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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Swafford, Alice M1 Jul 190719 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Swagart, Richard A16 Jul 19363 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Swager, Caroline30 Aug 1904Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Swager, Esther H15 Oct 189420 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Swager, Leon27 Jan 1895Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Swager, Louis7 Apr 1903May 1970Fort Wayne
Swager, Myrtle9 May 1899Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Swager, Wilma5 Sep 1905Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Swaidner, Dorothea25 Jun 1902Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Swaidner, Franklin D8 Nov 194428 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Swaidner, Jacqueline14 Feb 1929May 1996Fort Wayne
Swaidner, John8 Jul 1889Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Swaidner, Marjorie J2 Feb 189515 Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Swaidner, Max24 Mar 191618 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Swaidner, Paul H19 Mar 19131 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Swaidner, Ray18 May 1890Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Swaidner, Theresa B28 Jan 191020 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Swaidner, William L14 Apr 19277 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Swaim, D E15 Jan 191320 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Swaim, Evelyn27 Sep 1917Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Swaim, Josephine M5 May 190731 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Swaim, Max L13 Nov 191419 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Swaim, Phyllis E19 Nov 193313 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Swaim, Rex E14 Feb 194226 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Swaim, Sidney17 Apr 1888Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Swaim, William L21 Jun 19251 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Swain, Anna3 May 1893Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Swain, Arlene18 Jan 19331 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Swain, Arthur C31 Mar 191931 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Swain, Charlie7 May 193911 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Swain, Clifton22 May 191918 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Swain, Constance J15 Dec 19436 Nov 2007New Haven
Swain, Emily J23 Aug 1927Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Swain, Galvin6 Dec 1896Sep 1967Monroeville
Swain, Gertrude28 Sep 192915 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Swain, Harry K13 Nov 192529 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Swain, Helen C27 Mar 19082 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Swain, John D10 Mar 19296 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Swain, Leona E11 May 192817 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Swain, Lillie R29 Aug 191820 May 1999Fort Wayne
Swain, Mary Jo3 Jun 19286 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Swain, Paul M29 Apr 190612 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Swain, Richard E21 Sep 192414 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Swain, Robert J17 Jun 19218 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Swain, Rose18 May 1911Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Swainey, Celeste15 Jul 1901Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Swalley, Izal C14 May 19192 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Swalley, James G30 May 192413 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Swallow, Alberta23 Jan 1915Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Swallow, Amanda5 May 1907Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Swallow, Clifford11 Apr 1909Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Swallow, Edna8 Sep 1907Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Swallow, George17 Oct 1903Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Swallow, Glen11 May 1914Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Swallow, Joseph17 Dec 1901Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Swallow, Ruth M15 Nov 191112 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Swan, Clarence2 Sep 1902Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Swan, Della10 Sep 1887Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Swan, Gilbert4 Feb 1901May 1986Fort Wayne
Swaney, Phyllis1 Jan 1924Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Swangim, William18 Mar 1905Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Swangin, Condy4 Oct 1932May 1982Fort Wayne
Swangin, Frances17 Sep 1920Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Swangin, George C6 Oct 192324 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Swangin, Richard25 May 1921May 1970Fort Wayne
Swangin, Ruth14 Apr 1911Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Swango, Edward W21 Jan 19479 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Swank, Arthur28 Jan 1902Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Swank, Clifford26 Oct 1910Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Swank, Dorothy13 Apr 192423 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Swank, Elizabeth3 Dec 1886Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Swank, Frances10 Sep 1893Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Swank, Frances25 Sep 1906May 1974Fort Wayne
