People of Allen County, Indiana

This and several related pages are still works in progress and will eventually include alphabetical listings of people who were born, married, died here, or did something significant while living here. Links will be made to other online pages as found and time permits. Some people were famous, infamous, popular while visiting or passing through, some are listed because something significant happened while they visited. More names of deceased people will be found in Cemetery listings, obituaries and elsewhere, often more easily found using the Search box on the top of each page.

If you have additional information, photos, or know of interesting people, or web pages discussing local people missing from these pages please Contact Allen INGenWeb.

Family Web Sites of Allen County, Indiana is a list of known family web sites as well as how to find web sites that no longer exist via the Wayback Machine and now automatic browser extensions can find those archived web pages.


We have a Surname Queries page where you can post names on our Submit a Surname Query page, or search already submitted names on our Query Index page.

Other Information

Family Resources growing collection of material submitted to The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Legendary Locals of Fort Wayne by Randy Harter and Craig Hartman about 182 well known Fort Wayne locals with a scheduled August 31, 2015 release was announced July 16, 2015 on You know you've lived in Fort Wayne too long when...on Facebook.

Fort Wayne researcher on quest to find 'One Hundred Leading Hoosiers 1816-1916' Fort Wayne woman is trying to track down all of the people profiled in the 1916 newspaper series “One Hundred Leading Hoosiers 1816-1916,” which highlighted people who made major contributions to the state. by Kevin Kilbane published February 4, 2016 in The News-Sentinel newspaper .

Linkpendium has links to over 9 million surnames worldwide including 160,000 recently added free online biographies according to their November 21, 2015 Facebook post.

Little-known women influenced city by Michael Hawfield in Cityscapes from the archives of The News-Sentinel newspaper.

Surname spellings were often based on what the writer heard, rather than standard English grammar and spelling. Discussed in this blog North American Dialects and Fonetik Speling from Mocavo about the North American English Dialects, Based on Pronunciation Patterns Rick Aschmann outlines eight dialects in North America.

USGenWeb has a list of Common Nicknames.

A common myth is some of our ancestors changed the spelling of their name at Ellis Island. Read: Ellis Island -- Names were NOT changed! A very persistent myth perpetuated in our genealogical world ... on the July 10, 2013 National Genealogical Society blog.

Social Security Administration Top 10 Baby Names have look up by decade and state.

Portraits in the Grand Staircase - portraits of Sam Hanna, Samuel Foster, and Major-General Henry Lawton by Carmen Doyle published September 24, 2014 in the History Center Notes & Queries blog.

Why is HE so important? (A brief reason why some things in Fort Wayne were named that) (The dead guys with streets and places named after them) by Carmen Doyle published December 24, 2013 in the History Center Notes & Queries blog.

Writing Her Story annually since 2013 by the Indiana Commission for Women.


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