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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Vacanti, Charles I24 Oct 192124 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Vacanti, Rita M5 Aug 19248 Sep 2003Roanoke
Vachon, Alvin J30 Aug 193230 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Vachon, Arthur H26 Feb 192420 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Vachon, Charles4 Jan 1902Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Vachon, Don15 Feb 1912Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Vachon, Doris E2 Aug 193322 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Vachon, Douglas15 Feb 1912Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Vachon, Eugene R1 Jan 192614 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Vachon, Fred12 Jul 1896Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Vachon, Genevieve28 Apr 1912Jun 1983New Haven
Vachon, Gladys R5 Nov 190913 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Vachon, Gloria2 Oct 1931Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Vachon, Helen15 Aug 1902Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Vachon, James L19 Dec 192630 May 1997Fort Wayne
Vachon, Jim F18 Jan 19378 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Vachon, Kennith D29 May 19641 Jul 1997Churubusco
Vachon, Leo14 Jun 1894Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Vachon, Lois J17 Jul 19305 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Vachon, Lois Marie12 Feb 191825 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Vachon, Louise A29 Aug 191625 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Vachon, Mary10 Feb 1902Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Vachon, Maude13 Apr 19014 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Vachon, Richard J25 Dec 192711 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Vachon, Robert19 Jan 1893Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Vachon, Robert L30 Dec 189815 Oct 1988New Haven
Vachon, Rosemary3 Oct 193610 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Vachon, Tamara K29 Nov 19666 Oct 2009New Haven
Vachon, Thomas4 Aug 1916May 1983Fort Wayne
Vachon, Thomas W9 Oct 19262 Mar 2002New Haven
Vachon, William J31 Dec 190613 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Vail, John23 Feb 1899Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Vail, John E23 Jul 192130 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Vail, Mary C10 Jun 19227 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Vail, Patrick J22 Aug 192427 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Vaile, W2 Sep 1905Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Vajen, Herman6 Feb 1896Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Vakerics, Michael8 Oct 191018 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Valadez, Joseph30 Dec 195824 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Valentine, Bertha21 Sep 1893Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Valentine, Blanche24 Mar 1900Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Valentine, Clarence30 Aug 1886Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Valentine, Frank11 Apr 1893Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Valentine, Hazel25 May 1906Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Valentine, John D12 May 192020 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Valentine, Lewis11 Jun 19015 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Valentine, Oscar J5 Feb 189015 Jan 1973Spencerville
Valentine, Pauline2 May 1920May 1975Fort Wayne
Valentine, Phyllis A14 Jul 193029 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Valentine, Ralph21 Jan 1897Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Valentine, Reba22 Dec 1899Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Valentine, Roger E24 Mar 192030 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Valentine, Rosil8 May 1895May 1977Fort Wayne
Valentine, Ruth E1 Jun 19045 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Valentine, Snarr2 Oct 1898Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Valentine, Vera3 May 1903Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Valentine, Wilfred8 Aug 1903Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Valiton, Walter14 Jan 1907Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Valroff, Howard4 Apr 1890Sep 1984Churubusco
Van Allen, Alice E23 Aug 191617 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Van Alstine, Elwood H26 Nov 191416 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Van Anda, Tatiana3 Sep 192914 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Van Arsdale, Marcile6 Dec 19185 Feb 2003Woodburn
Van Cleave, Miriam24 May 19344 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Van Der Boll, Johanna W20 Jan 19015 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Van Deuson, Jack14 Aug 19329 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Van Dine, Carolyn R21 Jan 193515 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Van Driessch, Raymond6 Aug 1927Apr 1980New Haven
Van Hooz En, Mahala3 May 1903Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Van Horn, Richard A10 Feb 19277 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Van Kirk, George R4 Apr 191522 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Van Kleeck, Claude11 Aug 190412 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Van Lear, Marjorie Emma6 Nov 19212 Apr 2008Monroeville
Van Meter, Cecilia L3 Apr 191510 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Van Meter, Charles15 Oct 1908Jan 1987Churubusco
Van Meter, William E16 Feb 190510 Apr 1992Churubusco
Van Ness, Arthur L14 Feb 192028 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Van Niekerk, Andre29 Jun 19367 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Van Niekerk, Brenda9 Dec 19361 May 2009Fort Wayne
Van Olden, Diane F21 Sep 195829 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Van Olmen, Judith A19 Apr 193826 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Van Osdale, Helen28 Sep 1912Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Van Tilburg, Raymond G29 Apr 192230 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Van Tochine, Charlotte27 Jun 19067 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Van Vactor, Doris M12 Feb 191322 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Van Wald, James E19 Dec 194123 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Van Zile, Donna L14 May 19284 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Vanallen, Andrew9 Nov 1910Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Vanallen, Beverly J14 Apr 193013 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Vanallen, Catherine J12 Dec 19084 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Vanallen, Donald Lee17 Apr 19324 Dec 2008Grabill
Vanallen, George E5 Aug 193316 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Vanallen, Irvin R7 May 19213 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Vanallen, Maxine L30 Jun 19255 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Vanallen, Velma L30 Aug 193721 Dec 1999Grabill
Vanallen, William L30 Nov 19413 Nov 2004New Haven
Vanalstine, Betty12 Mar 1904Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Vanalstine, Sandra K20 May 195826 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Vanalstine, Willis29 Apr 1904Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Vanaman, Lyle28 May 19321 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Vananda, Arthur F2 Aug 190710 May 1995Fort Wayne
