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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Tubbs, Callie9 Jun 1923Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Tubbs, Delphia27 May 192727 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Tubbs, Louella L8 Apr 1923Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Tubbs, Robert E21 Dec 192714 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Tubbs, Willie A23 Jan 192718 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Tubbs, Willie A2 Apr 193527 May 2004Fort Wayne
Tubbs, Zelma20 Nov 192418 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Tubich, Mary8 Jul 19123 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Tuck, Golda E25 Nov 190315 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Tuck, Robert W20 Aug 191826 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Tucker, Alva13 Dec 1892Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Tucker, Beulah4 Mar 1906Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Tucker, Beverly2 Apr 1924Jul 1986Huntertown
Tucker, Carson H8 Oct 191510 Aug 2005Huntertown
Tucker, Clemmie24 Oct 1889Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Tucker, Conrad W21 Aug 191023 Mar 1992Huntertown
Tucker, Della17 Nov 1905Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Tucker, Dorothy J23 Feb 19289 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Tucker, Earnestine4 Sep 192918 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Tucker, Edna M23 Sep 191019 Oct 2004Roanoke
Tucker, Emery8 Jan 1907Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Tucker, Ethel11 Aug 1892Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Tucker, Ethel20 Jul 1910Mar 1980Roanoke
Tucker, Eula P16 Apr 1918Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Tucker, Eva31 Jan 1906Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Tucker, Fluella16 Jun 1890Aug 1983Huntertown
Tucker, Fredrick19 Jul 1951Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Tucker, Glenna F14 Feb 19095 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Tucker, Harold2 Feb 1905Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Tucker, Howard G12 Feb 192212 Jun 1998Huntertown
Tucker, Ida3 Feb 1890Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Tucker, Jacob29 Nov 1882Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Tucker, James7 Nov 1896Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Tucker, Joseph C25 Jan 193219 May 2006Spencerville
Tucker, Joyce29 May 1911Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Tucker, Larkin21 Oct 1881Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Tucker, Laura9 Mar 1913May 1975Fort Wayne
Tucker, Laverna G19 Jan 192830 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Tucker, Lewis18 Jul 1913Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Tucker, Marcella4 Mar 193515 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Tucker, Marilyn V21 Jul 19225 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Tucker, Mary11 Mar 1932Jan 1982Spencerville
Tucker, Mildred17 Dec 1892Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Tucker, Milo27 Dec 1927Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Tucker, Norma A13 Apr 191710 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Tucker, Oscar2 Aug 1907Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Tucker, Richard D4 Feb 192329 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Tucker, Rita M14 May 192514 Oct 1997Huntertown
Tucker, Ruth24 Apr 1888Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Tucker, Stanton3 Oct 1907Apr 1983Roanoke
Tucker, Sue26 Jan 1933Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Tucker, Vera C16 Jan 191330 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Tucker, Virginia20 Aug 1918Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Tucker, William10 Apr 1878Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Tucker, William D15 Oct 194317 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Tudico, Ennio R23 Oct 19213 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Tudico, Victoria R20 Sep 192621 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Tudor, Berneta21 Jun 1899Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Tudor, Norman24 Feb 1897Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Tudor, Oris8 Feb 1913Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Tudor, Robert24 Aug 1922Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Tudor, Roland M17 Feb 1930Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Tuenge, Herman30 Jan 1879Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Tuerschman, Carl10 Aug 1892Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Tuerschman, Edwin18 Nov 1898Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Tufts, Charles F28 Feb 190829 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Tuggle, Frank23 Oct 1910Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Tule, Berniece23 Aug 1905Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Tulley, Chester25 Apr 1894Feb 1974Churubusco
Tulley, Gladys12 Aug 1902Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Tulley, Gloyd5 Jun 1920Sep 1980Churubusco
Tulley, H W13 Sep 192815 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Tullis, M L23 Apr 19204 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Tullis, Ramona E29 Jun 194025 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Tulloch, Thomas2 Oct 1903Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Tullock, Dorothy O5 Jul 192226 Jan 2001New Haven
