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Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
ClancyBlanch19501 Apr 19789 Sep 1999St Petersburg, FL782721 Feb 1921West Point, KY
ClapesattleClifton W8 Aug 1926196520 Sep 1969Fort Wayne, IN693925 Mar 1900Fort Wayne, IN
ClaphanLyle H7 Sep 19401 Jan 19839 Nov 1989Angola, IN674210 Feb 1922Fort Wayne, IN
ClarkAlbert A10 Apr 19421 May 198017 Aug 2006Fort Wayne, IN903810 Oct 1915Whitley Co., IN
ClarkDonald W29 Aug 19421 Jan 19803 Apr 1992Fort Wayne, IN74376 Jun 1917Garrett, IN
ClarkErnest U4 Sep 1941197127 Aug 1991Fort Wayne, IN852915 May 1906Fort Wayne, IN
ClarkJames E1926196716 Feb 1974Fort Wayne, IN714023 Nov 1902IN
ClarkKaran C
ClarkKenton L
ClarkLevona M12 Apr 193719699 Aug 2009Fort Wayne, IN92345 Sep 1916Fort Wayne, IN
ClarkLewis W4 Dec 191930+
ClarkMable E19 Feb 2003Fort Wayne, IN88QC20 Jun 1914Dixon, OH
ClarkMildred C20 Nov 1929May 196814 Feb 1997Ossian, IN92384 Feb 1905Monticello, IN
ClarkMilo EdgarMar 1979Alexandria, INQC17 Jan 1896Fort Wayne, IN
ClarkPatricia L29 Dec 2000Bradenton, FL64QC11 Feb 1936Fort Wayne, IN
ClarkRalph ESep 19221 Sep 196519 Mar 1978Dunedin, FL774230 Aug 1900Pemberton, OH
ClarkRichard M
ClarkStephen A36
ClarkWilliam H (Bill)7 Nov 19661 Feb 200134
ClarksonJackson J15 Jul 1929196814 Nov 1980St Petersburg, FL723923 Apr 1908
ClawsonBonnel C14 Nov 19401 Jan 198016 Apr 2007Fort Wayne, IN893925 Apr 1917Columbia City, IN
ClawsonCharles E11 Nov 191630 Nov 195525 Feb 1968Fort Wayne, IN77397 Nov 1890Columbia City, IN
ClaybakerLeroy A
ClaymillerAlice M22 Jun 19351 Aug 197311 Apr 1987Rome City, IN75384 Feb 1912Fort Wayne, IN
ClaymillerRudolph G (Butch)11 Dec 19401 Aug 197420 Feb 1988Kendallville, IN753321 Nov 1912Fort Wayne, IN
ClaytonByron D29 Jan 196433
ClaytonDevona P (Dentzer)11 Mar 19431 Aug 19711 Jun 2007Butler, IN97281 Sep 1909Fort Wayne, IN
ClaytonWallace Lee1929196710 Feb 1994Muncie, IN843829 Aug 1909Randolph Co., IN
ClelandGladys M1 Oct 198239
ClemDonald S16 Jan 19311 Oct 19697 Jan 2000New Haven, IN953822 Sep 1904Fort Wayne, IN
ClemensFern E (Fry, Druley)33
ClementsAnna Ruth18 Feb 192816 Oct 1981Fort Wayne, IN7340+8 Sep 1908Wells Co., IN
ClementsThelma LNov 19231 Nov 196427 Feb 1977Fort Wayne, IN714010 Jan 1906Fort Wayne, IN
ClevengerCarl C3 Apr 191713 Jun 1957Fort Wayne, IN5835+25 Aug 1898N. Manchester, IN
ClevengerEdith M23 Jan 19431 May 196822 Dec 1983Fort Wayne, IN802523 Sep 1903IN
ClevengerElizabeth R40
ClevengerJoe D27 Aug 19421 Jan 197221 Mar 1972Fort Wayne, IN592920 Sep 1912N. Manchester, IN
CleverlyMina LDec 1918194820 Feb 1983Fremont, IN942925 Aug 1888Scott Twp., Steuben, IN
ClibonH (Harold) Franklin19411 Oct 197316 Nov 1991Butler, IN733213 May 1918Fort Wayne, IN
ClickBertha H (Webster)19 Oct 19393 Apr 1993Fort Wayne, IN784013 Nov 1914Logansport, IN
ClickCarl J1943198340Huntington Co., IN
ClickScott S30 Sep 19281 Jan 195717 Apr 1982Fort Wayne, IN902812 Dec 1891Huntington, IN
CliftonAdelee20 Mar 1994Fort Wayne, IN57QC17 Jan 1937Fort Wayne, IN
CliftonEsther Newman1 Mar 2000Fort Wayne, IN89QC14 Sep 1910Blackford Co., IN
CliftonGlen R42
ClineJohn R (Pete)Feb 19311 Oct 19589 Jan 1964Fort Wayne, IN70277 Sep 1893Delaware Co., IN
ClineJoseph H25 Jul 1927Feb 196717 Apr 1970Fort Wayne, IN643915 Dec 1905Silver Lake, IN
ClingenpeelFane D19441 Mar 19773 Feb 1990Fort Wayne, IN743328 Feb 1915Schumm, OH
ClingenpeelPeggy Lo194350
ClingermanWilliam Jr1 Jan 19862 Jun 2006Fort Wayne, IN773222 Aug 1928Noble Co., IN
CloseErnest E16 Jun 19201 Jan 196011 Jan 1969Fort Wayne, IN743925 Dec 1894IN
CloseWilbur E5 Dec 1940Jan 197617 Jun 1977Fort Wayne, IN633512 Jul 1913Fort Wayne, IN
ClossFrank PAug 19224 Jun 1926Hicksville, OH692516 Mar 1857Wyoming, PA
ClossonJames M (Mike)1 Apr 2004Fort Wayne, IN59419 Jan 1945Fort Wayne, IN
ClossonMarjorie E
ClossonThomas W6 Nov 1942Feb 19769 Oct 1994Edgerton, OH80333 Feb 1914Allen Co., IN
ClossonWilliam R19192 Apr 1946Fort Wayne, IN642511 Mar 1882Harlan, IN
CloudCharles B197527 Feb 2005Decatur, IN913329 Apr 1913Decatur, IN
ClouseArnett CAug 1926Mar 195928 Dec 1963Louisville, KY633231 Jul 1894KY
ClouseLemon E9 Jun 1927Jun 196831 Mar 1982Fort Wayne, IN744117 Oct 1907Albion, IN
ClouseT(Thomas). Benjamin22 Apr 19405 Oct 1965Fort Wayne, IN62255 Oct 1903
CloverCharlotte E1943Mar 19764 Sep 1981Fort Wayne, IN673212 Nov 1913Pierceton, IN
ClumFlorence E30 Mar 1931Mar 196827 May 1971Fort Wayne, IN63377 Nov 1907
ClumMax Leroy6 Jun 19411 Jun 19803 Sep 1985Sebring, FL66395 Feb 1919Auburn, IN
ClutsHenry R30 Mar 1931Aug 196313 Oct 1964Fort Wayne, IN633216 Aug 1901Paulding Co., OH
ClymerThomas A
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