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Spanish Influenza Deaths, 1918-1920, Allen County, Indiana

These death records for influenza victims were gleaned from city and county death records on microfiche at the Allen County Public Library. This list covers deaths in the period April 1918 to August 1920.

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NameAgeDeath DateDeath PlaceNote of Interest
Sister Frances Ann32y10 Feb 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
AllenRobt.30y3 Apr 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
AlterAgnes Mary29y14 Dec 1918822 DewaldFort Wayne
AndersonCecil Ernest39y22 Dec 19182519 West Dr.Fort Wayne
AnspachCarl32y8 Feb 19202730 Holton Fort Wayne
ApplegetGlen S.1y6 Mar 19193016 Ontario St.Fort Wayne
ArchibaldGeorge4y29 Oct 1918Eel River Twp.Allen County
ArmbusterGeorge24y4 Mar 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
AshtonLilly A.26y5 Jul 1920Cedar Creek Twp.Allen County
AtkinsonSamuel61y13 Apr 19201225 BooneFort Wayne
Augevine [Angevine]Geo.52y12 Mar 19192140 MinerFort Wayne
BaderFrederick A.54y23 Aug 1920Wayne Twp.Allen County
BakerStella B.39y1 Feb 1920Hope Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
BanardSylvia E.18y25 Mar 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
BanderIrene Alice27y19 Dec 1918Fort Wayne
BauerCatherine3y16 Feb 19202703 HoaglandFort Wayne
BaumgartnerJames4m9 Mar 19192212 FooheyFort Wayne
BaymillerHarry18y9 Jan 1919Hope Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
BaysingerElyme P.20y13 Dec 1918Allen County
BebersteinDorothy18y12 Dec 1918711 ArcherFort Wayne
BeeryHenry W.12y10 Feb 1920Springfield Twp.Allen County
BeezleyEdw. W.5y30 Mar 19192417 Oliver St.Fort Wayne
BeinekeLydia R.21y24 Nov 1918Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
BelchEthel22y1 Feb 1920St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
BengsMargurite9y26 Feb 19192323 John St.Fort Wayne
BennetJohn G.83y21 Apr 1919InfirmaryAllen County
BennettCharles A.41y13 Dec 1918221 E. PontiacFort Wayne
BenzCarl E.28y9 Feb 1919Washington Twp.Allen County
BergWilliam Henry35y18 Mar 19192204 Winter St.Fort Wayne
BiselOlsa20y15 Feb 19202015 Phenie Ave.Fort Wayne
BishopArthur D.26y24 Feb 1919Wayne Twp.Allen County
BlackMinnie M.37y10 Feb 19201052 GlasgowFort Wayne
BlackburnMyrtle50y21 Dec 1918Fort Wayne
BoaerfFrank N.35y12 Dec 19182001 Lafayette St.Fort Wayne
BondMary E.45y13 Feb 1919Hope HospitalFort Wayne
BowersChas. D.2y30 Apr 19192125 John St.Fort Wayne
BowmanElson33y9 Feb 1920St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
BowserMarie21y18 Mar 1919581 Anderson Ave.Fort Wayne
BoyerAnna26y7 Feb 19203734 S. HarrisonFort Wayne
BradleyNellie23y7 Feb 19201433 High Fort Wayne
BrainardLucius H.29y25 Feb 1919Hope HospitalFort Wayne
BranningMinnie46y3 Nov 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
BranstratorEda J.44y14 Feb 1920Lafayette Twp.Allen County
BraunOlive M.4y4 Jan 1919302 E. WoodlandFort Wayne
BraunWm. Henry73y4 Jun 1919Adams Twp.Allen County
