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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Tabar, Alma H8 Jan 191425 Sep 1994New Haven
Tabb, C B19 Dec 193512 May 2007Fort Wayne
Tabron, Vernter L23 Dec 192627 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Tabron, Vernter Lee18 Apr 194921 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Tacket, B30 Oct 1927Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Tackett, Elizabeth26 Oct 1920Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Tackett, James26 Jul 1915Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Tackett, Russell31 May 192214 Feb 1996Churubusco
Tackwell, Lloyd B9 Mar 19033 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Tackwell, Mary R18 Mar 192216 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Tackwell, Mira16 Feb 1914Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Tadeo, Frank F5 Jun 19252 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Tadich, Mike9 Aug 191320 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Tadsen, Eldora L31 Jul 1914Jan 1996Woodburn
Tadsen, Lawrence C19 Oct 191323 Oct 1995Woodburn
Taflinger, George20 Sep 1891May 1977New Haven
Taflinger, Robert17 Sep 1961Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Taflinger, Robert L28 Apr 194210 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Taflinger, Shirley13 May 1932Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Tageson, Donna D28 Sep 19312 Oct 2002New Haven
Tageson, Robert9 Feb 1932Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Taggart, Cleta5 May 1907Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Taggart, Darrel F14 Jul 191820 Sep 2008Leo
Taggart, Leona M6 Jul 192729 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Taggart, Robert8 Jul 1919Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Tagmeyer, Helen28 Feb 1913Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Tagmeyer, Hugh8 Aug 1908Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Tagmeyer, Velma6 Oct 1900Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Tagmeyer, Victoria B26 Nov 1903Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Tagtmeyer, Angelina20 Jul 1884Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Tagtmeyer, Margaret11 Aug 1897Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Tagtmeyer, Viola Alberta7 Mar 192731 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Tague, Marcia27 Oct 1946Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Taing, Mong5 Jan 192115 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Takacs, Evelyn J29 Apr 192311 Mar 2001New Haven
Takimori, Harry16 Aug 1876Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Talamantes, Tina M29 Sep 19702 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Talarico, Arlen28 Dec 1972Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Talarico, Bettina2 Feb 1887Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Talarico, Betty24 Nov 192421 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Talarico, Frank P12 Mar 192725 Nov 2003New Haven
Talarico, James E19 Jan 195127 Dec 2007Yoder
Talarico, Jean F28 Jun 192325 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Talarico, John B24 Sep 192013 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Talarico, Joseph7 Feb 1916Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Talarico, Mary26 Feb 19171 May 1995Fort Wayne
Talarico, Mary J4 Jul 19219 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Talarico, Mildred M7 May 19224 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Talarico, Thomaso A31 Mar 191324 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Talarico, Virginia T20 Mar 193019 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Talarico, William F8 Apr 194210 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Talbert, Mildred19 Feb 1899Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Talbert, Nellie7 Jun 1881Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Talbert, Samuel D25 Sep 19213 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Talbert, Thomas20 Feb 1922Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Talbot, Eva3 Aug 1899Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Talbott, Jackson R12 Apr 19328 Nov 2008New Haven
Talbott, Lewis15 Jun 1920Jan 1977Roanoke
Talbott, Mary R21 Jul 191018 May 1996Fort Wayne
Talbott, Nancy S2 Jun 19391 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Talbott, Ned17 Oct 1931Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Talbott, Oliver H27 Dec 19373 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Talley, Annie23 Feb 1904Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Talley, Annie3 Oct 1912Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Talley, Fealing20 May 19204 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Talley, James K7 Jun 195322 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Talley, Theodore L25 Jun 194926 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Talley, Walter23 Jan 1899Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Tallman, Richard James30 Jul 192521 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Talmont, Edna3 Oct 1896Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Tam, Elsie L22 May 19115 May 1997Fort Wayne
Tam, Mark8 Mar 1907Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Tamblingson, Kathleen D15 Apr 19225 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Tancey, Lenore E20 Jul 1920Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Tancey, Leonard C25 Aug 19078 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Tancil, Jack12 Aug 192227 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Tancil, Phyllis A14 Apr 19282 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Taner, Bernice H29 Mar 191126 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Taner, Dale F1 Nov 19071 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Taner, Frederick D17 Dec 19318 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Taner, Mary E19 Jul 193523 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Tanksley, Amos27 Oct 1890Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Tanksley, Michael W24 Jun 196214 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Tannehill, James31 Jul 1918Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Tannehill, Ray22 Apr 1891Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Tannehill, Vernon22 Aug 1889Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Tannehill, Virginia L12 Nov 19169 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Tannenbaum, Eva J7 Apr 191317 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Tannenbaum, George F25 May 19109 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Tanner, Dorothy J26 Jan 191827 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Tanner, Elli18 Sep 193531 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Tanner, Ethyl B3 Jul 1892Aug 1990Roanoke
