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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Weachock, Joseph A1 Oct 192521 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Wear, Olive29 Mar 1898Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Wearley, Avondale10 Nov 1911Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Wearley, Lillian A21 Oct 191116 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Wearley, Ruth L9 Jan 193321 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Wearly, Mary18 Oct 1927Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Weatherholt, Sherman O19 Oct 193023 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Weaver, Adrian20 Feb 1896May 1973Fort Wayne
Weaver, Alice H22 Dec 190626 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Weaver, Anna5 Feb 1898Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Weaver, Ben25 Jan 1905Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Weaver, Bernard L23 Feb 1923Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Weaver, Bertha13 Jul 1904Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Weaver, Bryan D28 Dec 19273 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Weaver, Burton3 Feb 1885Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Weaver, Carl D5 Oct 194129 May 2007Fort Wayne
Weaver, Carroll15 Aug 1904Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Weaver, Charles3 May 1926Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Weaver, Charles6 Oct 1917Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Weaver, Charles31 Jul 1915Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Weaver, Charles W11 Apr 19333 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Weaver, Clyde23 Jan 1889Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Weaver, D20 Feb 1971Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Weaver, Dale29 May 1906Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Weaver, Daniel24 Nov 1891Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Weaver, Delmon F1 Apr 19133 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Weaver, Dempsey7 Jan 1904Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Weaver, Dorothy M2 Jun 191627 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Weaver, Earl27 Aug 1896Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Weaver, Edna9 May 1891Dec 1983Roanoke
Weaver, Edna2 Aug 1910Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Weaver, Emmett3 Jun 1915May 1981Fort Wayne
Weaver, Ervin L19 Nov 192829 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Weaver, Ethel23 Mar 1893Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Weaver, Ethel L10 Oct 190825 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Weaver, Eugene13 Aug 1900Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Weaver, Eugene K1 Apr 19299 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Weaver, Eva8 Aug 1903May 1984Fort Wayne
Weaver, Florence L8 Nov 192420 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Weaver, Frank9 Feb 1911Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Weaver, Goldie M31 Mar 191030 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Weaver, Harley15 Nov 1883Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Weaver, Harvey25 Jan 1876Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Weaver, Hettie5 Nov 1888Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Weaver, Homer13 Jun 1886Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Weaver, Ida20 Jun 1890Apr 1983Fort Wayne
Weaver, Ida22 Aug 1884May 1979Fort Wayne
Weaver, Iona16 Aug 1900Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Weaver, James2 Jun 1923Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Weaver, Joann R24 Feb 193415 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Weaver, John10 Feb 1914Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Weaver, Joseph21 Jun 1905Apr 1983Churubusco
Weaver, Kenton L7 Aug 192319 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Weaver, Klaus3 Nov 1959Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Weaver, Lora E10 Aug 191131 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Weaver, Lucy18 Jun 1896Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Weaver, Marcella M1 May 19055 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Weaver, Margaret4 Apr 1900Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Weaver, Margaret A23 Oct 191425 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Weaver, Marian J1 Jul 192116 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Weaver, Marie G29 Nov 190210 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Weaver, Marilyn J18 Jul 192931 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Weaver, Mark A21 Jan 19524 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
Weaver, Martin A25 Jun 190215 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Weaver, Mary9 Feb 1901Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Weaver, Melissa Kay12 Oct 196815 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Weaver, Melvin26 Sep 1917May 1979Fort Wayne
Weaver, Mildred5 Aug 1922Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Weaver, Naomi B6 Nov 192618 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Weaver, Nunzia8 Feb 1927Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Weaver, Opal9 Jul 1910Apr 1987Yoder
Weaver, Oscar22 Jan 1911Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Weaver, Otto C2 Feb 191121 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Weaver, Patricia C21 Oct 19287 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Weaver, Paul6 Apr 1901Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Weaver, Paul23 Nov 1901Aug 1984Yoder
Weaver, Pauline11 Oct 1901Dec 1984Leo
Weaver, R Wyatt23 Apr 1913Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Weaver, Richard C7 Sep 192223 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Weaver, Richard G21 Jun 192912 Sep 2003Roanoke
Weaver, Richard L3 Jan 192223 May 1997Fort Wayne
Weaver, Robert A2 Feb 193927 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Weaver, Robert D8 Oct 192012 Jan 2007Roanoke
Weaver, Roma L18 Jun 190414 Nov 1997Churubusco
Weaver, Ron L6 Feb 19496 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Weaver, Rowena M19 May 191211 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Weaver, Theron12 Nov 1887Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Weaver, Vada29 Mar 190713 Sep 1997Leo
Weaver, Vessie7 Jan 1883Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Weaver, Walter16 Jun 1906Nov 1975Roanoke
Weaver, Walter L9 Sep 191816 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Weaver, William F27 Jul 190917 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Weaver, Wilma L31 Dec 191424 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Webb Sr, Charles25 Aug 1894Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Webb, Alice28 Apr 1893Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Webb, Ben C17 Aug 195313 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Webb, Charles24 Jan 1920Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Webb, Charles B19 Jan 192611 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Webb, Clara M16 May 187615 Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Webb, Clyde26 Jun 1890Dec 1968Monroeville
Webb, Dayton D1 Jan 192330 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Webb, Dorothy29 Dec 18978 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Webb, Edna D1 Aug 192430 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Webb, Elizabeth A28 Sep 19252 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Webb, Esther P15 May 19088 Aug 1996New Haven
Webb, Ethel30 Sep 1889Jul 1982Monroeville
Webb, Helen8 Nov 1911Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Webb, Hilda P22 Feb 191127 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Webb, Hildreth C14 Oct 19049 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Webb, Howard V28 Aug 191518 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Webb, Iris17 Dec 1906Apr 1990Fort Wayne
Webb, Jean F12 Dec 192122 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Webb, John24 Jun 192819 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Webb, John A18 May 19152 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Webb, Lewis E20 Nov 192429 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Webb, Marian24 Nov 1880Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Webb, Marion19 Jul 1919Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Webb, Mary Catherine24 Dec 193219 May 2008Fort Wayne
Webb, Mary M10 May 192224 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Webb, Merion D6 Jun 193826 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Webb, Norma D8 Jan 193114 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Webb, Norveda10 Aug 1912May 1984Fort Wayne
Webb, Paul9 Mar 190120 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Webb, Reba F7 Mar 191515 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Webb, Robert27 Mar 1950Aug 1985Monroeville
Webb, Walter25 Apr 1887Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Webb, William P12 Mar 19131 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Webb, Willis8 Apr 1893Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Webb, Willis F13 Jul 191417 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Webber, Anna P21 Jul 190811 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Webber, Edith20 Jan 1888Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Webber, Floyd E8 Nov 192515 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Webber, Kathryn27 Oct 1921Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Webber, Laura30 Nov 1908May 1980Fort Wayne
