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Civil War Soldiers, Allen County, Indiana

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of the Unit
HackettCharlesPvt129th Reg. InfantryD1 year
HaganJamesPvt13th Reg. InfantryH3 years
HagermanSamuelPvt44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HaggertyNathanielPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
HahnHerman C.Adjutant129th Reg. Infantry1 year
HahnJohnPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HaifleyIsaiahPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HainesOregonPvt38th Reg. InfantryH3 years
HainesPerryPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HairAugustusPvt130th Reg. InfantryE1 year
HakinsWilliamPvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HallJamesPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HallPvt19th US InfantryARegular Army
HallanerDanielPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
HallienJohnPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HallsberryMichaelPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 yearsReorganized
HalsteadJames N.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryC 3 years
HalterDavidPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HamiltonBenjaminPvt13th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HamiltonDavidPvt75th Reg. InfantryH3 years
HamiltonDavid S.Pvt22nd Reg. InfantryC3 years
HamiltonDavid S.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HamiltonRobertPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HammerslyMosesPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HammondCharlesPvt131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
HancockCharles W.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 yearsReorganized
HandeyPhilipWagoner15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HanesBenjaminPvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
HanesJohn L.Corp.142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
HanesOregonPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HannaWilliamPvt11th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HannonGeorge H.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HannonJamesPvt44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HannonWilliam H.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HanoherThomasPvt44th Reg. InfantryB3 years
HanyGeorge A.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HaramanFrankPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HarbaughDavidPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HardendorfIraPvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
HardendorfJohnPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HardmanBenjaminPvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HardwickWilliamPvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
HardyDallas F.Pvt22nd Reg. InfantryH3 years
HareGeorgePvt12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
HareGeorgeSgt.12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
HarnerJohnPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HarnishSamuelPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HarperHamiltonCorp.131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
HarperIsaac N.Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HarperJamesCorp.30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HarperJames1st. Lieut.129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
HarperJohnPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HarriganEdwardPvt19th US InfantryARegular Army
HarrisAlfredPvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HarrisAlfredPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HarrisAndrew C.Pvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HarrisAndrew C.Pvt17th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HarrisJamesPvt42nd Reg. InfantryE3 years
HarrisJohnPvt124th Reg. InfantryH1 year
HarrisonFoncannonSgt.101st Reg. InfantryB3 years
HarrisonMichaelPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HarrisonRobert H.1st Sgt.9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HarrisonWilliam H.Corp.12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
HarrisonWilliam H.2nd Lieut.12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
HarrodJohn L.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HarrodJohn L.Sgt30th Reg. InfantryE3 yearsReorganized
HarshbergerSamuelPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HarstJacobPvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HartThomasPvt12th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HartThomasPvt59th Reg. InfantryK3 years
HartelSamuelPvt44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HarterHughPvt142nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HarteyHenryPvt34th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HartleyJohn W.Pvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
HartmanAmosPvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HartmanAmosCorp.91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
HartmanAugustPvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
HartmanHomer C.Pvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
HartshornJohn G.Pvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
HartsockJ.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HartzellElias Pvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
HartzellJoshuaPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
HassAdamPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HassMichaelPvt88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
HatfieldDanielPvt47th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HatfieldDanielPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
HatfieldJohnPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HatfieldSidneyPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HatfieldWilliamPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HathawayJohnPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HathawayJohn W.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HaufnagleLorenPvt32nd Reg. InfantryA3 years1st German
HauserCalvin P.Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
HausmanJacobPvt38th Reg. InfantryK3 years
HawkeyCasperPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
HawnAugustus Pvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
HaynesJohnPvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HaynesJohn P.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HaynesOregonPvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HaynesPerryPvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HaywardHenry L.Pvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HazelettThomasPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HazletWilliamPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
HeathJosephPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HeathOtisPvt5th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HeathmanDavidPvt137th Reg. InfantryE100 days
HeavlandJackson E.Pvt89th Reg. InfantryK3 years
HebertOliverCorp.155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
HebringFrederickPvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
HeffelfingerJacobPvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