Tanner, Mary9 Mar 1910Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Tanner, Ray21 Sep 1891Jul 1968Roanoke
Tanner, Rosamond21 Aug 1885Nov 1972Churubusco
Tanner, William P30 Jul 195414 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Tapp, Kelly S5 Mar 196510 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Tapp, Pearl9 Jun 1890Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Tapp, Roscoe10 Sep 1894Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Tapp, Ruth30 Mar 1897Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Tappan, Kathryn17 Apr 1910Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Taritas, Dena M18 Aug 1952Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Taritas, Patricia L1 Sep 193120 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Tarko, Andrew30 Sep 1910Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Tarkowski, Edith M6 May 192515 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Tarlton, Lloyd12 Jul 1903Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Tarmon, Luella3 Feb 1900Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Tarmon, Mavis10 Jul 1923Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Tarmon, Ray28 Apr 1892Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Tarnex, Alma A8 Jun 19037 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Tarney, Cecil E16 Jun 190820 May 2003Fort Wayne
Tarney, Hattie M2 Oct 1911Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Tarney, Julia3 Dec 1910Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Tarney, Lavera14 Apr 1912Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Tarnow, Ethel S31 Mar 191319 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Tarnow, Lendo W19 Apr 19091 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Tarnow, Richard L26 Mar 193113 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Tarnow, Rose M23 Jul 193518 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Tarr, Elmer21 Oct 1908Jul 1980New Haven
Tarr, Helen M5 Oct 19135 Feb 2007New Haven
Tarr, Jack5 Mar 1926Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Tarr, Lillian7 Jun 1898Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Tarr, Victor18 Jun 1903Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Tarver, Amel D27 May 197629 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Tassler, Albert22 Sep 1919Jun 1986Roanoke
Tassler, Eugene17 Feb 192512 May 1997Fort Wayne
Tassler, Levi A7 Jul 192530 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Tassler, Marie10 Jul 1889Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Tassler, William26 Mar 1888Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Tate, Ada L18 Oct 191914 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Tate, Cleveland6 Sep 192721 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Tate, Elmo3 Apr 192714 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Tate, Joella18 Mar 1908Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Tate, John25 Mar 1902Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Tate, Jonas16 Feb 1887May 1971Fort Wayne
Tate, Leroy25 Oct 192812 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Tate, Ola O8 Oct 19202 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Tate, Virginia J16 Mar 191311 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Tatman, Alfred5 Jan 1903Jun 1986New Haven
Tatman, Bernard C1 Sep 191516 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Tatman, Clarence1 Aug 1912Sep 1980Churubusco
Tatman, Ernest6 Feb 1903May 1971Fort Wayne
Tatman, Hazel M19 Apr 19078 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Tatman, Phyllis M11 Aug 191926 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Tatman, Ralph L14 Jul 192823 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Tatman, Vada8 Mar 1902Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Tatman, William20 Feb 1891Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Tatro, Grace M21 Oct 1922Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Tatro, Howard C23 Apr 192024 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Tatum, Harry E12 Sep 193319 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Tatum, Wallace L12 Aug 193015 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Taube, Amelia11 Apr 1874Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Taubert, Jerry W26 Oct 194024 Oct 2008Churubusco
Taubitz, June M14 Feb 19126 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Taugher, Anita G2 Dec 192726 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Taugher, R18 Oct 1894Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Taugher, Robert2 Jun 1922Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Taulbe, K18 May 1984Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Taulbee, Betty J30 Sep 1926Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Taulbee, Palmer J25 Aug 192216 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Taulman, Fred15 Dec 1886Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Taviano, Betty J10 May 19272 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Taylor Sr, Charles J16 Jan 195525 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Taylor, Agnes20 Jan 191010 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Taylor, Albert31 Mar 1928Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Taylor, Alma E4 Oct 1916Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Taylor, Almira E2 May 190015 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Taylor, Ann F13 Nov 190811 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Taylor, Arno M9 Sep 190825 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Taylor, Ashley10 Aug 1902Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Taylor, Athena D24 Apr 195631 May 1997Fort Wayne
Taylor, Bertha E15 Jan 190527 May 1993Fort Wayne
Taylor, Betty J19 Oct 193417 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Taylor, Betty M15 Jun 19226 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Taylor, Beulah2 May 1906Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Taylor, Bradley Dean29 Jul 195730 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Taylor, Carlton E7 Sep 190924 Sep 1989Monroeville
