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Divorce News and Records, Allen Co., Indiana

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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.


Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (FWDG)
Fort Wayne Daily News (FWDN)
Fort Wayne Daily Sentinel (FWDS)
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (FWJG)
Fort Wayne Sentinel (FWS)
Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel (FWWS)

  • 01 Jan 1884 Mahala McManigal has sued her husband, Joseph McManigal for a divorce in the circuit court. (FWDG)
  • 04 Jan 1884 Yesterday afternoon Harriett Hettler filed in the superior court an application for a divorce from her husband, Gottlieb Hettler, on the grounds of cruelty. Hettler is an employee of the Pittsburg shops, a brother of ex-Councilman Hettler, and was a leader in the late lamented independent movement. Mrs. Hettler says in her complaint that on one occasion her husband demanded of her the keys to the house, saying that he wished to keep her in so that she could not escape until her had cut her to pieces with a butcher knife. Mrs. Hettler was undaunted and refused to be knifed and wouldn't give up the keys, so her brutal husband nailed the doors, and while thus occupied, she escaped. She alleges that he has habitually applied to her vulgar and obscene names, and that his conduct has grown from bad to worse. She affirms that on December 29 last, defendant struck her a hard blow in the face, and several days before the date mentioned, best her cruelly. She alleges that Hettler is worth $1,500, and demands a division of the property and custody of the children. (FWDS)
    [Harriette Hettler vs. Gottlieb Hettler, Case File]
  • 08 Jan 1884 Judge O'Rourke this morning granted Anna Weisman a divorce from Paul Weisman and granted Anna $300 alimony. (FWDS)
  • 15 Jan 1884 This morning, in the Superior court, Dr. William T. Knapp obtained a divorce from his wife. The doctor is a red-whiskered gentleman of distinguished mein, who resides on West Superior street. He used to practice medicine at Delphi, Ohio, and read to the Court a long statement, which was intended to show that he has three lady patients there, and that his wife had spoken derisively of their character. The court was full of lawyers, who smiled at the doctor's domestic trouble. (FWDN)
  • 16 Jan 1884 Deliah Nesbit has sued Isaac Nesbit for a divorce in the circuit court. (FWDS)
  • 16 Jan 1884 Mary McCarthy has applied for a divorce from James McCarthy. Mary also wants a lot the James transferred to Timothy McCarthy. Judge O'Rourke will try the case. (FWDS)
  • 17 Jan 1884 Hulda Reid asks a divorce from James Reid, her husband whose present whereabouts she has not been informed of. Abandonment is charged. (FWDN)
  • 20 Jan 1884 Yesterday in the superior court, Jason C. Frederickson was granted a divorce from Della Frederickson. The charge was abandonment. Frederickson lives in Maysville. (FWJG)
  • 25 Jan 1884 Some five weeks ago, Charles Futter, the you barber of Calhoun street, and Miss Carrie Meyers, daughter of the late Fred Meyers, were married. The bride was one of the prettiest and most intelligent girls in Fort Wayne, and her family is highly respected. A few weeks after marriage Futter, during the progress of a social party at his home on McClellan street, chocked his wife brutally. He was promptly taken in charge by friend and put to bed at the Robinson house. Since that time he has not lived with his wife. Yesterday he closed his barber shop on Calhoun street and conveyed his property to his mother. The shaving implements of his customers he left at Krohne & Racquet's gun store. We learned that Futter's intention is to leave town, and his wife proceedings for divorce. Mrs. Meyers is said to be very much down on her son-in-law, and at the time of the racket at the house on McClellan street, Mrs. Futter declared she would never live with her husband again. The young man is only twenty-one years of age. (FWDG)
  • 29 Jan 1884 Yesterday Charles A. Smith filed a complaint for divorce against Mary A. Smith, his wife. Smith is a blacksmith at Arcola, and though presumably a big burly man, as nearly all blacksmiths are, his wife seems to have gotten the upper hand of the son of Vulcan. He relates how she is in the habit of abusing him, banging him about like a shuttle-cock and applying to him opprobrious names. It is alleged by the maltreated husband that Mrs. Smith will do no work, and neglects the household duties and her only child. On one occasion Smith alleges that his wife came behind him with a butcher knife and made a deadly thrust at him. He saved his bacon by parrying the blow, and the blade sank into the back of the chair upon which he sat. Altogether Mr. Smith thinks he is getting the worst of it, and prays for a divorce from his shrewish spouse and the custody of his little daughter. (FWDG)