Webber, Mable F4 Aug 190528 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Webber, Ned10 Jan 1913Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Webber, Ralph L24 Dec 192023 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Webber, Reba14 May 1929Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Webber, Rosella H12 Dec 19188 May 1992Fort Wayne
Webber, S24 Jul 1902Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Weber, Angela H15 Sep 19229 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Weber, August14 Jul 1899Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Weber, Betty J19 Nov 19307 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Weber, Carl A12 Nov 19162 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Weber, Carolyn S29 Mar 194328 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Weber, Charles3 Apr 1892Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Weber, Charles H5 Apr 19224 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Weber, Charles R22 Dec 191318 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Weber, Charles W21 Sep 191327 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Weber, David G12 Jan 19496 Apr 2009Churubusco
Weber, Don10 Dec 1895May 1966Fort Wayne
Weber, Donald C17 Dec 192115 May 2005Fort Wayne
Weber, Donald H22 Oct 19247 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Weber, Elizabeth E4 May 191627 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Weber, Elizabeth L7 Nov 19226 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Weber, Ella17 Nov 1885Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Weber, Elsie M30 Apr 191630 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Weber, Emma12 Jul 1897Dec 1981Woodburn
Weber, Erwin30 Oct 1908Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Weber, Floyd3 Mar 1900Apr 1985New Haven
Weber, Frank19 Jan 1897Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Weber, Franklin3 Apr 1916Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Weber, Fred7 Sep 1914Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Weber, Frederick5 Sep 1907Aug 1964Fort Wayne
Weber, Geneva W17 Aug 19084 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Weber, Genevieve A11 Dec 19056 Jan 1991Fort Wayne
Weber, Harold21 Aug 1918Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Weber, Harriet K3 Sep 1906Jan 1996New Haven
Weber, Harry13 Nov 1888Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Weber, Helen28 Apr 1914Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Weber, Helen17 Jan 1902Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Weber, Helen5 Jan 1891Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Weber, Henrietta A1 Mar 187115 Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Weber, Henry29 Oct 1894Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Weber, Herman20 Nov 1894Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Weber, Jean M8 Jan 192431 May 1993Fort Wayne
Weber, Jeanette13 May 1919Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Weber, Johanna M13 Jan 190016 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Weber, John Anthony14 Jul 192813 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Weber, John E21 May 19292 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Weber, Julia18 Mar 1889Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Weber, Lloyd29 Mar 193023 Dec 1992Huntertown
Weber, Louis13 Oct 1880May 1966Fort Wayne
Weber, Lucinda L25 Feb 192827 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Weber, Margaret L20 Oct 190716 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Weber, Margaret R18 May 192921 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Weber, Margarete13 Dec 192611 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Weber, Marie3 Mar 1884Mar 1975New Haven
Weber, Mary22 Sep 1892Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Weber, Mary29 Dec 1918Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Weber, Mary J11 Dec 19233 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Weber, Max C30 Apr 19267 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Weber, Mercedes D10 Aug 190412 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Weber, Paul12 Aug 1901Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Weber, Phebe16 Aug 1893Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Weber, Phyllis J29 Aug 192720 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Weber, Ray4 Feb 1909Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Weber, Raymond E30 Apr 193128 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Weber, Robert30 Apr 1918Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Weber, Robert E21 Jan 192916 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Weber, Robert W29 Nov 191831 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Weber, Ronald L28 Dec 195917 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Weber, Ross28 Mar 1892Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Weber, Theodore4 Aug 1909Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Weber, Velma M25 Apr 191125 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Weber, Victor W5 Mar 19188 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Weber, Whilmina L8 Jun 191624 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Weber, William29 Jun 1901Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Weber, William F7 Sep 192415 Jan 2006New Haven
Weberg, Doris L4 Apr 192025 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Weberus, George14 Jan 1893Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Webster, Bertha H13 Nov 1914Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Webster, Blaine11 Feb 1917Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Webster, Cecil P18 Apr 192330 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Webster, Daniel28 Dec 1905Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Webster, Denzil2 May 1905Jan 1979New Haven
Webster, Donald4 May 1903Aug 1987Monroeville
Webster, Edith25 Nov 1892May 1978Fort Wayne
Webster, Franklin Albert30 Mar 193017 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Webster, Germine A3 Apr 1900Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Webster, Gertrude1 May 191317 Jun 2002New Haven
Webster, Gladys11 Aug 1896Sep 1980Monroeville
Webster, Helen E25 Dec 192713 Nov 1998Monroeville
Webster, Howard13 Jan 1895Oct 1987Monroeville
Webster, Irene25 May 1907Apr 1984Monroeville
Webster, J Ann4 Jul 193010 May 1995Fort Wayne
Webster, Louis H24 Apr 192228 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Webster, Lucille25 Jan 19126 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Webster, M11 Oct 1913Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Webster, Marie C15 Aug 190924 Dec 1997New Haven
Webster, Martha20 Oct 1878Dec 1969Monroeville
Webster, Mary10 Feb 188715 Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Webster, Maude L8 Jun 190418 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Webster, Nancy L27 Dec 19331 Sep 2000Monroeville
Webster, Ralph7 Oct 1899Jun 1983Monroeville
Webster, Raymond L19 Feb 191514 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Webster, Robert G5 Oct 19243 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Webster, Robert W19 Jul 19493 May 2004Fort Wayne
Webster, Velma N14 Nov 19146 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Webster, Viola N25 Oct 190512 Jan 2004New Haven
Webster, Wilmer29 Mar 1897Jan 1983Monroeville
Wecht, Bertha6 Sep 1903Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Weck, Ernest15 Sep 1907Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Weck, Esther S20 Jan 1913Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Weddell, Arthur W14 Aug 191210 Jun 2005Leo
Weddle, Charles M23 Jul 19109 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Weddle, Dessie6 Aug 1888May 1983Fort Wayne
Weddle, Joann E23 Aug 193428 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Weddle, William11 Sep 1907Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Wedge, Margaret B26 Oct 192313 Feb 2007Harlan, Fort Wayne
Wedl, Martha G27 May 192826 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Wedler, Arthur22 Dec 1901Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Wedler, Beulah G8 Sep 190015 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Wedler, Evelyn17 Feb 1901Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Wedler, Leona24 Feb 1902Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Wedler, Louise G20 Sep 191612 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Wedler, Reed C28 Feb 19199 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Wedler, Richard13 Apr 1924Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Wedler, Wanda27 Jan 1926Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Wedler, William L17 Jun 192113 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Wedlock, Frances30 Jul 19015 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Wedmore, Jesse23 Jul 1904Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Weeda, Dwayne F29 Jun 192830 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Weedman, Ira29 Sep 1885Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Weekly, Patricia17 Mar 1934Oct 1987New Haven