Vananda, Orpha C22 May 190821 Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Vanarnam, Helen P21 Sep 19041 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Vanarsdol, Max14 Jan 1892Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Vanarsdol, Opal13 Sep 189631 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Vanauken, Alta24 Jul 1894Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Vanbibber, Glenna25 Jun 1890Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Vanblaricom, Kenneth21 Sep 1910May 1978Fort Wayne
Vanboskirk, Georgie A22 Nov 188715 Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Vanburk, Catharine3 Nov 1913Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Vanburk, John E25 Feb 191312 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Vanbuskirk, Bess3 May 189014 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Vanbuskirk, Dora12 Jul 1885Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Vanbuskirk, Ferol13 Jan 1908Apr 1984Monroeville
Vanbuskirk, Loyd4 Nov 1904Nov 1970Monroeville
Vancamp, Bertha5 Sep 19072 May 1996Fort Wayne
Vancamp, Harold10 Dec 1900Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Vance, Debra J31 Aug 19568 May 2001Fort Wayne
Vance, Edwin C27 Jul 192312 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Vance, Ellen B23 Jul 19243 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Vance, Esther A6 Sep 19191 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Vance, Henry6 Apr 1923Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Vance, Kenneth G29 Jul 191327 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Vance, Lester A6 Jun 19504 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Vance, Mary9 Mar 1890Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Vance, Ollie3 Dec 1893Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Vance, Patricia R4 Jun 19248 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Vance, Regina16 Aug 1962May 1980Fort Wayne
Vance, Russell3 Dec 1890Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Vance, Ruth4 Dec 1892May 1985Fort Wayne
Vancleave, L Merrill25 Apr 1930Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Vancuren, Eugene3 Jun 1924Oct 1978Roanoke
Vancuren, Margaret G12 Mar 19212 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Vandagriff, Walter6 Mar 1916Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Vandebunt, Edith J20 Oct 189730 May 1989Fort Wayne
Vandebunt, Peter15 Sep 189630 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Vandegrift, Fern L4 Sep 191813 Jun 2002Leo
Vandenberg, Henrietta2 Oct 1892Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Vandenberg, J14 Aug 1898Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Vanderberg, Laura E2 Dec 194822 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Vanderbilt, Gary A9 Dec 19572 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Vanderburg, Angelina11 Jun 191021 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Vanderford, Henrietta B30 May 1903Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Vanderford, Richard F15 Oct 191329 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Vanderford, William E11 Apr 190128 May 1992Fort Wayne
Vandermark, Jesse25 Oct 1901Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Vandermotten, Mary T29 Sep 1929Oct 1994New Haven
Vanderploe, John E1 Oct 192631 Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Vanderpool, Elliot19 Oct 192427 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Vanderveer, Laverne L23 May 190726 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Vanderveer, Ruth A4 May 191330 Apr 2009Leo
Vandervort, Betty L21 Dec 191818 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Vandervort, Nicholas W9 Jun 191816 May 1992Fort Wayne
Vandeveer, James C14 Sep 19092 May 2002Fort Wayne
Vandeway, Velma J24 Feb 193514 Apr 2009Spencerville
Vandissen, Ruby J21 Dec 191220 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Vandiver, Ruth V27 Jan 19129 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Vandolah, Dessie26 Aug 1905Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Vandolah, Frank21 Jun 1903May 1982Fort Wayne
Vandrew, Lloyd11 Mar 1891Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Vandrew, Mary2 Mar 1892Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Vandrew, Mary E21 Feb 192120 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Vandusen, Jane M6 May 190911 May 2008Fort Wayne
Vandusen, Lester29 Jun 1930Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Vandusen, Mary22 Feb 1882Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Vandyke, Jack6 Jun 19251 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Vandyke, Jack M27 Jun 19429 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Vandyke, John5 Oct 1893Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Vanevery, Helen J14 Jun 192027 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Vanevery, Robert17 Oct 1902Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Vanevery, Waldo9 Mar 1906Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Vanfossen, Abner22 Aug 1910Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Vanfossen, Thomas21 Jan 1897Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Vangelakos, Katheryn31 Aug 191512 May 2002Fort Wayne
Vangorder, Pauline11 Feb 190124 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Vanhentenryc, Helen24 Apr 1907Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Vanhoozen, Clifton17 Oct 1901Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Vanhoozen, Donald6 Nov 1902Dec 1965Fort Wayne
Vanhoozen, Edith10 Mar 1901Mar 1986Roanoke
Vanhoozen, Glen24 Mar 1908Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Vanhoozen, Margaret29 Jul 1914Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Vanhoozen, Margaret E11 Dec 19084 Oct 1998Roanoke
Vanhoozen, Ronald E19 Feb 192326 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Vanhoozen, William9 Aug 1874Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Vanhorn, Alfred W8 Feb 19201 Oct 2004New Haven
Vanhorn, Carl18 Jan 1907Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Vanhorn, Clarence R2 Apr 191815 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Vanhorn, Cleveland29 Jul 1888Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Vanhorn, E L31 Mar 19097 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Vanhorn, Edwin29 Dec 1891Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Vanhorn, Elmer19 Apr 1918May 1987Fort Wayne
Vanhorn, Gaylord2 Feb 1904Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Vanhorn, George R11 May 1911May 1990Fort Wayne
Vanhorn, Hazel26 Nov 1891Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Vanhorn, Mayme I18 Sep 1911Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Vanhorn, Mildred P17 Mar 189723 Dec 1994Monroeville
Vanhorn, Raymond19 Apr 1901May 1968Fort Wayne
Vanhorn, Roger4 Nov 1960May 1976Monroeville
Vanhorn, Russell1 Jan 1900Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Vanhouten, Judson D23 Apr 193924 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Vanhouten, Tommy L12 Apr 192822 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Vankirk, Augusta J5 Jun 19159 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Vankirk, Helen L16 Jun 191814 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Vankirk, John21 Jun 1907Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Vankirk, Marie26 Sep 1916Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Vankirk, Mary20 May 1911Mar 1975New Haven
Vankirk, Nila C14 Dec 193724 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Vankirk, Richard7 Feb 191730 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Vankirk, William7 Apr 1911Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Vankirk, Zelda6 Oct 1905Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Vanlandingha, Robert D26 Dec 19309 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Vanlear, Robert M10 Aug 19201 May 1999Monroeville
