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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Toam, Anastasios N4 Sep 192619 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Toam, Athena15 Jan 1904Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Toam, Nicholas18 Jul 1895Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Tobakos, Blanch J16 Dec 192528 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Tobey, Arthur10 Feb 1904Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Tobias, Anna K2 Dec 18991 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Tobias, Betty A30 Apr 19221 Feb 2001Yoder
Tobias, Don A13 Feb 192029 Aug 2000Yoder
Tobias, Lucille M3 Nov 190915 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Tobias, Monty15 May 1940Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Tobias, Verne29 Apr 1901Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Tobias, Wanda4 Sep 1912Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Tobin, Cornelius12 Feb 1894May 1971Fort Wayne
Tobin, Frances H11 Nov 189414 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Tobin, John5 Jan 1899Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Tobin, John10 Jul 1878Aug 1965Fort Wayne
Tobin, Suzann M4 Aug 19306 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Todd, Agnes F18 Mar 191120 Mar 2005Roanoke
Todd, Arthur4 Jun 1903May 1979Fort Wayne
Todd, Cleo M28 May 191520 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Todd, Donna J13 Nov 192814 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Todd, Eugene W1 Feb 19223 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Todd, George22 Jun 1904Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Todd, Goldie3 Mar 1890Nov 1967Churubusco
Todd, Irene A25 Oct 190821 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Todd, Joseph10 Sep 1894Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Todd, Lucy29 Mar 191520 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Todd, Mabel7 Sep 1890Dec 1974New Haven
Todd, Margaret E26 Apr 1909Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Todd, Mary28 Jun 1899Jul 1984Huntertown
Todd, Mary10 Mar 1897Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Todd, Mildred M9 Sep 19142 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Todd, Mirian24 May 1927Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Todd, Myrtle12 Mar 1905Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Todd, Orville18 Feb 1901Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Todd, Oswald17 Sep 1896Jul 1985Huntertown
Todd, Ruby S20 Feb 192413 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Todd, Ruth8 Mar 1911Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Todd, Thomas23 Aug 1923Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Todd, Venieta E9 Mar 19227 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Todd, Vivian F25 Feb 19114 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Todd, Warren H11 Jan 1921Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Todd, Willadean24 Oct 1902Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Todoran, Lois E14 Feb 19301 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Todoran, Mary5 Mar 1886May 1975Fort Wayne
Toenges, Arthur12 Aug 1892Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Toenges, Blanche P21 Mar 190011 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Toenges, Myrtle M9 Oct 189721 May 1998Fort Wayne
Toenges, Paul13 Dec 1898May 1979Fort Wayne
Toerne, Alverda10 Feb 1906Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Tolan, Lillian14 Apr 1891Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Tolbert, Betty J6 Nov 194715 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Tolbert, Clayton K6 Mar 1913Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Tolbert, Lawrence Everette28 Jun 193329 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Tolbert, Shirley A15 Oct 19468 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Tolen, Donald7 Oct 192415 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Toler, Chester12 Jun 1899Jan 1966Fort Wayne
Toler, Jean30 Aug 1901Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Toles, Barbara L10 May 192729 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Toles, Bradley30 Aug 1955Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Toliver, Henreater22 Feb 19214 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Tolle, Frank21 Dec 1886Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Tolle, Pearl9 Mar 1898Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Tolliver, Alice I19 Feb 192522 Sep 2008New Haven
Tolliver, Eugene17 Jan 193713 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Tolliver, Fred20 Apr 1906Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Tolliver, Hawood25 Apr 19232 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Tolliver, Herbert8 Oct 19181 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Tolliver, Ila J13 May 192513 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Tolliver, Mabel11 Jul 191727 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Tolliver, Norma J13 Jul 192728 Jun 2001New Haven
Tolliver, Richard14 Jun 1914Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Tolliver, Walter25 Nov 1940Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Tom, David W12 Oct 19185 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Tom, Dorothy B29 Jun 191230 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Tom, Jacob10 Jan 1881Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Tom, Martha M27 Mar 193220 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Tomaszewski, Catherine24 Nov 1913Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Tombaugh, Irene8 Dec 1906Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Tombaugh, Mary7 Jul 1899Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Tomei, Tony J11 Jul 1920Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Tomes, Laura M13 Jun 193229 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Tomey, Brook1 Mar 1916Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Tomey, Mabel A27 Jul 190322 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Tomkinson, Albert20 Feb 1911Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Tomkinson, Clifton7 Jul 1911Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Tomkinson, Joan G6 Jan 193517 May 2007Fort Wayne
