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P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
GrableEugene I38
GrabnerHalice M19 Feb 194125
GrabowskiCarmel C19431 Aug 197330 Jul 1997Columbia City, IN863016 Jul 1911Youngstown, OH
GraceMary E1 Aug 198431
GradyMarva L27
GraffGarry CAug 195635Milford, IN
GraffeFrank C16 Dec 19031 May 19468 May 1947Fort Wayne, IN674215 Feb 1880Fort Wayne, IN
GraffeHenry J19181 Apr 194715 May 1947Fort Wayne, IN652910 Mar 1882Fort Wayne, IN
GraftMary M6 Nov 1981Fort Wayne, IN8814 Oct 1893IN
GraftRuth A40
GrageHubert FJul 19231 Jun 196015 Jul 1973Fort Wayne, IN783629 May 1895IN
GrahamCora B19161 Nov 194518 Oct 1973Albuquerque, MN9027Oct 1882Fort Wayne, IN
GrahamEdwin J1 Mar 18991 Jan 194721 Oct 1958Fort Wayne, IN784715 Jul 1880Fort Wayne, IN
GrahamGordon T19281 Aug 196614 May 1973Fort Wayne, IN653826 Aug 1907Grinnell, IA
GrahamOra Ma
GrahamRichard P14 May 19411 Apr 198218 Oct 1998Garrett, IN784124 Feb 1920Kosciusko Co., IN
GramsJohn William1 Mar 191725 Jun 194314 Sep 1958Fort Wayne, IN862624 Jun 1873Kendallville, IN
GrantClyde W25 Oct 1929196411 Jan 1972Bluffton, IN723421 Jul 1899Payne, OH
GrantHardy P38
GrantRoger H26 Jan 19421 Oct 197524 Mar 1998Fort Wayne, IN853321 Feb 1913Russell, NY
GraperHenry FJan 19151 May 194619 Feb 1953Fort Wayne, IN66311 Oct 1886Fort Wayne, IN
GrattsVern L1 Feb 191619536 Sep 1969Inverness, FL803710 Jun 1889Allen Co., IN
GraueGeorge H11 Jul 19161 Feb 195729 May 1961Fort Wayne, IN654023 Nov 1893Fort Wayne, IN
GravesCora M199218 Sep 2000Grabill, IN74QC8 Nov 1926Continental, OH
GrayClarence E (Ed)21 May 2010Woodburn, IN633030 Oct 1946Paulding, OH
GrayDenver C (Jack)197116 Oct 1983Decatur, IN772914 Nov 1905Williamstown, KY
GrayDonald L31 May 2010
GrayJohnnie L
GrayR M28
GrayShirley A
GrayWilbur L, SrNov 19291 Mar 196131 Aug 1962Fort Wayne, IN613122 Jan 1901Huntington, IN
GraylessWarren Leroy19211 Apr 19478 Apr 1952Fort Wayne, IN672620 Jan 1885IN
GreberCharles WApr 1919Sep 19457 Feb 1961Fort Wayne, IN822617 Oct 1878New Bremen, OH
GreekCleo Glen191719 Oct 1946Fort Wayne, IN752924 May 1894Pleasant Twp., Allen Co., IN
GreekFlossie M195426 Aug 1979Bluffton, IN85QC25 Aug 1894Allen Co., IN
GreekRaymond LloydJul 191816 Oct 1953Fort Wayne, IN773513 Dec 1893Findlay, OH
GreenCarrie E1924
GreenGerald E30 Jun 19411 Jul 197837
GreenLester Elmer19 Nov 19291 Feb 19723 Dec 1991Convoy, OH814219 Jan 1910Van Wert Co., OH
GreenMary M (Urbine)7 Mar 19411 Jul 198311 Jun 1984Fort Wayne, IN62429 Apr 1922Monroeville, IN
GreenMonroe PMay 19151 Nov 194916 Mar 1968Fort Wayne, IN753410 Oct 1884Findlay, OH
