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Bastardy Case News Excerpts, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Allen County Bastardy cases as found in Fort Wayne Daily Gazette unless otherwise noted.

  • 16 Jan 1886 Yesterday morning judgment was rendered in the circuit court against William G. Krohne for $400 in favor of Wilhelmina Lang for bastardy.
  • 31 Jan 1886 Mary A. Dingman has had G. W. Ryan arrested for bastardy. Mary once had her father arrested for incest.

  • 3 Feb 1886 May Dinman (sic) will marry young Ryan and settle the bastardy case.
  • 27 Feb 1886 Some weeks ago George W. Ryan was sent to jail on a charge of bastardy preferred by Miss Mary A. Dingman. Yesterday George changed his mind, a license was procured and Justice Ryan sent for him, married him to the fair Mary and giving him a little good advice, while Constable Kelly kissed the bride, sent the bridal pair on their way rejoicing.

  • 10 Mar 1886 Yesterday morning Justice Hays' court was filled with a host of men of the shining cranium, called there to hear the luscious details of the case wherein Mrs. Annie Sinn, a married woman with a husband living, had caused the arrest of a young man named David De Turk for bastardy. Mrs. Sinn's husband has only been absent from her side a little over four years, yet in that length of time two little Sinns have made their appearance at her fireside. The authorship of these little Sinns (great pun) Mrs. S. charges to the aforesaid De Turk, as the arrest shows. But when the case was called, lo and behold, Mrs. Sinn and her paramour appeared armed with a marriage license and were duly made man and wife by the justice. This was done notwithstanding Mrs. Sinn's liege lord has only been away a little over four years and she has never procured a divorce or had any proof of Mr. Sinn's death, thus committing bigamy. Prosecutor Dawson is highly incensed at such apparent conniving at bigamy on the part of the law officers and will today proceed to show Mrs. Sinn that she is sinful indeed, and that she may visit the penitentiary.

  • 24 Apr 1886 Some weeks ago as fully described at the time, Mrs. Anna Sinn had David DeTurk arrested for bastardy. DeTurk is a married man and yesterday his bondsman surrendered him to Justice Hays. The case will come up the 28th.

  • 6 May 1886 The bastardy case brought by Eliza Pettiford against George Christ was settled yesterday by Squire Hays. The parties are well known in colored society.
  • 21 May 1886 State of Indiana ex rel. Catherine Keehner vs. Perry Mathews for bastardy in circuit court.

  • 15 Aug 1886 The St. Joe Township bastardy case was settled yesterday in Ryan's court. Young satisfying the damsel with the sols? (word unreadable)

  • 23 Sep 1886 State of Indiana ex rel. Priscilla Martin vs. Samuel West, bastardy. Finding for the defendant.

  • 8 Dec 1886 The bastardy case of the state ex rel. Carrie E. Bushong vs. Albert Allen before Justice Ryan was continued until Wednesday.
  • 15 Dec 1886 State ex rel. Chaney vs. Edward Kilpatrick, defendant petitions to be released from jail where he has been for twelve months for failure to pay judgment against him for bastardy. He was ordered discharged from custody.

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