, Isabelle16 Sep 1894Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Stafford, James P4 Feb 196326 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Stafford, Kenneth28 Sep 1908Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Stafford, Laurance O3 Aug 19068 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Stafford, Luther11 Oct 1917Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Stafford, Maebelle20 Feb 1908Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Stafford, Marjorie E7 Apr 192212 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Stafford, Pauline31 May 190929 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Stafford, Robert C23 May 190814 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Stafford, Russell E1 Apr 193126 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Stafford, Virgil3 Jul 1912Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Stage, Margaret E8 Jan 19301 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Stager Jr, Ralph R3 Nov 197030 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Stagg, Bernice15 Mar 1905Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Stagg, Eugene W26 Jul 19171 May 2009Fort Wayne
Stagg, Nancy P14 Dec 193727 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Stagg, Ronald G10 Jul 190413 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Staggs, Alexander8 Jan 196911 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Staggs, Leonard L10 May 19084 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Stahl, Beatrice Laverne5 Jan 19309 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Stahl, Betty L3 May 19366 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Stahl, Daisy10 Dec 1893Oct 1987New Haven
Stahl, E Eloise25 Jun 191510 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Stahl, Edwin J9 Nov 191516 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Stahl, Evelyn I20 Nov 19318 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Stahl, Irene30 Sep 1898Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Stahl, James H26 May 193315 May 2006Fort Wayne
Stahl, Kenneth N20 Sep 191130 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Stahl, Mary8 May 1916Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Stahl, Robert F23 Aug 191614 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Stahl, Robert L11 Dec 19326 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Stahl, Robert W8 May 192728 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Stahl, Thelma H19 May 191830 May 2009Fort Wayne
Stahlhut, Amelia C24 Mar 19144 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Stahlhut, Arthur12 Mar 191416 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Stahlhut, Carl H12 Oct 190825 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Stahlhut, Clara15 Apr 1883Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Stahlhut, Donald W22 Jul 19355 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Stahlhut, Fred W8 Aug 191130 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Stahlhut, Gerald J16 Apr 19335 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Stahlhut, Henry10 Oct 1883Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Stahlhut, Laura7 Oct 1891Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Stahlhut, Loren G4 Dec 19348 Mar 2009Churubusco
Stahlhut, Luella H19 Sep 192618 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Stahlhut, Mary J25 Feb 191416 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Stahlhut, Vera M14 Feb 191414 Apr 2000Churubusco
Stahlhut, Willard H9 Dec 192716 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Stahlhut, William F7 Oct 190630 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Stahlke, Esther M18 Mar 190610 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Stahlke, Otto F23 Sep 190610 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Stahly, Raymond26 Feb 1911Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Stahly, Robert21 Feb 1945Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Stahn, Dorothy23 Jun 19105 May 1994Fort Wayne
Stahn, Robert L25 Apr 192321 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Staight, A19 Nov 1907Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Staight, Elvah M21 Apr 19072 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Staight, Ethil29 Nov 1913May 1986Fort Wayne
Stailey, Marion12 May 1898Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Stair, Eva25 Sep 1924Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Stair, Madge29 Jun 1897Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Stair, Norma A21 Aug 191812 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Staker Jr, Glynn F12 Jan 191721 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Staker, James16 Jun 1921Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Staker, Sherrell B6 Oct 192420 Nov 1998Yoder
Stalcup, Justine30 Dec 1889Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Stalcup, Stuart Hayes22 May 19615 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Stalder, Harold5 Dec 1908Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Stalder, Wanda M29 Nov 190119 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Staley, Blanche30 Mar 1893Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Staley, Charles W22 Jan 19198 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Staley, Don9 Sep 1916Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Staley, Homer21 Jun 1896Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Staley, Jane11 Mar 191914 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Staley, John17 May 1889Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Staley, Lemoile E16 May 191429 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Staley, Lillian12 Aug 1895Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Staley, Mabel19 Oct 1900Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Staley, Marie R13 Mar 19118 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Staley, Oda4 May 1894May 1972Fort Wayne
Staley, Ora22 Feb 1910Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Staley, Stanley Franklin1 Aug 194325 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Staley, Strotehr11 Aug 1888Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Staley, Thomas10 Jul 1907Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Staley, Ward12 Oct 1899Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Stalf, Bertha18 Oct 1891Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Stalf, Ellen M6 May 19082 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Stalf, Kathryn18 Jul 1888Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Stalf, Louis19 Jul 1890May 1981Fort Wayne
Stall, Elizabeth25 Jun 1918Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Stall, Ernest5 Feb 1892Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Stall, Joseph4 Nov 1918Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Stallbaum, Cleota V5 Nov 190130 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Stallbaum, Earl3 May 1899May 1979Fort Wayne
Stallbaum, Maxine W23 Jun 191722 Sep 2003Monroeville
Staller, George E23 Sep 19011 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Stalling, Sarah11 Jul 1928Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Stallings, Alfred13 Jan 1920Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Stallings, Ann9 Jan 1912Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Stallings, Carl G26 Nov 19066 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Stallings, Eddie25 Aug 19234 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Stallings, J O24 Dec 191021 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Stallings, Johnnie15 Mar 1910Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Stallings, Josephine M17 Mar 19085 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Stallings, Lindsey2 Nov 195228 May 2004Fort Wayne
Stallsmith, Elizabeth23 Dec 189631 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Stallsmith, Mary M11 Jan 19174 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Stallsmith, Robert14 Aug 1891Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Stalter, Kenneth12 Jun 1921Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Stam, John13 Jan 192324 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Stamanis, Velika25 Mar 1893Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Stambaugh, Agnes M19 Mar 190127 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Stambaugh, Betty Jane1 Apr 192728 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Stambaugh, Esther A30 Apr 1908Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Stambaugh, Eugene9 Jan 1921Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Stamm, Charles28 Jul 1899Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Stamm, Clara16 Feb 1889Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Stamm, Dorothy M18 Sep 191413 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Stamm, Joseph A4 Feb 19244 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Stamm, Lydia M26 Apr 190319 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Stamm, Mary31 Mar 1921Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Stamm, Russell26 Apr 1908Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Stamm, Stanley W7 Jan 190731 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Stanberry, Evalyn R7 Jan 192523 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Stanbery, Elwood13 Sep 1906Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Stanbery, Verniece C24 Dec 190821 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Stanbury, Leota17 Oct 1901Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Stanczyk, Janet C17 Nov 193828 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Standiford, Frances M10 Apr 192627 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Standiford, Francis21 Aug 1926Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Standiford, Harold24 Sep 1909Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Standiford, Ida S14 Sep 19143 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Standiford, Kathleen16 Feb 1945Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Standiford, Merlin1 Oct 1894Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Standiford, Patricia M9 Jul 193714 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Standish, Ivan O21 May 191215 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Standley, Elmo S5 Mar 19247 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Stands, Maude M2 Sep 190419 Jul 1996New Haven
Stanek, Emily7 Jun 19087 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Stanelle, Gladys A13 Dec 19137 May 2003Fort Wayne
Staner, Arlene L15 Aug 192723 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Stanfield, Frank L30 Jun 194414 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Stanford, Barbara28 Nov 194723 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Stanford, Burl21 Aug 191428 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Stanford, Charlotte6 Aug 1913Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Stanford, Juanita C25 Jun 194316 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Stanford, Lula25 May 1905Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Stanford, Thelma R30 Mar 191020 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Stanford, Walter15 Mar 1899Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Stang, Carl15 Nov 1899Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Stange, Wilma A22 Jul 191523 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Stanger, Charles17 Aug 1904Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Stanger, Florence26 Sep 1914Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Stanger, Helen3 Jan 1916Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Stanger, Ida1 Jun 1882May 1973Fort Wayne
Stanger, Jacob6 Mar 1876Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Stanger, Kenneth G13 Jun 19328 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Stanger, Raymond22 May 1916Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Stanger, Susie11 Jan 1909Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Stanger, Vincent10 Jul 1919Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Stango, Jettie8 Dec 190929 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Stanley, Arleen27 Feb 1923Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Stanley, Earl2 Jul 1920Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Stanley, Edgar Leo23 Jul 1923Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Stanley, Fred19 Nov 1909Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Stanley, Garnet9 Nov 1918Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Stanley, Harold8 Nov 1912Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Stanley, James C4 Jan 192616 May 2004Fort Wayne
Stanley, Loraine22 Aug 1910Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Stanley, Lucille27 Feb 190914 Dec 2003Leo
Stanley, Mary5 Jun 1891Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Stanley, Mildred4 Jun 193226 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Stanley, Nellie14 Mar 1898Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Stanley, Patricia16 Jul 1918Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Stanley, Paula6 Oct 1949Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Stanley, Rhea R27 Jul 190726 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Stanley, Robert G27 Sep 19303 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Stannard, Jean1 Sep 192613 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Stanner, Gladys M24 Feb 19067 May 1998Fort Wayne
Stansberry, Agnes4 Jul 1891May 1982Churubusco
Stansberry, John18 Dec 1914May 1977Fort Wayne
Stansifer, Mabel3 May 1891Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Stanski, Daniel F4 Feb 19284 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Stanski, Edward V23 Dec 191627 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Stanski, Helen14 Jun 1917Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Stanski, Jean21 Feb 1928Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Stanski, Stanley A29 Apr 191425 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Stanski, Tony S26 Jul 191820 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Stanski, Wanda L19 Feb 191427 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Stanton, Arvilla19 Nov 1908Mar 1978Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Stanton, Betty E9 Apr 19227 Oct 1996New Haven
Stanton, Carol A28 Feb 194122 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Stanton, Donald E16 Sep 19344 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Stanton, Donald W4 Jun 192426 Aug 1999Woodburn
Stanton, Gladys9 Mar 1902Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Stanton, Kenneth R27 Feb 192626 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Stanton, Lena7 Apr 1891Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Stanton, Mary L16 Dec 192829 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Stanton, Mary T19 Jun 19329 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Stanton, Murdena L9 Jun 192730 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Stanton, Richard C7 Jun 19261 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Stanton, Robert L15 Apr 190222 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Stanton, William F1 Jun 192528 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Stantz, Thelma A4 Jul 191813 Apr 2000Churubusco
Stanutz, George J20 Feb 19318 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Stanutz, Vivian F4 Mar 193018 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Staples, Ellen G13 Oct 19412 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Staples, Fay12 Aug 1910Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Staples, Mary L4 Jun 191620 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Stapleton, Donald E18 Sep 19364 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Stapleton, Doris R10 Jul 191023 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Stapleton, Edith E10 Jul 191631 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Stapleton, Frances16 Feb 1896Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Stapleton, Frank25 Jun 1896Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Stapleton, Harry25 Oct 1896Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Stapleton, Madgie A7 Jan 1932Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Stapleton, Mary14 Dec 1900Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Stapleton, Mildred M25 May 19141 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Stapleton, Paul8 Apr 1918Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Stapleton, Raymond F17 Sep 19251 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Stark, Annie Bell31 Jan 191723 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Stark, Arthur13 Sep 1905Jul 1973New Haven
Stark, Bertha20 Mar 1893Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Stark, C8 Jun 1994Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Stark, Carl9 Aug 1906Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Stark, Charles C18 Apr 191717 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Stark, Dorothy8 Nov 1906Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Stark, Dorothy7 Nov 1917Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Stark, Elizabeth11 Jan 190831 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Stark, Elizabeth16 Dec 1902Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Stark, Emmett5 Jan 1914Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Stark, Forrest29 May 1903Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Stark, Francis6 Feb 1907Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Stark, George4 Mar 1905Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Stark, George E18 Nov 192412 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Stark, Glenora8 Sep 1885Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Stark, Jack F2 May 192626 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Stark, James9 Oct 1920Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Stark, John J6 Jan 19214 May 2009Fort Wayne