  • 31 Jan 1884 Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Cora Wells filed her complaint for divorce against her husband, Judson Wells. The defendant is the well-known clerk in the Pittsburg freight office, and the wife is a very pretty and intelligent young woman. She also asks for alimony and the custody of her young children, aged respectively seven and eight years. Mrs. Wells charges her husband with brutal and inhuman treatment. On Tuesday evening, she alleges he drove her from their home, on Williams street, and she is now with her mother. As an offset to Mrs. Well's charges, her husband says that his handsome wife has encouraged the attentions of other men and that he has to keep a close watch on her. He offers in excuse for an harshness, that when his eyes were opened to what he charges as infidelity on the part of his spouse, he couldn't control a little ebullition of his outraged feeling. (FWDG)

  • 03 Feb 1884 Mr. and Mrs. Wells have settled their difficulties and the complaint for separation has been withdrawn. (FWJG)
  • 05 Feb 1884 A divorce has been granted to Eva Haley from her husband, Daniel Haley. (FWDS)
  • 11 Feb 1884 This morning Winfield Lyons, a Pittsburg road employee, applied for a divorce from Jennie P. Lyons. Mr. Lyons charged his wife with cruelty, but when Judge Worden sized the fellow up, he told him to go and hunt up stronger evidence. The complaint was taken away from revision. It is hinted that Mrs. Lyons has ceased to regard her husband as a person to be loved, because he prefers to exchange courtesies with other females. It is said the Lyons wants a divorce that he may wed the wife of a Pittsburg engineer. Mrs. Lyons does not suffer for attention, however. No one is sorry, and the lawyers are busy. (FWDS)
  • 11 Feb 1884 This afternoon Winfield Lyons on an amended complaint was granted a divorce from his wife, who entered a general denial to all the charges in her husband's complaint. (FWDS)
  • 12 Feb 1884 Winfield Lyons, the Pittsburg railway employee who recently obtained a divorce from his wife, emphatically denies the report that he wants to wed the wife of a Pittsburg engineer, as he knows of no such lady and as he has no matrimonial intentions whatever. It is evident that such a report is entirely without foundation. (FWDS)
  • 20 Feb 1884 This afternoon Mrs. Anna Thompson, wife of James Thompson, filed in the Circuit Court a petition for divorce, which contains enough charged to certainly warrant a legal separation, and if true, to send her lord to the penitentiary. The first paragraph charges failure to provide. This is not uncommon in divorce suits, and may be the result of a temporary separation, or a more or less mistaken idea on the part of the wife as to what the husband with the means at have may provide. But it is in the second paragraph that the "business" lies. On January 11, 1884, it is explieitly stated the husband treated his wife with great cruelty, maltreated her shamefully, struck, beat and kicked her, ordered her to leave the house and threatened her life. In this situation of affairs Mrs. Thompson thinks a divorce would be in order, and she wants it about as quick as the law will let her have it. She seems to be an uneducated woman from the fact that she has not the ability to sign her name but makes only "her mark." Mrs. Thompson was married in Jackson, Michigan, August 26th, 1879. She has one child, a son three years old. His custody and the restoration of her maiden name of Anna Dalton, she seeks along with the decree of divorce. (FWDN)
  • 23 Feb 1884 Last night, Amelia Wagner applied for a divorce from Isaac N. Wagner. Mrs. Wagner says her husband does not provide for her. (FWDS)
  • 26 Feb 1884 The divorce case of Trunkell vs. Trunkell came up in the superior court this afternoon. (FWDS)
  • 26 Feb 1884 In the circuit court yesterday Mrs. Judson Wells was granted a divorce from her husband. Mr. Wells, who is a clerk in the Pittsburg freight office, takes the boy and Mrs. Wells the girl. (FWDG)
  • 27 Feb 1884 Mrs. Hollis Gillett, of Cedarville the divorced wife of the well-known saloon keeper, was in the city yesterday. She complains that her ex-husband does not furnigh the monthly allowance to her and his child that he agreed to. Mrs. Gillett is very angry and consulted her attorney with a view of bringing suit against Gillett. (FWDG)
  • 29 Feb 1884 Christian Eix wants a divorce from his wife, Charlotte Eix. The lawyers have the complaint locked up. (FWDS)

  • 10 Mar 1884 Mrs. Anna Thompson was this morning granted a divorce from James Thompson, in the circuit court. Thompson is a fugitive from justice. (FWDS)
  • 10 Mar 1884 This afternoon Charlotte Eiks filed a cross complaint against Christ Eiks, in which she calls her husband a habitual drunkard and other bad names. Mr. Eiks some time ago applied for a divorce from his wife. They live in this county. (FWDS)
  • 14 Mar 1884 Gottleib Hettler succeeded in making peace with his wife, who some time ago applied for a divorce. Last night he beat Mrs. Hettler and broke the furniture. Major Zollinger sent him to jail for three weeks this morning. Mrs. Hettler will again ask for a divorce. (FWDS)
