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Divorce News and Records, Allen Co., Indiana

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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.


Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (FWDG)
Fort Wayne Daily News (FWDN)
Fort Wayne Sentinel (FWS)

  • 06 Jan 1885 Lillie Dora Driscoll yesterday filed application for a divorce from her husband, William Driscoll. The people were married by Justice Pratt, May 19, 1881, and in July following Driscoll abandoned his wife. (FWDG)
  • 07 Jan 1885 A few days ago the divorce case of Rachael Robinson vs. David L. Robinson, was heard by Judge O’Rourke who refused to issue a decree, but advised the parties to make up and go home. They did so, at least they entered a sleigh and went home together. The second honeymoon, however was also of short duration and this morning Mrs. Robinson again commenced divorce proceedings, this time asking for $3,500 alimony. The complaint is very lengthy and charges abandonment, unchastity, ill treatment and failure to provide. The case will be heard in the Superior Court, this time. (FWDN)
  • 07 Jan 1885 Catherine Meyers, today began proceedings for a divorce from John W. Myers, her husband. The parties were married here in 1867 and lived together until 1884. The woman charges her husband with committing adultery with various women, and asks the custody of her ten year old daughter, Miss Lulu. (FWS)
  • 13 Jan 1885 The divorce case of Thomas A’Hern is on trial in the Circuit Court before Judge Ninde. The surety of the peace case was heard before Judge O’Rourke, hence a change of venue was taken and Judge Ninde was called as special judge. (FWDN)
  • 14 Jan 1885 Judge Hench divorced John Amstutz from Mary Amstutz, but gave Mrs. Amstutz $250 alimony. (FWS)
  • 14 Jan 1885 In the circuit court today Mrs. Ellen B. A’Hern dismissed her cross complaint for divorce and alimony and the suit of her husband came up. Judge Ninde refused him a divorce. (FWS)
  • 15 Jan 1885 Mrs. Rebecca Kiser was yesterday allowed $50 by Judge Hench to prosecute her suit for divorce against Uncle Peter Kiser. The money comes out of the Kiser estate. (FWS)
  • 15 Jan 1885 Alice Welling has been divorced from Francis Welling and awarded $100 alimony. The people fail from the northern part of the county, but Mrs. Welling, who is young and handsome, now lives in the city with her brother. (FWS)
  • 16 Jan 1885 Maria Wyman has sued Henry Wyman for a divorce in the circuit court. A.H. Bittenger has the complaint in his pocket, but there is nothing sensational in it. Wyman abandoned his wife. (FWS)
  • 16 Jan 1885 Mrs. Mary Aufrecht Amstutz has secured a divorce from Peter Amstutz. She will sell her valuable property here and remove to Alleghany City, Pennsylvania. (FWDG)
  • 21 Jan 1885 In the superior court, Isabella Wilson yesterday sued “Ben” Wilson for divorce and change of name. The plaintiff claims that her husband deserted her and in a few months that her husband robbed her of $60 and skipped. (FWDG)
  • 22 Jan 1885 Catherine Meyers was divorced from John W. Meyers by Judge O’Rourke this afternoon. (FWS)
  • 22 Jan 1885 John M. Bowman has sued for a divorce from Minnie V. Bowman, his wife. Bowman lives in Lake township, where he is a farm laborer. (FWS)
  • 24 Jan 1885 In the superior court this morning Judge John Morris, for Dave Robinson, filed a cross-complaint in the suit for divorce brought by his wife. David sets up a general denial to the charges made by his wife and cites as a reason for their last separation that Mrs. Robinson put her hands in soap suds and the lovingly put them about David’s neck, to squeeze him. He objected to this kind of courtship, and says so in a forcible way. David wanted no soap suds love in his. The complaint of Mrs. Robinson cites that her husband is worth $8,100 and she wants half of it. He also gets $24 a month pension money. David offer to give his wife a divorce, $1,000 and a cow if she will quit. (FWS)
  • 25 Jan 1885 Dave Robinson has filed a cross complaint in the divorce suit brought by his wife. Dave swears that his wife’s temper is a little soured. (FWDG)

