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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Wobler, Carole Madelyn14 Aug 194717 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Wobler, Thomas M10 Mar 193729 May 2002Fort Wayne
Wobser, Charlotte23 Nov 1883Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Woebbecking, Ida2 Feb 1887Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Woebbeking, Anita M4 Dec 19157 Apr 2007Woodburn
Woebbeking, Edna5 Dec 1919Apr 1985Fort Wayne
Woebbeking, Emma29 Nov 1902Dec 1976Woodburn
Woebbeking, Gerhard26 Oct 1903Jun 1986Woodburn
Woebbeking, Herbert W19 May 19147 Aug 2002Woodburn
Woebbeking, Lydia J11 Jul 190623 Feb 1993Woodburn
Woebbeking, Minnie14 Mar 1884Sep 1974Woodburn
Woebbeking, Oswald13 Jun 1887May 1968Fort Wayne
Woebbeking, Paula8 Feb 1904Nov 1974Woodburn
Woebbeking, Robert5 Feb 1935Mar 1981Fort Wayne
Woebbeking, Robert1 Jul 1905Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Woebbeking, W22 Oct 1894Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Woebbeking, Walter4 Mar 1897Nov 1975Woodburn
Woeber, Reinhilda23 Jan 1909Sep 1993Fort Wayne
Woehnker, Agnes M12 May 190528 Aug 1994Fort Wayne
Woehnker, Clara12 Jul 1890Jul 1978Fort Wayne
Woehnker, Clara5 Mar 1892Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Woehnker, Clelia31 Oct 1894Oct 1980Fort Wayne
Woehnker, Clem13 May 1896Aug 1986Fort Wayne
Woehnker, Earl13 Nov 1924May 1978Fort Wayne
Woehnker, Edward30 Jan 1899Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Woehnker, Joseph2 May 1888Oct 1978Fort Wayne
Woehnker, Joseph J22 Oct 191714 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Woehnker, Loretta22 Apr 1887Aug 1969Fort Wayne
Woehnker, Marion C25 Nov 190316 Dec 1991Fort Wayne
Woehnker, Thomas30 Jun 192221 May 2008Fort Wayne
Woehnker, Virginia4 Nov 1907Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Woehr, Vada21 Feb 1899Dec 1975Fort Wayne
Woenker, Barbara L16 Jul 19277 Oct 2009Fort Wayne
Woenker, Donna J13 Jul 19321 Mar 2004New Haven
Woenker, Evelyn J26 Sep 192117 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Woenker, Frank C6 Nov 192230 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Woenker, Irene M6 Aug 190712 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Woenker, James B7 Sep 193026 Dec 2006New Haven
Woenkhaus, Wilhelmine17 Feb 190119 Mar 1999New Haven
Woerner, Frederick O1 Apr 190318 Mar 1994Fort Wayne
Woerner, Mildred A23 Sep 191013 May 2000Fort Wayne
Wogoman, Franklin25 Sep 1908Nov 1986Fort Wayne
Wogoman, Helen12 May 1918Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Wohlert, Frieda22 Sep 190126 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Wohlford, Grace L1 Jan 1911Dec 1992Roanoke
Wohlford, Max V29 Jul 19358 Jan 2001Yoder
Wohlfrom, Elsie26 May 1891Oct 1966Fort Wayne
Wojchiechows, Betty J16 Mar 19265 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Wojchiechows, Edward13 Sep 1918Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Wojciechowsk, Randal7 Dec 1946Aug 1987Fort Wayne
Wojcik, Joseph29 Apr 1896Aug 1970Fort Wayne
Wojnarski, Jan1 Mar 1904Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Wolansky, Ernest Benjamin15 May 192817 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Wolcott, Arminda13 Jun 1908May 1987Fort Wayne
Wolcott, Dorothy18 Dec 1896Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Wolcott, Forrest23 Feb 1904Nov 1985Fort Wayne
Wolcott, Glen14 May 1906Feb 1981Fort Wayne
Wolcott, Nannette12 Jul 194912 May 2004Fort Wayne
Wolcott, Sylvia25 Feb 1916Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Wolever, Larrey A24 Jun 192426 May 2001Fort Wayne
Wolf, Agnes V14 Jan 191423 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Wolf, Arnold3 Dec 1903May 1983Fort Wayne
Wolf, Bertha24 Nov 1902Sep 1974Roanoke
Wolf, Bertha19 Dec 1883Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Wolf, Bertha A16 Feb 19165 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Wolf, Betty3 Jun 1900Mar 1978Fort Wayne
Wolf, Brian27 Jun 19676 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Wolf, Carolyn E4 Jun 193715 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Wolf, Carolyn M13 Jun 193531 Dec 2007Fort Wayne
Wolf, Cecile S11 Nov 189813 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Wolf, Charlotte E29 Aug 190718 Jul 1993Fort Wayne