Weeks, George3 Apr 1896Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Weeks, Joe M3 Dec 19368 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Weeks, Larry R11 Jan 194530 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Weeks, Melvin F2 Jun 19251 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Weeks, Richard W16 Dec 192714 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Weeks, Robert11 Sep 1913Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Weeks, Robert10 Sep 1916Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Weeks, Robert A6 Jan 192612 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Weeks, Victoria7 Dec 1943Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Weeks, Willie14 Apr 1906Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Weemes, James4 Jul 19109 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Weemes, James A14 Feb 194530 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Weesner, Della19 Jan 1910Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Weesner, Ida25 Apr 1906Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Wefel, Agnes M2 May 190912 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Wefel, Clarence30 May 1899Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Wefel, Clifton28 Jan 1907Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Wefel, Ella11 Jan 1882May 1968Fort Wayne
Wefel, Emma31 Jul 190113 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Wefel, Helen9 Feb 1907Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Wefel, Herbert W15 Mar 19164 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Wefel, Mary2 Apr 1887Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Wefel, Robert A1 May 190418 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Wegman, Geraldine3 May 1910Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Wegman, Herman23 Jan 1897Jul 1974New Haven
Wegman, Lena R15 May 190218 Jan 2000New Haven
Wegman, Louis12 Mar 1906Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Wegman, Ruth4 Jan 1920Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Wegmann, Lois E26 Nov 19124 Sep 2002Woodburn
Wegner, Anna Lee10 May 19192 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Wehmeyer, Dorothy2 Mar 1896May 1986Fort Wayne
Wehner, Wilma9 Feb 1900Nov 1969Fort Wayne
Wehnert, Betty J25 Jan 192331 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Wehnert, Franklin12 Sep 1890Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Wehnert, Paul R2 Nov 192512 May 2007Fort Wayne
Wehr, Anna28 Aug 1887Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Wehr, Henry28 Nov 1881Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Wehrenberg, Alfred W16 Sep 191028 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Wehrenberg, Henry7 Feb 1898Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Wehrenberg, Henry P24 Feb 19258 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Wehrenberg, Ruth9 Sep 1893Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Wehrenberg, Velma L27 Dec 191117 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Wehrle, Helen T22 Nov 191715 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Wehrle, Helen Y4 Jul 192714 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Wehrle, Louise30 May 1899Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Wehrle, Margaret M15 Feb 19154 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Wehrle, Paul2 Nov 1897Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Wehrle, Richard2 Jan 1925Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Wehrle, Robert C28 Oct 192113 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Wehrle, Ruth K10 Jul 192322 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Wehrle, Thomas F28 Jul 192620 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Wehrle, William J24 Sep 191324 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Wehrley, Elizabeth11 May 191628 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Wehrli, Kitty23 Jul 192830 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Wehrly, Lillian R23 Apr 19034 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Wehrly, Raymond J1 Nov 192217 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Wehrly, Robert19 Jan 1960Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Wehrly, Wilfred31 May 1901Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Wehrmeister, A C1 Mar 191528 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Wehrmeister, Emma14 Feb 1891Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Wehrung, Glenn E31 Jul 19133 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Weiant, Jeanette G28 Mar 191725 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Weiant, John13 Jan 1947Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Weiant, Rickey30 Apr 1948Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Weibel, Alma23 Jul 1887Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Weibel, Charles7 Jul 1886Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Weibel, Charles O29 Jan 193824 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Weibel, Lawrence E29 Jan 192920 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Weible, Ilo B8 May 191318 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Weichselfeld, Bertha15 Jun 1892Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Weichselfeld, Geroge L25 Jun 193019 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Weichselfeld, Takeko K2 Oct 19278 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Weicht, Douglas D7 Jun 19643 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Weicht, Ivan E2 Oct 192217 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Weick, Anna7 Oct 1891Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Weick, Mathilda5 Aug 190126 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Weick, Phillip26 May 1885Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Weick, Robert J15 Jul 19251 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Weick, Roy14 Oct 1909Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Weicker, Jack E23 Jun 19243 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Weicker, Janet K25 Jan 19262 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Weidemeier, Mary E2 Sep 191617 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Weidemeier, S28 Dec 1906Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Weidler, David G5 Apr 194924 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Weidler, Kenneth27 Jan 1912May 1976Fort Wayne
Weidman, Alice26 Jun 1898Oct 1975Churubusco
Weidman, Charles28 Jul 1893May 1973Churubusco
Weidman, George20 Dec 1897Dec 1979Churubusco
Weidman, Wanda3 Aug 1922Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Weidner, Debora L29 Mar 194710 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Weidner, Gladys25 Jun 1892Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Weidner, Melanie9 Dec 1962Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Weidner, Paul10 Jul 1933Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Weigand, Helen10 May 1898Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Weigand, Joseph28 Feb 1898Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Weigand, Mary F28 Aug 192818 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Weigand, Terrance23 Nov 19534 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Weigel, Agatha M15 Mar 190317 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Weigel, Carolyn1 Jun 193122 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Weigel, George14 Aug 1895Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Weigel, George I30 Sep 193225 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Weigel, Hallie14 Aug 1895Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Weigel, John26 Oct 1896Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Weigel, Lee28 Dec 1944Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Weigel, Mabel23 Apr 190028 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Weigel, Mary E25 Jan 19061 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Weigold, Betty M20 Dec 193023 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Weigold, Carl5 Jan 1911Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Weigold, Carl J16 Dec 193314 Jul 2005New Haven
Weigold, Pauline V6 Jun 1914Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Weihe, Betty J17 Aug 190224 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Weihe, Henry7 Aug 1890Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Weihe, Walter31 May 1896Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Weihmiller, Mary D25 Feb 19161 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Weikart, Carrie29 Feb 1888Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Weikart, Elmer25 Jul 1894May 1978Fort Wayne
Weikart, Evelyn Marie22 Apr 191827 Aug 2008New Haven
Weikart, George6 Aug 1896Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Weikart, Harvey29 Oct 1889Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Weikart, Howard6 Feb 1895Oct 1985Leo
Weikart, Marjorie A10 Apr 19187 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Weikart, Robert O18 Oct 192528 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Weikart, Ruth Mary16 Jun 19204 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Weikart, William30 Jun 1887Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Weikel, Daniel4 Jan 1906Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Weikel, David3 Sep 1885Oct 1967Yoder
