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Divorce News and Records, Allen Co., Indiana

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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.


Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (FWDG)
Fort Wayne Daily News (FWDN)
Fort Wayne Sentinel (FWS)

  • 02 Jan 1886 Elizabeth Metty sues Fred Metty for divorce. The people once live on Superior street and Metty drank and abused his wife. (FWS)
  • 11 Jan 1886 Lorena B. Keller sues Wm. Keller for a divorce and $1,000 alimony. The people were married in 1884 and have a little boy. The woman says she was abused and badly treated by her husband. (FWS)
  • 18 Jan 1886 The divorce of Letitia Woods, nee Faulks,vs. Geo. Woods will be heard Jan. 21. The people live in Lafayette township and everybody in that part of the county has been subpoenaed as a witness. (FWS)
  • 19 Jan 1886 Albert Kummer has sued Lena Kummer for divorce. Albert is an employee of the Pittsburg machine shops and charges his wife with cruelty. (FWS)
  • 19 Jan 1886 Emma Hyde this morning filed her application for a decree of divorce from Charley Hyde, a young man who drives a street car on the Wallace street route. Emma is winsome, and the poor creature has a boudoir somewhere on South Calhoun street. Emma’s grievance is that her husband is cruel. She says he has been very unkind, having struck her, kicked her and handled her with such brutality as to cause a premature birth. This is the nature of her grievance and to liberate her battered heart, Emma prays Judge Hench. (FWS)
  • 29 Jan 1886 Addie McC. Eversole this morning applied for a divorce from Theodore W. Eversole, who is an employee of the B. & O., railroad and lives at Garrett. Addie is a very pretty woman and accompanied by a lady friend, was in court when the complaint was filed charging abandonment. The woman has not long been a resident of Fort Wayne, but she will make her debut into public affairs when the trial comes. (FWS)

  • 07 Feb 1886 Yesterday Mr. George Barter filed an application for a divorce from his wife, the fair Sarah. The petition is long and recites many of Sarah’s shortcomings and relates much that is highly sensational. The pith of the complaint is that “she was false to her vows of marriage and at divers times has committed adultery and during this last year of their married life defendant was keeping company with other men and at divers times committed adultery with various men, and on the 18th day of November, 1885, she deserted plaintiff and eloped with a man by the name of Perry W. Brown, and in company with said Brown took the train from Fort Wayne for Cincinnati, since which time she has not been heard from. If Sarah doesn’t come back now soon she will be without a husband. (FWDG)
  • 10 Feb 1886 Addie McEversole vs Theodore McEversole, divorce granted to plaintiff. The charge was abandonment. (FWDG)
  • 10 Feb 1886 Mary F. Joley has applied for a divorce from Charles Louis G. Joley, alleged cruel treatment. (FWDG)
  • 11 Feb 1886 Harriett W. Sherwood sues J. M. Sherwood for a divorce and custody of their five children. (FWS)
  • 16 Feb 1886 Mrs. Hattie McGee has sued Thomas McGee for divorce, alleging abandonment. (FWS)
  • 18 Feb 1886 Harriet Jones has sued Heber F. Hones for divorce, asking alimony in the sum of $800. (FWDN)
  • 18 Feb 1886 Jacob Martin has sued Lottie Martin for divorce. He alleges that Lottie has ill-treated him. (FWDN)
  • 22 Feb 1886 A divorce was granted this morning to William Rable from Adelia Rable. (FWDN)
  • 23 Feb 1886 Mary F. Sircle vs. Daniel W. Sircle, divorce. Judgement was dismissal. (FWDG)
  • 24 Feb 1886 Wells vs Wells, divorce granted to plaintiff. (FWDG)
  • 26 Feb 1886 Eva Haley vs. Daniel Haley, divorce to plaintiff. (FWDG)
  • 27 Feb 1886 The divorce decree granted Theresa Kane from Thomas Kane, in 1875, was entered in Judge O’Rourke’s court today, the parties having paid the costs. (FWS)

