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1870 Manufacturing Census Index, Allen County, Indiana

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Name of ManufacturerType of Business or ProductTownship or CityPage
RacineAinecollars (horse)Fort Wayne9
Ralier & Co.staves & headingMonroe2
Ranke Yergens & Co.flour barrels & stavesFort Wayne Ward 32
Ranke Yergens & Co.sawmillFort Wayne Ward 32
RastetterLouismachine worksFort Wayne2
ReckersBernard J.carpenter & builderFort Wayne Ward 41
ReedA. D. & Co.plough makerFort Wayne Ward 32
ReilingAugustlocksmithFort Wayne Ward 42
ReinkeW. F.cigarFort Wayne3
ReiterGeorgcigarFort Wayne3
Riedmiller & manufacturingFort Wayne Ward 51
RileryJacobblacksmithEel River1
Ross & PurcellbakeryFort Wayne Ward 34
RowD. & shoesMonroe1
RoyFlorentinesawmillSt. Joseph1
RyanPatrikboots & shoesFort Wayne2

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