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The City of Fort Wayne has a Fort Wayne Government Access - City TV video page for recording public meetings with around 1,000 videos back to 2012, uses several social media pages on Facebook, YouTube and more. Current Fortwayne lists This Week's Current Events in Fort Wayne by Visit Fort Wayne with social media and a Visit Fort Wayne YouTube channel. There are blogs, Facebook pages and social media that discuss current events and history of Fort Wayne and Allen County.

There are many links to City of Fort Wayne Documents online at The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  1. Community Development Library
  2. Community Development Photos
  3. Flood Control
  4. Fort Wayne Police Department
  5. Fort Wayne Publications
  6. Mayoral Documents
  7. Parking
  8. Park Commissioners
  9. Parks and Recreation Dept.
  10. Public Health
  11. Utilities
Hello, Beautiful!

John McGauley photograph Hello, Beautiful! posted August 13, 2015 on flickr
Downtown Fort Wayne in the evening light. From the Chroma camera quadcopter. Showing the MLK, Martin Luther King, bridge facing south over the St. Marys River with ash trees lining both sides of Clinton Street going downtown.

Downtown Fort Wayne

John McGauley photograph Downtown Fort Wayne posted June 3, 2013 on flickr
A 2013 view of downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, featuring the completed Harrison Square complex. Overlooking Parkview Field.

Google map

Episode 182: Downtown Fort Wayne posted Oct 7, 2022 by Granite Ridge Builders on YouTube
It may have started with baseball, but Downtown Fort Wayne is continuing to boom! From restaurants and the arts, to parks and amazing public spaces; the BTS crew is exploring this vibrant part of our city. Mentions Parkview Field, Kekiongas Baseball Team, Chief Little Turtle, League Park, General Electric, Fort Wayne Daisies, Fort Wayne Wizards, Fort Wayne TinCaps, Johnny Appleseed, Genealogy Center, Promenade Park, Three Rivers, Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, Fort Wayne City of Churches, Babe Ruth, Thomas Edison, and more.

Historical sources of Fort Wayne, Indiana : an annotated bibliography for doing historical research on the summit city in the Allen County Public Library, by Beatty, John D., 1960-, Publication date 2000 on


A fun look at drinking water, the Three Rivers, the new Promenade Park, and some of the history of Fort Wayne in the 2019 video below:

Episode 125: Drinking Water posted Oct 15, 2019 by Granite Ridge Builders on YouTube
Learn more about the process of getting drinking water from the river, filtration plant, and to the home. We will explore this topic at one of Fort Wayne's newest and popular destinations, Promenade Park!

A map of Kekionga shows locations of the earlier forts at the three rivers, Little Turtle's grave, the Old Apple Tree, Harmer's Defeat and more.

The French and British at Three Rivers by the Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County, Publication date 1952, on

History of Fort Wayne, from the earliest known accounts of this point, to the present period. Embracing an extended view of the aboriginal tribes of the Northwest, including, more especially, the Miamies ... with a sketch of the life of General Anthony Wyane; including also a lengthy biography of ... pioneer settlers of Fort Wayne. Also an account of the manufacturing, mercantile, and railroad interests of Fort Wayne and vicinity by Brice, Wallace A, Publication date 1868, on

Index to History of Fort Wayne, from the earliest known accounts of this point, to the present period : embracing an extended view of the aboriginal tribes of the Northwest, including, more especially, the Miamies ... with a sketch of the life of General Anthony Wayne ; including also a lengthy biography of the late Hon. Samuel Hanna together with short sketches of several of the early pioneer settlers of Fort Wayne ; also an account of the manufacturing, mercantile, and railroad interests of Fort Wayne and vicinity by Brice, Wallace A, Publication date 1868, on

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A sketch of early Fort Wayne by Robertson, Robert Stoddart, 1839-1936; Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County, 1959, on The Foreword states: This sketch of Fort Wayne's history was penned by its prominent adopted son, Colonel Robert S. Robertson. It originally appeared on the pages of the Fort Wayne Daily Gazette in August, 1879.

History of Allen County, Indiana : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers to which is appended maps of its several townships and villages, 1880, T. B. Helms, on

Reminiscences of old Fort Wayne by Woodworth, Lura Case; Daughters of the American Revolution. Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter (Fort Wayne, Ind.); Fairbank, Carolyn Randall; Hanna, Martha Brandriff, 1906, on There is a 56 page version print date 1906, shown above is the 46 page version with a hand printed 1906 date.