Wolf, Clifton21 May 1896Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Wolf, Creighton8 Jan 1881Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Wolf, Della12 Oct 1882Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Wolf, Donald8 Sep 1921Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Wolf, Dorothy E8 Aug 192218 Jul 1997Fort Wayne, Woodburn
Wolf, Earl18 Aug 1889Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Wolf, Elenora13 Jun 1879May 1972Fort Wayne
Wolf, Emil L24 Jul 19105 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Wolf, Erwin16 Sep 1877Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Wolf, Esther29 Jul 191120 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Wolf, Florence A5 Feb 190412 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Wolf, Florence M11 Nov 188715 Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Wolf, Frederick11 Sep 1915Dec 1982Roanoke
Wolf, Frieda20 Jun 1889Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Wolf, Georgia L15 Oct 191015 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Wolf, Gerhardt F29 Dec 191414 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Wolf, Helen D10 Apr 191214 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Wolf, Helen M22 Jun 190529 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Wolf, Henrietta8 Dec 1870Sep 1967Fort Wayne
Wolf, Herbert21 Dec 1890May 1966Fort Wayne
Wolf, Herbert5 Feb 1899Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Wolf, James18 May 1943Sep 1970Fort Wayne
Wolf, James R24 Jan 191625 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Wolf, June26 Jun 1916Dec 1972Fort Wayne
Wolf, Leona22 Aug 1900Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Wolf, Lillian11 Oct 191325 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Wolf, Lillian P28 May 1901Jan 1995Fort Wayne
Wolf, Louella8 Sep 1873Jan 1967Fort Wayne
Wolf, Louise15 Oct 1878Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Wolf, Lucille19 Dec 1894Apr 1973Fort Wayne
Wolf, Luella2 Dec 1890Jun 1972Fort Wayne
Wolf, Luise28 Mar 190525 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Wolf, Marie18 Feb 1902Aug 1977Churubusco
Wolf, Mary L12 Dec 192126 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Wolf, Maxine M27 Jan 19402 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Wolf, Myrtle14 Apr 1894Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Wolf, Norman27 Feb 1911Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Wolf, Norman D16 Apr 193613 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Wolf, Oscar11 Feb 1899Dec 1972Churubusco
Wolf, Otto4 Oct 1887Aug 1966Roanoke
Wolf, Patricia R3 Nov 193627 Mar 2001Fort Wayne
Wolf, Paul4 Jan 1901Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Wolf, Paul7 Oct 1887Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Wolf, Ralph16 Jan 1899Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Wolf, Raye31 Dec 19141 Feb 2002Fort Wayne
Wolf, Reinhold27 Nov 1881Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Wolf, Robert7 Dec 1885Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Wolf, Robert G6 Aug 193930 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Wolf, Ruth22 Sep 1888May 1973Fort Wayne
Wolf, Todd E31 Jul 196228 Oct 2006New Haven
Wolf, Walter16 Jun 1889Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Wolf, Walter22 Sep 1923Aug 1980Woodburn
Wolf, Walter23 Oct 1908Oct 1981Fort Wayne
Wolf, Walter F12 Oct 19168 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Wolf, Walter O25 Apr 192118 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Wolfcale, Forrest8 Aug 1903Oct 1983Fort Wayne
Wolfcale, Glenn27 Mar 1892Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Wolfcale, Marie T14 Jun 190427 Mar 1988Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Albert25 Mar 1899Aug 1973Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Alfred17 Jun 1912Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Anthony J30 Sep 19668 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Arthur N E26 Sep 191531 Mar 1992Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Beatrice31 Oct 1909Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Bertha15 Sep 1887Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Bertha1 Oct 1905Sep 1976Churubusco