Tullock, Robert F21 May 191830 Jan 1993New Haven
Tully, Dorene H11 Dec 191025 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Tully, Emmett27 Oct 190514 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Tully, Gladys L8 Jun 191526 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Tumbleson, Betty J1 Dec 19442 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Tumbleson, Mary6 Oct 1883Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Tumbleson, Oma6 Oct 1891Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Tumbleson, Paul E9 Mar 192227 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Tun, Martine12 Dec 194222 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Tunison, Louise H17 Nov 190524 May 1992Fort Wayne
Tunnell, Harry D28 Nov 19296 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Tunno, Grace E18 Jun 192622 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Tuori, Tony J22 Dec 192224 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Tupper, Gary D9 Nov 196319 Nov 2003New Haven
Tupper, Lloyd W9 May 19201 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Tupper, Marcelle L23 Jun 191926 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Turansky, Pauline22 Sep 190611 May 2000Fort Wayne
Turansky, Ruth F26 Jul 192620 May 2008Fort Wayne
Turckes, Dorothy2 Mar 1929May 1986Fort Wayne
Turflinger, Betty R13 Sep 191823 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Turflinger, Thomas12 Aug 1916May 1978Fort Wayne
Turk, Vivian21 May 1895Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Turley, Barton R13 Jun 191817 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Turley, Betty L5 Dec 19202 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Turley, George H23 Mar 190813 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Turley, Joseph15 Jul 1895Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Turley, Wayne E8 Aug 192325 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Turnage, C L7 Dec 195415 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Turnbow, Blanche2 Dec 1903Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Turnbow, Mary14 Sep 1905Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Turnbow, Nathan16 Oct 1904May 1979Fort Wayne
Turnbow, Robert26 Jun 1908May 1974Fort Wayne
Turnbull, Anna23 Dec 1879Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Turnbull, George14 Nov 1903Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Turner, Agnes14 Oct 19242 May 2002Fort Wayne
Turner, Alfred J17 Jun 192330 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Turner, Alma11 Jul 1892Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Turner, Alvin R26 Jun 191824 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Turner, Barbara15 Jan 1926Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Turner, Ben24 Nov 1924Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Turner, Berneda30 Mar 193014 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Turner, Bertha5 Aug 1895Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Turner, Bessie24 Apr 19148 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Turner, Betty5 Jul 1924Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Turner, Byram13 May 1914Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Turner, Carol J2 Jun 19307 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Turner, Charles18 Sep 1880Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Turner, Charles E4 Nov 191728 Sep 1997Roanoke
Turner, Charles L3 Dec 192414 Apr 2008New Haven
Turner, Clarence E13 Jun 192015 Feb 2001New Haven
Turner, Clifford25 Dec 191328 May 1992Fort Wayne
Turner, Collette5 May 191320 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Turner, Delbert5 Jun 1915Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Turner, Delbert L29 Jul 192230 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Turner, Dicy J2 Mar 19222 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Turner, Dixie L15 Sep 19146 Nov 1991Roanoke
Turner, Donald R3 Feb 194415 Jul 2009New Haven
Turner, Donna June17 Oct 194513 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Turner, Eddie M7 Dec 19373 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Turner, Edith23 May 1916Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Turner, Edward H6 Mar 191331 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Turner, Elaine8 Jul 1897Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Turner, Elmira26 Jan 192111 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Turner, Elwood13 Sep 1876Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Turner, Emerson L5 Jun 194010 May 2004Fort Wayne
Turner, Eva1 Apr 1896Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Turner, Fay26 Oct 1884Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Turner, Florence15 Nov 1883Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Turner, George H31 Aug 192524 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Turner, Glenn11 Aug 1927Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Turner, Gordon2 Jan 1898Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Turner, Hattie M21 Jul 1924Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Turner, Inez J20 Dec 192423 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Turner, Irma G14 Jul 191526 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Turner, Ivory J5 Dec 196031 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Turner, J11 Jan 194915 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Turner, James7 Feb 1960Jan 1981New Haven