GreenRosy B23 Sep 19291 Apr 19726 Feb 1988Convoy, OH754220 Mar 1912Payne, OH
GreenWilliam E-
GreenWilliam R36
GreeneBonnie M (Sanford)198910 Aug 1992Fort Wayne, IN632928 Jun 1929
GreeneRussell F16 Aug 19291 Jun 196216 Jun 1976Fort Wayne, IN793316 May 1897Lagrange Co., IN
GreenickBlanche M8 Mar 19301 Jul 19637 Sep 1994Fort Wayne, IN963316 Jun 1898Kosciusco Co., IN
GreenleeAudrey E (Hickernell)Jul 1919196424 Nov 2001Avilla, IN974419 Jul 1904Fort Wayne, IN
GreenleeEarl L7 May 192322 Sep 1991Fort Wayne, IN8840+20 Jun 1903Angola, IN
GreenlerDonald William16 Apr 19401 Jan 198328 Oct 2001Springfield, MO794216 Apr 1922Defiance, OH
GreenoMax E9 Jun 19411 Sep 19826 Aug 1997Fort Wayne, IN744130 Aug 1922Pleasant Lake, IN
GreerJay B192811 Jun 1988Little Rock, AR63QC27 Feb 1905MI
GreggVincent P1945Spokane, WA
GreggWilliam K19 Sep 19231 May 19644 Dec 1986Fort Wayne, IN874030 Apr 1899Columbia City, IN
GreiderArnold M (Arny)Jun 19411 May 198534Fort Wayne, IN
GreiderHarry G17 Oct 192228 Nov 195211 Apr 1953Churubusco, IN653021 Nov 1887Allen Co., IN
GreiderJames Earl22 Jul 192028 Dec 1957Fort Wayne, IN643718 Feb 1893Allen Co., IN
GreiderJesse A31 Jan 1916
GreiderJohn O19 Apr 1909Jul 193918 Apr 1951Auburn, IN803027 Sep 1875Fort Wayne, IN
GreiderRalph DJan 1928Feb 196728 Oct 1975Fort Wayne, IN703925 Sep 1905Fort Wayne, IN
GreiderWaldo A10 Nov 1936197213 Oct 1995Fort Wayne, IN84369 Jan 1911Fort Wayne, IN
GreinerWalter L7 Jan 19181 Sep 196123 Mar 1985Fort Wayne, IN834310 Jul 1901Fort Wayne, IN
GrepkeHenry D26 Oct 1922Mar 19685 Oct 2004Fort Wayne, IN984528 Jul 1906Fort Wayne, IN
GressleyMary Ann196017 Jan 1982Fort Wayne, IN76-4 Jun 1905Wells Co., IN
GressleyPaul B19 Sep 19271 Oct 196812 Dec 1993Jefferson City, TN90415 Sep 1903Monroeville, IN
GretencordMax L
GreulachGary D
GreulachNed D4 Oct 19421 Jan 198415 Mar 2012Fort Wayne, IN8841Van Wert Co., OH
GriderHarold E21 Feb 19411 Sep 19758 Nov 1975Fort Wayne, IN543428 Sep 1921Fort Wayne, IN
GriderLloyd V11 Jul 19301 Mar 197518 Mar 1995Fort Wayne, IN82441 Nov 1912Fort Wayne, IN
GriderWilliam L19181 Nov 195022 Jun 1968Fort Wayne, IN823210 Oct 1885Allen Co., IN
GriebelAnna EAug 1917Apr 195514 Feb 1980Fort Wayne, IN843719 Mar 1895Allen Co., IN
GrierEstel L2 May 19281 Aug 197123 Jun 1993Fort Wayne, IN824326 Jan 1911Hicksville, OH
GrieserAlbert19231 Nov 194817 Dec 1968Fort Wayne, IN852523 Oct 1883Minnesota
GrieserArlin E27 May 19421 Mar 198117 Jan 2003Fort Wayne, IN833816 Mar 1919Woodburn, IN
GriffinKermit D1931195822 Apr 1976Fort Wayne, IN572714 May 1911Wells Co., IN
GriffinMarie A26 May 1940Jan 197635
GriffinRobert J28 Aug 19281 Aug 19727 Jan 1990Fort Wayne, IN784426 Jul 1912Fort Wayne, IN