Vanmeter, Agnes23 Jan 1893May 1979New Haven
Vanmeter, Archie D16 Jan 190712 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Vanmeter, Arthur10 Jun 1904Feb 1983Churubusco
Vanmeter, David25 Jun 1888Dec 1967New Haven
Vanmeter, David3 Sep 19235 Sep 2009New Haven
Vanmeter, Esther L15 Apr 190122 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Vanmeter, Gladys5 Mar 1890May 1982Fort Wayne
Vanmeter, Kenneth P19 May 19213 Feb 1991New Haven
Vanmeter, Mabel3 Aug 1890Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Vanmeter, Murro26 May 1888Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Vanmeter, Rachel G10 Mar 190431 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Vanmeter, Ronald D8 Aug 193318 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Vanmeter, William8 May 1894Aug 1972Churubusco
Vannatta, Benjamin K31 Oct 19156 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Vannatta, Louise M15 May 191710 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Vannatta, Mary F10 Apr 192415 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Vannatter, Fred8 Mar 1897Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Vannatter, James A24 Dec 192920 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Vannatter, Merline28 May 1901Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Vannatter, William B4 Feb 192711 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Vanness, Bernadine7 Jul 19158 May 2002Fort Wayne
Vanness, Gladys I5 Jul 191821 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Vanness, Miriam V8 Nov 192231 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Vannorman, Helen8 Dec 1900Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Vanorman, Jerome20 Mar 1918Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Vanorman, Susie19 Dec 1891Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Vanosdale, Freda27 Feb 1918Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Vanosdale, Percy22 Jul 1900Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Vanosdale, Ralph9 Jul 1894May 1975Fort Wayne
Vanosdol, Harold11 Aug 192330 May 2007Monroeville
Vanover, Clark19 Apr 1921Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Vanover, Leon14 Dec 1910Apr 1986Huntertown
Vanover, Leroy4 Oct 19468 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Vanover, Willie1 Feb 192428 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Vanpelt, Alma P28 Sep 191215 Nov 1995Huntertown
Vanpelt, Elizabeth L20 Apr 193925 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Vanpelt, India18 May 1892Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Vanpelt, Pauline C25 May 192218 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Vanpelt, Wendell24 Nov 1919Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Vanranst, Gladys7 Oct 1917Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Vanroosmalen, Martin26 Mar 1911Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Vanrooyen, William26 Jan 191523 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Vanrooyen, William T1 May 19505 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Vanryn, Edna L8 May 19064 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Vanryn, Frank J19 Jun 193516 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Vanryn, Matthew13 Sep 1903Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Vanselow, Esther M5 Nov 190918 Feb 1999New Haven
Vanskoik, Cecil5 Feb 1888Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Vanskyock, Marvin7 Jun 1907May 1966Fort Wayne
Vanskyock, Zara M25 Sep 191214 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Vanslyke, Jerry25 Apr 19594 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Vanswearinge, Frances20 Jul 1897Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Vanswearinge, Ivel G24 Oct 19053 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Vantilburg, Adeline10 Dec 1897Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Vanvoorst, Nell5 May 1897Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Vanwagner, Edith17 Oct 193417 Jul 1991New Haven
Vanwagner, Francile J26 Aug 19331 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Vanwagner, Robert D23 Jan 192327 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Vanwagner, Willidean2 Jul 18981 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Vanwald, Arthur E22 Jul 192330 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Vanwald, Barbara J11 Jul 192916 Aug 2006Churubusco
Vanwald, Clifford23 Oct 1926Jan 1985Churubusco
Vanwald, Ruth18 Oct 1895Jun 1976Churubusco
Vanwald, Walter3 Apr 1898Feb 1980Churubusco
Vanwey, Donald E1 Apr 193022 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Vanwey, Eberly C28 May 192526 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Vanwey, Olga5 Apr 1889Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Vanwey, Philip E15 Dec 195911 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Vanwinkle, Lester19 May 190531 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Vanwinkle, Marie7 Jan 190627 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Vanwinkle, Robert E7 Feb 192320 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Vanzandt, Viola6 May 190121 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Vanzile, Catharine21 Jan 19109 May 2004Leo
Vanzile, James8 Nov 1927Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Vanzile, Tommy J24 Apr 194222 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Vardaman, Albertus M21 May 191414 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Vardaman, Hoyland A14 Mar 191210 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Vardaman, Luella18 Mar 19167 Nov 2005Woodburn
Vardaman, Tiffin21 Dec 1915Dec 1980Grabill
Vardaman, Zelda R5 Jun 19191 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Varecha, Rose M10 Jan 19377 May 2006Fort Wayne
Varga, Mona23 Jun 1931Jul 1975Churubusco
Vargas, Bernardo25 Feb 1955Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Vargas, Jose29 Jul 1900Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Vargas, Simon S28 Dec 193623 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Vargo, Victor22 Oct 191912 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Varner, Beulah M12 Jun 190612 Aug 1998Leo
Varner, Edith13 Sep 19101 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Varner, Helen L10 Mar 19138 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Varner, John R18 Apr 19466 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Varner, Luella M22 Jun 191514 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Varner, Mable20 May 1903Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Varner, Richard27 Feb 1907Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Varney, Amos6 Jan 1910Mar 1981New Haven
Varney, L11 Feb 191417 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Varney, Ruth25 Mar 19121 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Varney, Virginia R10 Feb 191125 Apr 1992New Haven
Varro, Alex J9 Apr 19316 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Varro, Susie12 Dec 19078 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Vartanian, Lois A20 Dec 193211 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Vaserberg, Rue13 Dec 1910Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Vashon, Martha29 Mar 1891Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Vasileff, George5 May 1897Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Vasques, Eddie14 Jan 196220 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Vasquez St, Antonio18 Aug 194227 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Vasquez, Frances T2 Dec 19387 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Vasquez, Gilberto21 May 192920 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Vasquez, Juan A20 Oct 19375 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Vasquez, Maria M7 Dec 192115 May 2007Fort Wayne
