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1880 Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes Schedule, Allen County, Indiana

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Saffron, RosaFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Saffron, RosaFort WayneIdiot117
Sallot, MargaretJeffersonIdiot111
Saviot, CarolineJeffersonIdiot111
Schearer, JohnFort WayneInsane120
Schiles, ClouchFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Schimer, MaryFort WayneInsane121
Schneiler, John A.Fort WayneBlind121
Schneiler, MaryFort WayneBlind121
Schnelker, CharlotteAdamsPauper & Indigent110
Schreck, HenryFort WaynePrison123County Jail
Schroder, Chas. H.Fort WayneDeaf117
Senbaugh, JohnFort WayneBlind120Crossed out
Shay, MaryAdamsInsane110
Sheafer, HenryFort WayneDeaf118
Shellner, GeorgePerryPauper & Indigent102
Shellner, RebeccaPerryPauper & Indigent102
Shephard, MahalaMadisonPauper & Indigent113
Sheridan, JamesFort WaynePrison123County Jail
Sibler, JaneFort WaynePauper & Indigent125
Smith, AlmiraMadisonPauper & Indigent113
Smith, E. AmandaLafayetteDeaf116
Smith, FinleyPleasantInsane115
Smith, WilliamFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Soussote, FrancisJeffersonPauper & Indigent111
Sovin, CharlesFort WayneBlind121
Sovin, PhilipFort WayneBlind121
Spangler, MaryFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Spangler, MaryFort WayneIdiot117
Spencer, PhideliaScipioIdiot104
Spereisen, JosephAdamsInsane110
Springer, SamuelFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Springer, SamuelFort WayneIdiot117
Stack, John R.Fort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Stanton, EdwardFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Starr, EmerySpringfieldBlind104
Starr, GilbertSpringfieldBlind104
Stein, WillieFort WayneHomeless children126
Stelhorn, HenryAdamsInsane110
Stelhorn, SolomonAdamsIdiot110
Stephens, PriscillaLafayetteHomeless children116
Stewart, ElizabethFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Stewart, ElizabethFort WayneInsane117
Stier, RosaFort WayneIdiot118
Stiman, IdaFort WaynePauper & Indigent122
Stover, CatherineFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Stover, CatherineFort WayneIdiot117
Swain, MaryFort WayneIdiot126
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