Weikel, Denver E5 Jul 192019 Apr 2004Yoder
Weikel, Ethel17 Mar 1904Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Weikel, Ethel M26 Apr 191120 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Weikel, Floyd28 Dec 1891Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Weikel, Harley25 Oct 1910May 1982Fort Wayne
Weikel, Ina E6 Mar 19099 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Weikel, Marilyn S25 Aug 19283 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Weikel, Ruth M5 Nov 19114 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Weiks, James F21 May 193715 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Weil, Alice16 Jul 1885Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Weil, Evangelin2 Nov 1910Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Weil, Herbert28 Oct 1897Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Weil, Jack17 Jul 1910Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Weil, William21 Aug 1898Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Weiland, Wilson C F7 Jul 19134 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Weilbaker, Byron F3 Aug 192917 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Weilbaker, Daniel L24 Mar 196325 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Weilbaker, Francis31 Jan 1901Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Weilbaker, Joann R5 Mar 19376 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Weilbaker, Marie19 Sep 1903Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Weilbaker, Maude27 Jan 1900Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Weileman, Arthur A20 Oct 193721 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Weileman, Frederick W8 May 19418 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Weileman, Theodore14 Mar 1888Jul 1967New Haven
Weileman, Tillie24 May 1896Apr 1971New Haven
Weiler, Bonnie L12 Aug 194028 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Weiler, Charlotte15 Apr 1890Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Weiler, Gloria J10 Apr 192523 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Weimer, Betty J9 Aug 192324 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Weimer, Burnetta24 May 1907Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Weimer, Clarence17 Feb 1894Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Weimer, Donald29 May 1943May 1985Fort Wayne
Weimer, Ella17 Jun 1886Feb 1970Churubusco
Weimer, George6 Aug 1921Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Weimer, Grace17 May 1892Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Weimer, Harriet10 Apr 1897Jan 1986Huntertown
Weimer, Helen8 Apr 1917Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Weimer, Mary24 Oct 1910Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Weimer, Mary J17 Oct 193525 May 1999Fort Wayne
Weimer, Ollie16 Nov 1896Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Weimer, Robert R3 Oct 19173 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Weinbeck, Ethel24 May 1907Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Weinberg, Bronnica W16 Mar 190729 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Weinberg, Samuel S26 Jun 19076 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Weiner, Zdenko D7 Dec 190526 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Weingartner, James26 Mar 1933Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Weingartner, Joseph E4 Nov 19275 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Weinhold, Albin3 Feb 1898Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Weinhold, Ann K12 Oct 19284 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Weinhold, Karoline6 Jul 1900May 1986Fort Wayne
Weinley, Kenneth L3 Dec 19368 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Weinman, Albert17 Feb 1884Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Weinman, Doris M31 Jan 193011 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Weinman, Mary17 Apr 1910Apr 1977Fort Wayne, New Haven
Weinman, Oscar15 Sep 1907Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Weinmann, Mildred L18 Dec 191823 May 2005Fort Wayne
Weinraub, Irvin5 Sep 1912Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Weinraub, Minnie10 Dec 1882Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Weins, Norbert J8 Jan 19244 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Weinstein, Irving J27 Oct 19149 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Weinstein, Israel7 Jun 1890Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Weintritt, Elizabeth13 Dec 1893Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Weir, David12 Sep 1949Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Weir, Mildred G9 Apr 190930 Oct 2005Roanoke
Weir, Samuel28 Feb 1899Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Weir, Verna P7 Sep 189918 Jan 1996New Haven
Weirath, Katharina R27 Nov 191519 Apr 2006New Haven
Weirauch, Florence20 Jan 1906Jun 1973Woodburn
Weirauch, James A15 Nov 19556 Oct 2006Roanoke
Weirauch, Randy24 May 195812 Nov 1991Woodburn
Weirich, Charles I13 Jun 190929 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Weirick, Dave A19 Jan 195329 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Weirick, Mary A21 Apr 193818 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Weirick, Mary L28 Nov 190921 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Weis, Jacqueline M14 May 193027 May 1994Fort Wayne
Weisbach, Donald R3 Mar 192815 Apr 2006Roanoke
Weisbach, Frieda21 Aug 1900Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Weisbach, Walter E27 Sep 19016 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Weisbrod, Andrew4 Jul 1895Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Weisbrod, Andrew J18 May 193123 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Weisbrod, Ilo15 Jul 1904May 1984Churubusco
Weise, Edna4 Aug 1901Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Weise, Elmer20 Jul 1886Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Weise, Walter26 Feb 1897Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Weisenauer, Charles E30 Jul 191224 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Weisenauer, John15 Nov 1907May 1984Fort Wayne
Weisenburger, August27 Mar 1907Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Weisenburger, John A1 Sep 193310 Dec 1999New Haven
Weisenburger, Robert4 Apr 1920Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Weisenburger, Ross25 Jul 1920May 1977New Haven
Weisheit, C H7 May 19252 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Weisheit, Flossie18 Apr 1893Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Weisheit, Herman5 Feb 1887Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Weisman, Duer25 Dec 1901Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Weisman, Inez12 Dec 1898Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Weisman, Kermit L4 Jan 191622 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Weisman, Marie13 Jul 1901Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Weismantel, William20 Jan 1876Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Weiss, Dale H26 Oct 19232 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Weiss, Harriet E17 Apr 191131 May 1996Fort Wayne
Weiss, James4 May 1910Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Weiss, Jeanette20 Jan 1906Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Weiss, Lucille W19 Feb 191228 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Weiss, Mary E9 Mar 19213 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Weiss, Mildred M14 Jul 19113 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Weiss, Robert L5 Oct 19212 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Weiss, Ruth G2 Jan 19152 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Weiss, Sherrill W29 Jul 19319 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Weiss, William15 Jan 1908Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Weissbrodt, Olga8 Mar 1890Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Weisser, Wanda15 Feb 1912Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Weissert, Dennis29 Sep 191624 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Weissert, Lois J3 Aug 192012 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Weist, Alvin J23 May 189925 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Weist, Coletta C11 Feb 191715 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Weist, Edith M26 Feb 191113 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Weist, Oral27 Feb 1898May 1973Fort Wayne
Weist, Roy R19 May 191122 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Weisweaver, Stephen R4 Feb 195028 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Weisz, Catherine G13 Nov 192425 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Weitz, Alma H20 Jun 191528 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Weitz, Andy1 Nov 1906Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Weitz, Stanley11 Jan 1913Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Weitzman, Chloa5 Nov 1905Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Weitzman, Gladys23 Mar 1902Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Weitzman, Herbert3 Jul 1893Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Weitzman, Herbert A31 May 192921 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Weitzman, Oscar L3 Apr 189130 May 1989Fort Wayne