  • 21 Mar 1884 Perry Alexander, the tall, slick horse buyer, will be remembered in Fort Wayne where he figured in police court and the suicide of the young woman on Barr street, whose body was afterward embalmed by J. C. Peltier, the scientific mortuary director. In May, 1882, Mr. Alexander applied for a divorce from his wife, making pretty bad charges against the woman, and to add insult to injury, had published in an obscure morning paper, with readers, a notice declaring her a non-resident and her residence a mystery. In July, 1883, Mrs. Alexander first learned that her husband had been legally separated from her. Now, the lady comes into court with a complaint asking that the divorce decree of her husband be set aside, as it was obtained on false and malicious representations. When her husband left her she had two children to care for, and had to leave Bluffton, where she then lived, for Hartford City, where she and her sone earned enough to live on. Mrs. Alexander says that Perry in now at Montpelier, Ind., living in a questionable way with various females. The matter will be heard soon in court. (FWDS)
  • 21 Mar 1884 This morning Joseph J. Jenkinson, the attorney, filed in the circuit court a complaint for a divorce by Tom Overly from Rose Overly, his wife. The paper is cleverly conceived and in it Tom sets forth that his wife refuses to live with him, and a home without someone to cheer it is not his idea of domestic bliss. Mr. Overly does not boom his own industry, but strongly hints that Mrs. Overly does not materially assist him in his struggles to keep the wolf from the door. He also notes the presence of a washtub at his house, in which his wife objects to chase the fleeing garment for a suffering public. On these colossal grounds Mr. Overly wants a legal separation from Rose that he may woo a more congenial companion. Tom is the well-known teamster and evidently has a rich sense of humor. He does not seek alimony. (FWDS)
  • 23 Mar 1884 Sarah A. Killian wants a divorce from Israel Killian. They live in Springfield township. (FWJG) [Superior Court, Case File]
  • 25 Mar 1884 John W. Walker has begun suit for divorce against Fanny J. Walker in Superior Court. (FWDN)
  • 28 Mar 1884 Elizabeth Marquardt has brought suit for divorce in the Superior Court against Scott Marquardt. She demands a legal separation on the grounds of failure to provide and the custody of their child besides. The petition states that before marriage she was pregnant with a bastard child and that Marquardt was the father. She thereupon began suit for bastardy, but consented that further prosecution cease of Marquardt would marry her. This he did but failed to support her. Of course Marquardt will not contest the case, being well satisfied for a legal separation. The parties live in Monroe township and Mrs. Marquardt swears that her occupation is that of housekeeper. (FWDN)

  • 09 Apr 1884 Dan Overly this morning got a divorce, in the superior court, from Rose Overly. The separation was wanted by both parties and the evidence was of the usual kind. Dan Overly is a well-known character and trades horses for a living. Rose Overly could write a book and give some startling information about the society of the slums. The woman knows the inside history of much bad business. (FWDS)
  • 11 Apr 1884 Some months ago, the divorce case of Julia Battenberg vs. Jacob Battenberg; a tailor living on High street in Bloomingdale was mentioned in the city papers. Mrs. Battenberg alleged that certain vile stories were circulated reflecting upon her chastity. She even alleged that Battenberg had told about that his wife has relations, to say the least, unlawful, with her step-son and brother. Yesterday the case came up for trial in the superior court before Judge Worden. Among the witnesses for Battenberg was his own son, a raw youth of twenty years named George Battenberg. Placed upon the stand young Battenberg entered into disgusting and revolting details of his relations with his step-mother. So filthy was the minute description as the young man described it that we cannot enter into all of the disgusting details. Even Judge Worden, accustomed to this sort of thing, changed color and them peremptorily closed further proceedings. His honor immediately sent for Prosecuting Attorney Dawson, and after a whispered conversation, the prosecutor drew an affidavit and in a few moments Battenberg, Jr., was arrested by Bailiff Hench and taken before Justice Wilkinson, who bound the prisoner over on the charge of incest to await the action of the grand jury in the sum of $300. Unable to furnish the amount, Battenberg was failed. The divorce was continued over until Saturday to allow the judge to get his appetite. (FWDG)