Turner, James W19 Aug 19256 May 1999Fort Wayne
Turner, Jeanette9 Feb 195312 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Turner, Jeanette E13 Sep 19243 May 1997Fort Wayne
Turner, Jeffrey L13 Nov 195519 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Turner, Jesse W18 Nov 197815 May 1994Fort Wayne
Turner, Jessie L1 Aug 192222 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Turner, Joseph18 Aug 1914Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Turner, Lee11 Feb 1928Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Turner, Leroy10 Jul 1930Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Turner, Lillie B21 May 19328 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Turner, Lockett6 Jul 1898Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Turner, Lois B6 Dec 193522 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Turner, Loretta A2 Aug 193419 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Turner, Mable Ruth17 Sep 19348 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Turner, Margaret16 Oct 1928Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Turner, Mary Alice5 Feb 191925 May 2005Fort Wayne
Turner, Minnie23 Dec 1893Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Turner, Nora22 Oct 1898Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Turner, Patty A29 Mar 192630 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Turner, Quentin14 Dec 1909Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Turner, Reane30 Aug 1893Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Turner, Robert L20 Dec 19249 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Turner, Rosetta10 Aug 193722 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Turner, Samuel L13 Feb 194223 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Turner, Terrence J8 Jan 194825 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Turner, Thomas J21 Jul 19342 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Turner, Vickii E20 Aug 195618 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Turner, Virginia L22 Sep 191616 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Turner, Walter26 Nov 1896Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Turner, William C2 Oct 19272 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Turney, Benjamin12 Mar 1889Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Turney, Edith17 Sep 1906Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Turney, Ella S12 Aug 191815 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Turney, Mabelle M9 Apr 189331 Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Turney, Margaret27 Mar 1908Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Turney, Mildred31 Jan 1899Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Turnipseed, Roy22 Feb 1896Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Turnley, Lillian16 Apr 1895Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Turnpaugh, Gerry K28 Jul 194117 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Turnpaugh, Harry11 Jul 1880Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Turpchinoff, Frieda15 Jun 1900Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Turpchinoff, James M18 Jan 192128 May 1998Fort Wayne
Turpchinoff, Marjorie E18 Oct 19284 May 2006Fort Wayne
Turpchinoff, Martha28 Jun 1926May 1981Fort Wayne
Turpchinoff, William29 Oct 1923May 1983Fort Wayne
Turrentine, Clarence17 Mar 1925Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Turrin, Albert C10 Feb 192319 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Turrin, David A29 Oct 194313 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Tuscan, Lucille S26 Dec 19161 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Tusing, William22 Oct 1916May 1987Fort Wayne
Tustison, Adrian G30 Jul 19217 Nov 2001New Haven
Tustison, Carl9 Jul 1908Dec 1983Spencerville
Tustison, Forest26 Jun 1911Aug 1977New Haven
Tustison, Gaylon M5 Feb 190910 Oct 1994Spencerville
Tustison, John P3 Jun 19385 Apr 2005Spencerville
Tustison, Maurice27 Sep 1911Jan 1984Harlan
Tustison, N L21 Apr 191029 Jan 1995New Haven
Tutrinoli, Susie Gertrude15 Dec 192724 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Tutterrow, Morrie13 Oct 1913May 1985Fort Wayne
Tuttle, Carrie A22 Jan 192619 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Tuttle, Caryl14 Mar 1884Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Tuttle, Caryl O13 Dec 190819 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Tuttle, Gene E15 Mar 19141 Nov 2007Harlan
Tuttle, Georgia13 Dec 1896Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Tuttle, Gladys18 Oct 1898Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Tuttle, Janis30 Nov 193613 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Tuttle, Kathlynn A12 Dec 19185 Dec 2005Harlan
Tuttle, Martha G10 Apr 190631 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Tuttle, Robert C20 Mar 192217 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Tuttle, Timothy Allen28 Nov 195618 Jan 2010New Haven
Tuttle, Vera4 Mar 1899Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Tutwiler, Berneice E7 Oct 19148 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Tutwiler, Carol J6 Nov 19399 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Tutwiler, Joseph6 Feb 1910Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Tutwiler, Mary22 Jan 1892Apr 1987Fort Wayne

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