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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Waag, Renata B11 Jul 190011 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Wable, Eliza27 Jul 1882Oct 1969Churubusco
Wable, Larry W16 Oct 193924 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Wachs, Marian J27 Nov 1920Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Wachula, Leona16 Oct 1917Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Wacker, Frank14 May 1910Dec 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Waddell, Carol J22 Jun 193715 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Waddell, Charles4 Jan 1926Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Waddell, H Jr31 Jan 194815 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Waddell, Marifranci S27 Oct 192716 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Waddell, Thomas W14 Aug 192925 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Wade Jr, Ivan W3 Jun 193122 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Wade, Audrey3 Oct 1883Mar 1980Spencerville
Wade, Barbara J6 Jan 192717 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Wade, Clyde28 Feb 19234 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Wade, Earl G14 May 19219 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Wade, Edgar21 Aug 19088 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Wade, Fern D18 Oct 19125 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Wade, Flora L16 Jun 191320 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Wade, Florence O14 Jan 19096 Feb 1998Churubusco
Wade, Genevieve8 Oct 1896Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Wade, George R11 Oct 190423 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Wade, Harriet J21 Sep 192225 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Wade, Heather23 Dec 197024 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Wade, Helen R8 Feb 19115 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Wade, Irene Helen31 Aug 191719 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Wade, Irra J27 Feb 195923 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Wade, Joshua2 Nov 191531 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Wade, Lena11 May 1924Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Wade, Leon C15 Jan 19495 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Wade, Leroy15 Oct 1887Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Wade, Lillian19 Jan 1911Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Wade, Louis13 Jun 1895Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Wade, Maurice R28 Oct 191029 May 1994Fort Wayne
Wade, Nona L9 Jan 194013 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Wade, Olive18 May 1886Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Wade, Oliver B1 May 193421 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Wade, Ora6 Apr 1893Mar 1976New Haven
Wade, Reynolds W13 Jan 191519 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Wade, Sylvester6 Sep 1937Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Wade, Theodora P28 Feb 191615 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Wadewitz, Werner K11 Jun 191217 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Wadkins, Robert12 Feb 1921Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Wadlington, Carolyn C21 Nov 192330 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Wadsworth, Lyell31 Jul 1908Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Waechter, Gordon L23 Aug 19206 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Wafer, Catherine L11 Sep 189827 Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Wafer, Florence7 Dec 1922Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Wafer, Gary W3 Apr 195816 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Wafer, Mary31 Jul 189716 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Wafer, Robert L15 Feb 192117 Jan 2006Huntertown
Wagaman, Donald R14 Sep 194711 Mar 2007Grabill
Wageman, Charles21 Jan 1905Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Wageman, George17 Feb 1890Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Wageman, Margaret T23 Sep 190817 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Wagenhauser, W27 Mar 1909Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Wager, George7 Jan 1907Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Waggoner, Charles E28 Jul 19316 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Waggoner, Ellis13 Feb 1906Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Waggoner, Ervin22 Jan 1935Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Waggoner, Hubert F17 May 193330 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Waggoner, Lillian C3 Nov 191013 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Waggoner, Mabel5 May 1890Sep 1964Fort Wayne
Waggoner, Marie6 Sep 1897Aug 1984Roanoke
Waggoner, Melvin H29 May 197527 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Waggoner, Merl22 Jan 1891Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Waggoner, Sylvester10 Dec 1894Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Waggoner, William20 Apr 1904Aug 1978Yoder
Waggonner, Samuel P2 Apr 191711 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Wagley, Paul E19 Aug 190918 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Wagner, Ada M1 Feb 190912 May 2001Huntertown
Wagner, Alice6 Sep 1925Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Wagner, Alice R11 Jun 191021 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Wagner, Beatrice P2 Sep 190826 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Wagner, Becky8 Oct 1960Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Wagner, Bertha28 Oct 1886Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Wagner, Betty J15 Sep 19342 Dec 2003Monroeville
Wagner, Betty J29 Nov 192122 Oct 1999Monroeville
Wagner, Blanche7 Jun 1893Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Wagner, Bruce3 Apr 1957Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Wagner, Buddy L18 Feb 192510 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Wagner, Carl27 Oct 1908Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Wagner, Carl H20 Jun 192425 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Wagner, Cecil6 Dec 1902Feb 1965Fort Wayne
Wagner, Charles7 May 1900Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Wagner, Charles24 Jan 1906Aug 1977New Haven
Wagner, Charles2 Dec 1894May 1969Fort Wayne
Wagner, Clifford A6 Sep 19232 Feb 2006Monroeville
Wagner, Earl22 Feb 1905Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Wagner, Edith A15 Sep 191722 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Wagner, Edna11 Sep 1903Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Wagner, Elmer5 Apr 1901Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Wagner, Emma6 Jul 1888Nov 1974Monroeville
Wagner, Emma L19 Aug 191213 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Wagner, Estella M29 Jan 192029 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Wagner, Eugene15 Nov 1907Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Wagner, F Helen8 Sep 19183 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Wagner, George6 Jul 1899Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Wagner, Gertrude6 Mar 1906Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Wagner, Guenter M4 Apr 192520 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Wagner, Harry6 Oct 1885Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Wagner, Henry24 May 1887Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Wagner, Herbert11 Mar 1900Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Wagner, Irene30 Oct 192813 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Wagner, James16 Jan 1901Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Wagner, John16 Sep 1913May 1980Fort Wayne
Wagner, John13 May 1909Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Wagner, John C24 Jun 191727 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Wagner, Juanita8 Jun 1906Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Wagner, L R30 Dec 190912 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Wagner, Lena D4 Jun 19059 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Wagner, Leo8 Apr 1886Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Wagner, Leroy8 Jun 192124 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Wagner, Lillian16 May 1897Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Wagner, Lillie M16 Mar 19286 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Wagner, Louise6 Oct 1891Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Wagner, Lula26 Oct 1891Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Wagner, M E2 Sep 19078 Mar 2005New Haven
Wagner, Marcellin2 Dec 1895May 1973Fort Wayne
Wagner, Marjorie M20 Sep 191328 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Wagner, Marjorie R14 Feb 19213 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Wagner, Martha M8 Sep 192514 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Wagner, Mary15 Jun 1906Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Wagner, Mary22 Nov 1887Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Wagner, Mary A6 Jan 191322 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Wagner, Mary M18 Mar 19132 Jul 1997Monroeville
Wagner, Muriel26 Jan 1881Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Wagner, Myrtle B14 Apr 1903Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Wagner, Ora23 Jul 1900Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Wagner, Orman H5 Sep 191616 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Wagner, Oscar23 Dec 1889Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Wagner, Patricia22 Nov 19346 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Wagner, Phyllis L13 Jan 192618 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Wagner, Richard21 Jan 1906Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Wagner, Richard7 Feb 1915Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Wagner, Richard G20 Nov 19194 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Wagner, Richard J8 Jul 19264 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Wagner, Ronald E7 Oct 193224 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Wagner, Shirley A11 Nov 192618 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Wagner, Stanford10 Aug 1909Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Wagner, Stanley8 Feb 1934Apr 1986Monroeville
Wagner, Sylvester21 Apr 190814 May 1996Fort Wayne
Wagner, Theodore N30 May 19376 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Wagner, Timon26 Nov 1938Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Wagner, Vera J14 Jan 192116 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Wagner, Verle21 Dec 1906Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Wagner, Vivian17 Mar 191120 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Wagner, W M27 Jan 191330 May 2008Monroeville
Wagner, Walter1 Nov 1911Jan 1970Monroeville
