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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Wiard, Donald D28 Jan 19115 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Wiard, Paul W2 Mar 192214 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Wiard, Walter7 Dec 1883Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Wibel, Kenneth K19 Dec 191022 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Wibel, Leroy15 Dec 1912May 1986Yoder
Wibel, Martha M22 Feb 190425 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Wibel, Verda A22 May 1913Jul 1993Yoder
Wible, Mary E16 Jun 192017 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Wible, Robert18 Nov 1919May 1985Fort Wayne
Wible, Sanford8 Nov 190017 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Wible, Thomas3 Nov 1942Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Wiblin, Harold F28 Sep 193516 Oct 2005Harlan
Wichern, Dorothy20 Jan 1897May 1976Fort Wayne
Wichern, Gene27 Jun 1928Jul 1974New Haven
Wichern, Harry26 Apr 1893May 1973Fort Wayne
Wichern, Ruth A15 Nov 19291 Oct 2003New Haven
Wichman, Anthony21 Aug 19083 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Wichman, Charlotte D19 Jun 19062 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Wichman, Florence24 Jun 1888Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Wichman, Frances M28 Nov 1901Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Wichman, Ila M30 Oct 192812 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Wichman, Lawrence8 Jun 1892Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Wichman, Robert10 Feb 1901Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Wichman, Ruth P4 Apr 191023 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Wichmann, Dixie27 Jul 1897Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Wichmann, George15 Oct 1900May 1979Fort Wayne
Wichmann, John A10 Apr 192511 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Wick, Charles E5 Sep 18973 Jul 1988Fort Wayne
Wick, Clara B11 Sep 190027 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Wick, Emma L23 Sep 192415 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Wick, Frank16 May 1879Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Wick, John19 May 1906Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Wick, Lawrence15 Apr 191931 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Wick, Louisa22 Aug 1886Sep 1972Fort Wayne
Wick, Velma M14 Jun 191919 Nov 2003New Haven
Wickerham, Bette L19 Nov 19469 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Wickerham, William30 Aug 1938Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Wickert, Paul30 Nov 1905Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Wickham, Russell L25 Sep 19243 Jan 1993New Haven
Wickiser, Claude11 Nov 1895Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Wickiser, Robert M6 May 192426 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Wickland, Peggy E2 Jun 1913Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Wickliff, Howard4 Aug 1906Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Wickliffe, Alton21 Sep 1904May 1971Fort Wayne
Wickliffe, Besse K12 Jul 189113 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Wickliffe, Clarence2 Sep 1911Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Wickliffe, Dora1 Jul 190119 May 1996Fort Wayne
Wickliffe, Herschel4 Feb 1890Jul 1966Fort Wayne
Wickliffe, Imogene16 May 1919Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Wickliffe, Nancy26 Feb 193919 May 2007Fort Wayne
Wickliffe, Orville D17 Jan 191426 Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Wickliffe, Ralph19 Jun 1911Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Wickliffe, Stella M25 Jan 190814 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Wickliffe, Warren G4 Jul 192028 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Wickliffe, William10 Nov 1897Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Wickliffe, Winfred20 Nov 1919Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Wickman, William30 Oct 1891Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Wicks, Marvin3 May 1922Nov 1974Yoder
Wicks, William18 Sep 1905Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Widdicombe, Robert W25 Sep 19259 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Widdifield, Angie C2 Feb 192124 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Widdifield, Dale H18 Aug 192215 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Widdifield, Flossie20 Feb 1893Jul 1983Woodburn
Widdifield, Kenneth D26 May 19144 May 1997Fort Wayne
Widdifield, Leona27 Dec 1899Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Widdifield, Lloyd S13 Oct 19119 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Widdifield, Lois G28 Jun 19168 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Widdifield, Norma J7 Jul 19108 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Widdifield, William R8 Dec 191927 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Wideman, Mamie23 May 192427 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Widemon, Ezra20 Apr 190329 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Widemon, Ladell10 Oct 1907Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Widenhoefer, Eldor16 Nov 1928May 1986New Haven
Widenhoefer, Sophie15 Jul 1892Dec 1977New Haven
Widenhofer, Dora19 Jul 1885Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Widenhofer, Dorothy E25 May 191910 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Widenhofer, Esther L4 Dec 1918Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Widenhofer, Norman Car5 Oct 1915Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Widenhofer, Warren W16 Mar 19215 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Widing, Tekla21 Aug 1894Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Widman, Carl10 Feb 1901Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Widman, Martin3 Aug 1906May 1981Fort Wayne
Widmann, Dean B4 May 19259 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Widmann, Donelda2 Sep 1929Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Widmann, Edward6 Feb 1907Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Widmann, Florence12 Jun 1904Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Widmann, Henry9 Oct 1909Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Widmann, John26 Oct 1895Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Widmann, John N23 Jan 192420 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Widmann, Wanda B1 Jun 191715 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Widmann, William18 Dec 1907Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Widmer, Donna P13 Oct 19259 May 2004Fort Wayne
Widmer, Elaine M24 Nov 19349 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Widmer, George17 Apr 1911Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Widmer, Marian A19 Feb 190826 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Widmer, Mildred E10 Dec 19136 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Widmer, William R22 Dec 1930Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Widner, Adelia K29 Nov 190825 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Widner, Aurelia M10 Aug 192820 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Widner, Ethel6 Aug 1893Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Widner, Frank22 Dec 1893Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Widner, Gaylord H12 Oct 19247 May 2005Fort Wayne
Widner, Gerald F5 Nov 192117 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Widner, Julia E7 Aug 191930 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Wiebel, Alvina20 Jan 1895Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Wiebel, Walter17 Jan 1892May 1979Fort Wayne
Wiebke, Arthur22 Feb 1886Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Wiebke, Clara7 Jan 1898Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Wiebke, Donald W25 Dec 192127 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Wiebke, Edward21 Nov 1901Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Wiebke, Elaine M15 Oct 19239 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Wiebke, Elmer6 May 1898Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Wiebke, Emilie A26 Sep 191831 May 1999Fort Wayne
Wiebke, Erwin3 Aug 1908Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Wiebke, Julia17 Oct 1889Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Wiebke, Lydia10 Apr 1898Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Wiebke, Ocie N1 Sep 190814 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Wiebke, Robert R15 Jun 19184 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Wiebke, Wilmer G10 Apr 19177 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Wiech, John1 Nov 1883Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Wiech, Josephine14 Mar 1886Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Wiechart, Freda21 Aug 1906Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Wiedeck, Ruth1 Mar 1895Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Wiedelman, Clara21 Nov 1913Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Wiedelman, Lyda B28 Apr 190222 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Wiedelmann, Sophia M28 May 188015 Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Wiedeman, Edwin J5 May 191222 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Wiedeman, Emma21 Nov 1900May 1973Fort Wayne
Wiedeman, Helen8 Jul 188815 Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Wiedeman, Paul F11 Dec 191629 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Wiedeman, Ruby G7 Jun 191328 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Wiedemann, Frederick4 Mar 1888Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Wiedemann, Gustave26 Sep 1900Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Wiedemann, Rose8 Jul 19111 Apr 2005New Haven, Fort Wayne
Wiedenhoeft, Arthur D28 Nov 190728 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Wiedenhoeft, Bernadine C1 Nov 191112 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Wiedenhoeft, Edgar10 Jan 1935Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Wiedenhoeft, Lola L16 Jul 191321 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Wiederholt, Freda M24 Jun 191216 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Wiederholt, Walter22 Feb 1909Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Wiederkehr, T23 Aug 1928Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Wiedman, Barbara A5 Dec 193715 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Wiedman, Emiley B29 Sep 191012 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Wiedman, Lena7 Mar 1895Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Wiedman, Martin20 Sep 1888Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Wiedman, Thelma M5 Feb 193529 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Wiegand, Agnes30 Apr 1894Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Wiegand, August27 Aug 1888Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Wiegand, Elsie9 Aug 1896Feb 1968Fort Wayne
Wiegand, Ewald4 Jul 1876May 1968Fort Wayne
Wiegand, Frieda27 Jan 1906Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Wiegand, Victor E13 Dec 191621 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Amanda6 Jun 1890Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Wiegman, August22 Sep 1917Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Bessie E10 Jan 191917 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Carl26 Feb 1912May 1977Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Dorothy23 Sep 1893Mar 1984Monroeville
Wiegman, Dorothy S12 Nov 189928 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Wiegman, E7 Dec 1904Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Harold W26 Mar 191930 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Herbert16 Feb 1896Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Herman4 Dec 1889Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Mabel R31 Jan 190919 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Mary Ellen3 Jun 192428 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Mary Ellen9 Feb 192316 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Minnie26 Aug 1883May 1970Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Morris24 Jan 1913May 1979Monroeville
Wiegman, Richard W19 Feb 19212 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Robert26 Jan 1917May 1981Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Rosemary A18 Dec 191830 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Thomas E20 Apr 194920 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Wiegman, Walter3 Apr 1894Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Wiegmann, Albert9 Feb 1887Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Wiegmann, Anna M10 Nov 190415 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Wiegmann, Carl6 Jan 1893Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Wiegmann, Clarence17 Jan 19205 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Wiegmann, Erwin C5 Oct 192510 Oct 1999Roanoke