Wolfe, Bertha14 May 19113 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Betty M2 Jan 192930 Nov 1999Spencerville
Wolfe, Carl J12 Feb 19468 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Corrine M25 Oct 19288 May 2001Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Delsie M2 Oct 193216 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Donald27 Jan 192610 Dec 1999Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Dorothy M25 Sep 192514 Aug 2007New Haven
Wolfe, Earl19 Feb 1917Mar 1985New Haven
Wolfe, Flossie I13 Aug 19021 Apr 2004Grabill
Wolfe, Frances13 Jul 1892Mar 1983Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Fred15 Dec 1898Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Wolfe, George27 Nov 1885May 1977Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Gladys E18 Feb 192310 Dec 2009Huntertown
Wolfe, Grace30 Nov 1903Jul 1965Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Irene21 Dec 1912Jul 1987Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Jerome M3 Jan 195213 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Wolfe, John2 Nov 1901Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Wolfe, John A18 Jun 19506 Aug 2008Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Katheryn A24 Feb 195013 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Kenneth21 Sep 1907Mar 1984Yoder
Wolfe, Kenneth L16 Feb 193614 May 2002Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Levy19 Jan 18968 Aug 1988Spencerville
Wolfe, Lillian F15 Feb 192322 Sep 1992Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Lois P21 Apr 19058 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Lucile17 Oct 1915May 1987Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Luther1 Dec 1891Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Margaret G21 Oct 190917 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Marian Alice6 Sep 191711 Feb 2009Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Marianne25 Sep 19301 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Mary E2 Aug 192225 Aug 2006Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Maurice E1 May 192127 Jul 1992Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Maxine21 Oct 19226 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Raymond24 Apr 1931Mar 1984Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Roy20 Jul 1909Jan 1976Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Runy2 Jul 1929Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Ruth E24 Dec 191526 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Sherman16 Oct 1903Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Ursula1 Jan 1894Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Velma M22 Dec 19134 Sep 2004Yoder
Wolfe, Veronica3 Apr 1902Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Walter4 May 1915Apr 1982Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Walter W11 Feb 192521 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Wolfe, William4 Feb 1893Jan 1981Fort Wayne
Wolfe, Winifred9 Mar 1907Nov 1982Fort Wayne
Wolff, Amanda23 Dec 1892Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Wolff, Anita M20 Feb 190613 Aug 1996Fort Wayne
Wolff, Antoinette5 Feb 1918Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Wolff, Charles27 Jan 1889Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Wolff, Dorothy J14 Sep 193719 Sep 2008Fort Wayne
Wolff, Earl M3 Feb 190418 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Wolff, Fern4 Nov 1895Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Wolff, Gail19 Mar 1911Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Wolff, Leota H17 Dec 190810 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Wolff, Mary C16 Feb 193217 Sep 2003Monroeville
Wolff, Mary P9 Feb 1910Aug 1993Fort Wayne
Wolff, Patricia L21 Jan 194217 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Wolff, Rachel R8 Mar 19089 May 2006Fort Wayne
Wolffer, Sylvester H13 Aug 191327 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Wolford, Allen C13 Feb 193016 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Wolford, Aurelia4 Dec 1921Apr 1982New Haven
Wolford, Elizabeth R22 Jan 188015 Jun 1974Fort Wayne
Wolford, Forest18 Jan 1893Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Wolford, Forest E11 Dec 194816 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Wolford, Herald6 Jul 1900Jan 1974Fort Wayne