  • 11 Apr 1884 Every-one knows Alf Burnett, the colored cook at the Robinson. Alf has dished up more delicacies to the collective mouths of Fort Wayne than any one man. At Rome City the saints and sinner have partaken of the Burnett's cookery and thereafter patted their well-lined stomachs with the greatest satisfaction. The gourmands who have eaten of Alfred's succulent viands will be sorry to learn that he is in trouble. Yesterday in circuit court, his wife Adna R. Burnett sued him for a divorce. Her complaint alleges adultery with divers and sundry females of assorted colors, cruelty and abandonment. She also alleges that by her husband's excesses her health has been ruined which is as delicate a way as we have of putting the case. Mrs. Burnett who lives in the third ward alleges that her husband has property to the amount of $600. (FWDG) [Anna R. Burnett vs. Alfred Burnett, Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 12 Apr 1884 In the superior court his morning Emma Amstutz filed an application for separation from her husband, Peter Amstutz. In the document Emma tells pathetically how kind and lovingly she has been to her husband, and how, without pretest or provocation, he has doubted her chastity and talked too robust. She makes the sensational charge that Mr. Amstutz has threatened her life and last month pointed a revolver at her. She also says she fears bodily harm from her husband, who threatened to shoot her if she left his house, applied for a divorce or again got married. These injunctions Mrs. Amstutz is about to break, therefore she trembles least the irate husband put his threats into execution and implores the protection of the court. Mrs. Amstutz wants $500 alimony and prays for an injunction to prohibit the Grand Rapids and Indiana railroad from paying him certain monies until her case is decided on. The parties live on John street and are quite well known. (FWDS)
    [Emma Amstutz vs. Peter Amstutz, Superior Court, Case File]
  • 15 Apr 1884 John J. Arnold, this morning filed an application for divorce from his wife, Mary E. Arnold. The complaint has no startling points. The parties are known in the country. (FWDS)
    [John J. Arnold vs Mary E. Arnold, Superior Court, Case File]
  • 15 Apr 1884 Mary Armstrong has made application for a divorce from Louise T. Armstong. She alleged a failure on the part of Louis to provide for her comfort. (FWDS)
  • 16 Apr 1884 Sarah M. Lee, a pretty little cherub, this morning filed a petition for divorce from John M. Lee. Sarah claims that since she wedded John he has abused her and reflected severely on her good name. Now he refuses to bask int the sunshine of her smiles, and she wants a legal separation. (FWDS)
  • 19 Apr 1884 Frances M. Ames has been granted a divorce from Milon Ames. (FWDS)
    [Frances M. Ames vs. Milon E. Ames, Superior Court, Case File]
  • 29 Apr 1884 Susan M. Donaldson has sued James Donaldson for divorce. (FWDS) [Circuit Court, Case File]

  • 13 May 1884 Sarah Donaldson was granted a divorce from her husband this afternoon by Judge O'Rourke. (FWDS)
  • 15 May 1884 Ellen Steen asks for a divorce from John Steen. Judge Worden will try the case. (FWDS)
  • 16 May 1884 In the absence of Judge Worden, Judge S.E. Sinclair presided in the superior court this morning. The Ames divorce case came up, and the bachelor judge listened to the testimony of Mrs. Ames with satisfaction. With a few remarks on the fanacy of modern marriage Judge Sinclair legally separated Mrs. Ames from her husband. (FWDS)
  • 20 May 1884 Cynthia A. Gaylord has sued Sylvester Gaylord for a divorce. (FWDS)
  • 27 May 1884 Rupert Wagner, the ex-saloon keeper has applied for a divorce from Helen J. Wagner his latest wife. They have lived unhappily together since their marriage at Wabash. It is not known whom Rupert will marry next. (FWDN)
  • 28 May 1884 In the superior court this morning Hon. Peter Kiser filed a complaint for divorce from his wife, Rebecca Kiser. Mr. Kiser is the pioneer proprietor of the general store on Calhoun street, and his eccentricities have made his known all over northern Indiana. Born in 1825 Mr. Kiser came to this county and was employed to furnish meat rations to the Indians by General Tipton. He opened the first butcher shop in town and built the first market house. There is not an important event in the history of the city and county that is not recorded in his famous scrap book. Although quite old, he still cuts, with an ancient ax, the wood for a stove in his place of business and lives as he did in the primitive days of Fort Wayne. He twice represented this county in the state legislature and is quite a genius. These facts make his present petition for divorce novel and interesting. The paper is as follows: "Peter Kiser complains of Rebecca Kiser and say that he is now, and has been for fifty years last past, a bona fide resident of Allen county, Indiana; that he was married to the defendant on the 2nd day of January, 1842, at Fort Wayne, Indiana; that the marriage ceremony was performed by Judge McMakin; that he has lived and cohabited with the defendant as her husband until about the 1st of March, 1882; that at all times since their said marriage he has treated the defendant kindly and affectionately and supported her and supplied all her wants; that this plaintiff is of the age of seventy-eight years; that plaintiff and the defendant have sons living, all of whom are of the age of twenty-one years, and able to work and do for themselves; that all of said sons have no love or affection for plaintiff, and they have succeeded in alienating the defendant from this plaintiff, so the she has now no respect or affection for him; that about the year 1864 the defendant began to treat this plaintiff unkindly and abusively and her ill-treatment increased and continued from that time until said 1st day of March, 1882, when the defendant, prompted by her unfriendly feeling for him and instigated by her sons, and while