Wiegmann, Harold W6 Sep 19359 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Wiegmann, Helmut Henry14 Jan 19275 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Wiegmann, Henry14 Sep 1922Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Wiegmann, Hermann20 Sep 1906Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Wiegmann, Margaret R17 Apr 19275 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Wiegmann, Minnie4 Feb 1903May 1983Fort Wayne
Wiegmann, Ruth30 Jan 1924Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Wiegmann, William13 Dec 1898Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Wiehe, Albert Carl27 Oct 191518 Sep 2008Roanoke
Wiehe, Dora21 Mar 1883Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Wiehe, Edwin29 Jun 1915Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Wiehe, Ferdinand H7 Sep 19073 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Wiehe, Fred5 Feb 1886Jul 1964Fort Wayne
Wiehe, Mariea13 Aug 1884Feb 1968New Haven
Wiehe, Moritz C18 Aug 191814 May 1997Monroeville
Wiehe, Paul H17 Sep 19288 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Wiehe, Robert9 Jan 1904Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Wiehe, Robert23 Dec 1916Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Wiehe, Ruth F2 Nov 1930Sep 1992Monroeville
Wiehe, Suzanne C12 Jul 193813 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Wiehe, Velma18 Nov 1905Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Wieland, Margaret L14 Aug 19264 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Wiemann, Esther27 Jun 1885Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Wiener, Anne G28 Jan 191424 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Wiener, Sterling13 May 1913Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Wienk, Norma22 Dec 1921Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Wienke, Lillian Z3 Oct 19047 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Wieringa, Albert30 Jun 1897May 1987Fort Wayne
Wiersch, John A27 Oct 191629 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Wiertlewski, Jan29 Apr 1913Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Wierzbowski, Walter24 Oct 19208 May 2004Fort Wayne
Wies, John30 Aug 1905Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Wies, Joseph C16 Nov 192012 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Wies, Juanita12 Dec 1907Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Wies, Neoma M2 Sep 193119 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Wies, Sue13 Jan 1962Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Wiese, Bertha L13 Jul 190121 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Wiese, Florence E26 Oct 19132 May 2008New Haven
Wiese, Herbert4 Feb 1897Feb 1976New Haven
Wiese, Laverne20 Nov 1923Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Wiese, Paul15 Dec 1909May 1981New Haven
Wiese, Raymond P11 Feb 192314 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Wiesehan, Ethel30 May 1912Mar 1986Woodburn
Wiesehan, John25 Jan 1911Sep 1983Woodburn
Wiesenberg, Bernice E6 Sep 191918 Jul 2002Fort Wayne
Wiesenberg, Carl O16 Jul 191821 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Wiesenberg, Kenneth P20 Oct 19377 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Wiesenberg, Roberta G8 Jun 193810 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Wiesenberg, Sarah24 Dec 1891Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Wiesjahn, Esther L19 Jun 191918 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Wiesjohn, Ernest19 Jan 1902Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Wiesman, David D18 Sep 193522 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Wiesman, Lucile R4 Feb 193121 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Wiesmer, Helen1 Apr 1903Feb 1977Fort Wayne
Wiesmer, Ruth E23 Feb 191329 May 1999Fort Wayne
Wiesner, Norma M28 Aug 190623 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Wiesner, Phyllis24 Oct 191510 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Wietfeldt, Betty C3 Oct 19193 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Wietfeldt, Celeste28 Aug 191311 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Wietfeldt, Charles19 Dec 1885Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Wietfeldt, Dorothy A2 Nov 191920 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Wietfeldt, Edmund10 May 1916Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Wietfeldt, Edwin23 Jan 19093 Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Wietfeldt, Elna L17 Mar 191629 Feb 2008New Haven
Wietfeldt, Helen B2 Feb 191625 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Wietfeldt, Herman23 Jan 1892Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Wietfeldt, Leona25 Feb 19236 May 2009Hoagland
Wietfeldt, Lucile A26 Mar 19108 May 1994Fort Wayne
Wietfeldt, Marvin C1 Jun 191915 Nov 1996Monroeville
Wietfeldt, Ralph F25 May 192022 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Wietfeldt, Roger D7 Jul 194615 Feb 2005New Haven
Wietfeldt, Rose M16 May 190210 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Wietfeldt, Wilhelmina27 Nov 188915 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Wieting, Lila A20 Feb 191520 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Wigbel, Bernard18 Oct 1894Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Wigbel, Helen13 Jul 1900May 1976Fort Wayne
Wigbel, Mary18 Aug 1891Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Wigent, Anna L1 Apr 19186 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Wigent, John5 Nov 1886Dec 1965Fort Wayne
Wigent, Robert J27 Nov 1913Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Wigfall, Victoria1 Jun 1898Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Wigfield, George27 May 1905May 1974Fort Wayne
Wiggam, Edith E29 Oct 192028 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Wiggans, Virginia E5 Feb 19115 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Wigge, Joseph18 Jun 1921Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Wigger, Marie B10 Sep 19124 May 2000Fort Wayne
Wiggins, Edd7 Oct 1897Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Wiggins, Ellis H23 May 191724 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Wiggs, Floyd11 Oct 19123 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Wiggs, Margaret E22 Apr 19061 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Wiggs, Maurice J5 Apr 192410 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Wigham, Douglas G3 Sep 19009 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Wight, Helen L26 Sep 191729 May 2009Fort Wayne
Wight, Mary4 Feb 1888Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Wigner, James W13 Oct 193515 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Wigner, Warren13 Nov 1894Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Wilber, Peggy S6 Sep 194122 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Wilbert, Virginia V29 Aug 192827 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Wilburn, Anna A16 Mar 18949 Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Wilburn, Charles K21 Jan 191928 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Wilburn, Helen L6 Jan 19255 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Wilburn, Larry J7 May 194615 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Wilburn, Raymond10 Mar 1896Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Wilburn, Woodrow P11 Oct 19199 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Wilch, Frances1 Apr 1903Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Wilcher, Delmus25 Sep 190820 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Wilcher, Dimple Lorraine29 Oct 191413 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Wilcott, Susan L27 Sep 196128 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Wilcox, Curtis J9 Oct 19592 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Wilcox, Dillard V14 May 19033 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Wilcox, Dora15 Jun 1893Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Wilcox, Harold28 Mar 1907Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Wilcox, Harriett18 Nov 1888Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Wilcox, Jack E27 Aug 192728 May 1995Fort Wayne
Wilcox, Joan M12 Apr 193614 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Wilcox, Lena M2 May 191015 May 2002Fort Wayne
Wilcox, Martha Jo22 Feb 19283 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Wilcox, Wanda M12 May 192925 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Wilcox, William E1 Aug 192929 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Wilcox, William H20 Sep 19323 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Wilcoxson, Carl F14 Jan 192024 May 1999Fort Wayne
Wilcoxson, Cole W3 Dec 199629 Jan 1997Churubusco
Wilcoxson, Ellen22 Feb 1923Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Wilcoxson, Jacob16 Oct 1881May 1973Fort Wayne
Wilcoxson, Lloyd E16 Jul 19112 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Wilcoxson, Myrtle M30 Mar 191828 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Wilcoxson, Wanda23 May 1921Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Wild, Alfred8 Sep 1907Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Wild, Margaret G11 Dec 190422 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Wild, Ronald F13 Apr 193518 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Wild, Ruth A18 Dec 191221 May 1998Fort Wayne
Wilder, Charles17 Apr 1897May 1971Fort Wayne
Wilder, Charles O12 Feb 19368 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Wilder, Curley24 Feb 1915Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Wilder, Donna M22 Feb 190020 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Wilder, Ella Mae15 Aug 193425 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Wilder, Geneva V8 Dec 19149 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Wilder, Helen4 May 1917Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Wilder, Joan T15 Dec 19302 Jun 2008Woodburn
Wilder, John1 Dec 192523 May 2004Fort Wayne
Wilder, Laureld16 Apr 1897Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Wilder, Leo24 Sep 1922Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Wilder, Lois J6 May 19352 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Wilder, Lyle27 Dec 1901Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Wilder, Richard22 Mar 193030 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Wilder, Ronald L24 Apr 19489 Jul 2003New Haven
Wilder, Velma I4 Feb 1902Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Wilder, Wilhelmine27 May 1902Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Wildermuth, Sara20 Sep 1887Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Wildeson, Max R14 Nov 1910Dec 1989Fort Wayne
Wildey, Mildred8 Dec 1899Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Wildey, Vida2 Dec 1910Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Wilding, Helen L6 Sep 191126 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Wilding, John9 Feb 1911Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Wilds, Aline F21 May 192322 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Wilds, Harvey W19 Nov 191717 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Wilenski, Helen S26 Oct 191731 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Wiles, Elmer L6 Jun 191926 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Wiles, Mamie13 Aug 1906Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Wiles, Ross20 Feb 1895May 1983Fort Wayne
Wiley, Anna10 Oct 1900Oct 1987New Haven
Wiley, Annas15 Sep 1896Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Wiley, Bonnie V21 Mar 191912 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Wiley, Charles E3 Nov 19186 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Wiley, Elmo15 Dec 19202 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Wiley, Ernestine A30 Sep 192713 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Wiley, Hazel A11 Feb 190822 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Wiley, Hubert5 Oct 1896Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Wiley, John26 Jul 1890Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Wiley, Laruth24 Nov 1920Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Wiley, Maisie R8 Oct 19387 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Wiley, Marie27 Sep 193023 May 2005Fort Wayne
Wiley, Ollie1 Sep 1888Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Wiley, Orie10 May 1883Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Wiley, Patricia A15 Jan 19578 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Wiley, Stephen D20 Mar 195113 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Angela19 Jan 1915Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Anna6 Mar 1890Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Arthur G1 Sep 192111 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, David J26 Nov 193810 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Edith11 May 1892Jan 1981Roanoke
