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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Tibbet, Edward6 Jun 1901May 1980New Haven
Tibbet, Eugene3 Jun 1905May 1976New Haven
Tibbet, Irma27 Mar 1890Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Tibbet, John J28 Sep 189115 May 1966New Haven
Tibbet, Louise A19 Feb 190713 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Tibbett, Cathryn H25 Sep 191210 May 2005Fort Wayne
Tibbett, Frank W13 Oct 19043 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Tibbitts, Wilbur28 Jun 1894Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Tibbs, Arthur L9 Nov 193124 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Tice, America G18 Jul 192321 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Ticen, Zelma17 Jul 1894Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Tichac, Mary V8 Dec 1935Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Tichenor, Irene23 Jun 191120 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Tickle, James1 Apr 1910Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Tickle, Maybelle30 Nov 1910Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Tidd, Kathryn22 Feb 188815 Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Tiedge, Helen J3 Jul 192219 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Tielker, Anna22 May 1887Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Tielker, Beulah M30 Sep 191910 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Tielker, Frederick W23 Oct 191624 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Tielker, John22 Apr 1887Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Tielker, Wilhelmina31 Dec 1877Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Tieman, Archie16 Sep 1907Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Tieman, Clara G13 Mar 19028 Sep 1988Roanoke
Tieman, Edward A16 Mar 192518 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Tieman, Eugene W8 Dec 192113 Aug 2002Monroeville
Tieman, Frank29 Nov 1897Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Tieman, Hattie2 Aug 1895Apr 1969Monroeville
Tieman, Herman25 Oct 1880May 1973Fort Wayne
Tieman, Rahe23 Feb 1922Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Tieman, Rosemary13 Jul 192630 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Tiernan, Catherine10 Dec 1904Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Tierney, Betty J10 Apr 191914 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Tierney, Constance A6 Dec 192314 May 1993Fort Wayne
Tierney, Gladys M1 Aug 1901Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Tierney, James A20 Dec 19196 Jun 1993New Haven
Tierney, Lucinda18 Sep 1906Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Tierney, Michael6 Dec 1914Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Tierney, Richard T30 Sep 19282 Aug 2007Churubusco
Tiernon, Delphia A28 Mar 1911May 1990Fort Wayne
Tiers, Margarete25 Jan 1906Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Tiffany, Gene E18 Dec 194924 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Tiffany, Steven B7 May 196328 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Tigges, Eva M12 Jan 189721 May 1992Fort Wayne
Tigges, Hugh M4 Dec 190427 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Tigges, James19 Mar 1913Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Tigges, Johanna24 Mar 1914Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Tigges, Mabel27 Dec 1912Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Tigges, Marilyn T29 Mar 192413 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Tighe, Harold30 Nov 1890Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Tigner, John E3 Jul 191229 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Tigner, Judy F21 Nov 193619 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Tigner, Mich L27 Nov 19462 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Tilbury, Agnes E29 Apr 191522 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Tilbury, Dorothy M24 Aug 191613 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Tilbury, Herbert A7 Mar 191413 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Tilden, George4 Jun 1891Mar 1979Huntertown, Fort Wayne
Tilden, Kenneth23 Dec 1912Jun 1985Huntertown
Tilden, Mary16 Aug 1888Jun 1975Huntertown
Tilden, Virginia E6 Oct 1920May 1992Huntertown
Tilghman, Clarise J2 Jun 192922 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Tilkins, Theda A15 Oct 192326 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Till, Albert1 May 1899Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Till, Almetta27 Apr 1901Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Till, Claire J11 Feb 193627 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Till, Clara24 Oct 1895Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Till, Doris J29 Jul 192728 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Till, Dorothy14 Nov 1911Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Till, Dorothy W12 Sep 192015 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Till, Frank27 Jun 1894Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Till, George24 May 1894Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Till, Gerald T23 Jun 19387 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Till, John24 Oct 1896Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Till, John16 Feb 1895Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Till, John12 Dec 1913Aug 1978Grabill
Till, Leo19 Sep 1889Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Till, Loretta5 Oct 1907Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Till, Loretta18 Mar 1901Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Till, Michael30 Jan 1886Jul 1966New Haven
Till, Nora12 Mar 1898Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Till, Olive13 Jun 1894Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Till, Paul J28 Mar 193323 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Till, Robert J18 Jan 19179 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Till, Thomas29 Dec 1891Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Till, Walter H1 Jan 191213 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Tilley, George20 Feb 1909Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Tillinger, Doris M10 Jul 19269 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Tillinger, Morris M6 Jul 191814 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Tillman, Arthur9 Aug 1883Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Tillman, Burl A30 Dec 19053 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Tillman, Rhonda K17 Sep 195315 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Tillotson, Charles15 Jul 192510 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Tillotson, Marceil2 Dec 1926Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Tilman, Noah6 Apr 1893Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Tilton, Agnes25 Aug 1890Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Tilton, George23 Aug 1889Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Timberlake, Joe Willie9 Sep 194916 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Timberlake, Mose23 Jan 191915 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Timbrook, Adrian2 Jun 1908Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Timbrook, Ivan20 Apr 1909Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Timbrook, Lavon2 Nov 1902Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Timbrook, Myra R4 Nov 190820 Mar 1999Grabill