  • 04 Mar 1886 Judge Hench returned judgement in the superior court yesterday. Joseph Boulton vs. Elizabeth Boulton, divorce granted defendant and alimony of $600 awarded her and custody of minor child. (FWS)
  • 08 Mar 1886 Alice Miner has sued Eli Miner for divorce, alleging adultery. (FWDN)
  • 12 Mar 1886 Mrs. Wm Cothrell this morning applied for a divorce from Billy Cothrell, the well-known sporting man. The charge was too much familiarity with other woman, and this Billy admitted. Fifteen minutes after the complaint was filed Mrs. Cothrell was divorced. (FWS)
  • 17 Mar 1886 Aura Northam has applied for a divorce from Charles Northam, alleging abandonment. Charles lives in Laporte. (FWS)
  • 19 Mar 1886 Judge Hench granted a divorce this morning to Mary Armstrong from Lewis L. Armstrong. (FWDN)
  • 20 Mar 1886 Harriet W. Sherwood vs. James M. Sherwood, divorce to plaintiff. (FWS)
  • 24 Mar 1886 George W. Whitney yesterday applied for a divorce from his wife Alma, who left him way back in 1868 after two years of wedded bliss. George is tired of waiting for Alma and charges abandonment and we confess it looks like it. (FWDG)
  • 29 Mar 1886 Dorotha C. Beach this morning filed an application for a decree of divorce from Fred Beach, the second hand furniture dealer, who recently moved to Huntington. The complaint depicts Beach in a most unenviable light. It is charged that he is a drunkard, has cruelly treated his wife, and in face has threatened to kill her. He has failed to provide for the support of Mrs. Beach and her two children and the woman prays that Fred be restrained from disposing of his property or his children prior to the trial. This embargo Judge O’Rourke at once placed on Beach, who is at Huntington. Mrs. Beach is the daughter of August Reiling, the pearl street locksmith. Saturday he went to Huntington after his daughter and her two children. Beach seized the old man, assaulted him and took the little girls forcibly from him. For this escapade he has an assault and battery and a habeas corpus case pending against him in Huntington county, besides an old assault a battery case her. Mrs. Beach alleges that her father is worth $10,000, and that he is anxious to take care of her and her children and prays Judge O’Rourke to so decide.

  • 01 Apr 1886 Martha M. Ramsey wants a divorce from Charles Ramsey, and as she charges failure to provide, cruel and inhuman treatment, un-chastity and indecent and abusive language, it looks as though Martha would get it. She lives in the rookery next to the Academy, while Charles is in jail for assault and drunkenness. (FWDG)
  • 01 Apr 1886 Mr. Leopold Wolf the Broadway butcher, whose wife will today file papers asking a divorce, because he drew a butcher knife on her, used abusive language, and threatened to kill her. Mr. Wolf tells his friends that he does this because Mrs. Wolf smiles too lavishly on other men and he has been known when gentlemen were seen leaving his house at unseemly hours to joke and laugh and make coarse remarks about their visits. Mrs. Wolf is plump, with black eyes and pretty, and will have lots of sympathy when she appears in court. (FWDG)
  • 01 Apr 1886 Bessie Wolf was granted a divorce and custody of the children this morning, from Leopold Wolf the Broadway butcher. The defendant appeared and did not protest the case. The charge was cruel treatment. (FWDN)
  • 03 Apr 1886 Yesterday Mrs. Thomas Poole rather stole a march on her husband and applied for a divorce very early in the morning. In her complaint she avers that she has been a good, faithful and loving wife, obedient in all things, etc., and that Thomas Poole has been a drunkard and abused her “using the vilest and coarsest language toward her, calling her a prostitute and many other names utterly unfit to be mentioned herein.” The case will be heard April 13 and the cross complaint that Mr. Poole filed today will simply be terrific. (FWDG)
  • 06 Apr 1886 Alice A. Shuey vs. James K. Shuey, divorce granted the plaintiff and she was awarded the custody of Fred L. Shuey, aged six years. (FWDG)
  • 08 Apr 1886 Northan vs. Northan. Divorce trial in court, evidence heard in part. (FWDG)
  • 10 Apr 1886 In the circuit court, Matilda Ray sues for a divorce from John Ray and charges him with abandonment, failure to provide, etc. This is not the first time Matilda has been brought before the people. The police know her. (FWDG)
  • 10 Apr 1886 Mary E. Lean Vauris has sued Lewis Lean Vauris for divorce claiming $1,000 alimony and the custody of their two children. The complaint alleges cruel treatment. (FWDN)
  • 14 Apr 1886 Pool vs. Pool, divorce; judgement of dismissal. (FWDG)
  • 16 Apr 1886 Maria Kiester sues Gerhard Keister for divorce, alleging cruel treatment and abandonment. (FWDN)
  • 18 Apr 1886 Anna Northam vs. Charles W. Northam, plaintiff granted a divorce. (FWDG)
  • 19 Apr 1886 Elizabeth Wakefield has applied for a divorce from John Wakefield, charging him with cruelty. (FWS)
  • 22 Apr 1886 Louisa F. Miller sues Wm. Miller, of the gas factory, for a divorce, $1,000 alimony and the custody of four children. (FWS)
  • 26 Apr 1886 Mary Schnoerberger sues Christ Schnoerberger for divorce. Years ago Christ sued Mary, but failed to get there. (FWS)
  • 26 Apr 1886 Aurilla Craig sues Enoch B. Craig for a divorce and alimony. (FWS)
  • 30 Apr 1886 Harriet M. Sherwood was today granted a divorce from James M. Sherwood. She was also given the custody of their children. (FWDN)