Wilhelm, Edward20 May 1912Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Frank L3 Aug 19402 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Harriett11 Mar 1898Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Joseph L13 Feb 190824 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Lillian20 Dec 1894Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Mary Z4 Aug 191725 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Maximillia9 Jun 1898Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Maxine17 Feb 191817 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Paul J22 Oct 193110 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Pauline D26 Jul 193819 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Raymond F26 Feb 191528 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Robert J19 Aug 19185 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Wilhelm, Virginia R12 Dec 191625 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Wilhide, Robert H26 Jun 192719 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Wilhite, Gwendolyn Hazel24 Dec 192016 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Wilhoit, Alma L3 Sep 19217 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Wilke, Arthur L17 Mar 192220 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Wilke, Rosalind V8 Apr 191127 May 1997Fort Wayne
Wilke, William S16 Oct 191315 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Wilken, Scott M9 Jan 197330 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Wilkening, Gertie10 Jul 1888May 1975Fort Wayne
Wilkening, Louis6 Sep 1888Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Wilkening, Lydia C19 Jan 1920Apr 1996Fort Wayne
Wilkening, Ralph30 Jun 1880Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Wilkens, Donald E1 Apr 193213 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Wilkens, Elmer25 Jun 1901Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Wilkens, F10 Sep 1899Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Wilkens, Helen14 Sep 1902Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Wilkens, Jacob4 Apr 1892Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Wilkens, Louis14 Mar 1906Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Wilkens, Pearl4 Oct 1907Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Wilkens, Sylvia11 Feb 1929Feb 1984Churubusco
Wilkens, Valette27 Jul 1904Nov 1979Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, Addie3 Jun 1896May 1980Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, Gordon T4 Sep 192628 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, Jay13 Mar 1895Feb 1970Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, John15 Feb 1929Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, John E30 Dec 192922 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, Joseph19 Jan 191710 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, Leona17 Nov 1895Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, Leona C14 Feb 190715 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, Louise M26 Nov 190422 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, Opal W6 Feb 193222 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, Robert9 Apr 1904May 1969Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, Robert Emmett30 May 193424 May 2008Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, William5 Nov 1901Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Wilkerson, William29 Jul 19208 May 1998Fort Wayne
Wilkes, Ossie E18 Oct 191018 Oct 1999Grabill
Wilkes, Willie Mai23 Feb 192225 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Wilkey, Jeannette H31 Aug 191919 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Wilkie, Arthur18 Mar 1899Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Wilkie, Louis19 Feb 1885Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Wilkie, Mary24 Mar 1901Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Wilkin, Charles M7 Aug 194214 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Wilkin, Ina24 Jan 1886Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Wilkin, Mary7 Feb 1875May 1967Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Bonnie L7 Jan 193011 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Charles11 Apr 1883Dec 1968Churubusco
Wilkins, Christophe R26 Dec 199215 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Cynthia A13 Nov 19508 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Dannie I31 Aug 192511 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Wilkins, David V13 Feb 191421 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Frank12 Dec 1911Oct 1979Churubusco
Wilkins, Howard4 Apr 1902Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Hugo3 May 1902Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Ida22 May 1901Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Lucille29 Aug 1898Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Mildred W14 Sep 19134 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Milo23 Sep 1900Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Paul R28 Jan 190418 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Ricky Edward10 Oct 19462 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Virginia G24 Feb 19191 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Wilkins, Willie25 Dec 191623 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, David22 Oct 1903Sep 1967Grabill
Wilkinson, Dian9 Jan 1938Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Edward3 Nov 1914Sep 1966Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Eula M11 Apr 191731 May 1990Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Evans R20 Mar 191015 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Faye1 Oct 1886May 1979Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Frank19 May 1926Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Garner Alden16 Apr 192110 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Gertrude14 Aug 1886Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Helen7 Mar 1913Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Ileen M22 Dec 192121 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Matilda27 Nov 1878Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Mildred C17 Jan 19151 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Richard E27 Aug 19211 May 2008Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Richard L Sr5 Nov 193415 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Rozalia E4 Jun 192219 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Veronica21 Mar 1901Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Wilkinson, Virginia17 Aug 1907Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Wilks, Lee4 Nov 1899Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Wilks, Mildred R21 Mar 19052 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Will, Donald P26 Jan 192830 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Will, Jeannette6 Mar 1892Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Willard, Blanche A8 Apr 19154 May 1999Fort Wayne
Willard, Doris18 Jan 1908Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Willard, Wallace J11 Aug 190018 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Willardo, John Edward12 Jun 195522 May 2009Fort Wayne
Willcutts, Thomas10 Jul 1921Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Wille, Henry8 Mar 1887Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Willeman, Nellie30 Nov 1905Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Willennar, Audrey25 Jul 1894Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Willer, Kathleen3 Aug 1901Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Willett, Mary L17 Aug 190917 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Willett, Ralph19 Jun 1904Nov 1987Yoder
Willette, Ethel M21 Jul 190522 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Willette, Frank E1 Sep 19059 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Willford, Marie27 Sep 1883Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Willhelm, Norah30 Nov 191821 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Willhelm, Thomas J17 Jun 194013 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Willhoff, Elizabeth15 Mar 1882Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Willhoff, Howard W19 Dec 191110 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Willhoff, Martin19 Dec 1883Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Willia, Char E24 May 195224 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Willia, Cole31 Oct 19128 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Willia, F25 Jul 1957Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Willia, F10 Aug 1961Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Willia, Imog V17 Sep 19146 May 1997Fort Wayne
Willia, J29 Jul 1980Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Willia, L19 May 1925Jul 1990Fort Wayne
William, Mathew4 Jun 1921Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Williams, Adele26 Jan 1904May 1979Fort Wayne
Williams, Agnes12 Sep 1888Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Williams, Albert T13 Sep 190319 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Williams, Alberta4 May 1899Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Williams, Albertina10 Feb 1903Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Williams, Albirtha A13 Jul 191223 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Williams, Alma2 Nov 1899Aug 1981Roanoke
Williams, Alta M1 Jan 191721 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Williams, Alvilda P28 Aug 191519 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Williams, Alvina3 Oct 1906Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Williams, Amelia9 Jan 1914Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Williams, Ammie L30 Jul 193725 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Williams, Andrew A11 Jul 19465 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Williams, Antoinette R9 Oct 195011 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Williams, Armond17 Sep 1908Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Williams, Arthur26 Feb 19267 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Williams, Barbara T3 Sep 193213 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Williams, Berlin3 Dec 1919Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Williams, Bernice14 Jun 1906Dec 1978New Haven
Williams, Bernice L23 Jun 191715 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Williams, Berniece26 Apr 1906Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Williams, Betael B9 May 190111 May 1999Fort Wayne
Williams, Betty1 Mar 1928Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Williams, Betty F13 May 191126 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Williams, Blanch5 Aug 1884Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Williams, Blanche25 Feb 1902Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Williams, Carol A23 Jan 193719 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Williams, Carol A17 Nov 195324 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Williams, Cathy24 Jul 1952Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Williams, Cecil3 Jul 1921Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Williams, Charles25 Nov 1930Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Williams, Charles23 Feb 1881Jul 1968Hoagland
Williams, Charles E13 Jan 195517 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Williams, Charles F5 Apr 193814 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Charles R17 May 191618 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Chester R1 Sep 193523 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Williams, Christine31 Dec 1900Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Williams, Clara E13 Jun 191522 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Williams, Clare22 Nov 1907Mar 1985Churubusco
Williams, Clarence22 Feb 1922Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Williams, Clarice1 Jan 1907Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Williams, Cleomine V26 Jun 191427 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Williams, Cletus J25 Jun 192627 May 1995Fort Wayne
Williams, Clinton24 Aug 195015 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Williams, Codie13 Oct 1923Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Williams, Constance C3 Feb 193225 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Williams, David19 Sep 1920Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Williams, David D14 Nov 19328 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Williams, Delanie J23 Jul 19135 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Williams, Delores M21 Oct 192423 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Williams, Donald14 Apr 1913Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Williams, Dorothy D8 Jul 191431 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Williams, Dorris C8 Oct 19227 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Williams, Durfey9 Feb 1938Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Williams, Dwight2 Mar 1901Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Williams, E E11 Mar 192915 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Williams, Edith28 Sep 1928Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Williams, Edith11 Oct 1915Mar 1985Fort Wayne
