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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Teach, Jean3 Mar 190713 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Teagarden, Edward S14 Dec 19216 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Teagarden, James5 Mar 1895Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Teagno, Doris M19 Feb 19308 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Teague, Ben L23 May 193011 May 2005Churubusco
Teague, Chester16 Mar 1906Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Teague, Harry O3 Oct 19164 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Teague, Lena23 Dec 1913Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Teague, Mary8 Feb 1895Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Teal, Helen2 Oct 1889Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Teater, Donna23 Dec 1893Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Tebbe, Mary H1 May 19157 Jan 1997New Haven
Tebbetts, Marjorie9 Jan 1893Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Teders, David A25 Jun 19369 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Teders, Florence V8 Oct 191615 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Teders, Gertrude8 Mar 1897Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Teders, Linda M4 Jul 194131 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Teders, Marcella1 Nov 1896Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Teders, Mary9 Jun 1891Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Tedford, Josephine3 Nov 19083 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Teegardin, Shannon R14 Sep 197529 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Teel, Bessie1 Oct 1904May 1986Fort Wayne
Teel, Blondie4 Apr 1894Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Teel, Estella16 Apr 1885Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Teel, Lloyd4 Jul 1892Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Teemer, Daniel Butler19 Aug 194830 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Teeple, Belva E19 Jul 191424 Mar 2005Hoagland
Teeple, Don16 Mar 1898Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Teeple, Eleanor12 May 1907Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Teeple, Ellanor16 Apr 1905Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Teeple, Gladys12 Sep 1900Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Teeple, Gladys C10 Oct 190928 Jul 2004Hoagland
Teeple, John H13 Dec 19059 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Teeple, Joyce A12 Dec 19352 May 2005Fort Wayne
Teeple, Leona5 Nov 1898May 1982Fort Wayne
Teeple, Samuel4 Nov 1889Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Teeple, Sylvia A27 Jun 191123 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Teeple, William18 Nov 1881Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Teer, Rosie11 Apr 1910Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Teeters, Donald R14 Sep 192729 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Teeters, Harvey16 Sep 1877Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Teeters, Maeda21 May 1889Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Teeters, Martha8 Dec 1920Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Teeters, Richard28 Oct 1922Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Teeters, Robert J18 Feb 19252 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Teeters, Shirley J4 Aug 193513 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Teetsel, Cheryl M27 Aug 195724 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Teetsel, Katherine D1 Mar 19243 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Teetsel, William24 Sep 1922Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Tegeder, Howard2 Sep 1911Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Tegeder, Verna25 Aug 1899Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Tegmeyer, Erwin24 Apr 1900May 1983Fort Wayne
Tegmeyer, Martha9 Feb 1897May 1980Fort Wayne
Tegtmeyer, Anna12 Nov 1916Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Tegtmeyer, Betty2 Oct 1918Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Tegtmeyer, Clara3 Jan 1898Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Tegtmeyer, Esther24 Jun 1907Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Tegtmeyer, Fred27 Dec 1909Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Tegtmeyer, Gerald W8 Apr 192318 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Tegtmeyer, Helen Louise31 May 192419 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Tegtmeyer, Jesse23 Nov 1888Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Tegtmeyer, Lena B4 Feb 1910Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Tegtmeyer, Louise27 Jun 1884Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Teifert, Alexander15 May 1899Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Teifert, Alfred25 Sep 192421 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Teifert, Ewald11 Oct 1928Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Teifert, Helmut16 Jun 192612 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Telfer, E3 Nov 1909Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Telgman, Clementine18 Dec 1881Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Telgman, Edward2 Aug 1891May 1973Fort Wayne
Telgman, Ella25 Aug 1899Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Telley, George9 Feb 1891Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Tellez, Justina B26 Sep 192715 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Tellez, Manuel M10 Sep 195729 May 2003Fort Wayne