  • 06 May 1886 Judge O’Rourke has issued an order restraining Margaret Gard from visiting the office of her husband, Dr. B. Gard, who applied for a divorce Tuesday. Dr. and Mrs. Gard were married at Oxford, Ohio, in 1856, and lived together until 1879, when he alleges Mrs. Gard abandoned him. He complained that she visits his office and annoyed himself and customers. (FWDG)
  • 08 May 1886 This morning Mary Schnorberger was granted a divorce from Christian Schnorberger. The defendant failed to appear and judgment was granted by default. (FWDN)
  • 09 May 1886 Jack Hines, who is a plumber and said to be the brother to the noted Miss Nellie, abuses his wife and refuses to provide for her. Yesterday she applied for a divorce and Jack will soon face the cold world alone. (FWDG)
  • 10 May 1886 John A. Holzworth has sued Sarah Holzworth for divorce. He alleges abandonment. (FWDN)
  • 10 May 1886 Doretta Haines sues John Haines for divorce. She claims that Haines fails to provide for her and maltreats her. (FWDN)
  • 12 May 1886 Christian Pohlman and wife, who live on Greeley street, are in great trouble. Mrs. P. wants to leave her liege lord, but he won’t give up her things, and constables and police have all been called in. Her lawyer will today bring suit for divorce. FWDS
  • 14 May 1886 The divorce case of Maranda E. Sowers against David F. Sowers has been dismissed. (FWDN)
  • 18 May 1886 Josephine Fielding sues Frederick Fielding for divorce, alleging abandonment. (FWDN)
  • 22 May 1886 Johanna Doretha Dow has applied for a divorce from Fred Dow, a carpenter. Dow is a miser and would not buy a dress or anything to keep her like a wife ought to be entertained. (FWS)
  • 22 May 1886 Alice Miner has dropped her divorce suit against Eli Miner. Eli now wants a divorce and says he was given a sum of money to wed Alice by a prominent Decatur official. (FWS)
  • 25 May 1886 Jones vs. Jones; divorce. Evidence heard and taken under advisement. (FWDG)
  • 27 May 1886 This afternoon, in the Circuit Court, Christian Schumacher was granted a divorce from Adam Schumacher and the custody of their child. She also received $100 alimony. (FWDN)
  • 31 May 1886 Harriet Jones has been granted a divorce from Heber F. Jones. Mrs. Jones will be well remembered at Hattie Miller, daughter of Wm. H. Miller, the Columbia street grocer. (FWS)