Swank, George D12 Apr 192725 May 2009Fort Wayne
Swank, Gerald Lorane4 Jan 192312 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Swank, Harold16 Apr 1885Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Swank, Harold Wayne16 Feb 192511 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Swank, Herschel30 Jan 1896Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Swank, Herschel W3 Mar 19193 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Swank, Howard15 Sep 190918 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Swank, Mary5 Dec 1933Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Swank, Mary J22 Jul 192126 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Swank, Norman E30 Aug 192829 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Swank, Richard30 Dec 1906Oct 1979New Haven
Swank, Richard W13 Apr 192517 May 2003Fort Wayne
Swank, Ruby L12 Jul 190915 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Swank, Ruth D16 Mar 192510 Mar 2006Roanoke
Swank, William5 Jun 1914Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Swank, William26 Jan 1890Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Swann, Addie L10 Apr 1907Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Swann, Anna M20 Sep 19258 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Swann, Arthur26 Feb 194417 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Swann, Beatrice M6 Mar 1918Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Swann, Freddie5 Aug 1953Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Swann, George6 Feb 1910Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Swann, Jimmy L25 Oct 195622 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Swann, Robert Alphonso4 Mar 195224 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Swann, Ruth L28 Feb 195031 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Swann, Sue22 Jan 1904Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Swanson, Bernard13 Dec 1916Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Swanson, Dorothy J2 Sep 19207 May 2003Fort Wayne
Swanson, Edgar C17 Aug 189621 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Swanson, Ella3 Nov 1884Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Swanson, Gustave25 Jul 1909Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Swanson, Harry23 Jun 1923Dec 1982Roanoke
Swanson, Hulda29 Jun 1888Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Swanson, Patricia J2 Apr 192825 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Swanson, Raymond K17 Apr 193224 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Swanson, Rose20 Apr 1901Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Swart, Leslie Wayne3 Sep 193423 Aug 2009Grabill
Swart, Paul E28 Oct 190227 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Swartout, Nora12 Sep 1908Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Swartz, Bertha13 May 1897May 1985Fort Wayne
Swartz, Betty J30 Apr 19244 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Swartz, Bonnie M9 Feb 193219 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Swartz, C20 Jun 1954Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Swartz, Degroff23 Jun 1889Jul 1981Harlan
Swartz, Earl E11 Sep 192724 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Swartz, Eloise L2 Jan 192213 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Swartz, Fredrick11 Mar 1890Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Swartz, Jack H5 Jan 192222 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Swartz, Kaler21 Oct 1895Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Swartz, Lois A17 Aug 19371 Feb 2003Monroeville
Swartz, Lyle17 Jan 1921Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Swartz, Mary L29 Apr 19051 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Swartz, Noah30 Jun 1898Jan 1981New Haven
Swartz, Phyllis13 Feb 19253 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Swartz, Richard P5 May 192523 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Swartz, Robert E15 Sep 192812 Aug 2002New Haven
Swartz, Robert H7 Nov 193117 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Swartz, Stella24 Jan 1888Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Swartz, Theresia27 Dec 1888Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Swartzel, Asenath P15 Aug 190617 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Swartzel, Raymond5 Jul 1905May 1982Fort Wayne
Swartzentrub, Noah24 May 1943Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Swartzwelder, Frank B30 Sep 19417 Sep 2007New Haven
Swary, Aggie16 Jun 1897Mar 1981Spencerville
Swathwood, Albert17 Jun 1900Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Swathwood, Ann21 Feb 1899Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Swathwood, Hugh Sr23 Feb 1899Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Swathwood, Juanita F27 Jul 192413 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Swathwood, Leona16 Jul 1911Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Swathwood, Phoebe15 Mar 1912May 1986Fort Wayne
Swauger, Harry R17 Dec 19315 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Swauger, Stella M3 Jul 193619 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Swearer, Edna28 Jun 1905Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Swearer, Howard R24 Dec 191921 Nov 2005Roanoke
