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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Trabel, Clarence24 Mar 1908Apr 1987Monroeville
Trabel, Cynthia J21 Oct 19541 Sep 1997Monroeville
Trabel, Edwin18 Jun 1903Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Trabel, Esther F17 Jul 190115 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Trabel, Evelyn A4 Nov 191917 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Trabel, John15 Aug 1910Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Trabel, Mary V13 Sep 19175 Oct 2009Monroeville
Trabel, Nancy L14 Dec 19325 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Trabel, Teresa M22 Mar 190822 May 2001Fort Wayne
Tracey, Ann22 Sep 1916Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Tracey, Anna12 Jul 1886Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Tracey, Benjamin21 Apr 1913Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Tracey, Deborah J3 Jul 195412 May 2009Fort Wayne
Tracey, Ervin9 May 1910Feb 1979Fort Wayne, New Haven
Tracey, Gertrude A5 Nov 191227 Jul 1995New Haven
Tracey, Grayce7 Jan 190811 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Tracey, Josephine M21 Jul 191914 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Tracey, Marcella25 Oct 1928May 1984Fort Wayne
Tracey, Melden E22 Aug 192120 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Tracey, Melvin23 Mar 1917Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Tracey, Mildred6 Apr 1911Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Tracey, Orville17 Mar 1906Sep 1965Fort Wayne
Tracey, Perry31 Oct 1887Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Tracey, Wilbur P16 Nov 190913 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Tracey, William E16 Nov 19092 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Tracey, William R26 Mar 19322 Aug 2002New Haven
Tracht, Harold12 Sep 1886Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Tracht, May15 May 1894May 1982Fort Wayne
Tracy, Anna23 Aug 1904Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Tracy, Carolyn F5 Aug 19342 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Tracy, Elaine13 Nov 1951Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Tracy, Elvira E22 Mar 19313 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Tracy, Flossie3 Nov 1898Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Tracy, Ivan F26 Dec 191519 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Tracy, Mark3 Aug 1916Sep 1974Woodburn
Tracy, Norma21 Dec 1927Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Tracy, Pauline J15 Oct 19269 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Tracy, Robert3 Jan 1924Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Tracy, Russel13 Aug 19243 Jul 1986Huntertown
Tracy, Ruth29 Sep 1891Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Trader, Elsie16 Dec 1905Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Trader, Frank14 Oct 1892Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Trahin, Carrie14 Dec 1893Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Trahin, Clifford3 Dec 191926 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Trahin, John M23 Sep 192912 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Trahin, Mary Alice29 May 191720 Feb 2009New Haven
Trahin, Paul J5 Oct 192322 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Trahin, Shirley M18 Aug 192427 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Traicos, Velica15 Mar 1894May 1978Fort Wayne
Traina, Pasquale21 Nov 19266 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Trainer, Catherine4 Jan 1896May 1975Fort Wayne
Trainer, Donald L19 Aug 193424 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Trainer, Doris15 Feb 1915Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Trainer, Gale23 Sep 1921Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Trainer, Ruth3 Sep 19215 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Trainer, Stanley G22 Jun 192823 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Trainer, Wayne E2 Oct 192815 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Trammel, Bert23 Sep 1907Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Trammel, Clarence24 Aug 1904Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Trammel, Donald W2 Sep 191711 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Trammel, Dorothy B14 Feb 190910 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Trammel, Ernest17 Oct 1902Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Trammel, Eugene N26 Oct 193412 May 2004Fort Wayne
Trammel, Harry5 Aug 1918May 1983Fort Wayne
Trammel, Pearl M9 Nov 188115 Jan 1968Grabill
Trammell, Robert L28 Aug 19284 Jun 1996New Haven
Tran, L20 Jul 192122 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Tran, Trai15 Jul 191718 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Tran, Tu26 Feb 19588 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Tranter, Arline S8 Sep 1921Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Trapp, John14 Nov 1897Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Trarbach, Edna7 Apr 1898Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Trarbach, Esther27 Jan 1895May 1981Fort Wayne
Trarbach, Hilda1 May 1893Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Traster, Clarence13 Jan 19091 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Traster, Ezra15 Nov 1888Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Traster, Flossie3 Apr 190313 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Traster, Marion21 May 189930 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Traughber, John27 Apr 1923Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Traughber, Lona J9 Sep 19372 Feb 1999Churubusco
Trautman, Barbara J22 Jun 193329 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Trautman, Evelyn18 Mar 1889May 1979Fort Wayne