Williams, Edna11 Sep 1906Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Williams, Edna P20 Jan 191917 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Williams, Ednell27 Oct 191228 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Williams, Ednola15 Dec 19257 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Williams, Elvah12 Apr 1903Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Williams, Emery28 Mar 1883May 1967Fort Wayne
Williams, Emmer11 Jul 1912Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Williams, Ervin J18 Sep 193211 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Williams, Esther8 Jan 1879Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Williams, Ethel8 Mar 193122 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Williams, Eva E5 Oct 189515 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Williams, Evelyn3 Jul 191315 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Williams, Florence3 Jun 1881Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Williams, Florence K9 Jun 192922 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Williams, Flossie28 Apr 1904Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Williams, Frances3 Dec 1909Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Williams, Frank19 Oct 1886Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Williams, Frank1 Oct 1894Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Williams, Franklin D18 Jul 1944Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Williams, Fred10 Oct 1922Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Williams, Fred13 Dec 19335 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Williams, Frederick19 Jul 1886Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Williams, Gary I6 Nov 196223 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Williams, Geneva24 Jan 192925 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Williams, George4 Feb 191628 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, George7 Apr 1905Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Williams, George L21 Jul 19292 Jun 1989Fort Wayne
Williams, George R9 Mar 193315 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Williams, Geraldine15 Sep 1905Oct 1973Fort Wayne
Williams, Gladys3 Nov 1897Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Williams, Gladys C17 Jun 19177 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Williams, Glen12 Jan 1906Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Williams, Gloria A7 Jun 19577 May 1995Fort Wayne
Williams, Greggory Allen31 Dec 19601 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Williams, Harriet12 Aug 19602 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Harry22 Dec 1874Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Williams, Harry23 Apr 1892Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Williams, Harry B27 Feb 191414 May 2007Fort Wayne
Williams, Hazel22 Mar 189910 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Williams, Hazel24 Mar 1918Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Williams, Helen28 Feb 1902Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Williams, Helen27 Jan 1923Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Williams, Helen R19 Feb 194717 May 2009Fort Wayne
Williams, Henry3 Aug 191223 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Williams, Henry14 Dec 1956Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Williams, Herbert E11 Oct 19372 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Williams, Houston8 Jan 191317 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Williams, Howard25 Feb 1896Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Williams, Howard L22 Apr 19217 May 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Hubert W20 Apr 19212 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Williams, Ida B21 Jul 1903Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Williams, Ida Belle11 Feb 1918Dec 1988Fort Wayne
Williams, J W27 Apr 19408 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Williams, Jack W25 Feb 193512 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Williams, Jackie L9 May 193624 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Williams, Jacobs9 Sep 191427 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Williams, James16 Jul 191613 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Williams, James Jr15 Oct 194726 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Williams, James Sr7 Apr 192521 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Williams, James B5 Mar 19191 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Williams, James E15 Feb 191023 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Williams, James R24 Oct 193622 May 2003Churubusco
Williams, Janice8 Jul 1940May 1986Fort Wayne
Williams, Jerdine26 Nov 1918Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Williams, Jesse M20 Aug 193213 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Jessie25 Nov 1920Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Williams, Jessie4 Nov 1897Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Williams, Jessie7 Jun 1912Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Williams, Jim15 Dec 1917Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Williams, Jimmy D31 Aug 193928 Jun 2006New Haven
Williams, Joan1 Aug 192315 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Williams, Joann M18 Sep 19547 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Williams, Joe D7 Apr 190321 Nov 1990Fort Wayne
Williams, John8 Mar 1901May 1971Fort Wayne
Williams, John13 Jan 1902Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Williams, John7 Apr 1885Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Williams, John E10 Nov 190915 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Williams, John W1 Jul 193814 May 2003Fort Wayne
Williams, Johnnie W27 Mar 19284 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Joseph15 Jun 1906Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Williams, Joseph22 Jun 191515 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Williams, Katherine26 Feb 1905Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Williams, Kathryn13 Aug 1930Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Williams, Keith15 Aug 1904Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Williams, Kenneth20 Aug 1901May 1974Fort Wayne
Williams, Kenneth A29 Jul 194012 Nov 2009New Haven
Williams, Kevin M29 Apr 198821 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Williams, Kirus7 Mar 1901Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Williams, Kristine5 Nov 1950Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Williams, Lamar James3 Jun 19525 May 2009Fort Wayne
Williams, Laney12 Apr 1911Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Williams, Laurie E24 Oct 19669 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Williams, Lavina6 Oct 1921Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Williams, Lavone28 Jan 1909Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Williams, Lawarence E28 Oct 191421 Apr 1996Roanoke
Williams, Lawrence C8 Dec 196819 May 2007Fort Wayne
Williams, Leda14 Nov 1912May 1978Fort Wayne
Williams, Leland L4 Jan 19253 Apr 1993Churubusco
Williams, Lester24 May 191124 Feb 1992Fort Wayne
Williams, Lizzie5 Feb 1902Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Williams, Lois31 May 1926Jul 1979Roanoke
Williams, Louella M9 Oct 192125 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Williams, Louis8 Apr 1906Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Williams, Louise15 Apr 1887Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Williams, Lowell D15 May 193316 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Williams, Lucile12 Jun 1893Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Williams, Lucinda5 Apr 1940Aug 1990Fort Wayne
Williams, Lue30 Nov 1888Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Williams, Lulu20 Apr 1889May 1978Roanoke
Williams, Luther29 Mar 1902Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Williams, Mabel28 Aug 1920May 1994Fort Wayne
Williams, Mabel14 Jan 1902Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Williams, Malissa B1 Feb 18999 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Williams, Margaret J23 Jan 193430 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Williams, Margaret L12 Aug 191913 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Williams, Marion26 Dec 1885Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Williams, Martha I23 Feb 191430 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Williams, Martha J25 Aug 191617 Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Williams, Marvin14 Feb 1941Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Williams, Mary17 Jan 1910Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Williams, Mary B15 Jun 190330 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Williams, Mary D25 Jun 194124 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Williams, Mary Diane4 Jan 194625 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Williams, Mary E8 Sep 19171 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Williams, Mary L7 Dec 195718 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Mary L28 Aug 191715 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Williams, Mary Y24 Feb 193326 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Williams, Mattie26 Nov 1943Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Williams, Mattie L26 Oct 192711 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Williams, Merlee F3 Jan 189729 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Williams, Mildred25 Aug 193715 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Williams, Milynn N20 Sep 197227 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Williams, Minnie8 Apr 1904Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Williams, Minnie F23 Aug 192015 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Williams, Minnie M14 Aug 189122 Apr 1989Fort Wayne
Williams, Nathan21 Feb 1925May 1978Fort Wayne
Williams, Nora L12 May 19224 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Williams, Olive5 Nov 1901Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Williams, Park4 Feb 1905Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Williams, Paul J3 Nov 19306 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Williams, Paul M19 Oct 19154 Mar 2007Roanoke
Williams, Pauline18 Oct 1921Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Williams, Pearl13 Oct 1890Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Williams, Philip20 Apr 1906Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Williams, Phillip29 May 1890Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Williams, Phyllis30 Jan 19146 Jun 2004Roanoke
Williams, Porter20 Apr 1907Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Williams, Ralph15 Jan 1904Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Williams, Ralph31 Aug 1900Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Williams, Ralph L14 Sep 19345 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Williams, Raymond27 Apr 1907Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Williams, Raymond20 Jul 191330 May 1997Fort Wayne
Williams, Raymond C30 Dec 192729 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Williams, Raymond J10 Sep 19129 Dec 1993Fort Wayne
Williams, Raymond L28 Nov 195116 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Williams, Raymond S26 Mar 190015 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Williams, Rhoda14 Nov 1902Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Williams, Richard J11 Mar 195614 Sep 2002Fort Wayne
Williams, Robert10 Jun 193111 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Williams, Robert2 Jul 191417 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Williams, Robert Allen21 Dec 195120 May 2009Fort Wayne
Williams, Robert Ear L24 Nov 191915 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Williams, Robert F12 Sep 19256 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Williams, Robert L15 Jul 193117 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Williams, Roberta9 Mar 19169 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Williams, Roger E15 Dec 193214 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Williams, Rolanda5 Sep 195912 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Ronald P5 Dec 19314 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Rosie29 Sep 1910Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Williams, Ruby P28 Dec 191923 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Williams, Rufus10 Aug 1903May 1976Fort Wayne