Sweares, Marjorie J16 Jan 19233 May 1993Fort Wayne
Swearingen, Cecile19 Jun 1910May 1981Fort Wayne
Swearingen, Clyde4 Jan 1919Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Swearingen, Marvin13 Jun 1920Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Sweat, William10 Oct 1909Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Sweatt, Catherine11 Oct 1893Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Sweatt, Jamila V16 Jul 197613 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Sweatt, Nellie21 Nov 1894May 1982Fort Wayne
Sweeney, Anna22 Feb 1892Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Sweeney, Carl17 Mar 1908Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Sweeney, Earl C12 Aug 19243 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Sweeney, Geneva M21 May 191222 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Sweeney, George J22 Nov 191516 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Sweeney, Joseph11 Oct 19262 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Sweeney, Kenneth19 Sep 1908Nov 1975New Haven
Sweeney, Manfred25 Nov 1919Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Sweeney, Margie C24 Oct 19316 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Sweeney, Nettie L3 Jan 19052 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Sweeney, Olive9 May 1895May 1974Fort Wayne
Sweeney, Rose E15 Mar 191330 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Sweet, Alice4 Aug 1891Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Sweet, Allen28 Jan 1895Apr 1981Woodburn
Sweet, Garnet3 Apr 1892Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Sweet, George9 Jun 1891Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Sweet, George18 Feb 1883May 1978Fort Wayne
Sweet, Gertrude15 Aug 1903Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Sweet, Glen R10 Jul 190717 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Sweet, Harold24 Apr 1908Mar 1979Woodburn
Sweet, Harriet B3 May 19149 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Sweet, Helen18 Jan 1902Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Sweet, Jack16 Aug 1931Mar 1982New Haven
Sweet, Joan L7 Sep 191818 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Sweet, Julie L4 Jan 19589 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Sweet, June R1 Jun 192315 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Sweet, Kenneth2 Jul 1898Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Sweet, Mark A13 Oct 197212 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Sweet, Marvin E17 Jun 192519 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Sweet, Michael W12 Jul 19381 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Sweet, Mildred23 Sep 1905Dec 1980Woodburn
Sweet, Raymond8 Dec 1920Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Sweet, Richard R1 Jun 19473 Nov 2002Woodburn
Sweet, Robert19 Jan 19201 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Sweet, Robert D21 May 190229 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Sweet, Roy G14 Aug 193612 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Sweet, Sally18 Aug 1952Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Sweet, Sunshine13 Sep 19119 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Sweet, Terry G9 Jul 194330 Sep 1999Woodburn
Sweet, Thomas J15 Jan 194810 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Sweet, William L8 May 19174 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Sweetapple, Anna6 Dec 1919Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Sweigard, Iris M7 Jul 193027 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Sweigard, Robert H22 Oct 192826 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Sweigert, George H7 Feb 19201 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Swenda, Joseph J10 Mar 192731 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Swenson, Allen R30 Aug 195517 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Swenson, Betty Jean30 Jun 192724 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Swenson, Grace L10 Apr 192724 Apr 2006New Haven
Swenson, Gwendolyn31 Oct 19359 Apr 1998New Haven
Swensrud, Frank D19 May 193729 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Sweny, Helen4 Jun 1884Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Swesey, Ruby J15 Jul 191717 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Swick, Carol J17 Sep 193321 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Swick, Eunice10 Nov 190724 May 2005Fort Wayne
Swick, Florence18 Nov 1884Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Swick, Heaven R6 May 200224 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Swick, Lula23 Jan 1888Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Swick, William F25 Apr 190910 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Swiderski, Genevieve24 Oct 190815 May 2007Fort Wayne
Swift, Alpheus5 Jun 1905Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Swift, Bethel L14 Aug 191413 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Swift, Cinderella20 Apr 189724 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Swift, Earl14 Sep 1904Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Swift, Gladys9 Mar 1908Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Swift, Julia M23 Aug 194126 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Swift, Marjorie D14 Oct 192117 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Swift, Morris5 Jun 1902Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Swift, Paul20 Aug 1893Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Swift, Roland2 Apr 1899Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Swift, Thelma17 Jul 19106 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Swift, Violet E22 Oct 189622 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Swigart, Esther N14 Mar 19101 May 2003New Haven