GriffithCharles M2 May 19201 Jun 196031 Mar 1971Uniondale, IN75405 May 1895Lawrence, KS
GriffithFlorence15 Feb 1982Fort Wayne, IN807 Feb 1902Huntington Co., IN
GriffithGayle WDec 19231 Oct 196514 May 1977Fort Wayne, IN764111 Nov 1900Zanesville, IN
GriffithLa Verne W4 May 193014 Jul 1965Roanoke, IN6035Independence, IA
GriffithWilliam B19451 Feb 197915 May 1995Fort Wayne, IN783321 Jun 1916Fort Wayne, IN
GrigsbyDale A5 Mar 19411 Apr 198528 Sep 2011Columbia City, IN91447 Nov 1919Allegan, MI
GrimBernard E (Bernie)27 Mar 1951198310 Jun 2005Fort Wayne, IN82326 Feb 1923Fort Wayne, IN
GrimDonald D (Don)17 May 19621 Oct 199735
GrimForest E13 Mar 1926Mar 196822 Jun 1997Ellenton, FL89423 Sep 1907Ossian, IN
GrimFrancis Arnold29 Apr 19241 Jul 196528 Jun 1972Fort Wayne, IN684130 Jun 1903Wells Co., IN
GrimLloyd CMay 19251 Apr 195919 Nov 1974Fort Wayne, IN78348 Mar 1895Wolcottville, IN
GrimWalter A30 Apr 2012
GrimWard N22 Nov 19251 Dec 195816 May 1972Fort Wayne, IN78331 Nov 1893Churubusco, IN
GrimWilliam S4 May 1929Feb 196820 Mar 1992Fort Wayne, IN86381 Nov 1905Wells Co., IN
GrimesElla M19511 Sep 197716 May 1987Columbia City, IN702620 May 1916Sullivan Co., IN
GrimmHarry C5 Dec 1921Nov 19617 Feb 1962Fort Wayne, IN643914 Nov 1897Adams Co., IN
GrimmePaul George29 Dec 1903Jan 193926 Sep 1940Fort Wayne, IN613510 Jan 1879Terre Haute, IN
GrindleDora (Jean)61QCMt Olive, MS
GriswoldEarl S19251 Aug 195129 Sep 1968Fort Wayne, IN742626 Oct 1893Grabill, IN
GroggJames B29 Aug 19191 Jun 195610 Nov 1959Allen Co., IN683610 May 1890Markle, IN
GroggJoseph L31
GroggPaul19431 Apr 197415 Jan 1982Fort Wayne, IN70308 Apr 1911Auburn, IN
GromeauxMerlin G (Jap)12 Jul 19411 Apr 196924 Jan 1994Van Wert, OH842711 Feb 1909Monroeville, IN
GronauMildred E23 Mar 19351 Feb 19758 Jan 2009Fort Wayne, IN94393 Jan 1915New Haven, IN
GrootRobert1923Aug 19628 Jun 1967Fort Wayne, IN693926 Jul 1897Elmwood, WI
GrosjeanAgnes C1926Jul 195329 Nov 1967Fort Wayne, IN74271 Jul 1893Fort Wayne, IN
GrosjeanGoldie L13 Sep 1997Fort Wayne, IN94QC23 Apr 1903
GrosjeanJoseph C3 Feb 1916194612 Sep 1952Fort Wayne, IN65Allen Co., IN
GrossFrank D15 Jun 1964
GrossLarry E1 Jan 200035
GrossLuther M1 Jul 196332
GrossPaul C3 Nov 19421 Jan 19808 Jun 1983Fort Wayne, IN673712 Mar 1916Perry Co., IN
GrossRobert M19754 Nov 1995Bradenton, FL8014 Mar 1915IN
GrossRobert S
GrossRoger24 Apr 196436
GrossmanOra L2 Jun 19261 Apr 19587 Feb 1978Columbia City, IN803121 Mar 1897Wolcottville, IN
GrossnickleSue E
GrosswegeAnna Christine26 Dec 190632+
GroteAllen C21 Feb 2010Decatur, IN753428 Mar 1934Adams Co., IN
GroteEdward F3 Sep 19291 Apr 197617 Apr 1996Fort Wayne, IN854615 Mar 1911Vincinnes, IN