this plaintiff was sick and suffering from the infirmities of old age, drove and compelled him to leave his home that he had purchased with his own means, and where he has lived forty years; and that ever since said time plaintiff has been without the comforts of a home and the tender care of a wife although by reason of his age and infirmities he was greatly in need thereof; that frequently before the plaintiff was compelled to leave his home as aforesaid the defendant and his son, Ellis, have threatened to take his life; that ever since said 1st day of March, 1882, the defendant has shown no disposition to relent and permit him to return home and live with her; that he believes that the defendant will never again have any love or affection for him and that there is no hope of any reconciliation between them. Wherefore, he asks the court to divorce him for the defendant and for such other and proper relief as to the court shall seem proper and meet. (FWDS)

  • 05 Jun 1884 Sarah B. Tedegar yesterday brought suit in the circuit court against Fred Tedegar for divorce. Failure to provide is urged as the cause. (FWDG)
  • 06 Jun 1884 Nathaniel H. Fitch, of the Pittsburg freight house, has applied for a divorce from his wife, Mary E. Fitch. Mr. Fitch was formerly in business at Maples. (FWDS) [Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 07 Jun 1884 This morning, Hiram D. Carll filed application for divorce from his wife, Harriette R. Carll. Mr. Carll is the veteran typo and alleges his wife deserted him. They were married here in 1864 by Rev. Reuben Toby. (FWDS)
    [Hiram D. Carll vs. Harriet R. Carll, Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 10 Jun 1884 Wilhelmina Brilmyer has applied for a divorce from John Brilmyer. John has been cruel and swallowed too much liquor. (FWDS)
  • 11 Jun 1884 Mary L. Peyton wants a divorce from William B., on account of general cussedness. (FWDN)
  • 11 Jun 1884 Caroline Hickman wants to get away from her present liege lord, William Hickman for failure to provide. (FWDN)
  • [16 Jun 1884] Emma Hyde vs. Charles Hyde, Superior Court, Case File
  • 26 Jun 1884 Pete Mollet, the countryman, whose wife sued him for divorce, took revenge by shipping her. It cost Peter some $15 yesterday. (FWDS)
  • 30 Jun 1884 Dennis Conner, a brother to Pat Conner the ex-policeman, seems to be vieing with the latter named person in domestic brutality. Dennis was married about a year ago, and the issue of the marriage is a child only a few weeks old. In a complaint for divorce filed today by Margaret Conners, his wife some very rank charges of brutality are made. She alleges that he liege lord has at various time during the past year treated her in a most inhuman manner, both is action and in words. He has frequently accused her of un-chastity as a wife, and on divers occasions in the presence of others, said that the child was a bastard. He has struck her and otherwise maltreated her, times without number. She says he is an habitual drunkard and has been on a protracted spree for a week past. Today he came home in a very drunken condition and again abused her; he then went out and sold off all the household furniture to a second-hand man, and coming back assisted in getting the same out of the souse, even to the bed upon which their little babe was sleeping. Burning under repeated indignities, Mrs. Connors secured the services of Prosecutor Bittinger and laid the facts before him which resulted in the bringing of a suit for divorce, the complaint alleging the offenses above names. If Conners appears in defense we will vouch that Mr. Bittinger will read his the riot act in such a manner as he never heard it before. (FWDN)
    [Margaret Conners vs. Dennis Conners, Superior Court, Case File]

  • 03 Jul 1884 Mary Franz has applied for a divorce from George Franz. The couple had three children, the custody of whom Mrs. Fanz also prays for. She charges in her complaint that George is a habitual drunkard, and has not provided any sustenance for the family for over two years, and has besides at divers times abused and maltreated her, and in the presence of others applied approbrious epithets to her. (FWDN) [Superior Court, Case File]
  • 07 Jul 1884 This morning Mrs. Ogden applied for a divorce from Mr. Ogden, who manages and controls the plumbing establishment opposite The Sentinel office. In her complaint Mrs. Ogden charges her husband with cruelty and failure to provide, although it was her money which established him in business. After their marriage Mrs. Ogden conveyed her money to her husband who established the business before mentioned. The children of Mrs. Ogden by former husbands instituted the suits to recover certain monies and did get a sum. These suits originated the trouble between Mr. and Mrs. Ogden, and their life was not a continual round of pleasure since then. Mr. Ogden is accused of being rude by Mrs. Ogden, who says she never ceased to love and was always ready to caress him. On the other hand she says her husband did not provide for her, and in consequence she suffered much torment and privation, sometimes being without food and at no time did the table groan with delicacies, because Mr. Ogden held the purse-strings. Mrs. Ogden also sues for a division of the property and the money she gave her husband in trust. (FWDS)