Trautman, Fred12 Jun 1893Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Trautman, Harold26 May 1920Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Trautman, Harry2 Apr 1885Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Trautman, Helen13 Jun 1900Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Trautman, Leota9 Aug 1898Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Trautman, Minnie19 Jan 1889Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Trautman, Samuel29 Dec 1887Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Trautman, Walter8 Oct 1905Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Trautman, Wilma19 Apr 1911Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Travers, Golda G28 Aug 190723 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Travers, Lester27 Aug 192229 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Travers, Mary26 Feb 1892Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Travers, Virginia8 Sep 1895Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Travis, Dorothy13 May 1912May 1986Fort Wayne
Travis, Forest W2 Jun 191318 Dec 1999New Haven
Travis, Hazel M5 Apr 192130 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Travis, James12 Sep 1911Oct 1977Woodburn
Travis, Lewis W21 Feb 191614 Aug 1995New Haven
Travis, Melvina14 Jun 193822 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Travis, Ressie6 Dec 1905Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Travis, Robert V31 Oct 193421 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Travis, Vance W7 Feb 192119 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Travis, William7 Feb 1902May 1980Fort Wayne
Traw, Glen16 Dec 1901Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Traxler, Harold27 May 1907Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Traxler, James29 Jun 1912May 1985Fort Wayne
Traxler, Mildred15 Jan 1909Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Traxler, Ruth22 Jul 1915Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Traxler, Susie G12 Dec 190511 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Traxler, Terry12 Mar 1905Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Traylor, Herman13 Oct 1904Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Traylor, Sarah B7 Jun 19157 May 2006Fort Wayne
Treace, Robert26 May 1918Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Treace, Sherman D4 Jan 19237 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Treace, William13 Jun 1894Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Treadway, Luther1 Dec 1909Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Treadway, Mabel C24 Sep 192618 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Treadwell, Delight3 Sep 1908Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Treager, Ann M26 Jul 192217 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Treager, Holly J23 Jun 196425 May 1999Fort Wayne
Treager, Robert E16 May 19248 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Tredway, Joseph20 Aug 1911Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Treece, Roger D13 Jul 19386 Jan 2007Churubusco
Treen, Florence16 Dec 1893Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Treen, Genevieve6 Oct 1911Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Treen, Harold22 Jan 1893Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Treesh, Billy E1 May 192127 May 2009New Haven
Treesh, Harold H28 Nov 190821 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Treesh, Hilda T5 May 191114 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Treesh, Jack L8 Nov 192724 Apr 1999New Haven
Treesh, Jesse23 Feb 1882Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Treesh, Loretta V16 May 191428 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Treesh, Olive28 Sep 1881Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Treesh, Robert A8 Feb 192914 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Treesh, Tamara E16 Jun 19144 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Treesh, Virginia L5 Apr 193025 Aug 2006New Haven
Treesh, William C20 May 195120 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Trefny, Barbara A15 Dec 19323 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Treft, Darlene5 Nov 193226 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Treft, Harold T10 Oct 19376 Sep 2009Roanoke
Treft, Mary A7 Jun 19107 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Treft, Thomas H7 Oct 193115 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Trego, Robert Earl2 Feb 19299 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Trego, Ruth21 Mar 1897Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Treida, Sara J9 Apr 19184 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Treiner, Emma2 Apr 1891Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Treiner, Nicholaus25 Feb 1889May 1980Fort Wayne
Treloar, Elizabeth L4 Jan 19457 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Treloar, Kathleen19 Jun 1894Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Treloar, Thomas H21 Dec 19009 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Tremble, Rebecca5 Nov 1877Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Trempel, Gertrude1 Dec 1899Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Trempel, William1 Jan 1900Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Tremper, Nellie26 Nov 1898May 1986Fort Wayne
Trenary, Betty J24 Mar 193514 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Trenary, Harry10 Mar 1893Sep 1965Fort Wayne
Trenary, Kenneth2 Aug 1904Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Trenary, Rose9 Oct 1899Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Trendle, Mary Jane J27 Aug 193321 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Trenkley, Roxie30 Apr 1903Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Trenkley, Theodore21 Apr 1902Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Trennepohl, Hermina12 Aug 1914Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Trenner, Kenneth W31 May 191420 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Trent, Ceaser11 Oct 1911Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Trent, Elsie V4 May 19217 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Trent, Martha19 Sep 1903Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Trent, Willard W4 Sep 193723 Apr 2002Churubusco
