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1880 Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes Schedule, Allen County, Indiana

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Nahrwald, ElizabethAdamsInsane110
Need, EvansFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Need, EvansFort WayneInsane117
Neff, FranaFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Neff, FranaFort WayneIdiot117
Neiriter, ElizabethMarionDeaf114
Nestor, ChristianAdamsInsane110
Nestor, ChristianAdamsIdiot110
Oberly, SarahFort WayneBlind126
Oppenheimer, JohnFort WaynePrison123County Jail
O'Rourke, FrancisFort WaynePauper & Indigent125
Orvis, HenryMonroeIdiot112
Osbun, MichaelFort WaynePauper & Indigent124
O'Shaughnesy, MichaelFort WayneIdiot126
Ousterhous, LouisaFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Ousterhous, LouisaFort WayneInsane117
Painan, ChastainFort WayneDeaf120
Palmer, HenryFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Palmer, HenryFort WayneInsane117
Pantlin, MarthaFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Pantlin, MarthaFort WayneInsane117
Parks, CeniaSpringfieldIdiot104
Pooley, EmmaFort WaynePauper & Indigent122
Potter, FrankFort WaynePrison123County Jail
Potts, ThomasMadisonPauper & Indigent113
Quinn, JamesFort WayneHomeless children125Crossed out
Rabbit, MaryMonroeIdiot112
Rable, CarolineFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Rable, CarolineFort WayneIdiot117
Reckard, LauraMarionPauper & Indigent114
Rhoades, SarahEel RiverDeaf101Churubusco, Whitley Co., IN
Rhodes, JohnPleasantIdiot115
Rice, GeorgeEel RiverDeaf101
Richards, MaryFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Richards, MaryFort WayneIdiot117
Richardson, EddieFort WaynePauper & Indigent126Home for Friendless Women
Richardson, IdaFort WaynePauper & Indigent126Home for Friendless Women
Rickets, CharlesFort WayneInsane123Alleghany, PA
Rickets, CharlesFort WaynePrison123County Jail
Roberts, LodernaJeffersonPauper & Indigent111
Roberts, R. S.JeffersonPauper & Indigent111
Robinson, ElonzoEel RiverBlind101
Roherbaugh, JacobMadisonInsane113
Romery, Anna A.Fort WayneIdiot117
Roney, JamesFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Ross, TheodoreFort WaynePrison123County Jail
Rossman, AugustFort WaynePauper & Indigent125
Rothgeb, LeviJeffersonIdiot111
Rudisill, AllisonLakeDeaf105
Rupa, MagdalenaFort WayneDeaf126
Rutherauff, HenryFort WayneIdiot126
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