  • 17 Jul 1884 Yesterday Mrs. Hulda Reed was granted a divorce from James Reed. Hulda's case has been pending a long time, but at last she is free to enter fresh matrimonial waters. (FWDS)
  • 23 Jul 1884 Mary Hoelke has applied for a divorce from Fred Hoelke. The complaint was not filed in court and cannot be reviewed. The affidavit intimates that Fred is in Germany and Mrs. Hoelke longs for an affectionate embrace. (FWDS)
  • 29 Jul 1884 Florence Friemuth has filed a petition for divorce from her husband, August Friemuth. The causes for the separation have already been freely ventilated. (FWDN)
    [28 Jul 1884 Florance C. Freimuth vs. August Freimuth, Circuit Court, Case File]

  • 01 Aug 1884 Yesterday Christian H. Bockerman, employed at the Olds factory, filed an application for divorce from Phoebe M. Boekerman, to whom he was wedded in Cumberland county, N.J., August 9, 1852. He says that up to March, 1878, they lived together, but about that time Phoebe abandoned him and left him to struggle alone in this evil world without her assistance and good cheer. Now Christian is tired of this sort of thing and wants to be legally released from the bonds that bind him to his wife. (FWDS)
  • 01 Aug 1884 This morning Catherine Luebking filed application for a divorce from Henry Luebking. The parties were married in this city four years ago, but did not cultivate much bliss, because in June, 1881 Mrs. Luebking alleges her husband called her very wicked names and threatened to kill her. Later he took all the personal property from her, and sold the clothes of their dead child to buy whisky for himself. Of late Henry has entirely neglected to hustle for the necessary household articles, and his wife thinks herself better off without him. She wants a divorce and other relief not now stated. (FWDS)
  • 07 Aug 1884 Oscar Hoadley wants a divorce from Fidelia Hoadley. He charges abandonment. FW [Superior Court, Case File]
  • 08 Aug 1884 Hon. Peter Kiser and his wife have become reconciled again and no divorce will be asked for. (FWDS)
  • 22 Aug 1884 Tuesday evening James Hughes, a helper in the Kerr Murray Foundry, went to his home at No. 25 Walnut street and at the point of a revolver drove his family into the street. He was arrested and fined for the offense. Since then he has grown more violent and his murderous threats on the life of his wife hastened her to consult A. H. Bittenger and cause the arrest of the irate blacksmith for surety of the peace. Just before noon Constable Robbins arrested Hughes in the Kerr Murray foundry and Justice Hayes required bond of $500 to keep the peace. He could not furnish the amount and went to jail. During the trial for surety of the peace, Hughes was served with papers in a divorce suit instituted by his wife. She charges the severest cruelty and failure to provide. She also asks the custody of minor children and $1,000. (FWDS)
  • 27 Aug 1884 Mary Hughes wants a divorce from James Hughes, who is now in jail for misusing her. She will get it. (FWDN)
  • [29 Aug 1884] Mary Edginton vs. Isaac Edginton, Circuit Court, Case File
  • 30 Aug 1884 Josephine Besancon has sued for divorce from her husband, Francis Besancon. The parties live on Hanna street. The complaint is in the pocket of an attorney and The Sentinel is unable to air Josephine's grievances. (FWDS)

  • 01 Sep 1884 Sadie B. Tedeger, quite a blooming young woman, was granted a divorce today in the circuit court by Judge O'Rourke. Sadie accused her husband, Fred Tedeger, with adultery and Minnie Brown substantiated the matter. Mr. Tedeger did a cheap jewelry business. (FWDS)
  • 02 Sep 1884 This afternoon Mrs. Mary Hughes was granted a divorce from her husband James Hughes, a helper in the Kerr Murray foundry. She was also given alimony by Judge O'Rourke. (FWDS)
  • 03 Sep 1884 Amanda Shane has filed a complaint in the circuit court asking a decree of divorce from her husband, Henry Shane. Cruelty and neglect is charged. (FWDS)
  • 04 Sep 1884 Emma C. Emery sues John W. Emery in the circuit court for a divorce. The petition says they have lived together fifteen years and the Plaintiff has had issue, two sons, aged seventeen and seven years. Failure to provide and gross cruelty, are set forth in the complaint. (FWDS) [Case File]
  • 04 Sep 1884 Prof. Otto Schmidt today was granted a divorce by Judge O'Rourke. The charge in the petition was simply abandonment. Prof. Schmidt has been much annoyed of late years by his spouse, and is much elated at being finally free from her importunities. (FWDN)
  • 15 Sep 1884 Nicholas Keffer, chimney sweep living at 26 East Main street with his mother, who keeps house for him, was unfortunate in domestic relations with his wife. Sometime last week his wife left him and went to live with her mother at the corner of Washington and Lafayette streets. She commenced proceedings for a divorce Friday, and meanwhile retained possession of their child. Last night, having been advised by her attorney to get hold of the child, he visited her mother and upon pretense of looking at his offspring, got to see it. (FWDG)