  • 07 Feb 1885 Timothy F. Dishler asks Judge Hench to release him from the “holy bonds” which have hitherto chained him to Sarah L. (FWDG)
  • 07 Feb 1885 Angeline De Vott wants a divorce from Thomas DeVott. The grounds are cruelty and drunkenness. (FWDG)
  • 11 Feb 1885 Francis Marren has sued Jane Marren in the circuit court for divorce. The charge is abandonment and cruelty. (FWDG)
  • 12 Feb 1885 John Gleeck has sued Jennie Gleeck in the superior court for divorce. Abandonment is charged. (FWDG)
  • 21 Feb 1885 Aaron Double yesterday sued Eliza Double in the superior court for a divorce. Aaron wants to trot single after this. (FWDG)
  • 21 Feb 1885 Maria Wyman was today divorced from Henry Wyman by Judge O’Rourke. (FWS)
  • 24 Feb 1885 Sarah Hunt this afternoon filed application before Judge O’Rourke for a divorce from her husband, Tom Hunt, who keeps a road house near the French brewery. The woman alleges she married Tom in 1882, that he is now a habitual drunkard, and yesterday abused her in a vile manner. He kicked her, struck her and drove her out of her home with a knife, and vowed he would kill her if she ever returned. She asks a divorce and $1,000. Judge O’Rourke promulgated an order restraining Hunt from selling his property until the suit is settled. (FWS)
  • 26 Feb 1885 Mrs. Louise Staunton has secured a divorce from her husband, ex-Engineer James Staunton, of the Pittsburgh. The lady has enjoyed considerable local fame as a poetess and called herself, when rhyming, “Winona Rivers.” (FWDG)
  • 26 Feb 1885 Emma Lepker asks a divorce from Wm. Lepker, whom she says struck and kicked her July 4, last. Lepker is the man recently acquitted of the charge of robbing Mrs. Yehne. (FWS)
  • 28 Feb 1885 Mary M. Hinkle writes to County Clerk Maier, from a Wisconsin town to inquire whether her husband, Wm. A. Hinkle, had applied for a divorce in any of our courts. She said that if he had, and was willing to pay her $100, she would not fight the case. (FWDN)

  • 03 Mar 1885 Mrs. Caroline Schiefer has begun suit for divorce against Charles Schiefer, the ex-constable, whose attempt to shoot his brother-in-law was mentioned in the Gazette of Sunday. Cruelty and drunkenness is charged. Schiefer was fined yesterday for assault and will probably leave the city. (FWDG)
  • 03 Mar 1885 Rebecca Bowser has filed a petition for a divorce from her husband, Samuel O. Bowser. Rebecca alleges that Samuel has neglected to provide the necessary provision for her sustenance, and that he has also been very, very untrue to his marriage vows. She asks for no alimony. (FWDN)
  • 05 Mar 1885 Marion T. Dillinbeck seeks a divorce from Mary H. Dillinbeck. The usual charge of estranged affections is made against Mary. (FWS)
  • 10 Mar 1885 Mrs. Perry Alexander asked the court to set aside a decree of divorce granted her husband two years ago. (FWS)
  • 11 Mar 1885 In the circuit court yesterday Lillie Driscoll obtained a divorce from William Driscoll. (FWDG)
  • 11 Mar 1885 Mrs. Daura Groves Bond has sued Will H. Bond for a divorce in the circuit court. The male Bond is crazy and annoys the Gazette by his frequent visits. He has been locked up in the insane asylum at Indianapolis. (FWDG)
  • 14 Mar 1885 Samuel Bowser was fined $10 and costs for desertion of his wife and two children. Failure to provide is also charged and will be the grounds for a divorce case, to be preferred by the wife. The desertion case was heard by Justice Ryan, and the defendant, Bowser, took an appeal to the circuit court. (FWDG)
  • 17 Mar 1885 The sensational divorce case of Schiefer vs. Schiefer, is set for Wednesday, in the superior court. (FWDG)
  • 18 Mar 1885 The divorce case of Kiser vs. Kiser, is on trial in the superior court. Uncle Peter and his wife are in attendance, and the evidence is spicy, but too delicate for publication. (FWS)
  • 19 Mar 1885 The Schiefer divorce case came up in the superior court yesterday and was argued at length. Judge Hench took the case under advisement and may render his decision today. (FWDG)
  • 19 Mar 1885 Angeline Devot was today divorced from Franklin Devot by Judge Edward O’Rourke. (FWS)
  • 20 Mar 1885 Yesterday afternoon in the superior court Judge Samuel M. Hench after investing the evidence carefully for a day or two announced his decision in the suit of divorce brought by the aged Hon. Peter Kiser against his wife. The old gentleman is rather childish and hardly responsible for some of his actions. Indeed he testified on the stand that that he had no desire for a separation from his wife and made other remarkable statements. Judge Hench very properly refused the petition of Mr. Kiser and the matter rests, it is to be hoped, forever. (FWDG)
  • 20 Mar 1885 The case of Mrs. Charles Schiefer against her husband, the well-known ex-deputy constable, came up. The plaintiff is a member of the Vordermark family and an estimable lady. A decree of absolute divorce and custody of the children was granted. Mr. Schiefer took the matter much to heart and shed tears. He called at the Gazette office last evening to state that he should appeal the case to the supreme court. He further said that he will instruct his attorneys to commence proceeding for damages against his brothers-in-law for a heavy amount. This suit will be for false imprisonment. It will be remembered that Schiefer was arrested some weeks ago on the charge of attacking one of his wife’s brothers with a revolver. Mr. Schiefer says he did not draw a weapon, and that it was all a conspiracy to disgrace him and estrange him from his wife and children. We merely give his version of the matter. (FWDG)
  • 31 Mar 1885 In the circuit court yesterday, Elizabeth Humphrey sued John Humphrey for a divorce. (FWDG)