Wagnor, Robert22 Jul 1926Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Wagoner, Donna J26 Jul 19264 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Wagoner, Dorothy R5 Jan 192130 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Wagoner, Harvey D17 Dec 191614 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Wagstaff, Billie13 Dec 192712 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Wagstaff, Jean15 Oct 19201 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Wagstaff, Thomas E22 Nov 192314 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Wagstaff, Woodrow W19 Jan 191420 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Wahl, Erwin23 Dec 1925Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Wahl, James9 Dec 1910Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Wahl, Marian J30 Sep 191626 Jul 2004Grabill, Harlan
Wahl, Martin G29 Dec 191313 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Wahl, Mary16 Sep 1877Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Wahl, Mildred30 Mar 1909Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Wahl, Richard1 Jan 1931Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Wahl, Sigurd A9 Jul 191017 Apr 1995Harlan
Wahl, Violet L20 Jul 192918 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Wahl, Walter1 Oct 1891Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Wahle, Mary2 Feb 1903May 1984Fort Wayne
Wahle, Raymond27 Oct 1895Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Wahlig, Ruth L24 Apr 191924 May 1999Fort Wayne
Wahls, Edward F18 Aug 191813 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Waider, Helen14 Dec 1896Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Waikel, Alma G31 Jan 192014 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Waikel, Cora28 Jun 1903Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Waikel, Dorothy J5 May 193025 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Waikel, Estella1 Oct 1884Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Waikel, Franklin M23 Oct 191830 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Waikel, Gloria J5 Mar 19288 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Waikel, Hilda23 Oct 1903Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Waikel, Irene23 Jul 193030 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Waikel, Jack L25 Feb 19318 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Waikel, James19 Jun 1921Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Waikel, John5 Mar 1901Dec 1977Roanoke
Waikel, Lila21 Dec 1884Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Waikel, Lyle19 Nov 1921Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Waikel, Margaret H17 Jul 191811 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Waikel, Marilyn J1 Apr 1931Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Waikel, Mary M26 May 191627 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Waikel, Maude J31 Dec 189327 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Waikel, Neva J27 Nov 192617 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Waikel, Orland D17 Apr 192714 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Waikel, Ralph F4 Jul 192314 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Waikel, Ralph R4 Feb 19299 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Waikel, Richard W16 Dec 194225 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Waikel, Robert L8 Apr 191829 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Wait, Donald M13 Dec 19176 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Waite, Edith M3 Feb 189928 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Waite, Hilda E12 Jan 1906Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Waite, John11 Jul 1918Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Waite, Joseph M8 Jul 193317 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Waite, Marion14 Jul 19167 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Waite, Myrtle E9 Jun 191123 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Waite, Orval5 Jun 1903Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Waite, Roy3 Jan 1892Nov 1976Spencerville
Waite, Virginia21 Oct 1896May 1981Grabill
Waites, Patsy R4 Aug 19489 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Waits, Virginia M11 Jul 191828 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Wake, Chloea18 Jul 18971 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Wake, Fayona28 Feb 1899Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Wake, Phyllis I15 Nov 192529 Aug 2008New Haven, Fort Wayne
Wake, Russell14 Oct 1895Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Wakeland, Nancy J29 Apr 193428 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Wakeman, Albert F29 May 191430 Jun 1994Churubusco
Wakeman, George19 Nov 190915 Apr 1992Churubusco
Wakeman, Luther18 Apr 1887Dec 1968Churubusco
Wakeman, Rosalie28 Mar 193825 Dec 2004Churubusco
Wakley, Raymond E10 Mar 192912 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Walb, Eloise18 Mar 1906Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Walb, Harriet29 Mar 1898Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Walb, Marjorie H5 Aug 190928 May 2000Fort Wayne
Walb, Ralph6 Mar 1909Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Walb, Vida1 Jan 1883Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Walb, Walter20 May 1904Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Walbaum, Alfred29 Nov 1903May 1986Fort Wayne
Walbaum, Anita28 Aug 1897Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Walbaum, Ruth9 Aug 1906Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Walberry, L L3 May 1958Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Walbert, Josie20 May 1891Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Walborn, Esther R15 Jul 1897Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Walborn, John3 May 1890Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Walborn, John M21 Oct 192430 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Walborn, M23 Aug 1903Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Walburn, Ethel17 May 1892Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Walburn, Lawrence24 Aug 1954Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Walburn, Roland28 Jul 1904Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Walburn, Vern18 Jul 1894Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Walchle, Dolores4 Feb 1925Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Walchle, Dorothy C23 Nov 1914Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Walchle, Luella2 Aug 189924 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Walchle, Michael S11 Feb 196317 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Walchle, Robert A13 Jun 194230 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Walcott, Kenneth L11 Dec 193313 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Walda, Albert29 Feb 1908Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Walda, Allen2 Aug 1926Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Walda, Amelia27 Oct 1884Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Walda, Arthur25 Nov 1886Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Walda, Carl H17 Sep 19013 May 1993Fort Wayne
Walda, Clarence19 Oct 1902Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Walda, David W10 Jul 191714 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Walda, Donald3 Nov 1897Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Walda, Edward20 Feb 1904Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Walda, Edwin R27 Jul 193211 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Walda, Eva2 Mar 1899Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Walda, Fern1 Apr 1908Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Walda, Frances B16 Nov 192017 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Walda, Frances M15 Apr 189727 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Walda, George3 Sep 1915Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Walda, Hilda A13 Feb 18984 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Walda, Jack26 Apr 1913Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Walda, Lottie17 Jan 1936Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Walda, Madeline M27 Mar 191015 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Walda, Marie15 Feb 1896Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Walda, Martha M30 Aug 1924Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Walda, Phyllisann24 Feb 193021 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Walda, Ralph24 Oct 192027 Oct 1995New Haven
Walda, Ralph22 May 1947Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Walda, Wilbur L18 Nov 19245 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Waldbeesser, Fred L27 Mar 189930 Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Waldbeesser, Mary12 Dec 1899Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Walde, William24 Jun 1911Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Walden Long, Herbert W10 Apr 192915 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Walden, Agnes15 Sep 1894Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Walden, Bernard D6 May 19199 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Walden, Carl14 Dec 1892Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Walden, Effie7 May 1903Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Walden, James14 Jul 1933Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Walden, Rual10 Jun 1897Jul 1976New Haven
Walder, Nettie29 May 191924 Aug 2006Huntertown
Waldman, Bertha4 Jan 190927 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Waldman, Charles25 Jul 1900May 1982Fort Wayne
Waldman, Lila M15 Feb 192420 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Waldman, Maurice1 Jan 1904Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Waldman, William F14 Sep 192526 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Waldo, Robert C1 Jul 19098 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Waldon, Floyd18 Apr 1905Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Waldron, Angeline27 Jan 1910Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Waldron, Corinne Martin26 Dec 192519 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Waldron, Harold L23 Oct 19216 May 1998Fort Wayne
Waldron, Paul W23 Aug 191930 Jul 1995New Haven
Waldrop, Dale G28 Jun 19113 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Waldrop, Dorothy M15 Aug 191526 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Waldrop, Edith2 Oct 1881Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Waldrop, Elsie L8 Jul 19052 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Waldrop, Frances15 Jan 19156 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Waldrop, Gerald18 Jun 1904Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Waldrop, Helen J4 Oct 19246 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Waldrop, Ruth F6 Jul 19091 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Waldrup, Donald6 Apr 1913Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Waldschmidt, Joella17 Feb 19253 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Wales, Earl L10 Aug 19238 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Wales, Mary9 Apr 1895Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Wales, Norman28 Jun 1902Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Walicki, Gerald E19 Aug 192924 May 1998Fort Wayne
Walker, Abraham1 Apr 1929Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Walker, Agnes J14 Feb 191713 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Walker, Agnes L8 Jan 19208 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Walker, Alberta1 Aug 190521 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Walker, Alfred20 Oct 19214 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Walker, Alma27 Jun 1897Feb 1983Churubusco
