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P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
DoakArthur N2 Oct 19421 Jul 19708 Oct 1979Fort Wayne, IN74278 Jun 1905Fort Wayne, IN
DoblerOtto P15 Apr 19081 Feb 195815 Feb 1971Fort Wayne, IN784917 Jan 1893Fort Wayne, IN
DobsonJack CDec 1927196531 Dec 1975Fort Wayne, IN753719 Apr 1900Atkinson, NC
DochtermanRichard W16 Jul 19421 Jul 198221 May 1990Fort Wayne, IN724023 Jan 1918Fort Wayne, IN
DockalLloyd Joseph3 Aug 1925196612 Nov 1973Fort Wayne, IN71415 Oct 1902Pocohantas, IA
DoctorAlma K6 Apr 19401 Jan 198018 Jun 2001Fort Wayne, IN843930 Dec 1916Fort Wayne, IN
DoctorClarence W5 Mar 19301 Jun 19716 Aug 2000Fort Wayne, IN894112 Feb 1911Adams Twp., Allen Co., IN
DoctorWalter J14 Aug 19281 Jul 19714 Feb 2000Fort Wayne, IN934318 Aug 1906Allen Co., IN
DodaneElmer C (Al)18 Nov 19421 Apr 197113 Jan 2000Fort Wayne, IN89287 Sep 1910Fort Wayne, IN
DodaneNorma H21 Nov 19271 Jan 197143
DoegeOrlin P37
DoehlaGeorge26 Mar 19079 Aug 1944Fort Wayne, IN52378 Jun 1892Fort Wayne, IN
DoehringHenry A23 Nov 19121 Sep 19566 Oct 1965Fort Wayne, IN744315 Aug 1891MI
DoehrmanBetty Joan19762 Dec 1986Fort Wayne, IN642611 May 1922Hoagland, IN
DoehrmanGerald L34
DoehrmanHerman H15 Jul 192621 May 1969Fort Wayne, IN644310 Oct 1904IN
DoehrmanHilda C1 Feb 198842
DoehrmanLeila E1921Nov 195128 Jun 1974Fort Wayne, IN823021 Oct 1891
DoehrmanWilliam C195010 Sep 1984Fort Wayne, IN96QC7 Feb 1888Fort Wayne, IN
DoellPhyllis E33
DoellThomas E29 Aug 19361 Feb 198122 Mar 1995Fort Wayne, IN794415 Jan 1916Fort Wayne, IN
DoellWilliam O7 Mar 19401 Jan 197924 Oct 1995Fort Wayne, IN78382 Nov 1916Fort Wayne, IN
DoellingRobert E23 Mar 19501 Apr 198838Fort Wayne, IN
DoengesCarl W14 Jun 192023 Mar 1956Fort Wayne, IN603311 Jul 1895Fort Wayne, IN
DoengesChristian H16 Aug 1909Jul 194517 Jun 1965Fort Wayne, IN703522 Dec 1894Fort Wayne, IN
DoepkeGustave (Gus)Jul 19261 May 196522 Mar 1980Fort Wayne, IN763917 Apr 1903Germany
DoepkeKerry L
DohertyOrval A19 Aug 192720 Sep 1990Vernon, CT804316 May 1910Union City, IN
DolanLoyd Mccutches1 Sep 1935Jun 19768 Jul 2004Fort Wayne, IN884017 Dec 1915Allen Co., IN
DolanRalph L11 Aug 19111 Nov 195613 Feb 1986Fort Wayne, IN934523 Oct 1892Fort Wayne, IN
DoleMarshall H (Mike)3 Sep 19251 Sep 196125 Jul 1977Auburn, IN803616 Aug 1896Steuben Co., IN
DolePaul D13 Nov 19161 Aug 195628 May 1969Warren, IN77402 Jul 1891Hudson, IN
DollGeorge R18 Mar 1981Auburn, IN79QC10 Aug 1901Spencerville, IN
DollJames M
DomerEarlene C6 Mar 1969
DomerRoss Myers15 Oct 19404 Dec 1974Fort Wayne, IN623426 Apr 1912So. Whitley, IN
DominguezCipriano R198418 Sep 1999Fort Wayne, IN7121?27 Sep 1927Lansing, MI
