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1880 Agricultural Schedule, Allen County, Indiana

A Ba Be Bi Bl Bo Br Bu By C D E F G Ha He Hi Ho Hu Hy I J K L Ma Mc Me Mi Mo Mu My N O P Q R Sa Sc Se Sh Si Sk Sl Sm Sn So Sp Sq Sr St Su Sw T U V W Y Z Unknown

The townships are supposed to be in alphabetical order but they are not. There are minor discrepancies and are noted here.

  • Aboite, pp. 1-16.
  • Adams, pp. 1-24
  • Cedar Creek, pp. 1-21
  • Eel River, pp. 1-19
  • Jefferson, pp. 1-24
  • Jackson, pp. 25-29

    *Jackson is out of order and page numbering continues from Jefferson.

  • Lafayette, pp. 1-22
  • Lake, pp. 1-21
  • Madison, pp. 1-21

    *Madison has two pages numbered 1. An asterisk identifies the first page number one to distinguish it from the other. The names are different on both pages (not duplicated).

  • Marion, pp. 1-20
  • Maumee, pp. 1-4
  • Milan, pp. 1-23
  • Monroe, pp. 1-15
  • Perry, pp. 1-17
  • Pleasant, pp. 2-22

    There is no page number 1 or page number 4. Neither page was found anywhere on the film. It is difficult to determine if page #1 or page #4 were missed, destroyed, etc.

  • St. Joseph, pp. 1-24
  • Springfield, pp. 1-24
  • Scipio, pp. 25-31

    *Scipio is out of order and page numbering continues from Springfield.

  • Wayne, pp. 1-2

    *Page 1 & 2 filmed out of order.

  • Washington, pp. 1-25
  • Wayne, pp. 3-21

    Continued after Washington.

  • Fort Wayne

    Several ED numbers but all are in Fort Wayne. Each ED number starts with page number one and there may be only one name on a page.

There were instances of pages being filmed twice. Duplicate names were verified for accuracy.