Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana

P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
CoatsWillie P
CobbEben Henry1 Jul 198031 Oct 2008OR892928 May 1919MA
CobbleLarry G
CoblentzRobert L196431
CoburnEdwin M28 Jan 19431 May 198239
CoburnNora CJul 19221 Jan 195028 Feb 1961Fort Wayne, IN712715 Dec 1889Bremen, IN
CochoitJoseph J27 Jun 19271 Nov 195629 Jun 1972Fort Wayne, IN78295 Feb 1894Fort Wayne, IN
CochranBurnett C198512 Jan 1993Fort Wayne, IN693028 Sep 1923Atlanta, GA
CochranDonald G195010 Oct 2009Fort Wayne, IN81359 Aug 1928Columbus, NE
CochranGerald N23 Sep 1927Nov 196728 Jun 1993904019 Oct 1902IN
CochranHubert C (Hez)7 Mar 192112 Dec 1978Decatur, IN873417 Jan 1891Tocsin, IN
CochranJanet R11 Apr 2007Decatur, IN772920 Jul 1929Adams Co., IN
CochranJerry L35
CochranJohn W7 Apr 192619681 Jun 2001Fort Wayne, IN954222 May 1906Clinton, IN
CochrenCharles V25
CoenRobert D193920 Feb 1997Marco Island, FL7616 Jul 1920
CoffeltGeorge H21 May 1941197320 Feb 1990Fort Wayne, IN783214 Apr 1911Hicksville, OH
CoffieldClyde A11 Mar 193019699 Nov 1977Bluffton, IN733911 Jul 1904Wells Co., IN
CoffmanCharles1 Sep 19752 Feb 1982Fort Wayne, IN582511 Dec 1923
CohagenRoss W8 Mar 19201 Apr 19551 Aug 1955Heber, UT+F17716035
ColbertDorcas P29 Jun 19391 Jan 198621 Dec 20119344Detroit, MI
ColbyHoward R18 Mar 19411 Aug 197528 Jul 1977Fort Wayne, IN563415 Oct 1920Crookston, MN
ColbyRobert E33
ColchinWalter CMay 19231 Jan 196515 Apr 1994Fort Wayne, IN944023 Jan 1900Trinidad, CO
ColeGilbert Lester27 May 194120 Apr 2001Fort Wayne, IN832724 Mar 1918Albion, IN
ColeGlenn R24 Apr 196430
ColeHarold FOct 1922196610 Apr 1981Fort Wayne, IN764427 Jun 1904OH
ColeMary L40
ColeMyron M5 Aug 19411 Mar 198127 Feb 1985Fort Wayne, IN693917 Jan 1916Vevay, IN
ColeSamuel1 Jan 198522 Nov 2002Fort Wayne, IN783220 Nov 1924Salyersville, KY
ColeThomas A5 Apr 190727 May 193926 Nov 1951Fort Wayne, IN76329 Feb 1875Wyandotte Co., OH
ColelliGregory G16 May 194119748 Aug 1979Fort Wayne, IN693319 Aug 1909Italy
ColemanOrville D12 Apr 1918196115 Jul 1984Bluffton, IN824217 Sep 1901Fort Wayne, IN
ColemanPhillip P10 Dec 196219981 Jun 2012Fort Wayne, IN673426 Sep 1944Fort Wayne, IN
ColgateWillard R
CollarJohn WNov 19271 Dec 196214 Jun 1963West Covina, CA653518 Nov 1897OH
CollarRoger W13 Aug 19421 Apr 19866 Dec 1993Fort Wayne, IN694318 Apr 1924Defiance, OH
CollinsEldon E199011 Oct 2011Fort Wayne, IN752511 Jan 1936Gary, IN
CollinsFielding L, Jr (Tom)199431 Jan 1996Fremont, IN60QC26 Dec 1935Peoria, IL
CollinsGrace A195429 May 1985Fort Wayne, IN90QC15 Nov 1894Richmond, IN
CollinsJohn C29 Jan 1932Aug 196735
CollinsJoseph R (J. Robert)31 Jul 19421 Jan 198127 May 2001Fort Wayne, IN803822 Nov 1920Athens, GA
CollinsKenneth L198917 Oct 2006Fort Wayne, IN773327 Apr 1929Green Bay, WI
CollinsThomas DAug 19191 May 195810 Dec 1962Fort Wayne, IN69387 Apr 1893North Carolina
CollinsWarren K23 May 1988
CollisJoseph Martin1 May 19419 Feb 1995Fort Wayne, IN84QC14 Feb 1910Fort Wayne, IN
ColpetzerWayne R (Dick)200125 Sep 2005Fort Wayne, IN644030 Jul 1941Huntington, IN
ColvinTerrace C14 Aug 19291 Apr 196814 May 1982Fort Wayne, IN77388 Apr 1905OH
ColvinWayne R2 Mar 194029 Feb 1972Fort Wayne, IN543222 Dec 1917Mercer Co., OH