DominguezJesse R3 Mar 1995Fort Wayne, IN634031 Aug 1931Dalls, TX
DominguezJohn R1 Jan 198331
DominguezRefugio R26
DominiqueGerald FJul 193819662 Mar 1972Fort Wayne, IN672823 Dec 1904Williams Co., OH
DonaghyJ (John) Edwin193019 Apr 1962Ossian, IN51QC27 Oct 1910Wells Co., IN
DonahooJoe T18 Aug 19411 Jan 198028 Apr 2005Fort Wayne, IN873812 Nov 1917Bokoshe, OK
DonahueDorothy A12 Apr 19411 Jan 198312 Oct 2006Angola, IN844123 Apr 1922Noble Co., IN
DonahueViola E8 Jun 19291 Mar 1960307 Sep 1904Fort Wayne, IN
DonleyAlvin L199411 Mar 2002Fort Wayne, IN63325 May 1938
DonnellWilliam21 May 18884 Dec 19182 Jul 1924Van Wert, OH81301 Jun 1843Donnellville, OH
DonnellyDavid A1 Jun 198537
DonohueRobert T8 Aug 19421 Apr 19857 May 2010Fort Wayne, IN854216 Aug 1924Kansas City, MO
DonovanJohn C4 Jun 19261 Sep 195721 Nov 1958Orange, CA6131
DornbushRobert A25
DornteHerbert S12 Aug 19361 Oct 196311 May 1967Fort Wayne, IN68274 Sep 1898Fort Wayne, IN
DortonGeorge A27
DosterJulius S (Jules)11 Jun 194126 Mar 1993Dunfee, IN95346 Aug 1897Defiance Co., OH
DosterRichard D16 Apr 19411 Feb 198326 Oct 1998Fort Wayne, IN754120 Jan 1923Latty, OH
DotyAmanda M15 Dec 2004Beech Grove, IN87QC23 Sep 1917Hoagland, IN
DotyBlondie F195418 Oct 1979Fort Wayne, IN85QCBerne, IN
DotyHelen L35
DotyMarjorie P12 Mar 1937198024 Oct 1988Fort Wayne, IN724328 Sep 1916Kirby, OH
DotzerRaymond J8 Oct 19261 Jan 195825 Jan 1982Fort Wayne, IN89316 Dec 1892Valporaiso, IN
DoudNora E1943Mar 196912 Sep 1997Fort Wayne, IN932621 Feb 1904Paulding Co., OH
DoughertyCecil J2 Jan 19411 Apr 19758 May 2000Fort Wayne, IN863428 Apr 1914Fort Wayne, IN
DoughertyThomas Clare (Pud)Oct 1925Aug 195325 Jan 1954Fort Wayne, IN462817 Nov 1908Bluffton, IN
DouglasDavid7 Sep 1980Fort Wayne, IN5727 Apr 1923Binger, OK
DouglasJerry L17 Sep 1962
DouttPatricia M29
DoveLee Roy11 Oct 1925196613 Feb 1976Fort Wayne, IN74406 Sep 1901
DovePaul D8 Nov 1942197115 Jan 1974Fort Wayne, IN59281 Feb 1914Dilworth, MN
DowdenClifford Olen19 Nov 19421 Jan 197823 Jun 1983Fort Wayne, IN693530 Apr 1914Allen Co., IN
DowellFloyd L19 Nov 192917 Dec 1969Lagro, IN5840Marshall Co., IN
DowlingRose KatherineJul 1927Apr 19554 Mar 1984Poplar Bluff, MO842725 Apr 1899Decatur, IN
DownhourFred H31 Mar 19411 Jan 19748 Aug 1999Warren, IN903224 Jul 1909Howard Co., IN
DownieEmerson G24 Jun 19291 Aug 196818 Sep 2002CO943916 Jul 1908KS
DowningLouie A19807 Oct 1992Fort Wayne, IN74QC22 Jan 1918Fairbury, IL
DowtyMary L25 Jul 2004Marietta, GA83QC22 Aug 1921Allen Co., IN
DoyleBeverly1 Mar 19812 Nov 1983Fort Wayne, IN502729 Jun 1933Fort Wayne, IN
DoylePatrick J18 Jun 196237
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