Weitzman, Paul R17 Jul 19045 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Weitzmann, Elmer1 Jan 1901Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Welbaum, Anna S5 Aug 19277 Jan 1999Yoder
Welbaum, Bertram17 Oct 1901Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Welbaum, Clark9 Feb 1891Aug 1981Yoder
Welbaum, Clyde9 Jul 1886Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Welbaum, Donald D22 Jan 191910 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Welbaum, Elsie24 Sep 1895Sep 1982Yoder
Welbaum, Esther O18 Apr 190310 Jan 1994Yoder
Welbaum, Ethel A29 Apr 189719 May 1997Fort Wayne
Welbaum, Lloyd17 Feb 1893Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Welbaum, Marie11 Sep 1903Mar 1979Yoder
Welbaum, Mazie A26 Mar 191828 May 2005Fort Wayne
Welbaum, Russell9 Sep 1898Oct 1978Yoder
Welbaum, Ruth29 Aug 1898Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Welborn, Bernard M24 Dec 191126 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Welch, Bessie1 Nov 1894Nov 1978Churubusco
Welch, Caroline4 May 1876Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Welch, Cecil4 Sep 1896Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Welch, Charles11 Apr 1899Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Welch, Charles20 Mar 1893Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Welch, Cynthia19 Sep 1892Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Welch, David28 May 1919Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Welch, Delbert26 Feb 1902Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Welch, Dorothy18 May 1903Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Welch, Edna5 Dec 1902Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Welch, Edward28 Aug 1923Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Welch, Elizabeth6 Apr 1900Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Welch, Etta9 Jun 1896Aug 1976Fort Wayne
Welch, Frank J29 Aug 18968 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Welch, George7 Feb 1916Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Welch, Geraldine21 Apr 1902Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Welch, Harwood20 Dec 1890Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Welch, Helen22 Jul 1900Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Welch, Helen M26 Jan 190424 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Welch, Hilda7 Jan 19074 May 2000Fort Wayne
Welch, Howard G6 Feb 191810 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Welch, Jack E9 Jul 19153 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Welch, James4 Aug 1891Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Welch, John2 Dec 1905May 1975Fort Wayne
Welch, John H1 Dec 19219 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Welch, John L26 Feb 192529 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Welch, Kenneth10 Nov 1928Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Welch, Lavila10 May 1903Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Welch, Lizzie10 Aug 1884Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Welch, Lloyd9 Jun 1902May 1976Fort Wayne
Welch, Lucille10 Feb 1918Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Welch, Mary11 Aug 1911Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Welch, Mary18 May 1888Aug 1974Yoder
Welch, Mary F25 Jan 189815 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Welch, Norbert6 Jun 1908Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Welch, Olga17 Jul 1896Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Welch, Opal14 Sep 1901Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Welch, Orie24 Apr 1894Aug 1968Churubusco
Welch, Pauline20 Dec 1893Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Welch, Retha23 Jan 1910Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Welch, Robert L10 Jun 194721 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Welch, Roy25 Dec 1893Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Welch, Ruth I14 Dec 189630 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Welch, Todd M21 Oct 196216 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Weldon, Jackie14 Jan 1931Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Weldon, James22 Dec 1891Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Weldon, Marilyn A26 Apr 192918 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Welfle, Charles A13 Sep 191411 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Welfle, Mariellen M6 Jun 192310 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Weliver, Howard17 Feb 1903Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Welker, Adolph10 Mar 1892May 1973Fort Wayne
Welker, Anna C11 Dec 191212 Sep 2001Roanoke
Welker, Barbara30 Jan 1905Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Welker, Dan16 Jan 1894Jun 1968Huntertown
Welker, Doris F3 Mar 19221 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Welker, Emma14 Jul 1892Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Welker, Esther30 Jun 1887Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Welker, Eugene1 Nov 1902Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Welker, Harold L18 Jun 192031 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Welker, Lowell16 Mar 1914Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Welker, Margaret E23 Oct 191516 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Welker, Marjorie R6 Oct 19231 Jan 2005Fort Wayne, Leo
Welker, Mary18 Mar 1890Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Welker, Mary C29 Aug 19265 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Welker, Nolan10 Jun 1925Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Welker, Paul G7 Dec 192124 Jul 2002Leo
Welklin, Eileen C12 Oct 19023 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Welklin, Elmer6 Aug 1899Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Welklin, Robert J2 Aug 192529 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Wellendorf, Stella L2 Dec 19251 May 1992Spencerville
Wellensiek, Lydia5 Aug 1892Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Weller, Dorothy W21 Jul 192116 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Weller, Elva14 Feb 1896Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Weller, Gladys17 Sep 1899Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Weller, Ida9 May 1899Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Weller, Julian A11 Jan 19315 May 2004Fort Wayne
Weller, Marcella17 Jun 1911Aug 1984New Haven
Weller, Marguerite M13 Aug 191512 Jun 2003New Haven
Wellin, D21 Feb 1946Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Welling, Albert27 Apr 1922Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Welling, Aloysius11 Sep 1901Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Welling, Arthur R13 Sep 19266 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Welling, Benedict12 Mar 1890Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Welling, Hilbert J6 Jun 191323 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Welling, Janis N14 Nov 192010 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Welling, Joseph F7 Apr 190813 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Welling, Kenneth M16 Dec 191515 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Welling, Leonilla C23 Mar 19084 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Wellman, Anna15 Nov 1895Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Wellman, Hester H1 Nov 191116 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Wellman, Jerome L11 Aug 191323 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Wellman, Mildred M22 Dec 191318 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Wellman, Thelma2 Jan 1909Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Wellman, Walter24 Jul 1906Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Wells, Adda2 May 1889Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Wells, Albert13 Feb 1906Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Wells, Albert F11 Feb 191312 Dec 1999Harlan
Wells, Alex13 Jan 1913Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Wells, Alice28 Mar 1904Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Wells, Alma14 Jun 1910Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Wells, Annabelle M27 Jan 1922Oct 1993Woodburn
Wells, Arlene H12 Apr 190727 Nov 1999Leo
Wells, Arthur8 Aug 1905Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Wells, Arthur E30 Nov 192118 May 2005Fort Wayne
Wells, Carlton R5 Dec 192110 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Wells, Charles15 Sep 1893Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Wells, Charles17 Oct 1875Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Wells, Clarence23 Aug 1900Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Wells, Dolores W10 Dec 193829 Jan 2006Leo
Wells, Donald20 Jan 1934Mar 1979Grabill
Wells, Dorothy5 Nov 1907Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Wells, Earl B15 Apr 192921 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Wells, Edith31 Dec 1912Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Wells, Elizabeth G24 Sep 192310 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Wells, Elmer13 Feb 1888Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Wells, Emma3 Sep 1883Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Wells, Euraline J16 Nov 19291 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Wells, Evelyn I10 Jul 19147 Jul 2008Monroeville