Tellman, Carol18 Jan 1938Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Tellman, Edwin19 Mar 1905Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Tellman, James1 Jun 1926Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Telschow, Janet10 Jul 19062 Jul 2002Churubusco
Tempel, Alice22 Feb 1927Nov 1983Leo
Tempel, Esther16 Aug 1910Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Tempel, Louise10 Jun 1917Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Tempel, Vitalis L1 Jan 19204 Feb 1994Leo
Templar, Dortha25 May 1904Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Templar, Ida14 Jan 19056 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Temple, Gary L13 Oct 19353 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Temple, H H13 Apr 190813 May 1992New Haven
Temple, Lowell D6 Nov 193031 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Temple, Margaret E30 Apr 19204 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Temple, Olive28 Jan 1895Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Temple, Ollie23 Nov 1922Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Templeton, Aileen C25 Jan 191930 May 2000Fort Wayne
Templeton, Ethel5 Aug 1895Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Templin, Clara22 Apr 1897May 1970Fort Wayne
Templin, Clinton30 May 1898Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Templin, Dorothy28 Dec 1913Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Tenbarge, Mary H24 Sep 19189 Apr 2002New Haven
Tenbarge, Maurice P13 Jul 191717 Jan 1997New Haven
Tenbroeck, Dorothy21 Sep 19102 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Tennant, Alex13 Dec 1921Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Tennant, Cora27 Nov 1881Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Tennant, David L2 May 19185 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Tennant, Donald6 Dec 1921Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Tennant, Hallie5 Mar 1905Jun 1987Harlan
Tennant, Hazel11 Jul 1907Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Tennant, Maxine17 Jun 1926Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Tennant, Warner16 Jul 1906Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Tenney, Mary E30 Aug 192919 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Tenney, Opal V17 Mar 19176 May 2005Fort Wayne
Tennis, Clarence7 May 1890Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Tennis, Clarence F29 Jul 193120 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Tennison, Donald W25 Jan 193814 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Tennison, Edwin C1 Aug 191112 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Tennison, Margaret25 Nov 190921 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Tennison, William20 Mar 1905Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Tennissen, Harry9 Jul 1907Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Tenny, Ralph E6 Apr 192917 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Tepin, Charles12 Feb 1913Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Tepin, Florence2 Dec 1893Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Tepin, George12 Nov 1892Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Tepin, Jessie J19 Jul 19245 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Tepker, Howard W16 Jul 191126 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Tepker, Rosalie I20 Apr 191123 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Terhune, W20 Oct 192027 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Terlosky, Francis10 Dec 1905Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Terlosky, Kenneth26 Feb 1957Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Terman, Flora18 Mar 1888Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Ternet Sr, Bernon J5 Jul 192524 Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Ternet, Alice8 Sep 1899Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Ternet, Alma22 Nov 1912May 1984Fort Wayne
Ternet, Brenda18 Sep 193712 May 2002Fort Wayne
Ternet, Cletus8 Jan 1898Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Ternet, Elsie22 Nov 1901Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Ternet, Esther17 Nov 1898Sep 1975Monroeville
Ternet, Faye29 May 1915Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Ternet, Grace7 Dec 1891Feb 1975Monroeville
Ternet, Ida20 Dec 1892May 1985Fort Wayne
Ternet, Laura P12 Feb 189415 May 1985Fort Wayne
Ternet, Laverne M15 Feb 191715 Jun 2004Monroeville
Ternet, Leslie1 Feb 1894Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Ternet, Leslie Sue1 Apr 194416 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Ternet, Luella T28 Aug 191619 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Ternet, Maxine M14 Jul 191827 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Ternet, Mildred19 Jul 1925Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Ternet, Ralph26 Mar 1914Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Ternet, Ruth30 Jul 1897Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Ternet, Terrence L12 Jan 194830 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Ternet, Valeria24 May 1889Jul 1979New Haven
Ternet, Wayne19 Aug 1918Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Ternet, William J30 Dec 19359 May 2006Fort Wayne
Terrasas, Juana27 Dec 1888Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Terrell, Adelaide13 Sep 1893Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Terrell, Daisy15 Feb 189521 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Terrell, Edward15 Sep 192427 Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Terrell, Homer D30 Aug 19205 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Terrell, Ida20 Nov 1891Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Terrell, James Curtis21 Oct 192710 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Terrell, Robert L12 Jul 192111 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Terrell, Tom W27 Apr 19291 Aug 1998New Haven