  • 15 Sep 1884 Mary Koelke was granted a divorce from her husband, Fred Koelke this morning. There was no time lost in the trial. The decree came very suddenly. (FWDN)
  • 22 Sep 1884 Mrs. Amanda Shane, was today granted a divorce from Henry Shane in the superior court. (FWDS)
  • 26 Sep 1884 Emma C. Emery was yesterday granted a divorce from John C. Emery by Judge Edward O'Rourke. (FWDS)
  • 26 Sep 1884 Emma Miner has applied for a divorce from Burdick Miner, on the grounds of cruelty. Last week her husband choked and beat her. (FWDS)

  • 01 Oct 1884 Valentine Seitz was today granted a divorce by Judge O'Rourke from Maria Seitz. The ground was cruelty. (FWDN)
  • 01 Oct 1884 The surety of the peace case against James Hughes, the blacksmith, was yesterday dismissed in the criminal court. Mrs. Hughes, who has applied for a divorce from her husband, fears he will kill her and this morning filed another surety of the peace against him before Justice Hayes. Hughes was arrested and went to jail in default of bail. Mrs. Hughes came into the justice's court crying and say she believes her husband will kill her the first opportunity. (FWDS)
  • 02 Oct 1884 Catharine Luebking was yesterday granted a divorce from Henry Luebking in the circuit court. (FWDS)
  • 02 Oct 1884 Josephine Besancon has been divorced from her former lord, Francis. She was also given alimony in the sum of $1,000. (FWDS)
  • 11 Oct 1884 In the superior court yesterday Oscar Hoadley was granted a divorce from his wife, Fidelia. (FWDS)
  • 11 Oct 1884 In the superior court yesterday the ties that bound Mary and Georg France together were severed at Mary's request. (FWDS)
  • 11 Oct 1884 Emma Miner was granted a divorce from her husband this moring in the superior court on the grounds of cruel treatment. (FWDS)
  • 13 Oct 1884 Saturday Tom Ahern, the plasterer, was fined for assaulting his wife and sister-in-law. Now his wife avows her life is in jeopardy and institutes a surety of the peace case against her husband. Mr. Ahern gave bond for his appearance before Judge O'Rourke in the sum of $200. (FWDS)
  • 13 Oct 1884 August Friemuth has commenced suit against Florence Friemuth for divorce. They were married during the present year but have not since lived together. Friemuth says that he married his present wife in Hays' Court, where he was the defendant in a bastardy suit preferred by her. He says he married her because he had no other way of settling the matter except by going to jail. He further avers that he is not the father of his wife's child and that he is prepared to prove that fact now. At any rate he wants to get rid of his uncomfortable household fixture. (FWDN)
  • 13 Oct 1884 John Amstutz has applied for a divorce from his wife, Mary Amstutz. The parties live in Cedar Creek township. (FWDS)
  • 16 Oct 1884 Mary J. Harrod has applied for a divorce in the superior court, from her husband, Newton Harrod. Mary says she has long been separated from her husband, who treated her cruelly and threatened her life. Newton has not supported her although he is able bodied. For these reasons Mrs. Harrod wants to be separated from her first love. (FWDS)
    [Margaret L. Harrod vs. Newton Harrod, Superior Court, Case File]
  • 21 Oct 1884 Chas. Mahavens has sued Wilhelmina Mahavens for a divorce. Attorney Rodabaugh has the complaint in his pocket, and the energetic reporter cannot air Mr. Mahavens' grievances. (FWDS)
  • 25 Oct 1884 This morning Thomas Ahern filed a complaint for divorce from his wife, Ellen B. Ahern. The complaint is somewhat out of the usual run. Mr. Ahern alleges that he was married some twelve years ago, and presents a picture of marital infelicity which will cause many young men on the verge of marriage to hesitate before they go and do it. Petitioner alleges that his wife has been in the habit of purloining considerable sums of money from his pocket to gratify her extravagant tastes. This has continued to such an extent that he has been unable to meet his financial obligations, and is crippled in business. Further, deponent shows that when refused money, his wife would rush upon the street and cream loudly, thus humiliating her husband. Ahern alleges that his wife abandoned him October 5, taking all the bedding, leaving not enough to cover him. He asks a divorce and the custody of their eleven-year-old daughter. (FWDN)
  • 29 Oct 1884 Sarah Overly has sued for a divorce from Dan Overly. (FWDS)
  • 29 Oct 1884 Margaret Harrod was granted a decree of divorce yesterday from Newton Harrod. (FWDG)

  • 12 Nov 1884 Louisa Nickerson has applied for a divorce from George Nickerson. The parties were married at Huntertown but for the past few years George has not provided for the woman he vowed to love and she proposes to shake him in legal form. (FWDS)
  • 12 Nov 1884 In the superior court yesterday Peter Kiser appeared and moved that the proceedings he instituted for divorce from his wife be dismissed at his cost. Judge Ninde so decreed and then Mrs. Kiser filed objections and exceptions to the ruling. This was probably to prevent Uncle Peter from bringing proceedings again. (FWDS)
  • 13 Nov 1884 Ada L. Weaver has sued John H. Weaver for divorce.