Wells, George21 Feb 1924Oct 1975Harlan
Wells, George M12 Jun 190110 Jan 1992Spencerville
Wells, Gordon9 Apr 1918Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Wells, Harold2 Feb 1903Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Wells, James22 Jul 1899Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Wells, John18 Jul 1897Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Wells, Kathern26 Mar 1911Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Wells, Kathryn I2 Dec 191323 May 1996Harlan
Wells, Kenneth2 Mar 1893Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Wells, Kenneth E3 Oct 193422 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Wells, Lee2 Jan 192325 Jul 1997Huntertown
Wells, Leo8 Sep 1901Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Wells, Leola20 Apr 1918Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Wells, Lucy15 Aug 192025 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Wells, Margaret J12 Jul 19238 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Wells, Marilyn1 Nov 1929Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Wells, Martin T30 May 190423 Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Wells, Mary C30 Mar 1916Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Wells, Mildred5 Oct 1898Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Wells, Millard11 Apr 1902Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Wells, Millard G5 Oct 192811 Feb 1993Woodburn
Wells, Ormond1 Oct 193914 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Wells, Phyllis L21 Jul 192217 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Wells, Phyllis M18 Mar 192921 Mar 2009Huntertown
Wells, R Harold10 Mar 19178 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Wells, R K13 Sep 1962Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Wells, Richard C3 Apr 19234 May 2003Fort Wayne
Wells, Rita C6 Oct 192928 Jun 1995Grabill
Wells, Ronald D14 Jun 192924 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Wells, Roscoe4 Jan 1898Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Wells, Ruby L6 Mar 190514 Mar 1988Grabill
Wells, Russel2 Apr 1900Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Wells, Ruth9 Jan 1924May 1982Fort Wayne
Wells, Samuel21 Apr 1930May 1975Fort Wayne
Wells, Sarah M13 Feb 19215 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Wells, Snowden L17 Mar 193510 May 2006Spencerville
Wells, Velma2 Mar 191118 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Wells, Vincent D19 Mar 191425 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Wells, Viola M29 Nov 19043 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Wells, Vivian25 Nov 191324 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Wells, Willet26 Aug 1898Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Wells, William E25 Feb 19208 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Welper, Janis G20 Jul 192018 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Welsch, Adam5 Dec 1886Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Welsch, Charlotte9 Oct 1892Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Welsch, Denise M3 May 195315 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Welsch, Henry17 Feb 1891Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Welsch, Mary2 Apr 1901Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Welsh, Alberta A17 Apr 188715 Aug 1966Fort Wayne
Welsh, Bernard2 Nov 1902Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Welsh, George I26 Dec 196226 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Welsh, Howard E5 Nov 190623 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Welsh, Margaret A21 Sep 191517 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Welsh, Mary18 Sep 1906Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Welsh, Paul7 Mar 1881Apr 1972Fort Wayne
Welsh, Phyllis F19 Jan 191817 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Welshimer, Benjamin12 Jun 1887Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Welshimer, Jennie29 Aug 1896Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Welshimer, Nina6 Mar 1886Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Welter, A Margaret30 May 1902Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Welter, Alice6 Jul 1905Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Welter, Elmer3 Feb 1895Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Welter, Margaret25 Apr 1896Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Welti, Janet P21 Feb 192616 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Welti, Philip J25 Sep 19253 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Welti, Ward P20 May 195712 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Welty, Aura4 Dec 1897Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Welty, Beulah8 Aug 191225 Dec 2009Grabill
Welty, Donald W12 May 192421 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Welty, Edison7 Jul 1894May 1974Fort Wayne
Welty, Elizabeth20 Oct 1898Jan 1979New Haven
Welty, Grace5 Nov 1896Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Welty, Herald J8 Oct 191916 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Welty, Joan M31 Dec 193912 Sep 2007New Haven
Welty, Mildred17 Mar 1907Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Welty, Miriam V2 Mar 191814 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Welty, Oliver11 Feb 1908Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Welty, Robert W1 Jun 192714 May 2003New Haven
Welty, Roy1 Aug 1893Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Wemhoff, Estelle20 Jan 1880Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Wemhoff, John28 Feb 1892Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Wemmel, Ilse K7 Oct 19301 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Wendel, Alice L23 Nov 191916 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Wendel, Arnold22 Nov 1911Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Wendel, Clara B4 Apr 191016 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Wendel, James W11 Apr 19244 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Wendel, Roger A14 Jan 194225 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Wendelin, Andrew23 Feb 1894Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Wendell, Lila P30 Jun 192727 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Wendell, Robert6 Feb 1922Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Wendelman, Betty E29 Aug 191130 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Wendelman, Robert9 Mar 196222 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Wendeln, Edward H10 Oct 191922 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Wendeln, Georgiana30 Mar 1921Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Wendlandt, Clara R12 Jan 192811 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Wendling, Alice L27 Apr 191218 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Wendling, Daniel Jr21 May 191119 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Wendling, John13 Aug 190921 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Wendling, Katherine16 Jun 1892May 1985Fort Wayne
Wendt, Edna Irene19 Aug 191416 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Wenger, Brian L22 Dec 19452 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Wenger, Charles13 Oct 1930Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Wenger, Deloris E30 May 191922 Jun 2004New Haven
Wenger, Myrtle21 Mar 1931Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Wenger, Robert A15 May 19381 May 1997Monroeville
Wenger, Roger W22 May 191825 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Wenger, Sharon A25 Aug 19395 Jul 2008Monroeville
Wengert, Hugo26 Mar 1906Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Wenk, Frank M26 May 193019 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Wenk, John1 Dec 1908Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Wenk, Stella8 Sep 1897Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Wennberg, Pearl30 Apr 19241 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Wenner, Eva15 Oct 190523 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Wenner, Everett26 Mar 1906Nov 1978Yoder
Wenner, Frederick11 May 1881Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Wenner, Justin28 Sep 1891May 1981Churubusco
Wenninghoff, Arthur6 Mar 1884Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Wenninghoff, Edgar9 Oct 1886Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Wente, Dorothy22 Jan 1921Jul 1983Woodburn
Wente, Lydia2 May 1893Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Wente, Pauline11 Aug 1894Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Wente, Walter H1 Aug 18949 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Wentworth, Edith19 Feb 1892Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Wentworth, Homer4 Dec 1893Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Wentworth, Ruby28 Aug 1898Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Wentz, Dale E15 Jun 19315 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Wentz, Hazel14 May 1896May 1977Churubusco
Wentzel, Emilie10 Apr 1903Jul 1980Fort Wayne
Wentzel, Myrtle19 Mar 1917Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Wenz, Donna10 Feb 1891Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Wenzel, P A1 Sep 193712 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Wenzel, William P3 May 19166 Jan 2002Churubusco