Tomkinson, Lorene24 Mar 19158 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Tomkinson, William15 Feb 1896Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Tomko, Edward P9 Jul 19104 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Tomlins, Arthur P13 Nov 19286 May 2001Churubusco
Tomlinson, Cecile6 Nov 193726 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Tomlinson, Edward A18 Sep 192822 Nov 2004Churubusco
Tomlinson, George E12 Aug 192424 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Tomlinson, Howard11 Nov 1891Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Tomlinson, Joe18 Mar 1910Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Tomlinson, Linda3 May 19445 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Tomlinson, Mildred14 Sep 19151 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Tomlinson, Rachel18 Feb 1922Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Tomlinson, Viola E24 Aug 191915 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Tomlinson, Wesley21 Jan 1899Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Tomlinson, William22 Jul 1902Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Tompkins, Evelyn Pearl7 Oct 194128 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Tompkins, George10 Feb 1888Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Tompkins, Harold E15 Sep 192528 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Tompkins, Lois M21 Dec 19226 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Tompkins, Walter19 Mar 1915Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Toms, Cora L23 May 19453 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Toms, Fannie L9 Apr 191627 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Toms, Henry13 Jun 1923Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Tomson, Burney5 Feb 1905Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Tomson, Martha11 Oct 1882May 1974Fort Wayne
Ton, M17 Apr 1930Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Tonak, Calvin E26 Feb 192628 May 1997Fort Wayne
Tonak, Henry19 May 1913Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Tone, Barbara E26 Oct 192828 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Tone, Edna B4 Oct 1899Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Tone, Eleanor T4 Jul 1924May 1996Fort Wayne
Tone, Eunice E4 Apr 18929 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Tone, John19 Dec 1893Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Tone, Thomas B11 Jun 191927 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Tone, William A19 Jan 19242 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Toney, Bernice D20 Jul 19177 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Toney, Joseph H10 Mar 19231 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Toney, Milford3 May 1906Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Toney, Pearl R17 Aug 190115 Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Toney, Velma M17 Sep 19341 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Tonges, Carl9 Jan 1907Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Bryan15 Aug 1908Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Dora25 Oct 1900May 1987Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Ethel23 May 1904Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Gerry2 May 1900Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Gladys10 Aug 1896Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Harry25 Jan 1900Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Harry W16 Nov 192528 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Irven25 Apr 1881Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Josephine7 Jan 1902Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Katherine22 Aug 1909Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Maxine L17 Jul 19311 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Ottilie28 Jun 1891Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Phyllis Elaine9 Oct 19254 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Ronald D17 Oct 192812 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Tonkel, Rosza22 Oct 1889Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Tonne, Arnold19 Sep 1896Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Tonsing, H R10 Feb 19141 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Tonsing, Margaret M21 Aug 191427 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Tonsing, Roselle M31 May 191212 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Tooke, Richard2 Apr 1892Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Tookes, Ida27 Oct 1903Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Toole, Clara19 Feb 1892Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Toole, John14 Aug 1893Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Tooley, Lorraine7 Nov 1907Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Toombs, Rupert29 Jul 1899Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Toomire, Montie D21 Apr 194226 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Toon, Karl8 Jun 1916Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Toopes, Myrtle E9 Nov 191327 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Toor, Gerald W13 May 192410 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Toor, Thelma Lea11 Jan 19237 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Tope, Helen19 Dec 1901Feb 1981Woodburn
Tope, Judith K21 Aug 195023 Aug 2006New Haven
Tope, Leroy12 Sep 1906Nov 1983New Haven
Topp, Bernice I29 Jan 19103 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Topp, Edward6 Jun 1939Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Topp, Eva B13 Jun 19125 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Topp, Inez E21 Jul 191614 Jan 1994Roanoke
Topp, Louis C24 Nov 196316 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Topp, Marcile B17 May 191430 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Topp, Matthew Scott5 Feb 196919 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Topp, Paul9 Oct 1919Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Topp, Rhyley M16 Feb 19963 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Topp, Shirley J7 Aug 193611 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Topp, Walter31 Dec 1907Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Topp, William11 Aug 1911Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Topps, Lloyd20 Oct 1932Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Torbeck, Josephine12 Jan 1881Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Torbeck, Martha17 Feb 1902Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Torborg, Esther L9 Jun 191231 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Torborg, Martin P27 May 191011 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Tordoff, Robert L25 Oct 193128 Jul 1996Huntertown