BrindleClara6y22 Nov 1918Pleasant Twp.Allen County
BrownMary11y25 Dec 1918St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
BrubakerRoger F.22y21 Dec 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
BuckrideEdward A.39y17 Mar 19191411 Swinney Ave.Fort Wayne
BuddEarly D.29y10 Dec 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
BuescherHenry J.28y24 Mar 1919729 Third St.Fort Wayne
BueschingRuth5y13 Mar 1920St. Joseph Twp.Allen County
ButlerMary Ann 26y15 Dec 19182107 Gay St.Fort Wayne
CampbellPeter34y14 Feb 1920E. PontiacFort Wayne
CarpenterLeon18hrs26 Mar 1919608 WagnerFort Wayneflu of mother
CaseIna E.29y14 Mar 19191742 OaklandFort Wayne
CattlettSoloma F.58y1 Jan 19194112 Harrison St.Fort Wayne
ChaneyErwin R.15y7 Jan 1919Lafayette Twp.Allen County
ChapmanFred A.49y17 Jan 1919Hope Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
ClevelandMary23y13 Jan 19191418 ErieFort Wayne
ClossonThomas M.31y3 Jan 1919Maumee Twp.Allen County
ComptonMargaret23y5 Nov 1918St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
ConverseLucius Leroy40y14 Feb 19191212 MarionFort Wayne
CookEdward34y27 Dec 1918Hope HospitalFort Wayne
CookMargaret M.15y28 Dec 1918St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
CoppackMabel N.35y19 Feb 1920Hope Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
CoxHeban9m30 Jan 19191151 Lafayette St.Fort Wayne
CrabillAilene25y20 Nov 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
CullenMary M.39y19 Dec 1918St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
CurdesLouis A. Jr.8y4 Mar 19191835 Forest Park Blvd.Fort Wayne
CurdesMabel31y6 Mar 19191835 Forest Park Blvd.Fort Wayne
DagerDonald1y6 Dec 1918Monroeville
DailyMaggie P.30y4 Mar 1919Indiana School FMYFort Wayne
DamtonssTheodore25y4 Nov 1918723 E. Berry St.Fort Wayne
DavidMary3y17 Dec 1918St. Vincent OrphanageFort Wayne
DeahlEdward N.72y28 Feb 1920Pleasant Twp.Allen County
DehnerLeonard32y21 Nov 1918418 PutnamFort Wayne
DemlowSister M. Esther22y27 Nov 1918St. Joseph HospitalFort WayneStudent nurse
DennisGeorgie Ann49y8 Feb 1920Lafayette Twp.Allen County
DentThos. D.5y12 Mar 19202219 MinerFort Wayne
DeppinBernadine68y25 Apr 19191135 Lake Ave.Fort Wayne
DillonKenneth I.2y30 Apr 1919819 ElizaFort Wayne
DobbinJames H.78y14 Apr 1920Pleasant Twp.Allen County
DoubleCharles41y20 Dec 19181146 LafayetteFort Wayne
DuevallRobt.42y28 Mar 1919Hope Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
DunkerlyFrank32y4 Apr 1920Hope Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
DurnellEthel M.37y15 Mar 1919Indiana School FMYFort Wayne
EcenbargerHoward9y28 Feb 19191702 Sinclair St.Fort Wayne
EiterHenry Jr.31y2 Apr 19201628 S. CalhounFort Wayne
ElamJames31y2 May 1919606 HolmanFort Wayne
EleyRichard E.6y14 Feb 1919925 Home Ave.Fort Wayne
EllenwoodEarly J27y6 Feb 1920Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
ElyAsher B.77y14 Mar 1920811 E. JeffersonFort Wayne
EmerickAgnes E.42y12 Dec 19181114 CassFort Wayne
EmeryRalph W.8y15 Dec 1918349 BakerFort Wayne
EnslenHelen25y7 Mar 19192216 FairfieldFort Wayne