Walker, Anna12 Mar 1906Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Walker, Anna10 Dec 1900Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Walker, Anna12 Aug 1889Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Walker, Anne J18 Mar 19202 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Walker, Bessie3 Sep 1906Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Walker, Bob23 Dec 19232 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Walker, Buster29 Jul 194212 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Walker, Carlotta L26 Feb 190727 Oct 1999New Haven
Walker, Carrie11 Mar 1902May 1981Fort Wayne
Walker, Charles21 Sep 1916Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Walker, Charles26 Aug 1908Nov 1986New Haven
Walker, Charles E10 May 193023 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Walker, Cheryl L6 Oct 195131 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Walker, Clara19 Aug 1891Aug 1981Fort Wayne, Roanoke
Walker, Cleveland1 Feb 19238 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Walker, Cornelious E26 Jan 193720 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Walker, David L14 Dec 1960Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Walker, Deborah K27 Mar 195415 Dec 2003Hoagland
Walker, Desmond G24 Dec 190711 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Walker, Donald23 Jun 1916Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Walker, Dorothy A3 Dec 192724 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Walker, E19 May 194415 May 1989Fort Wayne
Walker, Earl7 Mar 1934Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Walker, Earl18 Sep 1910Aug 1980Roanoke
Walker, Eddie L5 Jun 19288 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Walker, Edward H24 Feb 192221 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Walker, Edward J11 Apr 192324 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Walker, Edward W5 Jan 1924Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Walker, Edythe E23 Mar 190613 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Walker, Eldon M5 Mar 19194 May 1998Fort Wayne
Walker, Eleanora3 Jul 1912Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Walker, Elizabeth31 Oct 191429 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Walker, Ella16 Sep 1931Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Walker, Elsie M27 Jun 194211 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Walker, Emma12 Oct 19205 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Walker, Ernest G28 Apr 19322 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Walker, Esther17 Oct 1893Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Walker, Ethel L22 Feb 194311 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Walker, Eva18 Nov 1910Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Walker, Floretta M8 Sep 191326 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Walker, Floyd B20 May 19143 May 1997Fort Wayne
Walker, Frank14 Nov 1892Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Walker, G Francine27 Aug 192112 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Walker, Gale3 Feb 191115 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Walker, George10 Jun 193124 May 2001Fort Wayne
Walker, George A22 Mar 190111 May 1995Fort Wayne
Walker, George Herbert9 Apr 193017 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Walker, Gilbert A12 Oct 191118 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Walker, Gladys18 Jan 1903May 1979Fort Wayne
Walker, Grover4 Oct 1885Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Walker, Harold A8 Dec 191420 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Walker, Harriette3 Jul 1909Jul 1980New Haven
Walker, Hazel B7 Sep 19346 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Walker, Helen29 Dec 1914Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Walker, Helen D26 Nov 1912Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Walker, Helen M23 Nov 192811 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Walker, Helen M30 Aug 19057 May 1996Fort Wayne
Walker, Henry27 Apr 1897Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Walker, Henry28 Nov 19306 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Walker, Irene1 Mar 19067 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Walker, J28 Sep 194318 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Walker, James28 Feb 1918Jul 1985New Haven
Walker, James I27 Sep 193516 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Walker, James L14 Aug 19334 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Walker, James L3 Sep 19179 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Walker, Jeffrey11 Jan 1946Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Walker, Jeffrey S8 Jul 196622 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Walker, Jerry R20 Jun 193916 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Walker, John23 Dec 1877Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Walker, Johnny20 Feb 19378 May 2006Fort Wayne
Walker, Joseph9 Apr 1896Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Walker, Joseph P26 Jan 193917 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Walker, Juanita A9 Apr 192713 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Walker, Julia M25 Feb 190411 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Walker, Kenneth28 Mar 1923Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Walker, Larry D6 Jul 19365 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Walker, Laurence12 May 1901Aug 1978New Haven
Walker, Leonard C30 Oct 193814 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Walker, Lloyd V15 Aug 190325 Jan 1992Churubusco
Walker, Louise15 May 1885Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Walker, Louise F31 Aug 190921 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Walker, Lucille19 Aug 191411 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Walker, Lucinda4 Sep 194212 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Walker, M19 Jul 1938Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Walker, Mabel E1 Mar 192222 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Walker, Mamie20 Jun 1918Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Walker, Margaret T5 Sep 191816 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Walker, Marie E18 Feb 19244 Jul 2005Roanoke
Walker, Marion6 Oct 1928Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Walker, Marion L14 Nov 19057 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Walker, Marjorie H20 Aug 1924May 1996Fort Wayne
Walker, Martin E11 Mar 192729 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Walker, Mary6 Mar 1892Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Walker, Mary J31 Oct 192130 Jan 2005New Haven
Walker, Mildred12 Oct 1919Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Walker, Mildred3 Aug 1893Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Walker, Millard15 Feb 1907Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Walker, Monona E6 Oct 191910 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Walker, Moyne11 Jun 1907Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Walker, Myrtle G26 Aug 19218 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Walker, Neil18 Apr 1894Mar 1966Churubusco
Walker, Nevon G27 Feb 19525 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Walker, Nora3 Jan 19535 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Walker, Norma E3 Jul 19255 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Walker, Norman E7 Jan 192624 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Walker, Nova L16 May 19168 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Walker, Otto17 Sep 1900May 1966Fort Wayne
Walker, Patricia K4 Apr 19526 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Walker, Phyllis M9 Apr 192214 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Walker, Ralph B12 Nov 192715 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Walker, Richard E20 Nov 192116 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Walker, Robert A6 Apr 19247 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Walker, Robert A28 Oct 191320 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Walker, Roger7 Sep 1915Feb 1982Roanoke
Walker, Rosie L19 Apr 193022 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Walker, Royster15 Aug 1907Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Walker, Samuel19 Jul 193327 May 2006Fort Wayne
Walker, Sarah A31 Oct 192624 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Walker, Susan Marie25 Nov 19513 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Walker, Thelma A24 Jun 190511 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Walker, Thomas16 Feb 1892Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Walker, Timothy8 Jun 1956Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Walker, Ulysses1 Apr 1903Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Walker, Vera9 Feb 1910Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Walker, Victor20 Sep 1889Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Walker, Virginia R5 Nov 192212 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Walker, Walter J11 Mar 190316 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Walker, Waltina B14 Jul 19619 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Walker, Weld1 Feb 19105 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Walker, Wilbur F18 Dec 191913 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Walker, Willa B13 Aug 192419 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Walker, William A23 Aug 19174 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Walker, William Monroe9 Mar 19274 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Walker, Willie4 May 191913 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Walker, Willie24 Mar 1931Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Walker, Willis2 Jan 1900Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Walker, Willis A22 Dec 190922 May 1997Fort Wayne
Walkins, Susan B12 Feb 19442 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Walko, Stephen J19 Jun 19323 Aug 2008Spencerville
Walkup, Bernice B5 Feb 191819 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Wall, Arlene30 Dec 1905Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Wall, Arthur28 Apr 1902Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Wall, Ben9 Oct 192631 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Wall, Bertha A30 Jun 190516 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Wall, Beverly J11 Feb 193914 May 2006Fort Wayne