Taylor, Caroline J9 Jul 195330 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Taylor, Carrie7 Sep 1892Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Taylor, Carrie H3 Apr 19064 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Taylor, Cecil14 Sep 1887Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Taylor, Cecil22 Nov 1906Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Taylor, Charles20 Jun 1921Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Taylor, Charles6 Jul 1886Feb 1973Roanoke
Taylor, Charles28 Aug 1890Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Taylor, Charles10 Aug 1910May 1983Fort Wayne
Taylor, Charles C8 Oct 190722 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Taylor, Charles F12 Apr 191923 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Taylor, Clara9 May 1886May 1977Fort Wayne
Taylor, Clara L6 Jan 191024 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Taylor, Clarence L5 May 19329 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Taylor, Clifford27 Aug 189115 Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Taylor, Cornelia V29 Aug 191015 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Taylor, Curtis26 Feb 1907Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Taylor, David2 Mar 1889Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Taylor, Delight31 Aug 1898Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Taylor, Delores26 Mar 193023 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Taylor, Demont7 Sep 1898Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Taylor, Donald G20 Feb 192824 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Taylor, Doris7 Apr 1937Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Taylor, Duval26 Jan 1920Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Taylor, Earl18 May 1911Mar 1977Churubusco
Taylor, Edward29 Dec 1895Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Taylor, Edward26 Dec 1902Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Taylor, Edward L21 Nov 193016 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Taylor, Edward R16 Jun 190620 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Taylor, Eldon L28 Jul 19214 Nov 1993Monroeville
Taylor, Elizabeth S4 Dec 190813 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Taylor, Ellen20 Sep 1905Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Taylor, Elna16 Sep 1893Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Taylor, Eloise N20 Jul 189625 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Taylor, Elta13 Nov 1888Nov 1976Roanoke
Taylor, Emma M9 Jun 191126 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Taylor, Esther28 Feb 1909Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Taylor, Esther27 Mar 1921Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Taylor, Esther L28 Oct 1897Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Taylor, Ethel4 Apr 189922 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Taylor, Ethel M3 May 192515 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Taylor, Evelyn S16 Feb 191625 May 1997Fort Wayne
Taylor, Fern L28 Jan 192330 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Taylor, Florence G8 Oct 190925 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Taylor, Florine20 Apr 19265 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Taylor, Frances15 Oct 1900Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Taylor, Franklin21 Mar 1911Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Taylor, Fred30 Nov 1890Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Taylor, Fred23 Jan 1896Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Taylor, Fred H17 May 19239 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Taylor, George13 Oct 1896Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Taylor, George8 Jul 1920Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Taylor, Gertrude A29 Aug 192618 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Taylor, Glen E27 Apr 192824 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Taylor, Goldie E9 May 191725 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Taylor, Grace3 Apr 1922Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Taylor, Grace9 Apr 1902Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Taylor, Grace A30 Aug 190520 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Taylor, Harley12 Sep 1918Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Taylor, Harley H16 Apr 191110 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Taylor, Harold17 Feb 1911Feb 1980Grabill
Taylor, Harold D20 Sep 19213 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Taylor, Harold J30 Jul 191824 May 2003Fort Wayne
Taylor, Harry H22 Jul 191525 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Taylor, Harry O30 Nov 190115 Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Taylor, Harvey27 Aug 1899Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Taylor, Helen15 Jul 1913Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Taylor, Helen1 Jan 1905Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Taylor, Helen S17 Jan 192218 Feb 2001Hoagland
Taylor, Henrietta1 Jan 1924Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Taylor, Henry L16 Aug 19391 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Taylor, Herbert3 Jan 1899Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Taylor, Hermine B6 Mar 19145 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Taylor, Homer R28 Mar 192729 May 1994Monroeville
Taylor, Imogene P22 Sep 193224 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Taylor, Iris17 Oct 1897Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Taylor, Isaac15 Feb 1895Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Taylor, Izolia9 Feb 1890Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Taylor, J E15 Jan 189714 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Taylor, Jack7 Sep 1931Jan 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Taylor, Jack1 Aug 1912Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Taylor, James E1 Jan 192316 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Taylor, James E23 Oct 19316 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Taylor, James H25 Oct 195425 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Taylor, James M28 Oct 1926Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Taylor, James W3 Jul 194013 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Taylor, Jarvis27 Mar 194213 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Taylor, Jean E5 Jan 19267 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Taylor, Jerry26 Aug 1936Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Taylor, John27 Dec 19307 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Taylor, John F21 Mar 193415 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Taylor, Johnnie W26 May 193525 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Taylor, Joseph12 Mar 1900Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Taylor, Kathryn J24 Sep 192915 Feb 2004New Haven