Stark, Marie14 Nov 1913Jan 1998New Haven
Stark, Marie K17 Apr 19063 May 1998New Haven
Stark, Mary17 Feb 1901May 1974Fort Wayne
Stark, Mildred C9 Oct 192017 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Stark, Pauline23 Oct 19067 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Stark, Phyllis E29 Dec 191431 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Stark, Ruthellen13 May 19126 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Stark, Stephen M23 Sep 19136 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Stark, Thomas E3 Dec 19488 May 2004Fort Wayne
Stark, Vivian J30 Apr 192818 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Starke, Adell31 Dec 1899Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Starke, Alma M3 Jul 1908Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Starke, August9 Apr 1905Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Starke, Barbara J13 Jun 1927Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Starke, Carl6 Sep 1891Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Starke, Julia7 Mar 1889Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Starke, Viola4 Aug 1892Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Starke, Walter12 Apr 1911Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Starke, William23 Mar 1889Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Starkel, Betty J2 Aug 1924Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Starkel, Walter E20 Feb 192414 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Starkey, Alice17 Apr 1908Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Starks, Alberta23 Jun 190115 Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Starks, B3 Apr 1988Jul 1991Fort Wayne
Starks, Bernice19 May 19261 May 2002Fort Wayne
Starks, Clancy D3 Mar 1931Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Starks, Cynie9 Jun 1897Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Starks, Elbert30 Sep 1907Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Starks, Jesse16 Nov 1923Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Starks, John26 May 1910Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Starks, Larry E23 Aug 195019 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Starks, Lazarus13 Aug 1903Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Starks, Mable A4 Jan 191721 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Starks, Mary Montgomery26 Sep 19173 Aug 2009Churubusco
Starks, Minnie W12 May 1908Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Starks, Samuel28 Mar 1912Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Starks, Sylvia L13 Nov 193618 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Starks, William C10 Apr 195228 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Starkweather, Gary J11 Aug 196616 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Starling, William2 Apr 1881Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Starner, Gladys L22 Apr 191319 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Starner, Laura15 Jul 1902Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Starnes, Catherine C3 Mar 1920Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Starnes, Claence12 Nov 1935Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Starnes, Duran K12 Apr 19786 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Starnes, Floyd24 Mar 1894May 1971Fort Wayne
Starnes, Henry E4 Nov 19201 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Starnes, John T22 Sep 19162 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Starnes, Pauline24 Nov 1907Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Starost, Agnes M25 Mar 19218 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Starost, Charles6 Mar 1900Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Starost, Richard27 Mar 1922Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Starr, Charles14 Dec 1906Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Starr, Jane A22 May 19289 May 2003Fort Wayne
Starr, Kathryne E9 Dec 19045 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Starr, Mary I6 Jul 192513 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Starr, Rachel1 Sep 1907Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Starzynski, Aloysius17 Jan 1899Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Stasinos, Juanita3 Dec 1904Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Stasko, Michael20 May 191810 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Stassen, Elmer22 Nov 1897Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Staszak, Hattie27 Nov 1890Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Staszak, Ruth C17 Feb 191826 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Staten, Dorothy M12 Aug 194818 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Staten, Melvin L14 Sep 194725 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Statler, Ernest Ken N6 Jan 191813 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Statler, Sheryl Ann10 Aug 198621 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Staton, Birdie4 Jun 19253 May 2008Fort Wayne
Staton, Chalmer8 Dec 1911Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Statz, Gideon A25 Jun 191618 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Statz, Pauline10 Jan 1900Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Staub, Frank4 May 1911Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Staub, Katharine15 Jul 1889May 1976Fort Wayne
Staub, Linda S30 Oct 19489 Oct 2005Hoagland
Staub, Mae24 Jun 1894Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Staub, Noretta9 Oct 1885Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Alice5 Mar 19134 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Barbara21 Dec 1932Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Betty12 Oct 193716 Nov 2007Spencerville
Stauffer, Burdsel4 May 1892Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Chad M28 Dec 197725 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Charles27 Sep 1914Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Charles J10 Dec 19324 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Christian9 Mar 189915 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Daniel26 Apr 1902Jan 1985Woodburn
Stauffer, Doris5 Aug 1916Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Earl D13 Oct 191522 Feb 2003Leo
Stauffer, Edith15 Nov 1887Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Edith C29 Oct 191625 May 2000Grabill
Stauffer, Eugene E17 Nov 192016 Apr 2003New Haven
Stauffer, Florence8 Aug 1909Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Hazel20 Sep 1907Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Ida29 Jun 1891Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Ida6 Oct 1882Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Ilo17 Nov 1919Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Stauffer, James21 Oct 1908Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Jessie B15 Jun 19224 Mar 2005Fort Wayne, Woodburn
Stauffer, Juanita M23 Sep 1911Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Kenneth Leroy15 Oct 194526 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Leota M18 Mar 190223 May 1993Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Lillian20 May 1914Nov 1981Grabill
Stauffer, Marvin J30 May 19429 Sep 2009Churubusco
Stauffer, Max W20 Dec 191020 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Menno8 Jul 1906May 1980Leo
Stauffer, Menno17 May 19269 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Noah19 Oct 1892Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Richard9 Feb 1910Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Richard C6 Oct 19145 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Stauffer, Robert B1 Jun 192415 Jun 1997Woodburn
Stauffer, Roy22 Mar 1912Dec 1977Grabill
Stauffer, Sophie26 Oct 1893May 1980Woodburn
Stauffer, Velma E3 Jul 19225 Mar 1993New Haven
Stauffer, William4 Jan 1900Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Stauffer, William8 Feb 1890Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Staup, Bernice8 Jul 1926May 1978Fort Wayne
Staup, Delbert9 Aug 1901Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Staup, Jack D16 Dec 192421 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Staup, Leon12 Jul 189915 Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Stauss, Ray H18 Feb 193614 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Stauss, Reuben2 Oct 1897Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Stavenik, Frieda L29 Dec 191310 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Stavenik, Gladys13 Jul 1898Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Stavenik, Victor1 Jan 1900Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Stavenik, William6 Feb 1906Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Staver, Harry12 Mar 1912Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Stavretis, George V25 Jul 19106 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Stavretis, John V14 Aug 192417 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Stawicki, Leonard17 Nov 1915Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Stayanoff, Jeanne M26 Jan 193022 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Stayer, Donald D27 May 19252 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Stayer, Lois E17 May 19261 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Stayer, Neosho G27 Mar 191112 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Stazack, Irene H10 May 19088 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Stclair, Emma11 Sep 1896Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Steager, Amber1 Oct 1900Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Stearns, Dan25 Jun 1907Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Stearns, Elijah7 Oct 1892Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Stearns, Everett W28 Apr 192417 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Stearns, M S22 Dec 19517 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Stearns, Marjorie17 Jul 1911Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Stearns, Mary3 Jan 1906Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Stearns, William6 Feb 1900Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Stearns, William H19 Apr 192728 May 1977Fort Wayne
Stearsman, Girthie24 Feb 18957 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Stebbins, Daniel R22 Feb 19761 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Stebing, Beverly24 Aug 1922Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Stebing, Glen D23 Oct 192025 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Stebing, Janet29 Apr 1926Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Stebing, Thomas Weimer4 Jun 194828 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Stebing, Walter E1 Aug 191810 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Stech, Deloris1 Feb 1913Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Stech, Geneva L1 Dec 19234 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Stecher, Albert14 Aug 1885Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Stecher, Carrie R15 Jul 189713 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Steck, Carrie30 Jun 1883Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Steck, Frederick3 Dec 1910Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Steck, Jerry19 Jun 192327 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Steck, Ogereta1 Feb 1903Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Steckbeck, Alice M14 Dec 1904Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Steckbeck, Erin17 Feb 1906Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Steckbeck, James R26 Jan 193415 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Steckbeck, Leo5 Feb 1909Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Steckbeck, Louise28 Dec 1914May 1978Fort Wayne
Steckbeck, Margaret14 Feb 1904Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Steckbeck, Perry15 May 192919 Jun 1997Monroeville
Steckbeck, Ralph16 Nov 1906Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Steckbeck, Robert L6 May 193419 Jun 2007Roanoke
Steckbeck, Tom8 Oct 1930Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Steckbeck, Walker W19 Jul 190221 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Steckler, Charlotte4 Oct 1922Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Steckley, Gerald23 Jan 192324 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Steckley, Harry G14 Sep 19551 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Stedge, Donald D25 May 190917 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Stedge, Donna25 Mar 1917Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Stedman, Dale L20 Jul 192216 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Stedman, Mary Jane9 Dec 19199 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Steed, Carol25 Aug 1940Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Steeg, Carl17 Aug 1922Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Steeg, Janet J7 Jan 192322 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Steel, Carolyn M6 Dec 192914 May 2005Fort Wayne
Steel, Edith18 Aug 1901Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Steel, John M29 Oct 191928 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Steele, Alton E2 Mar 19186 Nov 2005New Haven
Steele, Anna Lucile23 Jul 190918 May 2009Fort Wayne
Steele, Arthur27 May 1897Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Steele, Augusta21 Sep 1899Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Steele, Beatrice M21 Dec 191817 May 2006New Haven
Steele, Betty J5 Jun 192627 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Steele, Chalmer23 Jun 1904May 1976Fort Wayne
Steele, Clara M5 Aug 190611 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Steele, Clay15 Apr 1895Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Steele, Clayton4 Jun 1897Sep 1963Fort Wayne
Steele, Diana M12 May 192829 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Steele, Doyle G5 Jun 19238 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Steele, Eldon13 Mar 1890Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Steele, Ellsworth J18 Oct 19147 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Steele, Ervin27 Aug 1906Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Steele, Ethel L14 Nov 191214 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Steele, Eula B14 Jun 191210 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Steele, Florence6 Sep 1892May 1970Fort Wayne
Steele, General7 Sep 1894May 1971Fort Wayne
Steele, Germaine1 Oct 1905Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Steele, Guy15 May 1896May 1970Fort Wayne
Steele, Hazel B15 Jan 189312 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Steele, Helen M20 Jan 1920Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Steele, Howard A12 Jan 19115 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Steele, Knode4 Jan 1881Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Steele, L E8 Dec 193820 Nov 2000New Haven
Steele, Lester L25 Oct 192616 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Steele, Lucile31 Jul 190325 Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Steele, Mary A31 Oct 191125 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Steele, Mary T2 Aug 19193 Nov 2004Huntertown
Steele, Pillie12 Aug 1904Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Steele, Richard P18 Oct 196216 May 1997Fort Wayne
Steele, Robert22 Jun 1916Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Steele, Robert A30 Nov 193424 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Steele, Velma9 Apr 1900Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Steele, William25 Feb 1908Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Steen, Betty A21 Feb 194622 Apr 2003Monroeville
Steen, Betty J20 Nov 19203 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Steen, Franklin19 May 1919Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Steen, Kenneth E25 Sep 19275 May 2000Fort Wayne
Steenman, Joseph16 May 1918Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Steere, Lomarae19 May 190223 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Steers, Tilly29 Mar 1879Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Steeves, Marjorie13 Aug 1920Nov 1983Churubusco
Steeves, Stephanie S17 Dec 195910 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Steeves, Walter H2 Apr 191413 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Stefanek, Agnes V7 Sep 19177 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Stefanek, Andrew24 Nov 1906Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Stefanek, Edward23 Oct 1916Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Stefanek, Mary18 Aug 1918Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Stefaniak, John23 May 1914Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Stefanowicz, Paul30 Jun 1919Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Stefanski, Edward A4 Feb 19345 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Steffel, Cora27 Sep 1890Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Steffen, Barbara28 Jun 1894Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Steffen, Charles R29 Jun 194016 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Steffen, Chester L27 Nov 191626 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Steffen, Elwood L27 Feb 192331 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Steffen, Irene26 Jun 1902Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Steffen, Jacob E27 Sep 192318 Oct 2005Huntertown