Wall, Doris E25 Jan 192626 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Wall, Emilie19 Aug 1892Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Wall, Erlinda C7 Nov 194816 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Wall, Fred17 May 1902Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Wall, Fred S18 Apr 193110 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Wall, George F1 Dec 191417 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Wall, Helen27 Jan 1905Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Wall, Henry25 Mar 1892Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Wall, Howard G30 Jul 192321 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Wall, James E6 Sep 19208 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Wall, John1 Feb 1901Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Wall, Joseph7 Jul 1893Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Wall, Josephine L30 Aug 19154 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Wall, Larry D8 Feb 196120 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Wall, Loretta J4 Mar 194929 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Wall, Margaret8 Mar 1900Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Wall, Marie27 Mar 1906Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Wall, Marjorie L25 Feb 192413 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Wall, Maude4 Feb 1896Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Wall, Noah27 Apr 1900Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Wall, Ralph E24 Mar 1922Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Wall, Rex F8 Dec 192911 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Wall, Seville30 Aug 1900Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Wall, Velma24 Aug 1905Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Wall, Wanda30 Apr 1922Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Wall, William22 Mar 1904Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Wallace, Albert28 Jul 1888Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Wallace, Alice R12 Dec 191413 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Wallace, Anne10 May 1921Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Wallace, Bernard9 Apr 1908Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Wallace, Carol12 Aug 1939Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Wallace, Catherine14 Sep 1907Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Wallace, Charles25 Sep 1914Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Wallace, Cheryl Lynn16 Nov 196018 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Wallace, Collins7 Aug 1930Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Wallace, Earl C4 May 194230 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Wallace, Eldon G30 Dec 19145 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Wallace, Elizabeth A23 Jan 193118 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Wallace, Esterleane16 Jul 1903Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Wallace, Fannie10 Jan 1898Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Wallace, Faye8 Feb 1918Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Wallace, Frances21 Apr 1917Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Wallace, Frances C20 Feb 190724 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Wallace, Frank16 Jan 1899Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Wallace, Harley3 Jan 1890Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Wallace, Harry7 Jun 1895Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Wallace, Helen26 Dec 1891Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Wallace, Herman W6 Dec 191730 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Wallace, Hilbert16 May 1917Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Wallace, Howard20 Oct 1902Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Wallace, Hugh20 Sep 1921Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Wallace, Idora12 Oct 1898Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Wallace, Inez6 Apr 1890Jun 1977Spencerville
Wallace, Jacqueline A26 Dec 195215 Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Wallace, James24 Mar 1917Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Wallace, Janet L7 Jun 193516 Jan 1996New Haven
Wallace, Jerome E5 Nov 195515 May 1995Fort Wayne
Wallace, Kim13 Nov 1951Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Wallace, Laverne4 Sep 192720 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Wallace, Lela13 Jul 1891Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Wallace, Lewis16 Sep 194714 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Wallace, Lillian28 Apr 1898Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Wallace, Lillie8 Aug 1881Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Wallace, Louise L20 Mar 19171 Jun 2002Spencerville
Wallace, Lulu29 Sep 1888Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Wallace, Mary L23 Dec 191926 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Wallace, Mildred25 Nov 1918Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Wallace, Ned4 Feb 1924Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Wallace, Nellie Bernice23 Aug 193619 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Wallace, Nina L21 Sep 19269 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Wallace, O26 May 1916Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Wallace, Oscar5 Apr 1937Nov 1986New Haven
Wallace, Parker3 May 1924Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Wallace, Pearl23 Jun 1883Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Wallace, Raymond17 Jul 191720 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Wallace, Robert B7 Dec 192722 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Wallace, Robert D12 May 192524 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Wallace, Robert J6 Apr 19182 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Wallace, Roberta M22 Feb 19375 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Wallace, Roy G28 Oct 192916 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Wallace, Virginia J11 Aug 192621 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Wallacesmith, Kamilla Renee17 Jul 198930 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Walle, Dorothy M8 Jul 190927 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Walle, Susan J14 Jun 194019 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Wallen, Josephine4 Aug 1898Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Wallen, Myrtle M5 Feb 191626 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Waller, Bobby1 May 1939Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Waller, Fay8 Jul 1932Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Waller, Luther E21 Aug 193111 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Waller, R30 Aug 1987Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Waller, Ramona J16 Feb 196121 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Walley, Dyllis H12 Sep 19191 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Walley, Ersel3 Jul 1894Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Walley, James E29 May 192025 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Walley, Marion13 Oct 191524 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Wallhausen, Gertrude20 May 1906Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Wallin, Billy E30 Dec 19389 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Wallin, Marvel9 Aug 1901Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Wallin, Sonja J5 Jul 193927 Apr 2006Roanoke
Walling, Mildred L27 Apr 192629 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Walling, Opal L1 Jul 19125 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Wallis, Lola26 Jan 1927Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Wallis, Thelma28 Mar 1916Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Walls, Cletis8 May 190615 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Walls, George F21 Jun 19182 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Walls, John F22 Jan 192230 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Walls, Kim Ann1 Jul 195729 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Walls, Lillian12 Oct 1898Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Walls, Margaret K5 May 19171 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Walls, Noble J4 Feb 19308 Aug 2007Roanoke
Walls, Robert13 Feb 1914Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Walls, Ronald Devon18 Sep 194522 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Walls, Ruth22 Jul 191514 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Walls, Sara4 May 1918Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Walls, William10 May 1899Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Walmer, Earl23 Feb 1905Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Walper, A Cozette2 Sep 191817 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Walper, Anna19 Jul 1889Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Walper, Carl L23 Jun 191423 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Walsh, Alan24 Aug 1895Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Walsh, Alice3 Aug 1881Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Walsh, Barbara J5 Sep 192615 Jul 1999New Haven
Walsh, Bertalene M12 Jul 1921Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Walsh, Danny2 Mar 1949Mar 1977Churubusco
Walsh, Delilah E5 Apr 1919Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Walsh, Edward28 Jul 1885Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Walsh, Florence E20 Feb 1918Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Walsh, Francis C1 Apr 191325 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Walsh, Frank16 Jan 1876May 1973Fort Wayne
Walsh, Harriett23 Apr 1904Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Walsh, John T28 Sep 191611 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Walsh, Kathleen17 Aug 19156 May 2008Fort Wayne
Walsh, Kathleen M19 Sep 191419 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Walsh, Lawrence D11 Aug 191612 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Walsh, Lawrence J19 Aug 190729 May 2001Fort Wayne
Walsh, Marie11 Aug 1917May 1978Fort Wayne
Walsh, Martin29 Apr 1893Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Walsh, Mary23 Oct 1883Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Walsh, Mary R31 May 190531 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Walsh, Mildred N28 Aug 190531 May 1994Fort Wayne
Walsh, Minnie4 Oct 1897Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Walsh, Nellie23 Nov 1908Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Walsh, Ray A14 Jul 192717 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Walsh, Robert9 Jun 1895May 1970Fort Wayne
Walsh, Rollie14 Sep 1903May 1966Fort Wayne
Walsh, Roy14 May 1901Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Walsh, Ruth J5 Nov 192411 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Walsh, Thomas22 Jun 1924Jan 1987New Haven
Walsh, Virginia G12 Jul 19226 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Walsh, William C11 Aug 196212 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Walsh, William S8 Jan 192112 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Walt, Donna5 Mar 1896Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Walt, Helen1 Nov 1903Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Walt, William5 Jan 1904Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Waltemath, Charles H18 Nov 190915 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Waltemath, Marguerite7 Mar 1915Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Waltemath, Velma R28 Feb 19159 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Waltenburg, Bernadean16 May 1906Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Waltenburg, Betty Lorraine5 Dec 19371 May 2009New Haven
Waltenburg, Gladys22 Jul 1909Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Waltenburg, R C20 Jun 193430 May 1992Fort Wayne