Trentadue, Angelo F15 Jun 19229 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Trentadue, Angelo J26 Jan 191311 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Trentadue, Cecilia9 Mar 1895Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Trentadue, Eleanor I5 Jul 192524 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Trentadue, Rafaele19 Jan 1893Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Trentadue, Rocco20 Feb 1889Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Trentman, Clementine15 Sep 1900Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Trentman, Henrietta7 Sep 1894Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Trentman, Rose M21 Feb 19065 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Trentman, Virginia1 Mar 1913Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Treon, Edwin L3 Sep 192113 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Trepachko, Josephine19 Nov 19139 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Trepak, Wasyl26 Dec 1922Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Tresch, Mary19 Jan 1901Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Tressler, Duane M23 Dec 193125 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Tressler, Ressley Jr6 Aug 1922Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Tressler, Theda M8 Aug 193310 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Treu, Arthur25 Apr 1886Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Treu, Kate16 Jan 1881Jun 1976New Haven
Treuchet, Catherine29 Feb 1886Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Trevey, Ethel7 Aug 1892Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Trevey, Helene30 Sep 1892May 1976Churubusco
Trevey, Lillie B14 Feb 187915 Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Trevey, Mary3 Aug 1900Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Trevey, Myron25 Aug 1913Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Trevey, Ralph25 May 1890Sep 1967Churubusco
Trevey, Thomas C21 Jul 192816 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Trevino, Ruperto27 Mar 1900Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Tribbett, Clyde20 Aug 1902Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Tribbett, Evelyn B15 Jul 1912Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Tribolet, Claude2 Apr 190817 Jun 1992Roanoke
Tribolet, Gladys25 Aug 191116 Apr 2002Roanoke
Tribolet, Hazel27 Nov 1911Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Tribolet, Horace E23 Mar 19093 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Trice, Camilla P22 Feb 193321 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Trice, Charles M3 Oct 193125 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Trice, Edith6 Oct 19331 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Trice, Eleanor N22 Jan 190816 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Trichoff, Lillian7 Jul 1898Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Trichoff, Nicholas25 Dec 1894Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Tricker, W E18 May 194715 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Trickey, Margaret W26 Apr 192128 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Tricola, Frances19 Nov 1893May 1982Fort Wayne
Trier, Algunda1 Feb 192412 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Trier, Anna13 Feb 1896May 1983Fort Wayne
Trier, Clara10 Dec 1902Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Trier, Elfrieda20 Apr 1896Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Trier, Elmer H7 Jul 19174 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Trier, Emma17 Jan 1886May 1975Fort Wayne
Trier, Erwin22 Nov 1898Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Trier, Lena10 Aug 1888Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Trier, Louis31 Aug 1881Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Trier, Marceille11 Sep 1901May 1983Fort Wayne
Trier, Martin4 Jul 1895Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Trier, Paul L25 Oct 19224 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Trier, Regina A29 Apr 19123 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Trier, Robert W30 Jul 19238 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Trietch, Theodore H26 Dec 190816 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Trigg, C E29 Aug 19351 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Trigg, Catrina Renee8 Nov 197511 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Trigg, Cecelia M14 Feb 1925Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Trigg, Eva17 Oct 1898Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Trigg, Garfield E11 Nov 192417 May 1997Fort Wayne
Trigg, Lola M5 Jan 19272 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Trim, Bernard E3 Jan 1920Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Trim, Bertha W30 May 19118 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Trim, Nellie D13 Dec 192426 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Trim, Virgil A24 Jan 191012 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Trimble, Audrey25 Mar 1895Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Trimble, Carl4 Sep 1901Oct 1986Leo
Trimble, Everett10 Dec 1926Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Trimble, Glenn W9 May 190924 Mar 1998Leo
Trimble, Harry J12 Nov 19251 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Trimble, Joseph E8 Oct 192317 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Trimble, M M18 Jan 190517 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Trimble, Opal4 Jan 1913May 1978Fort Wayne
Trimble, Roy25 Jul 1914Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Trimm, David15 Aug 1944May 1985Fort Wayne
