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Bastardy Case News Excerpts, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Allen County Bastardy cases as found in Fort Wayne Daily Gazette unless otherwise noted.

  • 22 Jan 1884 Yesterday the bastardy suit of Mary Tancy against William Shaughnessy was on trial in circuit court. She was sent to the county asylum last week under the name of Mary Jones but she stuck up her nose at the accommodations and left. The defendant is the son of the late Martin Shaughnessy, the railroad crossing watchman who died several weeks ago.
  • 23 Jan 1884 The Tancy-Shaughnessy bastardy case was concluded yesterday.

  • 21 Feb 1884 Yesterday Robert Fleming, the colored barber, and Ida Clark, who began bastardy proceedings against her lover, compromised their difficulties and the saddle-hued infant will have a father. Justice Ryan married the couple.
  • 27 Feb 1884 At Roanoke, there is a nasty scandal. Mrs. Moon is suing one Bob McNamara for bastardy and her husband is after Bob for adultery.

  • 23 Apr 1884 Yesterday morning George Riley, an employee of the Muncie freight house was arrested on the street on the charge of bastardy.

  • 8 May 1884 The bastardy case of Mary Tancey vs. William Shaughnessey was settled today by the defendant paying Mary $100. Mr. Shaughnessey was released from jail and claims to be a victim of blackmail.

  • 2 Jul 1884 Ed. Reed compromised a bastardy case by marrying the relatrix, a Miss Bender. Ed. is the son of the late W. W. Reed, once proprietor of the Mayer House.
  • 24 Jul 1884 Some time ago Florence Kritzer came into Justice Hays' court as the relatrix in a bastardy suit wherein August Freiman was the defendant. Rather than have any trouble, Freiman agreed to marry the girl. The fellow is a nephew of Turnkey Upleger at the jail and works at Olds spoke factory. The young man, after settling his little amour by marriage, turned the cold shoulder upon Florence and has failed to "put up" to provide his wife with the comforts of life. Accordingly she had him arrested yesterday under the state law and Justice Hays assessed a fine of $25. Freiman didn't have this sum about him and went to jail. His wife, it is alleged, was hysterical and threatens to shoot her indifferent spouse. If she does, our reporter and the coroner will rub their hands with glee.

  • 4 Sep 1884 Yesterday evening the well-known prescriptionist, Henry Harber, was arrested and brought before Justice Ryan where a more or less comely damsel named Mary Meehan was present to eye him with avidity. In fact, Miss Meehan might have been contented with a marriage ceremony. Harber is accused of bastardy but her attorney is in hopes of a settlement whether by priestly rites or hard cash we are unable to learn. In the meantime Harber is harbored in the Allen County jail.

  • 20 Nov 1884 Mr. Maples, a candidate stripe of man, will settle with the relatrix in the recent bastardy suit.

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