Waltenburg, Robert10 Jun 1917Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Walter, Adolf8 Feb 1900Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Walter, Alwilda13 Jun 190324 Apr 1998Spencerville
Walter, Ann L16 Apr 194825 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Walter, Anna26 Feb 1907Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Walter, Armon8 Jan 1897Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Walter, Charles E31 Jul 192229 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Walter, Clarence V27 Jan 192019 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Walter, David G11 Jan 19443 Jun 2002Fort Wayne, New Haven
Walter, Donna B27 Nov 192328 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Walter, Dorothy M28 May 19135 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Walter, Edward21 Jun 1883Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Walter, Edward5 Jul 1923Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Walter, Eileen6 Nov 1917Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Walter, Emma29 May 1887Jan 1982Spencerville
Walter, Estella W5 Dec 19047 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Walter, Frederic O20 Feb 193726 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Walter, Frederick A18 May 192013 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Walter, Gladys M19 Jul 189911 May 1989New Haven
Walter, Harold E22 Oct 192221 May 1994Fort Wayne
Walter, Henry1 Oct 1913Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Walter, Isabel S6 Jun 191016 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Walter, Ivan V21 Apr 189923 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Walter, John P5 Feb 191125 Jan 2003Leo
Walter, Kenneth D19 Aug 191621 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Walter, Lora31 Oct 1881Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Walter, Lorena C16 Oct 191316 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Walter, Marian C20 Mar 193024 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Walter, Martin13 Apr 1899Jan 1983Spencerville
Walter, Roscoe17 Sep 1890Aug 1977Spencerville
Walter, Scott E28 Oct 196027 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Walter, Theresa E8 Feb 19475 Nov 2007Woodburn
Walter, Valetta E31 May 191817 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Walter, William7 Oct 1873May 1969Fort Wayne
Walters, Chester6 May 1909Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Walters, David15 May 1894Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Walters, Della2 Apr 190828 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Walters, Dorothy M14 Sep 19151 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Walters, Dorothy M8 Aug 191820 Oct 1992Churubusco
Walters, Edna M3 May 193325 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Walters, Elmer W11 Dec 191923 May 2006Fort Wayne
Walters, Emaline M3 Sep 19125 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Walters, Eugene6 Mar 191927 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Walters, Eva P23 Nov 191129 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Walters, Ferd28 May 1895Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Walters, George19 Jan 1884Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Walters, Glenn20 Oct 191923 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Walters, Grace7 Jan 1894Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Walters, Hallie2 Apr 1891May 1980Fort Wayne
Walters, Harold20 Feb 1909Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Walters, Hazel M5 Jul 19258 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Walters, Homer26 Aug 189824 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Walters, Irving23 Sep 190514 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Walters, Ivan E23 Jan 19402 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Walters, James9 Feb 1916Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Walters, Jean18 Feb 1930Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Walters, John4 Apr 1930Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Walters, Kathryn20 Apr 192527 May 1995Fort Wayne
Walters, Lawrence23 Dec 1898Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Walters, Leanore29 Dec 192322 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Walters, Leo10 Oct 1896Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Walters, Lottie12 Mar 1874Dec 1969Monroeville
Walters, Marguerite17 May 1900Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Walters, Marion23 Oct 1910Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Walters, Mark A20 Jul 192216 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Walters, Marvin25 Aug 1906Nov 1981Spencerville
Walters, Mary13 Jan 1899Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Walters, Mary5 Jul 1906Aug 1973Spencerville
Walters, Melvin3 Mar 1886Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Walters, Merwin14 Jan 1931Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Walters, Oscar20 Dec 1883Dec 1965Fort Wayne
Walters, Perry30 Sep 1931Oct 1983New Haven
Walters, Perry25 May 1885Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Walters, Robert17 Mar 193027 Jun 2004Roanoke
Walters, Robert L3 Dec 192516 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Walters, Rose21 Nov 1895Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Walters, Rose22 Sep 190522 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Walters, Royce2 Jun 1904May 1973Fort Wayne
Walters, Sarah15 Jun 1922Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Walters, Wanda3 Jan 1919Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Walters, Wesley14 Jun 1916Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Walters, Wilda9 Nov 1904Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Walther, Beata28 Sep 1900Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Walther, Fred18 Jul 1902Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Walther, Frederick12 May 1886Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Waltke, Edward17 Nov 1886Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Waltke, Eleanor L10 Apr 190928 May 1998Woodburn
Waltke, Ernest10 Jun 1900Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Waltke, Erwin8 Jan 1904May 1971Woodburn
Waltke, Glenn E14 Apr 191515 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Waltke, Irene M11 Feb 191226 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Waltke, Kenneth2 Aug 1907Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Waltke, Lloyd F7 Aug 19135 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Waltke, Margaret30 Mar 1886Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Waltke, Marie M5 Mar 19183 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Waltke, Velma L7 Sep 19141 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Walton Jr, Cumby J24 Aug 190513 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Walton, Bell22 Sep 1916Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Walton, Charlie4 Jun 1888Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Walton, Eva9 Apr 1895Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Walton, Evelyn12 Nov 1922May 1970Fort Wayne
Walton, G M2 Jun 193415 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Walton, Margaret24 Nov 192610 Apr 2006Churubusco
Walton, Max A25 Jul 193110 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Walton, Theresa K10 Jun 191017 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Waltz, Bonita J1 Jul 19246 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Waltz, Elizabeth A29 Sep 191729 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Waltz, Emmett L14 Apr 192829 Oct 2000New Haven
Waltz, Hilda H23 Feb 191722 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Waltz, Lee O4 Feb 191623 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Waltz, Mary A20 Dec 192610 Oct 2009New Haven
Waltz, Mary A3 Jan 193216 Nov 2003New Haven
Waltz, Melvin20 Jul 1907Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Waltz, Robert14 Jan 1912Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Walworth, Mildred S1 Jun 19134 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Walworth, Robert J4 May 194524 Jul 2004Monroeville
Walworth, Robert P10 Jul 191118 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Walz, Anton6 Jan 1904Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Walzer, Lavelle I17 Aug 191615 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Walzer, Mildred I20 Mar 190828 Dec 1995Roanoke
Walzer, Theodore1 Jun 1906Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Walzer, Vale C14 Feb 19163 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Wamboldt, Melvin31 Aug 1902Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Wambsganss, Hilda M10 Jan 1910May 1993Fort Wayne
Wambsganss, James30 Apr 1927Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Wamsley, Susanne R29 Apr 191830 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Wanas, Donald2 Oct 1910Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Waning, Clemens28 Nov 1904Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Waning, Walburga16 Sep 190823 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Wann, Bonnie L13 Oct 19099 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Wann, Herman W24 Sep 19225 May 2005Harlan
Want, James23 Jun 1924Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Wappes, Alice31 Jul 1882Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Wappes, Amelia I12 Jan 191419 May 1997Woodburn
Wappes, Charles R30 Nov 192527 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Wappes, Dorothy23 May 1928Jun 1977Harlan
Wappes, Lawrence19 Apr 1916Mar 1986Woodburn
Wappes, Martha H17 Aug 193619 Jan 1999Churubusco
Wappes, May B30 Apr 191127 Oct 2006Churubusco
Wappes, Raymond23 Jun 1909Oct 1976Churubusco
Wappes, Ronald12 Dec 1917Mar 1974Spencerville
Wappes, Terry A19 Jun 196513 Aug 1988Churubusco
Warble, Lewis L9 Sep 192310 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Warble, Muriel P17 Mar 19137 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Warcup, Myra2 Oct 1891Jan 1975Huntertown
Ward, Andrew19 Apr 1901Aug 1976Harlan
Ward, Arizona13 Jan 192024 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Ward, Arthur2 Mar 1890May 1970New Haven
Ward, Avis2 Dec 19102 Apr 2004Grabill
Ward, Berkeley24 Mar 1891Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Ward, Cecil7 Mar 1902Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Ward, Charles20 Dec 1909Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Ward, Charles27 Aug 1898Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Ward, Charlotte A9 Oct 19028 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Ward, Christine26 Jan 1927Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Ward, Clementin13 Feb 192621 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Ward, Clifford24 May 1901Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Ward, Daniel H21 May 193925 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Ward, Darrell L26 Jan 192810 Aug 2004Roanoke
Ward, Deatrice12 Jan 1908Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Ward, Dolores D11 Aug 192927 Sep 2000Roanoke
Ward, Edna14 Oct 1901May 1970Fort Wayne
Ward, Edna B9 Jun 192429 May 2003Fort Wayne