  • 05 Jun 1886 The divorce case of Louisa F. Miller vs. William Miller, has been set for June 11th at 2 p.m. Louisa claims that William abused her and failed to provide new spring bonnets. (FWDG)
  • 07 Jun 1886 Johanna Dow has been granted a divorce from Frederick Dow. (FWDN)
  • 07 Jun 1886 Elizabeth Wakefield was granted a divorce today from John Wakefield. (FWDN)
  • 08 Jun 1886 Joy A. Brooks sues for a divorce from Mary Ella Brooks. The complaint has been locked up, but it charges that Brooks, who is a brother of State Ex-Representative Brooks, found a handsomer fellow in his wife’s embrace. The people live on Barr street, north of Main. (FWS)
  • 13 Jun 1886 Before Judge Hench in the superior court yesterday, Doretha Hines was given a divorce from Jack Hines. Mrs. Hines was given the custody of their child. (FWDG)
  • 15 Jun 1886 Case of Joly vs. Joly, divorce postponed by agreement of the parties. (FWDG)
  • 16 Jun 1886 New suit, Jennie Davern vs. John Davern, divorce. (FWDG)
  • 22 Jun 1886 Emarilla Driver sues Enoch G. Driver for divorce and the custody of their five children. The complaint alleges failure to provide. (FWDN)
  • 25 Jun 1886 Judge Hench yesterday granted a divorce to Mrs. Jennie Devern from John Devern for abandonment. (FWDG)
  • 29 Jun 1886 Yesterday Judge O’Rourke commenced a special hearing of the divorce case wherein Dr. Gard, one of our prominent city physicians, is seeking to have the bond that twenty long years has bound him to his wife Margaret severed. The doctor charges abandonment and failure of wifely duties on the part of Mrs. Gard. The lady, however, come boldly to the front and in a cross bill charges the doctor with having twice contracted a nameless disease, and being intimate with a host of women at various times, and especially “that for the three or four years last past plaintiff has associated very intimately with a certain widow, known to defendant as Mrs. Etta Francisco, and has at his office in the city of Fort Wayne, and at the home of said Mrs. Francisco.” Yesterday afternoon the doctor’s own daughter, a Mrs. Deardorf, testified that when a pretty girl named Kagle lived over the doctor’s office she used to see tracks in the snow from her back window down over a shed that was in the rear of her rooms and that the plump Miss Kagle was very familiar around the doctor’s office and also that a Mrs. Sampson came every night to the doctor’s office, aggregating hundreds of times in five years. On cross examination witness testified to seeing Miss Kagle’s wrapper unbuttoned in front once and that she was very familiar about the doctor’s drug store. When Mrs. Deardorf testified about the wrapper being unbuttoned Jake Bittenger blushed deeply. During the testimony the doctor and the enticing widow, Mrs. Francisco, has a cozy chat in the court room and everything seems lovely. The case has attracted a lot of rather angular females who wear glasses and have a vinegeary aspect. In all this desert of female beauty, however, the widow, Mrs. Francisco, is a blooming oasis. She is plump, ladylike and refined. She wears gold eye glasses and behind them has a pair of heavenly blue eyes, and if she does wink occasionaly at Hugh Stewart, who is an interested spectator, greatly to the disgust of Jake Bittenger and the court. In brief Mrs. Francisco is a daisy, and Dr. Gard, who is a man with a bald head and a Cleveland neck, seems to have been of pretty good taste. Colonel Robertson and assistant Prosecutor Bittenger appear for Doctor Gard, and Mr. Irvin Stratton for Mrs. Gard. Those desiring front seats must go early today. (FWDG)
  • 30 Jun 1886 This morning Judge Hench granted a divorce to Ed. Fogarty, the blacksmith, from Alice M. Fogarty. The complaint was abandonment. (FWDN)
  • 01 Jul 1886 Last evening Judge O’Rourke granted Mrs. Gard a divorce from the doctor on her cross bill alleging abandonment. She receives an allowance of $200 for lawyers’ fees, and $1,000 alimony. The pretty widow, Mrs. Francisco, testified to going out riding with the doctor, going to the circus , and otherwise, having good times. Judge O’Rourke thought that such pleasant little episodes were cheap at $1,000. The doctor’s attorneys will appeal to the supreme court. (FWDG)
  • 04 Jul 1886 New suit, William Cass vs. Louisa Cass, divorce. (FWDG)
  • 12 Jul 1886 This morning in the Superior Court, James M. Robinson, esq., filed a complaint in divorce for Phoebe Bolinger against Jacob Bolinger. The defendant is a well-to-do farmer in Lafayette township. Cruelty is charged, and for specific acts, threats to kill made in the last six years, and the forbidding of the plaintiff to enter their house. There are three children, the youngest fifteen years old. Bolinger will not resist the application, and in face, an amicable division of the property has already been made. Mrs. Bolinger is to receive forty acres of land and a third of the personal property. (FWDN)
  • 14 Jul 1885 Robert Jolly, of Indianapolis, is seeking to secure a divorce from his wife on the ground that he was drunk when her married her and did not know what he was about. (FWS)
  • 15 Jul 1886 The divorce suit of Esmeralda Driver against Enoch Driver has been dismissed. (FWDN)
  • 29 Jul 1886 Jacob Clay has commenced divorce suit against Viola Clay. The parties are colored. (FWDN)
  • 31 Jul 1886 Mary E. Asbey sues Charles Asbey for a divorce. Mary alleges that her husband struck and beat her cruelly. She names one occasion at Elkhart and says she fears her will kill her. (FWS)

