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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Suarez, E C9 Feb 19128 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Suarez, Felisitas P11 Jun 19353 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Suarez, Fernando C9 Jul 191621 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Suarez, Martha P22 Mar 193226 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Suarez, Tomas6 Jan 1896Sep 1980Spencerville
Suback, John G5 Apr 191512 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Subin, George P28 Jul 19278 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Subkowski, Ernest28 Aug 1893Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Subsda, Frank17 Jan 1913May 1977Fort Wayne
Subzda, Bonabel M21 Jun 19221 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Subzda, Florence20 Mar 1900Feb 1978Huntertown, Fort Wayne
Succop, Marie21 Aug 1892May 1976Fort Wayne
Such, Ericka A22 Sep 1910Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Such, Howard M17 Nov 19107 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Such, Robert29 Dec 1887Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Suciu, Mary Jo8 Sep 194715 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Suciu, Naomi31 Dec 1917Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Suciu, Vance12 Jul 19127 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Suckow, Margaret24 Dec 191131 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Sudbrink, Henry28 Dec 1888Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Suder, Henry C10 Jan 194725 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Suder, Melvin17 Feb 1915Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Sudhoff, Harry18 Nov 1887Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Suedhoff, Carl14 Feb 1891May 1971Fort Wayne
Suedhoff, Carl J22 Apr 19253 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Suedhoff, Helen5 Nov 1895May 1983Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Alois18 Jul 1890Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Bernard J31 Mar 190713 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Catherine M26 May 19097 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Donald F23 Jul 193117 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Esther J26 Feb 192114 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Henrietta7 Aug 1898Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Herman27 Aug 1897Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Hildegard K29 Sep 19125 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Lawrence24 Nov 1910Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Leo30 Dec 1900Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Margaret E17 Nov 191216 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Martha4 Sep 1897Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Mary9 Oct 1909Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Mary10 Sep 1891Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Mildred M3 Jun 190919 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Nancy G1 Sep 18947 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Robert A20 Jan 190524 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Suelzer, Rosaline H24 Oct 19201 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Suelzer, William F23 Feb 191522 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Suetterlin, Robert A18 Apr 191331 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Suever, Rosemary D5 Feb 19103 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Sugden, Lucille20 Sep 1913Sep 1975Harlan
Suggs, Everett L22 Jan 192313 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Suggs, Wilmer J31 Mar 193912 May 2007Fort Wayne
Suhr, Helen M13 Apr 19088 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Sulliv, L31 Mar 1987Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Alberta T6 Feb 192031 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Alice20 Nov 1909Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Alline C10 Oct 19175 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Anne23 Mar 1882Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Ava30 Oct 1894Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Bernard J21 Oct 191322 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Betty J4 Feb 192520 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Cornelia27 Aug 190226 Sep 1994New Haven
Sullivan, Daniel8 May 1896Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Sullivan, David2 Jan 1950Mar 1985Grabill
Sullivan, Edna O2 Dec 19175 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Edward2 Sep 1900Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Edward21 Oct 1910May 1968Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Eileen T30 Apr 19188 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Elizabeth3 Apr 1879Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Emma30 Mar 1885Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Ethel24 Sep 1903Dec 1983Churubusco
Sullivan, George28 Sep 1894Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Geraldine M31 Oct 191715 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Goldie14 Apr 1889Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Guy5 Oct 1898Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Helen19 Nov 1906Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Herbert13 Jan 1904Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Sullivan, J L13 Aug 193415 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Sullivan, James F4 Feb 191517 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Joseph19 Mar 1913May 1977Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Lois M14 Apr 192314 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Loretto27 Aug 1909Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Lottie10 May 1900Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Marie16 Aug 1900May 1974Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Mary C21 Dec 1907Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Maybelle16 May 1898Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Myrtle9 Dec 1888Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Otto26 Apr 1892May 1969Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Rena19 Aug 1886Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Robert16 Mar 1905Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Robert E30 Sep 192410 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Robert J19 Jul 191710 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Robert T23 Mar 192216 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Robert V22 Jul 194127 May 1999Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Sonya E16 Nov 190915 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Tom24 Oct 193710 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Sullivan, Verna6 Oct 1895Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Sullivan, W Harold1 Nov 191815 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Sult, Frederick31 Oct 1895May 1982Fort Wayne