Wolford, Mildred E9 Mar 190511 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Wolford, Nellie25 Apr 1900May 1967Fort Wayne
Wolfscale, Maude16 Jul 1893Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Wolke, Edwin9 May 1900Jan 1969Fort Wayne
Wolke, Erma26 Dec 1896Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Wolke, Helen4 May 1894Jul 1984Fort Wayne
Wolke, Vernotia5 Jul 1896Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Wollert, Bertha13 Mar 1894Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Wollert, Frederick1 Mar 1886Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Wollert, Verda J17 Mar 19066 Jan 1999Yoder
Wollman, Josie M21 Oct 18981 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Wolsiffer, Alvin14 May 1899Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Wolsiffer, Blanche M2 Oct 190615 Jan 1992Fort Wayne
Wolsten, Myron2 Jun 192127 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Wolter, Beulah3 Feb 1904Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Wolter, Earl4 Aug 1915Apr 1981Fort Wayne
Wolters, George R25 May 191925 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Wolven, Gerald F1 Aug 193422 Mar 2000Fort Wayne
Womack, Chester29 Mar 1924Nov 1977Churubusco
Womack, Inez10 Sep 1898Feb 1978Churubusco
Womack, John8 Mar 1890Apr 1976Churubusco
Wondergem, Josephine V7 Feb 19064 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Wonderham, Simon8 May 193414 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Wonderly, Catherine E8 Jan 191720 Apr 2005Fort Wayne
Wonderly, Etelka M7 Jul 191421 Nov 2002Fort Wayne
Wonderly, Farrell30 Aug 1916Oct 1987Huntertown
Wonderly, George H18 Feb 192524 Mar 2002Fort Wayne
Wonderly, Hazel M25 Jul 19214 Aug 1997Huntertown
Wonderly, Richard12 Dec 1928Oct 1969New Haven
Wood, Alexander10 Jan 1909Apr 1979New Haven
Wood, Alfred25 Dec 1895Oct 1968Fort Wayne
Wood, Anna5 Jan 1892Sep 1973Fort Wayne
Wood, Aubrey1 Jul 1908Aug 1982Fort Wayne
Wood, Barbara A16 May 194526 Feb 2010Fort Wayne
Wood, Beulah15 Oct 1888Jun 1982Fort Wayne
Wood, Carl E18 Jun 192427 Nov 1994Fort Wayne
Wood, Caro E8 Aug 192219 Jun 1998Woodburn
Wood, Charles25 Aug 1881Jun 1968Fort Wayne
Wood, Charles E21 Dec 19092 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Wood, Clara J21 Mar 19099 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Wood, Cleaphos B10 May 192411 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Wood, Dale D16 May 19282 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Wood, Daniel20 Feb 1907Jun 1975Fort Wayne
Wood, Danny P7 Oct 195515 Dec 1993Churubusco
Wood, David K21 Sep 193712 Sep 1996Fort Wayne
Wood, Delores M13 Sep 193431 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Wood, Don C4 Dec 19239 Nov 2006Fort Wayne
Wood, Donald C26 May 193116 Jan 2006Harlan
Wood, Earl12 Feb 1897Jul 1974Fort Wayne
Wood, Eileen L17 Nov 192310 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Wood, Eldon E8 May 192417 Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Wood, Eric21 May 1970Feb 1983Fort Wayne
Wood, Ermal E27 Nov 19094 Jul 1996Fort Wayne
Wood, Eugene A26 Dec 192611 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Wood, Florence E14 Sep 19097 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Wood, Frank9 Jan 1911Sep 1965Fort Wayne
Wood, Gary24 May 1955Apr 1984Fort Wayne
Wood, Gordon J4 Jun 19429 Jun 2004Fort Wayne
Wood, Grace B22 Jun 19267 Jul 2001Fort Wayne
Wood, Harry11 Mar 1885Oct 1967Fort Wayne
Wood, Irene5 Apr 1914Dec 1985Fort Wayne
Wood, Jane1 May 1900Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Wood, Jesse H13 Apr 19073 Jun 1988Fort Wayne
Wood, John25 Dec 1908Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Wood, Joseph14 Jun 1904Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Wood, Joseph E6 Mar 192819 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Wood, Judith A22 Jun 195315 Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Wood, Larry L15 Jul 19372 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Wood, Lucille21 Dec 1921Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Wood, Mary22 Jun 1911Jul 1981Fort Wayne
Wood, Mary J14 Oct 192811 May 1993Fort Wayne
Wood, Naomi J26 Feb 192316 Nov 2006New Haven
Wood, Nellie18 Jun 1898Jul 1975Fort Wayne