EslerMinnie20y4 Dec 19182603 Weisser ParkFort Wayne
EubanksLaura1y29 Dec 1918New Haven
EubanksLaura P.1y30 Dec 1918Allen County
EvansMay S.34y19 Jan 1919Jefferson Twp.Allen County
FederspielJessie38y11 Dec 19182409 Hanna St.Fort Wayne
FederspielMichael A.26y25 Mar 1919Hope HospitalFort Wayne
FenzelAva Edith20y8 Nov 1918Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
FerrinViolet Eleanor32y24 Dec 1918Indiana School FMYFort Wayne
FinkElizabeth70y15 Jan 19191019 LafayetteFort Wayne
FisherJohn E.39y17 Dec 1918Springfield Twp.Allen County
FollisMazie E.25y2 Mar 19191518 Spy Run Ave.Fort Wayne
ForkMay Sophia76y1 May 19193113 SmithFort Wayne
FraseGrace D.26y18 Dec 1918622 W. ThirdFort Wayne
FraseLucinda46y15 Dec 1918622 W. ThirdFort Wayne
FuhrmanLester4y14 Feb 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
FulkOtis18y1 Nov 1918Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
GageLeslie F.18y31 Oct 1918Hope HospitalFort Wayne
GallapooJatie A.32y17 Jan 1919Jackson Twp.Allen County
GangeNellie30y16 Mar 1919314 GreenwoodFort Wayne
GansElsie21m21 Dec 1918328 W. DewaldFort Wayne
GarmanWm. H.35y19 Feb 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
GaskillElla30y26 Dec 1918Indiana School FMYFort Wayne
GebhardAngeline F.68y29 Apr 19191151 HarmarFort Wayne
GerardotIva E.32y14 Feb 1920Madison Twp.Allen County
GerardotLeonard C.15y13 Jan 1919Jefferson Twp.Allen County
GerigJohn H.40y9 Dec 1918Jackson Twp.Allen County
GibsonSister M. Viola17y13 Nov 1918St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
GillisonLouis60y28 Feb 1919Washington Twp.Allen County
GoegleinBertha21y10 Jan 1919Milan Twp.Allen County
GrahamFlorence L.5y27 Nov 19192815 Indiana AveFort Wayne
GreekSusan89y27 Feb 1920Pleasant Twp.Allen County
GriceRosa E.38y8 Feb 1920339 E. WayneFort Wayne
GrosvenorHarry M.47y16 Oct 1918Washington Twp.Allen County
GumpGeorge13y11 Dec 1918Perry Twp.Allen County
GundyClaude41y15 Feb 1920Aboite Twp.Allen County
GustenslagerAllice35y19 Feb 1919Hope Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
HadsellIra C.31y20 Jan 1919720 High St.Fort Wayne
HaggenjosJosephine27y12 Nov 19182202 Maumee Ave.Fort Wayne
HallLouise G.80y24 Dec 1918Springfield Twp.Allen County
HallSara M.52y19 Dec 19181631 N. HarrisonFort Wayne
HanleyAnna M.21y30 Jan 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
HarkenriderBarbara53y20 Jan 1919Pleasant Twp.Allen County
HarshmanBessie26 Feb 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
HastyMaggie43y18 Dec 1918Fort Wayne
HastyRobert W.9y1 Mar 1920Adams Twp.Allen County
HathawayJosephine75y25 Feb 1920Perry Twp.Allen County
HaussAugusta A.58y8 Dec 1918718 GreeleyFort Wayne
HawelosJohn25y12 May 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
HeckmanMarie S.24y12 Mar 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
HermanRilla48y22 Dec 1918Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
HerrickFloyd Earl18y13 Dec 19181130 JonesFort Wayne
HerrickJos. Edward17y11 Dec 191812 N. JonesFort Wayne