Sult, Greg W22 Feb 19286 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Sult, Hulda30 Jun 1897Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Sult, Paul1 Jan 1895Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Sumler, Dora8 Nov 1904Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Summe, Omer5 Jun 1899Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Summers, Albert7 Aug 1891Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Summers, Catherine E7 Sep 191924 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Summers, Doris M10 Apr 191429 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Summers, E10 Apr 1905Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Summers, Edward A27 Apr 19389 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Summers, Ethel E6 Sep 191810 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Summers, Evan12 Sep 1918May 1984Fort Wayne
Summers, Gene O29 May 193317 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Summers, George R22 Jan 193028 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Summers, Gretchen15 Dec 1901Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Summers, H29 Oct 1901Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Summers, Imogene P20 Aug 192329 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Summers, Janice R7 Nov 19344 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Summers, Lillian M16 Jul 191424 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Summers, Lora12 Jun 190719 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Summers, Lucile A26 Dec 189625 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Summers, Mae18 May 19048 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Summers, Mary21 Jan 1884Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Summers, Maude19 Feb 1892Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Summers, Opha E31 Oct 188315 Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Summers, Rebecca M11 Apr 190511 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Summers, Robert F23 Jan 19212 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Summers, Robert J23 Jun 193015 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Summers, Talmadge3 Jun 1907Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Summers, Thomas21 Dec 1928May 1986Fort Wayne
Summers, Thomas B8 May 192918 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Summers, Tina Rose29 Sep 19312 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Summers, Walter10 Jun 1916Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Summers, Walter R29 Nov 19011 Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Summers, Wendall A6 May 191212 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Summersett, Clifford12 Sep 1896Feb 1983Monroeville
Summerville, Clemmon7 Apr 1888Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Summey, John10 May 1924Apr 1982New Haven
Sumner, Bernadett P9 Dec 191011 Feb 2001New Haven
Sumner, Frieda W21 Jan 1906Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Sumner, James E4 Sep 19232 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Sumner, Julianne M21 Jun 195310 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Sumney, Charles W11 Jul 192125 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Sumney, Crystal1 Jun 1898Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Sumney, Doris N10 Sep 191826 May 1994Fort Wayne
Sumney, Ercel L24 Sep 190219 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Sumney, Harold27 Aug 1898Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Sumney, Hazel L2 Apr 191418 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Sumney, Janice M27 Aug 195428 May 1996Fort Wayne
Sumney, Lela M3 Jan 189814 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Sumney, Leonard14 Nov 1897Feb 1975Spencerville
Sumney, Walter20 Feb 1888Jul 1975Churubusco
Sumpter, Robert L17 Jun 193810 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Sumrel, Edward13 Apr 1933Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Sumwalt, Lavern J12 Jun 191719 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Sumwalt, Margaret L25 Jul 191727 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Sunday, Beulah A2 Jan 192315 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Sunday, Clair18 Oct 1902Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Sunday, Elton22 Jul 1910Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Sunday, Gertrude16 Jan 1928Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Sunday, Helen L16 Nov 19162 Aug 2003Roanoke
Sunday, Lynn Alan28 May 19497 Feb 2010New Haven
Sunday, Thurl1 Dec 1901Apr 1977Monroeville
Sundell, Virginia E14 Jun 1911Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Sunderland, Ernest3 Mar 1899Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Sunderland, Herbert18 Jan 1901Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Sunderland, Jane F14 Apr 192610 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Sunderland, Jennie27 Nov 1892Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Sunderland, John7 Oct 1899May 1976Fort Wayne
Sunderland, Lawrence20 Jul 1889Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Sunderland, Mable I19 Jan 19225 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Sunderland, Raymond H9 Jun 19206 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Sunderland, Richard G1 Dec 192226 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Sunderland, Robert24 Oct 1907May 1975Fort Wayne
Sunderland, Robert G31 Aug 192616 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Sunderland, Ruth17 Jun 1891Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Sunderland, Virginia E4 Feb 192315 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Sunderman, Bertha12 Mar 1880Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Sundheimer, Janet C24 Apr 189415 Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Sundsmo, Leona L21 Oct 190315 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Sundsmo, Waldo7 Aug 1901Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Sunier, Hazel12 Jun 1893Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Sunsdahl, Treva D26 Feb 193118 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Sunshine, Leo22 Oct 1904Nov 1978Huntertown
Sunthimer, Frances E31 Aug 1908Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Sunthimer, Leroy B11 Mar 190816 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Surack, James Joseph31 Dec 193611 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Surber, Effie17 Jan 1892Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Surber, Herman E21 Nov 192411 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Surbrook, Larry A16 Apr 19496 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Surburg, Lillian13 Nov 190122 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Surface, Arnold18 Feb 1889Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Surface, Devere29 Nov 1921May 1971Churubusco
Surface, Forrest29 Dec 1915Jul 1987Leo
Surface, Grace L8 Feb 191425 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Surface, Helen A10 May 192111 Apr 2008Churubusco
Surface, Inez8 Feb 1897Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Surface, Mary30 Dec 1920Aug 1982New Haven