Wood, Patricia A26 Mar 193214 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Wood, Pauline G29 Sep 191320 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Wood, Regina4 Mar 19243 Jul 2000Fort Wayne
Wood, Ronald J27 Dec 193229 Feb 2004New Haven
Wood, Roy H24 Feb 192520 Jun 1993Fort Wayne
Wood, Russell C2 Oct 190726 Dec 1997Fort Wayne
Wood, Vida2 Jul 1887Mar 1976Fort Wayne
Wood, Zelma1 Jul 1898Feb 1981Woodburn
Woodard, Carol J23 Dec 193611 Oct 2001Fort Wayne
Woodard, Carol L9 Feb 193812 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Woodard, Diane13 Apr 1954May 1979Fort Wayne
Woodard, Isiaac25 May 192127 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Woodard, James12 Jun 1913Aug 1981Fort Wayne
Woodard, Michael J18 Sep 19607 Jan 2006Fort Wayne
Woodard, Samuel D4 Jul 190629 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Woodard, Thomas12 Apr 1940Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Woodbury, Richard W4 Mar 193919 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Woodcox, Bernice15 May 191630 Dec 2000Fort Wayne
Woodcox, James L22 Mar 192518 Sep 1994Fort Wayne
Woodcox, Susie27 Aug 1894Jun 1983Fort Wayne
Wooderson, Paulina6 Jan 1901Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Wooderson, Russell11 Feb 1897Apr 1966Fort Wayne
Woodfill, Kent D7 May 194420 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Woodfin, Carrie25 Mar 1921May 1985Fort Wayne
Woodfin, Seneca J5 Dec 197815 Aug 1995Fort Wayne
Woodford, Marie12 Sep 1906Oct 1976Fort Wayne
Woodfork, Bert10 May 1901Jan 1968Fort Wayne
Woodhall, Harold S25 Jun 190618 Sep 1991Fort Wayne
Woodhouse, George29 Aug 1906Mar 1970Fort Wayne
Woodhouse, Lela17 Apr 1902Sep 1971Fort Wayne
Woodhull, Florence B1 Oct 188919 Oct 1992Fort Wayne
Woodhull, Maude28 Jan 1871Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Woodhull, Nancy19 Nov 1900Jun 1977Fort Wayne
Woodhull, Samuel9 Oct 1888Apr 1974Fort Wayne
Wooding, J12 Nov 1900Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Woodings, Sarah1 Jan 1897Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Woodka, Louis16 Aug 1905Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Woodley, Charles K24 Nov 193231 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Woodley, Maude9 Nov 1895Oct 1986Fort Wayne
Woodley, Walter J8 Jan 19244 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Woodmansee, Kathryn A26 Aug 193320 Jan 2007Fort Wayne
Woodring, Alice3 Dec 187515 May 1966Spencerville
Woodring, Anna M7 Mar 193221 May 2004New Haven
Woodring, Donald L28 Dec 19318 Sep 2008New Haven
Woodring, Edward12 Oct 1905Jun 1971Spencerville
Woodring, Harvey M30 Jul 19165 Oct 1991Fort Wayne
Woodring, Helen I9 Aug 19178 Jan 2005Roanoke, Fort Wayne
Woodring, Jean L22 Feb 193919 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Woodring, Lillian S29 Oct 190621 May 1999Fort Wayne
Woodring, Ralph25 Jun 1901Apr 1965Fort Wayne
Woodring, William18 Jul 1909Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Woodroof, Burton M2 Sep 192414 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Woodruff, Burness R26 Oct 19105 Jun 1994New Haven
Woodruff, Celia16 Sep 1892Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Woodruff, Estella16 May 1910Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Woodruff, Floyd R1 Jun 192219 Aug 2005Fort Wayne
Woodruff, Helen3 Apr 1914Jun 1985New Haven
Woodruff, Jack M14 Jun 192926 Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Woodruff, Martha6 Mar 1926Oct 1984Fort Wayne
Woodruff, Minnie4 Oct 1883Jan 1975Fort Wayne
Woodrum, Lawrence24 Dec 1903Mar 1986Fort Wayne
Woodrum, Mary19 Sep 1912Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Woodrum, Thomas30 Jul 1913Nov 1980Fort Wayne
Woods, Abe29 Oct 1935Mar 1980Fort Wayne
Woods, Alfred1 Nov 1888Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Woods, Alton F18 Apr 190422 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Woods, Anderson2 Jan 195113 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Woods, Annie Mae26 Jun 1913May 1991Fort Wayne
Woods, Arthur15 Sep 1910Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Woods, Audrey20 Jul 1923Feb 1998Fort Wayne
Woods, Beatrice3 Aug 19112 Jun 2003Fort Wayne
Woods, Betty A18 Nov 194025 Jan 1998New Haven