Trimm, Joseph17 Aug 1914Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Trimmer, Fred7 Nov 1910Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Trimmer, Otto14 May 1893Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Trimmer, William17 Mar 1919Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Trinen, Ida12 Sep 1883Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Trinh, Dinh T12 Dec 192930 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Trinklein, Hilda8 Jan 1905Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Trinklein, John16 Sep 1900Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Triplett, Lona6 Aug 1871Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Tripoli, Fortonato22 Nov 1894Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Tripp, Floyd8 Jun 1906Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Tripp, Mary27 Jun 1899Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Trischler, Leslie24 Sep 1926Aug 1985Fort Wayne, Leo
Trischler, Linda1 May 1958May 1979Fort Wayne
Trissel, Janet E18 Jan 195228 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Tritch, Max A31 Jan 19177 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Tritch, Thomas M13 Apr 19506 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Trittipo, Edith M6 Apr 192310 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Trittipo, Joseph H1 Aug 192922 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Trittipo, Joyce E27 Feb 19204 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Trittipo, Marjorie A25 Sep 1896Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Troendly, Bernadine F9 Nov 19122 May 1993Fort Wayne
Troendly, Donald J7 Jan 193522 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Troendly, George J30 Jun 191524 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Troendly, Joseph13 Mar 1892Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Troendly, Joseph A26 Apr 195524 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Troendly, Joseph F10 Jul 191029 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Troendly, Rose2 May 1894Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Troendly, Velma C15 Sep 192629 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Troop, Clara15 Mar 1898Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Tropf, Ralph15 Jun 1898Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Tropmann, Agnes12 Feb 1907Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Trosin, Alfred C11 Nov 19076 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Trosin, Alvina10 May 190923 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Trosin, Mary8 Jan 1910Jul 1985Roanoke
Trosper, Howard2 Jun 193517 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Trossett, Altha12 Jan 1890Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Trosvig, Howard R26 Jun 19292 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Trosvig, Lloyd V14 Jul 193428 Mar 1993New Haven
Trott, Amanda15 Dec 1878Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Trott, Charles1 Mar 1893Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Trott, David C5 Feb 194223 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Trott, Frank30 Nov 1902Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Trotter, Elva30 Nov 190629 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Trotter, Richard O14 Nov 19825 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Troue, Florence E14 Feb 192917 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Troue, Roemer H26 Dec 192120 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Troup, Berneta1 Sep 19101 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Troup, Clarence R24 Jul 190814 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Troup, Elsie11 Jun 1895Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Troup, Faye J5 Sep 192716 Oct 2005Roanoke
Troup, Harry R18 May 192029 Apr 2009Roanoke
Trout, Elizabeth10 Dec 1904Jun 1985New Haven
Trout, Harold28 Jan 1904Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Trout, John Wayne7 Jul 194511 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Trout, Julia4 Jul 1911Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Trout, Meredith27 Oct 1908May 1979Fort Wayne
Trout, Nancy J15 Sep 192626 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Trout, Neal V26 Sep 19353 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Trout, Nellie31 Oct 1907Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Trout, Nora3 Sep 1897Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Troutman, Dorothy H19 May 191226 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Troutman, Maxine F22 Oct 192121 Apr 1990New Haven
Troutner, C W6 Nov 19353 Nov 2005Monroeville
Troutner, Doris M4 Sep 191014 May 1999Fort Wayne
Troutner, Ella5 Aug 1883Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Troutner, Julie18 Jul 1952Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Troutner, Max A23 Aug 19399 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Troutner, Thomas A9 Jan 193226 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Trovinger, Roy E12 Mar 19137 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Trowbridge, Gary L11 Aug 195422 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Trowbridge, Homer24 Aug 1907Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Trowbridge, Inez10 Nov 1908Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Trowbridge, Kirk D15 Dec 195426 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Trowbridge, Mildred J11 Sep 19052 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Trowbridge, Naomi R27 Jan 191330 Mar 2001Leo
Trowbridge, Nettie19 May 1894May 1972Fort Wayne
Trowbridge, Raymond19 Jan 1913Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Trowbridge, Shirley M25 Jul 191725 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Trowbridge, Thresa21 Mar 1908Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Troxel, George A15 Jul 19275 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Troxel, Mary12 Feb 1889Aug 1974New Haven