  • 01 Aug 1886 Almira C. Leininger sues Francis E. Leininger for divorce and alimony. She says Frank beat her cruelly and threatened to kill her. She left home and Judge O’Rourke restrained her husband from disposing of his home at 337 Hanna street, or getting his wages from the Pittsburg company until her claims are settled. (FWS)
  • 06 Aug 1886 Yesterday afternoon, in the circuit court, Francis X. Goodman filed suit for divorce from Mary Goodman, the charge being that Mary had basely deserted her loving husband. Judge S.E. Sinclair drew up the complaint and, although we don’t know anything about the troubles of married life, the pathos in the document is affecting and made Harry Metzgar weep bitterly, while he was entering the case upon the records. (FWDG)
  • 13 Aug 1886 Bettie Hobbs wants a divorce from Elias Hobbs. As Elias is serving a term in the northern penitentiary for rape, the woman’s desire for a separation is not in itself startling. (FWDG)
  • 19 Aug 1886 The divorce suit of Almira Leininger against Francis Leininger, was dismissed in the circuit court yesterday, on application of the plaintiff and at her cost. (FWDG)
  • 20 Aug 1886 New suit, Josephine Calhoun vs. Frank Calhoun, divorce. (FWDG)
  • 23 Aug 1886 Samuel C. French sues Mary J. French for a divorce. (FWS)
  • 24 Aug 1886 Mary E. Asbey vs. Clarence Asbey, divorce. Plaintiff was granted a divorce on charges of cruelty and failure to provide. (FWDG)
  • 29 Aug 1886 Addie Lemay asks a divorce from her husband, James Lemay because he curses and swears and calls her hart names and has committed adultery with one Miss Etta Featherstone. Judge Hench will look into the matter. (FWDG)
  • 07 Sep 1886 Eila Dodge vs. Arthur Dodge, divorce. Decree granted. (FWDG)

