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Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
GobleRichard A36
GobleWheeler A10 May 19231 Feb 195619 Aug 1960Fort Wayne, IN693217 Jan 1891Whitley Co., IN
GockeLouis ANov 19191 Feb 19501 Mar 1962Fort Wayne, IN77299 Jan 1885Fort Wayne, IN
GoebelAlbert L31
GoebelDeborah K
GoegleinFreda C5 Sep 19291 Mar 196121 Sep 1981Paulding, OH803110 Feb 1901
GoegleinJerry L31 Jul 2009
GoegleinVirginia M (Miller)198410 Nov 2007Fort Wayne, IN833121 Apr 1924Peru, IN
GoehringerEileen1 Aug 198130
GoetheCarl2 Apr 190327+
GoetzFrank J26 Mar 1906Dec 195425 Nov 1966Fort Wayne, IN764818 Dec 1889Fort Wayne, IN
GoetzRichard J19431 Feb 198621 Mar 1996Fort Wayne, IN704217 Jan 1926Fort Wayne, IN
GoffEdna I8 Dec 1981Churubusco, IN733 Mar 1908IN
GoffJanice C20 Dec 19391 Jan 198040
GoffOra E6 Jan 19201 May 19617 May 1971Fort Wayne, IN754124 Apr 1896So Whitley, IN
GoffSandra K
GoheenHarry W26 Jan 19371 Jan 197537
GohlkeCharles H198530 Nov 11Fort Wayne, IN87355 Oct 1924Lakewood, OH
GoldenGeorge FAug 1984Ft Wayne? Orland, IN?65QC17 Dec 1918IN
GoldenGeorge F, (Sr)19201 May 195012 May 1983Big Long Lake, IN942930 Jul 1888West Virginia
GoldenHarry M8 Oct 19401 Mar 19789 Jul 1988Angola, IN73372 Mar 1915Fort Wayne, IN
GoldnerEdna J28 Sep 196233
GoldnerWilliam J31 Aug 2005733928 Sep 1931
GoldsberryJames Everett2 Jan 1943197023 Jul 2002Stafford, VA94277 Nov 1907Wells Co., IN
GoldsbyJohnnie M38
GollTheodore H (Ted)1 Jan 197115 Dec 1975Fort Wayne, IN63252 Jul 1912Kendallville, IN
GollWalter S17 Mar 18971 Feb 193631 Jul 1943Fort Wayne, IN704030 Oct 1872St Louis, MO
GollerGerald Richard9 Nov 19401 Jan 197620 Mar 1984Fort Wayne, IN68359 Jul 1915Hicksville, OH
GollerHerman A29 Dec 190110 Jan 192931 Dec 1938Fort Wayne, IN832711 Jun 1855Wurtenburg, Germany
GolliffCharles W (Bill)25 Oct 195220 Apr 2004Decatur, IN78324 May 1925Ohio City, OH
GollmerHenry P17 Aug 19271 Apr 19715 Jul 1997Fort Wayne, IN884326 Jan 1909Allen Co., IN
GollmerRobert J5 May 1910Jan 194025 Aug 1940Fort Wayne, IN60302 Jul 1880Toledo, OH
GomezCecil R29
GongawareStanley G21 Jul 19411 May 19811 Dec 1986Fort Wayne, IN653910 Mar 1921Irwin, PA
GonserOrville L28 Jun 19421 Apr 197516 Apr 1992Columbia City, IN813214 Aug 1910Baker City, OR
GoodLeon L30
GoodeDorothy A19819 Jul 2005Fort Wayne, IN84402 Aug 1920Fort Wayne, IN
GoodeLeonard E19859 Oct 2007Fort Wayne, IN812524 Mar 1926Benham, KY
GoodenJimmy L (Jim)9 May 196234
GoodingEugenia M194719754 Aug 2004Fort Wayne, IN88272 Jul 1916Palestine, TX
GoodmanRobert F27
GoodrichMaude M196224 Jun 1997Fort Wayne, IN1003523 Apr 1897Steuben Co., IN
GoodsonCecil LApr 1923196729 Jul 2000Fort Wayne, IN98436 Dec 1901Hicksville, OH
GoodsonJoann J31 May 2011
GoodwinLloyd Duane, Sr15 Oct 19421 Feb 197721 Nov 1989Bluffton, IN733424 Oct 1916Poneto, IN
GoralRuth Sinclair9 Apr 19411 Jan 1979378 Feb 1911Fort Wayne, IN
GordonCecil H14 Jun 19271 May 19561 Sep 1961Fort Wayne, IN612819 Feb 1900Delaware Co., IN
GordonCeliaJan 197024 Oct 2000Fort Wayne, IN89265 Dec 1910Ashtabula, OH
GordonClifford L198228 Aug 2009Fort Wayne, IN872519 Jan 1922Allen Co., IN
GordonDock6 Dec 1940Nov 196719 May 1973Daytona Beach, FL672621 Oct 1905IN
GordonDon A199015 May 2010Monroeville, IN762529 Mar 1934Churubusco, IN
GordonElmer R192923 Mar 1970Fort Wayne, IN594027 Jun 1910Smith Twp., Whitley, IN
GordonRay A
GordonRoy AlandoNov 19271 Aug 196022 Dec 1963Columbia City, IN64325 Jul 1899Smith Twp., Whitley, IN
GormanPeggy JJul 19853 Mar 2006Avilla, IN682510 May 1937Francesville, IN
GormanRobert E23 Jun 19461 Jan 1985388 Nov
GorrellGranville C22 Aug 1923Aug 196725 Nov 1977754322 Jun 1902Allen Co., IN
GoshornDorothy P2 Sep 19281 Jul 197030 Mar 1988Fort Wayne, IN82415 Jun 1905Huntington, IN
GoshornGlenn E2 Nov 19401 Jul 19775 Dec 1997Fort Wayne, IN853630 Jun 1912Antwerp, OH
GosnellWendell E
GossMary M (Lena)3 Nov 192919653 Sep 1975Fort Wayne, IN72357 Nov 1902Huntington, IN
GossWesley R1 Aug 19271 May 196228 Oct 1987Fort Wayne, IN843411 Jul 1903Hygiene, CO
GossettHarry A28
GossmanLewis Z24 Jun 19261 Nov 19653 Oct 1995Fort Wayne, IN893928 Oct 1905Brownstown, IN
GotschMarcus A7 Oct 19401 Aug 198225 Oct 1996Fort Wayne, IN76416 Apr 1920Fort Wayne, IN
GottschalkJerry L31
GottschalkOrest192420 Jul 1953Bluffton, IN61251 Jul 1892Wells Co., IN
GrayClarence E (Ed)21 May 2010Woodburn, IN6330 Oct 1946Paulding, OH
GottschallLoring O30 Apr 1930Aug 196229 Nov 1967Fort Wayne, IN66326 Apr 1901Dunreith, IN
GoukerMarvin J17 Aug 194119703 Dec 1970Fort Wayne, IN632824 Jun 1907Goshen, IN
GouldClyde H12 Feb 1979Berne, IN67336 Aug 1911Grant Co., IN
GouldViolet P19431 Jan 197328 Apr 2000Fort Wayne, IN89298 Mar 1912Geneva, IN
GoutyThomas A28 Jan 19361 May 197529 Jun 1990Jacksonville, FL77399 Mar 1913Allen Co., IN
GoyerMarcella I1 Sep 197819 Apr 1983Fort Wayne, IN66339 Nov 1916OH
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