Woods, Betty J3 Feb 193124 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Woods, Carl Mario11 Sep 198111 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Woods, Charlie26 Oct 194127 May 2005Fort Wayne
Woods, Charlotte R30 Jan 192629 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Woods, Christophe J24 Jun 198515 May 2000Spencerville
Woods, Clarence19 Mar 1904Aug 1980Fort Wayne
Woods, Cyndee L14 May 19599 May 2002Fort Wayne
Woods, David A30 Nov 19666 May 1995Fort Wayne
Woods, Dewey W28 Jul 192724 Aug 1997Fort Wayne
Woods, Dorothy1 Aug 1936Nov 1975Fort Wayne
Woods, Edith17 Mar 1869Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Woods, Edith M29 Apr 19302 Sep 2005Spencerville
Woods, Eliza15 Jun 1908Nov 1983New Haven
Woods, Elmer E13 Jun 192516 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Woods, Florence19 Apr 1916Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Woods, Fred14 Jul 1906Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Woods, Garfield3 Apr 1917Nov 1987Fort Wayne
Woods, Gladys16 Feb 1910Nov 1983Fort Wayne
Woods, Goldie29 May 1908Aug 1985Fort Wayne
Woods, Hazel I7 Aug 191012 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Woods, J B12 Jul 1923Sep 1989Fort Wayne
Woods, James1 Sep 1893Dec 1974Fort Wayne
Woods, Janice5 Jul 1929Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Woods, Joeanna4 Jun 192130 Sep 2006Fort Wayne
Woods, John3 Jan 1895Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Woods, John R17 Feb 194824 Jan 2000Fort Wayne
Woods, Julia3 Mar 1903Jul 1971Fort Wayne
Woods, Kile C11 Aug 193520 Oct 2006New Haven
Woods, Laura16 Jan 1943Mar 1971New Haven
Woods, Leonard R10 Jun 19312 Aug 2009Fort Wayne
Woods, M29 Dec 1932Apr 1991Fort Wayne
Woods, Marcia M23 Jul 194130 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Woods, Marford17 Oct 1907Apr 1978Fort Wayne
Woods, Martha6 Apr 1901Dec 1984Fort Wayne
Woods, Mary15 Jan 1909Dec 1980Fort Wayne
Woods, Mary Ellen19 Aug 191423 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Woods, Nellie I15 Mar 1909Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Woods, Ola20 Jun 1925Dec 1983Fort Wayne
Woods, Ona22 Jan 1906Sep 1983Fort Wayne
Woods, Otto9 Mar 1892Feb 1972Fort Wayne
Woods, Paul E12 Nov 192916 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Woods, Pearly M11 Apr 192726 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Woods, Robert Alexander9 Dec 192618 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Woods, Robert L12 Apr 196012 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Woods, Roger H30 Mar 19182 Feb 1991Fort Wayne
Woods, Ronda K5 Oct 194311 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Woods, Rosetta18 Oct 193223 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Woods, Roy23 Nov 1906Sep 1985Fort Wayne
Woods, Sam23 Sep 1906May 1976Fort Wayne
Woods, Sanford23 Dec 1913Jun 1978Fort Wayne
Woods, Sharon6 Oct 196811 Apr 1995Fort Wayne
Woods, Tony U6 Jun 192525 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Woods, Virgil10 May 1918Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Woods, William2 Apr 1919May 1975Fort Wayne
Woods, Willie R15 Apr 19242 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Woods, Zyquicha M22 Jul 19948 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Woodside, Ruth4 Dec 1913Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Woodson, Annie R4 Jan 193222 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Woodson, Claudine7 Mar 193016 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Woodson, Harold L28 Feb 19219 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Woodson, Henry F23 Nov 191815 Feb 1997Fort Wayne
Woodson, James A30 Jan 192721 May 1992Fort Wayne
Woodson, Joan E4 Dec 19525 May 1996Fort Wayne
Woodson, Julia18 Feb 1893Dec 1971Fort Wayne
Woodson, Kenneth A16 Apr 195321 Dec 1994Fort Wayne
Woodson, Louis6 Feb 1936Jul 1976Fort Wayne
Woodson, Pauline14 Jul 1899Oct 1987Fort Wayne
Woodson, Ronald24 Jun 1950Nov 1978Fort Wayne
Woodson, Walter10 Mar 1896Jul 1972Fort Wayne
Woodward, Andrew31 Dec 1901Jul 1982Fort Wayne
Woodward, Aretha31 Jul 192218 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Woodward, Charles E18 Sep 192029 May 2001Fort Wayne
Woodward, Charles Edward5 Jun 194416 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Woodward, Edward C17 Sep 190626 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Woodward, Ella6 Aug 1881Mar 1972Fort Wayne