Williams, Ruth13 Feb 1915Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Williams, Ruth7 Jan 1901Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Williams, Ruth B22 Sep 1920Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Williams, Ruth H4 Oct 192025 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Williams, Samuel20 Oct 192224 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Williams, Samuel1 Sep 1877Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Williams, Sarah E23 Apr 19227 Nov 2003Fort Wayne
Williams, Selma8 Jun 192315 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Williams, Shirley J25 Jan 196415 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Williams, Simon15 Mar 193719 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Williams, Simon10 Mar 1894Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Williams, Stella L9 Jul 19107 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Williams, Stephen D2 Mar 194214 May 2008Fort Wayne
Williams, Susie L19 Dec 191524 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Williams, Susie M18 May 19314 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Williams, T B17 Jun 19174 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Tena3 Oct 19509 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Williams, Thelma H14 Jan 19154 Feb 2004Roanoke
Williams, Thelma O19 Aug 190511 Jun 1994Fort Wayne
Williams, Theodore M26 Jul 194016 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Williams, Theresa6 Feb 1926Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Williams, Thomas28 Jan 1938Aug 1977Fort Wayne
Williams, Thomas K17 Jul 195130 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Timothy2 Mar 1923Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Williams, Tom22 Dec 1891Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Williams, Tommie Ned4 Mar 195023 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Williams, Vanessa S28 Jan 195624 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Williams, Vange Lee29 Aug 192415 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Williams, Vaughn D11 Jul 1955Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Williams, Verle M1 Jun 192510 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Williams, Vernice19 Nov 1932Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Williams, Vernon16 Oct 196314 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Virgil21 May 1912Apr 1979Roanoke
Williams, Virginia M15 Apr 19081 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Williams, W E4 Jan 194115 Mar 1991Fort Wayne
Williams, W K17 Aug 19066 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Williams, Walter25 Mar 1906Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Williams, Walter7 Mar 1895Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Williams, Walter E8 Apr 192131 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Williams, Walter Jackson17 Jan 192521 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Williams, Walter W9 May 193817 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Williams, Wanda L22 Nov 19388 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Warren31 Jan 194326 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Williams, Wilhelmina8 Sep 192521 May 1993Fort Wayne
Williams, William5 Nov 1900Feb 1975Fort Wayne
Williams, William Gabriel30 Aug 192917 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Williams, William K31 Aug 195027 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Williams, William T29 Jan 19176 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Williams, Willie22 Jun 19237 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Williams, Willie17 Jul 1897Oct 1969Fort Wayne
Williams, Willie D30 Apr 192325 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Williams, Willie M4 Aug 193121 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Williams, Wilma I16 Sep 19135 Oct 2006Roanoke
Williams, Zola29 Aug 1890Dec 1967Roanoke
Williamson, Bernice15 Jul 1908Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Williamson, Betty10 Mar 1909Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Williamson, Christopher F31 May 19335 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Williamson, Delbert13 Nov 1924Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Williamson, Dorothy M23 Apr 19352 Apr 2000Spencerville
Williamson, Henry H21 Apr 193125 Mar 2007Spencerville
Williamson, John W3 May 192627 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Williamson, Julia A2 May 189910 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Williamson, Leo3 Feb 1921Apr 1970Fort Wayne
Williamson, Mabel L14 Mar 191613 Apr 2005Spencerville
Williamson, Marilyn C8 Apr 191918 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Williamson, Nellie16 Feb 1895Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Williamson, Robert22 Feb 1904Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Williamson, Ruth23 Sep 1913May 1976Fort Wayne
Williamson, Sara S14 Aug 190222 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Williamson, Virginia12 Oct 1915Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Williard, Betty A3 May 193830 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Williard, Ronald G16 May 193613 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Willibey, Gilbert A8 Apr 191723 Nov 2001Leo
Willig, Anita26 Jan 1930Aug 1985Roanoke
Willig, Bernard19 Nov 1895Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Willig, Cynthia L6 Feb 19671 Jan 2009Fort Wayne
Willig, Edna S11 May 19084 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Willig, Hilda L1 May 19038 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Willig, Hillis B1 Nov 192411 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Willig, Ivon25 Sep 191918 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Willig, Joe15 Oct 1889Feb 1986Fort Wayne
Willig, John3 Feb 1900Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Willig, Leonard10 Aug 190215 Aug 1988Fort Wayne
Willig, Lois M19 Apr 194525 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Willig, Lucia R3 Nov 192220 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Willig, Robert H1 Jul 192310 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Willig, William J18 Jun 191619 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Willingham, George1 Mar 196429 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Willingham, James A17 Jan 193626 Dec 2006Fort Wayne
Willis, Diane B24 Jan 195331 Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Willis, Drucilla20 Jun 19407 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Willis, Edna M23 Aug 19296 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Willis, Eva9 Mar 1895Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Willis, H Patricia20 Sep 192526 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Willis, Hal E23 Feb 1902May 1995Fort Wayne
Willis, Helen28 Mar 1902Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Willis, Henry Lee6 Apr 19444 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Willis, Jesse James19 Jan 19348 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Willis, Marie6 Dec 1903Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Willis, Mary Jo5 Oct 195312 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Willis, Raymond12 Jun 1911May 1978Fort Wayne
Willis, Richard V22 Sep 19435 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Willis, Thomas15 Aug 1952Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Willits, Eugene15 Nov 1882Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Willkie, Pearl12 Aug 1888Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Willkie, Robert9 Oct 1887Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Willman, Mildred14 Nov 190928 May 2001Fort Wayne
Willoughby, George E30 Sep 192526 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Willoughby, Herbert13 Oct 193021 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Wills, Charles W6 Mar 19162 Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Wills, Elizabeth30 Nov 191114 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Wills, Frank20 Apr 1880Jan 1968Roanoke
Wills, Mary S12 May 192210 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Wills, Max B23 Mar 191917 Oct 1990Fort Wayne
Wills, Steven M2 Jul 195630 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Willscher, Richard30 Apr 1891Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Willsey, John2 May 1921May 1987Fort Wayne
Willson, Frances B20 Mar 190423 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Willson, Mildred M2 Apr 189823 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Willson, Warren1 Jan 1901Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Willy, Emil20 Mar 1889May 1969Fort Wayne
Willy, Florence9 Oct 190616 Jul 1999New Haven
Willy, George5 Nov 1906Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Willy, Mary15 Nov 1893Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Wilmarth, Jessica V15 Aug 1931Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Wilmer, Esther9 Sep 1893Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Wilmington, Lloyd8 Oct 194010 May 2000Fort Wayne
Wilmot, Edna A23 Sep 194112 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Wilmot, Fay19 Sep 1911Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Wilmot, Robert D19 Oct 194710 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Wils, Albert C14 Mar 191728 Jul 2000New Haven
Wils, Kathryn V28 Jun 191921 Aug 2002New Haven
Wilson Jackson, Marcella26 Oct 191814 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Wilson, Agnes M12 May 188915 Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Wilson, Alberta M1 May 192730 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Wilson, Allen25 Nov 1922Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Wilson, Alma2 Jan 1918Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Wilson, Alvin14 Aug 1960Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Wilson, Annie L22 Sep 194522 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Wilson, Arthur12 Jan 1931Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Wilson, Arthur12 Aug 1918Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Wilson, Arthur4 Oct 19345 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Wilson, Audrey L1 Feb 191912 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Wilson, Barbara B6 Aug 193119 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Wilson, Barrie25 Oct 1897Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Wilson, Berlin13 Feb 1932Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Wilson, Bernadine11 Aug 1911Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Wilson, Bernice31 Jul 190614 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Wilson, Bernice26 May 190810 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Wilson, Bessie27 May 1893Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Wilson, Betty R28 Nov 192812 Jul 2000Huntertown
Wilson, Beulah C11 Nov 19174 Feb 1989Churubusco
Wilson, Beverly Ann17 Jul 195218 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Wilson, Carl22 Apr 1906May 1979Fort Wayne
Wilson, Carla J25 Oct 197024 Dec 2009Fort Wayne
Wilson, Catherine22 Feb 192425 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Wilson, Charles A12 Jul 189629 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Wilson, Charles G23 Apr 192417 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Wilson, Charlie M7 Nov 192426 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Wilson, Clayton D9 Feb 191926 Feb 2007Churubusco
Wilson, Cleta I9 Aug 19104 Apr 2007New Haven
Wilson, Clyde V1 Oct 19318 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Wilson, Commizelle10 Nov 19188 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Wilson, Cornelia15 Dec 191926 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Wilson, Cyril2 Nov 1904Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Wilson, Dee30 Nov 1902Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Wilson, Delbert E17 Jul 191625 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Wilson, Dolly L12 Jun 192125 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Wilson, Donald2 Oct 1927Mar 1981Hoagland
Wilson, Donald21 Mar 1929Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Wilson, Donald R10 Nov 19441 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Wilson, Donna M1 Nov 193321 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Wilson, Dorothy E17 Jul 193210 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Wilson, Dorothy L28 Oct 191825 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Wilson, Downing E9 Jul 192320 Jan 1990Fort Wayne
Wilson, Earl19 Jan 19267 Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Wilson, Edith30 Dec 1896Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Wilson, Edith28 Aug 1904Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Wilson, Edsel10 Jun 1923Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Wilson, Edward A5 Jun 19641 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Wilson, Eileen9 Feb 1918Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Wilson, Elaine10 Mar 1931Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Wilson, Elaine F3 May 192411 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Wilson, Eldon H5 Jan 190911 May 2000Fort Wayne