Vasquez, Miguel21 May 197415 May 2007Fort Wayne
Vasquez, Petra M1 Aug 190425 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Vasquez, Tomas7 Mar 1913Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Vass, Opal M14 Dec 191327 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Vassar, Harriet Y14 Apr 195316 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Vastano, Mary A23 Jan 19117 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Vastano, Peter25 Jan 1896Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Vastano, S J4 Nov 19259 May 2009Fort Wayne
Vaszari, John13 Dec 191518 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Vatter, Genevieve M24 Sep 190223 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Vaubel, Catherine J9 May 194117 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Vaubel, Christian25 Mar 1899Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Vaughan, Charles B31 Dec 19218 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Vaughan, Darlene P1 Aug 193229 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Vaughan, Dolores A22 Oct 191718 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Vaughan, Verna25 Feb 1898Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Charles25 Aug 1878Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Charles20 May 1924Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Charlotte H2 Aug 1895May 1990Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Della11 Jun 1886Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Della17 Oct 1882Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Edward M22 May 194530 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Eileen M16 Apr 192830 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Elizabeth C29 Jan 191724 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Ernest3 Apr 1876May 1966Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Eula L11 Sep 19497 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Fred7 Jun 1890Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Harry17 Jul 1892Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Harry C21 Sep 192113 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Helen M2 Mar 192430 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Hugh M1 Aug 191810 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Vaughn, James E10 Jul 19416 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Joe15 Mar 19554 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Vaughn, John T23 Jan 192429 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Kenneth F2 Sep 192119 May 1995Fort Wayne
Vaughn, L B7 Feb 194217 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Larry M19 Apr 19381 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Madison30 May 19494 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Marion28 Jan 1916Apr 1985New Haven
Vaughn, Mary28 Aug 1907Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Mary A17 May 192516 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Mary L17 Jun 19169 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Maurice A8 Aug 19141 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Mearl13 Oct 1888Mar 1986Leo
Vaughn, Merle11 Jul 1905Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Nellie4 Jul 1894Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Ralph W25 Oct 190725 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Ray C28 Nov 19134 Mar 1993New Haven
Vaughn, Roger1 Dec 1918Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Ross23 Jul 1907Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Sheadrico Devell17 Oct 19849 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Tyland T31 May 19779 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Vaughn, Wilda E14 May 19119 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Vaught, Clara8 May 1900Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Vaught, Edward S25 Nov 192328 Aug 2000New Haven
Vaught, Jennie M9 Oct 192216 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Vaught, John L4 Oct 192815 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Vaught, Rayburn7 Aug 19268 May 1997Fort Wayne
Vaught, Rosie A28 Dec 19299 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Veaner, Helen8 Dec 1895Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Veatch, Harry29 May 1888Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Veazey, Gladys7 Sep 1894Dec 1984Churubusco
Veazey, Glenn17 Jun 1894Sep 1979Churubusco
Veazey, Henry6 Jul 196021 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Veazey, Leora18 Aug 193022 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Veazey, Loverna9 May 1874Apr 1967Churubusco
Veazey, Nathan R9 Oct 190027 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Veazey, William C21 Jul 190411 Mar 1997Churubusco
Vebert, Basil24 Mar 1905Jun 1987Roanoke
Vebert, Mae11 May 1910May 1985Roanoke
Veenstra, John19 Jul 19123 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Vegalues, Argo11 Sep 1892Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Vegeler, Robert2 Mar 191723 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Veiga, Carmen M11 Jun 191512 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Veit, Ernst8 Dec 1890Jun 1982Monroeville
Veit, Lucille2 Oct 19171 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Veit, Paul C21 Sep 192225 Nov 1993Monroeville
Veit, Valeria R9 Nov 191712 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Veith, Thomas E20 Nov 194023 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Vela, Cruz R29 Mar 192015 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Velazquez, Elena11 Jun 19218 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Velazquez, Juanita M27 Oct 1921Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Velazquez, Stanley28 Nov 1904May 1976Fort Wayne
Velez, Jesse P19 Oct 19267 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Velez, Linda11 Oct 19093 May 1988New Haven
Velpel, Gordon F29 Dec 191915 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Velpel, Iona J27 May 19214 May 2004Fort Wayne
Venable, Harold22 Feb 1917Nov 1978New Haven
Venable, Lucille F23 Apr 192512 Dec 2001Fort Wayne, New Haven
Venable, N Leon7 Jul 193621 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Venderley, A Manfred22 May 1915Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Venderley, Adolph31 Dec 1877Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Venderley, Arthur27 Oct 1896Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Venderley, David12 Jun 1952Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Venderley, Donald A5 Sep 192322 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Venderley, Floyd12 Dec 1905Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Venderley, Helen D7 Jul 18999 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Venderley, Joan C2 Apr 191926 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Venderley, Lucille19 Jun 1906Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Venderley, Marie J7 Jun 191224 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Venderley, Nola K7 Mar 191631 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Venderley, Paul14 Apr 191526 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Venderley, Ralph J9 Dec 190926 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Venderley, Richard L30 Dec 19256 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Venderley, Wilhelmina21 Jun 1903Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Vendrely, Buddy R19 Jun 193315 Sep 2004Spencerville
