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1850 Mortality Schedule, Allen County, Indiana

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NameAgeGenderMarital StatusPlace of BirthMonth of DeathOccupationCause of DeathDuration of IllnessTownship
Saunders, Ann S.29FMS. CarolinaSepConsumption8 mo.Wayne
Savage, Emeline1FSIndianaAugWhooping Cough20Monroe
Schover, May E.7FSIndianaAugCholera1Wayne
Seiguald, Fred8 mo.MSIndianaJulSummer Complaint14Wayne
Semick, Benhart62MWGermanyJulPhysicianPalsyChronicWayne
Shaffer, Jabez56MMMarylandNovFarmerRheumatism7 yearsMadison
Shearer, Louis6 mo.MSIndianaAugCroup10Wayne
Shem, Madgalen44FMGermanyMayChild Bed1Marion
Shut, Lewis C.1 mo.MSIndianaJulWhooping Cough8Springfield
Sipes, Henry H.4MSIndianaAprAccidentMarion
Sithens, Mary L.1FSUnknownAugInflammation10Pleasant
Slagel, Merritt2MSIndianaJanScarlet Fever3Lake
Small, Elizabeth2FSIndianaOctWhooping Cough21Jefferson
Small, Mary Jane1FSIndianaMayCroup9Marion
Soles, John8 moMSIndianaSepHives2Wayne
Stuck, Benjamin1MSOhioAugCholera3Wayne
Sutzing, James P.7MSGermanyOctFever10Eel River
Swain, Susan49FWPennAugConsumption3 yearsWayne
Sweet, Joseph P.2MSIndianaMarPutrid Fever8Lake

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