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1845 Delinquent Tax List, Allen County, Indiana

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CadienWilliamWayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 141$1.23
CaitRobertMonroe 29N 15ES half NE Qtr
CaitRobertMonroe 29N 15EE half SW Qtr6160$4.54
CallonP.Washington 31N 12EE half SE Qtr3080$2.88
CampbellJohnEel River 32N 11EPt sec16400$11.49
CanbyIsrael T.Maumee 31N 15ES half SW Qtr380
CanbyIsrael T.Maumee 31N 15ENW Qtr15160
CanbyIsrael T.Maumee 31N 15ESW Qtr17160
CanbyIsrael T.Maumee 31N 15EW half SE Qtr1780$58.04
CanbyIsrael T.Milan 31N 14EE half NE Qtr2480
CanbyIsrael T.Milan 31N 14EW half SE Qtr2480
CanbyIsrael T.Milan 31N 14ES half SW Qtr2480
CanbyIsrael T.Milan 31N 14ENE Qtr34160
CanbyIsrael T.Milan 31N 14ES half NW Qtr3480$60.22
CareySamuelPleasant 29N 12ESE Qtr SE Qtr3540$1.19
CarrollWilliamWayne 30N 12EPt NE Qtr SE Qtr622$0.58
CaubyIsrael T.Jefferson 30N 14ES half8320$31.18
CecilLeviPerry 32N 12ES half SE Qtr3160$1.80
ChamberlainW.Lake 31N 11EW half SW Qtr2080$2.64
ChamberlinHenryWayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 183$2.40
ChapmanJohnMilan 31N 14EFr SE Qtr N of R2842$1.36
ChaseStephenEel River 32N 11EE half SW Qtr2180
ChaseStephenEel River 32N 11EW half NE Qtr2780$4.82
Christie Henry W.Jefferson 30N 14ENE Qtr8160
Christie Henry W.Jefferson 30N 14EE half NW Qtr880$22.74
ChurchillEdwardAdams 30N 13ENE Qtr25169$11.83
ClarkElijahScipio 32N 15EN half NW Qtr1780$2.25
ClaxtonIsaacEel River 32N 11EW half NW Qtr2780$2.32
CoburnH.P.Milan 31N 14EN half20320
CoburnH.P.Milan 31N 14ES half17320$17.80
CockraneT. J.Lake 31N 11EE half NW Qtr2980$2.64
CocksHeirsJefferson 30N 14EE half SE Qtr3180
CocksHeirsJefferson 30N 14ESE Qtr19160$7.20
ColdenN. B.Marion 29N 13EPt. W half SW Qtr428$0.86
ColombiaDanaWayne 30N 12EEwing's Add.Lot 3$6.24
ColombiaJ. estateWayne 30N 12EEwing's Add.Lot 9$3.47
ColumbiaChristopherWayne 30N 12EEwing's Add.Lot 12$3.79
ComparetFrancisSt. Joseph 31N 13ESW Qtr790$3.86
ComparetFrancisWayne 30N 12EOld PlatLot 49
ComparetFrancisWayne 30N 12EPt E half SW Qtr1119
ComparetFrancisWayne 30N 12EOld PlatLot 57$12, 555
ComstockCharlesWayne 30N 12EPt 15$4.64
ConklinSamuelMadison 29N 14EE half SW Qtr2
ConklinSamuelMadison 29N 14ESE Qtr2240$6.83
ConnerGeorgeWayne 30N 12ERockhill's Add.Lot 78$1.17
CookRaswellSpringfield 32N 14ENW Qtr NW Qtr340$1.29
CooperHenryAdams 30N 13EE half NW Qtr1480$4.63
CorkingCharlesSpringfield 32N 14ENW Qtr SE Qtr240$3.16
CotesAlbertSt. Joseph 31N 13EW half NW Qtr3180
CotesAlbertSt. Joseph 31N 13EPt NW Qtr3120$5.17
CountrymanWilliamWayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 534
CountrymanWilliamWayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 535$10.55
CraffordJohnEel River 32N 11EE half SE Qtr2680$2.02
CraneJosephCedar Creek 32N 13ES half NE Qtr780
CraneJosephCedar Creek 32N 13ENW Qtr SE Qtr750$4.53
CrapoAsaEel River 32N 11ESE Qtr SW Qtr
CrapoAsaEel River 32N 11EW half NW Qtr20120
CrapoAsaEel River 32N 11EN half NE Qtr3580$6.44
CravenJamesWayne 30N 12EFr SW Qtr565$4.44
CravensJamesMarion 29N 13EE half NW Qtr2880$2.45
CrusenGeorge W.Wayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 54220 ft$5.64
Cushing MichaelWayne 30N 12EPt W half SE Qtr3160$2.37
CushmanHenryAdams 30N 13EW half NE Qtr1280$4.13
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