GroteElla J12 Apr 1916195121 Oct 1978Fort Wayne, IN873513 Jan 1891Knox Co., IN
GroteGeorge F24 Nov 19171 Aug 19621 Aug 1980Fort Wayne, IN834429 Jul 1897Vincinnes, IN
GroteRichard F5 Mar 19411 Jan 198417 May 2012Fort Wayne, IN894221 Dec 1922Fort Wayne, IN
GroteRobert C5 Apr 19421 May 197723 Dec 1986Fort Wayne, IN723512 May 1914Fort Wayne, IN
GrothouseFrank T1916195620 Aug 2002Fort Wayne, IN1023222 Feb 1900Fort Wayne, IN
GrothouseVictor M20 Aug 19281 Aug 197321 Jan 1975Fort Wayne, IN624522 Jul 1912Fort Wayne, IN
GrotrianDaniel VDec 19181 Jan 194721 May 1952Fort Wayne, IN712813 Jul 1880Madison Twp., Allen Co., IN
GrotrianGrace Viola19593 Feb 1997New Haven, IN92QC11 Feb 1904Allen Co., IN
GrotrianRaymond F5 Jan 19291 May 19681 Aug 1991Fort Wayne, IN833921 Apr 1908Madison Twp., Allen Co., IN
GroveMary A
GroveRussell D (Bus)1922196526 Jan 1980Bluffton, IN75438 May 1904Huntington Co., IN
GroveWilliam D SrMay 193110 Nov 1959Bluffton, IN54286 Feb 1905Wells Co., IN
GroveWilliam D, Jr1 Nov 198513 Mar 1998Bluffton, IN73329 Jan 1925Bluffton, IN
GroverAbnis L (Al)7 Jun 1926196823 Feb 1974Fort Wayne, IN694215 Jan 1905IN
GroverEdmond S24 May 1936Apr 196827 Feb 1980Fort Wayne, IN763112 Mar 1903Allen Co., IN
GroverRoscoe O7 Mar 19311 Aug 196130 Sep 1971Fort Wayne, IN753025 Jul 1896Allen Co., IN
GroverWilliam S18 Sep 19121 Mar 194724 Apr 1954Fort Wayne, IN693425 Apr 1884Jefferson Twp., Allen Co., IN
GrovesJustus E (Chuck)29 Mar 1997Fort Wayne, IN493218 Jun 1947Latty, OH
GrubbLillian L (Sharpton)5 Feb 1943196829 Jun 1991Fort Wayne, IN84256 Feb 1907Bethlehem
GrubbRobert A5 Oct 194219877 Sep 1989Angola, IN654521 Aug 1924Fort Wayne, IN
GrubbWill C7 May 19261 Jul 196127 Jan 1978Fort Wayne, IN813513 Jun 1896PA
GrubbsLorene A9 Jun 1977Fort Wayne, IN75262 Sep 1901Lima, OH
GruberBertha J19249 Jun 195811 Apr 1976Fort Wayne, IN823330 Jun 1893Tiffin, OH
GruberEdith A5 Jun 194125+
GruberEdwin M20 Jul 19281 Jul 195721 Sep 1969Fort Wayne, IN75296 Jun 1894Fort Wayne, IN
GruberJoseph E5 Sep 1900Mar 19474 Mar 1960Fort Wayne, IN824614 Nov 1877Fort Wayne, IN
GruberKeith A5 Jun 194119708 Sep 1976Fort Wayne, IN70281 Jan 1906Hicksville, OH
GruberLeonard A21 Mar 19291 Apr 197227 Nov 1996Fort Wayne, IN884311 Jul 1908Fort Wayne, IN
GruberRoy C19 May 1909Jan 194430 Aug 1968Fort Wayne, IN903420 Sep 1877IN
GruebHerbert C20 Feb 19141 Aug 196412 Jan 1993Fort Wayne, IN935018 Jul 1899Fort Wayne, IN
GruenertClarence (Mike)15 Jan 1941Mar 196810 Jan 1972Fort Wayne, IN652731 Jan 1906Allen Co., IN
GrushWillard E8 Dec 19191 Sep 195614 Apr 1960Ohio68368 Aug 1891OH
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