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Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
GudakunstGlenn D10 Aug 19301 Mar 197326 Feb 1990Fort Wayne, IN81421 Mar 1908Paulding, OH
GudorfPatricia L
GuentherCelesta M19431 Aug 197114 Oct 1984Fort Wayne, IN682817 Sep 1916Fort Wayne, IN
GuentherGeorge DMar 1924Jul 19493 Sep 1960Fort Wayne, IN76258 Jul 1884Allen Co., IN
GuentherHenry E1912Feb 19531 Sep 1972Fort Wayne, IN843325 Feb 1888Fort Wayne, IN
GuentherLewis A. C2 Jan 194119764 Sep 1995Fort Wayne, IN80352 Oct 1914Fort Wayne, IN
GuentherMaurice E6 Jul 19411 May 197420 Sep 1991Fort Wayne, IN783231 May 1913Fort Wayne, IN
GuentherRalph W8 Jan 2001San Jose, CA904525 Jul 1910Fort Wayne, IN
GuerinPatricia J
GuerinPhilip N
GuerraJoseph A37Fort Wayne, IN
GuethlerJohn J29 May 19421 Dec 1979Huntington, IN563718 Feb 1923Huntington, IN
GuevaraAndrew S16 Mar 195419915 Mar 2006Fort Wayne, IN743730 Nov 1931Dallas, TX
GuilfordPauline L197722 Aug 1993Vancouver, WA81305 Mar 1912
GuillaumeLeon E4 Jun 19411 Jan 198139
GuillaumeMelvin ESep 195128 Sep 2005Fort Wayne, IN723510 Dec 1932Huntertown, IN
GuillotFrancis J19178 Jun 194520 Apr 1953Fort Wayne, IN76277 Jun 1876Monroeville, IN
GuingrichRobert W1 Mar 198038
GumpElvin R (Andy)1 Sep 19878 Oct 1990Huntertown, IN633025 Aug 1927Allen Co., IN
GumpGeorge H196220 Sep 2001Avilla, IN1002610 Nov 1900Allen Co., IN
GunkelJoneal S1 Jan 19864 Nov 2006Fort Wayne, IN80294 Dec 1925Toledo, OH
GunkelJordan G18 Oct 19421 Mar 198226 Feb 1994Fort Wayne, IN743918 Sep 1919Fort Wayne, IN
GunkelRichard O1 May 198516 Aug 2002Fort Wayne, IN774026 Sep 1924Fort Wayne, IN
GunterMargaret A
GurneyRetha A28
GuschingWalter J Jr10 Nov 19331 Jan 197829 Sep 2002Fort Wayne, IN89449 Dec 1912Kentucky
GuthEmily Matilda17 Nov 1908Jan 195312 Jan 1985Fort Wayne, IN924431 Dec 1892Fort Wayne, IN
GuyCarolyn J
GuyGary W
GuyLuella A2 Nov 1928Mar 196816 Jun 1980Fort Wayne, IN72393 Jan 1908MI
GuyotHarold J6 Sep 19411 Mar 197514 Sep 2003Fort Wayne, IN913331 Oct 1911Bartlesville, OK
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