Ward, Edna V11 Mar 191226 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Ward, Enid N15 May 191213 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Ward, Ethel M21 Jun 191030 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Ward, Evelyn18 Jan 1892May 1975Fort Wayne
Ward, Francis P14 Jun 19359 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Ward, George W22 May 19067 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Ward, Grant19 Nov 1891Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Ward, Hazel9 Apr 1917Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Ward, Hershel W15 Mar 19355 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Ward, Horace23 Jul 1930Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Ward, Jacqueline A15 Aug 194221 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Ward, James L2 Jan 193016 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Ward, James L24 Jul 19238 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Ward, Joe17 Mar 1892Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Ward, Judy7 Dec 194419 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Ward, Lila M1 May 191025 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Ward, Loretta M28 May 190723 May 1998Fort Wayne
Ward, Lucille R30 Aug 191517 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Ward, Lydia23 Jan 1915May 1978Fort Wayne
Ward, Marguerite A4 Jun 192226 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Ward, Mary Beth14 Mar 195514 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Ward, Mary E28 Jun 192215 Aug 2006New Haven
Ward, Maxie17 Sep 191312 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Ward, Olive16 Mar 1916Jul 1995Huntertown
Ward, Paul21 Jul 1908Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Ward, Paul L17 Mar 19492 Apr 1994Roanoke
Ward, Paula2 Mar 1923Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Ward, Ralph22 Feb 1931Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Ward, Ray30 Oct 1898Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Ward, Rex G11 Jun 193228 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Ward, Robert29 Dec 1919Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Ward, Rosie M9 Apr 194022 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Ward, Ruby25 Feb 1924Oct 1982Leo
Ward, Shawn Marie19 Jul 19752 Jun 2008Roanoke
Ward, Suzanne J2 Mar 195523 Oct 2005Monroeville
Ward, Sylvester14 Dec 19248 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Ward, Viola M2 Jun 19074 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Ward, W M8 Jan 190917 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Ward, Walter E28 Dec 19229 Oct 2009Roanoke
Ward, Wendell L10 Dec 193218 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Ward, William A25 Nov 192013 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Ward, William A6 Nov 193521 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Ward, Willie M28 Jul 193325 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Ward, Willie M26 Apr 191617 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Warden, Douglas O5 Jun 19232 Nov 1997New Haven
Wardlaw, Deloris8 Feb 1924Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Ware, A B17 Jan 190610 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Ware, Arthur25 Dec 1896Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Ware, Blanche9 Oct 1881May 1975Fort Wayne
Ware, Charles J10 Jul 18996 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Ware, Florence B6 Aug 1900Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Ware, Harold21 Jul 1882May 1966Fort Wayne
Ware, Isiah11 Aug 1931Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Ware, James25 May 1901May 1974Fort Wayne
Ware, Melvin17 May 1902Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Ware, Paul S16 Sep 19379 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Ware, Tina C3 Feb 19738 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Ware, William9 Sep 1904Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Wareing, Herbert A16 Jan 191219 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Warfel, Jane5 Mar 1922May 1986Fort Wayne
Warfel, Joseph J29 Dec 191914 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Warfel, Stanley L4 Nov 19251 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Warfield, Barbara27 Feb 1895Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Warfield, Charles5 Nov 190712 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Warfield, Chester1 Sep 1899Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Warfield, Edna A20 Sep 187515 Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Warfield, Frances15 Nov 1880Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Warfield, James R1 Sep 191420 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Warfield, Johnnie1 Jun 1905May 1974Fort Wayne
Warfield, Katherine26 Apr 1918Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Warfield, Marcele A9 Feb 191328 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Warfield, Naomi20 Oct 1910Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Warfield, Roger Ray1 May 19398 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Warfield, Thelma E27 Jul 192312 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Warfield, William26 Sep 1900Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Wargo, A Evelyn13 Jun 191814 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Warmkessel, John A21 Jan 194522 May 2000Fort Wayne
Warneke, Roman C7 Aug 190617 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Warnement, Dorothy D5 Jan 192317 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Warnement, Eva M30 Apr 1899May 1995Fort Wayne
Warnement, Julius29 May 1889Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Warnement, Robert28 Mar 1921May 1979Fort Wayne
Warner Sr, William1 Nov 1877Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Warner, Anson7 Jan 1884Apr 1967Huntertown
Warner, Carrie24 Apr 1891Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Warner, Clyde31 Mar 1887Nov 1967Grabill
Warner, Cynthia M30 Oct 191613 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Warner, Donald E12 Mar 192714 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Warner, Elizabeth20 Feb 1920Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Warner, Elmer8 Jun 1893Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Warner, Elsie1 Jun 1891Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Warner, Emma17 Feb 1883Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Warner, Erman11 Sep 1907Mar 1978Huntertown
Warner, Ernest8 Dec 1905May 1973Fort Wayne
Warner, Esther6 Oct 1890Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Warner, Esther P18 Mar 191326 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Warner, Florence8 Nov 1884Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Warner, Gaylord C14 Jan 192722 Oct 1997Huntertown
Warner, Genevieve E14 Dec 191625 May 2006Fort Wayne
Warner, George22 May 1905Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Warner, Gertrude2 Aug 1894Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Warner, Harriet23 Sep 1886Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Warner, Harry13 Aug 191813 Jul 1999Huntertown
Warner, Harry R22 Apr 191524 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Warner, Helen B12 Mar 190422 Mar 2000Huntertown
Warner, Helen F22 Jun 192414 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Warner, Hollie25 Feb 1899Apr 1985Huntertown
Warner, Irene E4 Dec 191317 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Warner, James4 Oct 1921Mar 1985Huntertown
Warner, Joseph C23 Dec 192410 Jun 2001Huntertown
Warner, Kenneth17 Aug 1921Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Warner, L9 Nov 1921Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Warner, Larry E6 Apr 193829 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Warner, Lavon T2 May 19092 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Warner, Lawrence20 Mar 1903Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Warner, Lois J22 Feb 19359 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Warner, Lola14 Sep 190421 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Warner, Loren Duane1 Jan 19361 Oct 2008Leo
Warner, Louise27 Mar 1924Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Warner, Mabel30 Jun 1886Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Warner, Margaret M26 Nov 19083 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Warner, Martha V30 Jan 191119 May 2004Fort Wayne
Warner, Mary M15 Aug 19278 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Warner, Max E8 Jan 192225 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Warner, Mellie4 Feb 1886Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Warner, Mildred6 Jan 1902Dec 1986Huntertown
Warner, Muriel I25 Nov 192119 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Warner, Richard A10 Aug 194923 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Warner, Robert W11 Feb 19211 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Warner, Ronald E28 Nov 192818 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Warner, Rowene F7 Jan 1909Oct 1994Huntertown
Warner, Roxie6 Feb 1893Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Warner, Sharon17 Oct 1933Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Warner, Stanley A4 Jul 192319 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Warner, Stella14 Dec 1896Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Warner, Stephen W11 Jul 196510 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Warner, Welcome A19 Dec 191110 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Warner, Wesley24 Jul 1883May 1977Fort Wayne
Warner, William W18 Mar 191726 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Warnick, Estel17 Oct 1897Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Warnick, Herbert J17 Nov 192322 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Warnke, Alma30 Jan 1888Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Warnock, Earl10 Nov 1891Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Warnock, Earl1 Mar 191515 May 1997Fort Wayne
Warnock, Emma15 Feb 1917Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Warnock, Oliver29 Jul 192521 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Warnsley, Estella1 May 19302 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Warnsley, Welton4 Aug 19301 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Warren, Agnes Anne18 Nov 19403 Feb 2009Spencerville
Warren, Arthur M2 Mar 192712 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Warren, Beatrice24 Nov 1913Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Warren, Carl E15 Jan 189415 Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Warren, Charlie30 Aug 192527 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Warren, David12 Jun 19362 May 2007Fort Wayne
Warren, Dawn A21 Mar 193625 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Warren, Evelyn27 Jun 1922Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Warren, George A26 Oct 19327 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Warren, Hilda Bell E27 May 1918Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Warren, Isabella16 Jun 191217 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Warren, Lawrence J18 Sep 19236 May 2007Fort Wayne
Warren, Lidel17 Apr 192313 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Warren, Louis23 Apr 1885Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Warren, Louis5 Sep 1907Nov 1984Roanoke