HeffelfingerJamesCorp.88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HeffelfingerJerrySgt.88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HeffelfingerMartin G.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HeidinrichJosephPvt35th Reg. InfantryC3 years1st Irish
HeinscheJohnPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HeirEliasPvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HeitAnthonyPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
HeldendrightJohnPvt146th Reg. InfantryI
HelmEdmondMusician142nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
HelmThaddeusCorp.44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HelmTheodoreCorp.142nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
HelmickJohn R.Pvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HenchSamuel M.Pvt87th Reg. InfantryK3 years
HendersonAbrahamPvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HendersonAndersonPvt44th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HendersonDavidPvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
HendersonDavid S.Sgt30th Reg. InfantryE3 yearsReorganized
HendersonJamesPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HendersonJames B.Wagoner152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HendersonJames B.Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HendersonJohn U.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HendersonJoseph H.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HendersonMartin L.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
HendersonThomasPvt131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
HendersonWilliamWagoner44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HendersonWilliamPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
HendersonWilliamPvt124th Reg. InfantryF1 year
HendersonWilliam B.Pvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HendersonWilliam B.Sgt.88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HendersonWilliam P.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HendlerPeterPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
HendricksChristianPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
HendricksJohn M.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryF3 yearsReorganized
HeneyHiramPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HenleyMathiasPvt12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
HenningJohnPvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
HenningJohnCorp.88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HenryJohn A.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
HenryWilliamPvt22nd Reg. InfantryC3 years
HenryWilliamPvt38th Reg. InfantryH3 years
HenryWilliamPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HenryWilliam H.Pvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HenseyIsrael H.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
HerCyrusPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
HerchenreiderJosephPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
HerchenreiderMarcusPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
HerrHenryPvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
HerrJohn P.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HerrickArindaPvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
HerrickFranklinPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
HerrickGeorge W.Corp.55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HerrickHenryPvt17th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HerrickWilliam R.Pvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
HerringHerschelPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HerringMichaelPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
HerringtonMarkCorp.91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
HershJoseph W.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HessenauerGeorgePvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
HessenaurGeorgePvt32nd Reg. InfantryA3 years1st German
HettingerAndrewPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HettingerHenryPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HettlerChristopherCapt.142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
HickmanCharles T.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HickmanGeorgePvt18th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HiggsGeorge W.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HiggsJohnPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HiggsWesleyPvt88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
HiggsWilliamPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HighlerRichard S.Pvt11th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HightWilliamPvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
HildebrandEvan R.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HildebrandEvan R.1st Lieut.30th Reg. InfantryA3 yearsReorganized
HildebrandHenryPvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
HilerAaronPvt13th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HilkeyAmosPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HilkeyDanielPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 yearsReorganized
HilkeyGeorge P.Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
HilkeyGeorge W.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HillClarkPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
HillDanielFarrier90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
HillHenryPvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
HillMarquisPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HillPorterPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
HillSamuelPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 yearsReorganized
HilliardNathanielPvt142nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HiltJohnPvt32nd Reg. InfantryA3 years1st German
HiltonJohn W.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HiltonWilliamPvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
HinesPhilipPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HinkleOscar M.Adjutant12th Reg. Infantry1 year
HinkleOscar M.1st Lieut.12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
HinkleWilliam F.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryK3 years
HintonUriah W.Pvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
HitsfieldFrederick G.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
HittengerJohnPvt142nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HitzmanErnestPvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
HoagJacob F.Pvt13th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HobbsEliasPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HobbsJasonPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
HobbsJohnPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HobbsJohn, Sr.Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HobbsWilliamPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HockbonNicholasPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HoffmanJamesPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HoffmanMichaelPvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
HoffmanMichaelPvt59th Reg. InfantryK3 years
HoffmyerConrad E.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
HogarthThomasPvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HogarthThomasSgt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HogarthThomas Capt.30th Reg. InfantryF3 yearsReorganized
HohingJohnPvt146th Reg. InfantryI