Woodward, Emily A26 Dec 192914 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Woodward, Emma C6 Jul 19066 Oct 1997Fort Wayne
Woodward, Grant F2 Apr 1914Nov 1995Fort Wayne
Woodward, Harry6 Dec 1903Dec 1981Fort Wayne
Woodward, Jerome D7 Jan 191823 May 1998Fort Wayne
Woodward, Joseph S21 Feb 19239 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Woodward, Kathryn8 Apr 1900Sep 1978Fort Wayne
Woodward, Mabelle A3 Dec 19163 Mar 2008New Haven
Woodward, Martha E23 Apr 19015 Mar 1995Fort Wayne
Woodward, Maurice B25 Feb 190317 Jun 1997Fort Wayne
Woodward, Thelma Louise28 Feb 192113 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Woodward, Vera C19 Apr 19188 Jun 1995Fort Wayne
Woodworth, M E29 Jun 191028 Nov 2000Fort Wayne
Woodworth, Mary12 Jul 1903Dec 1977Fort Wayne
Woody, Doris M11 Aug 192715 Nov 1999Fort Wayne
Woody, Fred T22 Dec 19243 Dec 1996Fort Wayne
Woody, Harold1 Sep 1910Jan 1973Fort Wayne
Woody, Martin10 Jan 1919May 1980Fort Wayne
Woody, Paul W10 Mar 191324 Sep 2000Fort Wayne
Woody, Sarah Bell24 Nov 1914Aug 1979Fort Wayne
Woodyard, Betty S12 Jun 194315 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Woolard, Esther28 Apr 1911Jul 1986Fort Wayne
Woolard, Harley21 Mar 1909Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Wooldredge, Henry L23 Dec 19277 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Wooldredge, Margaret B17 Dec 192629 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Wooldridge, Elmer D13 Oct 191911 Sep 2004Churubusco
Wooldridge, F I8 Apr 19068 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Woolems, Annabel12 Jun 1911Dec 1976Fort Wayne
Woolever, Henrietta14 Oct 1907Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Woolever, Merl16 Aug 1900Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Woolf, Carolyn24 Dec 1918Sep 1982Fort Wayne
Woolf, James Dudley7 Jul 19144 Mar 2008Fort Wayne
Woolf, Mary L20 Nov 19272 Feb 1990Fort Wayne
Woollen, Beverly Jean29 Jul 19473 Jan 2010Fort Wayne
Woolley, Mary23 Oct 1917Jan 1985Fort Wayne
Woolman, Betty L14 Jul 192727 Dec 1990Fort Wayne
Woolpert, Collie2 Feb 1893Apr 1979Roanoke
Woolum, Mack9 May 1910Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Woolum, Mellie R9 Dec 19188 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Woolums, Diana K27 Dec 19426 Feb 2005Fort Wayne
Woolums, Peggy S20 Dec 194112 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Woolums, Phyllis M7 Oct 192412 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Woolums, Robert22 May 1923Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Woomer, Joseph14 Sep 1882Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Wooten, Edith9 Jun 1901Jul 1981Woodburn
Wooten, James24 Feb 1900Nov 1966Woodburn
Wooten, James28 Sep 1886Jan 1979Fort Wayne
Wooten, Marcellus17 Oct 19181 Jun 2009Fort Wayne
Wooten, Myrtle11 Jun 1889May 1978Fort Wayne
Wooten, Phyllis B7 Jan 191715 Sep 2003Fort Wayne
Wooten, Robert L16 Jun 193224 Aug 2007Fort Wayne
Wooton, Don E23 Apr 192624 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Word, Dora4 Nov 1890Jul 1968Fort Wayne
Worden, Arthur1 Dec 1903Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Worden, Dorothy8 Jun 1893Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Worden, Edward C19 Feb 192711 Jul 2007Fort Wayne
Worden, Esther6 Jun 1904Dec 1987Fort Wayne
Worden, Kenneth14 Oct 1912Mar 1979Fort Wayne
Worden, Louis21 Jul 1899Nov 1964Fort Wayne
Worden, Nora2 Jun 1902Jul 1983Fort Wayne
Worden, Robert F4 Oct 192712 Jan 2003Roanoke
Worden, Roy13 Apr 1895Sep 1969Roanoke
Worden, Wm28 Jun 1911Apr 1975Fort Wayne
Work, Robert29 Jun 1902Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Working, Gladys28 May 1914Feb 1987Fort Wayne
Workinger, Loy H10 Sep 190724 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Workinger, Pearl21 Dec 1907Mar 1974Fort Wayne
Workinger, Perry18 Oct 1876Feb 1966New Haven
Workman, Betty A23 Mar 19298 May 2005Fort Wayne
Workman, Brian A17 Feb 197210 Dec 2005Fort Wayne
Workman, Florentine9 Jan 1888Nov 1968Fort Wayne
Workman, Junior H10 Jan 191920 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Workman, Leroy2 Jul 1926Jan 1980Fort Wayne
Workman, Lynn4 Feb 1896Jan 1978Fort Wayne
Workman, Mark L31 Jan 196123 Mar 2007Fort Wayne