  • 13 Nov 1884 Alfred Gebert has proceeded against Lizzie Gebert to obtain a divorce. Mr. and Mrs. Gebert were married in this city in 1882, and since then Lizzie has been rude and cruel to her husband, finally abandoning him for fresher fields. (FWDS) [Superior Court, Case File]
  • 15 Nov 1884 Yesterday afternoon A. Gebert, who a few days ago filed a petition for a divorce from his wife, paid the accrued cost and withdrew the suit. He and his better half have made up again. FEDN
  • 17 Nov 1884 Dr. George B. McIntosh, of the Standard Life association has been granted a divorce from his wife, Mary A. McIntosh. The plaintiff alleged cruel treatment. (FWDS)
  • 18 Nov 1884 Judge O'Rourke made Mrs. Thomas Ahern an allowance of $75 to oppose the divorce proceedings instituted by her husband. (FWDS)
  • 19 Nov 1884 Mrs. Alice Welling is seeking a divorce from her husband, Francis Welling. The parties formerly lived in the northern part of the county. Mrs. Welling is now employed in a sewing machine office here. (FWDS)
  • 20 Nov 1884 This morning Judge Hench, of the superior court granted a divorce on the petition of Belle M. Jones from Maurice L. Jones. The plaintiff alleged cruel and inhuman treatment, that he refused to live with her and accused her falsely of infidelity. The wife was given the custody of the infant child and also alimony in the sum of $600, the amount being agreed upon by the parties. Mr. Jones is the photographer. (FWDS)
  • 20 Nov 1884 The divorce Case of Christie vs. Christie was disposed of in the Circuit Court this forenoon, the plaintiff being granted a decree. (FWDN)
  • 20 Nov 1884 This morning a divorce was granted in the Circuit Court, the parties to which are very well-known in this city. The plaintiff was Mrs. M. L. Jones, wife of the well-known photographer. The complaint was filed this morning, and taken up at once by agreement, and after the testimony was heard a decree was entered. The petition charged cruelty and asked for the custody of their child. Had excessive alimony been asked, the defendant would have made some charges in the nature of a cross-complaint. FEDN
  • 22 Nov 1884 The case of Hyde vs. Hyde for divorce, was dismissed in the superior court by Judge Hench this morning. The parties have renewed allegiance and vows of fidelity to each other. (FWDS)
  • 24 Nov 1884 Toyce A. McLaren this morning applied for a divorce from her husband, Avery McLaren. Mrs. McLaren avers in the complaint that her husband abandoned her and has refused to provide anything but abuse and cruelty to make life pleasant. The woman is compelled to do washing for a livelihood and asks the court to free her from her husband. McLaren lives in the city and used to twist brakes on the Wabash road. (FWDS)
  • 26 Nov 1884 Fred Phillips has commenced suit in the Superior Court against Caroline Phillips for divorce. The defendant is a non-resident and among other things the plaintiff alleges abandonment. (FWDN)

  • 03 Dec 1884 Judge O'Rourke yesterday refused a divorce in the case of Harriet vs. Frederick Keefer. (FWDS)
  • 03 Dec 1884 Ada L. Weaver was divorced yesterday from John H. Weaver. Mrs. Weaver was also given the custody of a child until further order of the court. (FWDS)
  • 03 Dec 1884 Minnie Thompson has the marital bonds burst that tied her to Charles S. Thompson and was awarded $500 alimony. (FWDS)
  • 04 Dec 1884 Mrs. Rachel Robinson has instituted proceedings for divorce from her husband David A. Robinson. Incompatibility of temper is the cause for separation. Mrs. Robinson asks $4,000 alimony. (FWDS)
  • 04 Dec 1884 Hon. Peter Kiser today again applied for a divorce from his wife, Rebecca Kiser. Mr. Kiser repeated the averments of a former complaint. Mr. Kiser dismissed a former application for divorce, but is now anxious to get a separation and divide his property among his heirs. He alleges that Mrs. Kiser refuses to live with him and display the necessary degree of affection. Mr. Kiser was once a member of the Indiana legislature and is known all over Indiana as the possessor of George Washington's hatchet and a famous scrap book. (FWDS)
  • 05 Dec 1884 Anna Beery has sued Eli Beery for divorce. (FWDS)
  • 13 Dec 1884 Dora Moore has sued Columbus Moore for divorce. The Sentinel cannot air Mrs. Moore's grievances, because her attorney, J. L. Wiserman has the complaint in his pocket. (FWDS)
  • 14 Dec 1884 Ann Vizzard has sued John Vizzard in the superior court for a divorce. Drunkenness and cruelty is charged. (FWJG)
  • 15 Dec 1884 Anna Beery today obtained a divorce and $100 alimony from Eli Berry in the Circuit court. (FWDN)
  • 16 Dec 1884 Charles Marrhens was relieved from the bonds which have claimed his to his Wilhelmina, who ran away with another fellow, by Judge O'Rourke. (FWDG)
  • 17 Dec 1884 Christ Moore the other day applied for a divorce from his wife, Cora Moore. Today Mrs. Moore made application to abate the proceedings, as her husband has not been a resident of the county for six months. Judge Hench will consider the matter. (FWDS)
  • 27 Dec 1884 Consideration of the Robinson divorce case was resumed in the circuit court this morning. Dave Robinson, the defendant was called to the witness stand and told the story of his domestic troubles in a characteristic rambling manner. He denied all the allegations of adultery advanced by his wife and Judge O'Rourke refused to grant the woman a divorce. Dave looked at his wife and the wife looked shy at Dave. They kissed, embraced and started home in a sleigh as affectionate as a bridal couple. This happy ending of an apparently bitter feud sent a ripple of laughter over the court assembly. (FWDS)
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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.