HilkerErma Agness25y19 Feb 1919434 Huffman Fort Wayne
HillJohn R.43y16 Jan 1919Hope HospitalFort Wayne
HilsmeierEdw. H.31y12 Dec 1918342 NussbaumFort Wayne
HisnerMarvine1y19 Dec 1918Madison Twp.Allen County
HobbsDelta M.1y24 Jan 1920New Haven
HockemeyerLisette C.56y25 Feb 1920Marion Twp.Allen County
HolzworthElizabeth26y19 Dec 1918St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
HornSamantha A.51y21 Feb 1920Springfield Twp.Allen County
HouseholderAmos C.28y10 Mar 19192728 Chestnut St.Fort Wayne
HouserMichael J.85y27 Dec 1919232 W. MainFort Wayne
HowellCharles W.38y21 Dec 19181714 MainFort Wayne
HowerCarl C.19y31 Jan 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
HuguenardEdmond H.18y17 Feb 1920Jefferson Twp.Allen County
JacksonAnna18y2 Mar 1919Allen County
JacksonEscolona A.36y6 Mar 19191217 NuttmanFort Wayne
JaworskaRose25y25 Dec 1918Indiana School FMYFort Wayne
JohnsonEstella14y20 Dec 1918509 HolmanFort Wayne
JohnsonJames A.33y18 Jan 1919Adams Twp.Allen County
JohnsonJames A.33y18 Jan 1919New Haven
JohnsonOlan11y10 Dec 1920New Haven
JohnsonVictoria26y12 Jan 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
JohnstonM-lin33y9 Mar 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
JohnstonRoy L.2m21 Feb 1919Eel River Twp.Allen County
JonesMary Leah20y27 Dec 1918Lutheran HospitalFort WayneNurse
JurgensErnest H.42y20 Feb 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
KaiserErnst76y18 Feb 19191108 StophletFort Wayne
KallenRalph2y15 Dec 19181652 RichardsonFort Wayne
KauffmanLizzie27y16 Dec 1918RR 5Allen County
KeefMargaret M.52y13 Nov 1918Pleasant Twp.Allen County
KelkerMary C.47y15 Dec 1919520 BrackenridgeFort Wayne
KelleyClara Elizabeth18y14 Dec 1918Fort Wayne
KelseyElias M.67y21 Jan 1920Lafayette Twp.Allen County
KelseyParke Lemuel5y16 Dec 19181319 E. CreightonFort Wayne
KelsoMamie21y11 Dec 19182306 S. WayneFort Wayne
KemphisBertha M.26y27 Dec 1918Adams Twp.Allen County
KillianMabel V.1d23 Feb 19191411 BooneFort Wayne
KillianMabel V.25y23 Feb 19191411 BooneFort Wayne
KingChison A.6y7 Feb 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
KingStella39y20 Dec 1918St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
KintzRichard23d20 Feb 1919319 Centliver Ave.Fort Wayne
KleebergAlma24y16 Feb 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
KlingenbergerDorothy4y29 Nov 1918623 E. JeffersonFort Wayne
KoopEmma33y12 Dec 1918457 BuchannanFort Wayne
KratzmanAmelia26y13 Mar 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
LaddCurtis18y25 Dec 1918Jackson Twp.Allen County
LaddSala43y26 Dec 1918Jackson Twp.Allen County
LadyEva23y18 Dec 1918Fort Wayne
LahrClare M.34y25 Feb 1919409 AgnosticFort Wayne
LamleRolf W.7y15 Feb 1920Eel River Twp.Allen County
LaneRuth M.21y19 Apr 1918New Haven
LangohrJohn N.67y11 Jan 1919Washington Twp.Allen County
LappEugene F.10m2 Mar 19191530 Sherman St.Fort Wayne
LauerNellie Anna34y22 Feb 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
Lee Charles23y8 Feb 1919Indiana School FMYFort Wayne
Lee Grace23y10 Dec 19181319 E. WashingtonFort Wayne