Workman, Olive25 Jan 1906Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Workman, Wm C4 Jul 192320 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Worl, Chester30 Jan 1906Jan 1987Fort Wayne
Worl, Leanna19 Jul 19179 Apr 2008Fort Wayne
Worlds, Alice Margaret25 Mar 192229 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Worlds, Charles Bryan21 Jun 196217 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Worley, Alfred M26 Nov 19229 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Worley, Harold E2 Mar 191916 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Worley, John C9 Dec 19483 Jan 2008Fort Wayne
Worley, Letha M20 Dec 19224 Jun 2008Fort Wayne
Worley, Mabel C25 Feb 1913Oct 1993Fort Wayne
Worley, Mary A14 Feb 191510 Aug 2000Fort Wayne
Worley, Robert L4 May 19233 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Worline, Alvina F13 Jun 191315 Feb 2007New Haven
Worline, Lawrence11 Dec 191022 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Worman, Alba12 Jun 1887May 1973Fort Wayne
Worman, Arthur27 Jan 1903Nov 1976Fort Wayne
Worman, Carl18 Oct 192512 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Worman, Carol A22 Oct 195018 Feb 1993Fort Wayne
Worman, Clifford D31 Jan 191531 May 1995Fort Wayne
Worman, Mildred L18 Sep 194029 Sep 2005Fort Wayne
Worman, Minnie H28 Apr 190315 Mar 1999Fort Wayne
Worman, Nadine5 Nov 1894Jan 1981New Haven
Worman, Richard W26 Sep 19317 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Worman, Ruth E14 Jul 191320 Jul 2004Fort Wayne
Worman, Ruth L18 May 191521 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Worman, Sandra J5 Dec 195617 Mar 1997Fort Wayne
Worman, William G24 Mar 192516 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Wormbly, Gilbert15 Mar 1932Sep 1979Fort Wayne
Wormcastle, David14 Jan 1959Apr 1978New Haven
Wormcastle, David H19 Jun 193218 May 1999New Haven
Wormcastle, Donna J5 Aug 193321 Jun 1996Fort Wayne
Wormcastle, George V11 Jun 19286 Aug 2001Fort Wayne
Wormcastle, Joseph A9 Oct 192913 Nov 1988Fort Wayne
Wormcastle, Mary F8 Aug 192723 Jun 2001Fort Wayne
Wormcastle, Paul12 Apr 1932Apr 1986Fort Wayne
Wormley, Irene25 May 1929Sep 1980Fort Wayne
Woronov, Mefodij3 Mar 1890Dec 1967Fort Wayne
Worrel, Clifton C22 May 192011 Jun 1999Fort Wayne
Worrel, Lewis16 Feb 1916Dec 1966Roanoke
Worrell, Edward Allen19 Dec 19392 Nov 2009Fort Wayne
Worrell, Elmer6 Jul 1919May 1968Fort Wayne
Worrell, Frank3 Jan 1884Aug 1968Fort Wayne
Worrell, Helen E18 Jun 192014 Feb 2004Fort Wayne
Worrell, Nellie B11 Nov 194223 May 2003New Haven
Worsham, Harriette15 Jan 19124 Jul 1997Fort Wayne
Worsham, Imarie23 Jun 191422 May 1991Fort Wayne
Worster, Cecil19 Dec 1897Mar 1987Fort Wayne
Worster, Doris L8 Aug 191229 Oct 2006Fort Wayne
Worster, Pearl B4 Apr 1901Jul 1990Fort Wayne
Worster, Ralph16 Dec 1903Jun 1970Fort Wayne
Worster, Russell25 Jul 1901Oct 1979Fort Wayne
Worth, Doris M14 Apr 19121 Oct 2002Churubusco
Worth, Jessie12 Aug 1897Oct 1978New Haven
Worth, Martha29 Jul 1881Oct 1971Fort Wayne
Worth, Roger F19 Jul 193631 Jul 1999Fort Wayne
Worth, Ruby M12 Nov 194226 Dec 2008Fort Wayne
Wortham, Clifton H4 Mar 192115 Jan 1997Fort Wayne
Wortham, Naomi7 Mar 1927Jun 1979Fort Wayne
Worthi, A25 Jul 1928Nov 1992Fort Wayne
Worthington, Dale S4 Aug 195728 Apr 2007Fort Wayne
Worthington, Earl2 Oct 1892Apr 1968Fort Wayne
Worthington, Earl W14 Nov 192422 Jan 1993Fort Wayne
Worthington, Harriet27 Aug 1904Nov 1984Fort Wayne
Worthington, Helen C12 Mar 190816 Mar 1993Fort Wayne
Worthington, Jerry D1 Sep 194728 Sep 2007Fort Wayne
Worthington, Malcolm4 Mar 1897Sep 1974Fort Wayne
Worthington, Margaret19 Dec 1898Feb 1967Fort Wayne
Worthington, Mary1 Aug 187915 Mar 1966Fort Wayne
Worthington, Vasco15 Jun 1899Aug 1975Fort Wayne
Worthman, Alice27 Jan 1899Feb 1979Fort Wayne
Worthman, Edna R7 Sep 192918 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Worthman, Howard G29 Nov 189811 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Worthman, Vera30 Mar 1899Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Wortman, Arthur D13 Nov 19461 May 1998Fort Wayne
Wortman, Wileta6 Jun 1906Aug 1984Fort Wayne
Worton, Cecelia30 Dec 1888Jan 1977Fort Wayne
Woznick, Mary13 Mar 191217 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Woznick, Richard E29 Jan 193617 Mar 2002Fort Wayne

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