Torrance, Kirk29 Sep 191625 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Torrence, Barbara7 Jan 193114 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Torrence, Clara4 Jun 1884Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Torrence, Clara29 Sep 19111 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Torrence, Emma E4 Sep 19116 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Torrence, Fred22 Apr 1902Aug 1965Fort Wayne
Torrence, Ruth H12 Jan 19093 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Torres, Albert28 Sep 19277 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Torres, Angelina16 Mar 19102 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Torres, Donato R2 Jul 19616 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Torres, Eugenio6 Dec 1902Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Torres, Francille M11 May 192826 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Torres, Juana7 May 1929Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Torres, Patrick M25 Aug 194219 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Torrez, Aurelio R27 Jul 192910 Oct 1991New Haven
Torrez, Delores G31 Dec 19291 Jul 2008New Haven
Torrez, Leonila18 Mar 1924Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Torrez, Natalia27 Jul 1906May 1972Fort Wayne
Torrez, Pablo25 Jan 1903Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Torrez, Pedro7 Jul 196718 May 2004Fort Wayne
Torrez, Skye M6 Jul 199925 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Toschlog, Albert12 Nov 1894Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Tosconi, Annabell M20 Jun 1910Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Toscos, Gavril10 Dec 19158 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Toscos, J25 Jul 1908Jun 1984Hoagland
Toscos, Nadia13 Jan 191717 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Tossey, Hazel M19 Mar 19104 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Tossey, Walter4 Jul 1886Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Toth, Bela31 Jan 193421 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Toth, Eugene3 Sep 192721 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Toth, Frank17 Aug 1928Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Toth, Lambert J3 Nov 19144 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Totten, Adeline M21 Dec 191720 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Totten, Charles M5 Mar 191526 May 1996Fort Wayne
Totten, Freda15 Dec 1889May 1981Fort Wayne
Totten, Gertrude A2 Jun 192719 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Totten, Grace29 Sep 19204 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Tourkow, Frederick R6 Sep 191812 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Tourney, Edward J19 Jan 1926Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Tourney, Elza6 Sep 1899May 1985Fort Wayne
Tourney, Gladys25 Nov 1897Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Tourney, Louise16 Sep 1894Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Tourney, Robert A7 Jul 193614 May 2007Fort Wayne
Toussaint, Helen S7 Jun 19128 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Toussaint, Jules6 Dec 1903Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Tower, Lemuel23 Dec 1907Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Towles, Jeff H28 Feb 192924 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Towne, Paul Frederick16 Aug 195715 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Townes, Chester3 Feb 19517 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Townes, Chester23 Feb 1912May 1972Fort Wayne
Townes, Johnny23 May 1976Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Townes, Louvenia12 Jun 1914Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Townes, Luke1 Feb 1939Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Townes, Merle1 Oct 1890Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Towns, Carleton5 Jun 1912Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Towns, Harley25 Oct 1901Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Towns, Hiram20 May 1893Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Towns, Joseph E4 Sep 190526 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Towns, Lillie1 Dec 1907Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Towns, Suzanne B3 Mar 19355 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Townsend, Beverly Joan24 Feb 194430 May 2008Leo
Townsend, Chester9 Mar 193222 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Townsend, Clarence23 Jan 1894May 1966Fort Wayne
Townsend, Edwin13 Oct 1914Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Townsend, Etta5 Apr 1895Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Townsend, General3 Feb 1936Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Townsend, George W28 Mar 192220 May 1994Fort Wayne
Townsend, James22 Aug 1924Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Townsend, Johnnie27 Dec 1919Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Townsend, Kaler S27 Jun 19294 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Townsend, Margaret S23 Oct 191916 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Townsend, Ruth4 Sep 1892May 1979Fort Wayne
Townsend, Thelma I8 Jul 191323 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Townsend, Will A15 Nov 191016 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Townsend, William F5 Jul 191314 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Townsend, Willie27 Sep 1911Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Townsley, Ann M10 May 191512 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Townsley, John3 Jun 1911May 1982Fort Wayne
Towsley, Blanche28 Jun 1898Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Towsley, Patsy A4 Nov 19278 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Towsley, William R15 May 192715 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Toy, Madelene H14 Dec 19021 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Toyias, Pete30 Jan 1920Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Tozzer, Wade11 Dec 1894Apr 1980Fort Wayne

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