Vendrely, Dorothy M17 Mar 1915Apr 1993Spencerville
Vendrely, Erving R24 Sep 19094 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Vendrely, Wallace D10 Dec 191022 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Vendrick, Carl5 Aug 1897Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Venerable, Mable23 May 1900Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Venis, Harold L22 Nov 19146 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Venis, Lucille H25 Aug 191611 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Venn, Elizabeth L16 Mar 187715 Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Venrick, Edith13 Jan 1892Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Venters, Amos C12 May 196117 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Venters, Eleanor16 Apr 191612 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Venters, Florence18 Nov 1914Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Venters, Jesse4 Jun 192027 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Ventruella, Jasper K9 Dec 190628 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Venz, Louis J18 Nov 191212 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Verax, Arthur J21 Feb 191719 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Verax, Jennie22 Oct 191426 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Verbryck, K William22 Mar 191711 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Verduce, Cathleen Renee28 Jul 193815 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Verduce, Tony28 Aug 19338 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Veresh, Albert24 Mar 19207 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Veresh, Leona1 Jan 191010 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Verhest, Dale E20 May 19512 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Verhest, Earnest13 Jun 1919Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Verhest, Mary M4 Nov 192126 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Vermillion, Bertha B8 Apr 19068 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Vermillion, Millie A15 Nov 191415 Apr 1996Leo
Vernengo, Gladys2 Jul 1896Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Vernon, Guy15 Aug 1893Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Vernon, Herbert7 May 1923Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Vernon, Maude13 Jan 1897Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Vernon, Naomi M18 Dec 19169 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Vernor, Jessie19 Dec 1888Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Vernor, Ruth30 Oct 19093 May 2006Fort Wayne
Verplanck, Orpha M6 Mar 191024 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Versemann, Walter25 Dec 1903Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Verstynen, Mildred12 Mar 1922Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Vervalin, Robert G3 Jul 192018 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Verville, Cecile M8 Sep 191125 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Verville, Lionel17 Jul 1902Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Vesey, David31 Jan 1891Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Vesey, Dick1 May 1887Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Vesey, Glennis30 Jun 1888Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Vesey, Margaret10 Sep 1883Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Vess, Alonzo1 Sep 1918Nov 1978New Haven
Vess, Dorothy E5 Dec 191913 Jun 2006New Haven
Vess, Ronald2 Feb 1957Dec 1981New Haven
Vest, Harold3 Mar 1902Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Vest, Ruth L19 Aug 191218 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Vestal, Frank Q11 Jun 19225 May 1995New Haven
Vestal, Roy W1 Aug 19583 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Vette, Mary A29 Jan 191722 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Vetter, Amanda5 Jul 1895Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Vetter, Andrew24 Mar 1872Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Vetter, Andrew9 Aug 1897Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Vetter, Dennis E8 Feb 196027 Jan 2008Woodburn
Vetter, Dorothy M20 Oct 19234 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Vetter, Esther5 Jan 1903Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Vetter, Herbert6 Sep 1900Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Vetter, Josephine M29 Nov 19069 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Vetter, Julia24 Feb 1927May 1980Fort Wayne
Vetter, Lawrence24 Aug 1895Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Vetter, Rheba P24 Sep 190717 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Vetter, Robert A15 Mar 19235 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Vetter, Sabra M18 Jun 189618 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Vetter, T J27 Aug 193415 Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Vetter, Walter24 Jul 1893Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Vetter, Walter7 May 1899Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Vetter, Wilma6 Apr 1907Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Vetterling, Mary E15 Feb 189720 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Vevia, James19 Aug 1905Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Vevia, James A8 Sep 19295 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Vibbert, Artist E20 Oct 192322 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Vibbert, Clyde9 Mar 1922Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Vibbert, Donald21 Apr 1933Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Vibbert, Frances J4 Aug 19376 May 2000Fort Wayne
Vibbert, Inez14 Jun 1895Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Vibbert, Lois L11 Aug 19315 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Vice, Alfretta20 Mar 19305 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Vice, Bernard13 Aug 1905Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Vice, Ina M21 Jun 191323 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Vice, Jones27 Jan 1900Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Vice, Merle6 Jun 1928Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Vice, Wanda Lou20 Jul 19277 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Vick, Clifford L25 Mar 19216 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Vickers, Mary19 Mar 1901Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Vickery, Mary9 Apr 1898May 1987Fort Wayne
Vidra, Susan6 Jul 1953Jan 1979New Haven
Vielguth, Dwayne E30 Nov 19465 May 2001Fort Wayne
Vielhauer, Tekia18 Mar 1980Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Vielkind, Joseph H22 May 1913Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Vietmeyer, Charlotte1 Sep 190213 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Vietmeyer, Fred3 Jan 1904Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Vietmeyer, Fred H11 May 19272 May 1997Fort Wayne
Viland, Vada30 Nov 1892Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Villagran, Richard12 Apr 194718 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Villanueva, John M2 Dec 20019 Oct 2005New Haven
