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Bastardy Case News Excerpts, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Allen County Bastardy cases as found in Fort Wayne Daily Gazette unless otherwise noted.

  • 16 Jan 1881 Charles Maples, of Maples, was arrested at Garrett, Ind., on charge of bastardy by one Mary Fahling.

  • 20 Apr 1881 Yesterday morning, Constable Wilkinson armed with a warrant arrested Joseph Shryock upon a charge of bastardy preferred by a young woman whose right name is Nora Bailey but who has been the inmate of a disreputable house in the city under the alias of Maud Wamsley. The affidavit charges Mr. Shryock with being the father of her bastard child born April 22nd, 1880, at the city hospital. Mr. Shryock lives near Huntertown and is one of the most prominent citizens in DeKalb county. He is married and his wife and children move in the best society of this city. The seduction of Miss Bailey is alleged to have occurred at Shryock's house where Miss Bailey was employed as a domestic servant. Her child is said to be at the residence of Herman Durnell, on East Lewis street. Mr. Shryock, who was much perturbed by the arrest, promptly furnished bail in the sum of $500, his father, Samuel Shryock, of this city, becoming surety for his son's appearance at the trial of the case, which is set for 1:30 p.m., the 26th instant, before Justice Pratt. In this connection it may be said that it appears somewhat strange why Miss Bailey, alias Wamsley, at this very late date, nearly a year after her alleged wrongs, resorts to the law. Our readers can draw their own conclusions in the matter.
  • 21 Apr 1881 We are informed that Mr. Joseph Shyrock will strenuously defend the suit for bastardy brought against him by the woman Bailey, alias Wamsley, alleging blackmail.
  • 28 Apr 1881 The Shryock bastardy case was to be called today before Pratt. The interesting plaintiff, Miss Nora Bailey or Maud Wamsley as she prefers to be known, is not in robust health and the matter may be continued.
  • 30 Apr 1881 Miss Nona (sic) Bailey, yesterday through her attorneys filed with Justice Pratt, her application to have the guardianship of Herman A. Durnell over her illegitimate child set aside pending the bastardy suit brought by her against Joseph Shyrock, alluded to before. Miss Bailey alleges her belief that Durnell and Shyrock are endeavoring to gain possession of the child and thereby affect in some manner her rights in the suit before Pratt. This suit comes up for hearing May 4th.

  • 3 May 1881 Herman A. Durnell will remain in indisputed possession of the child of Nora Bailey, relatrix in the bastardy case of the State vs. Shyrock, proceedings to set aside the adoption having been withdrawn by Miss Bailey's attorney.
  • 5 May 1881 Yesterday the bastardy suit of the State vs. Joseph Shryock ex rel. Nona (sic) Bailey was settled by the payment of $325 to the relatrix, Miss Bailey, by Samuel Shryock, father of the defendant (etc).
  • 8 May 1881 The bastardy case of the State vs. E. Van Zile, ex rel. Destie McKinley, will be heard in the circuit court shortly. Both parties live in Springfield Township and the McKinley has been divorced.

  • 4 Jun 1881 It is reported that a recent marriage was arranged not from affection on the part of the bridegroom but because a bastardy suit loomed up before him.

  • 3 Jul 1881 Capt. Smith on yesterday morning at 7:30 o'clock arrested one Adam Miller, a Decatur dispenser of budge, on a charge of bastardy, preferred by Miss Alice McCrary, a young woman who has lately been residing with the well known Maud Wamsley, at 196 West Washington street. Miss Wamsley herself has but settled a similar case, by accepting a considerable sum of money and Miss McCrary seems to have adopted her companion's tactics.

  • 1 Nov 1881 A servant girl swore out a warrant for the arrest of a young man named Thompson for bastardy. The young man was arrested and may file charges for false arrest.
  • 3 Nov 1881 Catherine Niedmeyer had John Wright, a brakeman, arrested yesterday for bastardy. Catherine being the prospective momma of an infant whose sex as yet is merely a matter of conjecture. John was sent to jail to meditate upon the folly of his amour with Kitty.
  • 16 Nov 1881 The bastardy proceedings in the case of the State ex rel. Catherine Neidmeyer vs. John Wright have been certified from Ryan's court to the circuit court. The evidence is too filthy for this paper to use but will be found in the evenings handbill published by Page, Taylor & Cooper.

  • 15 Dec 1881 Quite a stir was created in our midst a few days ago, all because Coony Miller was arrested and brought before O. D. Rogers, J.P. on a charge of bastardy, brought against him by Adelia Donaldson, both of this place. Coony acknowledged the corn, and said he did not mean to do it, but he was willing to make honorable amends by marrying, which he being a minor, his obstinate old dad would not allow. The end of it all was that Coony was waltzed off to the Cosgrove House, where he stayed until Tuesday, when his father relented and got him home again. A wedding is now looked for at any time.
  • 24 Dec 1881 Jennie May McGregor brought suit yesterday in the circuit court against Benajah C. Thomas for bastardy. Jennie May loved Benajah not wisely but much more than she ought to and hence the suit.
  • 28 Dec 1881 Annie Donaldson and Conrad Miller settled their bastardy case yesterday by the marriage act.

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