Steffen, Joseph13 Dec 1887Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Steffen, Joseph A21 Mar 193816 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Steffen, Naomi6 Jun 1922Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Steffen, W A15 May 1901May 1992Fort Wayne
Steffens, Floyd I16 Jan 192420 Nov 1992Leo
Steffens, Frances23 Dec 1899Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Steffey, Lester12 Jun 1906Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Steffey, Lucille L27 Jun 19307 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Steffey, Mildred L18 Dec 191611 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Steffey, Richard20 Feb 1928Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Steffey, Robert29 Mar 190829 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Steffey, Ruth18 Jan 1911May 1986Fort Wayne
Steffey, William30 Jan 1901Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Steffey, William R23 Mar 19239 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Stegemeier, Minnie10 Jan 1877Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Steger Sr, Frederick3 Apr 1912May 1985Fort Wayne
Steger, Betty15 Jan 1911Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Steger, Lottie2 Jul 1877Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Steger, Robert15 Oct 1914Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Stegmann, August C19 Mar 190124 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Stegmann, Charlotte10 Nov 1899Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Stegmann, Henry4 Jun 1886Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Stegmann, Walter15 Apr 192718 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Stegner, Carl6 Jan 1902Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Steigerwald, Beverly A22 Jul 19336 Jun 2009New Haven
Steigerwald, Cynthia L19 Nov 196118 Jul 2005New Haven
Steigerwald, Donna29 Jul 1917Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Steigerwald, John26 Jan 1887May 1969Fort Wayne
Steigerwald, Lester21 Dec 19208 Aug 1994New Haven
Steigerwald, Marcia A9 Jan 195419 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Steigerwald, Philemon A21 Oct 192715 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Steigerwald, Vera2 Aug 1901Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Steigerwald, William31 Jul 1883Jan 1966Grabill
Steigmeyer, Clem11 Mar 1892Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Steigmeyer, John E1 Mar 192815 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Steigmeyer, Marilyn A9 Oct 193612 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Steigmeyer, Paul S26 Dec 193116 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Steil, Ernest9 Dec 1901Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Steil, Esther30 Nov 1907Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Steil, Henry F27 Nov 190316 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Steil, Lena4 Dec 1891Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Steil, Lorna A23 May 190713 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Steimle, John19 Oct 1897Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Stein, Alfred L12 Aug 19243 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Stein, Alma17 Sep 1894Apr 1980New Haven
Stein, Arno1 May 1897Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Stein, August14 May 1903Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Stein, Beatrice L31 Dec 19078 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Stein, Bertha31 Jul 1896Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Stein, Bessie8 Jun 1899Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Stein, Betty J23 Jan 19212 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Stein, Betty R26 Apr 192521 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Stein, Charles15 Mar 1896Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Stein, Christine21 Feb 1892Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Stein, Dolores A26 Aug 193017 Dec 1994Grabill
Stein, Donald A11 Sep 191215 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Stein, Dorothy C17 May 190422 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Stein, Emil6 Feb 1898Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Stein, Erwin15 Nov 1913May 1983Fort Wayne
Stein, Eugene W14 Mar 192126 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Stein, George23 Jul 1897Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Stein, Gertrude M19 Dec 1889Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Stein, Goldie13 Oct 1896Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Stein, Harold27 Sep 1909Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Stein, Harold L25 Nov 191826 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Stein, Hilda29 Dec 1891Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Stein, Irene15 Mar 1924Aug 1993New Haven
Stein, Irmgard3 Feb 1890Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Stein, Jacob11 Aug 1900Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Stein, Karl4 Nov 1911May 1982Fort Wayne
Stein, Karl25 Jul 191718 Feb 1989New Haven
Stein, Katherine M13 Jun 1898Aug 1992New Haven
Stein, Lela F15 Dec 192822 May 2003Fort Wayne
Stein, Lena6 Jan 1890Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Stein, Lucy S26 Nov 190215 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Stein, Melvin P19 May 192031 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Stein, Paul4 Feb 192716 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Stein, Pauline3 Jul 189629 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Stein, Rose7 Dec 1899Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Stein, Ruth M15 Dec 192420 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Stein, Victor E13 Nov 191529 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Stein, Wallace K7 Apr 19263 Nov 2003Grabill
Stein, William27 Oct 1897Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Stein, William12 Jul 1885Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Steinacker, Eileen8 Mar 1921Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Steinacker, Raymond2 Apr 1914Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Steinau, Delores C29 Oct 192319 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Steinau, Edward M30 Jul 191815 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Steinauer, Helen N4 Mar 191521 May 1999Huntertown
Steinauer, William13 Nov 1912Jan 1987Huntertown
Steinbach, William D30 May 193217 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Steinbacher, Arthur24 Feb 1890Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Steinbacher, Carl2 Apr 1904Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Steinbacher, Ella5 Apr 1911Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Steinbacher, Esther E19 Jan 189718 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Steinbacher, Floyd31 Dec 1895Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Steinbacher, Harold13 Jun 1905Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Steinbacher, Harvey29 Jan 1899Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Steinbacher, Hubert J4 Apr 190027 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Steinbacher, Katherine M19 Jul 19287 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Steinbacher, Margaret E27 Jul 192529 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Steinbacher, Maurice19 Sep 1906Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Steinbacher, Vera24 Jan 1900Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Steinbacher, Wayne G9 Jan 192622 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Steinbauer, Fred9 Nov 1891Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Steinbauer, Gertrude L26 Jun 19068 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Steinbauer, Mary L10 Mar 19143 May 2000Fort Wayne
Steinbauer, Paul9 Jun 1908Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Steinberg, Ludmila26 Jan 193914 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Steinberger, Stella28 Jan 1892Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Steinberger, Thomas J17 Oct 191310 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Steinbiss, Elizabeth1 Nov 1904Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Steinbiss, Fritz26 Jul 1914Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Steinborn, Mary26 Dec 1884Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Steinbrecher, Charles J24 Apr 191427 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Steinbrunner, Daniel J15 Feb 193029 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Steinbrunner, Margaret4 Feb 1890Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Steinbrunner, Zita24 May 1894Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Steiner Habe, Marguerite M9 Mar 191021 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Steiner, Abraham1 May 1896Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Steiner, Anna O8 Oct 188922 Oct 1991Leo
Steiner, Clayton D16 Nov 190025 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Steiner, Donald P9 Feb 193525 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Steiner, Elda R31 Dec 189415 Sep 1994Leo
Steiner, Eli28 Jan 1897Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Steiner, Emma12 Nov 1900May 1981Fort Wayne
Steiner, Enos27 Jan 1893Sep 1969Grabill
Steiner, Erwin3 Oct 1898Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Steiner, Ezra12 Mar 1899Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Steiner, Frederick L2 Nov 194813 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Steiner, George2 May 19077 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Steiner, Gladys13 Mar 1930Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Steiner, Hulda18 Nov 1886Oct 1968Huntertown
Steiner, Iva28 Dec 1902Nov 1986New Haven
Steiner, Jesse22 Sep 1886Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Steiner, Joan W14 Jun 1903Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Steiner, John20 Aug 1888Mar 1982Leo
Steiner, Lilah G29 Dec 190020 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Steiner, Menno13 Oct 1906Jul 1984Leo
Steiner, Rosa24 Sep 1881Oct 1978Grabill
Steiner, Russell23 Nov 1902Dec 1967Grabill
Steiner, Sylvia V10 May 190419 Apr 1999Leo
Steiner, Virginia L16 Feb 19239 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Steinforth, Ernest W16 Oct 192119 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Steingass, Gerald L24 Apr 194810 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Steinhauser, Edwin4 Feb 1903Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Steinhauser, Margaret10 Sep 1910Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Steinhauser, Paul W28 Dec 190730 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Steinhauser, Velener27 Apr 1905Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Steininger, A G10 Oct 19263 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Steininger, Doris J20 Feb 19165 Aug 2008Woodburn
Steininger, Edith27 Aug 1909Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Steininger, George4 Mar 1902Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Steininger, Martha A11 Sep 193015 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Steinke, Richard25 Mar 1886Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Steinke, Robert A17 Nov 193310 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Steinman, Adeline7 Jul 1884Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Steinman, Clara7 Sep 1878Dec 1968Woodburn
Steinman, Esther K8 Dec 19074 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Steinman, Marian R20 Sep 191624 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Steinman, Orville G23 Jul 191924 Jul 2000New Haven
Steinman, Robert30 May 19152 Nov 2003Woodburn
Steinman, Viola24 Feb 1888May 1973Fort Wayne
Steinmetz, Clarence S10 Mar 191622 Jan 2001New Haven
Steinmetz, E M7 Jul 191313 May 1991New Haven
Steinmetz, John26 May 1895Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Steiss, Cecil10 Apr 1893Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Steiss, Gustav17 Feb 1880Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Steitz, Edyth I24 Dec 19003 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Steitz, Martin J15 Oct 190424 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Stekly, Mehry1 Jun 192324 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Stell, Robert23 May 1937Jun 1986New Haven
Steller, Charles E3 Sep 191727 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Steller, Martha1 Mar 1921Nov 1986New Haven
Stellhorn, Byron13 Feb 191415 Aug 1994Leo
Stellhorn, Carl12 Mar 1900Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Cecilla I26 Oct 192911 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Clarence22 Jul 1905Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Earl25 Jan 1907Dec 1966New Haven
Stellhorn, Elizabeth1 Jul 18899 Jan 1991Leo
Stellhorn, Emma18 Jan 1888Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Fred16 Dec 1908Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Genevieve G29 Sep 189311 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Henry28 Mar 1935May 1986Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Herbert23 Mar 1896Mar 1965New Haven
Stellhorn, Hilda9 Aug 1899Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Jean M15 Jan 19263 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Laura26 Nov 190716 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Ralph W8 Feb 191824 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Raymond8 Sep 1903Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Sharon L14 Oct 193730 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Wayne H23 Nov 191421 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Stellhorn, Wayne J1 Jun 19272 Feb 1997New Haven
Stellner, Evelyn N12 Dec 191118 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Stelzer, Gale A13 May 193218 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Stem Sr, Arthur4 Aug 1886Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Stem, Arthur C9 May 190818 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Stem, Clara S31 Jul 19154 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Stemen, Alma E5 Nov 190710 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Stemen, Bernard S26 Apr 190620 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Stemen, Fred L5 Aug 191613 Feb 2005Spencerville
Stemen, Gladys2 Nov 1888Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Stemen, Helen V14 Nov 1920Aug 1998New Haven
Stemen, Merl26 Jun 1912Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Stemen, Norma R13 Apr 1926Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Stemen, Roger F16 May 191812 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Stemen, Voneta11 Oct 19183 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Stemmler, Arthur11 Mar 1895Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Stemmler, Conrad16 Mar 1888Apr 1976New Haven
Stemmler, Eleonora29 Sep 1893Oct 1973New Haven
Stemmler, Henry14 Aug 1893Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Stemmler, Naomi2 Dec 1899Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Stemmler, Paul17 Jun 1922Sep 1983New Haven
Stemnock, Francis E4 Feb 192115 May 2001Fort Wayne
Stendahl, Margaret22 Apr 1886Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Stengren, Marie5 Mar 190012 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Stensland, Lillian17 Jul 1908Oct 1993Monroeville
Stenzel, Dewight E2 Jun 19185 Sep 1988Roanoke
Stephan, Emile4 Feb 1900Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Stephan, Ervinn E11 May 19115 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Stephan, Esther18 Feb 1904Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Stephan, Esther M30 Mar 191030 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Stephan, Georgia L21 Apr 191117 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Stephan, Harry6 Oct 1895Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Stephan, Howard F23 Feb 191231 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Stephan, Iva19 Sep 1890Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Stephan, Leland R11 Jul 191528 May 2008Fort Wayne
Stephan, Margaret18 Jan 1903Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Stephan, Marguerite7 Oct 1894Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Stephan, Mary J24 Jan 191828 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Stephan, Michael K24 Aug 19023 May 2002Fort Wayne
Stephan, Myrtle M28 Jul 19135 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Stephan, Verna30 Apr 1905Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Stephen, Allie N5 Jul 19002 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Stephen, Kathleen E16 Mar 19283 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Stephen, Marie S16 Apr 190616 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Stephen, Virgin8 Jan 190518 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Stephens, Albert24 May 19346 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Stephens, Alpha7 Nov 1910Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Stephens, Alton16 Feb 191713 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Stephens, Bartholome19 Nov 1876Feb 1951Fort Wayne
Stephens, Bernice5 Feb 19401 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Stephens, Beulah Jane8 May 19306 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Stephens, Bryant26 Mar 19297 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Stephens, Carlton3 Sep 193325 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Stephens, Columbus19 Jan 191514 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Stephens, Delores I4 May 192722 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Stephens, Donald B1 Jun 196012 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Stephens, Donna A24 Sep 192014 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Stephens, Edgar11 Jun 1934Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Stephens, Edmond F24 Jun 192631 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Stephens, Edna10 Oct 1901Nov 1987Churubusco