Werker, Edrie24 Jun 190531 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Werkman, Albert18 Oct 1890Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Werkman, George27 May 1893Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Werkman, Martha22 Nov 1899Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Werkman, Mary A4 Jan 19491 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Werkman, Robert18 Feb 1904Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Werkman, Stella28 Dec 1883May 1968Fort Wayne
Werkman, Verna O1 Nov 190623 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Werling, Alretta C17 Sep 19156 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Werling, Alvina25 Aug 19037 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Werling, Amalie29 Apr 190011 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Werling, Annita29 Oct 191120 Mar 2006New Haven
Werling, Arthur C5 Sep 19151 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Werling, Carl5 Mar 1905Apr 1981New Haven
Werling, Christine7 Feb 19332 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Werling, Dora E12 Oct 189928 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Werling, Dorothy1 Feb 1921Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Werling, Edna L21 Jan 19201 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Werling, Eleanor M30 Dec 19196 May 2008New Haven
Werling, Elmer8 Aug 1899Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Werling, Elmer26 Oct 1903Jun 1985New Haven
Werling, Emma8 Nov 1906Nov 1976New Haven
Werling, Erlinda26 Dec 1921Jan 1987New Haven
Werling, Erma14 Nov 1901Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Werling, Fred2 Jul 1900Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Werling, George12 Mar 1886Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Werling, George W19 Jul 191418 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Werling, Harold G30 Mar 19171 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Werling, Hazel M24 May 192024 Nov 2001New Haven
Werling, Herbert9 Feb 1916Jun 1977New Haven
Werling, Irma M19 Oct 190415 Jun 1995New Haven
Werling, Jean A3 Apr 192614 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Werling, Jerry L14 Jun 19392 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Werling, Lena18 Feb 1892Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Werling, Louise E11 Apr 191821 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Werling, Lydia10 Oct 1908Oct 1977New Haven
Werling, Lydia29 Jun 1901Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Werling, Lydia C3 Apr 190912 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Werling, Mabel H10 Jan 191421 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Werling, Maria18 Aug 1887Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Werling, Marie9 Oct 1907Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Werling, Martin24 Mar 1894Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Werling, Mary5 May 1882Aug 1977New Haven
Werling, Matthew C13 Sep 196117 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Werling, Melvin M28 Feb 192718 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Werling, Norbert O2 Feb 191515 Jun 2000New Haven
Werling, Paul24 Mar 1902Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Werling, Philip31 Dec 1904Aug 1973New Haven
Werling, Rodney E9 Apr 19717 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Werling, Theodore4 Jan 1893Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Werling, Theophil5 Jun 1918Feb 1987New Haven
Werling, Treva R14 Jun 190218 May 2007Fort Wayne
Werling, Vermont F12 Nov 191019 Jan 1994New Haven
Werling, Victor18 Aug 1898May 1980Fort Wayne
Werling, Victoria M25 May 191613 May 1995New Haven
Werling, Walter C13 Oct 19139 Apr 2000New Haven
Werling, Walter C7 Oct 190811 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Werling, William L6 Apr 192215 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Wermuth, Alfred14 Aug 1893Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Wermuth, Muriel22 Sep 1891Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Werner, Beulah23 Jun 1891Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Werner, Flora B21 Jul 19121 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Werner, Holdena15 Sep 191726 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Werner, Mary20 Jun 1874Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Werner, Samuel R25 May 193221 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Werner, Wilbur F29 Oct 192619 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Wernet, John H18 Mar 191421 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Wernet, Marjorie G12 Aug 191229 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Werno, Arlie12 Sep 1906Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Werskey, Alice M29 Oct 19173 Jan 1997Grabill
Werskey, George23 Aug 191521 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Werst, Harold25 Sep 1896Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Werstein, Jerome5 Apr 1892Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Werstler, Hubert6 Mar 1919Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Wert, Clive R4 Dec 19318 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Wert, Francis A19 Apr 193410 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Wert, George F9 Dec 190320 May 1996Fort Wayne
Wert, Hardy D27 Apr 190931 May 1993Fort Wayne
Wert, Jane A27 Nov 19229 May 1996Fort Wayne
Wert, Kathryn A21 Aug 194915 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Wert, Larry9 Dec 1938Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Wert, Marguerett28 Jan 1894Nov 1984Huntertown
Wert, Velma P6 Jun 19101 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Wert, Viola M24 Jul 191426 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Wertheimer, Leon23 Jul 1877Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Wertman, Jeffrey L12 Apr 196729 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Wertman, Leora E6 Jan 19243 Jan 2002Leo
Wesche, Eldor H21 Mar 192817 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Wesche, Henry A15 Apr 191613 Mar 1995New Haven
Wesco, Oatis R9 Feb 191030 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Weseloh, Edith11 Sep 1895Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Weseloh, Fred11 Dec 1894Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Wesemann, Alma8 Oct 1896Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Wesley, Joseph21 Sep 1899Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Wesley, Mary5 Jun 1924Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Wesley, Vickie E9 Jan 196323 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Wesling, Amelia13 Dec 1915Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Wesling, Herbert24 Jun 1903Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Wesling, Herman15 Sep 1892Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Wesling, Kenneth A28 Apr 193124 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Wesner, Constance L26 Nov 190426 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Wesner, Elizabeth21 Jul 193412 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Wessel, William F28 Aug 193414 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Wesseler, Joseph14 Dec 1917Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Wessels, Anna5 Mar 1891Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Wessels, Frank10 Nov 1887Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Wesson, William3 Nov 1888Mar 1967Fort Wayne
West, Agnes13 Sep 1909Dec 1979Fort Wayne
West, Bernice M22 Jan 1905Oct 1992Fort Wayne
West, Callie21 Aug 1888Aug 1970Fort Wayne
West, Caroline4 Jun 1870Sep 1971Fort Wayne
West, Darlene L4 May 194113 Apr 2008Monroeville
West, Darwin M6 May 193222 Feb 2009Grabill
West, Dorothy N19 Jun 192110 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
West, Edgar9 Oct 1957Aug 1977Fort Wayne
West, Edith23 Jan 1885Apr 1973Fort Wayne
West, Edwin27 Jun 1903Feb 1982Fort Wayne
West, Edytha1 Feb 1894Dec 1979Fort Wayne
West, Esther M19 Jan 191528 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
West, Fred16 Nov 1898Apr 1971Fort Wayne
West, George R13 Sep 191721 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
West, Grace5 Feb 195527 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
West, Helen E29 Aug 190720 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
West, Ida30 May 1886May 1971Fort Wayne
West, Ida M26 Jul 19235 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
West, Jane H26 Jul 19525 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
West, Jeanette3 Apr 192714 Mar 2005Roanoke
West, Joe C8 Apr 192523 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
West, Larry R14 Apr 194216 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
West, Leonard R14 Apr 192324 Aug 2003Fort Wayne
West, Mamie27 Mar 190429 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
West, Mary25 Mar 19039 May 2005Fort Wayne
West, Maxine N17 Oct 191425 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
West, Miriam Estaline20 Mar 191719 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
West, Myrtlene J22 Apr 194024 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
West, Olive6 Dec 1913Apr 1978Fort Wayne
West, Oma5 Nov 1898Sep 1969Fort Wayne
West, Osteen6 Sep 1929May 1996Fort Wayne