  • 06 Apr 1885 Emma Schuck asks for a divorce from Louis Schuck, whom she married a few months ago. (FWS)
  • 08 Apr 1885 Sarah L. Craig has sued Jepthah Craig for a divorce. (FWS)
  • 11 Apr 1885 Barney Kalvarisky and Sarah Kalvarisky, who were divorced by law some time ago, have gone to Chicago to get a divorce according to the rituals of their church. (FWDN)
  • 11 Apr 1885 Eliza McLaren has again applied for a divorce from her husband, Henry McLaren. The people has a quarrel night before last and this is the result. (FWS)
  • 13 Apr 1885 Judge Hench refused to grant Emma Schuck a divorce from Louis Schuck. (FWS)
  • 16 Apr 1885 Mrs. Rachel Robinson is suing her husband, Dave Robinson for a divorce. (FWS)
  • 20 Apr 1885 Alice Van Allen filed for a divorce from Andrew. She married Andrew Van Allen January 27, 1879. Rev. James Harter solemnized the ceremony, and life was a bed of roses for a time. The husband’s love grew chilly with age and he closed his engagement by striking her on the left eye. Since then he has not appeared. (FWS)
  • 20 Apr 1885 Millie Foster married Leonard Foster in Defiance. The couple were in Buckeye bliss for a year or so, but finances began to estrange the lovers and Leonard left for the west to dream of his first conquest and tap the rosy cheeked belles of the prairie under the chin. He has not responded to his wife’s inquiries and she wants her heart again free to love another. (FWS)
  • 20 Apr 1885 Toicy McLaren has a pretty sad story to relate. She married Avery McLaren and for a time he supported her. He is a son of Henry and Eliza McLaren, who have a divorce case now pending in court. Mrs. McLaren has cared for her little children and had to support her husband some of the time. Finally he left the city and never wrote a word to his wife, or sent a love message to his little children, who day after day hang on the front gate and watch and wait in vain for their papa. (FWS)
  • 20 Apr 1885 Henry A. Bice appears in the role of injured innocence. The parties were married at Paulding, Ohio. Mrs. Bice loved another man, but her papa insisted she should join her fortunes with Bice, and she did but for a short time. She abandoned him and he is mad. (FWS)
  • 20 Apr 1885 The divorce case of Rachel Robinson vs. Dave Robinson was concluded Saturday evening the superior court. Judge Hench then granted Mrs. Robinson a divorce, but did not fix the custody of the child or tough the question of alimony. For a week this can has occupied the attention of the court and in the suit were some of the sharpest attorneys is the city. The testimony was all spicy and humorous. Staid matrons gave their version of the Robinson family quarrel, but the matter did not reach a climax until Mrs. R. took the stand. She is a rotund, determined woman and told her story with an air of abandon that just paralyzed the lobby, which was as select as the subject was racy. Mrs. Robinson told of her husband’s capers with other women and emphasized the matter by getting up to point the people to the court. Eyes would snap during such scenes as these, and the court sheriff with difficulty maintained peace. Saturday Dave Robinson testified. He was choice in his words and refrained from censuring anyone, but when once he started talking, the counsel did not get a word in. Dave is a slick conversationalist and as it is seldom he has such an assembly as sat before him Saturday, he made the most of it. The case came to an end at 5 o’clock Saturday and at 6 o’clock Judge Hench granted Mrs. Robinson a divorce. This is the third time these people have been before the court and the division of their estate will provoke another suit. Mr. Robinson is worth $10,000. (FWS)
  • 27 Apr 1885 Judge Hench this morning granted Rachael Robinson an absolute divorce from Dave Robinson, in accordance with his intention, expressed last week. Mrs. Robinson was given the custody of their child and permission was extended to its father to visit it twice a week. He also awarded Mrs. Robinson $1,200 alimony, to be paid in installments. (FWS)
  • 30 Apr 1885 Judge Hench yesterday heard the evidence in the divorce suit of Bowser against Bowser. The parties live on South Wayne, and the plaintiff was the wife. She was granted a divorce and $30 alimony, but the custody of the children was awarded to Mr. Bowser. (FWS)