Stephens, Elizabeth12 Jan 1901Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Stephens, Elva M25 Nov 19331 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Stephens, Ezell22 May 192315 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Stephens, Florence24 Mar 1910Mar 1985New Haven
Stephens, Helen L6 Apr 191916 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Stephens, Howard23 Sep 1901Sep 1983Churubusco
Stephens, James3 Feb 192920 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Stephens, Jeanette E25 Jun 191821 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Stephens, Jesse6 Aug 1887Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Stephens, Jimmy D21 Jul 194215 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Stephens, Joe6 Mar 1927Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Stephens, Josephine6 Dec 19218 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Stephens, Julie A4 May 195213 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Stephens, Julious25 Apr 1919Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Stephens, Lizzie L13 Feb 193626 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Stephens, Mae5 Nov 1899Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Stephens, Marjory L18 Jul 192022 May 1992Roanoke
Stephens, Michael19 Dec 1952Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Stephens, Ora27 May 1896Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Stephens, Pansy14 Oct 1914Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Stephens, Patricia Ann11 Jul 196231 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Stephens, Robert30 Jul 192727 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Stephens, Robert A28 Sep 193420 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Stephens, Robert M5 Sep 194115 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Stephens, Rosetta16 Aug 192525 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Stephens, Ruth22 Jan 1892Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Stephens, Ruth19 Dec 190314 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Stephens, Samuel1 Apr 19357 May 1997Fort Wayne
Stephens, Shakre22 Sep 19802 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Stephens, Thelma10 Sep 19319 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Stephens, Vernice21 Jan 19367 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Stephens, Winton W21 Oct 191329 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Betty30 Apr 19299 Jan 2002Grabill
Stephenson, Carla Temple3 Jul 193925 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Charles O25 Mar 19415 Jul 1999Monroeville
Stephenson, Clara9 Jun 1898Nov 1986Monroeville
Stephenson, Clarence16 Jul 1897Mar 1977Monroeville
Stephenson, Clore2 Feb 1887Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Dolley20 Oct 1903Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Donald C30 Sep 192730 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Harold29 Jul 1918Oct 1981Monroeville
Stephenson, Homer5 Oct 1891Jul 1981Monroeville
Stephenson, Homer31 Jul 1911Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Howard W8 Apr 191823 Apr 1997Monroeville
Stephenson, Hugh5 Dec 1892Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Joe J17 Nov 191616 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Keith R13 Oct 192926 Mar 1995Monroeville
Stephenson, Loyd25 Dec 1889Feb 1972Monroeville
Stephenson, Lucille11 Jun 1899Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Stephenson, M F14 Feb 190610 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Mabel C13 Nov 19165 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Marguerite C7 May 1918Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Mary E25 Jul 190731 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Noah6 Jul 1895Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Phyllis A10 Jun 193015 Aug 2003Monroeville
Stephenson, Raymond6 Mar 1904May 1980Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Sarah16 Mar 1905Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Stephenson, Virginia E22 Apr 192023 Apr 1997Monroeville
Stephenson, Walter H12 Jun 19029 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Stephey, Jeannette29 Sep 190814 Dec 1989Monroeville
Stephson, Ruth P6 Sep 190925 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Stepler, Freeman D23 Aug 19183 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Stepnitz Jun, Linda C16 Jun 194920 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Sterling, Berton13 May 1903Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Sterling, Brent J5 Feb 195525 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Sterling, Clara2 May 1934Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Sterling, Donald31 May 1923Feb 1979New Haven, Fort Wayne
Sterling, Emma P14 May 19163 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Sterling, Jasper20 Apr 1885Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Sterling, John H7 Feb 192515 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Sterling, Mary18 Jan 1898Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Sterling, Mary M31 May 192124 Mar 1997New Haven, Fort Wayne
Sterling, Nettie5 Feb 1907Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Sterling, Robert25 Feb 1925Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Sterling, William17 Feb 1896Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Sterling, William H8 Oct 19303 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Stern, Betty J14 Jul 19282 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Stern, Cecelia16 Jun 1891Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Stern, Jack M8 Dec 19276 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Sternberger, Amal24 Jul 1901Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Sternberger, Frances17 Jan 1898Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Sternberger, Geraldine S8 Jan 194210 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Sternberger, James M25 Sep 192211 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Sternberger, Martha4 Feb 1912Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Sternberger, Martin11 Nov 1897May 1979Fort Wayne
Sterner, Earl3 May 1897Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Sterner, Maude10 Jul 1901Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Sterns, Othie L7 Jun 193624 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Stetler, Bernice26 Nov 1920May 1978Fort Wayne
Stetler, Chester W3 Mar 191119 Mar 1996New Haven
Stetler, Gaylen Irene10 Sep 192520 Sep 2009Woodburn
Stetler, John B8 Nov 190317 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Stetler, John P19 Dec 192418 Mar 1993Woodburn
Stetler, Kathryn27 May 1875Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Stetler, Lawrence28 Jun 1883Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Stetler, M M1 Aug 191117 Jun 1994Churubusco
Stetler, Mabel A26 Oct 19113 Jun 2006New Haven
Stetler, Ronald30 Dec 1932Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Stetler, Ruth A5 Aug 193211 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Stetler, Sandra D5 Apr 196715 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Stetler, Victoria19 May 1957Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Stetter, Hannah23 Oct 1890Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Stetter, John2 Aug 1892Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Stetter, Ludwig17 Feb 1896Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Stetter, Paula22 Dec 1891Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Stettler, Marion F29 Oct 190927 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Stettler, Mary2 Feb 1886Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Stettler, Raymond A15 Sep 190718 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Stetzel, Bernice11 Jun 1909May 1982Roanoke
Stetzel, Gerald E9 Nov 191811 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Stetzel, Thomas E24 Jun 1941Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Stetzer, Adolph15 Oct 1884Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Stetzer, Blanche M18 Jul 192024 May 2009Fort Wayne
Stetzer, Paul J2 Oct 191316 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Stetzer, William17 May 1905Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Steup, B21 Jan 1988Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Steup, Florence24 Nov 1921Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Steup, Helen L12 Mar 19231 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Steup, Lois29 Jul 1906Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Steup, William F16 Aug 192129 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Steury, Amos18 Oct 192216 Jan 1999Grabill
Steury, Blanche29 Sep 1895Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Steury, Enos1 Aug 1925Feb 1986Spencerville
Steury, Lewis29 Nov 192729 Mar 1998Spencerville
Steury, Margaret10 Aug 19236 Oct 2004Grabill
Steury, Richard16 Jan 1896Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Steury, Sue4 Dec 1908Jun 1983Grabill
Steven, George16 Feb 1897Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Steven, George T26 Apr 192331 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Steven, Nedelka1 Mar 1904Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Stevens, Adrian27 Aug 1909Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Stevens, Alan K6 Oct 196115 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Stevens, Alice26 Sep 188615 Apr 1988Roanoke
Stevens, Allan Brundage11 Feb 193014 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Stevens, Beatrice28 Oct 1912Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Stevens, Bernis L27 Dec 191219 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Stevens, Clark W6 Oct 191422 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Stevens, Cynthia A25 Jun 195615 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Stevens, Daphne D28 Feb 18942 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Stevens, Delores E1 May 192317 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Stevens, Ethel6 Apr 1921Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Stevens, Ethel M25 Jun 190813 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Stevens, Florence12 Oct 1897Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Stevens, Frederick24 Aug 1886Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Stevens, Gaynell16 Apr 1913Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Stevens, Gladys L9 Jan 1912Oct 1992Churubusco
Stevens, Glen28 Apr 1905Dec 1978Churubusco
Stevens, Irene P18 Sep 192216 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Stevens, J F2 Jan 191012 May 1994New Haven
Stevens, Jacob4 May 1900Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Stevens, James Sr2 Mar 1921Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Stevens, James L8 Mar 190519 May 2000New Haven
Stevens, Janice M7 Nov 19262 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Stevens, Jerry A10 Jun 19421 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Stevens, Jewett Sr15 Jan 1899Oct 1964Fort Wayne
Stevens, Kenneth P22 Jun 19321 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Stevens, L M23 Aug 190715 Aug 1997New Haven
Stevens, Loisey7 Jul 1911Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Stevens, Marcella4 Jan 1914Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Stevens, Margaret27 Dec 1914Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Stevens, Martha12 Jan 1910Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Stevens, Maureen A12 Oct 196413 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Stevens, Neola K9 Dec 191214 Mar 2003New Haven
Stevens, Owen R10 Aug 191916 Aug 1999Hoagland
Stevens, Patricia J15 Oct 194411 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Stevens, Ralph19 Sep 1909Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Stevens, Rhonda E2 Oct 195531 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Stevens, Robert S18 May 19248 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Stevens, Roland7 Aug 1893Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Stevens, Sarah A4 Aug 193230 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Stevens, Theodore A15 Mar 192626 Oct 2000New Haven
Stevens, Vera L21 Sep 192425 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Stevens, Wayne A24 May 192227 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Arthur28 Sep 1907Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Audra I9 Jul 1921Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Bernard26 Mar 1890Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Stevenson, David M17 May 194816 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Doris27 Mar 1919Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Dorothy21 Aug 1899Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Ethel P5 Apr 191317 Jan 2004Leo
Stevenson, Florence19 Dec 1910Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Francis10 May 1908Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Frederick J Jr20 Jan 194016 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Frederick L13 Mar 191629 Jul 2001New Haven
Stevenson, Hortense24 Dec 1908Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Inez22 Feb 19304 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Stevenson, June J21 Jun 192118 Dec 2005Woodburn
Stevenson, Lillian27 Aug 1888Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Mildred26 Apr 19134 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Myrtle D17 Jul 192827 Jan 1997New Haven
Stevenson, Stella5 Sep 1896May 1975Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Terry28 Mar 1957Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Stevenson, Walter A1 Jul 19235 Nov 2003Woodburn
Stevick, Mabel12 Aug 1885Nov 1975Leo
Steward, Carrie H28 Dec 191225 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Steward, Clara1 Sep 1888Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Steward, Clara30 May 1897Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Steward, Ercil17 Oct 1911Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Steward, Estella I12 Aug 190521 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Steward, Frankie30 Jan 1887Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Steward, Hobart11 Jul 1922Sep 1984Churubusco
Steward, James G20 Feb 1910Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Steward, Jessie12 Jun 1885Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Steward, John3 Sep 1889Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Steward, Mattie30 Jan 1899Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Steward, Mauri C30 May 19346 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Steward, Mildred H25 Nov 191624 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Steward, Oliver26 Dec 1881Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Steward, Orville8 Nov 1893Apr 1980Roanoke
Steward, Owen17 Nov 1896Mar 1975Leo
Steward, Ralph6 Aug 1900Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Steward, Richard27 Jan 1929Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Steward, Ruth E24 Jul 19157 May 1993Fort Wayne
Stewart Scot, Yvonne M3 Oct 19343 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Stewart, Albert16 Apr 190819 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Stewart, Alice14 Feb 1888Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Stewart, Alphonso13 Aug 19404 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Stewart, B A13 Mar 195019 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Stewart, Barbara E31 Aug 19271 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Stewart, Betty S10 Oct 192128 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Stewart, Carolyn K6 Jun 195431 May 2008Fort Wayne
Stewart, Charlean4 Dec 1936Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Stewart, Charlie24 Feb 19241 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Stewart, Daniel A6 Jan 194719 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Stewart, David17 May 1940Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Stewart, Dollie1 Jan 1886Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Stewart, Donald22 May 1911Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Stewart, Edna B1 May 191817 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Stewart, Edna M27 Apr 190820 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Stewart, Emma18 Nov 1889Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Stewart, Esther L13 Aug 193220 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Stewart, Ethel M28 May 190024 Mar 2008New Haven
Stewart, Eula1 Sep 1927Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Stewart, Evalou M9 Sep 19222 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Stewart, Everett E26 Jan 19249 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Stewart, Gathings19 Aug 191527 May 2003Fort Wayne
Stewart, George14 Aug 192316 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Stewart, Gerald22 Nov 1901Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Stewart, Gerald L23 Sep 194429 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Stewart, Gerald W18 May 192329 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Stewart, Gertrude S19 Jan 192224 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Stewart, Gladys R27 Oct 19209 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Stewart, Grace12 Oct 192511 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Stewart, Helen Diane12 Jun 19488 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Stewart, Henry25 Nov 1901Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Stewart, Henry29 Apr 1909May 1977Churubusco, Fort Wayne