Vince, Judith A25 Oct 194927 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Vincenski, Nick4 Dec 190730 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Vincenski, Wilma H5 Aug 1912Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Vincent, Alma16 Dec 1891Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Vincent, Edward18 Feb 1916Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Vincent, Ernest S15 Jul 193119 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Vincent, Lucille H2 Mar 19109 Sep 1996New Haven
Vincent, Stephen P19 Apr 196523 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Vinci, Angelina13 Nov 190927 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Vinci, Lillian E15 Jun 191022 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Vines, Fred22 Jul 1929Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Viney, Gerald F30 Dec 1925Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Vining, Carl D5 Sep 192810 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Vining, Elaine E22 Apr 19126 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Vining, Elmer15 Sep 1899Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Vining, Joseph2 Mar 1895Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Vining, Mae J24 Mar 19293 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Vining, Marie25 Nov 1897Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Vining, Ruth17 Aug 190330 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Vining, Susanna K20 May 190716 Aug 1996Roanoke
Vinogradov, John18 Jan 1904Apr 1978Churubusco
Vinogradov, John21 Apr 193730 Jan 2010Churubusco
Vinson, Constance19 Apr 1901Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Vinson, James20 Jun 1885Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Vinson, James E15 Aug 19113 Nov 2001New Haven
Vinson, John25 Aug 192224 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Vinson, John L14 May 19505 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Vinson, Robert24 Jan 193124 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Vinson, Vera G20 Jun 191520 Jan 2007New Haven
Vinson, Waneta I23 Jun 19203 May 2004Fort Wayne
Vinup, Bernice16 Jun 1913Dec 1995New Haven
Vinup, Emma1 Oct 1889Oct 1967New Haven
Vinyard, Carl W27 Jun 192231 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Violand, Robert W14 Nov 191611 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Violette, John9 Dec 1887Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Vires, Juanita L29 Mar 196129 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Virts, Earl16 Aug 1898Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Virts, Mildred2 May 1899Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Virtue, Earl28 Jun 1884Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Virtue, Thomas21 Oct 1919Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Vitello, James30 Sep 1904Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Vitello, Mary13 Aug 1913Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Viterisi, Domenick P2 May 19278 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Vivian, Ruby2 Nov 1881Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Vixon, Estelle5 Jul 1909Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Vizneau, Leroy24 Sep 190915 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Vlahakis, Leona15 Nov 1897Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Vlahos, Gus14 Feb 1895Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Vlasheff, Pondo K5 Dec 192119 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Vlk, David W25 Oct 19493 Oct 1997Grabill
Vlot, Bertha M26 Jul 1906Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Vo, Tu T30 Apr 193218 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Vodde, Clement6 Apr 1907Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Vodde, Esther10 Dec 1896Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Vodde, Florence A17 Aug 1909Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Vodde, Frances10 Sep 1903Jan 1986New Haven
Vodde, Helen11 Apr 1904Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Vodde, Leo19 Oct 1900Jul 1984New Haven
Vodde, Lucille30 Aug 1907Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Vodde, Norberta5 Feb 1896Jun 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Voelck, John C11 Feb 192525 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Voelker, Clara5 Mar 1895Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Voelker, Clifford25 Feb 1926Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Voelker, Delores M23 Sep 192422 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Voelker, Georgia M20 May 191727 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Voelker, Marilyn8 Oct 1929Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Voelker, Martin E20 Jul 191820 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Voelkl, George11 Aug 1880Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Voelkl, Hazel11 Aug 1891Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Vogan, Howard W14 May 191721 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Vogeding, Edward16 Oct 191215 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Vogeding, Paul7 Jun 1915Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Vogeding, Rosella5 Mar 1917Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Vogel, Agnes24 Feb 1895Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Vogel, Jennette2 May 1906Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Vogel, Katharine14 Jun 1882Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Vogel, Lloyd4 Apr 1927Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Vogel, Priscilla J12 Mar 19343 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Vogelbach, Ethel9 Sep 1896Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Vogelgesang, Carl20 Dec 1898Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Vogelgesang, Emily15 Dec 1898Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Vogelgesang, Lydia18 Mar 1898Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Vogelgesang, William13 Dec 1896Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Vogelpohl, Paul M20 Jan 192718 Nov 2003Huntertown
Voght, Anna L13 Oct 192321 May 2007Fort Wayne
Voght, Carl7 May 1890Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Voght, Homer D17 Jun 189820 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Voght, Reathia28 Mar 19206 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Vogl, Mary P11 Jul 1924May 1996Fort Wayne
Vogt Wyckoff, Kristie A20 Aug 195719 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Vogt, Clara3 Dec 1904Jul 1980Spencerville
Vogt, Fred H13 Sep 190511 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Vogt, Harvey L27 Nov 19603 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Vogtman, Louis21 Aug 191022 Jul 1996Woodburn
Vogtman, Louise S8 Apr 191112 May 2000Woodburn
Vogts, Anna13 Oct 1909Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Vogts, Evelyn M7 Jun 193018 Mar 1998Huntertown
Vogts, Harland L3 Nov 19283 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Vogts, Ruth6 Sep 1913Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Voight, Dorothy M5 Feb 19151 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Voight, Harold17 Nov 1924Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Voigt, Bertha M19 Jun 190610 Feb 2000New Haven
Voigt, Ethel8 Feb 1917Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Voigt, Helen B27 Dec 19241 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Voigt, Louise1 Jan 1890Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Voirol, Adrian12 Nov 1907Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Voirol, Agnes2 May 1910Apr 1980Monroeville
Voirol, Betty M4 Oct 192730 Sep 2008Spencerville
