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Social Security Death Index, 1960s-early 2010

These records are for Churubusco, Fort Wayne, Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Huntertown, Leo, Monroeville, New Haven, Roanoke, Spencerville, Woodburn, and Yoder.

Some of the deaths listed here may have occurred outside Allen County. Not all of the Allen County deaths or residents are included.

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Name                        BirthDeathLast Residence or
Final Payment Address
Wraight, Ethel2 Oct 1900Jun 1980Fort Wayne
Wralstad, George E8 Jun 191720 Jan 2001Fort Wayne
Wray, Inez13 Jan 1898Jan 1986Fort Wayne
Wray, Joe29 Aug 1884Mar 1965Fort Wayne
Wray, Larry W5 Dec 19473 Jun 2005Fort Wayne
Wray, Lyndle W13 Dec 192215 Feb 2000Fort Wayne
Wray, Robert L21 Sep 192519 May 1994Fort Wayne
Wren, Grace24 Feb 1894Dec 1982Fort Wayne
Wren, Lawrence10 Mar 1895Apr 1972Roanoke
Wright, Alice23 Jul 1901Sep 1969Fort Wayne
Wright, Annie L25 Apr 191515 Oct 1995Fort Wayne
Wright, Archie2 Apr 1914Oct 1982Churubusco
Wright, Avis24 Mar 1915Feb 1985Fort Wayne
Wright, Bessie B16 Apr 19068 Nov 1996New Haven
Wright, Beulah J19 Mar 19124 Apr 2000Fort Wayne
Wright, Burton Eugene14 Sep 192713 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Wright, Carol J2 Oct 195223 Aug 1998Fort Wayne
Wright, Carolyn Joan25 Aug 193023 Feb 2008Churubusco
Wright, Charles11 Apr 1911Dec 1970Fort Wayne
Wright, Clair L9 Jan 193126 Dec 2001Fort Wayne
Wright, Dewey30 Jan 1900Jul 1967Fort Wayne
Wright, Dolores G17 Dec 19254 Sep 1998Fort Wayne
Wright, Ellen A17 Mar 19275 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Wright, Elsie1 Feb 1916Nov 1985Woodburn
Wright, Erma28 Apr 1907Mar 1982Fort Wayne
Wright, Ernest J27 Sep 19355 Jul 1998Fort Wayne
Wright, Esther13 Nov 1902Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Wright, Evan15 Jun 1903Nov 1967Fort Wayne
Wright, Evelyn14 Oct 191226 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Wright, Ferrell D14 Mar 192020 Mar 2009Fort Wayne
Wright, Floyd A5 May 192324 Jun 1992Fort Wayne
Wright, Fred30 Jul 1891Feb 1973Fort Wayne
Wright, Fred23 Aug 1900Jun 1966Huntertown
Wright, George30 Sep 1904Feb 1974Fort Wayne
Wright, George E2 May 193824 Oct 2004Fort Wayne
Wright, George T15 Jul 191431 May 1991Fort Wayne
Wright, George W4 Aug 19244 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Wright, Gladys I22 Aug 19165 Nov 1993Fort Wayne
Wright, Gladys L15 Nov 191221 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Wright, Gleta C23 Jun 189613 Feb 1996Fort Wayne
Wright, Grace5 Aug 1898Jan 1984Fort Wayne
Wright, Harley20 Jul 1887Jul 1970Fort Wayne
Wright, Harold T2 Aug 19183 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Wright, Harriet L30 Aug 191111 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Wright, Helen2 Jan 1905Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Wright, Helen M15 Dec 19167 Feb 2001Fort Wayne
Wright, Helen M16 Dec 19506 Jan 1998Fort Wayne
Wright, Henrietta15 Mar 1907May 1984Fort Wayne
Wright, Herbert L5 Oct 193015 Jun 1998Fort Wayne
Wright, Howard29 Jun 1890Aug 1967Fort Wayne
Wright, J Harlan31 Jul 191821 Feb 2007Fort Wayne
Wright, Jackallen S19 Nov 194419 Nov 2002Grabill
Wright, James4 Sep 1891Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Wright, James2 Apr 1921Sep 1986Fort Wayne
Wright, James L26 Oct 191226 Nov 1997Fort Wayne