LengacherMary M.30y17 Dec 1918Cedar Creek Twp.Allen County
LichtsinOrville Chas.1y18 Dec 19181107 E. WayneFort Wayne
LinkerVirginia R.2y28 Jun 1919Madison Twp.Allen County
LipscombAlice C.22y18 Feb 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
LuidnerSister M. Antionette18y10 Nov 1918St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
Maas Clarence C.30y23 Feb 19191105 Wells St.Fort Wayne
MallottEmmett5d17 Dec 1918712 St. Mary'sFort Wayne
MalottAlice Emeline3y4 Apr 19191118 BartholdFort Wayne
MartinGerald15y15 Feb 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
MaselLillian E.35y31 Dec 19184014 Arlington Ave.Fort Wayne
McClananHope6y15 Oct 1918Fort Wayne
McCormickGeorge28y19 Dec 1918St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
McCormickLouise31y21 Dec 1918St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
McDermottWalter W.31y5 Mar 1919Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
McKeeAnna E.30y24 Feb 1919Pleasant Twp.Allen County
McKoolMike38y22 Dec 1918Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
McNamaraCatherine M.1y26 Feb 1920Perry Twp.Allen County
McNamaraRaymond3y26 Jan 19193925 Indiana Ave.Fort Wayne
MendelLizzie M.36y5 Feb 19191802 S. Harrison St.Fort Wayne
MercerDavid John39y20 Nov 1918Poe RoadFort Wayne
MeyerAlbert W.30y13 Oct 19181507 High St.Fort Wayne
MeyerNora27y23 Oct 19181614 E. PontiacFort Wayne
MeyerRudolph32y7 Dec 19182720 Lillie St.Fort Wayne
MillerChas. C.33y15 Nov 1918New Haven
Miller Charles L.33y15 Nov 1918Adams Twp.Allen County
Miller Clara A.34y27 Jan 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
Miller Earl B.27y14 Jan 1919421 High St.Fort Wayne
Miller Ethel S.24y29 Mar 1919Hope Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
Miller Thomas R.39y17 Dec 1918Jefferson Twp.Allen County
MillerThomas R.39y18 Dec 1918New Haven
MinnickClare Theresia26y10 Dec 19182224 N. ClintonFort Wayne
MoaemffSofa2y25 Feb 19193018 Ontario St.Fort Wayne
MooneyCharles D.36y26 Jan 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
MoreCatherine20y28 Nov 1918Fort WayneNurse
MorrisonTerrell67y11 Feb 19191801 Gay St.Fort Wayne
MoscattelloJohn51y9 Feb 1920Wayne Twp.Allen County
MuldoonRichard J.8y7 Mar 1919Marion Twp.Allen County
MusserMargaret21y26 Jan 1919915 Barr St.Fort Wayne
NadeCharles W.3y8 Dec 19181405 How-Fort Wayne
NaylorOlive M.24y14 Mar 1919218 Baker St.Fort Wayne
NewcomerVera22y18 Feb 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
NobleDaisy S.2y24 Feb 19192680 PittsburgFort Wayne
OstermeyerCaroline36y2 Mar 19192101 John St.Fort Wayne
OswaldDella36y14 Apr 19181331 Hugh St.Fort Wayne
ParkerMargaret A.4y13 Dec 1918Adams Twp.Allen County
ParninArested J.41y27 Feb 1920Monroe Twp.Allen County
PerkinsCarl A.5y12 Jan 1919Springfield Twp.Allen County
PerkinsHelen I.7y20 Jan 1919Springfield Twp.Allen County
PfiefferElizabeth32y9 Dec 1918Marion Twp.Allen County
PierceJames D.58y24 Oct 1918Perry Twp.Allen County
PionPeter A.1y26 Dec 1918Perry Twp.Allen County
PlaceRoscoe18y21 Feb 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