Stewart, Hope28 Dec 1895Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Stewart, Howard A5 Apr 192428 May 1997Fort Wayne
Stewart, J N31 Dec 191923 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Stewart, James A12 Mar 195926 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Stewart, James B6 May 19219 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Stewart, James W14 Jun 191514 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Stewart, Jerry15 Feb 1934Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Stewart, Jessie20 Nov 1881Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Stewart, Joe23 Apr 1935Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Stewart, John21 Oct 1918Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Stewart, John17 Sep 1907Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Stewart, Jonn T19 Mar 19457 Apr 2003Leo
Stewart, June4 Jun 1920Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Stewart, Katherine30 May 19266 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Stewart, Kathryn25 Jun 1916Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Stewart, Lee A10 Jul 19405 May 2009Fort Wayne
Stewart, Lillian D30 Mar 190813 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Stewart, Linda S13 Apr 19412 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Stewart, Lois M31 Jul 19271 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Stewart, M H16 Mar 192830 May 2007Fort Wayne
Stewart, Margaret20 Dec 1879May 1981Fort Wayne
Stewart, Marguerit J31 Jan 192310 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Stewart, Marilyn C7 Oct 193428 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Stewart, Mary16 Mar 1907Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Stewart, Mary Elizabeth9 Sep 19144 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Stewart, Mary Lou11 May 194329 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Stewart, Melvin E22 May 19245 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Stewart, Michael9 Jan 19624 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Stewart, Minnie15 Aug 192519 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Stewart, Neil R5 Oct 193511 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Stewart, Ollie3 Mar 1901Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Stewart, Patricia C27 May 19507 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Stewart, R M5 Aug 19522 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Stewart, Robert20 Nov 1937Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Stewart, Robert18 Jul 1902Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Stewart, Robert L3 Sep 19306 May 2003Fort Wayne
Stewart, Rosada R21 Apr 190922 May 1999Fort Wayne
Stewart, Rosalea28 Feb 1924Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Stewart, Rose5 Feb 1899Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Stewart, Sharon L21 Aug 193927 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Stewart, Stephen Ernest30 Mar 19408 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Stewart, Steven J7 Oct 195030 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Stewart, Thomas E3 Nov 192324 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Stewart, U L2 Mar 192830 May 2003Fort Wayne
Stewart, Velma M25 Feb 192316 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Stewart, Viola15 Dec 1909Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Stewart, William A6 Feb 192719 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Stewart, William E12 Oct 19096 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Stewart, Willie J22 Mar 194323 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Stewart, Zillah19 Oct 1894Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Stiber, Margaret15 Oct 19025 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Stickler, Kenneth28 Aug 1901Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Stickley, Clara30 Mar 1879Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Stickling, Katherine30 Jun 1886May 1977Fort Wayne
Stickney, Earl5 Aug 194030 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Stiegler, Herbert10 Jun 1900Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Stieglitz, George21 Mar 1888Apr 1970Grabill
Stieglitz, Marvin L4 Nov 19293 Nov 2002New Haven
Stieglitz, Miriam J25 Mar 192528 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Stieglitz, Ruth M7 Dec 19191 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Stiel, Hans31 Jul 192318 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Stiel, Valley W16 Jul 193311 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Stienbarger, Eunice W21 Oct 192128 Jun 2003Churubusco
Stier, Arthur22 Dec 1892Dec 1965Fort Wayne
Stier, Carol E31 Mar 19357 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Stier, Cheryl L26 Jun 19551 Oct 2008Harlan
Stier, Christina28 Feb 1893Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Stier, Clarence28 Nov 1890Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Stier, Daniel19 Jul 1947Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Stier, Donald29 Jan 1900Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Stier, Donald F27 Dec 19253 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Stier, Doritha3 Jun 1906Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Stier, Ervin26 Dec 1897Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Stier, Gaynell J24 Jun 19287 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Stier, Gerald L1 Jul 193216 Nov 2002New Haven
Stier, Inez14 Sep 1902Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Stier, Irene27 Jan 1894Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Stier, James S2 Sep 192228 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Stier, John E3 Nov 193521 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Stier, Joseph5 Jun 1899Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Stier, Julia8 Mar 1893Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Stier, Paul29 Dec 1907Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Stier, Paul1 Aug 1907May 1984Fort Wayne
Stier, Raymond5 Mar 1905Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Stier, Robert A27 Dec 192322 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Stier, Ruth M25 Jul 19073 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Stier, Thomas K16 Oct 192724 Aug 2002New Haven
Stiers, Thurlow20 Jul 1879Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Stiffl, C D2 Jan 193110 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Stiffler, Muriel F4 Apr 192414 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Stiffler, Nellie F29 Oct 190121 May 1993Fort Wayne
Stiffler, Ruth L27 Apr 190115 Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Stiffler, Van K26 Nov 192311 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Stiles, Addie25 Sep 1890Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Stiles, Alfred11 Aug 1889Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Stiles, Alice M26 Sep 190826 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Stiles, Cora18 May 1888Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Stiles, Doris G4 Feb 192119 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Stiles, James L13 Apr 19594 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Stiles, Leonard C23 Aug 193628 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Stiles, Lester13 Aug 1912Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Stiles, Lillian L23 Dec 190416 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Stiles, Maxine V9 Jun 19206 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Stiles, Robert17 Jan 1932May 1983Fort Wayne
Stiles, William15 Sep 1912Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Still, Loyd30 Sep 193410 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Still, Mary M15 Sep 191715 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Stillman, David J10 Aug 194523 May 2004Fort Wayne
Stillpass, Esther24 Jul 1905Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Stillpass, Morton30 Nov 1905Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Stillwell, Douglas A28 Apr 196726 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Stillwell, Helen7 Nov 1913Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Stillwell, Howard8 Jan 1933May 1984Fort Wayne
Stillwell, John28 May 1897Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Stillwell, Kathleen A5 Apr 193723 May 1998Fort Wayne
Stiltner, Harry17 Nov 1921Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Stiltner, John V21 Oct 193316 May 2003Fort Wayne
Stilwell, Clifford5 Apr 1912Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Stilwell, Diane31 May 1950Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Stilwell, Dorothy J1 Sep 192131 May 2005Fort Wayne
Stilwell, Ellen R22 Jan 195624 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Stilwell, George10 Aug 1887May 1970Fort Wayne
Stilwell, Jay30 Jul 1913May 1978Fort Wayne
Stilwell, Valerie J14 Feb 19533 Aug 2002Spencerville
Stilwell, Wava E12 Apr 19143 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Stime, Mary L9 May 191325 Nov 2003Roanoke
Stimman, Esta14 Oct 1886Feb 1978Spencerville
Stimson, Earle23 Nov 1923Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Stinchfield, Elsie M15 Feb 191223 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Stine, Alla18 May 1904Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Stine, Arland19 Dec 1899Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Stine, Donald C15 May 192230 May 1999Spencerville
Stine, Emmett9 Apr 1897Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Stine, J N22 May 19135 Oct 2000Roanoke
Stine, Linda L18 Mar 194625 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Stiner, Edna D2 May 19184 May 2005Fort Wayne
Stiner, Theodore D18 Jan 193322 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Stinger, Agnes12 Dec 1883Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Stinger, John30 Jun 1919Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Stinger, John G20 Oct 19499 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Stinger, Mary A22 Mar 192017 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Stingley, Jack20 Mar 1924May 1977Fort Wayne
Stinnett, John Wilmes3 May 192210 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Stinsmuehlen, Louise5 Oct 1885Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Stinson, Amelia29 Jan 1906Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Stinson, Bernice5 Dec 1903Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Stinson, Charles23 Apr 1920Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Stinson, D W8 May 190814 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Stinson, Dale M19 Feb 193921 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Stinson, Geraldine F9 May 19234 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Stinson, Gertrude4 Jan 19165 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Stinson, Gordon M15 Apr 192022 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Stinson, Hugh12 Apr 1907Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Stinson, Joseph8 Aug 191527 May 2005Fort Wayne
Stinson, Marietta16 Aug 192013 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Stinson, Neil12 Aug 1911Aug 1980New Haven
Stinson, Paul M29 Oct 190912 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Stinson, R W22 Sep 19332 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Stinson, Richard W15 Jun 193312 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Stinson, Robert L8 Feb 194322 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Stipley, George16 Feb 1896Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Stippich, Jennie2 Jun 1915Aug 1987Monroeville
Stippich, Joseph29 Jun 1912Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Stir, Myrtle21 Nov 1930May 1979Fort Wayne
Stirk, Roy7 Sep 1886Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Stirlen, Blanche13 Dec 1879Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Stirlen, Charles15 Sep 1902Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Stirlen, Marie15 Sep 1901Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Stirlen, Melvin29 Mar 1906Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Stirlen, Roy B12 Aug 19093 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Stirlen, Roy B Jr26 Nov 194230 May 1996Fort Wayne
Stirling, Sara29 Apr 1898Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Stirnkorb, Frieda M21 Jun 19158 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Stirnkorb, Lorie Virginia12 Nov 192821 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Stirns, Roy29 Feb 1880Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Stites, Vivian Jor D19 Sep 19171 May 1999Fort Wayne, New Haven
Stith, Harold9 Nov 192120 May 2009Fort Wayne
Stitt, Carl5 Apr 1901Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Stitt, Corinne C11 Feb 19233 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Stitt, Lillian22 Mar 1901Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Stitt, Ralph C31 Jul 191626 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Stitzer, Donald R23 Nov 19383 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Stitzer, Robert12 Oct 1914Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Stiver, Carl8 Jun 1917Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Stiver, Harold S20 Aug 190630 Nov 1996Harlan
Stiver, Nannette30 Mar 1926Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Stiver, Nellie B24 Mar 191111 Feb 2007Fort Wayne, Harlan
Stiver, Robert J12 Mar 194525 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Stiverson, Lucille3 Mar 191517 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Stjepic, Tim T10 Nov 197014 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Stock, Arthur A31 May 191427 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Stock, Beryl7 Oct 1900Jun 1986Roanoke
Stock, Dorothy E14 Dec 19258 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Stock, Evalyn E9 Jun 191828 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Stock, Jean M21 Nov 192417 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Stock, Joe26 Feb 1905Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Stock, Joseph Thomas3 Jun 193329 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Stock, Leona16 Feb 1899Sep 1985Huntertown
Stock, Margaret4 Nov 1905Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Stock, Roger P23 Jun 19296 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Stock, Sue A30 Sep 19364 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Stockamp, Lawrence19 Oct 1912Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Stockberger, Fay28 Jan 1906Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Stockberger, George24 Jan 1899Mar 1986Churubusco
Stockberger, John26 Feb 1899May 1977Fort Wayne
Stockbridge, Alathia16 Oct 187915 Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Stocker, Edwina C16 Mar 192418 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Stocker, Lewis A6 Apr 192126 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Stockert, Cathern H24 May 1918Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Stockert, Mable30 Mar 1903Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Stockert, Marie A2 Oct 18988 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Stockert, Patricia A4 Apr 19422 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Stockert, Russell L30 Jun 19151 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Stockman, Elizabeth7 Apr 1874Jan 1965Fort Wayne
Stockman, Norman D25 Mar 192821 May 1999Fort Wayne
Stocks, Flora3 Apr 1899Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Stocks, Florence18 Jan 1909Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Stocks, Howard11 Jun 1897Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Stocks, Jack D13 Apr 19233 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Stocks, Mary8 Mar 1903Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Stocks, Newton20 Aug 1900Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Stocks, Orpheus28 May 1888Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Stocks, Wilbur28 Aug 1896Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Stocksdale, Larkin30 Mar 1913May 1984Fort Wayne
Stocksdale, Leona A14 Feb 191323 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Stocksdale, Marjorie Annette17 Oct 191930 Dec 2009New Haven
Stockton, Audrey E30 Jan 19337 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Stockwell, Ruth14 Sep 1907Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Stockwell, William27 Apr 1907May 1984Fort Wayne
Stoddard, Beatrice M11 Mar 190526 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Stoddard, Eva26 May 1891Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Stoddard, George E22 Oct 192426 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Stoddard, Luella20 Aug 1905Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Stoddard, Patricia9 May 1927Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Stoddard, Richard1 Nov 1919Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Stoeckley, Gustave26 Jul 1896Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Stoer, Alfred A10 Aug 19213 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Stoer, Antonie21 Nov 1913Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Stoering, Agnes3 Sep 1891Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Stoers, Diane M6 Dec 19386 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Stoesz, Anna6 Jul 1900Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Stoffel, Betty L4 Jan 192829 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Stoffel, Clifford H15 Apr 19081 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Stoffel, Donald21 Dec 1902Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Stoffel, Virginia A14 Jul 192521 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Stoffels, Esther L2 May 1910Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Stoffer, Franklin D3 Sep 194228 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Stoffer, Helen11 Nov 1896Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Stoffer, Louis19 Oct 1894May 1986Fort Wayne
