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News of Lawless Citizens, Allen Co., Indiana

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Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel (FWWS)

  • 24 Jan 1877 Sam Ward and Charles Hayes will be taken to the penitentiary tomorrow, the former for five years and the latter for one year. Judge Borden overruled the motion for a new trial in the case of Charles Hayes, the "confidence man". (FWWS)
  • 31 Jan 1877 Some of our citizens are trying to get a pardon for Buel Webster, a life prisoner from this county, in the northern penitentiary. (FWWS)

  • 18 Jul 1877 Lizzie Hoy was taken to the Indiana Reformatory at Indianapolis on Tuesday afternoon. (FWWS)

  • 24 Oct 1877 Vernon Mobley left for Michigan City Thirsday. He'll be absent two years. (FWWS)
  • 31 Oct 1877 Deputy Sheriff Friday morning took Laura B. Miller of Wayne Township and Charlotte Daily of Milan Township to the state reformatory for women near Indianapolis (FWWS)

  • 07 Nov 1877 A Record of Crime. Fort Wayne's annual contribution to the penitentiary. Charles Munson has been Sheriff one year today. The following statement gives the names of the persons sent to the penitentiary during that time with the crimes of which they were convicted and the length of their sentences. Total number, 31. (FWWS)

    Charles Piper, larceny, one year.
    George Howard, larceny, two years.
    James Clark, larceny, one year.
    Wm. Denio, burglary, one year.
    Frank S. Bates, burglary, one year.
    John Kelly, illegal voting, one year.
    Thomas E. Howard, larceny, two years.
    Chas. H. Hayes, gambling implements, one year.
    Eugen sovine, burglary, five years.
    Patrick Gavin, burglary, five years.
    Mark J. Meyers, larceny, one year.
    Jas. Taylor, larceny, two years.
    Emanuel Fox, Murderous assault, two years.
    Samuel Ward, murderous assault, five years.
    Geo. C. Leonard, larceny, one year.
    Joseph smith, murderous assault, two years.
    Timothy Casey, robbery, eight years.
    Charles Cordt, larceny, two years.
    John West, larceny, two years.
    Hugh McLain, burglary, two years.
    David Crance, burglary, two years.
    Frank Bowers, larceny, one year.
    James Carr, murderous assault, two years.
    Charles Strong, false pretenses, three years.
    Waldo Dunham, murder, life.
    Perry Tracey, murder, life.
    Joseph Correy, larceny, two years.
    James O. Clark, larceny, one year.
    John Selander, burglary, two years.
    Martin L. Dymond, false pretenses, two years.
    Vernon Mobley, larceny, two years.

  • 23 Nov 1877 State ex rel City of Fort Wayne vs. John A. Droegemeyer et al on official bond demand $50,000, change of venue to Lagrange County. (FWWS)
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