West, Percy8 Mar 1903Jan 1979Fort Wayne
West, Ralph27 Apr 1915Dec 1977Fort Wayne
West, Richard T24 Nov 191513 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
West, Roy H26 Apr 192115 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
West, Sadie J22 Oct 1901Sep 1988Fort Wayne
West, Stella M8 Oct 19323 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
West, Theo4 Apr 1907Jan 1987Fort Wayne
West, Velma M18 Apr 192012 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
West, Virginia1 Mar 1899Aug 1969Fort Wayne
West, Virginia R16 Jan 191421 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
West, Walter H21 Jul 192918 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
West, William1 May 1913Aug 1986Fort Wayne
West, William21 Jul 1908Jan 1978Fort Wayne
West, William G28 Jan 190315 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
West, William R24 Nov 195323 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Westbrook, Alice21 Oct 1899Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Westbrook, Thomas S30 Apr 191427 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Westendorf, Elsie10 Apr 1902Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Westendorf, Joseph25 Mar 1902Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Westendorf, Larry J21 Nov 19381 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Westenfeld, Amelia28 Aug 1899Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Westenfeld, Arthur22 Jan 1890Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Westenfeld, Dorothy2 Oct 1890Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Westenfeld, Garry1 Mar 1930Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Westenfeld, Mae20 Nov 189525 Apr 1988Fort Wayne
Westenfeld, Mildred26 Jun 1894Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Westerdale, Mildred J11 Dec 191227 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Westerfield, Donna J24 Apr 19299 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Westerfield, Grace W22 Aug 19216 Mar 1997New Haven
Westerfield, Hugh F4 Aug 19194 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Westerfield, John W29 Feb 192416 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Westerhausen, Clifford2 Sep 1898Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Westerhausen, Kathryn E9 Oct 190927 Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Westerhausen, Paul21 Jun 1908Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Westerhouse, Opal L24 Sep 190929 May 2005Churubusco
Westerhoven, Marjorie3 Nov 192121 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Westerlin, James19 Oct 1895Jun 1970Woodburn
Westerlin, Kathryn M30 Sep 190831 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Westerlin, Lena4 Mar 1891Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Westerlin, Mildred10 Feb 1895Apr 1971Woodburn
Westerman, Albert3 Jun 1906Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Westerman, Alexena D11 Aug 192917 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Westerman, Anthony11 Oct 19671 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Westerman, Carl22 Dec 1911Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Westerman, Charles W12 Jan 192716 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Westerman, Esther4 Sep 19077 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Westerman, Esther E23 Feb 19173 May 1999Fort Wayne
Westerman, Gerald5 Jul 1961Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Westerman, Harold30 Jun 1904Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Westerman, Helen R27 Nov 19119 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Westerman, M Betty23 Sep 191915 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Westerman, Madeline24 Sep 193617 May 2005Fort Wayne
Westerman, Marguerite J31 Aug 192726 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Westerman, Mildred29 Mar 1913Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Westerman, Ralph E5 Feb 19291 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Westerman, Robert C14 Jun 193611 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Westerman, Robert C11 May 19169 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Westerman, Roger27 May 1925May 1978Fort Wayne
Westerman, Ronald E29 Jun 19658 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Westerman, Ruth15 Jul 1902Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Westerman, William21 Sep 1899Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Western, Beverly D21 Jul 193523 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Westfall, Charlie29 Sep 188715 Feb 1988Fort Wayne
Westfall, Debora S16 Mar 195430 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Westfall, Earl M22 May 191210 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Westfall, Ethel M26 Aug 192518 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Westfall, J Louwilda15 Apr 19199 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Westfall, Vincent F13 Jan 191630 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Westhoven, Kenneth E20 Nov 195425 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Weston, Elizabeth11 Oct 1911Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Weston, Robert8 Aug 1907Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Weston, Velma17 Mar 1899Feb 1971Fort Wayne
Westover, Maude5 Jul 1888Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Westrich, Ralph M23 Aug 191723 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Westrick, Arthur8 Feb 1913Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Westrick, Cornelia E3 Apr 191124 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Westrick, Daniel Anthony12 Aug 19468 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Westrick, David A14 Apr 19334 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Westrick, Harmon2 Nov 1918Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Westrick, Joseph L23 Apr 19298 Jul 2001Monroeville
Westrick, Joseph S18 Mar 187015 Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Westrick, Madora12 Jun 19177 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Westrick, Marion20 Feb 1902Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Westrick, Mitchell18 Oct 1958Jun 1980New Haven
Westrick, Roy17 Mar 1905Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Westrick, Threca31 Mar 1909Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Westrick, Virginia9 Jul 191320 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Westropp, Robert W2 Jun 193111 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Westwood, Marcella L4 Jan 192312 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Wetli, Rosemary28 Jan 191729 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Wetmore, Edna M22 Apr 19081 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Wetmore, Mary J18 Dec 193327 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Wetmore, Ralph8 Aug 1908Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Wetrick, Frances9 Jul 1895Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Wetter, Emelia19 Oct 1877May 1973Woodburn
Wetter, Mildred B23 Jul 190811 Aug 2001Woodburn
Wetter, Raymond16 Jun 1902May 1978Woodburn
Wetter, Selma7 Jun 1901Mar 1978Woodburn
Wetters, Grace M9 Feb 19128 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Wetzel Jr, Robert C20 Jul 194528 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Wetzel, Charles10 Aug 1891Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Wetzel, Elaine E27 Jul 19221 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Wetzel, Elmer6 Jun 1918Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Wetzel, Harold R20 Aug 19169 May 2001Fort Wayne
Wetzel, James25 Sep 1926Dec 1970Grabill
Wetzel, John18 Aug 1895Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Wetzel, John L7 Aug 19261 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Wetzel, Lois L14 Jun 18984 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Wetzel, Marshall B4 Apr 192513 Mar 2001Churubusco
Wetzel, Mary E21 Oct 193115 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Wetzel, Orleane21 Mar 1923Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Wetzel, Peggy M9 Sep 193025 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Wetzel, Ralph M12 Jan 19209 Sep 2001Churubusco
Wetzel, Rhea24 Sep 1901Feb 1980Grabill
Wetzel, Russell8 Sep 1920Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Wetzel, Ruth30 Sep 1919Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Wetzel, Ruth S8 Dec 190516 Jun 1993Woodburn
Wetzel, Walter27 Apr 1896Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Wetzel, William B6 Sep 192920 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Wetzel, William R18 Jun 191513 May 1998Spencerville
Weybright, Mary A25 Jun 193315 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Weyeneth, Emma24 Jun 1893Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Weyeneth, Robert L26 Jun 192424 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Weyer, Josephine F16 Jun 190818 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Weygand, Howard5 Mar 1903Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Weyler, Richard D4 Oct 19348 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Weylergaston, Deloris E20 Aug 193123 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Weyrick, Charles H14 May 191020 Apr 1994Fort Wayne

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