CombesClifford FDec 1922Feb 19588 Feb 1965Fort Wayne, IN693525 Nov 1895Monticello, IL
CombesHarry B28 Feb 19231 Jan 195813 Oct 1979Fort Wayne, IN84304 Nov 1894Monticello, IL
CombsChristine P25
CombsJesse B2 Aug 2006Fort Wayne, IN632515 Nov 1942E. Bernstadt, KY
ComerHarold S5 Dec 1920Jul 196327 Aug 1964Angola, IN644222 May 1900Wells Co., IN
ComerJames L
ComerfordMax V19 May 1943Mar 1987Redkey, IN2 Mar 1917Howard Co., IN
ComptonMildred M196210 Jul 1984Ft Myers, FL8730Steuben Co., IN
ConferJames D1926
ConferWilla May191914 Jul 194814 Jul 1949Fort Wayne, IN50289 Aug 1898Angola, IN
ConleyFrancis PAug 1951198716 Jan 2008Miami Shores, FL80362 Oct 1927So Boston, MA
ConnerBenjamin F29 Oct 2006Michigan78373 Feb 1928
ConnerGarnet1 Sep 197622 Dec 1994Berne, IN803330 Aug 1914Wells Co., IN
ConnerHoward R13 Feb 19411 Sep 197319 May 1977Columbia City, IN63323 Aug 1913Monroeville, IN
ConnettDonald E28 Aug 19401 Feb 19853 Jul 1993Fort Wayne, IN714411 Apr 1922Fort Wayne, IN
ConnettEdward A26
ConninDolores Evangeline8 Aug 19461 Aug 197631 Dec 1987Fort Wayne, IN743023 May 1913Paulding, OH
ConradArmilla L14 Jun 19411 Apr 198226 Sep 2008Ossian, IN914016 Jan 1917Adams Co., IN
ConradArnold J17 Oct 19431 Aug 198318 Sep 1985Fort Wayne, IN64393 May 1921Allen Co., IN
ConradCarl C4 Apr 193019685 Jul 1996New Haven, IN823818 Nov 1913Fort Wayne, IN
ConradCora J26 Jul 19411 Jun 19836 May 2010Fort Wayne, IN874111 Sep 1922Allen Co., IN
ConradHelen M23 Jul 19294 Nov 1980Fort Wayne, IN6735+20 Nov 1912Fort Wayne, IN
ConradHelma C1 Jan 199046
ConradHomer E Jr2 Sep 19421 Mar 198946
ConradJacquelyn L12 Mar 196427
ConradJeanette V (Jean)19431 Feb 197826 Jul 1995Fort Wayne, IN793426 Jan 1916Ligonier, IN
ConradJoseph R29 Aug 19421 Jan 197313 Dec 2000Fort Wayne, IN88301912Hicksville, OH
ConradLarry K5 Jul 19561 May 199841Noble Co., IN
ConradLloyd W (Cooney)19 Apr 1974Decatur, IN573729 May 1916Root Twp., Adams, IN
ConradLudella M1 Jan 199042
ConradPaul L1 Sep 193125 Aug 1981Grabill, IN703015 Aug 1911IN
CookCharles E13 Feb 19411 Jul 196829 Mar 1974Fort Wayne, IN69271 Jun 1904Decatur, IN
CookEunice M1 Jan 198727
CookGerald Joseph36
CookHerbert E21 Dec 1926196631 Aug 1978Harbour Hgts, FL71404 Sep 1906Decatur, IN
CookJeannette M19886 Dec 1995Muncie, IN692525 Jul 1926Cedarville, IN
CookLeroy HNov 19251 Apr 196030 Mar 1982Ft Lauderdale, FL843422 Apr 1897IL
CookMabel MApr 19431 Oct 196016 Mar 1984Huntington, IN86QC13 Mar 1898Starke Co., IN
CookMaurice15 Jul 19411 Apr 196931 Dec 1981Fort Wayne, IN722729 Jan 1909Auburn, IN
CookOpal V28 Mar 19291 Apr 196922 Sep 1978Fort Wayne, IN714018 Apr 1907Silver Lake, IN
CookRose A29
CookShirley A25
CookVincent S12 Dec 1940197519 Jun 1998Huntertown, IN80349 Jan 1918Fort Wayne, IN
CookWalter E12 Aug 19411 Jan 19805 Nov 1996Fort Wayne, IN783813 Oct 1918Fort Wayne, IN
CookWayne M2 Nov 191613 Dec 1953Fort Wayne, IN58378 Jun 1895Bluffton, IN
CoolLanny D19668 Jul 2010Auburn, IN7127 Dec 1938Hamilton, IN
CoolmanDenver L16 Sep 194227 Oct 1970Fort Wayne, IN57281 Oct 1913Columbia City, IN
CoolmanRebekah L29
CoolmanWalter Lee6 Jun 192918 Dec 1963Fort Wayne, IN543416 Dec 1909Geneva, IN
CoomeyEdward J1 Aug 1941Feb 196731 Oct 1968Phoenix, AZ662530 Dec 1901IN
CoonEmma L25
CoonFrancis C13 Nov 19421 Mar 198122 Sep 2001Kendallville, IN80388 Feb 1921Pennville, IN