PlummerLydia E.27y19 Dec 1918Indiana School FMYFort Wayne
PottsWilliam A.18y12 Nov 1918Wayne Twp.Allen County
PriceJoseph W.29y11 Mar 19191222 SchillingFort Wayne
PriceMary E.84y6 Feb 1920Milan Twp.Allen County
PurvianceAnna E.75y14 Apr 1920Springfield Twp.Allen County
RadtkeHerman54y14 Oct 19182015 Phenie Ave.Fort Wayne
RampDorothy F.4y12 Jan 19191213 1/2 Wells St.Fort Wayne
RastenbergFrank W.26y26 Dec 19181316 Maumee AveFort Wayne
RebberMartha20y18 Mar 1919Adams Twp.Allen County
ReedLulu25y9 Mar 1919Pleasant Twp.Allen County
RelueDorothy6y11 Dec 19182211 Dwenger Ave.Fort Wayne
RengeLouis F.44y1 Mar 1919Jackson Twp.Allen County
ReppMary57y29 Mar 1920New Haven
ReuchelderferJacob85y26 Feb 1920Springfield Twp.Allen County
RiedelChas. J.36y6 Dec 1918425 EckartFort Wayne
RobersonCharles8y4 Feb 1920Eel River Twp.Allen County
RobersonGrace L.4y13 Feb 1919Eel River Twp.Allen County
RobisonAudrey Olive4y6 May 19191415 ErieFort Wayne
RollerWm.60y29 Oct 19182909 Alex AveFort Wayne
RosselotCecelia29y29 Jan 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
RunyonMarion C.25y17 Dec 1918Fort Wayne
RuprightForrest A.31y16 Feb 1919Lafayette Twp.Allen County
RutledgeJohn D.15y26 Dec 1918Woodburn
SaffBenj. L.37y15 Feb 1919218 Baker St.Fort Wayne
SageWarren W.4y31 Dec 1918Eel River Twp.Allen County
SalisburyChas.56y3 Jun 1919429 W. WayneFort Wayne
SauerAdam59y23 Nov 1918823 HuestisFort Wayne
SaundersRaymond35y21 Feb 19191510 Cresent Ave.Fort Wayne
SchaeferFred W.29y18 Mar 19191350 HaydenFort Wayne
SchaeferHannah C.25y5 Feb 1919Lake Twp.Allen County
ScheimanArthur C.30y20 Dec 1918Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
ScheleMaud May46y24 Jan 19191712 E. Wayne St.Fort Wayne
SchmidtLoretta20y21 Feb 1919Marion Twp.Allen County
SchmidtMalinda21y20 Feb 1919Marion Twp.Allen County
SchnelkerKatie29y31 Dec 1918St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
SchraederEva53y23 Oct 1918432 Wallace St.Fort Wayne
SchukElizabeth25y26 Nov 1918Fort WayneStudent nurse
SchwarzPauline Louise11y2 Feb 1919717 W. CreightonFort Wayne
SedwickJennie54y19 Nov 1918St. Joseph HospitalFort WayneNurse
SevitsRalph2y20 Jan 1919New Haven
ShanahanLaura25y26 Feb 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
ShankJames E.29y12 Dec 1918622 1/2 ClintonFort Wayne
SheaMary Louise2y13 Feb 1919536 KinnardFort Wayne
SiemonsVerna22y25 Jan 1919Bible Training SchoolFort Wayne
SilerNellie31y27 Feb 1919319 Williams St.Fort Wayne
SitkoMary30y24 Oct 1918Wayne Twp.Allen County
SivetsRalph2y20 Jan 1919Adams Twp.Allen County
SkeekBessie L.29y19 Dec 19181022 JacksonFort Wayne
SkeelsRessie L.29y9 Dec 1918Wayne Twp.Allen County
SmeadLeander17y10 Dec 1918711 BaltesFort Wayne
SmithElizabeth31y15 Dec 19182501 HoltonFort Wayne
SmithLola A.25y20 Mar 1919Lafayette Twp.Allen County
SmithLucy J.17y15 Feb 1919Indiana School FMYFort Wayne
SmithR. Parker30y5 May 19192904 ShawneeFort Wayne
SolwayJohn74y11 Dec 1918Monroe Twp.Allen County
SorgJohn73y8 Feb 1920Marion Twp.Allen County
SowneWm.26y14 Dec 1918916 ElizaFort Wayne