Warren, Lucille27 Mar 1919Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Warren, Michael D1 May 196923 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Warren, Roosevelt18 Feb 192626 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Warren, Rose M5 Jun 193625 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Warren, Roy21 Aug 1915Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Warren, Rufus15 Aug 1907Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Warren, Samuel H15 Oct 191618 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Warren, Stella A6 Jan 19071 Nov 1994Roanoke
Warren, Viola31 Aug 1909Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Warren, Vitalis M29 Aug 192016 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Warren, William C22 Jul 194931 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Warrens, Henry13 Jan 1917Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Warrick, Billie E1 Feb 192722 Jan 2008New Haven
Warrick, C R9 Aug 193215 Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Warrick, Melvin24 Aug 1917Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Warrick, Pauline H20 Oct 190823 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Warrick, Raymond21 Aug 1902Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Warrick, Richard A5 Sep 194427 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Warrick, Ruth L22 Mar 19217 Dec 2005New Haven
Warrick, Violet M4 Mar 192212 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Warrington, Deborah15 Dec 1953Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Warrington, Robert C2 Mar 192113 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Warrix, Charles C22 May 193517 Apr 2005Roanoke
Warsaw, Louise26 Apr 191326 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Warschawski, Edith H2 Jul 190513 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Warsco, Dorothy M19 Oct 19243 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Warsco, Fred W22 Apr 19176 May 2006Fort Wayne
Warshauer, Helen6 Feb 1903Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Warshauer, Meyer W14 Jun 19022 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Warsow, Lina H8 Jun 19143 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Wartenbe, Grayce18 Jan 1899Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Wartenbe, Harry12 Feb 1907May 1984Fort Wayne
Wartenbe, Leoma2 Sep 191318 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Wartenbe, Ruth P25 Apr 191026 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Warthman, Virgil L6 May 19377 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Wartzok, Delbert27 May 191513 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Wartzok, Fay M11 Nov 191812 May 2004Fort Wayne
Warwick, Fred1 Nov 1890Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Wash, Bettie M10 Jul 192722 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Washburn, James25 Jun 1922Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Washburn, Leonard J6 Jun 19259 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Washburn, Maxine E12 Feb 192523 Jun 1996Churubusco
Washington, Carol Ann5 Jun 194712 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Washington, Catherine15 Sep 191117 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Washington, David S4 Jul 19328 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Washington, Ernest E6 May 192719 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Washington, Ernst14 Jul 191112 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Washington, Essie5 Mar 1921Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Washington, Geneva16 Jan 193612 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Washington, Geneva2 Jul 1919Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Washington, George4 Mar 1898Nov 1965Fort Wayne
Washington, George15 Apr 1895Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Washington, Georgia M22 Jul 193226 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Washington, Hazel19 Nov 1943Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Washington, James25 Jul 19329 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Washington, Jessie5 Aug 1915Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Washington, Jimmie Lee3 Dec 19283 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Washington, John21 Dec 1936Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Washington, Julia M9 Jun 190910 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Washington, Kamari L8 Nov 200430 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Washington, Kendra D15 Jun 19693 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Washington, Larry28 Feb 195928 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Washington, Lou16 Aug 1883Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Washington, Najha M13 Jun 200115 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Washington, Nettie11 Jan 1898Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Washington, Patricia26 Dec 1942Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Washington, Ruth Mary23 May 19221 Jun 1990Fort Wayne
Washington, Senith3 Jul 1924Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Washington, Shirley A22 Mar 194619 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Washington, Simon6 May 1893Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Washington, Tahirih M28 Sep 197218 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Washington, Tommy11 Jul 19471 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Washington, Violet J18 Mar 196918 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Washington, William29 Nov 1921Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Washmuth, Justin C17 Jun 197331 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Wasilewski, Agnes L1 Mar 190425 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Wasko, George S26 Mar 19056 May 1972Roanoke
Wasko, Mary10 Oct 191128 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Wasmuth, Delene E16 Sep 191214 Mar 2002Roanoke
Wass, Clara7 Jul 1890Aug 1977New Haven
Wass, Dee22 Dec 1957May 1981Monroeville
Wass, Donald D27 May 19042 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Wass, Donald E25 Jan 19054 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Wass, Dudley C17 Mar 19076 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Wass, Earl B7 Jun 191426 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Wass, Emerson D21 Feb 191521 Jan 2001Monroeville
Wass, George2 Dec 1894Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Wass, Gordon20 Nov 1909Jun 1985Monroeville
Wass, Harry9 Jul 1888Nov 1973New Haven
Wass, Lorene M21 Feb 1924Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Wass, Marjorie P1 Dec 1911Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Wass, Mary12 Jun 1918Sep 1975Fort Wayne
Wass, Robert F6 Jan 191711 Feb 1999New Haven
Wass, Samuel5 Feb 1877Oct 1974Fort Wayne
Wass, Sarah23 May 1875Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Wass, Valera G24 Jun 191416 Jan 2010Monroeville
Wasserman, Donald14 Dec 1929Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Wassman, Marguerite9 Jul 1901Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Wasson, Agnes27 Mar 1904May 1969Fort Wayne
Wasson, Edna8 Oct 1904Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Wasson, Edward26 May 1899Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Wasson, John21 Aug 1893Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Wasson, Laverne23 Aug 1898Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Wasson, Marjorie J6 Jan 192431 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Wasson, Norman K4 Feb 193025 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Wasson, Ora9 Oct 1883Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Wasson, Richard A31 May 192620 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Wasson, Richard G3 Aug 192516 Mar 2008Monroeville
Wasson, Warn25 Dec 1916Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Wasson, Wendell25 Jan 1904Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Waston Rohrs, Barbara27 Sep 193012 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Wasylk, Edward5 Jan 192516 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Waszak, Irma H21 Jun 191710 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Waterfield, Anne M13 Nov 190219 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Waterfield, Edith8 Oct 1897Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Waterfield, Hallie13 Apr 1905Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Waterfield, Richard24 Mar 1900Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Waterfield, William18 Oct 1894Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Waterhouse, Howard9 Jun 1918Jul 1986New Haven
Waterhouse, Luke11 Jan 1894May 1965Fort Wayne
Waterhouse, Maurine9 Feb 1897Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Waterhouse, Ralph26 Jun 1920Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Waterhouse, Wilma H F11 Jan 192511 May 1991Fort Wayne
Waterman, Anne A23 Feb 191320 May 2000Fort Wayne
Waterman, Crystal1 Feb 1907Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Waterman, Edith20 Jun 1910Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Waterman, Edward L24 Mar 193022 Dec 2001New Haven
Waterman, Floyd3 Jul 1904Nov 1976Monroeville
Waterman, George13 Aug 1914Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Waterman, Jean15 Nov 1930Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Waterman, Lois6 Oct 1901Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Waterman, M Olive27 Dec 192225 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Waterman, Mildred D22 Jan 193025 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Waterman, Pamela K25 May 194619 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Watermasysk, Dolores M30 Sep 193118 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Waters Jr, Shepherd6 Jun 194519 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Waters, A I20 Sep 1922Mar 1990Fort Wayne
Waters, Arthur15 Sep 1878Nov 1965Fort Wayne
Waters, Calvin G11 Aug 192012 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Waters, Charles M20 Sep 187815 Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Waters, Charles Thomas28 Jan 194813 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Waters, Eileen16 Nov 191617 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Waters, Estella4 Sep 1886Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Waters, Garrett21 Jan 1897Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Waters, Harry J24 Aug 192029 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Waters, Jennett M9 Apr 192229 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Waters, Lilda O20 May 1919Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Waters, Loren H21 Oct 191519 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Waters, Lucile G6 Mar 191122 Jan 1999Leo