Voirol, Cecelia A24 Jan 193416 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Voirol, Cecila8 Mar 1917Feb 1977New Haven
Voirol, Charles8 Feb 1949Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Voirol, Chester L15 Mar 190629 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Voirol, Clarence4 Dec 1900Jun 1986Monroeville
Voirol, Cletus3 Jan 1909Apr 1976Woodburn
Voirol, Edmund21 May 1912Aug 1977Monroeville
Voirol, Edwin Neil5 Dec 192522 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Voirol, Elisabeth R31 May 19139 Jan 1996Monroeville
Voirol, Elizabeth A23 Dec 19282 May 1996Monroeville
Voirol, Elmer6 Sep 1913Oct 1983Monroeville
Voirol, Emma Marguerite14 Feb 192125 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Voirol, Ervin H9 Jun 19141 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Voirol, Esther9 May 1918Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Voirol, Evelyn7 Sep 1917Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Voirol, Francis E10 Mar 19034 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Voirol, Frank1 Feb 1876Jan 1969New Haven
Voirol, George9 May 1885Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Voirol, Geraldine M18 Feb 1919Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Voirol, Gertrude D1 May 1904Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Voirol, Harold E27 Mar 192120 May 2002Harlan
Voirol, Harriet M10 Sep 192827 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Voirol, Ivan H22 Sep 19178 May 1996Fort Wayne
Voirol, Jack L4 Oct 19452 Feb 2002New Haven
Voirol, James C11 Jan 19239 Mar 2003New Haven
Voirol, John14 Jul 1900Apr 1972Monroeville
Voirol, John17 Jun 1901Mar 1983Monroeville
Voirol, Josephine M19 Dec 19135 Aug 1993Woodburn
Voirol, Julia8 Oct 1884Feb 1972Monroeville
Voirol, Leonard J10 Apr 191721 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Voirol, Lisa M28 Mar 196510 May 2009Monroeville
Voirol, Lloyd24 Oct 1911Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Voirol, Louis1 Jun 1892Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Voirol, Louis V20 Apr 191825 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Voirol, M Lucile19 May 1912Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Voirol, Margaret31 Jul 1915Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Voirol, Mary16 Feb 1886Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Voirol, Mary A20 Oct 1919Oct 1992Monroeville
Voirol, Orpha24 Apr 1891May 1972Fort Wayne
Voirol, Paul B24 Sep 193315 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Voirol, Richard L4 Apr 19326 Dec 1997Monroeville
Voirol, Sophie A12 Apr 191822 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Voirol, Thomas S18 Apr 192827 Oct 1999Monroeville
Voirol, Vera I23 Oct 191228 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Voirol, William2 Feb 1959Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Voisard, Lorene28 Aug 1896Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Voisard, Raymond14 Jun 1895Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Volante, Francesco2 Apr 1896Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Volckmann, Helen16 Dec 1886Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Volk, P L29 Nov 192715 May 1987Fort Wayne
Volke, Arthur11 Jan 1906Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Volkert, Eula L11 Oct 1918Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Volkert, Patricia J6 Sep 194222 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Volkert, Victor L4 Jun 192012 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Volkman, Blanche7 Aug 1893Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Vollmar, Charlotte R24 Nov 19395 Jun 1994Roanoke
Vollmer, Katherine7 Aug 1894Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Vollmer, Mabel9 Jan 1907Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Vollmer, Mary C20 Nov 19183 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Vollmer, Walter2 Mar 1906Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Vollmuth, Julie K1 Jan 195727 May 2008Leo
Volmer, Arlene I14 May 1921Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Volmer, Vincent J24 Mar 191928 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Volmerding, Fredrick G23 Sep 19149 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Volmerding, Kenneth J4 Jan 19285 May 2008Fort Wayne
Volmerding, Lucile C11 Feb 191031 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Volmerding, Paul C26 Mar 193112 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Volmerding, Thelma8 Nov 1900Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Voltz, Alvin15 Jun 1910Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Voltz, Kathleen M7 Jan 193016 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Voltz, Russel E29 Aug 19213 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Voltz, Sarah L28 Oct 19119 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Voltz, William10 Jun 1903Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Volz, Bernardin30 Sep 1914Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Volz, Carl14 Feb 1903Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Volz, Clara14 Jun 1892May 1978Fort Wayne
Volz, Delbert11 Mar 1912Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Volz, Eugene F10 Sep 190918 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Volz, Geraldine C15 May 1911Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Volz, Helen L9 Aug 191430 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Volz, Jean H21 Nov 193210 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Volz, John1 Aug 1901Jul 1980Fort Wayne, New Haven
Volz, Judith M25 Feb 191824 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Volz, Louise11 Oct 1900Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Volz, Lucile15 Sep 1907May 1987Fort Wayne
Volz, Marcella18 Sep 1912Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Volz, Mary18 Sep 1915Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Volz, Melvin25 May 1922Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Volz, Ruby9 Mar 1896Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Volz, Walter F6 May 191121 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Volz, Walter G13 Jan 191113 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Von Bargen, Grace M10 May 192430 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Vonbehren, Charles7 Sep 1890Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Vonburg, Ronald P15 Apr 193912 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Vonderau, Carl16 Nov 1899Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Vonderau, Christina8 Jul 1890Nov 1987New Haven
Vonderau, Clara B12 Nov 1899Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Vonderau, Dulcy J23 Oct 192427 May 2003New Haven
Vonderau, Eda M16 Sep 191619 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Vonderau, Edward12 Jun 1914Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Vonderau, Emma7 Jan 1882Oct 1975New Haven
Vonderau, Emma10 Aug 1901Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Vonderau, Eva11 Aug 1911Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Vonderau, Fred C21 Jan 19154 Nov 2002New Haven
Vonderau, Frieda1 Aug 1890Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Vonderau, Harold C25 Feb 192212 Oct 1992New Haven
Vonderau, John M8 Aug 191715 Nov 1993New Haven
Vonderau, Kasper19 Nov 1888Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Vonderau, Kathryn E2 Oct 191623 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Vonderau, Maurice W4 Feb 192431 Oct 2002New Haven
Vonderau, Max17 Dec 1884Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Vonderau, Melody A24 Jun 195323 Nov 2007Harlan