  • 06 May 1885 John Humphrey, of the contracting firm of Humphrey & Gerow, will commence a suit for divorce against his wife this morning. (FWDG)
  • 11 May 1885 Frankie I. Walter has sued Albert L. Walter for divorce alleging abandonment. (FWDN)
  • 15 May 1885 Jacob Walter has sued Elizabeth Walter for a divorce. (FWS)
  • 20 May 1885 Mary M. Bauer has sued K. J. Bauer for divorce and $10,000 alimony, charging cruel and inhuman treatment. (FWDN)
  • 20 May 1885 Sophia Pfister filed application before Judge Hench for a divorce from Gottfried Pfister. She says Pfister, who works at Wile’s hide store, was cruel to her. (FWS)
  • 25 May 1885 Harrison Cummins today applied for a divorce from his wife, Eliza Cummins. (FWS)
  • 28 May 1885 George A. Dentelsbeck, of Lafayette township sues for a divorce from Sarah E. Dentelsback. The man charges cruelty and other rude things. (FWS)

  • 04 Jun 1885 Jane Rossman wants a divorce from August Rossman who abused her and neglected to provide for her four children. Mrs. Rossman does house cleaning for a living. (FWDG)
  • 04 Jun 1885 Maria Tilberry has sued Harrison Tilberry for divorce. (FWDN)
  • 06 Jun 1885 W. B. Branstratter aks for a divorce from Amelia B. Branstratter. (FWS)
  • 06 Jun 1885 Ferd Phillips was granted a divorce from Caroline Phillips today by Judge Hench. (FWS)
  • 06 Jun 1885 Mary Armstrong is no longer the wife of Louis Armstrong. The divorce was granted by Judge Hench today. (FWS)
  • 11 Jun 1885 The divorce suit of Wilhelmina Briemeyer vs. John Briemeyer was stricken from the docket. (FWS)
  • 13 Jun 1885 Lewis McCarthy today instituted proceedings for a divorce from Eliza McCarthy. (FWS)
  • 20 Jun 1885 Joseph E. Budd, of Eel River township, asks for a divorce from his wife, Jane R. Budd. The complaint charges the Jane was unfaithful to the man she vowed she would love. (FWS)
  • 20 Jun 1885 Normandy Murphy has sued Amos P. Murphy for divorce. (FWS)
  • 24 Jun 1885 Jane Laemmle has sued David Laemmle for divorce, alleging cruel treatment. (FWDG)
  • 30 Jun 1885 Judge Hench yesterday dismissed Mrs. Will Bond’s application for a decree of divorce from her husband. (FWS)

