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P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
DialHerbert H27 Feb 19411 Nov 197620 Feb 1991Fort Wayne, IN793514 Oct 1911Whitley Co., IN
DialWalter A11 Nov 1942197230 Mar 1979Fort Wayne, IN662910 Apr 1912Fort Wayne, IN
DibertWayne W (Joe)17 Mar 194119752 Oct 2012Fort Wayne, IN9933Ohio City, OH
DickLadean B1 Feb 198532
DickeArthur H30 Oct 19131 Feb 196411 Jun 1970Fort Wayne, IN705017 Jul 1899IN
DickeCarl H12 May 19131 Oct 196120 Dec 1971Fort Wayne, IN75485 Sep 1896Maples, IN
DickeFredNov 19009 Jan 192625
DickeRobert Leroy22 Dec 19421 Oct 19813 Mar 2002Clearwater, FL82388 Sep 1919Fort Wayne, IN
DickeyCarl N3 Oct 19421 Feb 19747 Apr 1977Fort Wayne, IN68322 Jan 1909Etowah, IN
DickeyEdson I1 May 192925 Jun 1974Fort Wayne, IN634523 Jun 1911IN
DickisonDonald H16 Nov 19401 Jan 197819 Dec 1996Reno, NV80367 Sep 1916Williams Co., OH
DicksonThomas Hope26 Jun 19501 Feb 198925 Sep 2008San Jose, CA793610 Jan 1929Sandusky, OH
DidierClarence A26 Feb 191320 Jun 195227 Mar 1973St Petersburg, FL803928 Jun 1892Fort Wayne, IN
DidierLeo F191329 Jun 1952Fort Wayne, IN633814 Sep 1888Fort Wayne, IN
DidierLeo M20 Feb 19431 Dec 197028 Oct 1982Fort Wayne, IN762721 Nov 1905Fort Wayne, IN
DidierLester Aloysius1 Jun 19215 Mar 19525817 Jan 1894Fort Wayne, IN
DidierZoa Ann27 Nov 1921Apr 194621 Sep 1967St Petersburg, FL73252 Nov 1893Columbus, IN
DidionFrank SJun 19266 May 1953Fort Wayne, IN64
DidionLeo E24 Sep 1941Oct 196723 Sep 1975Fort Wayne, IN702630 Mar 1905OH
DidionMartin J4 Oct 19251 Apr 195117 Aug 1958Fort Wayne, IN722517 Mar 1886Jay Co., IN
DidrickF May196023 Sep 1986Fort Wayne, IN86QC21 Nov 1899Paulding, OH
DidrickRichard R12 Apr 1923197114 Dec 1975Fort Wayne, IN694810 Oct 1906Fort Wayne, IN
DidrickRobert MApr 19201 Jan 194713 Oct 1959Fort Wayne, IN80264 Jan 1879Fort Wayne, IN
DiefenthalerJack L196319911 Aug 2000Fort Wayne, IN692818 Jun 1931Oconee, IL
DiegelLeon B1927
DiehlAlfred R1 Jan 198321 Nov 2007Fort Wayne, IN893622 Aug 1918Ajo, AZ
DiehmCarl F26
DiemHarry G1 Apr 198224 Sep 1995Ft Myers, FL753629 Dec 1919Fort Wayne, IN
DiersteinRoy H11 Jul 19111 May 1960Fort Wayne, IN644822 Sep 1895Fort Wayne, IN
DigregoryAlfred9 Nov 194041
DikerEster L25
DillGerald (Jerry)18 Apr 1977Fort Wayne, IN58256 Sep 1918Fort Wayne, IN
DillWallace E28 Dec 1981Fort Wayne, IN6917 Aug 1922IN
DillerLawrence L1920196510 Jan 1969Lake Worth, FL674511 Nov 1901Fort Wayne, IN
DillmanWillis K6 Jul 19281 Jan 196929 Aug 1996Auburn, IN894012 Nov 1906Steuben Co., IN
DillmonCloyd G (Pinky)19451 Jun 19743 Dec 1989Fort Wayne, IN80285 May 1909Denver
DillonGolfrey C (Red)198610 Oct 2005Fort Wayne, IN793516 Sep 1926Rowin Co., KY
DillonWilliam Allen16 Oct 196319939 Jul 2009Fort Wayne, IN763027 Aug 1932Fort Wayne, IN
DilworthHazel M (Mildred)19461 Jan 197428 Dec 1992Columbia City, IN872715 Apr 1909Portland, IN
DilworthRalph M14 Nov 1942May 19683 Sep 1968Columbia City, IN632519 Mar 1905Ft Recovery, OH
DimondJanuarius P11 Apr 2008Huntington, IN792518 Jul 1928Huntington, IN
DimondJohn William3 Jul 19421 Sep 19828 Jul 1993Fort Wayne, IN724027 Mar 1921Huntington, IN
DindotEarl Levi196315 Sep 1984Van Wert, OH86QC21 May 1898Washington Twp., Van Wert Co., OH
DingerNoble R24 Jun 19411 Jun 198543
DingmanCharles A26 Oct 192919622 Jan 1973Fort Wayne, IN733329 Jun 1899IN
DirigMildred A (Whitmer)197626 Jul 2009Fort Wayne, IN963920 Feb 1913Canton, OH
DirksEdwardFeb 19301 Sep 195925 Jan 1971Fort Wayne, IN71292 Aug 1899Fort Wayne, IN
DishongCharles M1907193230 Nov 1942Fort Wayne, IN802522 Feb 1862Yoder, IN
DislerZella T11 Jan 194321 Jul 1970Fort Wayne, IN502714 Jul 1920Payne, OH
DissFrank J19171 Jan 196131 Mar 1997Fort Wayne, IN1014317 Dec 1895Maryville, MO
DistelDonald A20 Jan 1943197414 Jan 1980Ft Lauderdale, FL613125 Mar 1918Fort Wayne, IN
DistelRuth AOct 1914195823 Feb 1978Fort Wayne, IN814425 Dec 1896
DitlingerEllen M8 Jan 19411 Jul 197314 Mar 1974Fort Wayne, IN63325 Apr 1910IN
DittonMildred P9 Nov 192525 Jan 1958Fort Wayne, IN543228 Nov 1903Nappanee, IN
DittonRalph W (Doc)Dec 19191 Feb 196320 Jan 1970Fort Wayne, IN724318 Jan 1898Arcola, IN
DivelbissFrederic E19431 Sep 197424 Mar 2001Warren, IN883129 Jul 1912Huntington Co., IN
DivisRichard F15 Jul 1992Fort Wayne, IN623724 Jul 1929Iowa
DixieSadie19461 Sep 19782 Jan 2006Fort Wayne, IN82312 Aug 1923Gifford, SC
DixieTimothy22 Jan 19431 Jun 197214 Apr 1980Fort Wayne, IN69298 May 1910Brownstation, AL
DixonCharles W15 Jan 19131 Aug 195716 Jul 1977Fort Wayne, IN85448 Jul 1892Fort Wayne, IN
DixonEarl H13 Dec 19421 Feb 196916 Jan 1982Fort Wayne, IN752611 Jan 1907
DixonWinifred J198614 Oct 1995Fort Wayne, IN704312 Jun 1925Allen Co., IN
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