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Bastardy Case News Excerpts, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Allen County, Indiana, Bastardy cases as found in the Fort Wayne Daily Gazette, 1873

  • 28 Mar 1873 Yesterday Seraphine Grenouillet filed an affidavit before Justice Ryan, charging a young man named John Courderat, with bastardy. A warrant was issued for his arrest and he was brought into court for a preliminary examination. The evidence elicited showed that Courderat had been a regular visitor at the house for some time and that his attentions had finally culminated in his marrying the sister of the complainant on Wednesday evening whereupon Seraphine filed the affidavit. He is in jail on $500 default bail. The parties reside in the 7th Ward and the sisters are very good-looking girls.
  • 29 Mar 1873 Couderat, whose arrest for bastardy was mentioned in yesterdays Gazette, has given bonds for his appearance before Squire Ryan on Thursday, April 1, for a preliminary examination.

  • 1 Apr 1873 Scott Dingman was last fall arrested by a girl named Richeldafer, who charged him with bastardy and Dingman secured dismissal of the action by executing a bond for $500 to the girl's father, etc.

  • 20 May 1873 Huntertown News-a bastardy case (with no names) was chased up by the Sheriff.

  • 21 Aug 1873 On yesterday a blushing damsel whose name is Sarah J. Bone put in an appearance at Justice Bittinger's court charging Herman J. Fisher, a railroad employee aged about thirty, with bastardy. The complainant sets forth that previous to the 30th of last March she was strictly pure and virtuous but that on or about that date she was seduced from the paths she had so happily trod and lured by the defendant into forbidden pleasures in consequence of which she now finds herself enceinte. A warrant was issued and Fisher was arrested and brought into court. After reviewing the situation calmly in his mind, he agreed to marry Miss Bone and thus vindicate her honor providing he could get enough money to pay for the license. The State's Attorney kindly delivered him of that embarrassment when the ceremony was performed by the Squire.

  • 5 Sep 1873 The case of the State ex. rel. Caroline Schmitkers vs. Jacob Hutzell for bastardy will come up for trial at the next term of this court. Proceedings in the matter have already been held in Justice Ryan's court a transcript of which is now on file in the County Clerk's office.
  • 5 Sep 1873 Eliza Fell charges Franklin Frick with seduction and bastardy. The preliminary proceedings have already occurred before Justice Bittinger and the transcript has been filed in the Clerk's office.
  • 12 Sep 1873 The examination of Chris. Heit for bastardy will occur before Justice Ryan on Saturday afternoon.

  • 5 Oct 1873 The case of the State ex rel. Eliza Pepe vs. Jerome Fidele for bastardy will come up in the circuit court tomorrow.

  • 9 Dec 1873 Several days ago a blushing Teutonic damsel named Louisa Baisey put in appearance at Justice Bittinger's Court and filed an affidavit charging that Wm. Rippe, Jr., a young gentleman rather amorously inclined, had won her affections and afterwards betrayed them in a cruel and heartless manner. In fact the gentle Louisa averred that her faithless beau had taken from her her virtue, under the cover of marriage, and that having been induced by him to yield frequently to his licentious desires she now found herself about to be a mother, although yet not a wife. Now, Louisa was naturally somewhat downcast over this unfortunate state of affairs and she therefore desired a warrant issued for Rippe on the charge of bastardy. Armed with the necessary papers, a constable went in pursuit of Rippe, Jr., but that gentleman was informed of the search for him, and was therefore not to be found. On last Saturday night however, Constable Robbins became cognizant of his whereabouts and proceeded to make the street. He found the young man courting a servant girl employed by a well-known citizen, living on West Washington street. Rippe was much taken back by the appearance of the officer upon the scene of his cozy tete a tete, and gave vent to his feelings in sighs and sobs which would have done honor to a baby which was having pins stuck into it. The officer was obdurate, however, and he took his prisoner before Justice Bittinger, who released him on $500 security for his appearance tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 1 o'clock. His father, Wm. Rippe, Sr., signed the bond. The prosecuting witness is about 22 years of age and is not very prepo?casing in appearance. The defendant is apparently not over 20.

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