  • 01 Jul 1885 Judge Hench yesterday granted Joseph E. Budd a divorce from Jane R. Budd. Love did once Budd in the hearts of these people, Budd not now. (FWS)
  • 01 Jul 1885 Wm. Dickmeyer has applied for a divorce from Amelia Dickmeyer. The parties live on Greely street and the wife is charge with treating her husband in a cruel way. (FWS)
  • 09 Jul 1885 Annie Gage has sued Robert H. Gage for divorce. She alleges abandonment. (FWDN)
  • 10 Jul 1885 Wm. Dickmeyer has been granted a divorce from Amelia. (FWDN)
  • 17 Jul 1885 The divorce case of Jane Lammele against David Lammele has been stricken from the superior court docket. The people life in the city and have kissed and made up. (FWS)
  • 22 Jul 1885 Yesterday, in the Superior Court, Judge Hench heard a part of the testimony in the divorce suit brought by Mrs. Frankie Drake Walters. The charge is abandonment. Walters was formerly a waiter at the Globe Chop House. His present whereabouts are unknown. (FWDN)
  • 24 Jul 1885 Rozella Carto has sued August L. Carto for a decree of divorce. The charge is abandonment. (FWS)

  • 01 Aug 1885 This morning, in Justice Ryans’ court, the case of Frank P. Snyder, the boiler-maker, against whom charges were preferred by his wife, and a warrant issued for surety of the peace, was dismissed, Mrs. Snyder declined to appear. Mutual concessions were made, and a separation will take place, followed by a divorce. (FWDN)
  • 08 Aug 1885 Ed Bainbridge has sued Maggie A. Bainbridge for a divorce. It is the usual cause, “married, but not mated.” (FWS)
  • 18 Aug 1885 Emma Pooly has sued Franklin Pooly for divorce. The people were married in 1876 and in 1879 Franklin abandoned the woman he swore to love. She properly things that is now justice in awaiting the return of her recreant spouse. (FWS)
  • 19 Aug 1885 Mary Scott sues Lauren Scott for divorce. The people married in 1882, and in that year Lauren abandoned her and made himself numerous with numerous females, whose character would not permit of moral scrutiny. (FWS)

  • 08 Sep 1885 Alice Van Allen was divorced from Andrew Van Allen today by Judge O’Rourke. (FWS)
  • 10 Sep 1885 Judge O’Rourke this morning granted a divorce to Edward Bainbridge from Maggie A. Brainbridge. (FWDN)
  • 19 Sep 1885 Margaret Gray has sued Willard Gray for a divorce. (FWS)
  • 19 Sep 1885 Mary F. Sirch has sued David W. Sirch for divorce (FWS)
  • 19 Sep 1885 Emma C. Emery was today divorced from John W. Emery. The suit was heard a year ago. (FWS)
  • 22 Sep 1885 Charlotte Daily yesterday filed suit in the superior court for divorce from Thomas Daily. (FWS)
  • 25 Sep 1885 Phoebe Goller has sued Adam Goller for divorce. (FWDN)
  • 26 Sep 1885 This afternoon Lew Clark filed suit for divorce from his wife Jennie Clark, who eloped with Mike Wickliffe. He says the woman abandoned him and otherwise erred. He will strive to secure their considerable property. Mr. Clark talks of quitting the town and wants to lease or sell the Oliver house and other property near it. He is worth some $15,000 and is something of republican politician. (FWS)
  • 26 Sep 1885 The divorce case of Murphy vs. Murphy is pending a decision in the superior court. (FWS)