CoonGuy D192029 Jun 1946Fort Wayne, IN522512 Jun 1894Marion, IN
CoonJean E26
CoonrodEugene R
CoonsJohn E25
CoonsTerry L
CooperArtice Mae1 Jul 198719 Feb 1999Fort Wayne, IN703014 Jan 1929Marion, AL
CooperCharlene L
CooperFrederick W1 Jun 19134 Aug 1951Angola, IN593821 May 1892Fort Wayne, IN
CooperGeorge R2 Oct 2007Fort Wayne, IN783624 May 1929Cleveland, OH
CooperLeonard W
CopelandRobert L1986
CopenhaverKeith B32
CoplenGeorge I25 Jul 1929196627 Nov 1982Fort Wayne, IN81361 Jan 1901Rochester, IN
CoppolinoThomas CNov 1917May 19494 Sep 1966Fort Wayne, IN823118 Apr 1884Mesina, Italy
CorcoranRichard F29 Nov 2006863110 Aug 1920IN
CordellMary I5 Oct 1939196817 Nov 1983Kalamazoo, MI71297 Nov 1912
CordesAgnes T20 Oct 1942Jan 197615 Feb 1988Fort Wayne, IN773331 Dec 1910Fort Wayne, IN
CorkhillQuentin O1 Mar 198631 May 2001Fort Wayne, IN80QC5 Apr 1921Chicago, IL
CorkwellJuanita I6 Apr 1964
CorkwellMary K29
CorneliusRebecca J10 Sep 2010Fort Wayne, IN782831 Aug 1932Sullivan, IN
CorneliusWalter E27 Jan 1933Mar 196820 Dec 1996Fort Wayne, IN893526 Sep 1907Whitley Co., IN
CornellMyrtle F19 Sep 1925Jan 196818 Nov 1982Fort Wayne, IN77427 Jul 1905Auburn, IN
CornettBonnie S
CornettCarolyn S
CorreaThelma M38
CorryWilliam L1968200133
CorsonAlton B14 May 19415 Apr 1969Decatur, IN642725 Mar 1905Kirkland Twp., Adams Co., IN
CorsonDallas L4 Apr 19271 Mar 197116 Oct 1995Fort Wayne, IN87444 May 1908Lancaster, OH
CorsonHarold A9 Jun 19311 Jul 197021 Sep 1974Fort Wayne, IN683926 Jun 1906Fort Wayne, IN
CoryellHelen L (Remmel)4 Jul 193030+
CotnerAldyth L1 Jan 19848 Oct 2010Fort Wayne, IN864026 Nov 1923Assumption, IL
CotterlyCornelia Parr (Nellie)1 Feb 198014 Aug 1995Fort Wayne, IN77293 Dec 1917New Castle, PA
CouchFrank Emerson19231 Mar 1994Warren, IN90QC24 Jan 1904Warren, IN
CoudretJustine L16 Dec 19421 Feb 198643
CoulterClarence E (Salty)29 May 19411 Jul 197725 May 1997Bluffton, IN79367 Mar 1918Fort Wayne, IN
CoulterFrank W Sr, (Toots)5 Apr 1929196530 Oct 1974Fort Wayne, IN68368 Apr 1906Fort Wayne, IN
CoulterRuth L Clayton17 Jun 2005Fort Wayne, IN93QC11 Dec 1911Hoagland, IN
CountermanRobert H33
CourtGeorge H12 Nov 19291 Dec 195528 Apr 1957Fort Wayne, IN63261 Feb 1894Haviland, OH
CourtneyGlen D13 Mar 1930Oct 196713 Jun 1975Fort Wayne, IN69384 Oct 1905Bluffton, IN
CoutureFrederick JJun 1926Jun 195310 Apr 1960Fort Wayne, IN712725 Jun 1888Kentland, IN
CovaultLloyd S19 Feb 19311 Mar 197321 Nov 1981Fort Wayne, IN68423 Feb 1913Kokomo, IN
CoverstoneGeraldine J1 Jan 19866 Jun 2009Columbia City, IN85291 Feb 1924Whitley Co., IN
CowanDavid W31
CowanGeorge H (Herbert)2 Aug 1929Mar 196728 Sep 1976Fort Wayne, IN723730 May 1904Larwill, IN
CoxEverett T29 Apr 192621 Jun 1951Fort Wayne, IN-25
CoxHazel M19684 Mar 1998Fort Wayne, IN832811 Jul 1914Fort Wayne, IN
CoxJames C
CoxKlase W6 May 19371 May 197025 Aug 1985Fort Wayne, IN753329 Mar 1910Greenville, OH
CoxLaurel W3 Apr 19421 Feb 197431
CoxMaurice H11 Oct 191631 Oct 195223 Mar 1954Fort Wayne, IN513624 May 1902Fort Wayne, IN
CoxMyron W (Babe)11 May 1931197215 Jan 2000Wolcottville, IN864116 Jun 1913Bucyrus, OH
CoxRonald E
CoxonAlfred Edward11 Sep 1920Apr 196213 Dec 1962Frederick, WI65416 Apr 1897Toronto, Can.
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