Stoffragen, Bertha15 Feb 1883Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Stogdill, Carl11 Feb 1887Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Stogdill, Elma20 Apr 1888May 1982Fort Wayne
Stogdill, Leah20 May 1885Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Stohlmann, William26 Mar 1920Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Stoiche, Dorothy G13 Nov 191315 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Stoiche, James P29 Jul 19096 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Stoker, Carl W17 Jan 192716 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Stoker, William17 Feb 1904May 1974Fort Wayne
Stokes, Bob22 Oct 1954Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Stokes, David C15 Apr 19141 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Stokes, Frances25 Mar 1898Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Stokes, Hayes A16 Feb 19149 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Stokes, Laurence J18 Nov 190224 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Stokes, Leona17 Jun 1910Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Stokes, Savannah15 Dec 1918Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Stokes, Tommie26 Dec 1912Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Stokes, Walter8 Oct 1902Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Stolba, K Marie22 Apr 191918 May 2005Fort Wayne
Stoler, Kenneth C12 Dec 192116 Jul 2008Harlan
Stoll, Arthur2 Aug 1893Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Stoll, Edgar7 Apr 1909May 1978Fort Wayne
Stoll, Eleanor24 Jun 1912Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Stoll, Herbert7 Feb 1899Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Stoll, Lawrence R23 Aug 194130 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Stoll, Leroy14 Apr 192224 Dec 2006Huntertown
Stoll, Margaret M6 Nov 18958 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Stoll, Minnie12 Dec 1891Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Stoll, Opal5 Oct 1896Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Stoll, Raymond16 Feb 192424 Jul 1996Grabill
Stoll, Rosemary17 Sep 19304 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Stoll, Theodore16 Dec 1893Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Stoller, Clara4 Jun 19111 Sep 1998New Haven
Stoller, Dean A6 Feb 1956Dec 1991Spencerville
Stoller, Douglas E19 May 194315 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Stoller, Ernest J17 Oct 192717 Dec 2009Leo
Stoller, Eugene E23 Feb 192127 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Stoller, Eunice E7 Apr 192417 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Stoller, Ezra18 Apr 1908Oct 1977Woodburn
Stoller, Harry6 Mar 1906Jul 1984Woodburn
Stoller, Katherine16 Dec 1894Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Stoller, Minerva E9 Sep 191915 Mar 1996New Haven
Stoller, Minnie I1 Feb 191211 Aug 2008Woodburn
Stoller, Norman W2 Sep 192010 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Stoller, Raymond R22 Jun 19041 Sep 1967Woodburn
Stoller, Twila M31 Jan 19282 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Stoller, William P21 Jun 192417 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Stolp, Elizabeth30 Mar 1924Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Stolp, Harold D11 Sep 19181 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Stolp, Minnie19 Jun 1896Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Stolper, Hulda M7 Dec 190323 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Stolte, Alma M20 Apr 190221 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Stolte, Ann B20 Jul 192516 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Stolte, Beatrice10 Dec 1918Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Stolte, Clarence G24 Oct 190618 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Stolte, Dorothy17 Feb 1910Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Stolte, Dorothy26 Jul 1897Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Stolte, Edith19 Feb 1892Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Stolte, Emma17 Dec 1898Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Stolte, Eugene J10 Apr 19131 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Stolte, Fred O9 Oct 192115 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Stolte, Grace17 Jun 1903May 1975Fort Wayne
Stolte, Harry10 Apr 1895May 1971Fort Wayne
Stolte, Herbert15 Mar 1903May 1977Fort Wayne
Stolte, John H20 Dec 190726 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Stolte, Mildred F24 May 191212 May 1997Fort Wayne
Stolte, Robert25 Jan 1925May 1982Fort Wayne
Stolte, Tracy R26 Apr 19711 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Stolte, William21 Mar 1896Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Stolz, George28 Apr 1924Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Stolz, Mathilda R8 Dec 191918 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Stolz, Matilda25 Feb 1902Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Stone, Alta9 Mar 1892Jun 1983Churubusco
Stone, Barbara J13 Apr 193221 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Stone, Bruce3 Oct 191914 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Stone, Carl L11 Aug 19611 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Stone, Cecile8 Mar 1902Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Stone, Charles V17 Dec 19171 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Stone, Daniel29 Jan 1907Oct 1986New Haven
Stone, Frank27 Aug 1889Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Stone, Franklin W19 Feb 19248 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Stone, Glenwood13 Jan 1907Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Stone, Gwendolyn18 Apr 191828 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Stone, Hazel I26 Mar 19178 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Stone, Hjalmer20 Oct 1900Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Stone, Ivan E21 Oct 1935Dec 1991New Haven
Stone, James9 Apr 1910Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Stone, Jane L8 Mar 192813 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Stone, Keltner28 May 1907May 1972Fort Wayne
Stone, Kinley22 Sep 1896Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Stone, Margaret H21 Sep 19233 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Stone, Margrete19 Apr 19126 May 1998Fort Wayne
Stone, Marian M9 Sep 191419 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Stone, Mary P6 Dec 19363 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Stone, Mayme24 Jan 1883Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Stone, Mildred A12 Nov 19105 Nov 1999Grabill
Stone, Orvall W9 Aug 193416 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Stone, Patricia F25 Oct 193126 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Stone, Robert E13 Mar 19209 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Stone, Ruby V1 Jan 190516 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Stone, Spencer A18 Nov 190718 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Stone, Vivian J8 May 190715 May 1996Fort Wayne
Stonebarger, Dewayne10 Apr 1923Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Stonebraker, Adeline30 Aug 1916Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Stonebraker, Jerome5 Mar 1928Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Stonebraker, Louise1 Apr 1887Aug 1976Churubusco
Stonebraker, Max16 Aug 1917Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Stonebraker, Wesley1 Feb 192230 Jul 1995Churubusco
Stonebreaker, Jeanette V23 Apr 191415 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Stonebreaker, Laureta M26 Oct 192627 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Stonebreaker, Pearl D26 Sep 1903Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Stonebreaker, Richard D15 Apr 19261 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Stoneburner, Beatrice9 Aug 1887Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Stoneburner, W Roger6 Jun 1915Oct 1980Churubusco
Stonecifer, Benjamin3 Dec 1892Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Stonecifer, Nellie25 Sep 1892Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Stoner, Albert H10 Mar 190413 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Stoner, Ardea6 Jul 19171 Feb 1999New Haven
Stoner, Arthur22 Dec 1909Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Stoner, Bessie M24 Dec 19225 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Stoner, Chester G8 Apr 190319 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Stoner, Clarence5 Feb 1887Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Stoner, Edward17 Dec 1878Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Stoner, Ella M29 Dec 1903Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Stoner, Eva1 Apr 1892Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Stoner, Hilda C29 Dec 191315 May 1997Fort Wayne
Stoner, Ida B13 Apr 19237 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Stoner, Lydia L24 Oct 190423 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Stoner, Nina2 Nov 1884Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Stoner, Nora M4 Dec 190114 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Stoner, O9 Jun 1903Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Stoner, Ruth A11 Jun 19179 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Stoner, Thomas28 Aug 1890Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Stoner, William8 Sep 1885Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Stonerock, Robert7 Aug 1915Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Stonestreet, William L10 Aug 192123 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Stoody, Florence26 Sep 19108 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Stoody, John E29 May 193018 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Stookey, Albert M15 Dec 19394 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Stookey, Betty J10 Jan 1947Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Stookey, Don Eldon19 Sep 19299 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Stookey, Eva7 Jul 1912Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Stookey, Guy18 Mar 1890Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Stookey, Hazel3 Jan 1916Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Stookey, Helen M28 Sep 193814 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Stookey, Ida L5 Feb 1912Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Stookey, James F9 Dec 193620 May 1992Fort Wayne
Stookey, Kenneth6 Nov 1902Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Stookey, Marilyn L11 Jun 193013 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Stoops, Elden9 May 1923Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Stoops, Fred26 May 1906Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Stoops, Myrtle15 Oct 1910Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Stoops, Ruby2 Nov 1899May 1966Fort Wayne
Stoops, Wayne F20 Jun 19184 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Stoots, Elbert12 Sep 1920Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Stoots, Florence17 Mar 1910Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Stoots, Nettie16 Feb 1894Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Stopher, Carl18 Jan 1928Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Stopher, Elsie L2 May 1919Dec 1995New Haven
Stopher, Gale C31 Dec 190724 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Stopher, Virginia R15 Mar 190831 May 2001Fort Wayne
Stoppenhagen, Arnold C3 Apr 191326 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Stoppenhagen, Bernice2 Jul 1911Sep 1983Hoagland
Stoppenhagen, C25 Jan 1912Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Stoppenhagen, Carl19 Jan 1886Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Stoppenhagen, Edwin6 Jul 1891Sep 1977Hoagland, New Haven
Stoppenhagen, Emilie24 Jun 1889Jan 1978New Haven
Stoppenhagen, Lawrence28 Mar 1915Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Stoppenhagen, Leola28 Aug 19252 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Stoppenhagen, Margaret14 Mar 1916Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Stoppenhagen, Margaret M11 Aug 19182 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Stoppenhagen, Marie19 Dec 1890Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Stoppenhagen, Norman W28 Aug 19178 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Stoppenhagen, Raymond C15 Nov 190918 Mar 1994Hoagland
Stoppenhagen, Stacey L3 Mar 196728 Dec 2000Hoagland
Stoppenhagen, Violet8 Apr 1913Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Storch, Elizabeth29 May 1879Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Storch, James D16 Aug 192125 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Storch, Mary Catherine26 Jan 19226 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Storch, Velma M25 Aug 191426 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Storck, Edward W19 May 19405 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Storck, Herbert2 May 1908Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Storck, Margaret22 Mar 1952Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Storck, Stella L15 Apr 190818 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Storer, Agnes6 Oct 1900Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Storer, Alice28 May 1898Jul 1984Huntertown
Storer, Harriett E6 Jun 188815 Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Storer, Paul8 Nov 1891Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Stores, Laura3 Dec 1896Mar 1979New Haven
Stores, Margaret10 May 1932Dec 1985New Haven
Storey, Charles F27 Jul 192623 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Storey, Florence V17 Jan 192625 Nov 1996Woodburn
Storey, John15 May 1895May 1980Fort Wayne
Storey, Lola25 Nov 192715 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Storey, Maggie6 Sep 1896Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Storey, Mary29 May 1919May 1980Fort Wayne
Storey, Mary27 Dec 1902Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Storey, Mary B20 Jun 19416 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Storey, Minnie21 Oct 1890Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Storey, Paul2 Jan 1906Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Storey, Paul E7 Sep 19341 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Storey, Robert L29 Sep 193130 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Storey, Sallie10 Jul 19234 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Storey, Terrence J19 Feb 19506 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Storm, Alma G19 Jul 189524 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Storm, Ludwina6 Feb 1894Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Storm, Mabel13 Apr 1889Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Storm, Trygve26 Nov 1891Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Storms, Elmer29 Jul 1888Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Storms, John F6 Jul 19196 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Storms, Laura M27 Apr 19265 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Story, Robert E20 Jan 191222 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Stotlar, Betty E6 Mar 193626 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Stotlar, Charles Delbert22 Dec 192721 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Stotlar, Flora9 Sep 1904Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Stotlar, George13 Aug 1897Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Stotler, Flora24 Apr 1886Apr 1967Harlan
Stotler, Nola J8 Feb 195515 Aug 1994New Haven
Stottlemyer, George26 Mar 1905Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Stottlemyer, Mary16 Jul 1900Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Stouder, Carrie7 Jul 1895Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Stouder, Darwin W18 Jun 193323 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Stouder, George8 Sep 1889Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Stouder, Gregory D4 Dec 192812 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Stouder, Harley N23 Dec 193021 Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Stouder, Herbert28 Aug 1896Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Stouder, Irma31 Jul 1890Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Stouder, James20 Apr 1896Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Stouder, Susan B6 Feb 193318 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Stoudimire, Jessie B11 Oct 194518 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Stoudt, Margaret15 Sep 1903Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Stouffer, Ruth E3 Nov 18963 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Stout, Audrey L20 Apr 192015 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Stout, Betty19 Jan 1892Feb 1985New Haven
Stout, Beulah J13 Jul 192320 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Stout, Brenda7 Aug 1963Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Stout, Bruce12 Mar 1898Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Stout, Chelsia20 May 1924Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Stout, Darwin V30 Apr 191610 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Stout, Donald23 Oct 1918May 1984Fort Wayne