  • 05 Oct 1885 Mrs. Lew Clark is expected in the city this evening. She telegraphed her husband yesterday from Toledo, asking if he wanted her to come home, and it is believed white-winged peace hovers over the Clark mansion. Mr. Clark has engaged Hon. W. G. & P.B. Colerick to represent him in the event that he pushes his divorce suit. Mrs. Clark has engaged Mr. Henry Colerick to look after her interests, but it is pretty sate to day the whole matter will be compromised. (FWS)
  • 07 Oct 1885 Mr. and Mrs. Lew Clark have buried the domestic hatchet and are living together. Lew has abandoned his divorce suit. (FWS)
  • 13 Oct 1885 Sinnie L. Auspaugh has sued Jacob Auspaugh for divorce. (FWDN)
  • 22 Oct 1885 Laura Billman was yesterday given a bill of divorce from Charles Billman. The charges were abandoned and failure to hustle for the necessary porter house. Judge Henry liberated Laura’s heart. (FWS)
  • 24 Oct 1885 It is not very chilly today, but the Clark case comes up all the same. A council of arbitration has adjusted the trouble between Mr. and Mrs. Lew Clar, He is to take the Oliver house property, half their personal effects and the two children. Mrs. Clark takes two buildings on Columbia street and one on Lafayette street, with her share of the personal stuff. She also agrees that her husband shall be granted a divorce without any protest from her and thus ends their trouble. Mrs. Clark now drives a pair of Shetland ponies and proudly holds the reins over the rabbit-like animals. This Shetland pony business is a queer racket to thrust on the people, but is not original with Mrs. Clark. (FWS)
  • 26 Oct 1885 This afternoon Mrs. Sarah E. Wickliffe filed suit for divorce from her husband, Michael S. Wickliffe. Mrs. Wickliffe charges her husband with unlawful cohabitation with on Jennie Clark. She asks the court for alimony and the custody of her children. Judge O’Rourke issued an order restraining Mr. Wickliffe from selling his property and refusing him permission to visit his wife and children. (FWS)
  • 26 Oct 1885 Alice S. Shuey has filed application for a divorce from James K. Shuey. Alice alleges that James violently assaulted her and called her vicious names. (FWS)
  • 26 Oct 1885 Levi S. Stuck sues Isabella J. Stuck for divorce. Isabella abandoned her husband and is evidently not “stuck” on him. (FWS)
  • 28 Oct 1885 J. H. Kinkead has brought suit for divorce from Laura Kinkead. (FWDN)
  • 28 Oct 1885 Eliza J. McClaren yesterday applied for a divorce from Henry McClaren. It seems Henry knocked her down and choked her the other day and yesterday the case was postponed pending the divorce proceedings. Mrs. McClaren alleges cruelty and inhuman treatment and seeks $1,500 alimony from their estate. (FWS)

  • 03 Nov 1885 Cynthia A. Gaylord was yesterday granted a divorce from Sylvester Gaylord by Judge O’Rourke. Sylvester was accused of inhumanely beating the plaintiff then skipping from her bed and board. (FWDG)
  • 07 Nov 1885 Mary E. Brown seeks a divorce from John L. Brown. Mrs. Brown anticipates joining her fortunes with Lew Clark. Thus are three families wrecked. (FWS)
  • 13 Nov 1885 Judge Hench yesterday heard the evidence in the divorce case of Mary E Brown vs. John L. Brown. The complaint alleges that the defendant deserted the plaintiff two years ago and since that time he has failed to put up for any of Mary’s fine linen or elegant menu. The defendant failed to appear to contest the suit and a decree of divorce was granted to Mollie Marshall Brown. The Gazette can safely promise its readers an account of a wedding in high life in the near future. (FWDG)
  • 13 Nov 1885 The evidence in the divorce suit of Joseph Kinkead vs. Laura Kinkead has all been submitted and Judge Hench has taken the matter under advisement. The complaint asks for a separation on the ground of cruelty. It was shown that Mrs. Kinkead had been in the habit of combing her husband’s hair with the business end of a broom and had at times rubbed his auburn locks full of hot sweet potatoes. In addition to this the plaintiff testified that his wife had thrown a quart of oysters over him while on the public streets. It is not known whether a decree will be granted or not, but to throw a good sized oyster down a man’s back on a cold day is cruelty of the most pronounced type. (FWDG)
  • 17 Nov 1885 Henrietta Kelker asks for a divorce from Samuel Kelker to whom she was married at Van Wert in 1879. Samuel abused the woman and then abandoned her and two children. She wants to be released from his unholy control and asks the custody of her daughters. (FWS)
  • 20 Nov 1885 Yesterday afternoon in circuit court Nancy E. Krudop was granted a divorce from John Krudop. The husband did not contest the suit, but it is alleged that should he have seen fit to do so a prominent printer, not employed in the Gazette office, would have been made to squirm. (FWDG)
  • 24 Nov 1885 In the superior court William Rable sued Adelia Rable for a divorce. Mrs. F.W. Wilson carefully nurses the complaint and refuses to give up its contents. (FWDG)