Waters, Lucille14 Apr 1891Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Waters, Marie4 May 1915Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Waters, Marjorie9 Nov 1914Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Waters, Marjorie R31 Mar 192213 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Waters, Marjoriean A5 Apr 192621 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Waters, Mary Lou2 Jul 193812 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Waters, Mary M2 Apr 192422 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Waters, Orville M30 Aug 192125 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Waters, Paul M21 Aug 191212 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Waters, Pearl5 Mar 1884Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Waters, Ralph B5 Jan 19121 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Waters, Ray C21 May 19098 Feb 1997Leo
Waters, Richard16 Mar 1915Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Waters, Richard W13 May 193725 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Waters, Roland D4 Jan 19248 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Waters, Roy E24 Feb 19061 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Waters, Ruth I22 Dec 191516 Oct 1998Woodburn
Waters, Sherman6 Jul 1914Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Waters, Sidney24 Jan 190613 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Waters, Violet15 Jan 1914Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Waterson, Albert C28 May 190111 Jan 1996Churubusco
Waterson, Eva29 Jan 1885Jun 1972Huntertown
Waterson, Gertrude M26 Aug 19062 Jan 1999Churubusco
Waterson, Hanna V4 Apr 19241 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Waterson, Lloyd13 Dec 19208 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Waterson, Marilyn J6 Oct 192729 Sep 2009Huntertown
Waterson, Ora25 Aug 1899Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Watkins, A R31 Mar 191211 May 1999Fort Wayne
Watkins, Alta24 Jul 1898Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Watkins, Andrew23 Jul 195229 May 2001Fort Wayne
Watkins, Cara L13 Sep 193421 May 1998New Haven
Watkins, Catherine6 May 192111 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Watkins, Dorothy23 Mar 1922Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Watkins, Dorothy H9 Aug 191516 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Watkins, Franklin W16 Jan 19155 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Watkins, Jermaine R3 Jan 197815 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Watkins, John16 Apr 1918Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Watkins, Julian Elm13 Nov 1919Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Watkins, Katherine22 Oct 1922Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Watkins, Lorenzo R21 Jan 194626 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Watkins, Mack S25 Jul 19498 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Watkins, Myrtle12 Oct 1907Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Watkins, Ola24 Feb 1893Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Watkins, Porter14 Jul 1900Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Watkins, Raymond10 Aug 1900Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Watkins, Rosemary12 Oct 1935May 1979Fort Wayne
Watkins, Ruth J23 Aug 19335 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Watkins, Ruthie K10 Jul 193624 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Watkins, Sharon S6 Apr 194729 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Watkins, Thomas V21 Nov 191622 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Watkins, Virgil R6 Jul 193316 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Watkins, William8 Sep 1910Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Watrous, Austin A26 Aug 192626 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Watrous, Doris E16 Aug 19242 May 2005Fort Wayne
Watson, Albert9 Jun 1935Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Watson, Albert14 Jan 1912Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Watson, Alvah T6 May 18858 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Watson, Amanda24 Aug 1919Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Watson, Arlington17 Mar 1903Dec 1976Spencerville
Watson, Bernice12 Nov 1905Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Watson, Betty17 Jan 192713 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Watson, Charles14 Jan 1904May 1969Fort Wayne
Watson, Charles E20 Jun 192815 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Watson, Chester9 Jun 1899Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Watson, Clara27 Oct 1909Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Watson, Cora M6 Oct 1920Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Watson, Eileen G3 Oct 192228 May 1998Fort Wayne
Watson, Elma31 Dec 1894Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Watson, Esther26 Apr 1893Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Watson, Esther B6 Jun 190511 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Watson, Esther E5 Sep 192014 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Watson, Florence22 Jul 19185 May 2004Fort Wayne
Watson, Florence A2 Nov 190915 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Watson, Frances2 May 1898Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Watson, Franklin16 Dec 1890Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Watson, Fred14 Sep 190416 Nov 1992Spencerville
Watson, George22 Feb 1891Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Watson, Gerald27 Dec 1961Jul 1984Monroeville
Watson, Gordon J1 Aug 19607 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Watson, Harry W24 Feb 191615 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Watson, Herschel3 Mar 1932Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Watson, Howard E12 Sep 192012 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Watson, Hubert R14 Apr 1914Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Watson, Iola V28 Sep 191111 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Watson, James25 Apr 1897Jun 1984New Haven
Watson, James I7 Sep 192925 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Watson, Jane D23 Oct 19155 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Watson, Jerry B14 Aug 192819 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Watson, Josephine M18 Feb 19046 May 1997Fort Wayne
Watson, K E12 Oct 190318 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Watson, Leona23 Mar 1902Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Watson, Lillian S23 Mar 192127 May 2008Fort Wayne
Watson, Lucille14 Mar 1912Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Watson, Mary15 Jan 1903Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Watson, Maurice29 Aug 196210 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Watson, Mildred28 Mar 1922Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Watson, Nancy7 Mar 1931Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Watson, Oral20 Feb 1910Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Watson, Orville16 Feb 191316 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Watson, Oscar V1 Sep 192218 Dec 2007Spencerville
Watson, Paul15 Oct 1892Dec 1964Fort Wayne
Watson, Paul E26 Oct 191927 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Watson, Robert6 Apr 1930Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Watson, Robert D4 Jan 192010 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Watson, Rolly30 Sep 1908Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Watson, Rose24 Mar 1901Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Watson, Ross11 Jul 1917Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Watson, Ruby22 Mar 1907Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Watson, William19 Feb 1921Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Watson, William28 May 1900Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Watson, William3 May 1895Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Watt, Anna4 Dec 1894Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Watt, Herbert6 Apr 1914Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Watt, Lavada D2 Apr 19181 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Watt, Paula25 Oct 1896Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Watt, Robert L31 Aug 191230 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Wattenbarger, Mary V4 Jun 1904Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Watters, Agnes8 Oct 1905Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Watters, Annelore27 Aug 19284 Nov 2002New Haven
Watters, Dallas26 Jul 1905Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Watters, Elsie B8 Mar 19001 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Watters, Eugene16 Sep 193026 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Watters, Henry E8 Sep 192529 Nov 1999New Haven
Watters, John S9 Aug 192215 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Watters, Mary28 Dec 1906Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Watterson, Clarence29 Nov 1900Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Wattiaux, Julia28 Dec 1902Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Wattier, Kenneth16 May 1906Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Wattley, Lawrence E19 Sep 19093 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Wattley, Martha M3 Mar 19109 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Watts, Alice15 Dec 190213 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Watts, Annette21 Feb 1953Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Watts, Arden J19 Sep 19139 May 1999Fort Wayne
Watts, Beatrice R16 Jul 19231 May 2009Fort Wayne
Watts, Effie12 Apr 1889Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Watts, Elizabeth7 Jul 1886Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Watts, Ella J3 Jul 192823 Oct 2005New Haven
Watts, Eva8 Feb 1907Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Watts, James1 May 1900Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Watts, Kathyrn C24 Nov 1927Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Watts, Rosie18 Jul 188915 Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Watts, Virginia M3 Sep 192315 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Watts, Vivian J12 Jul 19166 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Waugh, Bertha8 Apr 18967 May 1996Fort Wayne
Waugh, John1 May 1883May 1972Fort Wayne
Waugh, Margaret S6 Dec 19073 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Waugh, Meade19 Jun 1913Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Waugh, Paul E5 Jul 1907Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Waugh, Susie M19 Jul 19096 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Waun, Cleota L5 Jan 19085 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Wawro, Joseph30 Aug 1918Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Wawruszewski, Michel15 May 1914Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Waxler, Raymond27 Apr 1911Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Waxton Jr, Norvel L21 May 19594 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Waxton, Norvel L4 Feb 193926 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Way, Roger D16 Feb 193028 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Wayer, Conrad17 Apr 1897May 1977Fort Wayne
Wayer, Esther29 Aug 1900May 1983Fort Wayne
Wayer, Margaret20 Aug 1891Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Wayer, Margaret7 Apr 1892Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Wayer, Wesley H5 Oct 191812 Jan 2002Fort Wayne

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