Taylor, Larry D10 Sep 194326 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Taylor, Lavergne C13 Aug 19096 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Taylor, Lee2 May 1929Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Taylor, Leitha4 Dec 190321 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Taylor, Leona M24 Feb 19117 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Taylor, Leslie3 May 1895Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Taylor, Levi26 Dec 1878May 1966Fort Wayne
Taylor, Lindsey15 Mar 1924Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Taylor, Loretta4 Jul 192016 May 2008Fort Wayne
Taylor, Lowell26 Jul 1923Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Taylor, Lowell D21 Oct 19505 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Taylor, Lucile19 May 1920May 1990Fort Wayne
Taylor, Lucile F7 Jul 1902Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Taylor, Lucinda22 Feb 1932Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Taylor, Lucy10 Aug 1906Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Taylor, Lula2 Feb 1912Apr 1981Grabill
Taylor, M8 Jul 1935Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Taylor, Mabel5 Oct 1893Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Taylor, Mabel E12 Apr 191928 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Taylor, Madelyn B19 Jan 192322 May 1997Fort Wayne
Taylor, Margaret6 Sep 1887Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Taylor, Margaret F7 Sep 191616 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Taylor, Margaret M10 Apr 192312 May 2009Fort Wayne
Taylor, Marie2 Sep 1899Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Taylor, Marie J4 May 193515 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Taylor, Mark Allen26 May 19653 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Taylor, Mark L5 Aug 19266 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Taylor, Martha A1 Jun 192419 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Taylor, Mary17 Nov 1950Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Taylor, Mary A21 Dec 192911 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Taylor, Mary B16 Sep 19177 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Taylor, Mary F15 Sep 192928 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Taylor, Mary L13 Sep 1906Jun 1993Monroeville
Taylor, Maryl B4 Dec 1908Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Taylor, Mildred L2 Jul 19046 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Taylor, Myra S1 May 19006 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Taylor, Myrtle29 Jul 1910Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Taylor, Myrtle L19 May 192712 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Taylor, Naomi6 Mar 1913Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Taylor, Nathan25 Sep 1899Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Taylor, Nina30 Nov 19082 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Taylor, Patricia R5 Nov 193228 May 2005Fort Wayne
Taylor, Paul16 Nov 1896Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Taylor, Paul16 Jan 192127 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Taylor, Paul A4 Feb 191611 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Taylor, Pearlie B11 Nov 19245 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Taylor, Rachel1 May 1884Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Taylor, Ralph Eugene1 Jul 194711 May 2009Fort Wayne
Taylor, Ralph R7 Feb 193419 May 1995Fort Wayne
Taylor, Reynold N13 Dec 19217 Sep 2005Hoagland
Taylor, Richard W19 Jul 19383 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Taylor, Robert30 Oct 1946Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Taylor, Robert7 Jun 1904Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Taylor, Robert23 Oct 1894Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Taylor, Robert10 Feb 1958Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Taylor, Robert D11 Jul 19226 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Taylor, Robert E7 Aug 1926Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Taylor, Robert E13 Mar 193025 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Taylor, Robert G5 Sep 192511 Mar 1998New Haven
Taylor, Robert T9 Sep 19222 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Taylor, Robertine L26 Nov 191823 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Taylor, Roland13 Dec 1914Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Taylor, Rose M1 Dec 193624 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Taylor, Rosemary J21 Aug 192715 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Taylor, Roy25 Aug 190711 Nov 1995Monroeville
Taylor, Royce7 Sep 1911Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Taylor, Royce E31 Jan 193112 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Taylor, Ruth L23 Jun 192630 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Taylor, Samuel24 Oct 194827 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Taylor, Sarah5 Jul 1888Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Taylor, Shirley M14 Jul 191910 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Taylor, Solomon25 Jul 19138 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Taylor, Stewart18 Mar 19175 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Taylor, Susie J19 Jan 190510 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Taylor, Terry L13 Nov 195611 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Taylor, Thelma27 Aug 1947Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Taylor, Thelma L19 Jun 191319 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Taylor, Thelma S31 Mar 190831 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Taylor, Vernia27 Oct 1896Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Taylor, Victor30 Nov 1891Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Taylor, Virginia26 Jan 191418 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Taylor, Virginia J9 Aug 19179 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Taylor, Waneta L15 May 19133 Apr 2007Churubusco
Taylor, William24 Sep 1893Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Taylor, William21 Mar 1895Apr 1969Monroeville
Taylor, William George14 Oct 191628 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Taylor, William H15 Jan 190821 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Taylor, William M11 Jul 193317 Nov 2003Fort Wayne

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