Troxel, Vera L16 Nov 191622 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Troxell, Earl16 May 1909Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Troxell, Jack E18 Dec 19298 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Troy, Edward A11 Apr 19055 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Troy, Gladys H31 Aug 19077 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Troyer, Anna12 Nov 1902Feb 1981Leo
Troyer, Darrell31 Mar 1910Feb 1979Churubusco
Troyer, Delano C7 Apr 193422 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Troyer, Delores M25 May 19335 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Troyer, Donald E16 Jun 19316 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Troyer, Edna22 Jun 1878Sep 1974Monroeville
Troyer, Emma D24 May 19236 Oct 2007Fort Wayne, Grabill
Troyer, Eva E3 Aug 191018 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Troyer, Jerry26 Dec 1898Apr 1966Leo
Troyer, Joyce A27 Jun 194812 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Troyer, M7 Apr 1889Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Troyer, Margaret8 Jul 1906Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Troyer, Mary25 Dec 1893Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Troyer, Phineas3 Aug 1910Jan 1982Grabill
Troyer, Richard W19 Jun 19178 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Troyer, Ruth Naomi13 Jan 191616 Jan 2008Churubusco
Troyer, Tina13 Apr 1932Sep 1976Churubusco
Troyer, Willard W22 May 191125 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Troyer, Willis C29 Apr 191321 Mar 2004Leo
Troyer, Winifred19 Mar 1915Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Troynek, Erl1 Jan 1908Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Truba, Joseph E9 Aug 192418 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Truba, K Marian7 Aug 19246 May 2008Fort Wayne
Truba, Michael A31 Dec 195229 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Trubenbacher, Aline29 Apr 1901Jan 1980New Haven
Truby, Alice9 Sep 1884Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Truby, Paul7 Jul 1904Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Trudell, Ethel11 Jul 1922May 1987Fort Wayne
True Jr, Charles T11 Apr 195010 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
True, Ruby F6 Dec 19223 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Trueblood, Roger L5 Oct 1901Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Truelove, Allen11 Jul 193517 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Truelove, Angeline29 Feb 1880Jan 1969New Haven
Truelove, Beatrice7 Mar 19111 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Truelove, Esther13 Jan 1882Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Truelove, Floyd5 Nov 1901Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Truelove, Regina25 Jul 1900Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Truemper, Emma1 Sep 1895Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Truemper, John Sr14 Nov 1891Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Truesdell, Charles W14 Sep 19239 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Truesdell, Gloria J25 Apr 192717 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Truesdell, John P12 Oct 192021 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Truesdell, Ruth W8 Feb 192128 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Trulock, Billy A5 Dec 19403 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Trulock, Eileen M18 Aug 192027 Mar 2002Roanoke
Trulock, Evelyn L7 May 192524 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Trulock, June L10 Dec 19146 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Truman, Bessie7 Aug 1889Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Truman, Floyd26 Apr 1914Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Truman, Hazel19 Mar 1915Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Truman, James T4 Oct 190411 Sep 1993Churubusco
Truman, Kenneth19 Aug 1918Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Truman, Roline P15 Oct 1919Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Trumble, William11 Apr 1926Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Trumbull, Howard W3 Sep 193630 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Trumbull, John11 Jul 1893Mar 1969Churubusco
Trummer, Marie L28 Jan 19256 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Trump, Bertha15 Feb 1905Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Trump, Curtis2 Feb 1901Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Trump, Dewitt M2 Sep 19128 May 1994Fort Wayne
Trump, Grace11 Jul 1896Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Trump, Helen5 Dec 1905Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Trump, Helen I26 Jan 192029 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Trump, John14 Apr 1902May 1968Fort Wayne
Trump, Mary F27 Jan 19241 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Trump, Mary Lou L26 May 192922 Jul 2002Hoagland
Trump, Thelma M6 Mar 1904Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Trus, Daria6 Oct 1902Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Trussell, Carol A6 May 194722 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Trusty, Ruth9 Aug 1895Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Trutwig, Herbert29 Oct 1911Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Trutwig, Paul23 Sep 1898Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Trutwig, Reinhart28 Feb 1901Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Tryc, Michael15 Dec 1910Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Tryce, Joseph3 May 1886Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Tryce, Josephine23 Feb 1887Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Trzynka, Carl21 Feb 1895Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Trzynka, Dennis Leslie29 Jan 19483 Feb 2008New Haven
Trzynka, Norman L10 Jun 192221 Jun 2006New Haven
Trzynka, Selma20 Aug 1897Jul 1982Fort Wayne

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