Timbrook, Roger A18 Jun 192915 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Timbrook, Walter18 Aug 1902Oct 1987Harlan
Timbrook, William C25 Dec 190420 Jan 1992Grabill
Timm, Troy6 Aug 1901Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Timma, Ada19 Jan 1876Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Timma, Bert A28 Apr 19074 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Timma, Esther E22 May 19143 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Timma, Kenneth G24 Jun 191531 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Timma, Mary D7 May 193017 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Timma, Wilma C9 May 190927 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Timme, Albert22 May 1900Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Timme, Christine1 Mar 1909Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Timme, Ernest1 Oct 1898Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Timme, Loraine24 Jun 1905Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Timme, Loretta10 Jul 1882Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Timme, Walter W4 Mar 192521 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Timmerman, Barbara J18 Oct 192717 Oct 2006Spencerville
Timmerman, Carolyn J10 Jul 19274 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Timmerman, Don L3 Oct 19345 May 2008Fort Wayne
Timmerman, Icey D16 Jun 18999 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Timmerman, Sally A3 Aug 193828 Jun 2006Churubusco
Timmermann, Eileen S31 Jan 19127 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Timmons, Albert20 May 1901Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Timmons, Alice8 Apr 1890Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Timmons, Beulah B13 Sep 190727 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Timmons, Christopher Mathew25 Jun 197111 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Timmons, Emory28 Nov 1904Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Timmons, George-ann24 Oct 1908Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Tims, Betty9 Mar 1888Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Tin, Thaung13 Dec 19403 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Tindall, Alma2 Apr 1931Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Tindall, Bertha R28 Aug 192417 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Tindall, Doris17 Jul 19442 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Tindall, Jean L21 Dec 192319 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Tindall, Malvina15 Apr 191521 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Tindall, Paul13 Jan 1923Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Tindall, Stanley A1 Dec 19316 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Tinder, Hattie9 Apr 1884Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Tinder, Ura12 Jul 1908Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Tingen, Willie G22 Apr 192810 Dec 2005Hoagland
Tingley, Catherine A17 Oct 190530 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Tingley, Leone4 Jul 190010 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Tinkel, Thelma M26 Feb 192326 May 2006Fort Wayne
Tinker, Donald E31 May 193028 Nov 2004New Haven
Tinker, Levi14 Apr 1897Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Tinker, Mary31 May 1906Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Tinker, Mattie B12 Apr 191117 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Tinker, William15 Oct 190011 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Tinkey, Chad7 Feb 1979Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Tinkham, Nina10 Feb 1881Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Tinkham, Stella23 May 1886Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Tinkle, Everett A25 Nov 19165 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Tinkle, Flona28 Oct 1889Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Tinnel, Eilein I4 Mar 19199 Jul 1998Monroeville
Tinnel, Harry15 Jul 1905Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Tinnel, James28 Aug 1926Apr 1972Monroeville
Tinnel, Janet A18 May 193628 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Tinney, Mary E10 Jan 193113 May 1999Fort Wayne
Tinsley, Edna3 May 1885Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Tinsley, Elmer24 Oct 1933May 1983Fort Wayne
Tinsley, Frances11 Nov 1921May 1985Fort Wayne
Tinsley, George6 Jun 1940Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Tinsley, John P11 Aug 192015 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Tinsley, Joseph30 Dec 1920Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Tinstman, Lawrence16 May 1918Jun 1981New Haven
Tiplic, Dan16 May 1885Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Tippie, Ruth1 Aug 1914Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Tippie, Warren L1 Apr 191026 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Tippman, Lawrence23 May 1909Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Tippmann, Henry J28 Nov 191627 May 1993Fort Wayne
Tippmann, Jerome A23 Nov 194422 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Tippmann, Margaret7 Nov 1881Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Tippmann, Paul W20 Nov 194926 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Tipsord, Thomas21 Mar 1957Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Tipton, Donald27 Aug 1910Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Tipton, Edward C19 Mar 19092 Oct 2002Churubusco
Tipton, Edward Dean29 May 193023 Jan 2008Churubusco
Tipton, Ertis M6 Oct 191120 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Tipton, Herbert G24 Mar 190816 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Tipton, John F15 Mar 193328 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Tipton, Mona J18 Apr 19312 May 1997Fort Wayne
Tipton, Nell M6 Jan 19183 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Tipton, Norman D11 Jan 192826 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Tipton, Ruth E6 Mar 190720 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Tirb, Betty J4 May 193828 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Tirpak, George28 Mar 1911Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Tisckos, Della M13 Aug 19177 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Tisovic, Josephine5 Apr 1908May 1985Fort Wayne
Titcombe, Eloise27 Aug 19274 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Titcombe, James K8 Feb 192717 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Titlow, Ruth10 Nov 190115 Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Tittemore, Gladys10 Mar 1902Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Tittle, George20 Jan 1922Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Tittle, T N4 Dec 196015 Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Tittman, Albert3 Feb 1896May 1978Fort Wayne
Tittman, Mary7 Aug 1896Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Titus, Genevieve27 Nov 1891Oct 1973Fort Wayne

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