SparkesCharles58y16 Feb 1920InfirmaryAllen County
SpencerCora40y8 Feb 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
SpiegelFred C.59y20 Feb 19192305 BroadwayFort Wayne
StahlElsie29y17 Dec 19181222 LafayetteFort Wayne
StaplefordLula M.45y18 Mar 1919508 E. Jefferson Fort Wayne
SteinbacherTheodore65y13 Apr 1920Cedar Creek Twp.Allen County
StillwellBenj. J.1m16 May 19182325 Gay St.Fort Wayne
StimmlerMaria5d24 Dec 1919New Haven
TatoEnrico42y18 Jan 19191330 Boone St.Fort Wayne
TaylorMrs. Newton24y4 Mar 1920Monroe Twp.Allen County
TaylorTheresa Helen4y29 Jan 1919Hope HospitalFort Wayne
TheismanClara37y23 Jan 1919Hope Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
ThomasLloyd24y29 Oct 1918Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
ThompsonEdgar H.3y18 Dec 1918Maumee Twp.Allen County
ThompsonMarshall36y22 Jan 1919Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
TillCatherine E.34y2 Mar 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
TitusDoris2m23 May 19193004 S. WayneFort Wayne
TollWinnie C.27y6 Dec 1918808 ColerickFort Wayne
TrautmanHenry W.49y27 Feb 1920Adams Twp.Allen County
TraxlerTarisa26y23 Dec 19181322 ErieFort Wayne
UnknownMattie56y22 Nov 1919314 W. SuperiorFort Wayne
Unreadableunknown24y23 Jun 1920unreadableFort Wayne
UrbineGladys25y17 Jan 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
VaughnTillie2y24 Feb 1920Perry Twp.Allen County
VoddeEthyle30y15 Feb 1919St. Joseph HospitalFort Wayne
VoltzEmanuel63y24 Feb 19193141 BroadwayFort Wayne
VondranMarie4y4 Feb 1920New Haven
WagnerJohn G.40y27 Feb 1920Milan Twp.Allen County
WallaceInfant female3 Mar 19191208 BreckFort WayneStillborn
WarnerJesse Ray29y14 Dec 19181332 Spy RunFort Wayne
WatsonFrank28y12 Dec 19182016 T-??Fort Wayne
WeippertJohn C.45y12 Mar 1919628 Third St.Fort Wayne
WeissBertha36y17 Dec 19181707 FletcherFort Wayne
WellmanFred H.46y24 Mar 1919Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
WenrickIda May28y10 Feb 1919Indiana School FMYFort Wayne
WetzelAnna62y18 Dec 19182008 John St.Fort Wayne
WietfeldtVerna7y19 Dec 19183106 BowserFort Wayne
WilesJoseph Adam5m18 Dec 1918Fort Wayne
WintersJacob68y31 Mar 19191707 Smith St.Fort Wayne
WisnerBarbary R.75y26 Dec 1918605 E. CreightonFort Wayne
WolfAugust2y5 Mar 1919Hope Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
WolfordElla M.48y9 Dec 1918808 CottageFort Wayne
WondersGlenn Dale28y3 Jan 1919Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
WordenFrank C.33y16 Dec 1918Springfield Twp.Allen County
YafleGeorge L.34y24 Dec 1918Lutheran HospitalFort Wayne
YarnelleAlice64y21 Apr 19181110 St. MarysFort Wayne
YearlingJoilce L.3y2 Feb 1920Jackson Twp.Allen County
YeaserClara E.37y16 Dec 1918459 E. DewaldFort Wayne
YountzOwen10y21 Feb 1920Milan Twp.Allen County
ZackmienMary29y1 Nov 1918Wayne Twp.Allen County
ZeiglerSadie Celest34y24 Jan 19191412 Ewing St.Fort Wayne
ZeimmerOpal3y8 Jan 1919Wayne Twp.Allen County
ZinkWm.29y25 Feb 1919Hope Methodist HospitalFort Wayne
ZuberFlora M.41y12 Mar 19191719 Florida Dr.Fort Wayne