  • 08 Sep 1886 Frank Keckly was arrested for beating his wife. He had a hearing before Justice Ryan who gave him justice to the tune of $11.75. Keckly did not think that right and appealed the case, at the same time entering suit for divorce from his wife who he says is “a holy terror.” (FWDG)
  • 09 Sep 1886 Mrs. Lamb, aged 63 years, obtained a divorce last Tuesday from her liege lord, after a married life, happy or otherwise, mostly otherwise, of hour and a half months.
  • 10 Sep 1886 New suit, Amelia J. Ackerman vs. William H. Ackerman, divorce. (FWDG)
  • 10 Sep 1886 Mary J. Shipman vs. George W. Shipman, divorce. Mrs. Shipman charges that George used to hit her on the nose with a hammer. (FWDG)
  • 12 Sep 1886 Bettie Hobbs vs. Elias Hobbs, divorce, evidence heard by the court and taken under advisement. (FWDG)
  • 12 Sep 1886 Jolly vs. Jolly, judgement of dismissal. (FWDG)
  • 14 Sep 1886 New suit, Annie M. Miller vs. William B. Miller, divorce. (FWDG)
  • 17 Sep 1886 Clara Mehr has sued Louis Mehr for divorce. She charges abandonment. (FWDN)
  • 18 Sep 1886 Bettie Hobbs vs. Elias Hobbs, plaintiff granted a divorce on grounds of desertion. Bettie was made happy by being awarded the custody of two children, Elias being willing to let them go in the bargain; there being nothing small about him but his feet. (FWDG)
  • 20 Sep 1886 In the Circuit Court, Birdie W. Wing has sued Michael Wing for divorce. (FWDN)
  • 22 Sep 1886 Jacob Clay vs. Viola Clay, divorce, parties colored and the first colored divorce suit in the records of the court. Decree was awarded the plaintiff. (FWDG)
  • 22 Sep 1886 In the Circuit Court Joseph Siess has sued Peter Siess for divorce. (FWDN)
  • 24 Sep 1886 Judge O’Rourke granted Josephine Siese a divorce from Peter Siese, who abandoned the woman he vowed to love. (FWS)
  • 24 Sep 1886 Amelia Ackerman yesterday obtained a decree of divorce from Judge O’Rourke against Wm. H. Ackerman, who was cruel to his wife. (FWS)
  • 30 Sep 1886 Judge O’Rourke has given Clara Mehre a decree of divorce from Lewis Mehre. (FWS)

  • 02 Oct 1886 Elizabeth Worden vs. Ezra Worden, divorce; an injunction was granted restraining Ezra Worden from disposing of property, pending an application for divorce. (FWDG)
  • 04 Oct 1886 Deputy Sheriff Clansmeyer went out in the county today and served an injunction on Ezra Worden, whose wife has applied for a divorce. Worden is said to be worth $10,000. (FWS)
  • 05 Oct 1886 Madame Nellie “Hines” known also as Fickes, has applied for a divorce from her husband, E. B. Fickes, for failure to provide. (FWDG)
  • 05 Oct 1886 New suit Fritz Denekas vs. Anna Denekas, divorce for abandonment. (FWDG)
  • 06 Oct 1886 Morgan Foulks has got tired of living with his wife, Mary Foulks, and his lawyers have commenced an action in the Circuit Court that have in view the securement of a divorce from her for reasons which he alleges in him complaint. (FWDN)
  • 08 Oct 1886 In the circuit court Catherine Blumm sues Henry Blumm for a divorce and $2,500 alimony. (FWS)
  • 11 Oct 1886 Alice Miller brings an action in the Superior Court for a divorce from Emil Miller. (FWDN)
  • 15 Oct 1886 The divorce case of Catherine Blum against Henry Blum was dismissed in the Circuit Court today. (FWDN)
  • 16 Oct 1886 Mary A. Sholts has sued in the Superior Court for a divorce from Edward C. Sholts, alleging cruelty and failure to provide. (FWDG)
  • 18 Oct 1886 Riley Smith commences an action in the courts to obtain a divorce from Lillie Smith. (FWDN)
  • 19 Oct 1886 In the circuit court Sarah J. Stahl has brought suit in divorce against William Stahl. (FWDG)
  • 19 Oct 1886 Mary E. Fletter has commenced a suit in the Circuit Court to obtain a divorce from John Fletter, alleging abandonment. (FWDN)
  • 27 Oct 1886 Mrs. Carrie Bender has commenced a suit in the Superior Court this morning to obtain a divorce from Joseph Bender. She alleges in her complaint that she was married to defendant in this city in 1881, and charges cruel treatment, abandonment and failure to provide. A short time after they were married, her husband enlisted in the regular army and went on duty some place out west, and for four years she has heard nothing from him, and has been compelled to support herself as a domestic in a private family. (FWDN)
  • 28 Oct 1886 Yesterday Judge O’Rourke granted Nellie Hines Fickes, a divorce from Eugene B. Fickes. There was no contest on the part of the defendant. (FWDG)