Vonderau, Oscar17 Nov 1897Nov 1980New Haven
Vonderau, Paul8 Jul 1883Nov 1981New Haven
Vonderau, Sophie E23 Apr 192224 Jul 1997New Haven
Vonderau, William2 Sep 1900May 1967New Haven
Vonderhaar, Eleanor G10 Dec 1921Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Vonderhaar, Pauline28 Aug 1889May 1976Fort Wayne
Vonderhaar, Richard A29 Nov 191930 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Vondeylen, Dnell5 Jan 191329 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Vondeylen, Herman21 May 191010 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Vondissen, Clara25 Jun 1903Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Vondissen, Harry3 Nov 1904Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Vondran, Edward R16 Oct 191611 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Vondran, Harold A16 Oct 192322 Nov 2001New Haven
Vondran, Harry D7 Jan 19265 May 2000Fort Wayne
Vondran, Marjorie F2 Apr 191713 Dec 1996New Haven
Vongprasenth, Bounhieng10 Jul 193525 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Vongunten, Franklin2 Mar 190317 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Vongunten, Harry J5 Apr 19153 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Vongunten, Lawrence23 Dec 190424 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Vonohlen, Floyd9 May 1896May 1978Fort Wayne
Vonohlen, Laura21 May 1897May 1985Fort Wayne
Voorhees, Bessie25 Jan 190327 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Voorhees, Doris21 May 1899Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Voorhees, Eva M11 Aug 188215 Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Voorhees, Forrest27 Mar 1894Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Voorhees, Helen E27 May 193127 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Voorhees, Robert J14 Aug 192914 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Voorhees, Thurlow5 Nov 1906Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Voors Sr, Louis11 Feb 1895Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Voors, Alice R12 May 19058 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Voors, Carrie19 Aug 189021 Jul 1989Fort Wayne
Voors, Charles L25 Apr 192130 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Voors, Clem H21 Feb 190725 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Voors, Frances23 Feb 1894Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Voors, Harold J18 Nov 191927 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Voors, James C24 Jun 192814 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Voors, Joseph26 Apr 1917Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Voors, Julia M8 Sep 192514 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Voors, Louis J7 Jul 19213 May 2006Fort Wayne
Voors, Mary Ann24 Jul 192124 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Voors, Ray9 May 1905Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Voors, Richard P27 Nov 19186 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Voors, Roger20 Nov 1930May 1985Fort Wayne
Voors, Sylvia19 Aug 1903Nov 1965New Haven
Voors, Thomas L14 Jul 19425 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Voors, William29 Mar 1880Jan 1976New Haven
Vore, Dorothy13 Jun 1913Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Vore, Paul F23 Aug 190817 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Vorholzer, Philipp15 Jun 1902Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Vorich, Armilla15 Feb 19226 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Vorich, Donna M20 Jun 19098 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Vorich, Ivan30 Mar 1925Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Vorich, John28 Feb 1913Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Vorich, Mary V20 Jan 192227 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Vorich, Thomas V23 Nov 19238 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Voris, Robert L27 Nov 194715 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Vorndran, Alma L23 Dec 19072 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Vorndran, Bertha18 Mar 1889Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Vorndran, Carl10 Mar 1900Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Vorndran, Emil25 Jun 1903Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Vorndran, Emma7 Jan 1904Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Vorndran, James M24 Jul 19342 May 1999Fort Wayne
Vorndran, Jerome28 Sep 1912Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Vorndran, John27 Jul 1892Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Vorndran, Lorie L14 Jan 19618 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Vorndran, Mary E27 Sep 190416 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Vorndran, Mildred11 Feb 189928 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Vorndran, Nicolina10 Nov 192811 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Vorndran, Richard8 Sep 1905Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Vorndran, Theresa19 Mar 1889Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Vorst, Donald H27 Jan 193429 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Vorster, Arnold25 Oct 1905Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Vorster, Harriet10 Aug 1910Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Vos, Larry E27 Sep 194415 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Vosburgh, Eldon J27 Jul 190825 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Vosburgh, Ida M15 Jan 19082 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Vosmeier, Leonard F29 Nov 19257 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Vosmeier, Mark W22 Sep 190818 May 1996Fort Wayne
Vosmeier, Monabelle R29 Jan 192423 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Vosper, Helen17 Jul 1894Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Voss, Claud17 Aug 1902Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Vossler, Bessie18 Aug 1898Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Votaw, Gene F6 Dec 193120 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Votaw, James H6 Dec 192415 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Votaw, Louann B18 Sep 193223 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Vought, Anna M27 Sep 19064 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Vought, Douglas W13 Mar 194314 May 2005Fort Wayne
Vought, Lillian L7 Oct 192014 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Vought, Robert31 Jul 1913May 1978Fort Wayne
Vought, Walter1 Jul 1899Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Vrabel, Mary C9 Nov 19236 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Vranesich, Ann D27 Feb 191420 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Vranjes, Anna20 May 192522 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Vranjes, Tomislav16 Jan 1947Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Vredenburg, Robert M28 May 19326 Oct 2006Leo
Vroman, Mary E7 Sep 19214 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Vu, Chinh20 Nov 1899Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Vu, Hoan Thi27 Mar 19206 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Vuillemin, Edward4 Jun 1895Apr 1977Yoder, Fort Wayne
Vulgamott, Eva28 May 1894Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Vulgamott, Jackson31 Aug 1894Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Vulgamott, Leroy15 Jun 1918Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Vulgamott, Nellie M21 Dec 191117 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Vusich, Carl9 Mar 19241 Nov 2009Fort Wayne

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