Stout, Dorothy M9 Mar 190715 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Stout, Edith25 Aug 1917Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Stout, George28 Jul 1914Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Stout, Gladys2 Feb 1903May 1983Fort Wayne
Stout, Hayman11 Mar 1905Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Stout, John15 Nov 1904Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Stout, John H7 Nov 193620 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Stout, John Wesley4 Nov 19455 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Stout, Judith A6 Apr 193915 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Stout, Katharine10 Aug 1904Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Stout, Leroy16 Dec 1902Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Stout, Margaret G12 Jul 18981 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Stout, Margaret M14 Feb 19186 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Stout, Michelle R1 Jan 196624 May 2009Fort Wayne
Stout, Phyllis J13 Feb 192324 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Stout, R Nelson23 Oct 1914Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Stout, Raymond20 Nov 1890Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Stout, Ruth19 Jun 1905Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Stout, Susann27 May 1902Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Stout, Terry D13 Jan 19633 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Stout, Veronica20 Oct 1943Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Stout, Viva N18 Dec 19174 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Stout, Winifred I17 Apr 19268 May 2005Fort Wayne
Stovall, Arrie20 Feb 19177 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Stovall, Beatrice18 Nov 1911May 1986Fort Wayne
Stovall, Colie B15 Feb 190817 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Stovall, James5 Jan 1908Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Stovall, Mabel12 Sep 1893Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Stovall, Vincent11 Jan 196724 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Stove, Larry3 Jul 1942Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Stover, Calvin11 Sep 1903Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Stover, Margaret A15 Jan 192124 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Stover, Mary F18 Jan 191019 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Stover, Mildred L21 Apr 19035 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Stover, Opal F15 Jan 1925Aug 1993New Haven
Stover, Van E17 Apr 192016 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Stowe, Helen E25 Mar 192015 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Stowe, Opal11 Jan 1923Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Stowell, Erma20 Jul 1905Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Stowell, Geoffrey H22 Jul 190330 May 1999Fort Wayne
Stoyanoff, Matodi J17 Jan 192319 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Stoyanoff, Vasilca15 Apr 1890Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Strachan, E Louise2 Aug 19127 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Strack, Charles27 Apr 1897May 1973Fort Wayne
Strack, Charles Richard20 Jun 193117 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Strack, John11 Apr 19283 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Strack, Priscilla L15 May 190027 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Strack, Sara3 Jan 1903Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Strader, Clara14 Jun 1906Sep 1987New Haven
Strader, Dwight L25 Feb 19318 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Strader, Earl4 Jan 1902May 1973New Haven
Strader, Stanley H14 May 195829 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Strader, William D28 Aug 1928Jul 1993Hoagland
Stradley, Cecil15 Sep 1935Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Stradling, Marguerit28 Feb 190825 Jan 1993New Haven
Stradling, Ruth I19 Jun 192420 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Straessle, Benedict15 Jun 1911Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Straessle, Eleanor M6 Dec 19129 May 1994Fort Wayne
Strahm, A E29 Nov 192715 Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Strahm, Albert6 Sep 1889Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Strahm, Arvilla V14 Mar 191923 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Strahm, Calvin5 Sep 1893Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Strahm, Edwin9 Jun 190512 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Strahm, Elizabeth10 May 1888Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Strahm, Hulda20 Aug 1888Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Strahm, Jessie E30 Jun 1929May 1995Fort Wayne
Strahm, Louis D11 Jul 195017 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Strahm, Reuben19 Nov 1922Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Strahm, Richard17 Oct 194114 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Strahn, Havis E25 May 19286 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Strahs, Alberta16 Sep 190316 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Strahs, Mary J9 Nov 193322 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Strain, Betty14 May 192416 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Strain, Christine22 Dec 1902Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Strain, Earl R31 Aug 192919 May 1991Fort Wayne
Strain, Elaine W26 Nov 1925Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Strain, Helen26 Nov 1898Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Strain, Paul4 Jun 19269 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Strain, Robert W8 Jun 19267 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Strait, Ernest1 Apr 1899Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Strait, Lawrence E6 Oct 192128 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Strait, Virginia M20 Oct 19222 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Straley, Calvin2 Jan 1919Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Straley, Ella M10 Sep 19221 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Straley, Gene P4 Jul 194217 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Straley, Joseph D5 Jul 191610 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Straley, Leroy19 Feb 1915Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Straley, Virginia L20 Jul 191522 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Strall, Louise24 Mar 1903Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Strand, Alice M4 Jan 192526 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Strang, Arthur11 Sep 1885Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Strange, Fannie E16 Oct 189715 May 1969Fort Wayne
Strantz, Therese6 Jan 1902Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Stranz, Gene19 Dec 1903Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Strasburg, Donna J3 Jan 193815 May 1998Fort Wayne
Strasburg, Edwin10 Feb 1899Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Strasburg, Ernest L31 Mar 192926 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Strasburg, Herbert25 Mar 1892Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Strasen, Arlene A22 Nov 19342 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Strasen, Bernhard3 Nov 1898Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Strasen, Henriette11 Jan 1894Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Strasser, Edward G27 Oct 192528 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Strasser, Fred22 Jan 1899Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Strasser, Hulda22 Apr 1896Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Strasser, Marie6 Aug 1904Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Strater, Clarence R1 Nov 190229 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Strater, D L27 Jul 190621 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Strater, Keith20 Oct 1922Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Strater, Maurice14 Jul 1913Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Strater, Renae A21 May 198223 Apr 2005Woodburn
Stratton, Charles F17 Sep 192617 Apr 2003New Haven
Stratton, Diana Marie12 Nov 19375 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Stratton, Donald A18 Mar 192116 Apr 1999Hoagland
Straub, Betty E13 Jul 19324 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Straub, Harvey L15 Jun 19308 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Straub, Henry13 Sep 1890May 1966Fort Wayne
Straub, James L13 Sep 19364 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Straub, Ollie30 Jan 1906Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Straub, Rita M14 Nov 19173 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Straub, Sarah J15 Jul 1911Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Straub, William22 Dec 1893Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Straughn, Helen6 Aug 1901Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Strauser, Frances10 Jun 192310 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Strauser, Worthy19 Feb 1897Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Strauss, Alice M14 Jan 19333 Dec 2004Spencerville
Strauss, Helen L4 Sep 1899Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Strauss, John24 Dec 190914 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Strauss, Lewis12 Mar 1899Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Strauss, Lillie28 Apr 1898Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Strauss, Mary9 Jan 1902Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Strauss, Maude4 Oct 1882Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Strauss, Nettie25 Nov 1880Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Strauss, Robert R3 Jun 194123 Jun 2004Leo
Strauss, Thomas L31 Dec 19128 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Stravinski, Ceaser A28 Aug 191712 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Straw, Doretha M31 Jul 192410 Jan 2000Churubusco
Straw, Lewis G24 Apr 192520 Feb 1999Churubusco
Strawbridge, Charlotte17 Feb 1914Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Strawbridge, John5 Dec 1887Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Strawser, Christine11 Jan 1909Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Strawser, Helen V12 Sep 191224 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Strawser, James12 Dec 188615 Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Strawser, Kyncelle21 Jul 1892Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Strawser, Paul8 Jan 1902Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Strayer, Claude13 Nov 1899Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Strayer, Helen F14 May 1907Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Strayer, Jerry L6 Mar 193526 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Strayhorn, Betty J25 Jul 194923 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Streb, Elouise25 Jan 1901Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Strebig, Angela J23 Feb 191212 May 2001Woodburn, Fort Wayne
Strebig, Dorothy J13 Aug 192616 May 2005Fort Wayne
Strebig, Ione16 Dec 190310 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Strebig, James A27 Oct 19191 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Strebig, Lawrence H29 Aug 19045 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Strebig, Lela V26 Jan 19234 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Strebig, Lucille26 Jun 1905Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Strebig, Richard28 Feb 192813 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Strebig, Richard W18 Feb 192426 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Strebig, Roselyn L30 Oct 19371 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Strebig, Sr Basilid16 Apr 1891Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Strebig, Sylvester L4 Jul 193816 Aug 2005Spencerville
Streby, Carl K11 Jul 191111 Sep 1991Churubusco
Streby, Nevada15 Sep 19162 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Strecker, Cleetus20 Feb 1897Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Street, Catherine24 Nov 192727 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Street, Dorothy2 Jan 1921Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Street, Helen A24 May 19204 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Street, John E11 Nov 191911 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Street, John R27 Mar 192827 May 2003Fort Wayne
Street, Michael L25 Oct 1942Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Street, Raymond D12 Dec 19157 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Street, Vivian L29 Nov 192316 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Streeter, Carole J7 Jan 193814 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Streeter, John W8 Sep 193718 Jun 1999Roanoke
Streeter, Lawrence22 Aug 1920Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Streeter, Margie24 May 19217 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Streeter, Murl4 Apr 1894Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Streets, Hazel11 Dec 1909Nov 1976Churubusco
Streets, Illa D22 Sep 19271 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Strehlow, Gilbert16 Oct 1906Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Streib, Rosa3 Oct 1899May 1983Fort Wayne
Streicher, Mary12 Apr 1900Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Streng, Nellie G22 May 189816 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Stresser, Andrew14 May 1896Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Streuly, Angela G5 Jun 19176 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Streuly, Joseph W26 Jun 190523 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Stricat, John7 Aug 1932Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Strickland, Dan26 Apr 19261 May 2000Fort Wayne
Strickland, Earnest9 Jul 19303 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Strickland, Mabel18 Jun 1883Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Strickler, Russel7 Aug 1902Feb 1976Churubusco
Striggle, Vera24 Feb 1899Apr 1972Roanoke
Striker, Camiel1 May 194817 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Striker, Florence Y18 Oct 190626 Jul 1998Hoagland
Striker, Kenneth19 Aug 1906Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Striker, Leona26 Oct 1903Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Striker, Margie A1 Jun 195023 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Striker, Robert21 Sep 1916Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Striker, Rosella5 Oct 1895Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Strilbyckyj, Iwanna16 Nov 1895Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Strilbyckyj, Jaroslaw19 Sep 191822 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Strilbyckyj, Tatiana4 Jan 191720 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Strilchenko, George16 May 191729 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Strilchenko, Melania31 Dec 1897Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Strimmenos, Gust15 Jan 1893May 1973Fort Wayne
Strine, Doris9 May 1902Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Stringer, Charles4 Jun 1894Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Stringer, Frances6 Jun 1904Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Stringer, Mary Eliza B4 Dec 19152 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Stringfellow, Audella H11 May 18975 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Stringfellow, Henry C15 Mar 19268 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Stringfield, Wilhelmine5 Feb 1896Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Stripe, Gayle15 Oct 1902Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Stritmatter, Earl1 Apr 19183 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Stritmatter, Esther E26 Aug 191823 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Stritmatter, Maxine J18 Sep 192531 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Stritmatter, Ralph E31 Jul 192417 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Stritmatter, Russell17 Mar 1913Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Striverson, Emma L6 Aug 19292 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Strobel, John21 Dec 191526 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Stroble, Bonita U8 Feb 191529 Oct 2005Grabill
Stroble, Esther E24 Jul 191317 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Stroble, Orville I8 Jan 194711 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Stroble, Ralph15 Oct 19069 Aug 1999Grabill
Stroble, Roger L24 Jun 191416 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Strobridge, Lula17 Feb 1889May 1969Churubusco
Strock, Betty L28 Jul 192023 Feb 2008Leo
Strock, Gertrude16 Nov 1891Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Strodel, Clara E4 Oct 190121 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Strodel, Ross28 Jul 1902Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Strodel, Vera19 Mar 1903Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Stroebel, Donald F26 Oct 192324 Feb 1993Yoder
Stroh, Charles31 Dec 1922Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Stroh, Donald15 Oct 1919Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Stroh, Nydia4 Mar 1890Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Stroh, V E5 Oct 192917 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Stroh, Wayne E12 Apr 19296 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Stroh, Wolfgang W26 Mar 19439 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Strohl, Denzil21 Jul 1903Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Strohl, Vida22 Jun 1897Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Strokotter, Frank8 Jul 1910Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Strole, Clarence4 Feb 1907Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Strole, Fern E14 Apr 1908Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Strole, Howard8 Aug 1914Nov 1972New Haven