Swigart, Gerald V17 Jul 192415 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Swigert, Esther27 Jun 1911Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Swigert, Irey3 Dec 1901Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Swihart, Bertha M10 Feb 19115 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Swihart, Clarence A8 Jul 190315 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Swihart, Dean J13 Jun 19155 Mar 1995New Haven
Swihart, Earl29 Jun 1889Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Swihart, Floyd24 Nov 1885Feb 1967New Haven
Swihart, Frances L11 Apr 191019 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Swihart, Gladys24 Mar 1895Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Swihart, Grace V24 Apr 190215 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Swihart, Irene E26 Dec 191428 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Swihart, James R10 Jun 191330 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Swihart, James R20 Mar 19336 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Swihart, Kathryn29 Jun 1920May 1977Fort Wayne
Swihart, Mae15 May 1882Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Swihart, Mary E19 May 19373 May 1998Fort Wayne
Swihart, Minnie27 Jun 1889Nov 1981New Haven
Swihart, Ned5 Jan 190622 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Swim, Ralph D5 Feb 191613 Jun 2003New Haven
Swindell, Robert J22 Aug 19318 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Swindell, Stella27 Jun 1904Jul 1983New Haven
Swindler, Mary M26 Dec 19137 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Swinehart, Alta M11 Feb 192030 Sep 1997Churubusco
Swinehart, Anna11 Aug 1885Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Swinehart, Edna23 Feb 1907Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Swinehart, Ella5 Nov 1897Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Swinehart, George R7 Aug 192629 Feb 2008Churubusco
Swinehart, Richard31 Oct 1932Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Swinford, C R2 May 191029 May 1995Fort Wayne
Swinford, E20 Dec 1901Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Swinford, Jacqueline L26 Jul 193130 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Swinford, Marguerite20 Oct 190811 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Swinford, Marguerite D9 Aug 190613 Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Swing, Charles4 Mar 1897Apr 1982Harlan
Swing, Ella23 Apr 1890Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Swing, Max L25 May 193520 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Swing, Norman L1 Aug 193329 Oct 2005Woodburn
Swing, Rex D2 Dec 19192 Nov 2002Roanoke
Swing, Ruth1 Dec 190317 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Swing, Ruth13 Oct 19133 Jul 2002Roanoke
Swing, Sheldon29 Sep 1906Feb 1981Roanoke
Swink, Dorothy6 Jul 1927Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Swink, Stuart25 Sep 1924Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Swinkunas, Mary29 Mar 19128 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Swinney, James12 Nov 1920Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Swinson, Alex1 May 1931Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Swinson, Easter E11 May 19095 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Swisher, James15 Feb 1894Jan 1968Churubusco
Swiss, William F2 May 192415 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Switzer, Ardivee25 Aug 19199 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Switzer, Bernice17 Jun 1898Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Switzer, Betty E23 Aug 193327 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Switzer, Cleo13 Jul 1926Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Switzer, Clyde R6 Aug 192121 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Switzer, Duane F20 Nov 1923Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Switzer, Herman L5 Nov 192630 Sep 1994Roanoke
Switzer, Thomas11 Oct 1908Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Switzer, Wayne7 Jul 1897Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Switzer, William27 Sep 1911Dec 1978Roanoke
Swokla, Doris E5 Feb 19259 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Swoveland, Ethyl1 May 1902Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Swoverland, Donald F29 May 19147 Apr 2002Churubusco
Swoverland, Jack E23 Feb 19465 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Swoverland, Margaret C14 Jan 191315 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Swoverland, Ralph4 Jan 1891Sep 1969Churubusco
Swoverland, Steven M1 May 194621 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Swyers, Dorothy I25 Jan 191915 Oct 1996Leo
Swygart, Helen M12 Jan 191524 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Swygart, Lafe14 Apr 1890Mar 1978Monroeville
Swygart, Marcyle M5 Aug 193118 Jan 2000New Haven
Swygart, Paul30 Jan 1964Feb 1980Churubusco

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