Wilson, Elizabeth A21 Dec 19267 Mar 2001New Haven
Wilson, Elma26 Feb 1916May 1980Fort Wayne
Wilson, Elton F13 Sep 189313 Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Wilson, Elton L15 Feb 1945Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Wilson, Erin C7 Jan 197123 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Wilson, Ernest10 Jan 1888Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Wilson, Estil V10 Aug 189616 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Wilson, Ethel F18 Mar 19066 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Wilson, Etta M20 Mar 191212 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Wilson, Eula21 Jun 190521 Jul 1994Fort Wayne
Wilson, Flo Rose29 Nov 19179 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Wilson, Florence5 Oct 1891Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Wilson, Ford1 Apr 1901Jul 1969Fort Wayne
Wilson, Frank E30 Jan 191824 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Wilson, Fred30 Nov 1894Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Wilson, Frederick L11 Feb 192215 Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Wilson, Gary T17 Apr 19425 Feb 1999New Haven
Wilson, George25 Nov 1905Mar 1974Monroeville
Wilson, George3 Mar 1917Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Wilson, George14 Jul 1897Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Wilson, George C3 Sep 190927 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Wilson, Gertrude23 Mar 191512 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Wilson, Gertrude J7 Jun 191430 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Wilson, Gilbert30 Jul 1892Nov 1971Fort Wayne
Wilson, Gilmer24 Aug 1911Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Wilson, Gladys T3 Nov 19183 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Wilson, Goldie B23 Sep 190618 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Wilson, Harley F15 Nov 19285 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Wilson, Harry23 Dec 1907Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Wilson, Harry28 Feb 1925Jun 1986Fort Wayne
Wilson, Hattie17 Sep 1891Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Wilson, Hattie M16 Aug 1910Sep 1987Fort Wayne
Wilson, Hazel10 May 1894Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Wilson, Hazel M18 Nov 190611 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Wilson, Helen23 Apr 1892Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Wilson, Helen F12 Apr 191710 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Wilson, Helen M4 Oct 193517 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Wilson, Helena M2 Mar 19046 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Wilson, Henry3 Mar 1906Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Wilson, Icyle C10 Apr 189711 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Wilson, Ida31 Jul 1898Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Wilson, Ida V19 Jul 192022 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Wilson, Isaac10 Sep 1868Oct 1966Roanoke
Wilson, Isabelle13 Jan 191015 May 1997Fort Wayne
Wilson, Iva28 Nov 1888Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Wilson, Iva L22 Sep 189815 Aug 1971Fort Wayne
Wilson, J Douglas11 Mar 192026 Oct 1989Fort Wayne
Wilson, Jack26 Jan 1951Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Wilson, Jack28 Jan 1908May 1983Fort Wayne
Wilson, Jack8 Jun 191614 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Wilson, James7 Jun 1911Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Wilson, James30 Mar 1902Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Wilson, James F11 Feb 19332 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Wilson, James L21 Oct 192328 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Wilson, James T21 Aug 1953May 1991Fort Wayne
Wilson, John25 Nov 1899Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Wilson, John30 Jun 1902Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Wilson, John A17 Jun 19305 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Wilson, John F12 Nov 190930 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Wilson, John R2 Aug 193531 May 2003New Haven
Wilson, John Robert10 Feb 192129 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Wilson, Johning J21 Apr 192515 Oct 2003Fort Wayne
Wilson, Joyce A25 Jun 19374 Jun 2007Spencerville
Wilson, Juanita14 Jun 1891Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Wilson, Judith A10 Sep 19397 Jun 2006Fort Wayne
Wilson, Juliet17 May 1896Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Wilson, Lafayette6 Nov 192923 Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Wilson, Laura28 May 1876Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Wilson, Lee8 Jun 1927Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Wilson, Lee E14 Sep 192616 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Wilson, Lela M24 Jul 192223 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Wilson, Levorn4 Oct 19466 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Wilson, Lina20 May 1883Aug 1964Fort Wayne
Wilson, Lincoln A28 May 191612 Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Wilson, Lola Bell20 Jul 193230 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Wilson, Lorhene C6 Dec 19135 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Wilson, Louis2 May 192618 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Wilson, Louvenia10 Jul 1908Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Wilson, Lovella M12 May 192122 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Wilson, Lucy P13 Jun 193111 May 2001Fort Wayne
Wilson, Luella N14 Sep 1897Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Wilson, Lynn5 Apr 1903Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Wilson, M11 Jan 1885Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Wilson, Margaret G12 Jul 190411 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Wilson, Margaret S10 May 194216 Feb 2006Woodburn
Wilson, Marie17 Mar 1907Aug 1978Fort Wayne
Wilson, Marjorie N5 Dec 194212 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Wilson, Mary6 Nov 1903Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Wilson, Mary15 Sep 1890Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Wilson, Mary L13 May 19278 Dec 2008Roanoke
Wilson, Mary R19 May 193522 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Wilson, Mattie7 Jun 1897Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Wilson, Maud29 Jan 1882Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Wilson, Mearl29 Jun 1902Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Wilson, Melvin E2 Mar 192317 Jul 2003Huntertown
Wilson, Michael Ray6 Oct 196423 May 2008Fort Wayne
Wilson, Mildred11 Nov 1909Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Wilson, Mildred J22 Oct 190730 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Wilson, Mildred K22 Feb 191115 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Wilson, Milton E20 Dec 19255 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Wilson, Minnie7 Sep 1885Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Wilson, Nathaniel12 Jan 193516 May 2006Fort Wayne
Wilson, Nina V5 Sep 191327 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Wilson, Nita7 Feb 192724 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Wilson, Orville2 Jun 1881Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Wilson, Oscar6 Mar 1913Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Wilson, P13 May 1911Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Wilson, Pauline L14 Dec 191322 May 2002Fort Wayne
Wilson, Perl11 Oct 18791 May 1966Yoder
Wilson, Philip K26 Mar 19305 Mar 1989Fort Wayne
Wilson, Phillip15 Jun 1924Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Wilson, Ralph10 Feb 1901Feb 1971New Haven
Wilson, Raymond2 Mar 1910Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Wilson, Rebecca A2 Sep 1953Aug 1992Fort Wayne
Wilson, Rex L29 Mar 195329 Jan 1997New Haven
Wilson, Richard12 Aug 1951May 1978Fort Wayne
Wilson, Richard V13 Mar 192213 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Wilson, Richard W9 Jan 192815 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Wilson, Robert B8 Feb 194531 May 2006Fort Wayne
Wilson, Robert F25 Oct 19063 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Wilson, Roland B12 Jul 191128 Jan 1996Fort Wayne
Wilson, Roland E18 Jan 192723 May 1996Fort Wayne
Wilson, Rose9 Aug 1909Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Wilson, Roxie10 Oct 1904Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Wilson, Ruth21 Apr 1907Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Wilson, Ruth3 Jul 1904Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Wilson, Sarah30 Oct 1901Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Wilson, Stella10 Oct 1924Jul 1977Fort Wayne
Wilson, Terry L19 Dec 19614 Aug 2002Fort Wayne
Wilson, Thelma2 May 1895Jan 1983Fort Wayne
Wilson, Theresa A16 Jul 19575 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Wilson, Thomas10 Apr 1904Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Wilson, Virginia L3 Dec 19446 Jan 1999Fort Wayne
Wilson, W15 Jul 1881May 1979Fort Wayne
Wilson, Walter3 Apr 1894Nov 1981Fort Wayne
Wilson, Wayne E31 Jan 193217 Mar 1994Churubusco
Wilson, Wilbur E28 Dec 193013 Jul 1999Woodburn
Wilson, Wilburn11 Jul 1899Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Wilson, William25 Jun 1894Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Wilson, William J19 Dec 19573 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Wilson, Willie S22 Aug 191228 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Wilson, Winifred1 Jun 191016 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Wilson, Woodrow15 Dec 19155 Dec 1994Monroeville
Wilson, Woodrow24 Jul 1913Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Wilson, Yoland B25 Apr 190623 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Wilson, Zeal27 May 1890May 1969Fort Wayne
Wilson, Zelda28 Oct 191925 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Wilt, Audrey M6 Jun 19082 Jun 2000Fort Wayne
Wilt, Donita J3 Aug 193123 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Wilt, Florence6 Dec 1896Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Wilt, Frank7 Nov 1884Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Wilt, Helen L23 Apr 193629 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Wilt, Marvin D8 Feb 192719 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Wilt, Robert1 Jan 1910Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Wiltse, Eleanor16 Feb 1902Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Wiltshire, Eileen H23 Jan 192012 Jul 2006Fort Wayne
Wiludda, Emmy31 Aug 190613 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Wimberly, Lillie D18 Jun 192924 Nov 2007Fort Wayne
Wimbley, Lavinia10 Feb 1897Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Wimes, Alton4 Dec 191315 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Wimes, George1 Apr 19388 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Wimes, Office11 Aug 1912Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Wimes, Simon27 Nov 193225 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Wimmer, Clifford7 Oct 1899Mar 1971Fort Wayne
Wimmer, Ruth12 Dec 1903Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Wims, Channie1 Sep 190913 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Wims, Idella7 Aug 190931 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Winans, Ada6 Oct 1883Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Winans, Billy K22 Oct 193225 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Winans, Charles23 Dec 1901Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Winans, Charlotte31 Mar 1918Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Winans, Dolores20 Mar 1905Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Winans, Emma W9 Mar 190128 Dec 1998Fort Wayne
Winans, Esther L16 Nov 190031 Dec 1995Fort Wayne
Winans, Irene B27 Nov 192017 Dec 1997Fort Wayne, New Haven
Winans, Iva8 Jan 1890Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Winans, Leah29 Jul 1890Jan 1970Fort Wayne
Winans, Lucille1 Sep 1915Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Winans, Merrie J13 Mar 191025 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Winans, Ralph C23 Nov 191529 Jan 2003New Haven
Winans, Robert F2 Jul 190919 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Winans, Rose Mary24 Sep 1877Nov 1974Fort Wayne
Winans, Susan28 Oct 187115 Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Winbaugh, Charles17 Nov 1888Mar 1969Fort Wayne
Winbaugh, Moselle22 Sep 1918Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Winbish, Zelda Ann23 Jul 193530 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Wince, Harold W18 Oct 191227 Jul 2001Roanoke