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Narrative of life on the old frontier; Henry Hay's journal from Detroit to the Miami River by Hay, Henry; Quaife, Milo Milton, 1880-1959, Publication date 1915 on

Fort Wayne in 1838 by Dawson, John W, Publication date 1953, on

Early travelers to Fort Wayne by Riley, James; Teas, Thomas Scattergood; Fort Wayne and Allen County Public Library, 1953, on

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Daily life in early Fort Wayne by Detzer, Laura G., Publication date 1954, on

"As I remember ..." by Randall, Winifred J; Allen County Historical Society (Ohio) Publication date 1959 on Addeddate: 2012-04-19 19:19:55
As I remember … by Randall, Winifred J. Publication date 1960 Addeddate: 2016-10-27 19:56:21

Charcoal sketches of old times in Fort Wayne by Dawson, John W., 1820-1877 Publication date 1959 on

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The burgeoning interest in local history in Fort Wayne 1887-1894 by Potterf, Rex M; Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County; Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society, 1968, on

Fort Wayne, the summit city by Williams J. L. (Jesse Lynch), 1807-1886, Publication date 1959, on

Fort Wayne gamblers, 1865-1900 by Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County, 1954, on

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Annual message of ... , mayor of Fort Wayne, Ind. with annual reports of heads of departments of the city government for the fiscal year ending .. by Fort Wayne (Ind.) for various years on with at least 17 Annual message of ... , mayor of Fort Wayne, Ind. online so far have old photos on various pages inside the 500 or more pages of each issue as shown by the No. 1 Engine House During Fort Wayne Centennial on page 236 below for 1901. Flipping thru the pages found photos for the fire stations and views of local parks. More is sure to be found if someone has time to look!

Many photos of city life in Improvement of Fort Wayne Indiana; report for Fort Wayne Civic Improvement Association by Robinson, Charles Mulford, 1859-1917. 1n Publication date 1909 on

Discover Downtown: Biking on Fort Wayne Trails posted June 17, 2012 by DowntownFtWayne on YouTube
An overview of biking through Fort Wayne on Fort Wayne trails.

Discover Downtown: Summer Eventsposted June 17, 2012 by DowntownFtWayne on YouTube
Downtown Fort Wayne showcases Taste of the Arts, BuskerFest, Rock the Plaza, 3 Rivers Festival, Chalk Walk

A 10-minute look at modern downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana posted June 13, 2021 by Hoosier Tim's Travel Videos on YouTube Back to top

  1. Over 10,000 Fort Wayne items are found in a search of the Catalog at The National Archives.
  2. Almost 700 items are in a Fort Wayne search in the 95,000 items in Digital images collection of the Indiana Historical Society.
  3. Our ebook page has a growing list of ebooks online about Fort Wayne many from their catagory: Fort Wayne (Ind.) -- History.
  4. Several Fort Wayne named places have more information on the F Named Places page.
  5. Almost 300 articles mention Fort Wayne in the Indiana Magazine of History. Unfortunately no images are in the online article, but are usually in the lined pdf file.
  6. 1809 - Governor Harrison and the Treaty of Fort Wayne, 1809, by Ellmore Barce, 1915, in Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp 352-367
  7. 1816 - Fort Wayne in 1816 Nothing but potential by Connie Haas Zuber published June 6th, 2016 in Fort Wayne Magazine.
  8. 1915 - The Pioneer Merchants of Fort Wayne by Bert. T. Griswold Fall of 1915, 13 pages, at Allen County Public Library Digital Collections at the Allen County Public Library.
  9. 1916 - Fort Wayne celebration of the Indiana Centennial in 1916 - 35 second silent video posted June 10, 2016 by The History Centeron Facebook.
  10. Along the Heritage Trail and Cityscapes - General history are lists of links to articles by The News-Sentinel newspaper.
  11. March 27, 2019 post by Hofer and Davis, Inc. Land Surveyors on Facebook:

    For Wall of Fame Wednesday we share the inside cover of the 1967 "HISTORIC FORT WAYNE IN PICTURES" a Coloring Book. Stop by at 1910 Saint Joe Center Road Suite 51 to see this...and sooooo much more! We'll even get your picture and add it to our album!

    First of eight pages HISTORIC FORT WAYNE IN PICTURES Coloring Book shared on Facebook:

    1. April 10, 2019
    2. June 5, 2019
    3. August 7, 2019
    4. September 4, 2019
    5. October 9, 2019
    6. November 20, 2019
    7. January 8, 2020
  12. Miscellaneous files by Barr Street Irregulars Publication date after 1979 on The club is a support group for the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society Photocopy of holograph originals, some typescript 16 Notes This book is a collection of photocopied pages. Some have good print quality while others have very poor print quality. Many pages are bound into the gutter and some are bound upside down. Many pages have handwritten text which is unreadable. Other pages have had text cut off during the photocopy phase. Photocopy lines and markings appear on most pages.
  13. Brief guide to Fort Wayne 28 page booklet published in 1941 by Writers’ Program (Ind.) on
  14. 50 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Fort Wayne by Cait White on Movoto Blog
  15. By The Way or once-upon-a-time but no longer exist places- mentions Manochio's, Trier Park, Java Shop in the Van Orman Hotel, Berghoff Gardens, English Terrace, and Keenan Hotel in Let's take a little walk through Fort Wayne's 'once-upon-a-time; places by Betty Stein was published September 11, 2012 in The News-Sentinel newspaper.
  16. City of Fort Wayne web site has a Fort Wayne History page with photos under Community Development, Fort Wayne History on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, and go back to 2012.
  17. City of Fort Wayne has several pages of ordinances on
    1. Over 16,000 documents under City of Fort Wayne, Indiana Named after General Anthony Wayne and incorporated in 1840, the City of Fort Wayne is Indiana's second largest city with a population of more than 250,000. It is located in the northeast corner of the state at the confluence of the St. Joseph, St. Marys and Maumee rivers. Using a mayor-council municipal structure, the City provides a range of services to its residents, including public safety, parks and recreation, water and sewer utilities, infrastructure and community development. The City of Fort Wayne is transitioning to digital preservation of important, historic records that document municipal government and life in this industrial Midwestern city.
    2. Over 13,000 City of Fort Wayne - City Clerk The Fort Wayne City Clerk is an elected position that supports Common (City) Council, maintains custody and control of legislative records including ordinances, resolutions and publication of City Code, prepares the Council agenda, provides public notice of bills and hearings as required by law, and provides parking enforcement and the Ordinance Violations Bureau.
    3. Over 11,000 City of Fort Wayne - City Council Ordinances These are images of Fort Wayne City Council’s General Ordinances, Special Ordinances, Appropriations, Annexations, Resolutions, Confirming Resolutions, and Zoning Ordinances.
  18. describes how river water is filtered by the City of Fort Wayne
  19. Downtown 360° Virtual Tour an immersive 360° Virtual Tour of Downtown Fort Wayne by Fort Wayne's Downtown Improvement District
  20. Fort Wayne Flag at 100 by Michael Rice published May 23, 2016 on History Center Notes & Queries blog and Yes, Fort Wayne has a flag! by Carmen Doyle published May 7, 2014 in History Center Notes & Queries blog.
  21. Fort Wayne Facts on City of Fort Wayne.
  22. Fort Wayne, 2nd largest city in Indiana, 70th largest city in the United States, see statistics at
  23. Fort Wayne located within 500 miles of half the U.S. population. See distances to other major cities on Accessibility by Visit Fort Wayne.
  24. Fort Wayne City Parks and Boulevard System are now on the National Historic Registeras of January 7, 2011
  25. City to Preserve Some Historic Brick Streets published February 10, 2011 in The News-Sentinel newspaper.
  26. October 14, 2015 at City of Fort Wayne
  27. THE HISTORY OF FORT WAYNE TOLD THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHS review by The Waynedale News Staff published April 23, 2008.
  28. History of Fort Wayne - "I Remember Fort Wayne" links to dozens of articles in the News-Sentinel newspaper
  29. History of Sports in Fort Wayneat Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
  30. Fort Wayne Indiana History - stories about Fort Wayne posted on their Facebook pages: Military History of Fort Wayne and Irish Neighborhood
  31. Fort Wayne Indiana - Room For Dreams
  32. Fort Wayne Parks Department
  33. Fort Wayne Police Department
  34. Past Fort Wayne Tornadoes since July 19, 1950 Several tornadoes have crossed the (present-day) city limits of Fort Wayne... at the National Weather Service
  35. Fort Wayne, Indiana on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia has lots of interesting "stuff."
  36. Friends of the Parks
  37. Historic Fort Wayne and Historic Old Fort information at City of Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation
  38. Historic Baker Street Station
  39. Fort Wayne Facts at City of Fort Wayne
  40. Fort Wayne History Center
  41. Fort Wayne Journal Gazette newspaper
  42. Fort Wayne News Sentinel newspaper
  43. Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society
  44. I remember Fort Wayne your online tour of Summit City History has links to various articles from The News-Sentinel newspaper such as City was home for many inventions by Michael Hawfield from the archives of The News-Sentinel newspaper.
  45. A RUST BELT CITY 1/4 TAKES ON A SHINE Cities galore play the game of wooing new industry. But few have wooed more ardently--or reversed an economic slide faster--than Fort Wayne and its go-getting mayor, Win Moses. The city bagged jobs by sticking to what it knows best: manufacturing. (FORTUNE Magazine) By Jeremy Main November 10, 1986 in the Fortune Magazine archives.
  46. Images of America Fort Wayne, Indiana by Ralph Violette
  47. Fort Wayne Local Historic Districts - ARCH ( Architecture and Community Heritage)
  48. The Library of Congress has over 600 results in Fort Wayne, Indiana search and over 150 digitized online.
  49. Love Fort Wayne on YouTube by local celebreties or website love, fort wayne.
  50. Monuments Plaques Markers in City Parks in Indiana. Fort Wayne by Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection Publication date 1963 an
  51. Photo of medals posted November 15, 2017, 18 photos over the years posted and discussed March 26, 2017 historic postcards posted September 13, 2017 and October 7, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Archived group only visible to existing members on Facebook.
  52. Scottish Cultural Society of Fort Wayne
  53. Southeast from Lincoln Tower – 1966 by Randy Harter published August 18, 2018 in Fort Wayne Readerand discussed August 19, 2018 in You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Archived group only visible to existing members on Facebook.
  54. Through Indiana by Stagecoach and Canal Boat: The 1843 Travel Journal of Charles H. Titus by George P. Clark, 1989, in Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 85, Issue 3, pp 193-235.
  55. USS Fort Wayne
    Wikimedia photo
    USS Fort Wayne was commissioned in 1918 and decommissioned a year later before being sold to a commercial firm, her contribution to national defense seems to have been almost non-existent. Copied from KEVIN LEININGER: Ever hear of the USS Fort Wayne? Neither has anybody else, and maybe we should try to change that by Kevin Leininger published July 3, 2018 in The News-Sentinel newspaper. USS Fort Wayne (ID 3786) was a freighter acquired by the U.S. Navy during the last year of World War I. She was assigned to carry cargo to Europe, after which she was decommissioned and sold by the U.S. Shipping Board. She then became the SS Fort Wayne, and was scrapped in Japan in 1934. Copied from USS Fort Wayne (ID-3786 on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.
  56. Weather Observing History at Fort Wayne and Timeline from 1839 Weather History at Fort Wayne and Fort Wayne Indiana Climate at the National Weather Service
  57. Fort Wayne Weather Records Fort Wayne, Indiana weather averages and records from 1897–2022 based on data made available by the NOAA. at The highest temperature ever recorded in Fort Wayne, Indiana was 106 °F which occurred on June 28, 2012. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Fort Wayne, Indiana was -24 °F which occurred on January 12, 1918.
  58. Whips and sugar cubes : memories of a favorite horse by Sweet, George A., 1891-1977 Publication date 1961 makes references to riding a horse from Decatur to Fort Wayne in 1909 on
  59. Whistler and the Last Two American Forts at the Three Rivers by Tom Castaldi, local historian published June 26, 2014 on History Center Notes & Queries blog.
  60. March 20, 2023 post by City of Fort Wayne Government on Facebook:

    Watch as John McGivern's Main Streets visits the sights and sounds of Fort Wayne.


    Science Central posted March 20, 2023 on Facebook: We had a blast participating in this episode of John McGivern's Main Streets!Along with our other Summit City peers who took part in the episode, it was an honor to represent Fort Wayne and make the case why it's a fantastic place to be!

    FULL EPISODE: Fort Wayne, Indiana | Main Streets Mar 16, 2023 by John McGivern's Main Streets on YouTube
    FORT WAYNE Fort Wayne, Indiana, is such a great city to visit, but residents say the best part is living here. John knew it‘s home to Vera Bradley and Sweetwater. But he didn’t expect a Diocesan Museum, a huge Public Library with genealogy center and Abe Lincoln collection, the most perfect Children’s Zoo or Coney Island Hot Dogs. What a great city!
    Featured Locations Include: 0:00 Intro 1:58 Fort Wayne, IN 2:35 Three rivers 3:08 Diocesan Museum 5:04 1815 Re-enactments Forts 5:43 Sweetwater Sound 7:52 Science Central 8:18 Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo 10:26 The History Center 10:56 Invention of the TV 11:12 Sunbeam Bread 12:23 Peg-Perego 13:25 Embassy Theatre 14:10 Vera Bradley 17:28 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Bridge 17:59 St Mary’s River & Promenade Park 18:31 Allen County Public Library 20:45 Camp Allen Park 21:32 Parkview Field 22:03 Fort Wayne's Famous Coney Island 23:52 Forrest Park Boulevard 24:26 Outro

  61. April 28, 2023 post by Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation on Facebook:

    We are honored to be selected as a #TreeCityUSA by @ArborDay for the 33rd year in a row. This program celebrates the importance of an urban tree canopy and the improved care of vital city trees.

    Learn more about our involvement by visiting:

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