1850 - 7th Population Census of the United States

Individual Census Records from 1790 to 1950 are maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration, not the U.S. Census Bureau.

The 1850 census started June 1, 1850 from What day was the census taken each decade? at the United States Census Bureau. On July 24, 1850 William C. Scott, the census enumerator, started recording the 7th U.S. Federal Census in Wayne Township.

Look at the Fort Wayne City and Allen County Directories issued yearly since 1858.

See the 1850 Overview at United States Census Bureau.

Census Instructions

The decennial census has always required a large workforce to visit and collect data from households. Between 1790 to 1870, the duty of collecting census data fell upon the U.S. Marshals. A March 3, 1879 act replaced the U.S. Marshals with specially hired and trained census-takers to conduct the 1880 and subsequent censuses.

During the early censuses, U.S. Marshalls received little training or instruction on how to collect census data. In fact, it was not until 1830 that marshals even received printed shedules on which to record households' responses. The marshals often received limited instruction from the census acts passed prior to each census. 

Beginning with the 1880 census, specially hired and trained census-takers replaced the U.S. marshals. Door-to-door census by temporary census-takers was the primary method of conducting the census until the U.S. Census Bureau began mailing questionnaires to households in 1960.

As more and more households received and returned their questionnaires by mail, the role of census-taker changed. Today, the majority of households are counted by mailed questionnaires. Census-takers visit places frequented by transient households (shelters and soup kitchens, campsites, etc.) and households that do not return their mailed questionnaires (during the "Nonresponse Follow-Up" phase of the census). As a result, the "Instructions to Enumerators" provided here include the congressional acts U.S. marshalls reviewed during the early census, specially-published instructions for door-to-door census, and lastly, guides used for the limited number of personal interviews conducted during nonresponse follow-up operations.

Copied from the Census Intructions at the United States Census Bureauthat has the 1850 Instructions.

Page n159 - Population schedules of the seventh census of the United States, 1850, Indiana - Volume Reel 0135 at Internet Archive.

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  9. In January 2013 Ancestry.com fixed their 1850 U.S. Federal Census Index so Ia then used as the state abbreviation for Indiana on the 1850 census correctly point to Indiana names and not Iowa. The three letters Ind. were also used as an abbreviation for Indiana. Iowa became a state in 1846. The Ancestry Message Boards discussed this in 2005 Census problems: Ia. once abbreviation for Indiana, again in 2009 1850 US Fed Census abbr for Indiana and a long discussion of early state abbreviations in 2016 Systemic Problem with Ancestry Transcription of Indiana Birthplaces. The U.S. Post Office made IA the official Iowa abbreviation and IN for Indiana on July 1, 1963 when they introduced five-digit ZIP codes. The United States Postal Service has a list of State Abbreviations and their preferred years. This topic was discussed July 7, 2018 on the Indiana Genealogy Closed Group on Facebook. July 11, 2018 the Indiana Genenealogical Societyposted a Genelaogy Tip: Are you confusing Indiana & Iowa? on Facebook stating Are you sure you're looking in the right state? A fun fact about the abbreviation "Ia.".
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