Wince, Margurett26 Dec 191210 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Wince, Milo29 Sep 1890May 1970Roanoke
Wince, Opal I18 Aug 192521 Feb 2006Fort Wayne
Wince, Philip4 Mar 1912Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Wince, Treva L24 Jul 19143 Jan 2001Roanoke
Winchell, Catherine E15 Aug 191013 Nov 2006Leo
Winchester, Austin F4 May 190113 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Winchester, Charles15 Mar 1897Nov 1977Fort Wayne
Winchester, Clark7 Apr 1905Sep 1980Roanoke
Winchester, Elvin M29 Jan 19263 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Winchester, Patricia A21 Jan 194122 Jan 2007New Haven
Winchester, Phyllis30 Dec 1927Apr 1986New Haven
Windell, Benjamin15 Dec 1875Sep 1968Fort Wayne
Windell, Betty13 Oct 1906Jul 1979Fort Wayne
Windell, James5 Oct 1903Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Windell, Opal Orpha28 Jan 191920 Jun 2005New Haven
Windell, Sonner6 Mar 1911Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Windell, William2 Jan 1916Jan 1986Grabill
Winder, Willie H2 Jun 195028 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Winders, William S29 Mar 192023 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Windfuhr, Eleanor15 Sep 1911Jul 1985Fort Wayne
Windfuhr, Hartwig12 Mar 1883Feb 1976Fort Wayne
Windhorst, Caroline26 May 1903Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Windhorst, Ethel19 Apr 1905Oct 1975New Haven
Windhorst, Herman17 May 1898Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Windmiller, Dale E7 Sep 19245 Oct 2000Fort Wayne
Windmiller, George J22 Feb 192526 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Windom, Bobby5 Sep 195623 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Windom, Darrell Orlando13 Jan 195120 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Windsor, Merritt30 Jan 1914Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Windsor, Rosella L31 Jan 1907Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Windsor, Thomas25 Aug 1901Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Windsor, Zelpha27 May 191910 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Wine, Kreaston15 Jan 1911Oct 1982Fort Wayne
Wine, Lucy2 Apr 191524 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Wine, Marjorie L23 Sep 191726 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Winebrenner, Arlene22 Mar 1902May 1975Fort Wayne
Winebrenner, Bruce E14 Mar 19187 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Winebrenner, Frances4 Aug 192214 May 1995Fort Wayne
Winebrenner, Frances L27 Oct 191826 Nov 1996Fort Wayne
Winebrenner, John6 Sep 1902Feb 1981Churubusco
Winebrenner, Kaye M30 Dec 193123 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Winebrenner, Lavon5 Jan 1916Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Winebrenner, Melvin23 May 1899Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Winebrenner, Orvis30 Oct 1890Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Winebrenner, Paul15 May 1920Mar 1983Churubusco
Winebrenner, Paul14 Mar 1911Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Winebrenner, Regina28 Feb 1895Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Winebrenner, Thelma I24 Jun 191913 Nov 2005Fort Wayne
Winebrenner, Vina16 Oct 1890Sep 1977Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Winefer, Isabel M29 Jan 190126 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Winefer, Oscar15 Jul 1900Aug 1972Fort Wayne
Winegart, Illie23 Mar 1885Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Wineland, Clyde11 Sep 1891Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Wineland, Madonna31 Jul 1902Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Winesburg, Fred25 Sep 1922Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Winesburg, Nella12 Jan 1891Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Winesburg, Rex1 Feb 1919Jul 1973Fort Wayne
Winesburg, Theresa22 Nov 1885Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Winesburg, Treva E5 Jan 19204 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Winey, Fern16 Dec 1895Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Winfree, Lulu25 Oct 1925Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Winfree, Marion R1 Nov 192718 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Wingard, Della10 Jun 1888Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Wingart, Virginia2 Aug 1917Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Wingate, Margaret H28 Aug 190323 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Wingert, Jane8 Sep 1898Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Wingert, Willis8 Nov 1895Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Winget, Charlotte J13 Oct 192113 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Winget, Estella M7 Dec 1925Jul 1995Fort Wayne
Winget, Floyd24 Mar 1952Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Winget, Franklin5 Jun 1888May 1975Fort Wayne
Winget, Paul B9 Aug 192219 Aug 1991Fort Wayne
Winhoven, Bernart1 Nov 1897Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Winicker, Eugene F11 May 192111 Dec 2003New Haven
Winicker, Fred26 Oct 1916Dec 1978Fort Wayne
Winicker, Mary T20 Apr 18964 Jan 1988Fort Wayne
Winicker, Rema A29 Mar 19318 May 2003Fort Wayne
Winicker, Robert H31 Oct 19193 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Winicker, Ruth K2 Jan 1921May 1994Fort Wayne
Wininger, Larry E13 Nov 19369 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Winje, Severt W30 May 189628 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Winkeeper, Marjorie C30 Dec 190421 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Winkelblack, Charlotte M4 Nov 190228 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Winkelblech, Ernest9 Apr 1895Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Winkeljohn, Jeanine M22 Nov 196428 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Winkelman, Werner O3 Apr 191510 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Winkelmann, Connie R19 Apr 1918Dec 1994Yoder
Winkelmann, Margaret2 May 1883Nov 1972Fort Wayne
Winkelmann, Mary J14 Feb 19141 Apr 2004Fort Wayne
Winkelmann, Paul4 Mar 1917Jan 1982Fort Wayne
Winkhart, Bobbie J9 Apr 19377 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Winkle, Jack L17 Apr 193110 May 2001Fort Wayne
Winkle, Roy2 Sep 190519 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Winkleblack, Betty J25 Sep 192510 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Winkleblack, Carl R12 Feb 192528 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Winkleblack, Harley15 Sep 192323 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Winkler, Albert C24 Oct 192131 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Winkler, Anna22 Nov 1880Apr 1967Fort Wayne
Winkler, Arnold11 May 1916Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Winkler, Arthur E12 May 190411 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Winkler, Carolena17 Jul 1897May 1974Fort Wayne
Winkler, Clyde R26 Apr 19143 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Winkler, Frieda13 Nov 1894Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Winkler, Gertrude23 Feb 191723 Feb 1994Fort Wayne
Winkler, Harvey26 Apr 1901Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Winkler, Hazel V19 Apr 191929 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Winkler, John11 Jul 1903Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Winkler, Lawrence2 Nov 1890Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Winkler, Paul J10 Jul 19264 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Winkler, Taff29 Mar 19098 Jun 1991Fort Wayne
Winling, Lorraine30 May 192810 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Winn, Argyl L2 Jul 192910 Sep 2002Harlan
Winn, Earlean M18 Aug 191729 Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Winn, Evelyn26 Dec 19264 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Winn, Harry2 Oct 1900May 1970Fort Wayne
Winn, Presley1 Aug 1877Dec 1966Fort Wayne
Winn, Ronald D28 Jul 193316 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Winner, Betty L6 Mar 192326 Sep 1988Fort Wayne
Winner, Kenneth W15 Jul 19251 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Winner, Martha12 Jun 1883Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Winner, Stephen E5 Dec 19343 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Winners, Carl J31 Aug 193026 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Winners, James C4 Aug 193227 Sep 2004Fort Wayne
Winners, Larry D24 Jan 19373 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Winners, Marjorie Jean9 Feb 191728 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Winnick, David31 Mar 191430 Apr 1994Fort Wayne
Winnicki, Jeanette7 May 1909Oct 1964Fort Wayne
Winnicki, Mary8 Sep 1885Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Winning, Jessie4 Jan 1900Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Winningham, Clara E21 Apr 191114 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Winsberg, Harold24 Aug 1899Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Winsett, Derwood W2 Sep 19184 Apr 1998Fort Wayne
Winsett, Irvin26 May 1890Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Winslow, Charles5 Jul 1888Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Winstead, Leroy22 Aug 1895Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Winstead, Mary18 Jun 1903May 1974Fort Wayne
Winstel, Susan K24 Aug 195226 Apr 1992Fort Wayne
Winston, Channia15 Dec 1894Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Winston, Harold9 May 193220 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Winston, Helen L23 May 19325 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Winston, Nathaniel6 Jun 1935May 1978Fort Wayne
Winter, Catherine M9 Jul 191820 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Winter, Celia16 May 1892Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Winter, Constance14 Jan 1928Sep 1981Fort Wayne
Winter, Edith G3 Nov 1924Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Winter, Herbert H10 Jan 191618 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Winter, Iona27 Feb 1885Aug 1978Churubusco
Winter, James O7 Dec 192517 Feb 1999Fort Wayne
Winter, Pearl26 Apr 1896Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Winter, Thomas7 Dec 1932Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Winteregg, Marjorie A10 Dec 192828 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Winterrowd, Derelys M24 Mar 192425 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Winterrowd, Ida E6 Oct 192029 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Winterrowd, Kenneth10 Apr 1921Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Winters, Christina30 Oct 187215 Jun 1966Roanoke
Winters, Della9 Feb 1892Apr 1977Fort Wayne
Winters, Diane G10 Dec 19454 May 2008Fort Wayne
Winters, Dora1 Feb 1901Mar 1986Roanoke
Winters, Esther17 Feb 1900Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Winters, Gladys4 Jul 1901Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Winters, Howard F8 Apr 191122 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Winters, Leslie15 Mar 1885Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Winters, Marlene29 Sep 1943Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Winters, Martha L9 Oct 190613 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Winters, Ralph27 Mar 1898Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Winters, Wayne L22 Apr 191814 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Winzeler, James W15 Nov 1924Jul 1988New Haven
Winzeler, Marie N23 Apr 1916Mar 1996New Haven
Winzeler, Pearl L23 Dec 191422 Nov 2002New Haven
Winzeler, Raymond H15 Oct 191429 Apr 2002New Haven
Winzeler, Richard A28 Oct 19169 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Wire, Lloyd28 Feb 1918Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Wire, Mildred18 Feb 1909Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Wire, Verlen M1 Aug 191219 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Wireman, Eugene5 Oct 19392 Aug 2005Huntertown
Wirges, Carol11 May 194220 May 1999Fort Wayne
Wirges, David L23 Jan 194815 Feb 2008Fort Wayne
Wirges, Dolores G15 Oct 191813 Oct 2008Fort Wayne
Wirges, Dora7 Jul 1925Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Wirges, Frank E3 Dec 191424 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Wirges, George C18 Nov 192313 Sep 1995Fort Wayne
Wirges, Louise R4 Oct 18877 Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Wirick, Gloria4 Jun 1933Jun 1981Fort Wayne
Wirick, Harold R6 Nov 19242 Dec 2003Fort Wayne
Wirick, Robert24 Mar 1917Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Wirt, Charles G6 Jul 192015 Jun 2002Fort Wayne
Wirt, Elaine H12 Nov 194922 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Wirt, Elizabeth24 Feb 1920Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Wirt, James L12 Aug 19529 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Wirt, Nancy E23 Dec 19532 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Wirt, Paul A19 Jun 19567 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Wirth, Marion8 Dec 1932Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Wirth, Sandra3 Aug 1939Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Wirtner, Bernice R Sr21 Jun 191528 May 2004Fort Wayne
