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1850 Mortality Schedule, Allen County, Indiana

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NameAgeGenderMarital StatusPlace of BirthMonth of DeathOccupationCause of DeathDuration of IllnessTownship
Calkins, George4MSIndianaSepSmall Pox10Springfield
Clear, Wilson1MSIndianaMarScarlet Fever6Washington
Cline, Martin14MSIndianaNovBronchitis6 mo.Marion
Clock, Henry12mSIndianaJanFever6Marion
Cluting, Rebecca4fSGermanyJulWhooping Cough20St. Joseph
Cocanour, Jane24FMConnJunChild Bed20Wayne
Cocanour, Rufus1 moMSIndianaJulDebility10Wayne
Coleman, Harriet21FSIndianaAugCholera1Wayne
Columba, May E.2FSIndianaJulCholera4Wayne
Comers, John3MSIndianaAugCroup7St. Joseph
Cooper, Jonathan6 mo.MSIndianaSepCroup6Pleasant
Cowder, Barna36MMGermanyAugLaborerFever7Washington
Criff, Elizbeth C.2FSIndianaSepCroup7Wayne

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