Strole, Norma E3 Oct 191325 Jun 2000New Haven
Strombeck, Dorothy E29 Mar 1909May 1992Fort Wayne
Strombeck, Paul1 Apr 1907May 1987Fort Wayne
Stronczek, Edward17 Jun 1905Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Stronczek, Stanley J4 Aug 194019 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Strong, Bertha27 Feb 1882Mar 1979Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Strong, Betty1 Jul 1922Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Strong, Budd M6 Aug 19148 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Strong, Cecil W10 Apr 192419 Nov 2005Churubusco
Strong, Charles9 Sep 1889Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Strong, Charles19 Apr 1900Aug 1984Churubusco
Strong, Charles E26 Nov 19278 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Strong, Clayton18 May 1884Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Strong, Earl12 Dec 1909Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Strong, Edith M7 May 19195 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Strong, Ernestine2 Jun 19105 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Strong, Frances B17 Feb 19289 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Strong, George29 Nov 1888Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Strong, Georgia23 Jul 1895Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Strong, Ivah Jean21 Apr 192429 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Strong, James B15 Nov 191414 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Strong, Lilah B10 Aug 19028 Jun 1989Churubusco
Strong, Mahlon10 Dec 1897Mar 1979Churubusco
Strong, Mary6 Sep 1897Jul 1972Churubusco
Strong, Mary M12 Nov 191722 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Strong, Olive6 Feb 1893Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Strong, Oliver W15 Nov 1913May 1993Fort Wayne
Strong, Ray H27 Jan 19183 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Strong, Stella12 Oct 1898Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Strong, Wayne M7 May 193010 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Strong, William26 Jan 1930Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Strong, William E5 May 194514 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Strothman, Maxine2 Oct 191012 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Stroud, Charles James12 Jan 19347 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Stroud, Cleopatra1 Feb 191125 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Stroud, Eddie27 Oct 1911Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Stroud, Rodney8 Dec 1965Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Stroud, Warren25 Apr 1919Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Stroup, Donald F23 Mar 19167 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Stroup, Donna J31 Mar 193824 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Stroup, Mary23 Jan 1901Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Stroupe, Kristi Lynn5 Dec 196517 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Strouse, Alma14 Jul 1901Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Strouse, Dale26 Jan 1904Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Strouse, Ella21 Sep 1879Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Strouse, Hilda B1 Feb 19078 Apr 2002Churubusco
Strouse, Nedda8 May 1962Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Strouts, Jack V14 Feb 19166 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Strub, John H25 May 192816 May 1998Fort Wayne
Strubhar, Verna M27 May 191327 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Struble, Agnes19 Jul 1903Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Struckholz, Shirley K31 Aug 1920Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Strum, Perry1 Apr 1895Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Strunk, Theodore R14 Dec 192615 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Strupp, Arthur15 Jul 1895Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Strutz, Bobbie H10 Jun 191716 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Strutz, Donald F3 Mar 191725 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Struver, Helen25 Nov 1906Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Stuart, Bernard K23 Sep 192926 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Stuart, Elizabeth27 Jan 1899May 1985Leo
Stuart, Frances24 Feb 190827 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Stuart, Gladys3 Sep 1901Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Stuart, Roy12 Feb 1903Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Stuart, Samuel6 Aug 1892Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Stubbins, Lloyd30 Sep 1915Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Stubbins, Ruth S27 Apr 191917 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Stubblefield, Carolyn J2 Mar 194411 Aug 2009New Haven
Stubbs, Charles29 Jun 1920Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Stubbs, Lula5 Feb 1889Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Stubbs, Mary C2 Jan 19171 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Stubbs, Mignon21 Jul 1889Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Stubbs, Milton28 Jun 1912Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Stubbs, Theodore23 Sep 1904Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Stubbs, William G15 Dec 194718 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Stuck, Charles A3 Jan 191625 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Stuck, Edward R4 Nov 191712 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Stuck, Florence3 Oct 1895Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Stuck, Gwendola A25 Aug 19153 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Stuck, Helen4 Oct 1900Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Stuck, James I3 May 19359 Aug 1993Yoder
Stuck, Margaret25 Mar 1894Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Stuck, Max L27 Apr 192623 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Stuck, Patricia A13 Jul 19345 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Stuck, Thelma M11 Sep 191722 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Stucke, L21 Feb 1994Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Stuckey, Albert22 Aug 188929 Jan 1988Leo
Stuckey, Anna5 Sep 1891Feb 1973Grabill
Stuckey, Benjamin22 Oct 1879Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Stuckey, Bernice I8 Nov 191725 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Stuckey, Carl11 Jan 1894Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Stuckey, Charles26 Oct 1914Oct 1977New Haven
Stuckey, Clayton3 Nov 19239 Apr 2008Grabill
Stuckey, Dale F5 Aug 19188 Apr 1991Leo
Stuckey, David10 Mar 1908Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Stuckey, Edna M8 Sep 191522 Sep 1999Woodburn
Stuckey, Edward C27 Apr 193514 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Stuckey, Elbert1 Apr 1927Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Stuckey, Florence17 Apr 19232 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Stuckey, Glenn24 Feb 1911Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Stuckey, Harvey13 Nov 1910Nov 1985Leo
Stuckey, Hattie2 Dec 1881Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Stuckey, Josephine P3 Feb 19285 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Stuckey, Margorie F22 Sep 191224 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Stuckey, Mary22 Nov 1883Jul 1972Grabill
Stuckey, Paul R14 Mar 19166 Apr 1993Leo
Stuckey, Vera M18 Apr 19193 Apr 2005Leo
Stuckey, Virginia M24 May 192122 Feb 2008Leo
Stuckey, Welden29 Nov 1918Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Stuckey, William22 Feb 1896Feb 1987Leo
Stucky, Albert21 Oct 1894Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Stucky, Edna19 May 1891Jan 1980Woodburn, New Haven
Stucky, Emma22 Nov 1894May 1982Leo
Stucky, Flossie12 Nov 1896Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Stucky, Garnet12 Oct 1904Aug 1986Leo
Stucky, Helen A8 May 190821 Mar 1993Woodburn
Stucky, Irene E6 Feb 192312 Dec 1998Woodburn
Stucky, Jess31 May 1902Aug 1979Spencerville
Stucky, John D6 Mar 192924 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Stucky, John G31 Aug 192111 Jul 1995Woodburn
Stucky, Joseph6 Feb 1894Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Stucky, Kenneth J9 Oct 191427 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Stucky, Laura29 Aug 1909Jan 1977Grabill
Stucky, Leo30 Oct 1893Sep 1973Grabill
Stucky, Mable I8 Oct 191028 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Stucky, Mary M9 Oct 192015 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Stucky, Noah13 Jun 1887Sep 1974Grabill
Stucky, Ruth14 Nov 1891Jul 1981Grabill
Stucky, Ruth Marie14 Jun 193026 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Studabaker, Everett7 Apr 1904Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Studebaker, Mary S13 Apr 19236 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Studebaker, Michael Douglas1 Jun 194622 Jul 2008Spencerville
Studinski, John17 Jan 1907Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Studinski, Norene T24 Jan 1910May 1996Fort Wayne
Studle, Charles10 Mar 1901Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Studle, Lois B13 Jun 190111 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Studler, Albert3 Sep 1887Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Studler, Blanche L21 Mar 19064 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Studler, Francis27 Dec 1910Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Studler, Geneva B25 Apr 190920 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Studler, Harley8 Oct 1899Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Studler, Katherine S4 May 191925 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Studler, Lauretta16 Feb 190726 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Studler, Marie24 Jul 1912Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Studler, William9 Jun 1889Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Study, Donald27 Mar 19215 May 2001Fort Wayne
Study, Jean H12 May 192411 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Study, Margery31 May 1891Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Stuelpe, G W27 Oct 190322 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Stuerzenberg, Frank27 Aug 1901Sep 1985New Haven
Stuerzenberg, Hulda4 Jul 19176 Jul 2007Monroeville
Stuerzenberg, John13 Jan 1924Oct 1982New Haven
Stuerzenberg, M Elaine4 Feb 192714 Dec 2005Fort Wayne, New Haven
Stuff, Joyce L22 Jan 19501 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Stuff, Sally K24 Nov 195312 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Stufflebeam, Robert4 Aug 1925May 1986Fort Wayne
Stukey, Orval1 Apr 1905Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Stull, Charles20 Jul 1891Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Stuller, Betty B14 Jan 192423 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Stuller, James6 Mar 1904Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Stults, Anna M4 Jan 190725 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Stults, Chalmer D22 Jun 19143 May 1998Fort Wayne
Stults, Charles21 May 1881Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Stults, Clark25 Apr 1896Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Stults, Edna5 Dec 1903Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Stults, Elaine2 Jul 191525 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Stults, Eleanor12 Jul 1911Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Stults, Emery10 Jan 1885Apr 1964Fort Wayne
Stults, Estella24 Jul 1889Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Stults, Forrest1 Apr 1904Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Stults, Francis6 Apr 1908Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Stults, Herschel C3 Apr 191219 May 1999Fort Wayne
Stults, Ira20 Sep 1893Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Stults, Joann M10 Jun 193620 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Stults, Kathryn27 Jul 190810 Apr 1994Monroeville
Stults, Kenneth E5 Jul 191630 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Stults, Larry L17 Jul 19389 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Stults, Leland15 Dec 1905Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Stults, May L6 May 191324 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Stults, Mina Ellen24 Feb 191911 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Stults, Phyllis4 Sep 1925Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Stults, William10 Jan 1911Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Stults, William W19 Aug 192614 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Stultz, Carolyn K23 Sep 194129 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Stultz, Eldwyn F9 Sep 19043 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Stumbo, Jimmie J25 Mar 195015 Apr 2000New Haven
Stump, Bessie F2 Dec 190520 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Stump, Clarence E12 Nov 19169 May 1993Fort Wayne
Stump, Dewey19 Mar 1898Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Stump, Doris11 Mar 191518 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Stump, Elizabeth10 Feb 1897Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Stump, Frances N19 Sep 19306 Nov 2002Churubusco
Stump, Fred16 Aug 1899May 1987Roanoke
Stump, Gladys2 Mar 1904Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Stump, Harley S25 May 191428 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Stump, Inez L5 Aug 191117 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Stump, Milo E18 May 192927 Dec 1998Churubusco
Stump, Olive E12 Apr 19033 Jul 1989Roanoke
Stump, Robert27 Nov 1907Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Stump, Robert24 Jul 191123 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Stump, Roy E11 Jun 191317 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Stump, Tena M10 Dec 19142 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Stump, Virgil29 Oct 1904Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Stumpf, Garneita14 Nov 1906Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Stumpf, Lena6 Jan 1903Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Sturdivant, Floria11 Dec 1895Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Sturdivant, John T27 Jul 19171 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Sturgeon, Cory P17 Dec 19238 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Sturges, Alfred L Jr12 Dec 191428 Oct 1988Fort Wayne
Sturges, Alice19 Feb 1895Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Sturges, Dorothy A22 Dec 19192 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Sturges, Eleanor1 Nov 1914Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Sturges, Polly M28 Apr 19228 May 2002Fort Wayne
Sturges, Richard B17 Aug 191916 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Sturgill, Loreina F4 Dec 192810 Sep 1997New Haven
Sturgill, Matilda J28 Apr 19074 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Sturgus, Joseph E18 Mar 19264 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Sturm, Albert9 May 1886Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Sturm, Betty I29 Jan 19387 May 1995Fort Wayne
Sturm, Cleo22 Aug 1915Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Sturm, Della5 Feb 1904Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Sturm, Elmer28 Feb 1879Feb 1967New Haven
Sturm, Esther E21 May 19097 Jun 1994New Haven
Sturm, Frieda L25 Oct 19154 Apr 2001New Haven
Sturm, George O11 Jun 19111 Dec 1994New Haven
Sturm, Ilah M1 Oct 19095 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Sturm, John8 Nov 1892Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Sturm, Kenneth A16 Jul 190628 Nov 1994New Haven
Sturm, Margaret R10 Dec 18952 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Sturm, Mina30 Aug 1901Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Sturm, Orville R4 Jan 191023 Sep 1992New Haven
Sturm, Patricia A14 Jul 192518 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Sturm, Paul9 Jul 1911Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Sturm, Robert J27 Feb 192321 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Sturm, Russell8 May 1892Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Sturm, Vernon26 May 1888Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Stute, Albert5 Jan 1923Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Stute, Charlotte E6 Aug 1895Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Stute, Edith22 Oct 1900Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Stute, Fred6 Feb 1899Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Stute, Henry28 Oct 1883Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Stute, Margaret Ann5 Nov 192513 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Stute, Mary R12 May 19153 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Stute, Robert H25 Apr 191427 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Stute, William14 Aug 1890Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Stute, William21 May 1894Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Stutsman, Robert A10 Aug 19398 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Stutz, Kenneth3 Jun 1938May 1979Woodburn
Stutz, Kenneth16 Mar 1912May 1977Fort Wayne
Stutz, Mabel8 Aug 1894Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Stutz, Mary1 Apr 1927Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Stutz, Thomas15 Nov 19284 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Stytie, James5 Jan 1920Jul 1983Grabill
Stytle, Max I20 Aug 192416 Apr 2009New Haven

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