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1880 Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes Schedule, Allen County, Indiana

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Taylor, LouisaFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Taylor, LouisaFort WayneIdiot117
Taylor, LouisaFort WayneHomeless children117
Tharp, MaryFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Tharp, MaryFort WayneIdiot117
Theal, SarahCedar CreekPauper & Indigent108
Thompson, JohnFort WaynePrison123County Jail
Thompson, SusanFort WaynePauper & Indigent122
Todd, LeonaMarionDeaf114
Ulmer, JennieFort WayneHomeless children125Crossed out, Grand Rapids, MI
Van Zile, WilliamPerryIdiot102
Vicuck, FannieFort WaynePauper & Indigent125
Votoe, ElizabethFort WayneDeaf117
Ward, JaneFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Ward, JaneFort WayneInsane117
Ward, SarahFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Ward, SarahFort WayneIdiot117
Wartenbe, EvelynFort WayneBlind118
Welch, EuniceFort WaynePauper & Indigent125
Weller, JohnFort WayneDeaf123
Welsh, AdelineAdamsIdiot110
West, AbigailFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
West, AbigailFort WayneInsane117
Westfall, AdelaidFort WayneIdiot117
Westhall, AdelaidFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Weston, JosephFort WayneInsane117
Wilcox, Charles S.PerryPauper & Indigent102
Wilcox, SusannaPerryPauper & Indigent102
Wilkinson, Ann ElizaSpringfieldIdiot104
Williams, MarySpringfieldInsane104
Winter, JehuFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Winter, PeterFort WayneInsane117
Wright, ElizabethFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Wright, ElizabethFort WayneIdiot117Crossed out; whiskey
Wright, ElizabethFort WayneInsane117
Wright, RachelSt. JosephBlind107
Yager, FrancisFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Yarrington, SophronaSpringfieldIdiot104
Yong, JohnFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Zimmerman, LobeliaFort WaynePauper & Indigent122
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