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1880 Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes Schedule, Allen County, Indiana

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Keefe, EllenFort WaynePauper & Indigent125
Keiser, MargaretFort WaynePauper & Indigent125
Kelker, WilliamFort WaynePauper & Indigent122
Keller, SamuelLafayetteInsane116Crossed out
Keller, SamuelLafayetteIdiot116
Kelley, ElizabethFort WaynePauper & Indigent125
Kennon, HenryFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Kennon, HenryFort WayneInsane117
Killian, Ann E.SpringfieldBlind104
Killian, IsraelSpringfieldBlind104
King, DimondPleasantInsane115
King, JoannaPleasantDeaf115
Kiser, RichardFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Kiser, RichardFort WayneDeaf117
Kiser, RichardFort WayneHomeless children117
Kline, PeterJeffersonIdiot111
Kline, PeterJeffersonPauper & Indigent111
Koehler, FritzFort WayneBlind117
Krueger, RhinehardFort WayneHomeless children125Crossed out
Kuntz, EvaFort WayneInsane118
Larrabee, MaryFort WayneBlind125
Lebold, BernardFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Lee, LouisaMadisonPauper & Indigent113
Leugrin, MaryFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Lewertt, CatherineFort WaynePauper & Indigent125
Lincker, JohnMadisonInsane113
Lincker, SusanMadisonInsane113
Linker, JohnFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Linker, JohnFort WayneInsane117
Linker, SusanFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Linker, SusanFort WayneInsane117
Locker, [unknown]Fort WayneInsane117
Locker, [unknown]Fort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Long, Geo. W.Eel RiverBlind101Churubusco, Whitley Co., IN
Long, Lemuel P.MonroeDeaf112
Lothamer, Eliza A.JeffersonIdiot111
Lower, AugustineFort WayneDeaf117
Lugrin, MaryFort WayneInsane117
Madraff, CarolineAdamsInsane110
Marks, Mary AliceFort WayneDeaf123Noble, Co., IN
Mayard, LeziaEel RiverIdiot101
McCarthy, PatrickFort WayneHomeless children125Crossed out
McCartney, S.Fort WaynePrison123County Jail
McDonnald, Mary A.Fort WayneDeaf117
McGilles, JohnFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
McMahon, JamesFort WaynePrison123County Jail
Meton, JosephFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Miller, FrancisMilanInsane108
Miller, PrunellaFort WayneInsane120
Miller, RachelAdamsIdiot110
Moellering, AugustFort WayneDeaf125
Mood, Eliza J.AboiteInsane109
Mooney, MargaretFort WaynePauper & Indigent122
Moore, MargaretFort WaynePauper & Indigent125
Morgan, Thomas C.MonroeDeaf112Crossed out
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