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1870 Manufacturing Census Index, Allen County, Indiana

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Name of ManufacturerType of Business or ProductTownship or CityPage & shoesFort Wayne8
Manok & KoestertannersFort Wayne Ward 35
Markley & Schraderboots & shoesFort Wayne Ward 34
MatteFredcooperFort Wayne7
McCulloch & RickeytinwareFort Wayne6
McLaughlinNeilmanufacturing steam boilersFort Wayne Ward 31
MeadsThomas & Co.sawmillAdams1
MerzPetercarpenter & house builderFort Wayne10
Messing & HesswagonFort Wayne7
Meyer & Piepenbrinkboots & shoesFort Wayne4
MeyerHenryblacksmithFort Wayne7
MeyersJessewagon makerMarion2
MichaelJ.boot & shoemakerLafayette1
Miller & Bergehorse collar makersFort Wayne Ward 35
MillerJ. M.furnitureFort Wayne5
Miser & HinesawmillLake1
Moderwell & Fowlershirts & underwearFort Wayne Ward 33
MohrJohnboots & shoesFort Wayne5
Monahan, D. & Beugnot, A. F.staves, headings, & lumberMonroe2
Monnot, L. F. & Lesh, J.lumberJefferson1
MooreMichaelboots & shoesMonroe1
Murray & Bakerblacksmith shopFort Wayne Ward 71
Murray & Bakerboiler shopFort Wayne Ward 71
Murray & Bakeriron foundryFort Wayne Ward 71
Murray & Bakermachine shopFort Wayne Ward 71
Murray & Bakerpattern shopFort Wayne Ward 71
MyersNelsontinner shopCedar Creek1

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