Wright, James R23 Sep 194314 Mar 1996Fort Wayne
Wright, Janet L27 Jun 194112 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Wright, Jesse20 Dec 1895Oct 1977Fort Wayne
Wright, Jesse27 Nov 1904Jun 1971Fort Wayne
Wright, John14 Sep 1909May 1987Fort Wayne
Wright, John H6 Feb 195319 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Wright, John P14 May 191413 Jul 2008Fort Wayne
Wright, John R24 Jan 193428 Jan 1994Fort Wayne
Wright, Johnie M3 Jul 190716 Mar 2004Fort Wayne
Wright, Joseph29 Dec 1923Mar 1977Fort Wayne
Wright, Joseph H11 Mar 19104 Jan 2004Fort Wayne
Wright, Josephine10 May 19176 Sep 1997Fort Wayne
Wright, Joyce M3 May 194215 Dec 2002Fort Wayne
Wright, Judith K24 Oct 194229 Jun 2007Fort Wayne
Wright, Kathy J8 Jan 196227 Sep 2009Fort Wayne
Wright, Kenneth A8 Sep 191812 Apr 2009Fort Wayne
Wright, Laura5 Sep 1903May 1987Fort Wayne
Wright, Lee6 Jun 1910Jun 1985Fort Wayne
Wright, Lennease15 Feb 1927Aug 1983Fort Wayne
Wright, Leon R21 Feb 191725 Apr 2006Fort Wayne
Wright, Loretta S12 Aug 190828 Dec 2004Fort Wayne
Wright, Lorraine Millicent30 May 192614 May 2009Fort Wayne
Wright, Mabel26 Mar 1895Sep 1977Fort Wayne
Wright, Madge21 Jan 1904Feb 1982Fort Wayne
Wright, Mary A21 Sep 190915 Nov 1991Fort Wayne
Wright, Mary Lou23 Sep 191624 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Wright, Mary S9 Oct 190829 Sep 1999Fort Wayne
Wright, Maryalice6 Oct 191526 Aug 1989Fort Wayne
Wright, Marylin M8 Jan 19356 Jan 2002Fort Wayne
Wright, Maude I15 Nov 191824 Dec 1998Fort Wayne, Churubusco
Wright, Melta6 Aug 1923Mar 1973Fort Wayne
Wright, Merceda9 Jan 1911Nov 1970Fort Wayne
Wright, Merle H17 Mar 191610 Oct 1996Fort Wayne
Wright, Mildred V12 Aug 191027 Jul 1990Grabill
Wright, Monica J20 Sep 19355 Mar 1998Fort Wayne
Wright, Nita Audrey1 Mar 192129 Jul 2009Fort Wayne
Wright, Ola M18 Jul 192111 Oct 2005Fort Wayne
Wright, Olah H15 Jun 190420 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Wright, Perry4 Feb 1906Apr 1971Fort Wayne
Wright, R Alice16 Mar 191630 Sep 2001Fort Wayne
Wright, Richard L1 May 195619 Sep 1994Monroeville
Wright, Richard L8 Mar 193415 Jan 2003Fort Wayne
Wright, Robert H4 Jul 191815 Apr 2001Fort Wayne
Wright, Ruth2 Jun 1902Dec 1986Fort Wayne
Wright, Sally19 Jun 1933Jun 1987Fort Wayne
Wright, Samuel W16 Apr 193320 Nov 2008Fort Wayne
Wright, Valette J8 May 192316 Mar 2005Fort Wayne
Wright, Violet27 Dec 1906Jun 1976Fort Wayne
Wright, Virginia H24 May 19239 Feb 2003Fort Wayne
Wright, Vollie8 Oct 1908Oct 1985Fort Wayne
Wright, Wilbur H2 Nov 189917 Jan 1999Monroeville
Wright, William20 Oct 1903Dec 1968Fort Wayne
Wright, William13 Oct 1896May 1970Fort Wayne
Wright, William S5 Jan 191128 Sep 1990Fort Wayne
Wrightsman, Vivian M13 Sep 191025 Feb 1998New Haven
Wrightsman, William26 Oct 1897Feb 1966Fort Wayne
Wrightson, Robert26 Aug 1908Jun 1984Fort Wayne
Wrigley, Virginia24 Mar 189918 May 1992Fort Wayne
Wrisk, Ardith4 Jan 19081 Nov 1998Fort Wayne
Wrisk, Charles W13 Oct 190415 Oct 1999Fort Wayne
Wrisk, James M26 Jun 193228 Apr 2003Fort Wayne
Wrisk, Wilbur E22 Dec 192919 Mar 2006Fort Wayne
Wristpus, Edward L24 Jun 19382 Feb 1995Fort Wayne
Wristpus, J T1 Aug 194120 Oct 2002Fort Wayne
Wrogeman, Karl F20 Nov 192219 Jul 2003Fort Wayne
Wrogeman, Paul H20 Nov 19228 Aug 2004Fort Wayne
Wroton, Leonard Le E28 May 192130 Apr 1997Fort Wayne
Wruble, Teresa M17 Feb 190629 Sep 1993Fort Wayne

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