  • 07 Nov 1886 Samuel C. French vs. Mary Jane French, divorce granted to plaintiff. (FWDG)
  • 10 Nov 1886 Albert A. Bagely has commenced a suit in the Superior Court to obtain a divorce from Mary M. Bagely, he charges abandonment. (FWDN)
  • 11 Nov 1886 Yesterday afternoon Judge Hench granted Cora Moritz a divorce from Harry Moritz. The fair plaintiff was authorized to again assume her maiden name, Cora Blakesley. All questions of alimony were amicable settled between the parties and do not appear on record. (FWDG)
  • 19 Nov 1886 Bettie Hobbs was granted a divorce today by Judge Hench, from Elias Hobbs, and given the custody of Rosa, Mary L. and Thomas, the children. She was also given an alimony of $500. (FWDN)
  • 26 Nov 1886 Judge Chapin this morning dismissed the divorce case of Addie Lemay from James Lemay, at the woman’s cost. (FWS)
  • 27 Nov 1886 In the Circuit Court this morning, Judge O’Rourke granted Julia Snyder a divorce from her husband, Franklin Snyder. (FWDN)
  • 27 Nov 1886 The divorce suit of Elizabeth Barnes vs. J. W. Barnes was heard this afternoon and the woman got a decree of divorce. (FWS)
  • 30 Nov 1886 Sarah A. Miles has commenced suit for a divorce from Clarence Miles, the engineer, before Judge O’Rourke, who ought to read them a lecture, make them kiss and go home rejoicing. The people have lived together possibly for a quarter of a century. They quarreled the other day about money matters, then came a spat in the justice court and finally an application for divorce. It would be an innovation on “justice” to refuse these people and others like them a decree of separation. (FWS)

  • 07 Dec 1886 Mrs. Julia Scott has applied for a divorce from Colonel John A. Scott, the bill poster and theatrical manager. She charges cruelty, specifying that he knock her down, choked her and pointed a revolver at her. She also alleges that he chopped his furniture up with an axe and is characterized by her as a “dangerous man.” Mr. P.B. Colerick paints Scott as a very bad man and the colonel will file a reply. Sheriff Nelson last evening at 5 o’clock served notice of the suit on Mr. Scott and an order restraining him from disposing of his person property. Colonel Scott’s rejoinder may be very spicy, and we await his side of the matrimonial engagement. (FWS)
  • 07 Dec 1886 New suit, Mary Fielding vs. Fred Fielding divorce for failing to support her. (FWDG)
  • 10 Dec 1886 New suit, Lorena Keller vs. William Keller, divorce and custody of child. (FWDG)
  • 11 Dec 1886 Sarah A. Miles vs. David Miles, divorce dismissed. (FWDG)
  • 11 Dec 1886 New suit, Eva David vs. Solomon C. David, divorce and alimony. Adultery charged. (FWDG)
  • 13 Dec 1886 In the Superior Court Marinda E. Sowers has applied for a divorce from David F. Sowers. (FWDN)
  • 14 Dec 1886 New suit, James A. Lemay vs. Adeline Lemay, divorce. (FWDG)
  • 14 Dec 1886 In the suit of Eliza L. Moore vs. Jas. M. Moore for divorce, Judge O’Rourke issued an order restraining defendant from selling his personal property and from taking his children from the county. (FWS)
  • 21 Dec 1886 Hattie McGee vs. Thos. McGee, divorce granted, custody of child to plaintiff. (FWDG)
  • 21 Dec 1886 Putt vs. Putt, divorce, dismissed. (FWDG)
  • 28 Dec 1886 Jas H. Lemay vs. Adeline Lemay, divorce granted to plaintiff and custody of child awarded him. (FWDG)
  • 28 Dec 1886 A divorce was this morning granted to Marinda E. Sowers from David F. Sowers, by Judge Chapin. (FWDN)
  • 28 Dec 1886 Judge Chapin has given Amanda Sauers a decree of divorce from David Sauers. (FWS)
  • 29 Dec 1886 Judge O’Rourke this morning gave Sarah A. Griffin a divorce from Martin Griffin. The woman gets their child, but no alimony, although she asked for $1,000. (FWS)
  • 30 Dec 1886 The divorce suit of Eliza Moore vs. Mathew Moore will be dismissed this afternoon in Circuit Court. (FWDN)
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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.