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1845 Delinquent Tax List, Allen County, Indiana

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BachaliaDanielWayne 30N 12EEwing's Add.Lot 9BlK 32$0.55
BaconCinderillaJefferson 30N 14EE half SW Qtr2780$2.25
BadenS. P.Washington 31N 12EE half SE Qtr1580$2.10
BakerCharlesJefferson 30N 14ES half29320
BakerCharlesJefferson 30N 14ENE Qtr29160
BakerCharlesJefferson 30N 14EE half NW Qtr2980
BakerCharlesJefferson 30N 14EE half SE Qtr3080
BakerCharlesJefferson 30N 14EE half NE Qtr3180$18.31
BallingerPeterWayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 402
BallingerPeterWayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 403$0.45
BallouThomasWayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 543$9.00
BarberM. F.St. Joseph 31N 13EE half SE Qtr2080$12.85
BarberJohnSt. Joseph 31N 13ES pt SE Qtr2140
BarcusJohnLafayette 29N 11ESW fr NE Qtr117
BarcusJohnLafayette 29N 11ESE fr NW Qtr142
BarcusJohnLafayette 29N 11EW half SW Qtr175
BarcusJohnLafayette 29N 11EE half SW Qtr180
BarcusJohnLafayette 29N 11EW half SE Qtr180
BarcusJohnLafayette 29N 11EE fr SE Qtr156$13.18
BarkerThomasPerry 32N 12ESW Qtr NE Qtr1040
BarkerThomasPerry 32N 12EPt W half SW Qtr NE Qtr186
BarkerThomasPerry 32N 12EW half SW Qtr1280$4.17
BarnabyE. A.Aboite 30N 11WEast half SE Qtr640$1.43
BarnetElijahAdams 30N 13EE half SE Qtr34160$2.43
BarretJohnWayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 478$0.65
BeachJacobMilan 31N 14EW half NE Qtr7109$3.87
BeanBaleyWayne 30N 12ERockhill's Add.Lot 62part$1.75
BearH. P.Wayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 326$1.10
BeckerAbrahamWayne 30N 12ERockhill's Add.Lot 144
BeckerAbrahamWayne 30N 12ERockhill's Add.Lot 145$0.80
BeersCharlesMadison 29N 14ENE Qtr NW Qtr9
BeersCharlesMadison 29N 14ENW Qtr NE Qtr980$2.10
BegChristopherMarion 29N 13ENW Qtr NW Qtr2540$1.23
BenwardIsaacEel River 32N 11ES half SW Qtr380$1.87
BequetJ. B.Wayne 30N 12EOld PlatLot 57100 ft
BequetJ. B.Wayne 30N 12EOld PlatLot 123
BequetJ. B.Wayne 30N 12EOld PlatLot 124$9.59
BequetteJ. B.St. Joseph 31N 13EN half Rich Res13318$19.82
BerryWilliamCedar Creek 32N 13EH S half SW Qtr940$1.32
BerryMaryCedar Creek 32N 13EW half SE Qtr1563
BerryMaryCedar Creek 32N 13ENW Qtr SW Qtr1540$8.47
BiggTimothyMadison 29N 14EE half SW Qtr1980$3.03
BingamElishaMilan 31N 14ESW Qtr12160$3.10
BlachleyB. F.Aboite 30E 11NNW Fr3613$0.49
BlackS. M.Wayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 248
BlackS. M.Wayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 249$3.35
BlueJohn B.Cedar Creek 32N 13EW half SE Qtr1480$1.72
BlueJos., heirsCedar Creek 32N 13ESW fraction SW1481
BoureJohn B. estateWayne 30N 12EOld PlatLot 19
BoureJohn B. estateWayne 30N 12EOld PlatLot 5928 ft
BoureJohn B. estateWayne 30N 12ECounty Add.Lot 27$16.87
BourieAdams 30N 13EPt. Bourie Res.270$12.49
BowerJohnWashington 31N 12Ept NW NE Qtr1920$1.06
BowersJohnJefferson 30N 14ENE Qtr NW Qtr2740
BowersJohnJefferson 30N 14EW half NW Qtr2780
BowersJohnJefferson 30N 14ENE Qtr NE Qtr2840$6.71
BrackenridgeR.Lake 31N 11EHalf E half SE Qtr3340$1.32
BrownJeddediahCedar Creek 32N 13ESE Qtr36131$4.41
BrownJeremiahJefferson 30N 14EE half SE Qtr3280
BrownJeremiahJefferson 30N 14ESW Qtr23160$13.64
BrownWilliamLake 31N 11EE half NE Qtr3280$4.30
BrownGeorgeMarion 29N 13ESW Qtr SW Qtr2440$1.25
BrownGeorge Springfield 32N 14EW half SW Qtr1975$2.51
BrownJohnWayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 33$4.56
BrownellR. P.Milan 31N 14ESE Qtr19160
BrownellR. P.Milan 31N 14EE half SW Qtr1980$7.74
BrunsonNathanMarion 29N 13ESE Qtr SE Qtr3540
BrunsonNathanMarion 29N 13ESW Qtr SW Qtr3640$4.63
BrunsonAdam Est.Marion 29N 13ENW Qtr SW Qtr3540$1.01
BuchananJohnEel River 32N 11ENE Qtr NE Qtr
BuchananJohnEel River 32N 11EW half NE Qtr11120$3.44
BuckinghamDavidSpringfield 32N 14EE half NE Qtr980$1.53
BurkHeirsPerry 32N 12EW half NE Qtr380$2.73
BuruhemeS.Cedar Creek 32N 13EE half SW Qtr1380$2.25
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