HokeJohn W.Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HokeWarren Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
HolbrookDallas P.Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HolcombCharles A.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
HolcombEdwardPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HollingerAlfredPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
HollingerChester C.Musician142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
HollingerGeorge W.Harnessmaker23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HollingsworthRufusPvt17th Reg. InfantryA 3 years
HollisterThomasPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HollopeterEnochPvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HollopeterEphraim M.Pvt11th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HollopeterIsraelPvt11th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HollopeterJames A.Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HollopeterJames L.Pvt11th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HollopeterMatthiasCorp.152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HollopeterWilliam C.Corp.88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HolmanJoseph E. G.1st. Sgt.152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
HolmesByronPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HolmesEdwardSgt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HolmesJackson Pvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
HolmesOranPvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
HolmesWilliamPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HolmesWymanPvt131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
HoltThomasPvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
HolycrossDanielPvt88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
HoodGeorgePvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
HoodJames W.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
HoodJohnPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HoodJosephPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HoodThomasPvt88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
HookElijahPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
HooperWiley C.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HooserSamuelPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 yearsReorganized
HooverDavidPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
HooverElias Pvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
HooverJohnPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
HopperBarneySgt.90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
HopsRobert W.Corp.88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
HornEdwinPvt38th Reg. InfantryB3 years
HornEdwinPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HornJacobPvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
HornMiltonPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HortonWilliamPvt131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
HortzJohnPvt59th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HoskinsHenryPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HoudyshellCaleb M.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HoudyshellSkilmanPvt142nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HoughtonDarius K.Pvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
HoughtonLuther S.1st. Lieut.23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HouriganDanielPvt142nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HouserGeorgePvt19th US InfantryARegular Army
HouserJohnPvt19th US InfantryARegular Army
HoustonGeorgePvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
HoustonGeorgePvt124th Reg. InfantryF1 year
HowdyshelColumbusPvt34th Reg. InfantryH3 years
HowellDavidCapt.142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
HowensteinJohnPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HoweyJames R.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
HoyneGeorge H.Pvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
HubbsThomasPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
HubeckerWilliam H.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
HuberJacobPvt13th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HubertyNicholasPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HuffAdamPvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
HuffAllenPvt30th Reg. InfantryF3 yearsReorganized
HuffeisterHenryPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
HuffmanJohnPvt12th Reg. InfantryF3 years
HuffmyerAdamPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HuftyWilliam P.Sgt.91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
HugenardClaudeSgt.12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
HughesAdamPvt142nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HughesHiram H.Pvt77th Reg. 4th Cavalry3 years
HullIsaacPvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HullWilliam H.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HulseWilliam L.2nd Lieut.5th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HulseWilliam L:.Bugler5th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HumbeckerDanielPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HumbertAlexanderPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HumbertJamesPvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
HumbertJames B.Pvt13th Reg. InfantryF3 years
HumbertJosephPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HumbertJusticePvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
HumphreyGeorgeCol.88th Reg. Infantry3 years
HumphreyGeorgeColonel139th Reg. Infantry100 days
HumphreyJames A.Pvt129th Reg. InfantryI1 year
HumphreyJames D.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
HumphreyThomasCorp.30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HumphreysGeorgeMajor12th Reg. Infantry1 year
HunterCharlesPvt42nd Reg. InfantryE3 years
HunterJames L.Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
HunterJohn W.Pvt101st Reg. InfantryB3 years
HunterPeterPvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
HuntingWilliam H.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
HuntingWilliam H.Sgt.91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
HuntingWilliam H.Pvt124th Reg. InfantryI1 year
HurdOrrin D.Major30th Reg. Infantry3 years
HurshbergerDavidPvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
HussartGeorgePvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
HusseltonHenry B.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
HustonMichaelPvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
HutchinsVarnumPvt131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
HutchinsWilliam H.Pvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
HutchinsonFrancisPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
HutchinsonHiramPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HutchinsonJohnPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HydeThomas C.Wagoner30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
HyndmanJosephPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
HynesGeorgePvt22nd Reg. InfantryH3 years
HyserJacksonPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HyserJudsonPvt137th Reg. InfantryE100 days
HyserWilliamPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
HytonJosephPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
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