Terrell, Viola Josephine20 Mar 192911 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Terrien, Emery18 Nov 1938Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Terrill, Edna M11 Jul 190518 Sep 2003Churubusco
Terrill, Frances B12 Jan 190926 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Terrill, Richard24 Aug 1907Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Terry, Charles L10 Jun 19291 Feb 2001Churubusco
Terry, Dorothea8 Jan 1904May 1984Fort Wayne
Terry, Ethel O3 Aug 19245 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Terry, Eugene24 Apr 193815 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Terry, Flora J17 Jan 190724 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Terry, Gerald O2 May 192728 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Terry, James E20 Jul 193612 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Terry, Joe8 Jul 1916Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Terry, Joseph7 Mar 1880Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Terry, L E21 Feb 190919 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Terry, Lela4 Dec 18943 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Terry, Lela W29 Jan 19151 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Terry, Minnie30 Mar 192121 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Terry, Percy27 Oct 1896Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Terry, Priscilla10 Sep 192721 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Terry, Ralph T6 Oct 193417 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Terry, Raymond W14 Dec 19159 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Terry, Robert L24 Apr 192622 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Terry, Ruby M8 May 1917Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Terry, Shar J24 Jun 19391 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Terry, William J5 Jan 19218 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Terwilliger, Charles L2 Nov 192414 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Tesch, Alvin F4 Jul 19155 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Tesch, Della V13 Aug 190920 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Tesch, Lois J15 Jul 192821 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Tesch, Robert F28 Nov 192315 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Teschke, William30 Sep 1888Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Tescula, Earl18 Sep 1916Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Tescula, John30 Jan 1891Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Tescula, John26 Jan 192927 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Tescula, Lodovica16 Oct 1895Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Tescula, Maryann F6 Oct 192911 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Tescula, Remus28 Jan 192120 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Tescula, Rosemary30 Sep 1913Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Tester, Betty25 Feb 1921Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Tester, Charles J18 Jan 192029 Oct 1992New Haven
Tester, Elmer4 Aug 1921Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Tester, George E28 Dec 194111 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Tester, Luella F22 Oct 19201 Oct 2005New Haven
Tester, Mildred L12 Sep 192826 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Tester, Reah M19 Mar 192127 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Tester, Velma18 Jul 1894Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Tester, William7 Nov 1921Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Tester, Yvonne19 Dec 1922Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Teter, George1 Mar 1895Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Tetherly, Georgia M22 Jun 191213 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Tetlow, Daniel30 Oct 1909Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Tetlow, Frank25 Oct 1900Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Tetlow, Mary J30 May 19115 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Tetzloff, Bridget5 Apr 1931Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Teusch, Bernard J3 Dec 194427 Nov 2007Harlan
Teusch, Charles H3 Sep 191230 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Teusch, Clarence J23 Mar 194817 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Teusch, Grace A9 Nov 19161 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Teusch, Kathryn28 Aug 1895Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Teusch, Taloa E13 Jul 19485 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Teuscher, Ruth1 Mar 1936Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Tevis Jr, Thomas L16 Sep 197618 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Tevis, Ann L30 Jul 193622 Mar 2002New Haven
Tevis, Curtis A23 Jul 19345 May 2007Fort Wayne
Tevis, Jane1 Oct 1916Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Tew, Allene V7 Oct 192627 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Tew, John Taylor16 Jul 19355 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Tew, Marcella I2 Jun 192518 Aug 2009Huntertown
Tew, Steven C19 Apr 195120 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Tewksbury, Carl12 Oct 1890Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Tews, Mark13 Nov 1955Feb 1978New Haven
Tews, Ralph7 Oct 192325 Sep 2005New Haven
Tews, Ruth L17 Nov 19308 Apr 1993New Haven

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