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Civil War Soldiers, Allen County, Indiana

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of the Unit
GabePeterPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
GableChristianPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
GableJacobPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
GablePhilipPvt11th Reg. InfantryE3 years
GaileyJohnPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
GambleHoraceSgt.73rd Reg. InfantryF3 years
GandyJames L.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
GardenerGeorgePvt152nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
GardnerAlfredPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GardnerGeorge E.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
GardnerJoseph H.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
GardnerLewis H.Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GardnerWhitmorePvt129th Reg. InfantryI1 year
GarhartWilliam S.Pvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
GarlJeremiahPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
GarlandRichard H.2nd Lieut.155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
GarnerJames W.Pvt127th Reg. 12th CavalryI1 year
GarrenMatthewPvt19th US InfantryBRegular Army
GarrettAndrewPvt75th Reg. InfantryH3 years
GarrettSamuelPvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
GarrettZachariah T.Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
GarrisonLeviPvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
GarverFranklinPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
GarverWilliam T.Pvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
GaskillKyleWagoner75th Reg. InfantryH3 years
GaskillWilliamPvt142nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
GatewoodJames E.Pvt34th Reg. InfantryG3 years
GatewoodRobert B.Pvt75th Reg. InfantryH3 years
GaultSamuelSgt.152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
GeahartJohn B.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GearhartJohn B.Pvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
GebfordDavidPvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
GeigerEdwardPvt124th Reg. InfantryC1 year
GeigerFranklinPvt12th Reg. InfantryI3 years
GeigerGeorgePvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
GeigerHarveyPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
GeissengerPhilipPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
GellJosiahPvt88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
GentryFranklinPvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GeorgeJosephPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
GerardWilliam L.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
GerardWilliam L.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
GermanLewis H.Pvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GhegghwilJohnPvt42nd Reg. InfantryE3 years
GhogleMathiasPvt146th Reg. InfantryI
GibfordHiramPvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
GibsonJacksonPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
GibsonJames C.Pvt17th Reg. InfantryA3 years
GibsonJosephPvt131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
GilbertSamuelPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
GilbertSimonPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
GilbertThomas M.Pvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GilfordDudleyPvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
GillGeorge W.Pvt38th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GillRobertPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GillSamuelPvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
GillendWilliamPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GillettCharles M.Sgt.23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GillinghamJosephPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GillionLouisPvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
GillmanNelson J.Pvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
GillockT. C.Corp.11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GilpinDavid P.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
GilpinThomas A.Pvt131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
GintherJosephPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
GintherSydneyPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
GlennWilliamPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GlinesBenjamin R.Pvt124th Reg. InfantryB1 year
GobatFrederickPvt142nd Reg. InfantryA1 year
GobertNicholiPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GobleRobert J.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GoddardAllenCorp.30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
GoddardHarrison R.Corp.30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
GoderWilliamPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GodfreyE. C.Corp.91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
GodfreyErastus C.Pvt124th Reg. InfantryD1 year
GodfreyErastus J.Musician88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
GodfreyJamesPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GodfreyJesse G.Pvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GodownJohn M.2nd Lieut.12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
GodownJohn M.1st Lieut.12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
GoheenJohn G.2nd Lieut.88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
GohringSamuelPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
GoingDavidPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
GoldenPatrickPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
GoldenWilliamPvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
GollidayIsaacPvt128th Reg. InfantryK6 months
GoodJacobPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GoodwellJeremiah Pvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GoodwellMartinPvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GoodwillEphraim Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GoodyearLesterPvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GordenGeorge W.Sgt.44th Reg. InfantryK3 years
GordenTheodore F.Pvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
GordenWilliamPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
GorhamJeremiah Pvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GorleyThomasPvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
GorrellJacobPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GorslineSylvester L.Sgt.89th Reg. InfantryK3 years
GouldLouis C.Corp.130th Reg. InfantryE1 year
GraeberCharles A.Pvt131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
GrahamJohnPvt12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
GrannamanFrederickPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
GranstaffAndrewPvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
GraselyPeterPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GrathamJohnWagoner11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GraverWilliamPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GravesHiramPvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
GraylessOliver C.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GreenMartin D.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
GreenPhilipPvt65th Reg. InfantryA3 years
GreenRobertPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GreenWilliam1st. Lieut.11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GreenWillisPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
GreenwoodJohn G.Pvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
GreggGeorge W.Pvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
GreyThomasPvt88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
GribiGottliebPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GriblerCharlesPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
GriderJames V.Pvt22nd Reg. InfantryH3 years
GriderSamuelPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GriebleWilliamPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
GriffinThomasPvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
GriffithHenryPvt34th Reg. InfantryG3 years
GriffithJohnPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
GriffithJohnPvt124th Reg. InfantryF1 year
GriffithLouis A.Sgt.23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GrimesIsaacPvt129th Reg. InfantryD1 year
GrimesJohnPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
GripeRudolphCorp.142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
GrisleyPeter M.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
GristSylvesterCorp.88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
GriswellMarion E.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GriswoldCharles W.Pvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
GriswoldMarion E.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryD1 year
GriswoldMarion E.1st. Lieut.91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
GriswoldMarion E.1st. Lieut.124th Reg. InfantryH1 year
GriswoldMilesPvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
GrojohnFrancisPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GrojohnJuliusPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
GrojohnJulius P.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
GronourOliver J.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GroshJacobPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
GrotairsGeorgePvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
GrottonWilliamPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GroverAndrewPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
GroverAndrewPvt124th Reg. InfantryF1 year
GroverDanielPvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
GroverDaniel C.Corp.152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
GroverJohn C.Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
GroverTaylor, Jr.Pvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
GruberJosephPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GrumoAugustPvt12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
GrumoJohnPvt12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
GrundPhilip2nd Lieut.44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GuffyNelson P.Capt.88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GuilliamLewisPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
GullRaphaelPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GullardGeorgePvt59th Reg. InfantryK3 years
GustinHoracePvt44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
GustinHoracePvt44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
GustinJehialPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
GustinJohn W.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
GustinOliverPvt44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
GuthrieWilliam D.Pvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
GutockGreenPvt18th Reg. InfantryD3 years
GuynnWilliamPvt12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
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