  • 03 Dec 1885 In the superior court Lulu Engart has filed suit for divorce from Ira Engart. The plaintiff’s complaint is quite lengthy and accuses Ira of failure to support. It also states that when the plaintiff asked her husband for money he would abuse her and order her to sell her honor and not bother him. (FWDG)
  • 08 Dec 1885 Yesterday morning Mr. John F. Rodabugh, the attorney, appeared in the circuit court and make application for a divorce from Lucy Rodabaugh. Mrs. Rodabaugh was formerly a student in the Conservatory of Music and her people are well to do residents of Bryan, Ohio. Judge O’Rourke after hearing Mr. Rodabugh’s plaint, which alleged cruelty, granted a separation, the defendant not contesting. The Sentinel last evening made a cruel and inexcusable blunder in stating that the decree was granted on account of the wife’s unfaithfulness to her marriage vows. There was no charge whatever inferring that Mrs. Rodabaugh was not a true and virtuous wife. The Sentinel’s other statement that she was not represented by counsel, is also untrue. An “obscure” law firm known in legal circles as Coombs, Bell & Morris, were the lady’s attorneys. Mr. and Mrs. Rodabugh have been married but little over one year, and their separation will prove a surprise to their friends. (FWDG)
  • 09 Dec 1885 Sophie Phister has been granted a divorce from Gottfried Phister by Judge Hench. (FWS)
  • 09 Dec 1885 John F. Rodalbaugh obtained a divorce from his wife on the ground of cruelty. No other offense was mentioned in the complaint. (FWS)
  • 10 Dec 1885 Miranda E. Lower applies for a divorce from David Franklin Lower because he calls her vile names and cruelly abuses her.
  • 11 Dec 1885 Letitia J. Woods has filed an application for a divorce from George Woods. Two thousand dollars alimony and the care of their three children is asked. Judge O’Rourke has issued a restraining order to prevent the defendant from disposing of his goods or removing them to another state. (FWS)
  • 12 Dec 1885 Yesterday Judge Hench granted John H. Kincaid a divorce from Laura Kincaid. The people are well known. (FWS)
  • 15 Dec 1885 Judge O’Rourke yesterday granted Charlotte Daily a divorce from Thomas Daily on the grounds of abandonment. Charlotte was given the custody of the child, but was forbidden to marry within two years. (FWDG)
  • 23 Dec 1885 Judson W. Wells has sued Ida Wells for divorce. (FWDN)
  • 23 Dec 1885 Gertrude L. Brown, of New Haven, yesterday filed her petition for a divorce from her husband, Lewis O. Brown, alleging cruel treatment. (FWS)
  • 24 Dec 1885 Judson Wells is seeking a divorce from Ida Wells, who ceased to love him. (FWS)
  • 28 Dec 1885 Adeline Scott will tomorrow apply for a divorce from Geo. A. Scott, who was sent up from this city for train wrecking and is now serving a thirteen year sentence. Mrs. Scott simply alleges her husband’s conviction of crime. Mrs. Scott lives in Aboite township. (FWS)
  • 31 Dec 1885 Theresa E. Kane now proceeds to have an old divorce decree entered up and the fees paid, as she desires to be entirely free from Thomas Kane. (FWS)
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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.