Wirtner, Vincent P Sr2 Sep 1912May 1988Fort Wayne
Wirts, Helen B22 Jul 190622 Jan 1995Roanoke
Wirtz, George B3 Aug 194510 Jan 2008Churubusco
Wise, A A27 Nov 190915 Aug 2007Hoagland
Wise, Adeline15 Nov 1896Jan 1979New Haven
Wise, Bertha12 Jan 1906Feb 1984Fort Wayne
Wise, Betty9 Sep 1938Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Wise, Brack13 Feb 1902Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Wise, C L28 Apr 192118 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Wise, Carl7 Nov 1887Apr 1976Fort Wayne
Wise, Charles5 Jan 1888Jun 1967Fort Wayne
Wise, Delores J29 Sep 192921 May 2003Fort Wayne
Wise, Elizabeth17 Jun 1912Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Wise, Elizabeth I22 Nov 191228 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Wise, Emma26 Oct 1904Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Wise, Fern M26 Jun 190725 Apr 1999Fort Wayne
Wise, Floyd24 Nov 1900Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Wise, Gladys I2 Apr 19281 Nov 2008New Haven
Wise, Gretchen22 Feb 1898Jun 1966Fort Wayne
Wise, Guy20 Sep 1884Jun 1969Fort Wayne
Wise, Helen25 Apr 1902Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Wise, Helen I4 Nov 190115 Mar 1975Fort Wayne
Wise, Herbert12 Jul 1898Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Wise, Howard15 Feb 1907Apr 1980New Haven
Wise, John A4 Dec 194324 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Wise, John P18 Dec 192419 Mar 2003Fort Wayne
Wise, Lew E5 Nov 193127 Mar 2006Churubusco
Wise, Loide B22 Oct 190421 May 1990Fort Wayne
Wise, Marjorie T21 May 19208 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Wise, Mary E28 Sep 192828 Nov 2004Fort Wayne
Wise, Myrtle5 Jul 1897Apr 1979Fort Wayne
Wise, Otto R7 Nov 192619 Apr 1993Fort Wayne
Wise, Ralph C24 Aug 191123 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Wise, Ray F26 Mar 19417 Dec 1992Fort Wayne
Wise, Robert E25 Apr 191725 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Wise, Ronald A9 May 19381 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Wise, Rose19 Feb 1923Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Wise, Sherman F21 Jan 191127 Nov 1992New Haven
Wise, Shirley Ann4 Jan 193322 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Wise, Vitalis E27 Apr 19093 Apr 2002Fort Wayne
Wise, William31 Dec 1906Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Wise, William A24 Nov 196613 Aug 2006New Haven
Wise, William H10 Aug 19199 Dec 2001New Haven
Wise, William L3 May 193225 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Wisehart, Eugene15 May 1893Jan 1971Fort Wayne
Wisehart, Neva12 Aug 1891Dec 1969Fort Wayne
Wisel, Charles5 Jul 1894Apr 1971Churubusco
Wisel, Gertrude26 Jul 1889Mar 1977Roanoke
Wisel, Lucille A30 Jul 19215 May 2001Roanoke
Wisel, Mary30 Nov 1928Feb 1979Roanoke
Wiseman, Boyd H20 May 19196 May 1996Huntertown
Wiseman, George1 Nov 1908Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Wiseman, Marie24 Mar 1902Jan 1976Huntertown
Wisler, Mary L6 Sep 194111 Aug 2007Spencerville
Wisman, Andrew5 Sep 1898Aug 1974Fort Wayne
Wisman, Bernice L22 Mar 189915 Oct 1998Fort Wayne
Wisman, Florence3 May 1889Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Wisman, Stella27 Mar 1888Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Wisner, Clarence R6 Dec 190718 May 2001Fort Wayne
Wisner, Fern9 Oct 1929Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Wisner, Irma28 Mar 1898Feb 1978Fort Wayne
Wisner, Loretta21 Aug 1897Oct 1972Fort Wayne
Wisner, Vern C9 Oct 192920 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Wisneski, Blanche4 Jul 1900Sep 1984New Haven
Wisniewski, Anthony12 Dec 1906Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Wisniewski, Catherine5 Oct 1878Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Wisniewski, Doris12 Jan 192925 Mar 2006Fort Wayne, Spencerville
Wisniewski, Eugene P8 Jan 193926 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Wisniewski, Frank19 Feb 1905Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Wisniewski, Genevieve5 Jan 1909Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Wisniewski, Henry13 Jan 192015 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Wisniewski, Henry J30 May 19141 May 1996Fort Wayne
Wisniewski, Hilda10 Mar 1904Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Wisniewski, Irene J4 May 19251 Jan 2005Fort Wayne
Wisniewski, Richard5 Mar 1925Sep 1986Spencerville
Wisniewski, Robert E21 Sep 19234 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Wisniewski, Stephen19 Aug 191310 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Wisniewski, Walter M15 Jul 191714 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Wissel, Donna F26 Sep 192831 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Wissel, Marcella31 Mar 1907Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Wissler, Donald E8 Jan 193727 Apr 2002New Haven
Wissler, Sandra J13 Jan 193727 Feb 2005New Haven
Wissler, Stephen Robert29 Jun 19492 Aug 2008New Haven
Wissman, Herbert27 Apr 1907Sep 1973New Haven
Wissman, Marguerit M11 May 190914 Nov 1994New Haven
Wissman, Ruth L25 Mar 191420 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Wissman, William O22 Apr 191428 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Witcher, Larry R4 Aug 194512 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Witcher, Steven A7 Jul 195622 Aug 1999Fort Wayne
Witham, Barbara I25 Aug 194112 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Witham, Clifford8 Mar 1897May 1983Fort Wayne
Witham, David R12 Nov 193330 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Witham, Florence16 Jan 1886Feb 1967Huntertown
Witham, Maurine E16 Jan 191628 May 2005Huntertown
Witham, Pearl29 Nov 1898Sep 1984Fort Wayne
Witherow, Elta6 Aug 1889Jun 1968Roanoke
Witherow, Verlin W21 Jan 191423 May 2002Roanoke
Withers, Nora30 Aug 1873Feb 1969Fort Wayne
Witherspoon, Florence E29 Jun 191619 May 2003Fort Wayne
Withey, Virginia31 Mar 1890Feb 1980Fort Wayne
Withrow, Betty L29 Feb 192430 Oct 1998Woodburn
Withrow, John13 Jul 1952Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Witkamp, Charles V30 Jan 192115 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Witmer, Agnes8 Dec 19206 Aug 1997Leo
Witmer, David22 Mar 1885Feb 1966Leo
Witmer, Delores E20 May 191719 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Witmer, Edith18 Jul 1901Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Witmer, Edna M21 Apr 19241 Jul 2005Leo
Witmer, Ezra15 Dec 1891Jul 1966Grabill
Witmer, Harley22 Jul 1904May 1983Fort Wayne
Witmer, Henry F4 Jun 192214 Jun 2006Leo
Witmer, Jessie C25 Oct 19235 Jul 1997Leo
Witmer, Joseph F16 May 193015 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Witmer, Lela P19 Mar 1912May 1996Leo
Witmer, Levi1 May 1891Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Witmer, Margaret13 Oct 1883Nov 1973Spencerville
Witmer, Melvin E4 Sep 191426 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Witmer, Merle E1 May 190718 Dec 1994Spencerville
Witmer, Noah22 Mar 1898Dec 1971Grabill
Witmer, Olive Emily8 May 191627 Jul 2008Spencerville
Witmer, Parnell30 Jun 1913Nov 1987Leo
Witmer, Ralph W5 Aug 191929 Dec 2008Leo
Witmer, Raymond D22 Mar 192117 Mar 2008Leo
Witmer, Rosa7 Jan 193519 Feb 2009Grabill
Witmer, Wildred A24 Sep 19111 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Witmer, Winston J31 May 19234 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Witsaman, Ruth Marie8 Sep 19279 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Witsche, Frona I8 Aug 190124 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Witt, Albert4 Nov 1900Oct 1968Grabill
Witt, Bessie8 Jan 1911Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Witt, Carl A18 Mar 191011 Jun 2006New Haven
Witt, Emma M8 Aug 19111 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Witt, Jerome26 Aug 1912Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Witt, Lila11 Sep 190720 May 1999Fort Wayne
Witt, Otto21 Nov 1884Nov 1973Fort Wayne
Witt, Thomas E4 Sep 18971 Nov 1989Fort Wayne
Wittber, Henry12 Dec 1903Oct 1970Fort Wayne
Witte, Albert4 Apr 1893Jul 1977Monroeville
Witte, Alma12 Oct 1898Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Witte, Alvina H24 Mar 191416 Oct 1997Hoagland
Witte, Beatrice26 Oct 1905Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Witte, Bertha7 Aug 1909Apr 1972Hoagland
Witte, Carole J16 Jan 193218 Dec 2007Grabill
Witte, Charles6 Oct 1897Nov 1966Fort Wayne
Witte, Chester O8 Sep 193216 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Witte, Donald20 Mar 1922Nov 1979Monroeville
Witte, Dorothy M22 Jun 192716 Oct 2007Fort Wayne
Witte, Edgar11 Jul 1903Oct 1987Hoagland
Witte, Edward28 Apr 1893Dec 1979Fort Wayne
Witte, Ernest12 Sep 1897Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Witte, Erwin M27 Aug 192419 Nov 2001Fort Wayne
Witte, Esther19 Aug 19119 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Witte, Ethel10 Jun 1894May 1977Harlan
Witte, Florence T16 Jun 1921Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Witte, Frederick22 Feb 1894Apr 1980Fort Wayne
Witte, Frieda15 Dec 1899Apr 1987Fort Wayne
Witte, Gertrude H6 Mar 191920 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Witte, Harold A21 Nov 191722 Jul 2005Fort Wayne
Witte, Hazel6 May 1894Oct 1977Monroeville
Witte, Helen E31 Aug 191626 Aug 2004Monroeville
Witte, Henry14 Aug 1891Apr 1969Fort Wayne
Witte, Herbert E20 Aug 191312 Apr 1998Hoagland
Witte, Herman25 Sep 190713 May 2002New Haven
Witte, Irene E22 Jul 192624 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Witte, John22 Sep 1890Jun 1973Fort Wayne
Witte, John D18 Jul 19401 Sep 1999Monroeville
Witte, Judith M10 May 191710 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Witte, Kenneth E12 Aug 19234 Feb 2008Harlan
Witte, Lee G18 Dec 191527 Sep 2004Monroeville
Witte, Lorine16 Jun 1915Nov 1979Hoagland
Witte, Louis29 Jun 1894Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Witte, Lulu24 Oct 1896Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Witte, Martha23 Nov 1914Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Witte, Martin9 Apr 1898May 1973Fort Wayne
Witte, Mary28 Feb 1901Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Witte, Norene D6 Nov 193120 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Witte, Otis William20 Jul 19269 May 2008Fort Wayne
Witte, Robert H3 Nov 19207 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Witte, Rose9 Apr 1899Sep 1976Fort Wayne
Witte, Susannah25 Dec 1892Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Witte, Zella15 Jul 1897May 1982Fort Wayne
Wittekind, Patricia A6 Dec 192916 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Wittekind, Tonya24 Jun 1957Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Wittenberg, Corrine B26 Apr 19277 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Wittenberg, Nathaniel S5 Jan 19246 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Witthaus, Paul5 May 1928Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Wittig, Andrew1 Feb 1888Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Wittig, George5 Jun 1886Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Wittke, Susan M19 Jul 190713 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Wittkopf, Ernest J30 Apr 192319 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Wittkopf, Johanna14 Jul 1897Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Wittkopf, Leo21 Jul 1897Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Wittmer, Fannie14 Feb 1896Jul 1985New Haven
Wittmer, William1 Sep 1895Dec 1973Fort Wayne
Wittmer, Zella28 Sep 1893Oct 1975Fort Wayne
Wittrein, Dorothy N15 Aug 19249 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Wittrein, Max18 Aug 1918Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Wittwer, Beverly G14 Apr 192818 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Wittwer, Derall B7 Sep 19202 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Wittwer, Donald O3 Oct 192614 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Wittwer, Edna19 Aug 1890Jan 1989Fort Wayne
Wittwer, Edrye12 Dec 1897Jan 1972Fort Wayne
Wittwer, Otto13 Sep 1894Mar 1968Fort Wayne
Wittwer, Weldon12 Mar 1919Mar 1967Fort Wayne
Witucki, Arthur H11 Aug 193222 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Witwer, Janice M12 Nov 192422 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Witwer, Richard J30 Jul 192623 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Witzenman, Frederick11 Jan 192426 Oct 1994Fort Wayne
Witzigreuter, Calvin C15 Mar 192526 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Witzigreuter, Helen M28 Mar 191526 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Witzigreuter, Laura J19 May 19211 Jul 2002New Haven
Witzigreuter, Max C19 Jun 191422 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Witzigreuter, Woodrow W22 May 191610 May 1996New Haven
Wixon, Kora A27 Nov 196512 Aug 2001Fort Wayne

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