Surface, Otis14 Apr 1918Nov 1987Roanoke
Surface, Roy L21 Nov 191428 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Surface, Ruth V18 Sep 19189 Mar 2001Leo
Surfus, Beulah A6 Nov 19094 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Surfus, Chester1 Feb 190727 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Surfus, Frances13 Nov 1882Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Surfus, Franklin L20 Jul 194820 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Surfus, Harry27 Aug 1888Feb 1968Huntertown
Surfus, Joseph A18 Jan 192421 Apr 1992Huntertown
Surfus, Lottie27 Aug 1894Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Surfus, Roy R2 Apr 19068 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Surfus, Steven M21 Nov 19463 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Surina, Vendel13 Jul 1914Feb 1987Huntertown
Surine, Daniel J3 May 195826 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Surles Jr, Arthur12 Jan 195715 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Surma, Martha14 Aug 1911Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Surque, Florence18 Aug 1907Oct 1987New Haven
Surque, Xavier F17 May 190510 Mar 1992New Haven
Sustek, Stephen R6 Aug 194426 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Suter, Arthur27 Jul 1879Feb 1968Roanoke
Suter, Carl20 Dec 1889Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Suter, Catherine13 Jun 1901Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Suter, Frances J20 Nov 19267 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Suter, Gesina8 Mar 1891Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Suter, Gwendolyn D22 Nov 19094 Jun 2007Leo
Suter, Ralph28 Dec 1892Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Suter, Richard E27 Nov 192126 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Suter, Ward D10 Nov 190916 Sep 2000Leo
Sutherland, Lucy L7 Mar 193023 May 2002Fort Wayne
Sutorius, A F25 Feb 195315 Feb 1989Fort Wayne
Sutorius, Anna1 Nov 1898Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Sutorius, Deloris M29 Mar 191714 May 1996Fort Wayne
Sutorius, Richard E30 Jul 192810 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Sutter, Agnes C26 Jan 191323 Oct 1996Fort Wayne, New Haven
Sutter, Allie18 Jan 1904Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Sutter, Arlon29 Jan 1896Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Sutter, Charles J22 Aug 19247 Mar 2001Hoagland
Sutter, Charles O4 Aug 193120 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Sutter, Clarence25 Oct 1907Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Sutter, Floyd P21 Oct 191727 Aug 2008New Haven
Sutter, Forrest14 Feb 1913Nov 1985New Haven
Sutter, Geraldine E23 May 19335 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Sutter, Harlan25 Jan 1902Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Sutter, Helen5 Jul 1893Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Sutter, Margaret E10 Sep 191522 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Sutter, Mary J24 Sep 193215 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Sutter, Paul24 Jun 1902Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Sutter, Pearl8 Oct 1903Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Sutter, Vernon18 Sep 1918Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Suttle, Christina L26 Jun 19957 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Suttle, L12 Sep 193723 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Suttle, Louise8 Dec 1934Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Suttle, Michael D2 Jan 195630 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Suttle, Oliver J20 May 19267 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Suttle, Oscar16 Dec 19316 May 2003Fort Wayne
Suttle, Velma K13 Jul 192712 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Suttles, James14 Oct 1913Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Suttles, Mary7 Oct 1907Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Sutto, Irma E11 Jun 193021 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Sutton, Betty M6 Apr 192626 Feb 2008Harlan
Sutton, Brian E19 Nov 19669 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Sutton, Carl1 Mar 1908Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Sutton, Charles E27 Feb 19383 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Sutton, Constance Y13 Mar 192316 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Sutton, Dwight30 Mar 1915Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Sutton, Emily28 Mar 1896Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Sutton, Emma1 Jun 1895Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Sutton, Emma17 May 19074 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Sutton, Eugene11 Feb 1926Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Sutton, Eugene R26 Nov 19314 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Sutton, Frances V7 Jun 190512 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Sutton, Franklin12 Nov 1885Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Sutton, Henrietta8 Nov 192518 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Sutton, James11 Dec 1908Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Sutton, James A7 Mar 192331 May 2005Fort Wayne
Sutton, Jo Marie4 Aug 19229 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Sutton, John10 Mar 1903Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Sutton, John Nelson5 Jun 192423 Mar 2008Harlan
Sutton, Juanita Mae18 May 192422 Jul 2009New Haven
Sutton, Kenneth8 May 1908Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Sutton, Laura14 Aug 1894Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Sutton, Marie L25 Jul 192427 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Sutton, Martha Jane30 Aug 194023 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Sutton, Mary14 Jun 1888Sep 1970Churubusco
Sutton, Mary L17 Aug 19317 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Sutton, Mary L14 Jan 194130 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Sutton, Mildred P21 Jul 19182 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Sutton, Ned G23 May 19304 May 2006Churubusco
Sutton, Nellie E22 Nov 191420 May 2000Fort Wayne
Sutton, Oma I18 Sep 1908Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Sutton, Omar28 Jul 1893Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Sutton, Pamela S18 Jun 194614 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Sutton, Patricia J13 Dec 194029 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Sutton, Paul L15 Apr 190514 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Sutton, Ralph A2 Sep 19051 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Sutton, Ray8 Jul 1907Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Sutton, Robert9 Aug 1914Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Sutton, Roy R10 Dec 192616 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Sutton, Samuel3 Apr 1884Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Sutton, V A25 May 190014 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Suveges, John F16 Jan 192321 Apr 2000Fort Wayne

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